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LITTLE PEOPLE!--By Father David       DFO974        6 September 1980

       1. WE'RE CONTINUING THE COMMENTS ON YOUR MWM VIDEO NOW, & we just saw dear little Sabina, the violinist, humble, sweet little German girl who's helping there in your Home, Simon, to take care of you boys. It so often reminds me of what my mother used to say:

       2. WHEN THE DAY OF REWARDS COMES AROUND & the great Judgment Seat of Christ in Heaven & we get our crowns & our stars, we're going to see some of the littlest people come up that we never heard of & never saw & never even realised existed to get some of the greatest crowns, because they were little folks who were behind the scenes, almost unseen & unknown, who did the humblest jobs, the humblest administrations to make the ministry of the others possible.

       3. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHICH YOU'VE NEVER SEEN & PERHAPS SOME YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF WHO MINISTER TO ME & MARIA physically every day, clean house, sweep & scrub floors. Someone just yesterday, as tired as she was, after we moved in to a new house, kept working clear into the night, sweeping the floors when we were so exhausted we went to bed. She was still sweeping & mopping & cleaning & washing dishes so that we could have a clean house & eat on clean plates the next day.

       4. IT'S LITTLE PEOPLE LIKE SABINA & SOLOMON & MANY OF THE LITTLE FOLKS AROUND THE CAMP THERE that may not even appear on the show at all or may not be one of the musicians or singers or speakers or MCs, but without them you could not possibly have such a show and you couldn't have such a colony, you couldn't keep going. (Maria: Andreas.) Andreas & different ones that minister more or less unseen behind-the-scenes & whose ministry helps make it all possible. So praise God, thank You Jesus for such wonderful little people!

       5. MY MOTHER USED TO SAY, "IT'S THE LITTLE PEOPLE WHO KEEP THE KINGDOM GOING! It's the little people that keep it rolling." And without those little people behind the scenes that do the cooking, the dishwashing & the mopping & the cleaning & the gardening & the PR work & litnessing & witnessing & provisioning & all else that's necessary to keep you going, you couldn't survive without those little people!

       6. SO "DESPISE NOT THE DAY OF SMALL THINGS" (Zech.4:10) & especially despise not the day of small people, the little humble sweet unseen ones that seldom get the credit & seldom receive the reward here except the satisfaction of knowing that they are making it possible for you to minister, for without them you couldn't be ministering. Without those little nobodies, you'd be nobody!

       7. JUST DON'T FORGET THAT YOU STARS & PERFORMERS, MUSICIANS & SINGERS & all the rest, that without those little nobodies, you'd be nobody, absolutely nobody, because you cannot do it without them, you cannot live without them, you can't carry on without them, you can't have such a tremendous exalted ministry without those little tiny cogs, unseen in the background, in your little love machine.

       8. SO YOU JUST LOVE THEM & BE GOOD TO THEM & GIVE THEM CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE & help them & show them appreciation, gratitude & thanks, thank them for every little thing they do. I try to never forget to thank the cooks for a good dinner & the dishwashers for washing the dishes & the housekeepers for cleaning the floor & doing the washing & taking care of the children.

       9. I JUST CAN NEVER GET OVER BEING THANKFUL ENOUGH TO ALL THESE LITTLE FOLKS who help in all these absolutely vital daily essentials of living that make it possible for us to minister the Word to the World. It's these little people on whom we are dependent to keep us alive & clean & full & satisfied & healthy & to give us the time to work & do our work, to minister the Word to the World. It's these little folks who make it possible.

       10. SO DON'T MINIMISE OR BELITTLE OR NEGLECT THE CREDIT THAT THEY DESERVE for making your highly exalted visible ministry possible, because they're going to get just as much credit for it & maybe even more, because you have your reward. You get it here and now in the glory & the glamour that you receive from the Family & the World in your public appearances & your shows. You in a way get your reward from the response that you receive from your audience & their words of appreciation for you. They don't realise how many little folks are behind you that make it possible.

       11. SO YOU STARS HAVE YOUR REWARD, as the Scripture says of some who had a public ministry & did their good deeds before the public so that all could see. Jesus said that they have their reward. (Mat.6:2.) They get it here & now. I get a lot of my reward here & now. I guess I'm not going to get too much in Heaven because I get so much of it now & I have so much reward.

       12. I SEE SO MUCH RESULTS & I GET SO MUCH PRAISE & GLORY & THANKSGIVING & I get so much payoff now, I don't think there's going to be very much left for me when I get to Heaven. (Maria: But you don't do it for that motive.) No!--We don't do it for that motive. I hope none of you are just doing it for the glamour & the glory & the applause & the thanks that you get here & now.--But you get it!--Especially those who have the public ministry, you have your reward. You get a lot of it right here & now, all this & Heaven too! PTL!

       13. BUT A LOT OF THOSE NOBODIES WHO ARE SLAVING AWAY BEHIND THE SCENES scrubbing floors & doing dishes & cooking & having babies & teaching the children & helping financially, litnessing & provisioning & all the rest, the mechanics that take care of the cars & the technicians who run the machines, a lot of them are not getting much reward now, & sometimes they don't even get much thanks from you!

       14. BUT I'LL TELL YOU, GOD KNOWS, GOD SEES, & "thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly," & great shall be thy reward! (Mat.6:4,18.) One of these days the whole World & all Heaven & all Earth & all Hell are going to know who you are & what you did & how much you sacrificed & how hard you worked & how little thanks you got & how little appreciation, & then the Lord's going to show'm & tell'm! He sees now. "Your Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly."

       15. SO DON'T YOU FORGET IT, THAT GOD KNOWS! He knows the sacrifice you're making, He knows how hard you're working & He knows sometimes how little appreciation & thanks you get for it. But one of these days you're going to get your reward & you're going to get your crown & it may be a whole lot bigger than some of the star performers, because they get a lot of theirs here & now.

       16. AND YOU STAR PERFORMERS HAD BETTER REMEMBER THAT ! Get it through your thick little starry heads that if it weren't for these little people, you wouldn't be a star! If it weren't for these nobodies, you'd be nobody! So don't forget it, & don't forget to thank them & show them appreciation & love them & encourage them & help them & strengthen them & nourish them & feed these little ones & make their job as easy as you can.

       17. DO YOU MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM TO BE GOOD? Remember that little story I told you about the sweet little Christian girl that lived in that neighbourhood & she was always doing good things for the children & the people around etc., & then the Lord for some reason took her away, she died. She was such a blessing in the neighbourhood to the neighbourhood children they came to the home of her parents with a little scribble written on a piece of paper & said they wished that this could be put on her tombstone.

       18. THEY WONDERED WHAT IT WAS (Dad begins to weep a little) & the parents looked down & did their best to decipher this little scribble. The children said they had gotten together & decided this is what they'd like to have put on her tombstone, & guess what it was, you remember? "She made it easy for us to be good!" "She made it easy for us to be good!"

       19. DO YOU MAKE IT EASY FOR OTHERS TO BE GOOD? Do you make it easy for your housekeeper, do you make it easy for her to do your washing? I even try not to change towels too often or even change underwear too often or change shirts too often, I don't want the poor washerwoman that has to do my dirty laundry, sometimes by hand, every week, I don't want her to have to wash too often or have to wash too much, because she works so hard.

       20. DO YOU TRY TO MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM TO BE GOOD? Do you try to use as few dishes as you can so the dishwashers won't have too many dishes to do? Do you try to have simple tastes for dinner & for your meals so that it won't be too hard on the cook? Do you try to take good care of your vehicle & automobiles & really take it easy on the machinery so that you won't make it too hard on the mechanics & those that have to foot the bills?

       21. DO YOU REALLY TRY TO MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM TO BE GOOD? Do you try to make it easy for your cook to be good & a good cook? Do you try to make it easy for your housekeeper to be good & a good housekeeper? Do you try to make it easy for the dishwashers & the mechanics & the technicians & the toilet cleaners & the floor scrubbers & lawnmowers & all the rest--do you try to make it easy for them to be good?

       22. DO YOU TRY TO SHOW YOUR THANKS MANY TIMES OVER, DAY AFTER DAY? You can never tell them how much you love them, you can never say "I love you" too often. You can never say it too often, "I love you!" "Thank you, Sweetheart!" We say it to each other a hundred times a day!--"Thank you! I love you!" And a lot of times when we're even too sleepy almost to say it in words we'll go, "xxx," & that's our signal! Smack, smack, smack!

       23. WE BLOW THESE KISSES IN THE AIR EVEN IN OUR SLEEP or half-asleep or in just midnight wakeful moments we'll squeeze a hand or a finger or a foot--sometimes something else--& just go "xxx!" That's our signal, that means, "I love you! xxx! I love you! xxx!" If you can't do anything else just kiss the air to let them know that you love'm, many times a day.

       24. DO YOU KISS YOUR HOUSEKEEPER OFTEN? Do you kiss your cook & love'r up good often? Do you kiss & love & hug & make love to your laundress? Why not? I do to mine, that's part of their reward. That's part of their thanks, that's one way they know I really appreciate'm & love'm.

       25. DO YOU MAKE LOVE TO YOUR CHILDCARE WORKERS? Do you thank'm & love'm & kiss'm & hug'm thank'm many times a day for all their sacrificial hard labour & difficult service, during very trying days sometimes? Do you try to show'm your appreciation & thanks? Well, God bless you & God help you! That's part of their reward, so keep giving'm daily love!

       26. AND LET ME TELL YOU, IF YOU DON'T GIVE'M SOME REWARD HERE & NOW, God's sure going to give it to'm then & over there, & it may put you to shame, because God had to reward them extra heavy & give'm an extra crown with more stars because you failed to do so here! You may find yourself winding up with a pretty little rinky-dinky crown with hardly any stars & hardly any glory over there because you got so much here & showed so little appreciation to the little ones that deserved it.

       27. SO MAY GOD HELP US TO BE GOOD TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE, THE LITTLE FOLKS. It's like that song the children sing, "It's the Little Things," the little folks, it's the little things that make the World go 'round. God turns the gigantic wheels of His magnificence on the most infinitesimally small pivots, little people, so you'd better show some appreciation for those folks now & give them their rewards as much as you can now, or you'll be sorry later.

       28. BE GOOD TO THEM & LOVE THEM & THANK'M & KISS'M & TELL'M YOU LOVE'M A HUNDRED TIMES A DAY & try to make it easy for them to be good. Try to make their job as easy as you can, try to help them all you can--or one of these days God's going to put you to shame, when you drank in all the glory & received all the praise of man & got all your reward here, & you get over there & find out God's got a real mansion waiting for them & nothing but a shack for you!

       29. I THINK I TOLD YOU THAT STORY BEFORE ABOUT THE RICH WOMAN WHO WAS SO SELFISH she gave very little to the Lord's work, & about her poor washerwoman whom she cheated & short-changed & paid so poorly who loved the Lord & did everything she could & gave gifts to the missionaries & mission fields.

       30. THIS WAS, I THINK, A DREAM THAT THE RICH WOMAN ACTUALLY HAD, that they both died & went to Heaven & the Angel was leading the rich lady through the streets of glory, the Heavenly City, Space City. The rich lady pointed to a great fine & beautiful mansion & said, "And whose is that?" "Well, that belongs to your washerwoman, the one that you paid so little & didn't appreciate." "Oh my!" she thought to herself, "If my washerwoman got a mansion like that, think what a fine palace I'm going to get!"

       31. SO THEY FINALLY WANDERED AROUND DOWN TO THE BASEMENT & THE BACKSTREETS OF HEAVEN & on a little back alley here was this shabby little shack. The rich woman couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the neighbourhood that the Angel was leading her into, this very poor neighbourhood with these little shanties & shacks. She said to the Angel, "What's this?" And the Angel said, "Well, that's your house." She said, "My house! How could you dare to give me such a shabby little shanty as this after all I've been & done, blah blah!"

       32. THE ANGEL SAID, "WELL, THAT'S ALL THE MATERIAL YOU SENT US, that's all the things you stored up in Heaven in the way of gifts & prayers & works for the Lord. That's all you sent us, so that's the best we could do. Your washerwoman was praying all the time & giving to missions what little she could, the Widow's mite, & doing good works for the Lord & witnessing, so she kept sending us up so much material we couldn't help but build her a beautiful mansion. But this is all the material you sent, your only good works!"

       33. WELL, THAT'S GOING TO BE THE WAY IT'S GOING TO BE WITH SOME PEOPLE ONE OF THESE DAYS WHEN THEY GET TO GLORY. They're going to find out that they got so much glory here & now & so much praise of man & so much glamour & so much fame, they got most of their reward here & they're not going to have much left over up there! They got so much here & enjoyed so much here that they didn't send very much up there that was unseen & unheard & unappreciated like the little folks.

       34. THE LITTLE FOLKS, THE UNSEEN, THE UNHEARD & THE UNAPPRECIATED, THEY'RE GOING TO GET MOST OF THEIR REWARD THERE, because they sure don't often get it here! But I must say I do try to give my little folks around my house all the reward I can. I try to be good to them, love'm up, make love to'm, try to make it easy on'm, try to give'm lots of rewards here & now.

       35. I TRY TO GIVE THEM HAPPY TIMES & send'm places to do things & time off & take'm places & letting'm have fun & try to make sure they've got lots of play time as well as work time & recreation & rest time & the same food that I eat, & I try to make sure that they get enough sleep & enough exercise & enough recreational time & education & everything I can possibly do for them to make it easy for them & easier to be good & easier to be appreciated & thanked & easier for them to minister to me.

       36. AFTER ALL, THE HAPPIER I MAKE THEM THE HAPPIER THEY'LL MAKE ME. I don't do it with that motive, selfishly, but just like every employer oughtta know that the better he is to his employees the better his employees are going to be to him!--And you can't give without getting, you can't reward without receiving in return.

       37. YOU CAN'T EVER OUTGIVE GOD, & ONE OF THE WAYS OF GIVING TO GOD IS BEING GOOD TO HIS LITTLE ONES, the little people, the nobodies, the ones that minister to you physically, bodily, to your stomach & your body & your house & your meals & your washing & your cooking & your cleaning & all the rest. So don't forget that. Without the nobodies, you'd be nobody! Will you remember that little saying? Just remember: "I'd be nobody without the nobodies that you've never seen or heard of. I'd be nobody, I could be nobody without all the rest of the little nobodies." So God bless you all, every one of you little ones that make these things possible!

       38. WELL, I DIDN'T EXPECT TO BE GETTING A WHOLE SERMON OUT OF WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS & THESE PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES we're seeing on the screen, but it certainly has been thrilling & an inspiration & inspiring to see even the littlest ones, the meekest & mildest & humblest & most self-effacing little nobodies, seeming nothings who are really really somebody to God & who make your ministry possible. So don't neglect them, don't forget them, don't forget to praise them, thank them, love them & take good care of them, amen? God bless the little Sabinas & the Solomons & Andreases & all the other little nobodies!

       39. DEAR FIONA, YOU'RE NOT ON THE SCREEN USUALLY & you're not on the shows, but your testimony certainly thrilled us! You certainly accomplish tremendously with those children, & helped I'm sure make Jeremy what he is, & even been willing to give him up for the Lord. So God bless you! Now you're seeing the fruit in your children, who are themselves becoming stars for Jesus! So praise the Lord!

       40. YOU WERE JUST A LITTLE NOBODY WE HARDLY EVER HEARD OF BEHIND THE SCENES, & I often wondered where you were & what happened to you. The way Deborah sent you here & there trying to keep you away from Jeremy, it looked almost like she was trying to get rid of you. But you refused to be gotten rid of, God bless you--you stuck!--And you stuck with the children. So I guess Jeremy was sticking you too, God bless him, & you've got the fruit & reward now to see yourself reproduced into your children, & finally your vision has come true.

       41. YOU WANTED TO SERVE THE LORD--WELL, YOU CERTAINLY HAVE SERVED HIM WELL as His handmaiden & brought forth these wonderful children who are now ministering to millions, so you are ministering to millions! You're in them, your training, your time, your trouble, your body, your blood, your strength were invested in those precious children. Now they're a wonderful testimony for the Lord & are really ministering to millions!

       42. SO PRAISE GOD FOR YOU LITTLE MOTHERS WHO DON'T ALWAYS GET MUCH CREDIT & OFTEN GET A LOT OF BLAME for being a lot of trouble & a nuisance with all your children & babies & new babies & whatnot. Well, the Lord must love you & He must love those children or He wouldn't have made so many of them. Praise God! So thank You Jesus!

       43. GOD BLESS ALL YOU LITTLE MOTHERS WHO ARE FAITHFULLY BRINGING FORTH FRUIT. You're obeying the First Commandment, "Be fruitful & multiply"! (Gen.1:28.) So don't let anybody blame you for it, just tell'm, "Well, listen, I'm obeying God's first commandment, 'Be fruitful & multiply & replenish the Earth.'" So hallelujah! Science found out the population explosion isn't as bad after all, so keep on bringin'm forth!

       44. GOD KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING, IT'S HIS BUSINESS! He knows how many children the World can stand, so just thumb your nose at people who criticise you for having so many children. Right now we're just reading the paper where Western Europe is lamenting the fact that instead of a population explosion they're having a population decline, it's not even going to support their countries in a few years if something doesn't happen. Well, praise God, the Lord's going to come & rescue us all before anything that bad happens, that the World runs out of population!--Ha!

       45. SO YOU'RE CERTAINLY DOING YOUR SHARE TO KEEP THE WORLD GOING & BRINGING FORTH THOSE BABIES & Jesus' babies to love & train & nourish & rear up in the nurture & admonition of the Lord for His glory & His service as New-Bottle witnesses for the Lord. So God bless you little mothers as well! A lot of you are the little nobodies that help make the World go 'round & produce these children that are going to be such a witness & a testimony & a blessing & already are! Praise the Lord!

       46. AND GOD BLESS SOME OF YOU FOLKS WHO STAND BEHIND THE SCENES IN PRAYER & SUPPORT & HELP ALL YOU CAN, all the different ones who are involved with the business & management & ministration & oversight & inspiration & spiritual leadership & physical leadership & financial leadership & the folks who have helped & the ones who built the studio. God bless Mr. Manager of your camp & all the rest, all those who made it possible. God bless every one of you!

       47. IF I'VE NEGLECTED TO NAME ANYBODY, FORGIVE ME, THERE'S SO MANY OF YOU! After all, you're the biggest Blob we've got now, 52 people in one Colony, & it looks like we're really building a tremendous one there! Well, praise God, sometimes we need big blobs to accomplish big jobs! So you're the Blob for the Job! Praise God?--Amen!

       48. GOD BLESS YOU BLOBBERS THERE! You're a Blob for the Job, & this job needs a Blob! We're not blaming you for it, praise God, we're partly responsible.--And may the Lord continue to bless you & make you a blessing as the Blob for the Job! We've got a big job for you, Blob, so keep working at it! Praise the Lord! Amen!


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