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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

LATEST NEWSFLASHES! No.4--from M&M Personally       DO973       15/3/81

       1. THIS SPECIAL ISSUE 37 WHICH YOU'VE FOUND ENCLOSED WITH YOUR COPY OF THE NEW COMBO-EDITION OF GRANDMOTHER'S BOOKS & DAD'S TEACHINGS ON HEALING is an extra edition which we told you in the last Magazine we were not expecting to publish. But because of Dad's special Easter message, we felt it was important to get it to you now in time for Easter, God willing.

       2. IT CONTAINS A VERY INTERESTING STUDY ON THE LORD'S DEATH & RESURRECTION with new shocking details never before revealed which will surprise many of you & that you really need to know in your witnessing to others as a "workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth."--2Tim.2:15. Also be sure to read Dad's amazing new vision for videos, "Video Vision," in this same Issue which we thought was urgent to get to you right away!--OK? PTL! He's still pouring it on as we pour it out! GBY!
* * *

       3. IN-DEPTH VERSE-BY-VERSE INTERPRETIVE STUDIES OF THE PROPHETS', Apostles' & Jesus' teachings & predictions on current & soon-coming events of these last days! Detailed descriptions of what to expect in the near future of these Endtime days of World History, with the actual names of the characters & the countries involved & the exact times when these events shall occur! Explicit descriptions of the conditions under which they will occur according to God's Word in both the Bible & recent revelations from the Lord!

       4. DAD IS MAKING A WHOLE THRILLING SERIES OF PERSONAL VIDEO TAPES OF THESE EXCITING PROPHETIC LECTURES for future use, & their text will soon appear in our current Magazines! Don't miss an Issue if you want to know what's about to happen in your country from now on right up to the End & what you need to do about it now!

       5. PLEASE PRAY DESPERATELY FOR US AS WE WORK ON THIS VITAL SERIES as the Enemy is really fighting it hard & has tried to actually kill us to prevent its publication because it is so important to your preservation, ministry & plans for the future for God's work in these coming days! We will be publishing these as fast as we can get them into print in every single issue of each magazine as they come, God willing, so don't miss a Mag or you may miss the boat!--And you'd better catch one soon for the south before it's too late! GBAKY!
* * *

       6. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO RESPONDED TO OUR ADS FOR TYPEWRITER KINGS & QUEENS to help us in our WS Units with our preparations of material for publishing. We, of course, cannot use all of you as some of you are not particularly suited to this type of selah ministry, some of your families are too large for our small WS Units, & some of you would fit better elsewhere, etc. But we sincerely thank you for your responses to our ads, & some of you are under serious consideration. We hope the others of you will find a place of fruitful service somewhere in His work, as we're sure you will if you follow Him. Thanks!

       7. THOSE OF YOU UNDER SERIOUS CONSIDERATION WILL BE HEARING FROM US SOON, so keep trusting the Lord for the answer & His will for you. These positions always, of course, are open only on a trial basis for a probationary period, & therefore are never certain until tried & proven that you can do the job & we like you.--Otherwise, you may fit better somewhere else. GBAKYAMYAB somewhere!--Love, M&M.
* * *

       8. AS SAID BEFORE, PLEASE TRY TO CHANGE YOUR KOMIX PUBLISHED FOR THE GP AT LEAST EVERY MONTH, if possible, lest they get tired of seeing the same old Komix on the streets month after month! You can't expect them to give you new donations for something that's not new. If you want good new fresh donations you'd better give them good new fresh information!--And there's lots of it, so there's no excuse for not publishing it. Keep up a good faithful variety in your offers to the public, & they'll keep up a good variety in their faithful offerings to you! Amen? PTL! GBY!
* * *

       9. SOMEBODY SENT US A CARD with their names on it that called themselves "Travelling Musical Evangelists."--It would have been far better to say "Travelling Musical Missionaries," since the term "evangelists" has a very bad connotation, a very bad flavour with most of the World as being racketeering money-grabbing rich exaggerators & liars who come too close to home with getting them under conviction trying to save their souls, which they think is unnecessary.

       10. HOWEVER, NEARLY EVERYBODY IS AN ADMIRER OF MISSIONARIES, even if they don't like them. They know they are very self-sacrificial, martyrs who have forsaken all to serve the Lord in foreign lands & usually very poor & certainly in need of help. I don't think anybody ever heard of rich missionaries, but there are rich evangelists galore!

       11. SO TO MOST OF THE WORLD THE WORD "EVANGELIST" HAS A VERY BAD FLAVOUR, whereas the word "missionary" usually arouses sympathy & pity if nothing else, even though they may deplore them & ignore them. They also admire missionaries because part of their ministry is of a social nature trying to save people's bodies as well as their souls, caring for them physically as well as spiritually.

       12. A VERY GOOD TITLE WOULD HAVE BEEN JUST "MUSICAL MISSIONARIES". Everybody knows missionaries travel, so you don't have to tell them you're travelling, it's obvious.--Or you could put "Mobile Musical Missionaries."--Three M's!--Folks like alliterations, it helps them remember.--And having a calling card with your name & address & a bit of Scripture on it is a very good idea! GBY! Keep it up!

       13. ALSO ALWAYS CARRY PLEDGE CARDS OR CONTACT CARDS for their name & address & try to get'm to fill'm out on the spot, whether in churches, cafes, parks, streets or wherever. They get results! You can have someone pass'm out to the crowd while you & /or the kids are singing or performing & then go around & collect them before the end.--This way they know who & what you are & what you're trying to do & can respond then & there or keep for responding later.--A picture brochure helps too.--USE IT!
* * *

       14. PLEASE DO NOT USE INSTAMATICS FOR PHOTOS TO BE SENT TO THE FN FOR PUBLICATION! You can never get a sharp focus with an Instamatic nor good definition of any kind except in extreme close-ups or mug shots of head or shoulders only no more than 3 or 4 feet away. Even this still does not give you the detail of a good 35.

       15. IF EXPENSE IS THE PROBLEM, YOU CAN BUY LOTS OF GOOD OLD USABLE SECOND-HAND MANUAL 35'S. You don't have to buy the latest self-winding self-focusing automatics with built-in flash & automatic light metre & all that blah. Just buy a good old 35 of a good make with a good lens & learn how to use your fingers for the settings.

       16. TAKE NEARLY ALL PICTURES AT NO LESS THAN 60 SHUTTER SPEED (1/60th of a second) & stop number 11 opening with normal 80-100 ASA film, & preferably black & white to get strong contrast for publication. For extremely bright outdoor shots you may have to turn your Stop opening down to 16 or with a brilliant sea-&-sky shot combined even as small as 22.

       17. NORMALLY BOTH INDOOR FLASH & OUTDOOR SHOTS CAN BE TAKEN AT THE 8 OR 11 STOP OPENING AT 60-SHUTTER SPEED. Any slower speed than this can cause a blur with the slightest motion of either camera or subject, which makes your pictures unusable for the Magazine.--And pictures out of focus because of improper range setting are also unusable.

       18. PICTURES BLURRED OR POORLY DEFINED BECAUSE OF USING TOO SMALL A FILM, SUCH AS INSTAMATIC FILM, ARE VERY POOR FOR PUBLICATION. One frame of an Instamatic-negative is less than one-eighth the size of 35-negative, so you get only one-eighth the quality, clarity & detail of a 35. Please give away your Instamatics & get yourself a 35!

       19. INSTAMATIC SHOTS ARE SELDOM WORTH PUBLISHING, but we still like to see them if that's all you've got. But we feel that if pictures are worth taking at all, they're worthy of a decent camera. Even a cheap 35 & 35 film only cost a little more & are more than worth the difference in the publishable quality of the much better pictures you'll get.

       20. YOU JUST CANNOT GET GOOD PUBLISHABLE PICTURES WITH AN INSTAMATIC or a similar miniature style camera. Please get a 35 that you can focus, & if you're not a good judge of distance, measure it! On a see-through-focus 35, be sure your focus is sharp--wear your glasses if necessary. You can take better pictures with an old box camera than with most miniatures like Instamatics!

       21. PLEASE, FOR THE GLORY OF GOD & HIS WORK, USE A GOOD CAMERA FOR HIS PICTURES!--80-90% of the photos we receive are not of publishable quality, so you're just wasting your film & your prints & your time, so what's that saving? Give your miniature to a native or trade it in on a good 35 camera for God's glory. "Whatsoever you do in word or in deed, do all to the glory of God," including your picture taking. Amen? Do it today!

       22. AND IT WOULD BE A BIG HELP IF YOU'D READ THE LETTER "PICTURES" NO.104 before you ruin another one! And please, if you do your own developing & printing, please use lightweight black-&-white print paper & not this heavy cardboard stuff that curls & costs so much postage! That heavy cardstock portrait print paper is a terrible waste of money with no advantage whatsoever for our use! Let's take more, bigger, cheaper & better pictures for publication!--OK?--Thanks! WL'm! Keep'm comin'! GBAKY pictures big, bright, sharp, clear, close-up, black-&-white & 35s!--Tks!
* * *

       23. A 5-POINTED STAR TO US DOES NOT NECESSARILY SYMBOLISE THE DEVIL! We have a little necklace with stars on it & we used to give star bracelets to our FFers with as many stars on each bracelet as souls they'd won to the Lord! "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; & they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever & ever!"--Dan.12:3.

       24. NOT ALL STARS ARE EVIL OR BLACK STARS, & the 5-pointed star only symbolises witchcraft & the Devil when used with 2 points up instead of the normal one point up. With the one point up it is even the symbol of the Cross & the Crucifix! Only with two points up, making it look like a goat's head with two horns, is it used as a symbol of Satan & witchcraft.

       25. DON'T LET THE DEVIL ROB YOU OF GOD'S BLESSINGS just because he uses some of the same things. Some churches won't even use a piano or an organ just because the Devil uses them! Why let the Devil rob you of God's blessings just because Satan uses some of them, like music & sex for example. God created all for our use & enjoyment, but we can't prevent the Devil's misuse. Don't let that rob you of the legitimate use of His creations for His glory just because the Devil misuses them.

       26. [DELETED] A STAR OF DAVID [EDITED: "is"] a 6-pointed star which we believe is probably the symbol of the Antichrist. [DELETED]

       27. "TO THE PURE ALL THINGS ARE PURE" & "every creature of God is good & nothing to be refused." (Tit.1:15; 1Tim.4:4.) If you abandon everything which the Devil uses you won't have much left. After all, he's the thief who stole it from God in the first place, & you have more right to it than he has. Don't be a fanatic about such little things. "Sanctify it by the word of thanksgiving & prayer." (1Tim.4:5.) "Use It!"--ML #27.
* * *

       28. WE ARE SORRY TO SAY THAT SOME OF YOU HAVE BEGUN TO SLIP A LITTLE WHEN ADDRESSING OUR PERSONAL MAIL & mail to our Family News & other WS Units. Please help protect our security & address & package your mail exactly as follows:

       1) Use two envelopes.
       2) Put your letter inside one envelope & seal it well.
       3) Place this envelope in the second envelope & seal it well.
       4) Do not put anything on the outside of this outer envelope other than this address: [[DELETED] address 1 [DELETED]] Madrid, Spain. You can of course write Air Mail on the envelope if needed. It is no longer needed to put "Attn: Keren" on the envelope.

       30. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ANY TYPE OF GREETING ON THE BACK OF THE ENVELOPE such as GBY, WLY, or put any identifying names on the front of the envelope, such as "To Dad & Maria", "MO", "The Prophet", or any mailing instructions such as "Personally to Dad only", "Deliver to MO Immediately", etc. Any mail that is not properly addressed & packaged will be returned unopened. Please be sure not to use any postcards unless they are packaged inside an envelope.

       31. FOR "FAMILY NEWS"
       1) Please follow the above instructions for packaging your mail.
       2) On the inner envelope write lightly in pencil in the middle of the envelope "Family News"--NOT "FN" or any other initials.
       3) The address for the "Family News" is: [[DELETED] address 2 [DELETED]] Madrid, Spain.
       4) Please do not put any other name, address, mailing instructions, etc. on the outer envelope! We have been surprised to receive mail for the "Family News" with the name [[DELETED] address 2 [DELETED]] on the envelope, but with the box number for [[DELETED] address 1 [DELETED]] on it, & vice versa!

       32. PLEASE, PLEASE BE PRAYERFUL & CAREFUL WITH THESE IMPORTANT & VITAL MAILING PROCEDURES & ADDRESSES. We are sorry but any incorrectly packaged or addressed mail will be returned to the sender unopened. Thank you, WLY & love to hear from you & every one of you, so keep writing!--But please be sure to use the correct address & pray over your mail.

       33. PLEASE REREAD "SECURITY RULES", NUMBER 761 & be prayerful when writing to anyone in the Family, especially to our missionaries on far-flung Third World fields where mail service may be unreliable & the security of Family members extra important. Remember, the Enemy is always listening! Pray! Be security-wise!
* * *

       34. SO SORRY, BUT, CONTRARY TO THE NOTICE IN THE LAST FAMILY NEWS 36, we have found that putting out a 32-page all new LIN every month is just too big a job for what it's worth, as we already have enough to do getting out such a big Magazine twice a month. So we have decided that it would save us some work & you some reading & give you more copies for friends & PR, to simply publish a 16-page LIN each month of which we can send you more copies per month for giving or loaning to others of identical pages which have already been printed in the Mag & are the most suitable for the GP. This will mean less work & less expense for all of us & more usefulness for the LIN with more copies per Family.

       35. SO FROM NOW ON YOU WILL BE GETTING AT LEAST TWO OR MORE COPIES OF THE LIN EACH MONTH composed of pages you've already read in the Magazine, but printed in a form designed for the GP as usual. Thanks for your patience as we continue to revolute, & be thankful that you get any LINs at all!--Amen? If you're not using them yourself for witnessing, by the way, which you certainly should be, please give them to other Homes who do need them for outside friends, fish, DTD, provisioning, relatives, PR, etc. Thanks. GBAKYAMYAB!
* * *

       36. PLEASE REMEMBER FAMILY, WHEN CHANGING REPORTING OFFICES, TO GIVE AT LEAST TWO MONTHS ADVANCE NOTICE to both Offices before switching. Failure to do this could result in your Home missing its Mags, and it may be difficult or impossible to replace them.
* * *

       37. IF YOUR HOME HAPPENS TO MISS A MAILING, or you think you may have, please do not change Reporting Offices or stop reporting because of this, but inquire at your Reporting Office to see if you missed something. Otherwise, it complicates things, & if you do report to another Office or stop reporting altogether you could miss your Mags entirely because your Report & Tithes weren't received or received on time. Thanks!
* * *

       38. WHEN ORDERING DAILY MIGHTS, FAMILY CARE KOMIX MAGS, FLANNELGRAPH MAGS or any other literature from Postfach 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland address, please send cash securely wrapped or international money orders. We are not able to cash personal cheques or national postal cheques. Therefore we will have to return them to you, causing a delay in receiving your orders. Thanks so much!
* * *

       39. PLEASE BE CERTAIN OF YOUR CORRECT REPORTING NAMES & ADDRESSES BEFORE SENDING YOUR REPORTS, as we have recently received correspondence to one name with the address of another Reporting Office. This could result in your Reports or correspondence being opened before we receive them, or sent back to you, & could jeopardize our security as well. Also, please remember not to write any other names on the outside envelope. Thanks so much! WLY!

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