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SATAN--KING OF EMPIRES!--By Father David       DFO 961       9 August 1980

       1. THERE'S AN AMAZING DESCRIPTION OF SATAN IN THE 28TH CHAPTER OF EZEKIEL WHERE HE'S CALLED THE PRINCE OF TYRUS. Tyre itself was the ancient capital of Tyre & Sidon, or Phoenicia, today Lebanon. I was just checking on the story of John Todd where he says it's a perfect description of Satan, & it certainly sounds like it, the "anointed cherub," etc. (See "Illuminati," No.948.)

       2. THE DESCRIPTION OF SATAN ENDS ON THE 19TH VERSE, & BEGINNING THE 20TH VERSE THE PROPHET BEGINS TO HAVE A MESSAGE FOR SIDON--Zidon--spelled with a "Z" here, but still the third most important city of Lebanon. In all these cities there's been constant civil war between different factions & shooting in the streets, a fulfilment of what the Lord says:

       3. "FOR I WILL SEND INTO HER PESTILENCE, & BLOOD INTO HER STREETS; & the wounded shall be judged in the midst of her by the sword upon her on every side." (Ez.28:23.)--Because they were so wicked. Sidon was a sister city of Tyre, & if there was ever a picture of Lebanon today, that's it!

       4. WHY WOULD THE LORD CALL THE DEVIL THE PRINCE OF TYRE UNLESS THE DEVIL HIMSELF LOVED TYRE & RULED OVER TYRE AS ITS KING? It must have been that the King of Tyre was actually Satan-possessed by the Devil himself, & it was a very wicked city & spread its iniquity all over the whole World. Tyre was the World's greatest trading capital in its day, capital of Phoenicia, & the Phoenicians were great traders & sailors & sailed all over the World.

       5. AND TYRE WAS THE CITY WHICH THERE WAS SUCH AN AMAZING PROPHECY FULFILLED ABOUT. The Lord said He would cause her to be destroyed & she'd be scraped as bare as a rock, & her ruins, timbers & stones would be cast in the midst of the sea, & they would later become a place & for the spreading of nets of fisherman. (Ezek.26.) And not long after the prophecy, Nebuchadnezzar came along on his way to Jerusalem & totally destroyed the city of Tyre.

       6. IT HAD BEEN A VERY RICH CITY, ONE OF THE RICHEST IN THE WORLD, a merchant trading city, commercial center of the Phoenicians. But apparently they had refused to pay him taxes or something so he destroyed them. They rebelled against him & he completely destroyed the city which stood on a promontory overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. But these sea-faring people, the rich of Tyre & its government & so on, had gotten warning he was coming & had fled to an island that was just a half-mile offshore.

       7. THERE THEY LATER BUILT A COMPLETELY NEW CITY OF TYRE, WHICH IS THE MODERN CITY OF TYRE TODAY, the one that's still in existence. (Maria: There's never been one built on the original site?) No, it was never rebuilt. The Lord said "thou shalt be built no more" & so on. (Ez.26:14,21.) I don't have time to go into that right now, but it's in one of our Bible Prophecy classes, "Fulfilled Prophecy in Palestine." We ought to get those out again, amazing fulfilments of prophecy in Palestine.

       8. SO HUNDREDS OF YEARS LATER, I THINK IT WAS SOMETHING LIKE 250 YEARS LATER, ALEXANDER THE GREAT CAME ALONG on one of his great expeditions to conquer the World & the Mideast, & he came opposite the new City of Tyre which was now virtually an impregnable fortress built on this big island offshore. Nebuchadnezzar had given up because he didn't have any boats or navy or anything to get out there. Besides, he was more interested in getting on to Jerusalem, which we know the story of. He had destroyed the old City of Tyre & then gone on & destroyed Jerusalem too.

       9. SO ALEXANDER CAME ALONG & SAW THIS BEAUTIFUL NEW CITY SITTING OUT THERE ON THE ISLAND with all its riches & gold & silver & jewels & so on, World-famous for being so rich. He didn't have much of a navy either & nearly all of his conquests were land conquests. It wasn't till later the Greeks & Romans developed navies & fought naval battles.

       10. ANYHOW, ALEXANDER DID A VERY SMART THING, HE TOOK THE RUBBLE OF THE ANCIENT CITY OF TYRE--all the old ruins, blocks, rocks & timbers--& he scraped them right into the sea so that he made the ancient site of Tyre as bare as the top of a rock, just exactly like the prophecy predicted. He scraped all the ruins into the sea & built a causeway from the old coast site half a mile out to the new island & conquered it!

       11. SO THAT THE MODERN CITY OF TYRE TODAY, WHICH WAS ONCE AN ISLAND, IS STILL IN EXISTENCE & IS STILL CONNECTED TO THE MAINLAND BY THIS CAUSEWAY built by Alexander the Great, & upon which the fishermen spread their nets to this very day for drying & mending & so on. And that's the story of Tyre: Fulfilled prophecy!

       12. SO APPARENTLY THE DEVIL AT ONE TIME HAD BECOME THE ACTUAL KING OF TYRE, because it was considered the richest most extravagant city in the World. He apparently made it his World capital, sort of like the Antichrist is going to do some day. Because this description in the 28th chapter of Ezekiel mentioned by John Todd as a picture of the Devil, goes far beyond what any normal human King of Tyre could have been.

       13. IT SPEAKS OF HIM HAVING BEEN IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, THE ANOINTED CHERUB, NEXT TO GOD HIMSELF, & all this sort of thing. So the Devil must have once ruled Tyre in its glory when it flourished, just like he's going to rule Jerusalem some day. He's probably ruled quite a few cities like that, who knows? He could be ruling New York right now, & some of those places. (Maria: He's not doing a very good job of it!)--Ha! He's destroying it!

       14. HE ALWAYS RUINS THE CITY IN THE END BECAUSE GOD ALWAYS DEFEATS HIM & always destroys whatever city he has ruled, & he says so in this 28th Chapter. The Lord through the mouth of Ezekiel is prophesying his destruction. (Maria: And John Todd says that the 28th Chapter of Ezekiel describes Lucifer being created with musical instruments imbedded in his body.)

       15. THE BEST WAY TO KNOW WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT IS TO READ THE CHAPTER, & that particular part simply says this: "Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom & perfect in beauty. Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, diamond, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, emerald, carbuncle & gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets"--that's a musical instrument--"& of thy pipes"--that's a musical instrument--"was prepared in thee in the day that thou was created."

       16. BOY, THAT REMINDS ME OF THAT PICTURE OF A MOSQUITO'S FOOT! Did you see what that thing looked like? Something like that must have been what the Devil looked like! "Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; & I have set thee so. Thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up & down in the midst of the stones of fire."

       17. THIS COULD HAVE ONLY BEEN SAID OF THE DEVIL BECAUSE NO HUMAN KING COULD HAVE DONE THESE THINGS OR BEEN THIS! "Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee. By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, & thou hast sinned." It reminds you of the description of Babylon in Revelation, "sinned through the multitude of riches & merchandise" & so on. (Rev.18.)

       18. SEE, THIS IS WHAT HAS SPREAD THE ABOMINATION OF AMERICANISM ALL OVER THE WORLD, the horrors of her music & her clothes & her perverted sex & all the rest, just like America! "Therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: & I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire. Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness & I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee."

       19. "THOU HAST DEFILED THY SANCTUARIES"--HERE'S YOUR WITCH COVENS--BY THE MULTITUDE OF THINE INIQUITIES, by the iniquity of thy traffick; therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, & I will bring thee to ashes upon the Earth in the sight of all them that behold thee. All they that know thee among the people"--all that know thee, like the witches--"shall be astonished at thee: thou shalt be a terror, & never shalt thou be any more." (Ez.28:11-19.)

       20. IT SOUNDS LIKE HE WAS REALLY SOME CREATURE! You can hardly imagine what he looked like, but I've always pictured him as being somebody handsome. Apparently he was like a king bedecked with precious stones & gold & built-in musical instruments. (Maria: John Todd says, "It's true, as a person who has seen him, it's true!")

       21. HE WAS ALSO KING OF BABYLON IN THE DAYS OF HER GLORY, so apparently Satan has completely possessed these World-famous kings of these World-famous Empires. This must have been a practice of his all down through the ages, that he headed every great World Empire. Because here it is in two specific instances in the Bible: He's called the King of Babylon in Isaiah 14 & the King of Tyre in Ezekiel 28.

       22. HE WAS KING OF BABYLON IN ITS HEYDAY, & KING OF TYRE IN ITS HEYDAY, but every time, he brings about the final destruction of these cities in a total curse from God upon these cities. Now if that theory is true--& it certainly sounds like these chapters make it pretty clear--he must have possessed one of the kings of Babylon, probably the last one, Belshazzar, the son* of Nebuchadnezzar. [EDITED: "*Note: "Belshazzar's called his son, but he was literally his grandson. You're my son & you're my sons & daughters, even though some of you are grandsons & great grandsons, depending on which generation you got born again. So Belshazzar was actually Nebuchadnezzar's grandson" (ML #2177:2)"]

       23. NEBUCHADNEZZAR WAS CONVERTED, BUT HIS [EDITED: "GRAND"]SON BELSHAZZAR WAS THE LAST KING WHEN BABYLON WAS DESTROYED. Obviously the Devil tried to possess Nebuchadnezzar & caused his downfall for 7 years; but because he had acknowledged Daniel & God & his belief in them & repented of his iniquity & came back to the Lord, the Lord restored him. (Daniel 4.)

       24. LET'S SEE HOW THAT WORKS: BABYLON WAS ONE OF THE FIRST GREAT WORLD EMPIRES, & the King of Babylon of course would naturally have been possessed of the Devil if the Devil was trying to run the World, which he always has been.

       25. ASSYRIA WAS BEFORE BABYLON, THE FAMOUS WORLD CAPITAL OF NINEVAH with its giant walls where chariots could ride two or three abreast, & the famous Hanging Gardens of Nineveh. Certainly that would have been a very coveted capital for the Devil, so Shalmaneser & some of those famous kings of Nineveh must have been possessed of the Devil.

       26. THEN LATER CAME BABYLON & ITS KINGS, & IT BECAME THE WORLD EMPIRE AFTER GOD DESTROYED NINEVAH. In every one of these World Empires, apparently one or more of its kings were possessed of Satan himself in his effort to rule the World, but every time God destroyed his Empire & its capital city & its kings. Then he'd go right on to another Empire & build a new one, as he did Babylon.

       27. AND THEN CAME MEDO-PERSIA. It had one very good king, Cyrus, but it had some bad kings too. So apparently the Devil set up a new kingdom then of Medo-Persia, & they also, by the way, made Babylon their capital.

       28. EGYPT WAS THE FIRST WORLD EMPIRE OR GREAT WORLD POWER, & it was certainly ruled by the Devil & his demons & their demonic religion, & no doubt Pharaoh was the Devil incarnate! Naturally he would possess the most prominent & powerful enemy of God, as he did in that day against Moses.

       29. AND AFTERWARD CAME ASSYRIA. Apparently the Devil built a new Empire with Nineveh as its capital, which God later destroyed for its iniquity. So apparently--I'm saying this as a theory, I've never heard this before--the Devil moved on to Babylon then & built a new Empire & a new gorgeous capital city. I never ever heard this before, but why not?

       30. I WAS A BIT SCEPTICAL ABOUT WHAT JOHN TODD SAID BECAUSE I'D NEVER HEARD THAT SAID BEFORE, that this was a description of Satan in Ezekiel 28. Most Bible teachers seem to think it's a rather exalted or exaggerated description of the King of Tyre. But God similarly describes the King of Babylon as Satan, & he describes the King of Tyre as Satan.

       31. TYRE WAS THE HEAD OF THE GREAT PHOENICIAN EMPIRE & IT DIDN'T SEEM TO RANK IN THE VISIONS OF THE PROPHETS as having a place in Daniel's Image or Beasts or Revelation, to rank as one of the major ones. It was sort of between major Empires, between Egypt & Assyria.

       32. THE LONGEST OF ALL SPACES BETWEEN THE WORLD EMPIRES WAS BETWEEN EGYPT & ASSYRIA, but for some reason God doesn't include Tyre & Phoenicia as being one of the greatest ones. But apparently in the interim, in that gap between the great Egyptian Empire & the great Assyrian Empire, the Phoenicians were the greatest most important people on Earth at that time, great World traders, & their capital was Tyre.

       33. SO APPARENTLY THE DEVIL MOVED ON AFTER PHAROAH WAS DESTROYED, & HE SET UP HIS CAPITAL IN TYRE & BECAME THE KING OF TYRE. And then when God saw to it that Tyre was destroyed, he moved on to Assyria--Nineveh--another great capital city. That sounds perfectly logical to me that the Devil of course would have possessed the greatest rulers of their day who ruled the greatest World Empires, if he could, & apparently he did quite a few!

       34. NINEVAH WAS THE CAPITAL OF ASSYRIA, & THEN WHEN IT WAS DESTROYED HE MOVED ON & BECAME KING OF BABYLON. In one place in Ezekiel he's called the King of Tyre, & in Isaiah 14 he's called the King of Babylon. So why shouldn't he have been the king of every one of those great World Empires, or at least one of their Kings, whichever one he could possess? (Maria: What was the next one then?)

       35. AFTER BABYLON, THEN CAME MEDO-PERSIA. IT WAS A DUAL KINGDOM, & CYRUS & DARIUS WERE THE KINGS. And later on the husband of Esther was the king.--He married Esther, took her as the most beautiful woman in the kingdom when he divorced Vashti--Ahasueras, or Xerxes. Aha! Xerxes! Well, he nearly wiped out the Jews, God's people of the day, at the instigation of Haman, remember? What he did later I don't remember, but the Devil was certainly in control at first, until Esther came along & rescued them--which was not necessarily to his credit, it was God's doing.

       36. BUT THEN LATER, AGAIN BABYLON WAS WIPED OUT & THE MEDO-PERSIAN EMPIRE WAS DESTROYED BY ALEXANDER THE GREAT. Alexander was definitely born under certain supernatural miraculous signs. He murdered his own father to get the kingdom & he swept over the World in the World's most rapid conquest. In only ten years he conquered all the known World, almost miraculously & supernaturally, so he must have had supernatural spiritual assistance. It was absolutely miraculous the way he became the conqueror of the World in only ten years at only 30!

       37. SO THE WORLD CAPITAL BECAME ATHENS, GREECE, & HE WAS ITS KING, & I COULD CERTAINLY BELIEVE THAT ALEXANDER THE GREAT WAS DEVIL-POSSESSED! But every time, God used them nevertheless, just like He used the Devil from the very beginning. He used the Devil in the Garden of Eden, allowed the Devil to do these things. And every time he got too far & went too far, then He'd destroy him again. And every one of these great World Empires & their capitals & their kings were destroyed.

       38. SO QUITE OBVIOUSLY THEN HE MUST HAVE MOVED ON TO ROME & BECOME THE CAESARS OF ROME FOR THE NEXT THOUSAND YEARS! I'm just saying that if this theory could be true, he would have also possessed the Caesars of Rome then, that's all. (Maria: Resulting in what?) In Rome becoming a World power & ruling the whole Earth! And then the Roman Empire was broken up & there was no great World Political Empire, except the Roman Catholic Church.

       39. WELL, IT ALWAYS WENT TO HIS HEAD IN THE LONG RUN. When he became the ruler of the Earth & the most powerful king on Earth & the most powerful Empire & the most powerful city, it seemed to always go to his head & he'd go too far. God would allow him to rule the Earth, just like the Lord's going to allow the Antichrist to rule the Earth, but then he always goes too far. This idea just suddenly came into my mind that I'd never even thought of before! I thought when John Todd mentioned this Biblical reference that he was referring to the passage in Isaiah 14.

       40. SATAN, THE KING OF THE EMPIRES OF THE EARTH, KING OF WORLD EMPIRES, THAT WOULD BE A GOOD TITLE, because he seems to have always possessed the major kings or Pharaohs or Caesars of the World's greatest Empires. He helped to make them great & powerful & build huge grand capitals of which he gloried in being king; but then always spread his pride & iniquity & failed to give God the glory, just like Nebuchadnezzar did.

       41. BUT BECAUSE OF NEBUCHADNEZZAR'S FAITH IN DANIEL, & THEREFORE IN GOD, GOD LET HIM REPENT & SAVED HIM. Nebuchadnezzar died in glory, as still King of Babylon, & did not live to see its destruction. God spared him because he repented, he apparently got rid of the Devil. But under the great king that followed Nebuchadnezzar--Belshazzar his [EDITED: "grand"]son--Babylon fell to the Medo-Persians.

       42. WELL, I'M KIND OF WANDERING IN MY THOUGHTS BECAUSE THIS THOUGHT JUST STRUCK ME WHEN I READ THIS, & I wanted to read this chapter in Ezekiel 28 to see if it was true, & certainly is true. It definitely is a description of Satan, it could not be a description of anybody else. No human king could possibly have fulfilled this description that he was on the mount of God & he was in the Garden of Eden, the anointed cherub, which means an angel, & all this.

       43. SO APPARENTLY THE DEVIL HAS BEEN POSSESSING THE GREATEST KINGS OF THE EARTH DOWN THROUGH THE AGES, some more than others. (Maria: Well, how was his possessing the Caesars of Rome manifested?) By persecution. Just like God uses the Devil, He created him for that purpose no doubt, as His enemy & the enemy of His people, to try them & test them.

       44. IF THERE HADN'T BEEN AN OPPONENT, AN OPPOSING SIDE, GOD'S PEOPLE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN TRIED & TESTED & given any opposition to have any kind of a battle to have to call on God to help them, & it's in this that God gets the glory. He allows Satan to lead the opposition & to try & test & persecute His people, but then they call on God & God always gets the victory & always defeats the Devil & always destroys his kingdom & his power & his empire & his capital & his kings, every single time! Every one of those great World Empires persecuted the people of God.

       45. WHEN THE CAESARS OF ROME CAME ALONG, one after the other, there were ten great persecutions of Christians under the Roman Empire during that thousand years--which began shortly before Christ was born, only 44 B.C. Christ was born in 4 B.C., which means the Roman Empire was born, you might say, just exactly 40 years before Jesus was born--& that's a very Biblical number God uses a lot.

       46. GOD ALLOWED THE CAESARS TO ARISE & RULE THE WORLD TO BRING, ACTUALLY, PEACE ON EARTH! At the time of Jesus' birth there was peace on Earth because one World power ruled the whole World & there were no wars & no battles. Rome ruled the world & there was no opposing power. This is why sometimes Rome is used as a type of the Antichrist Kingdom, because it will be the World government & there will be no opposing power, therefore no wars, until later.

       47. BUT EVERY TIME, GOD ALLOWS THESE POWERS TO ARISE FOR VARIOUS PURPOSES. Rome established peace on Earth so that Jesus could be born at a time of peace, & the Gospel of the Kingdom could be spread abroad throughout the peace of the Roman Empire. He allowed Alexander & the Greeks to encourage the very beautiful, very expressive Greek language in which the New Testament was written, & their interest in religion & the supernatural & in philosophy & beauty & art.

       48. GOD ALLOWED IT BECAUSE IT FACILITATED THE SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL UNDER THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH. They could all speak the same language. Everybody spoke Greek & Latin during the days of the Early Church, & a lot of them spoke Hebrew too, as well as their local language. So the Greek language & interest in philosophy & religion & the supernatural helped to spread the Gospel, & they spread it mostly in Greek.

       49. THE ROMAN LANGUAGE, LATIN, WAS THE LANGUAGE OF THE GOVERNMENT & THE LAW & POLITICS, and the Roman Empire enforced peace on Earth so that the Disciples, as Roman citizens some of them, could travel very easily from country to country with no passports, no visas, no problems. They were Roman citizens & they could travel all over the World without any governmental problems at all, & in a time of peace when it was very easy to do so.

       50. SO BOTH THE GREEK & ROMAN EMPIRES ACTUALLY FACILITATED THE SPREADING OF THE GOSPEL IN THE LONG RUN, SO GOD ALLOWED THEM. But then the Devil would always go too far. Obviously God, in a way, used the Devil to inspire Alexander the great to conquer the World so quickly & spread the Greek language all over the World & its interest in the supernatural & religion & philosophy & so on, which later helped the spread of Christianity.

       51. AND OBVIOUSLY HE THEN ALLOWED THE ROMAN EMPIRE TO OVERCOME THE GREEKS to spread a Worldwide strong government that kept the peace. He just as good as said that the Roman Empire was of Him, officers of the law & so on. (Romans 13.) In fact he indicated by that that every great World power is of Him, is His creation, even if He allows the Devil to be its creator or king, see? Isn't that something! I never ever thought of that before until this thought came from reading these two passages!

       52. THE DEVIL OBVIOUSLY WAS KING OF TYRE DURING THE HEYDAY OF THE PHOENICIANS' great merchant fleets & great merchant empire. Perhaps because it wasn't as strong politically--it was more or less commercial--it didn't actually rule the World. But in a way it influenced the whole World through its commerce & its riches & its wickedness. Then the Lord destroyed it.

       53. WELL, IF THE DEVIL WAS AT ONE TIME KING OF TYRE, & THEN ANOTHER TIME KING OF BABYLON, the capital of the great World Empire of Babylonia, then it stands to reason logically that he must have been the king of each of these great World Empires, or possessed their kings & ruled them & lived in splendour & grandeur in their great lavish capital cities!

       54. HE'S ALWAYS WANTED TO RULE THE WORLD, & HE'S GOING TO GET HIS FINAL CHANCE IN THE ANTICHRIST when he will really rule the whole World & with tremendous power! So he moved on to the Romans, but when they began to persecute the Christians too much, God destroyed Rome.

       55. SINCE ROME THERE'S REALLY BEEN NO GREAT GRAND WORLD EMPIRE, UNTIL THE LATER SMALLER EMPIRES like the Spanish Empire, Portuguese Empire, Italian Empire, British Empire--but they were all small & never really ruled all the World. They were constantly in conflict with each other, & not one of them was a World government like these previous ones.

       56. BUT THE ONE WHICH DID RULE THE WORLD FOR NEARLY A THOUSAND YEARS AFTER THE FALL OF ROME WAS, GUESS WHAT?--THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH!--And you know how they persecuted the Christians, Protestants & so on from even the earliest days. So apparently he moved on into the Roman Catholic Church as its Popes. And any study of the Papacy will convince you that plenty of those Popes were possessed of the Devil & certainly not the Lord, the way they tortured Christians & massacred them, literally by the millions--killed about a million Christians in Bavaria alone!

       57. SO WHEN THEY GOT TOO BAD, THE LORD SAW TO IT THAT THE POWER OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH WAS DESTROYED BY THE REFORMATION under Martin Luther & some of the great Reformers. It's still a great power, but it doesn't rule the World like it once did under the Popes in its heyday. So, what nation began about then? What Continent was discovered just before the Reformation & began to grow? (Maria: The Reformation started in the 1500s.)

       58. WHEN WAS AMERICA DISCOVERED?--"1492 COLUMBUS SAILED THE OCEAN BLUE!"--Right at the end of the 1400s, beginning of the 1500s, America was discovered, then came the Reformation. Then came the colonisation of America with eventually New York as its head, almost always as its head.

       59. THE U.S. THEN SUPERCEDED ALL THOSE FORMER EMPIRES, fought & won battles with them--with the British, the Spanish, the French & so on--& America literally became the ruling power of the World! And certainly New York City is its capital, actually, & the wickedest city on Earth just about, & I'm sure Satan must rule it in some way!

       60. I DON'T DOUBT THAT HE POSSESSED SOME OF THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES, some of them certainly acted like it!--And some were Freemasons, which John Todd claims is definitely a branch of Witchcraft with its ceremonies exactly like witchery in their churches or covens. The U.S. has really persecuted the poor & the Christians like they persecuted us!

       61. AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE NEXT PRESIDENT MIGHT VERY EASILY BE REAGAN, WHO IS ONE OF OUR BITTEREST ENEMIES & who persecuted the hippies & persecuted the Children of God & used Ted Patrick to do it!--He conducted a virtual torturous Inquisition called Deprogramming to destroy their faith or destroy them, or get them out of fellowship with us.

       62. SO RONALD REAGAN WAS CERTAINLY DEMONIC & OBVIOUSLY AN ENEMY OF THE FAITH & BACKED THE FORCES OF SATAN, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's going to be maybe the next President!--And I wouldn't be surprised if he were, that he'd certainly follow the Devil! Of course as far as one dream I had about "Carter in Disneyland" (No.910), it seemed like maybe Carter was going to get it anyhow, I don't know. We'll see in the few remaining months coming. (--And now you know! GHU!)

       63. IT LOOKS LIKE RIGHT NOW CARTER'S POLITICAL FORTUNES ARE SO LOW & HIS POPULARITY IS SO LOW--the lowest of any poll on any president since the existence of polls in the last 40 years--he may not even get the nomination by the Democratic Convention! (Maria: But like we heard on the radio last night, they have something that politicians call "October Shock", it comes right before the election, & which the opposition fears.)

       64. HEY, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT COULD BE?--THAT MAY BE WHEN HE ISSUES HIS 3-DAY ULTIMATUM! (See No.913.) If Carter gets desperate enough, I wouldn't be surprised! He knows that the fact he hasn't delivered those hostages is counted against him almost worse then anything else, so he could do something like that just three days before election day, you know?

       65. (MARIA: BECAUSE THE COMMENTATOR LAST NIGHT SAID THAT THE OPPOSITION ALWAYS FEARS THAT, they fear anything, any big news event whether good or bad...) Could suddenly sway the people! (Maria: Because if it's good, then everybody rallies around the President, & if it's bad then they...) They then all rally around him too to stand by him. So it always favours the incumbent president, the one who is president.

       66. ANY KIND OF A BIG EVENT IN WORLD POLITICS OR NATIONAL POLITICS OR ANY GREAT EMERGENCY that occurs in October just before the election, influences the election, they were saying, in the favour of the incumbent president, the one that's already president. (Maria: So either something he does or something precipitated somewhere else in the World.)

       67. WELL, HE CLAIMS TO BE A BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN, BUT I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW HE COULD POSSIBLY BE! I think John Todd's answer to that was pretty good, "By their fruits ye shall know them"--& he certainly has not had many good fruits! He really has made a mess of things. So if he hasn't been possessed of the Devil, he certainly has been fought by the Devil & confused by the Devil & led astray by the Devil & really made a mess!

       68. SO THEN, OF COURSE, THE RISING RED WORLD POWER TODAY IS OPENLY ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-RELIGIOUS & ANTI-GOD! The rising Red Empire is officially against God, Christ & religion. [DELETED] So it only takes finally their full control to bring about the rise of the Antichrist who is already in existence today according to some prophets, & is preparing to be revealed when the time comes. (Maria: John Todd says that too, that they found a man.) Yes!

       69. BUT THEY'RE WAITING TO REVEAL HIM, & THE BIBLE EVEN SAYS "WHEN HE SHALL BE REVEALED." (2Thes.2.) It's going to be something rather sudden, when you suddenly reveal something. Either the World's going to suddenly wake up to who it is, or he's going to suddenly step on the World scene in some dramatic way to solve some great problem like the Mideast question or Jerusalem or the oil, etc.

       70. HE'S APPARENTLY GOING TO COME VERY SUDDENLY TO THE FORE, VERY SUDDENLY REVEALED--in which again he's imitating Christ--Christ's Second Coming when He's going to be suddenly revealed in the sky. That would certainly follow consistently his record of trying to imitate Christ & the Millennium with his false messiahship & his false millennium. So apparently he's going to have a sudden revelation.

       71. WELL, THIS IS ACCORDING TO THE WARNING PROPHECY, THAT THE GREAT CONFUSION IS GOING TO COME VERY SUDDENLY. There's a lot of confusion now, but not near as great as it's going to be then. He's going to cause the confusion & then take advantage of it & take over & solve it, just like he afflicts a lot of people & then through false religions he heals them by removing his affliction.

       72. SO HE CAUSES THE WORLD'S GREAT CONFUSION--HE'S THE AUTHOR OF IT THAT PROPHECY SAYS, HE CAUSES IT--but then he apparently solves it & rules the World. So once again it will be the Devil incarnate, the Devil in person, the Devil in the body of a man, this time ruling the entire World as the Antichrist. So that certainly sounds like a very logical sequence of events.

       73. I'VE NEVER HEARD THAT THEORY ADVANCED BEFORE; MAYBE IT WAS A REVELATION! I got it when I was sitting here reading that passage, & then I turned to Isaiah & read that. I thought, "Well, that's strange, the Devil in one place is described as the King of Tyre, & here in another he's described as the King of Babylon, how could he be both? And why was he symbolised this way, as king of two of the World's great capital cities & Empires? "

       74. BABYLON WAS A POLITICAL EMPIRE, TYRE WAS A COMMERCIAL EMPIRE. That's an interesting point, because America is really a commercial empire, she's not ruled the World politically, but commercially.--The American Dollar, right? So it kind of could be symbolic that the Antichrist Kingdom is going to be a combination of both. Communism is a strictly political empire, not commercial, it's even anti-capitalism.


       76. SO THAT'S A NEW THEORY, A REVELATION! I never ever even thought of that before until I got curious about that passage & read it. Then I went back to Isaiah 14, & they're both very accurate exact descriptions of the Devil, Satan. Obviously it could only be Satan, yet one is King of Tyre & one is King of Babylon.

       77. SO IF THE DEVIL WAS THE KING OF TWO GREAT WORLD EMPIRES, ONE COMMERCIAL & ONE POLITICAL, why couldn't he also have been king of all the other great World Empires? Every one of them was anti-God & anti-Christ, from Egypt to the end!--All except the time of Nebuchadnezzar, & that's why God symbolised him as gold, & amongst the beasts as a lion, the king of all beasts.

       78. SO HE WAS APPARENTLY THE ONLY ONE THAT WAS THE CLOSEST TO GOD'S HEART, in a way, but even he fell when he got lifted up in pride. So why couldn't the Devil have been also King of Egypt at Memphis, their great capital on the Nile with those immense monuments, pyramids, Sphinx & all the rest?

       79. HE'S SPOKEN OF IN THE BIBLE VERY EXPLICITLY IN EZEKIEL 28 AS THE KING OF TYRE which was a great commercial empire run by the Phoenicians, between Egypt & Assyria, both geographically & chronologically.--So why couldn't he also have been King of Assyria at the grand capital of Nineveh with its giant walls?

       80. AND WHY COULDN'T HE HAVE ALSO BEEN POSSESSING THE KINGS OF BABYLON, the great World capital of the Babylonian Empire?--And then kings of Medo-Persia, at least one of their kings, perhaps Xerxes, who was probably the most famous one.--And then King of Greece! Alexander was certainly spiritually possessed in some way, who miraculously conquered the World!--And then the Caesars of Rome: Most of them certainly were as anti-Christ as they could be!

       81. SO THE DEVIL WENT FROM ONE KINGDOM TO THE OTHER TO POSSESS ITS KING & ITS CAPITALS & ITS EMPIRES in an attempt to continue to rule the World. Every time God would destroy one, he'd go to the next one & start over, or continue. (Maria: Do you think maybe he flits around to great anti-Christ men like Hitler & Napoleon?)

       82. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT HE'D POSSESS SOME OF THE WORLD'S GREAT CONQUERORS & GREAT WORLD LEADERS. Of course, why not? He wants to rule the World, why shouldn't he?--And not one of them was ever a great Christian. There were no truly great World leaders who were Christians.

       83. THOSE WHO WANT TO RULE THIS WORLD ARE NOT CHRISTIAN; THEY'RE USUALLY ANTI-CHRIST & they do it cruelly with slaughter & armies & murder & by any means possible. How anybody could be in the dirty business of American politics & be a Christian, I don't understand! It's hard to believe.

       84. SO THEREFORE WHY COULDN'T THE DEVIL HAVE MOVED ON THEN TO ATHENS UNDER ALEXANDER THE GREAT, & then to Rome under the Caesars, & then the Popes of the Catholic Church, & then the beginning of what has come the closest to being the next great World Empire--Babylon the Great, America, its final Empire before the Antichrist Kingdom. (See "America the Whore," ML#216.)

       85. AND CERTAINLY THE BIBLE DEFINITELY TEACHES THAT THE ANTICHRIST WILL BE THE DEVIL IN PERSON, the Devil in the flesh, to rule the World's last great World Government or kingdom. So apparently the Devil has been the king of all these great World Empires & their capitals, possessing their kings & running their governments, & always every one of them persecuted God's people, every single one!

       86. THERE HASN'T BEEN A SINGLE GREAT WORLD EMPIRE THAT HAS NOT PERSECUTED THE PEOPLE OF GOD! So obviously these World Empires were ruled by the Devil who persecuted God's Kingdom & God's people right to the very end, from Pharaoh to the Antichrist! So that is a new thought, I don't know why I never thought of it before!

       87. THERE IT IS PLAIN AS DAY RIGHT IN THE BIBLE! It specifically mentions the King of Tyre & the King of Babylon in a description which could only fit the Devil himself. So certainly that is an interesting thought, to say the least. I believe I could go through the Bible & history & prove it, as I have just now very briefly in a kind of a wandering confused way, sad to say, thinking aloud.

       88. YOU GO BACK & STUDY HISTORY & BIBLE HISTORY & SEE IF NOT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE EMPIRES PERSECUTED GOD'S PEOPLE! Very few of them were good to them. Nebuchadnezzar was temporarily, Cyrus was temporarily, Xerxes was temporarily. Each time, God saved His people by getting somebody in next to the king & turning his heart toward His people to save them.

       89. HE HAD TO DO THAT OR THEY WOULD HAVE CRUSHED HIS PEOPLE LONG AGO & WIPED'M OUT! But it didn't necessarily always change the king's heart, & frequently the king later was destroyed, the kings were not necessarily converted like Nebuchadnezzar. But it wasn't Nebuchadnezzar who was destroyed, it was his [EDITED: "grand"]son in the capital at that time of destruction.

       90. BUST MOST OF THE TIME, PUT IT THAT WAY, THESE WORLD EMPIRES & THEIR KINGS--from the Pharaohs to the Caesars to the Antichrist--persecuted God's people & were wicked & violent & devilish & undoubtedly ruled by the Devil trying to rule the World in opposition to the Kingdom of God. So just study history & the Bible & see! Certainly God's Word is very explicit in those two passages.

       91. TYRE WAS THE WORLD'S GREATEST COMMERCIAL EMPIRE AT THAT TIME, great sailing fleets of commercial ships & sailors, great seafaring nation who traded as far away as Tarshish--Britain--& many other places. In fact, I think I read something in the paper the other day that they have discovered evidence in America that the Phoenicians had been there also, sailed that far away clear across the ocean, across two seas!

       92. IN THE DAYS WHEN I WANTED TO WAIT UNTIL I COULD DO THINGS PERFECTLY, I NEVER DID ANYTHING because I could never do anything perfect. Now we just roll on & dish it out as it comes, confusing or not, I just give it out! We just give it out for what it's worth. You can take it or leave it, that's just the way it cooked. And if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it. But I'm sure God gave it.

       93. "SATAN KING OF EMPIRES," CERTAINLY IS, I THINK, A PROVEN THEORY. It's very logical & consistent, that he has been the king of every World Empire. He's been the ruler of all the World's capitals, & his Kingdom is always opposed to the Kingdom of Christ.--WHO RULES YOU?

       94. MAYBE THAT'S WHY I GOT SO SICK LAST NIGHT & all this morning: The Enemy knew I was going to get a revelation today, & he was trying to kill me off before I could give it! But there it is, in spite of the Devil! He doesn't rule me! TTL!--Jesus is my King of kings!--Who's yours?

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