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"WHERE AM I?"--By Father David       DFO 976       7 October 1980

       1. LORD HELP US, IN JESUS' NAME! I THINK YOU'RE PRETTY FAMILIAR WITH OUR GENERAL BIBLE TEACHINGS ON BIBLE PROPHECY & you've all studied Daniel, Revelation, Matthew 24 & some of the rest of the famous Bible Prophecy Chapters, Ezekiel & so on. You're very familiar with Daniel's Image, but perhaps not quite as familiar with his four beasts.

       2. WELL, IT WASN'T DANIEL'S IMAGE & IT WASN'T HIS FOUR BEATS EITHER! It wasn't Nebuchadnezzar's either, it was the Lord's!--He was the One who gave the visions, they came for God, so I would say they were His. You always hear about Daniel's Image or Nebuchadnezzar's Image, well, that's one way of identifying it, but actually the whole idea & the visions came from the Lord.

       3. THE DREAM OF THE IMAGE CAME FROM THE LORD, & Daniel's vision of the four beasts came from the Lord, right? I'm maybe going to test you on it when we really get into the class & see how much you remember of what the image signified & what the beasts signified--but most of that is ancient history.

       4. WHERE ARE WE IN DANIEL'S IMAGE TODAY? (Family: Beginning of the toes?) I think we just about have arrived almost in the toes. I'm sure the toes are around us somewhere right now, the ten World powers, the ten kings--& even the 11th horn is somewhere in existence right now, who's going to overthrow the first three of the other ten. All he has to do is overthrow the top three & he's got the World! Well, we're almost there! (U.S., Russia, China?)

       5. WHAT ABOUT THE BEASTS? He saw four beats & the last one was almost an indescribable beast, he couldn't even name it, did you know that? (Da.7:7.) I guess you're not too familiar with Daniel 7. Who's been neglecting your education, me? I guess I have! It's all in the Books, but it's been a long time. I'm going to have to refresh my memory a little bit too! This is going to be a test for me & a good review for me too, to remind me of some of these things to see how much I remember! There may be a lot of the details you know & remember better than I do!

       6. I'M WONDERING IF YOU REMEMBER THE 3 MAJOR DIVISIONS OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION? It's a beautifully constructed Book, almost mathematically constructed. I started to say distracted, well, it winds up with destruction! Don't look now! I'm not saying I wonder how much you've got written down in your notebook or in your Bible, but how much do you remember?

       7. IF YOU'RE JUST ON THE STREET OR GETTING IN A DISCUSSION SOMEWHERE, or you're discussing things even amongst yourselves, what do you remember? And the thing which I hope to emphasise is not what you already know about the past & fulfilled Bible Prophecy, but how much of this has not yet been fulfilled & what is the schedule & just where are we now & soon!

       8. YOU DON'T REMEMBER THE FOUR BEASTS OF DANIEL 7? The last beast also had ten somethings. Well, I've got a little chart I made clear back when I was a pastor in Valley Farms! Goodness gracious, the thing is 30 years old, think of that! And thank God dear Sally preserved it. It's all about Daniel, the beasts & everything, to show the proper chronological order. I even had to put one beast standing on its head!

       9. IT'S REALLY FUNNY LOOKING & YOU'RE GOING TO GET A BIG LAUGH WHEN YOU SEE IT! How many of you have ever seen it? No? Never been published, think of that! My first great Bible Prophecy masterpiece to explain the simple basics of Bible Prophecy to my very simple-minded congregation in Arizona! I drew this chart & then I turned it off on my little Speed-O-Print--which wasn't always very speedy--that we turned off our prayer letters on too--a small simple mimeograph.

       10. I GAVE THEM EACH A COPY OF OUR BIBLE PROPHECY STUDIES, BUT THEY DIDN'T REALLY EXACTLY APPRECIATE IT because they weren't that interested & it looked like work to them! Study! It meant they were going to have to open their Bibles & actually read the Bible, think of that! I found the church in California at the birth of the Family was just as simpleminded when it came to the Bible, & they didn't even begin to understand Daniel, much less Revelation! So I gave'm a simple little outline of both Daniel & Revelation.

       11. I THOUGHT, "I WANT TO MAKE THIS SO SIMPLE ANYBODY COULD UNDERSTAND IT!" & I put it into a little 4-leaf tract no bigger than the original Warning Tract! It's an outline of Daniel & Revelation & it also has a map on there of the Mediterranean & mostly the Mideast where all these things center. I wonder if any of you have ever seen our tracts on Fulfilled Bible Prophecy in Israel or Palestine? We used to have a list of the fulfilled prophecies & map of Palestine & about Tyre & Sidon & all that.

       12. IT WAS A LITTLE TINY BOOK WE CALLED THE REVOLUTIONARY HANDBOOK once upon a time, that Ho got out in London, & it had all those lessons on Bible Prophecy in brief. I think it was the first thing we ever really published outside of a MO Letter for the Family. We weren't even publishing MO Letters for the public then.

       13. WE'VE ALSO HAD SOME VERY WONDERFUL REVELATIONS FROM THE LORD THAT HE'S GIVEN US OURSELVES regarding things that are happening & the times & the seasons & the number of the years & so on, like "The Little Book & the Time of the Gentiles", "The 70 Years' Prophecy of the End", "The Watch" & several of those. (See Nos. 146, 156 & 186A.)

       14. WE NEED TO GET BACK INTO STUDYING SOME OF THE THINGS THE LORD HAS GIVEN US as well as the standard Bible reference work of His Word, to see exactly what the Lord has told us is going to happen--or what we have interpreted it meaning is going to happen--& approximately when.

       15. SO I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE INTERESTING FOR ALL OF US, & I'VE BEEN WANTING TO DO IT MYSELF, so about the only way I'll ever get time to do it is to do it with you & have a review of just where we are right now. We may not be able to pinpoint it, but where we probably are, what has been fulfilled & what's about to be fulfilled.

       16. I'VE TOLD YOU TIME & TIME AGAIN WHAT I THINK, BUT I THINK YOU NEED TO SEE WHERE IT IS IN THE BIBLE & know these basics much better & be able to read it for yourself. So God willing we'll review them both & see how much you remember, how much you know, & see if you have any idea where we're at.

       17. I ASKED YOU ONE QUESTION ABOUT THAT BEAST IN DANIEL 7 BECAUSE IT'S VERY IMPORTANT, something appears there for the first time that didn't even appear in Daniel's Image! (Family: The Little Horn!) The Little Horn. (Dan.7:8.) so I asked you what were there ten of in the beast that there were ten of in the toes?--There were the ten horns of the last beast, & then beyond that, the 11th horn that arose & overthrew three others. All that's in Daniel, & then we run into those ten horns again in Revelation. (Rev.13:1.)

       18. SO THESE ARE SOME OF THE THINGS THAT WE NEED TO REFRESH OUR MEMORIES ON & see if you understand them & know where they are, what they are, & if you have any idea about where we are & how we can prove it. If you know your Bible like you ought to, you should be able to find the references & show somebody if you have occasion to discuss it with them.

       19. I DON'T WANT TO GET INTO TOO GREAT DETAILS, BUT I JUST THOUGHT THAT WE SHOULDN'T BE IGNORANT OF THE TIMES OR THE SEASONS. As Paul said, "Brethren, we're not ignorant of those things!" (1Th.5:1.) We've been taught those things & we should be told those things, & you should know & you should be able to find it & quote it & see it for yourself to encourage your own faith.

       20. "FAITH COMES BY HEARING THE WORD OF GOD!" (Rom.10:17.) Not only what He's already given here in the Bible, but what He's given to us, so that we will know. PTL?--And what to expect so that it won't catch us by surprise. Paul says that we shouldn't be ignorant that these things should catch us by surprise, but that we should know what to expect & be ready for it, PTL? That's why we have survival food & three tanks of water!

       21. SO THAT'S WHAT I PLAN TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT & STUDY TOGETHER WITH YOU so we'll know whereof we speak & be ready to give an answer for the faith that's within us. (1Pet.3:15.) Amen? We'll try to remind ourselves of these things, & there's a lot of interesting things there! And as the days wear on you're going to want to know more & more of the details of what's happening--where is this, what's next?

       22. AND WONDERFULLY ENOUGH, THE LORD HAS LEFT PEOPLE GUESSING & HANGING IN SUSPENSE FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS, sometimes thousands of years, wondering what was going to happen, but they didn't need to know yet. But now that the hour is come that the End is almost on us, the Lord gets more & more specific & gives greater & greater detail & actually times, how long--years, months, days, accurate mathematical exact statistics--so you would know exactly where you are.

       23. HE TELLS EXACTLY THE LENGTH OF THE ANTICHRIST'S REIGN IN YEARS, then He gives you exactly when the Image of the Beast is going to be set up, & exactly how long the Tribulation's going to last. Then He begins to even number it in days, because you'll be counting the days if you're here!

       24. --AND YOU'LL BE HERE IF YOU SURVIVE! Because contrary to popular evangelical belief, the Lord is not going to take us out before the Tribulation. He might take some of us out, He's promised to take me out before that, but I'm pretty old & it would be pretty tough on me. You're young & strong & you can take a lot! Besides, I've lived my life & I've had my tribulation!--Ha!

       25. ANYHOW, I THINK YOU'RE GOING TO WANT TO KNOW THESE THINGS MORE & MORE, & God helping us, we want to try to study it together & see where are we? You've all heard the famous first words, "Where am I?" That might be a good title for this: "Where am I?" I always like to use funny curiosity-arousing titles--either shockers or questions or something that arouses your curiosity & makes you want to read it! So, "Where am I?"

       26. GOD WILLING, AS WE HAVE OPPORTUNITY, WE CAN STUDY ALONG THIS LINE & SEE "WHERE AM I?"--And we certainly need to, because I've been amazed to find out the ignorance of the Family on some of these things from the letters we receive. People are writing in asking questions that have already been answered long ago & were part of the Basic lessons & classes which they should have studied & should know.

       27. BUT YOU SEE, I'M AN OLD TEACHER FROM WAY BACK, & the fact that students ask questions in class to the teacher is not always a sign that they are really interested & really good students & really want to know. It's usually a sign that they didn't study the lesson, because it's a lot easier to ask the teacher!

       28. SO WE'VE GOT A LOT OF PEOPLE ASKING US QUESTIONS TODAY ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON, what's happening, where are we?--When it's already there in the Books, it's already in the lessons. But of course, it's pretty hard to wade through all that, to go back now & read seven MO books to find out everything I said about Bible Prophecy!

       29. EVEN THE POOR PROPHETS DIDN'T HAVE TO WRITE THAT MUCH, or the poor Christians have to read that much, or the poor Jews! So you should be able to pat yourselves on the back for being a greater student of the Word of God than any of them, 'cause you've had to read more of it!--Ha! The Bible's only about 1200 pages, whereas we're up to about 6000 or something like that!

       30. OF COURSE, KIND OF LIKE MOSES, I'VE HAD TO TEACH YOU EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH because you don't trust the System, & now you only trust the Lord to know what's right. So we've had to tell you everything, teach you everything, even about how to take care of a car or a trailer & all these things.

       31. AFTER ALL, I HAD TO GET INTO A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN THE OTHER PROPHETS HAD TO GET INTO! I don't know whether I could say I'm going to get any credit for helping you more than they helped them, maybe they had a lot of writings on how to take care of your flocks & your fields that maybe just didn't survive because it was not considered that enduring; maybe we just don't have those anymore & they just kept what they thought was important. So, PTL! Would you like that? (Family: Yes! We need it!)

       32. I JUST GOT TO THINKING ABOUT THIS TODAY, THAT IF WE'RE GOING TO STUDY BIBLE PROPHECY & I'M REVIEWING WITH YOU, WHERE SHALL WE BEGIN?--And it came to me, "Well, why not begin with the first prophecies of all in the first book!"--& they're extremely important, right? Do you know what the first Bible Prophecy was? (Peter: The death of Jesus in Genesis?) No, but you're getting close! (James: "The day that ye eat of the tree ye shall surely die.") Exactly, very good!

       33. THE FIRST BIBLE PROPHECY WAS WHEN THE LORD PROPHESIED, "IN THE DAY THAT YE EAT THEREOF, THOU SHALT SURELY DIE!" (Gen.2:17.) Was it fulfilled? (Family: Yes!) What if somebody says, "But Adam & Eve didn't die that day--they lived on for hundreds of years after that!" Well, the word "day" is used in the Bible a lot of different ways. It can mean one day or it can mean like "Moses in his day." You say, "What do you mean day?--He lived 120 years!" It means his era, his period, in his time!

       34. IT MEANT THAT THEY WOULD DIE IN THEIR LIFETIME, & THEY DID! They began dying that moment, the moment they disobeyed the Lord! So you'd better mark it in your Bibles, that that was the first Bible Prophecy. Then Peter was right about the next one. Mama Eve used to say, "You always have to begin in Genesis & never end till you get to Revelation!"--So Genesis 2:17: First Bible Prophecy! Now if you can think of some other ones, that's fine!

       35. HIS FIRST PROPHECY IN THE BIBLE WAS AGAINST MAN, ADAM & EVE, HE HELD THEM TO BLAME MOST OF ALL. The second prophecy was against the agent, & who was that? (Family: The Devil.) The Devil, Gen.3:14, both of them negative, right? But then there's a beautiful first Messianic Prophecy in Genesis 3:15, in which He tells the Devil what?

       36. SOME PEOPLE THINK THIS IS WHY WOMEN HATE SNAKES!--HA! Well, it might have a symbolism or typology, a similarity, that's for sure! Most women do hate snakes, right?--Although to try to defy some of these things you see women performers encoiled in boa constrictors in the circus with snakes around their necks!--But it's not normal, it's not natural.

       37. I DON'T THINK ANYBODY WOULD WANT TO HAVE SNAKES WRAPPED AROUND THEIR NECKS unless they've got a perverted spirit & something demonic about them, or maybe even demon-possessed! These people who want to lie in a bed of vipers & see who can hold out the longest without getting bit to get in the Guinness Book of Records, it's a perversion! It's demonic & satanic!

       38. IT'S NOT NATURAL OR NORMAL FOR PEOPLE TO WANT TO LIVE WITH VENOMOUS DEADLY SNAKES & SERPENTS & get killed in a split-second! It's horrible, the things they do! It's like tempting God, defying the Lord & His natural laws! God has put enmity between us & the snakes & even the animals now because of sin.

       39. SO GOD CURSED SATAN, BUT THEN HE HAD A BEAUTIFUL PROMISE, & what was it? (Sara: "It shall bruise thy head, & thou shalt bruise His heel.") Right! "I will put enmity between thee & the woman, between thy seed & her seed; & it shall bruise thy head." It is a pronoun referring to what former subject? (Family: Her seed.)

       40. HER SEED WOULD BRUISE HIS HEAD! And then it makes it very specific & uses what amounts to a personal pronoun, speaking of not only her children, but a specific Child, Jesus! "It shall bruise thy head"--there's Jesus--"and thou"--the Devil--"shalt bruise His heel." He's talking to the Devil saying, "You're going to be able to hurt Jesus, but He's going to crush you!"

       41. WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, THE HEAD OR THE HEEL? (Family: The head!) In fact, the original word used here means crushed, "You're going to be allowed to hurt His heel, but Jesus is going to crush your head!"--"And thou shalt bruise His heel." Who is the "thou"? (Family: The Devil.) Who is the "His"? (Family: Jesus!) So there's some of the first prophecies in the whole Bible!

       42. THE FIRST PROPHECY WAS AGAINST THE MAN & THE WOMAN, THAT THEY WOULD DIE, THEN THE CURSE AGAINST THE DEVIL, that he would be like a snake. The Devil had been the most beautiful one of all, right? But it talks about the serpent & you usually have the Devil pictured as a snake in the Garden of Eden between Adam & Eve. He was called the serpent, but do you think he looked like that then? If he'd have appeared to her like a snake then, she'd have probably turned tail & run the other direction!

       43. THE BIBLE SAYS HE WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATURE THAT THE LORD HAD MADE, & he no doubt appeared in all of his beauty to tempt her. And sad to say, the Catholic Church, if not officially, it implies that the temptation was sexual. That's a joke! They'd already been told to "be fruitful & multiply & replenish the Earth" showing there was nothing sinful about sex. They were supposed to have plenty of it & probably had been having plenty of it already!

       44. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX!--IT WAS DISOBEDIENCE AGAINST GOD & HIS WORD! Jesus, help us, Lord! So the serpent got cursed, & it shows you very clearly in this 14th verse that it was only after that that he crawled on the ground & ate the dust of the earth--or at least the serpents & everything that looked like that after that did, right? Is it there? (Family: Yes!)

       45. I DON'T MEAN BY THAT THAT THE SERPENT, OR THE DEVIL, NECESSARILY LOOKS LIKE THAT TODAY. Just exactly what all that means may be difficult to understand. Some people say, "Well, it could be symbolic & means that the Devil is cursed & humiliated & debased; he's down on the ground & he has to eat dust as his just desserts for doing what he did. He doesn't really look like a snake today & he doesn't really crawl on the ground & eat dust, that's just a sort of a symbolism."

       46. OR, YOU MIGHT TAKE IT VERY LITERALLY & SAY, "WELL, THAT'S WHAT HE'S REALLY LIKE IN HIS REAL FORM, but he merely appears to man as an Angel of Light & handsome, he can go through metamorphosis." The Devil has supernatural powers to deceive & to hypnotise & make himself look, no doubt, like whatever he wants to look like to someone who is deceived thereby. But the Apostle says, "I will not have you ignorant, brethren!"

       47. WE SHOULD NOT BE IGNORANT OF HIS DEVICES! (2Cor.2:11.) We're supposed to be aware of his cunningness & his deceitfulness & his traps & all the rest. So to us he shouldn't appear as an Angel of Light--unless he has that power--at least not without our knowing it, right? You shouldn't be expected to be deceived or duped by the Devil.

       48. EVEN IF HE LOOKS LIKE AN ANGEL TO YOU, YOU'RE GOING TO KNOW WHO HE IS, if he should appear to you.--And I hope he doesn't! Thank God, the closest I ever came to that was "Oplexicon," & he was more like a big shiny idol. (See No.261.) Well, I want to try to finish this passage in Genesis.

       49. IN THE 16TH VERSE THERE'S A PROPHECY REGARDING THE WOMAN, that He would "multiply her sorrow & her conception." We don't really know how long it was that they went without children, but they went for quite awhile without children, right? From the time that Adam was created till his first son was born. Adam was full-grown & they could have had a lot of sex. But after that her conception was multiplied.

       50. BECAUSE OF THE EFFECT OF SIN ON THE HUMAN RACE, GOD HAD TO MANUFACTURE HUMAN BEINGS RAPIDLY to replenish the Earth, because the Devil was going to start killing them off real fast! So he had to have women able to have children every year. Some animals like elephants & some of those big ones, their gestation period is much longer than man's. Well, apparently, before this she didn't conceive as often.

       51. I KNOW IF YOU TRUST THE LORD & YOU'RE CHRISTIANS SERVING THE LORD, YOU JUST LEAVE IT TO THE LORD. We found in our family that all my children were spaced a couple of years apart, & dear David & Techi are spaced almost four years apart, right? But some of our children in the Family are having one every year, so I guess the Lord figures they make good baby factories & He needs lots of children, so He lets them have one every year. Maybe that's the best they can do for him, to create more immortals souls for the Kingdom.

       52. OH, BY THE WAY, PART OF THE WOMAN'S CURSE WAS THAT HER HUSBAND WAS TO RULE OVER HER. That's why in Jesus there's no male or female, the curse is removed & women at last have equal rights! That "Equal Rights Amendment" is so ridiculous! Women will never have equal rights except in Christ, just in Jesus, that's all!

       53. WHAT THESE WOMEN WANT WHO SAY THEY WANT EQUAL RIGHTS, THEY WANT SUPERIORITY!--Just like [EDITED: "some minorities"]! They're not for equality, they want superiority! Right? They want to rule over the men. The Bible says, "In the Last Days women & children shall rule over them," & that's what's happening! (Isa.3:12.)

       54. WHO RUNS THE AMERICAN HOME TODAY?--THE WOMAN! Who's the boss?--The woman. And who's next?--The children. And it's poor papa who pays!--The henpecked husband who is last & the slave of the family in the average civilised Western home! In Israel they frankly & openly admit that the women are the bosses!

       55. THE WIFE & MOTHER IS LEGALLY THE HEAD OF THE HOME IN ISRAEL, WHICH IS COMPLETELY AGAINST THE SCRIPTURES & the Old Testament example. In fact, if you want to be declared a Jew by the court in Israel, you have to find somebody to prove that your mother was Jewish; it doesn't matter a damn what your father was! It was just the other way around in Bible times. Look how the Devil has reversed things & contorted things today!

       56. SO THAT WAS ANOTHER PART OF HER CURSE: MORE CONCEPTION, MORE PAIN & SHE'D HAVE TO SERVE HER HUSBAND. Why do you suppose this was part of it? What happened?--She ruled over him, didn't she? She'd gotten him to serve her, right? Now she was going to have to be his slave, his servant & serve him!

       57. AND THEN THE 17th VERSE IS ABOUT THE CURSE OF ADAM. Do you want to know who was the first one to pass the buck?--Read the 12th & 13th verses & you'll find them all passing the buck! Man blames it on the woman, the woman blames it on the Devil, & the Devil probably blamed it on God! [DELETED]

       58. "AND UNTO ADAM HE SAID, BECAUSE THOU HAST HEARKENED UNTO THE VOICE OF THY WIFE!"--I had the Lord use that Scripture with me regarding Mother Even because she was so bossy & trying to lead the family & tell me what to do, much of the time in violation of what God wanted me to do! I was asking the Lord what was the matter in certain cases that some things happened & things didn't turn out right, & He said, "Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife!"--And I began to wake up!

       59. EVE WAS ALWAYS SO SPIRITUAL & SO HOLY & SO SELF-RIGHTEOUS & SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME, I almost worshipped her like a saint or an angel! She was so good & she prayed on her knees & she cried & she wept & she read her Bible diligently. She had all the aspects of the Catholic saint, self-denial, sex was wicked & sinful & you shouldn't be so carnal.

       60. I WAS THE WICKED SINNER! I WAS THE HORRIBLE GUY! She got me to believing that she was the righteous one & I was wicked till the Lord finally began to shake me & wake me up & tell me, "Listen, you're listening to the voice of your wife that's the problem!--Listen to Me!"--& things began to change, thank God!

       61. GOD FINALLY SENT ME A WOMAN WHO KNEW THE DIFFERENCE! I don't know whether she knew the difference then or not, but anyhow, by His Spirit He certainly transformed things! TTL! He gave Maria faith in Himself, His plan, & me & what the Lord wanted us to do. I didn't know & she didn't know, but look what the Lord did! Isn't that wonderful?

       62. OK, SO IT WAS THE DEVIL WHO GOT CURSED FIRST, THE WOMAN NEXT, & THE MAN LAST. Poor Adam, at least he came in last & what happened to him? What was his curse? Up to this time the only work he had to do was to keep & tend the Garden, which shouldn't have been too much.--Like we got this garden going here, & once it's going, maybe God will water it! Maybe we won't even have to water it, all we'll have to do is mow it.

       63. SO THERE MUST NOT HAVE BEEN TOO MUCH HARD WORK TO IT IF IT WAS PARADISE, it couldn't have been too hard. And what did they do for food?--They picked it off the trees! What did they do for clothes?--They didn't have any! What did they do for shelter?--Didn't need it! What did they do for cooking?--I don't even know if they knew what fire was!

       64. BUT NOW IT'S A DIFFERENT STORY, HE'S REALLY GOING TO HAVE A SWEAT FOR IT & WORK HARD! "Cursed is the ground for thy sake." Why for thy sake? You meant it was going to be good for him? (Sue: To keep him out of trouble!) Right! It was going to make him work so hard he wouldn't have too much time to sin!

       65. "IN SORROW SHALT THOU EAT OF IT ALL THE DAYS OF THY LIFE; thorns also & thistles shall it bring forth to thee; & thou shalt eat the herb of the field; in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread."--It doesn't say the sweat of thy brow, but the sweat of thy face, isn't that funny? When I sweat, mostly it's my head & face, right? Some people it's their feet & some people it's their underarms, God help us!

       66. "TILL THOU RETURN UNTO THE GROUND; FOR OUT OF IT WAST THOU TAKEN; For dust thou art, & unto dust shalt thou return." I bet you could count almost a dozen different prophecies in this one passage, all of which were fulfilled! "And Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all living."--Which is the truth!--But she's also the mother of all dying, because people began to die from then on.

       67. WELL, PTL! I WANTED TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BIBLE TO SINK YOUR TEETH INTO! It's been a long time since I read this too, so it's hard to remember some of these things. I told you I was going to study it with you & refresh all of our memories & try to remember it.

       68. WELL, THOSE WERE THE FIRST PROPHECIES IN THE BIBLE, & you're going to find out that Daniel & Revelation are not the only prophetic books in the Bible! The Bible is just filled with prophecies all the way through! You'll find more & more prophecies in Genesis, you'll find prophecies in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy.

       69. THERE ARE WHOLE PASSAGES, WHOLE CHAPTERS OF PURE PROPHECY OF WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! They're not all about the End, most of them were about people living then & what was going to happen to them & their descendents & the Jews & the tribes of Israel. But it's all in here & you'll see. It's a good thing I don't teach you the Bible verse by verse all the time or we would never get through it! Well, it's interesting anyhow! PTL! TYL!

       70. FORGIVE ME IF I'VE TALKED TOO MUCH OR KEPT THEM TOO LONG, LORD, FROM OTHER DUTIES, BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT. Mary sat at Your feet, Lord, & You said "Mary hath chosen that good part which shall never be taken away from her." (Lk.10:42.) Poor Martha was so busy with serving, Lord, that she didn't have much time to listen.

       71. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THESE THAT PUT LISTENING FIRST & WOULD MUCH RATHER LISTEN EVEN THAN GO ABOUT THE THINGS THEY NEED TO DO. We thank Thee that they have a hunger for Thy Word & a desire to know & the love for You, Jesus, the Living Word! Help us to know it, help us to be able to lead them in the right paths & the right way. Rebuke the Enemy, Lord, the author of confusion & Oplexicon who would try to confuse us & make us forget. Help us, Lord, in Jesus' name to be able to teach them right & accurately.

       72. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THY WONDERFUL WORD, ALL THE WORDS THOU HAST GIVEN US, LORD, & HOW MUCH YOU'VE TOLD US ABOUT WHAT'S HAPPENING & what's going to happen. We can't even remember it all ourselves, Lord, so we can hardly expect them to remember it all. We need to go back & read it & re-study it to understand it.

       73. KEEP US SAFELY NOW AS WE GO ABOUT OUR DUTIES, LORD, THANK YOU FOR HOW YOU HAVE. Thank You for Thy supply of every need. Bless & keep us in Thy care, Lord, & help us to love one another & have lots of patience, wisdom & skill with our tasks, Lord, courage & initiative & all the things we need to get the job done for Thee before our time comes. TYJ!

       74. HELP US WITH THE PROBLEMS THAT ARISE, LORD. We realise there will always be problems to drive us to Thee for the answers & to seek Thy face & to pray & to follow Thee & not our own minds & our own way; that we'll constantly look at Thee for the solution, because only You know all the answers, Lord. TYJ! PYL!

       75. THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL THY GOODNESS & MERCY, THE WONDERFUL BLESSINGS, this beautiful home, beautiful situation in Thy beautiful creation, Lord, that we can enjoy here. You've given us every comfort of home, Lord. You've even given us luxuries, abundantly above all that we could have asked or thought! (Eph.3:20.)

       76. WE NEVER DREAMED OF VIDEOS, WE NEVER EVEN DREAMED OF HAVING A VIDEO EVEN AFTER WE HEARD ABOUT THEM! But You've even done that too, Lord, so we can enjoy seeing the rest of the World & get a burden for some of these fields, at least pray for them, Lord. If we can't go there, we can go there in our prayers.

       77. WE'VE PRAYED FOR THESE POOR PEOPLE SINCE WE SAW THAT BURMESE PICTURE & THOSE LITTLE CHILDREN WITHOUT YOU, JESUS! We believe, Lord, that You have reached some & You're able to reach more if those people there would be faithful, whoever was turned to Thee by the British when they were there. We know many of them have heard, & we ask You to help them to be faithful witnesses, Lord. Help them not to be afraid of man or their government, but to go ahead preaching Christ, in Jesus' name, & help us too, Lord. TYJ!

       78. LORD, IF I'VE TAKEN ANY OF THEIR WORK TIME, HELP THEM TO DO THEIR WORK NOW EVEN FASTER & BETTER & more skillfully by Thy wisdom than before, & help me to get mine done & Maria, her's too, in Jesus' name. PTL! TYL! As we pray together the prayer You taught us to pray: Let's sing it softly, shall we? (Sings the Lord's Prayer.)

       79. THE LORD BLESS THEE & KEEP THEE, THE LORD MAKE HIS FACE SHINE UPON THEE & BE GRACIOUS UNTO THEE; the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee & give thee peace! May the words of my mouth & the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength & my Redeemer, (Num.6:24-26; Ps.19:14), in Jesus' name!--And our deeds too! Amen, PTL! Thank You for the good soup & a good feed from the Lord!--Amen? PTL GBAKY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family