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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

LATEST NEWS FLASHES! No.3--From M&M Personally       DO970       March 1, 1981


       IN MAILING VIDEO TAPES BE SURE TO USE PADDED PACKAGES Air Express Registered or Insured & sealed with the Customs Declaration Sticker on the package if crossing borders, & saying "Used Personal Tape" & declaring the value of only $20 or equivalent, the actual value of a blank tape, so that the recipient will not be unfairly charged with Customs Duties based on prerecorded commercial feature-film tape values, which run as high as $100 each!

       ALSO DO NOT SEND US PACKAGES OF MORE THAN TWO AT A TIME of not more than one Kilo total weight, & then you can mark the package in large clear capital letters, "Small package", which in most countries is not ordinarily subject to postal inspection nor Customs Tariff. We realise that your tape is of much more value to you than that personally, perhaps even priceless, but that's all it's worth to the World, & that's all the Postal Insurance or Customs that you should have to pay.

       PLEASE, LET'S NOT HAVE ANY MORE LARGE BUNDLES OF INSECURELY PACKAGED & IMPROPERLY LABELED TAPES! Also be sure not to foolishly label any of the tapes themselves inside with such curiosity-arousing investigation-inspiring & perhaps even illegal titles such as "Love Tape" or "So & so strips" or any other sexy titles which may provoke an Inspector to take a look at it & thus delay it or even ban it! Use your heads, Family!--Don't lose'm!

       ALSO ALWAYS BE SURE THAT ALL TAPES OF ANY KIND ARE COMPLETELY REWOUND for their own safety & preservation, to prevent damage in transit & wasting our time in rewinding. Please remember that video tapes & equipment are very delicate instruments & can be easily damaged or gotten out of adjustment by the slightest mistreatment such as knocks or jolts or leaving uncovered & unprotected from dust & moisture & tiny fingers & ignorant operators.

       ALSO, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VIDEO ON "PAUSE" OR "SLOW MOTION" TOO LONG, as this can damage both the tapes & heads! Be as gentle with your equipment as you would with a woman, treating them as a weaker vessel (1 Pt. 3:7), as they are very delicate & fragile & can be easily misused & abused. Treat'r gently & lovingly & she'll love you forever & last a long time! We have Videos that have lasted for years with no problem--what's wrong with yours?

       2. STATS!

       FROM NOW ON EVERYONE PLEASE REPORT THE NUMBER OF PAGES OF LIT printed & distributed--not just pieces.--For example: A Mag is only 1 piece but 220 pages!--Quite a difference! Let's get credit where is due!: Our full volume of literature production by the number of pages!--Amen?

       3. NAMES!

       PLEASE USE BIBLE NAMES WITH THE FAMILY, & System names only with the System! To use your System names with the Family causes great confusion & is very poor security--& of course, you can't use your Bible names with the System. In some recent FNs & FVs (Family Videos) where your System names were used, we hadn't the faintest idea who you were since most of us don't know you by sight & it was impossible to relate your name to anyone we knew.--Please! Only Bible names with the Family!

       4. LINS!

       STARTING IN THE MAY FIRST ISSUE OF LIN THERE WILL NO LONGER BE ANY REPETITION OF FORMER FN PAGES IN THE LIN MAGAZINES. They will be all new pages especially designed for PR with the GP, friends, relatives & even enemies. So if you want to get all the news, be sure you also read the LIN, or you may miss some of the best news if you give it away too soon!--But please do loan it or give it or at least show it to folks outside the Family who need to see it, for that's who it's designed for. Use it! There may be an occasional repetition of some previously published Komix which we're sure you will recognize & want to pass on to your friends, contacts &/or relatives.

       5. TRAVELLERS!

       WHILE TRAVELLING BE SURE TO FREQUENTLY KEEP IN TELEPHONE touch with some point of communication, such as either your Home base or your destination in case it is necessary to contact you for some reason or emergency. Some people have missed some important messages by failing to phone in. Thanks.

       6. 7-STAR DIARY!

       THANKS FOR THE FLOOD OF PAGES THAT WE'VE RECEIVED from our request in the Letter "7-Star Diaries", but we now have more than sufficient, so please discontinue sending these pages until further notice. Altho' we highly recommended the 7-Star Diaries as the best we know of, this does not mean that we agree with all of their daily quotes--in fact we strongly disagree with some of them, as some are entirely contrary to our own convictions & God's Word.

       WE DON'T KNOW WHY THEY DON'T USE MORE FAMOUS QUOTES BY GREAT MEN, PARTICULARLY FROM THE BIBLE, & we also note that many of their daily quotes seem to be prejudiced against women. The poor producer seems to be soured on females because he hasn't met you girls! Maybe one of you could FF him or at least send him a pretty picture & a sweet note telling him you're not like the women he writes about, & if he'd like to known the difference you'd be glad to give him a sample! Maybe also he simply doesn't know the Bible! So if all you 7-Star Diary owners would start sending him little notes thanking him for such a good diary & enclosing a few good suggested Bible quotes for future diaries, he might even appreciate them & use them! Use it!

       7. MATCHES!

       BE SURE TO KEEP ALL MATCHES IN A SAFE DRY PLACE away from heat & out of reach of children. Also when striking matches, particularly European matches, be sure to either wear glasses or keep the box turned away from your face so that you cannot see the head of the match as you strike it, or you could get one right in the eye as it explodes! Some of these matches are very dangerous when struck & literally explode, with burning pieces flying off in various directions including straight into your face if you do not keep the striking surface & match head turned away from you when striking! Also be sure to strike the match in a direction away from you & not toward you, if you don't want burned holes in either your skin or clothing!

       8. WS CHECKS!

       NO MORE WS GIFT CHECKS WILL BE SENT TO NON-REPORTING MISSIONARIES & VSs, LIT-PICs, etc., particularly to those who have nothing to report because you're doing nothing, which is the only conclusion we can draw from the fact you do not report & therefore do not deserve our support. So from now on, "No tickie, no laundie!"

       NO REPORT, NO CHECK! Sorry, but we're not going to waste the Family's WS missionary funds but want to put them where they really count & are fruitful & at least produce reports of some kind of activity, including some photos of yourselves, your ministry & your converts & your Homes--good black & white close-up in focus pictures with strong contrast for publication with good captions on the back! From now on, the World Service Office has instructions not to mail you your check until he receives your Report! Therefore, will you Reporting Offices please forward these report to WS as quickly as possible so that these missionaries can get their checks--if deserved.

       9. OVER 40S!

       YOU FAMILY MEMBERS & FRIENDS WHO ARE 40 YEARS OLD OR OVER & now in your prime & still enjoying "Life Beings at 40!", please send us your personal testimonies & pictures for publication in the Family News to encourage younger members of the Family that it's really worth living that long & you're enjoying life now more than ever, like I am! Mine began at 50 when I founded the Family! When did yours begin & how & where & with whom? We'd really love to know!

       PLEASE WRITE A SHORT TESTIMONY of not more than two double-spaced typed pages or three handwritten pages, clear & legible, with all the details you can squeeze in, plus photos of yourself at various ages or stages & places & with other interesting personalities.

       --AND IF YOU'VE STILL GOT A BEAUTIFUL BODY, FLAUNT IT IN THE PHOTOS in a nice sexy dress or bikini to show that you're still enjoying life & that life & sex are more beautiful than ever the older you grow, as they are with me! I'm going to wish you were with me too--& you can be if you'll send me your story & photo! Please make it clear, black & white, close-up photos, finely focused & with strong contrast (that means good lighting & strong shadows) with some kind of pretty background.

       I'VE GOT SOME GREY-HAIRED MOTHERS IN MY BEAUTY GALLERY on my desk & beside my bed who are just as pretty & sexy as some of you young ones, & with some of whom I have had just as good sex! So send them in--men too! Show us what you've got fellows, & that you can still make it!--I mean, show us how handsome & happy you are together with your beautiful mates & girlfriends! (Editor: Dad didn't mean that the photos had to be pornographic! Please send photos we can publish!)

       10. U.S. VSs!

       THERE WILL NO LONGER BE ANY U.S. VSs SUPPORTED BY WS, as we believe you U.S. families should move your Homes Southward if you can as soon as possible, as you won't be in existence very long otherwise anyway if you don't move before the War! Therefore, we do not see the need for any further VSs in the U.S.A. which is about to be destroyed! "Why Will Ye Die?" (Letter No.911.)

       11. MIXED COUPLES!

       WE MUST WARN YOU THAT MIXED COUPLES INCLUDING BLACKS ARE NOT VERY WELL RECEIVED IN MANY LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES by the Spanish whites, & your ministry in such countries will be very limited to the poorest classes & difficult to support, as racial prejudice in some of these countries is very strong & class lines are very restrictive. You will be better received in the already mixed societies of Brazil, the Caribbean, Panama or other largely black or mixed states of a few parts of South America, & you would find your ministry to all classes less difficult there.

       12. LIMS!

       WE STRONGLY URGE YOU, PLEASE NOT TO TRANSLATE & REPRINT THE WNs in your local language magazine! Most of you can better use the time, hard work, space, money & postage for more needed materials such as Komix & basic GP Letters for wider distribution, rather then for World News which they can easily read in their local newspapers or in the English language edition of the Family News.

       WE ALSO STRONGLY URGE YOU LIMS WHO HAVE AN EXTREMELY SMALL CIRCULATION of Magazines to seriously consider if it is worth the trouble to print the Mag rather than to invest your time & money in more GP & DFO materials for wider distribution instead of so few copies of the Magazine which most of your Homes can read in English anyway.

       LET'S ONLY PRINT THE MAGAZINE IN LANGUAGES WHERE THERE'S WIDE DISTRIBUTION & GREAT NEED & possibly turn you smaller LIMs into LIT-PICs who print only the pick-of-the-lit that is most needed in your particular language area, such as Komix, basic GP Letters, LINs, KIDZ, childcare materials, PR Pubs, DFO materials, DMs, etc., & only a limited selection of Family news items that are necessary to keep your area informed.

       WHY NOT PUT YOUR TIME & ENERGY & MATERIALS INTO THE THINGS THAT ARE MOST NEEDED & not into a big complete Family News Magazine that can be read in English if they wish, particularly in the northern European countries such as Scandinavia, the Netherlands & Germany & possibly some others. Please think it over & pray about it & reconsider as to whether a complete FN is really necessary in your particular area & language.

       LIMS WHO DECIDE TO DISCONTINUE REGULAR MAG TO PUBLISH MORE GP MATERIAL should, the same as former LIMs, continue to receive the support of the tithes of the local Homes who want this GP local language lit for reprinting & distribution, even though no longer called LIMs but LIT-PICs, since they no longer publish the entire Mag.

       13. EASTER GIFT!

       IN APRIL, GOD WILLING, IN PLACE OF YOUR USUAL MAG, as a free Easter Gift you will be mailed a completely new combined heavily-bound edition of Grandmother's two world-famous books, "The Hem of His Garment" & "Streams that Never Run Dry" plus "Healing in His Wings", a compilation of Mo Quotes on faith & healing, in one volume, an omnibus book all on Faith & Healing for both yourselves, families & friends!

       PLEASE KEEP THESE FOR PERSONAL READING & INSPIRATION & ENCOURAGEMENT, & loaned to others in need of the same. Just be sure that you do not give them away, but get them back for further use & ministry. We have found thru' years of experience that folks are much more likely to read a book soon if it is merely loaned to them rather than given to them. If loaned they feel limited by time & obligation to soon read & return it. If given, they often postpone the reading till never!

       SO DO NOT GIVE THEM AWAY! KEEP & LOAN TO MULTIPLY THEIR MINISTRY, as this will be a very limited edition & we will have very few extra copies for sale. So if you want more than your personal free copy, you had better order your extra copies now at $3 each Airmail, a subsidized price close to actual cost.

       MAG 37 WILL FOLLOW SOMETIME DURING THE SAME MONTH, God willing, & we plan to include much more material on practical instructions on Videos!--So don't miss yours! Tithe today! GBAKY--AMYAB2M--In Jesus' name, amen! WLY! HAPPY EASTER! HE IS RISEN!--And We shall rise to meet Him soon! Hallelujah!--Are you ready!? Have you done all you can for Him? Do it today! Don't delay! Tomorrow may be too late!

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