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"WHERE ARE THE PROPHETS OF GOD?"--By Father David       DFO989 29       March 1978

       1. WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD ARE THE PROPHETS OF GOD? You read the news, you hear the news, you see the news, where are the prophets of God? Except for a few little mystics here & there, I haven't heard of any but us, have you?

       2. WHERE IS THERE A PROPHET OF GOD IN THE WORLD WHO IS WORLD-FAMOUS FOR HIS WORDS & his message being published in 40 languages by the millions in 80 countries? What other prophet of God have you heard of who is getting that much publicity for the Word of God? Do you know of any? Well, there are a few of these Indian mystics & these psychic mistakes & a few little people like that we have heard of.

       3. I BELIEVE JEANE DIXON IS A GENUINE PROPHETESS OF GOD.--One who is willing to see her mistakes & reverse her position, especially after I told her that young man she saw was the Antichrist. Thank the Lord! She thought he was somebody good at the end of her first book. She saw this wonderful young man who rose & solved the problems of the world while she was being totally entwined with this snake & hypnotised by it, which was a sign that she was being deceived.

       4. BUT AFTER I SENT HER MY "WARNING TRACT" (NO.655) WITH A NOTE ON IT, SHE WOKE UP! I think that showed her that that guy was not good but evil, & in her next book she confessed that. I would say she is a prophetess of God, one of the few in the World.

       5. WHAT OTHER PROPHET? NAME ME ONE! I would like to know if I had a few comrades in arms & companions in this World who are prophesying the Words of God--somebody beside me. Who? (Maria: But Jeane Dixon is pretty much really involved with the System.) Oh, she is very System & very Republican & very Catholic & she is so biased & so Systemite that she can't very well be too effective. But she has done something.

       6. WHERE ARE THEY? NAME ONE! If I hadn't of been 'er, who'd of been 'er? I wish there was somebody! Several times lately when I thought maybe I was going to die, I've thought, "Lord, who's going to pick up the torch? Who's going to tell the World?" And it came to me what the Lord has already said: God bless Maria & her helpers who are going to carry on & continue to feed the World!--Not only what I have already received but what they will receive, & the World's going to listen to them! (See "The Shepherdess," No.837.)

       7. I SAW IT HAPPEN WITH MY MOTHER, I saw them come by the tens of thousands to hear her.--Men who loved her & nearly worshipped her because she was telling the truth. She had the Words of Eternal Life! To whom will they go?--Well, they'll go wherever they're fed. You feed them & they'll come to you. What makes the kids follow me?--I feed them!

       8. WHAT IS THEIR HUNGER FOR THE MOST?--THE WORDS! What are they willing to do almost anything for?--The Words! What do they fear the most? That we'll cut off the Words! The Word is our weapon! It's both the sword of judgement, & it's also the milk & honey & seed & fruit. But who else is there? Who else is there in the World? We hear all kinds of things.

       9. THIS GURU MAHARAJI GOT A FEW LITTLE THOUSANDS TO FOLLOW HIM with his meetings & entertainment & built some big building & whatnot. But what was his message? What have you heard? Well, it almost wound up, "I am God", that was the idea.

       10. THERE'S THIS TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION, THIS OLD INDIAN GUY, JA or whatever his name is, I don't know. There's Hare Krishna freaks like those skinheads & so on, but what do they teach? What do they say? What have they got? What's the message?

       11. THEY ARE NOT MUCH DIFFERENT FROM WHAT PAGAN RELIGIONS HAVE BEEN TEACHING FOR MILLENNIUMS!--Escape through your mind into the spirit world, surrender to demons! In other words, the spiritual experience is the biggest thrill of all--which is true--only theirs come from the wrong source. So what have they got to offer? I'm not talking about the false prophets, there are plenty of them that you hear about, but where are the true prophets of God?

       12. EVEN BILLY GRAHAM FAILED THE WORLD & I think they got disappointed in him because he was such a Systemite. When he hob-nobbed with Nixon, that was his finish with God & God's power. He had just reached the zenith of his career, but he compromised with the System for the advantage of the favour of men in his friendship with the presidents in power. He really turned out to be a man-pleaser. And I think right there the youth of the world left him, lost confidence in him, because they had no confidence in Nixon & his ilk. Right? (His office hates us!)

       13. SO WHEN PEOPLE LOSE CONFIDENCE IN YOU, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE YOU ANYMORE, especially when you hob-nob with characters like that, that they all know or suspect are crooks. Did you know he came back & tried to hold a big campaign in England & it fell flat on its face? He could hardly get a crowd, it's pitiful! He's almost gone into retirement since then. In fact I think he had a nervous breakdown over the whole thing & was in the hospital in Hawaii awhile.

       14. SO HE WAS A PROPHET OF GOD FOR AWHILE. It's almost like he was the prophet of God just before us. But he appealed to the System & the Systemites & the churchites & the Christians. God was trying to get the Message to the church & to the System, but they still wouldn't hear it. He preached the truth & he preached the end & he preached the judgements of God even on America & so on. But when they wouldn't hear him, then God sent us.

       15. WHO ELSE? WHAT OTHER GREAT VOICE OF GOD HAS THERE BEEN IN AMERICA since Billy Graham? Fred Jordan?--Well, he was one. A.A. Allen?--Well, he was mostly healing. Oral Roberts?--Healing. Catherine Kuhlman?--Healing. Nearly all of them had something to offer that the people wanted selfishly, physically, materially, for their bodies. All of these people were healers, who were simply giving the people the healing for their materialistic bodies that they wanted.

       16. THE PEOPLE WEREN'T THAT INTERESTED IN THE SPIRITUAL. They weren't that interested in winning the World or saving souls. All they wanted was to save themselves. Nearly all of what those preachers & healers offered the people was selfish gain for themselves. In other words, "What's in it for me?" And what they needed most that they couldn't make on the money market was healing for their poor broken bodies destroyed by their selfishness & their horrible ways of selfish living!

       17. SO GOD IN HIS MERCY GAVE THEM THAT TO TRY TO ENCOURAGE THEIR FAITH to believe in Him. So the healers all had their day, & concurrently with Billy Graham. Some were a little bit later, but they were mostly all about the same time. But who has there been since but us? In "The Philadelphian Prophecy" (No.695) the Lord showed me how we are the fulfilment of that in so many amazing ways, just like we are God's last voice before the holocaust! Now you tell me, who else? If we hadn't of been 'er, who'd of been 'er? (From an old joke.)

       18. I DON'T KNOW ANYBODY ELSE WHOSE MESSAGE IS NOW WORLDWIDE FLOODING THE WORLD with the message by the million! I don't even know of any denomination that's doing it. The System churches are certainly not giving the message, the real Endtime Message! They have totally joined the Beast as virtually a part of the Whore for advantage & again & recognition of man & materialistic advantage. If anything, they ride the Beast day & night & fuck the daylights out of it for all they can get! So it's certainly not the System churches & it's certainly not the other religions who're just as bad, or even much worse! Then who is it?

       19. WHERE IS THE VOICE OF GOD TODAY BUT IN US? Now you just tell me! I would like to hear! God knows I have wept, Maria knows I have wept, "Where are the prophets? Where is there somebody else to help us hold up the standard? Where is someone else who is getting the Word of God & hearing from the Lord?" You get lonely like Elijah sometimes & wonder, "Lord! Behold, I alone remain!" (1Kings 18:22.) You feel the need for companionship. You'd like to know that somebody else is doing the same thing. Well, I just don't know anybody but us!

       20. THERE'S THE OTHER CULT OF THE MOONIES. Of course we don't believe everything that we read in the papers, but it sounds like he is almost proclaiming himself a reincarnation of Christ. Of course if you believe everything you read in the papers, you'd have to believe some awful stuff about us too!

       21. HAVE ANY OF YOU EVER PICKED UP A PIECE OF HIS LITERATURE? Then he must not get out as much as we do, because you can find our kids in the streets of almost every important city in the World! You can find our message almost everywhere! But all I ever hear about him is what you read in the papers.

       22. I WISH THERE WERE OTHER PROPHETS OF GOD! I don't crave or covet to be the only one, I wish everybody was a prophet of God! I've done my best to make every one of you prophets of God!* I'd just as soon you'd hear from the Lord & proclaim it. But it seems to be God's system & that's the way He always works--He picks just one man. He doesn't pick bunch of them as a rule. But for a certain time in certain place at a certain period of time, He usually just has one major mouthpiece. Now, why is that? There are many minor prophets, but there is always one major prophet. (*Nu.11:29.)

       23. I NEVER EXPECTED TO BE A PROPHET, I NEVER PLANNED TO BE A PROPHET. I don't think I even wanted to be a prophet. I never liked the responsibility. Any job which entailed any responsibility scared me to death! I was having a big enough time trying to take care of my little family of six--that was about all the responsibility I figured I could stand!

       24. SO IT'S JUST THE LORD THAT DID IT! Maria watched it happen. She knows it was the Lord. I didn't ask for it, I didn't even really want it, but God just did it. He just picked me & chose me to do it, & you know how crazy I am!--How human I am & how sexy I am & how stupid I am & everything else, & yet God chose to use me anyway.

       25. I GUESS CHOSE ME JUST BECAUSE I WAS WILLING, & sometimes I'm not even too willing at that. He practically has to get me drunk sometimes to be able to punch through! As I've said once, Isaiah was known as the noble prophet, & Jeremiah the weeping prophet, & I guess they'll probably know me as the drunken prophet!

       26. IT SEEMS THAT SOMETIMES THE ONLY WAY THE LORD CAN OVERCOME MY PRIDE & MY INHIBITIONS & my fears & my doubts is to virtually put me into a trance, in order to get through & to get me out of the way so He can speak. Now I have to confess that & I'm sorry if it hurts you or if it in any way disappoints you or disillusions you. But I've told you this before & it's the truth.

       27. I WAS TOO ANALYTICAL, MY MIND WAS TOO REASONING. The Lord gave me a good mind, but it is very very critical, very skeptical, very analytical. I have to take everything apart & analyse it before I will believe it. Of course it doesn't always happen that way. Sometimes I'm just, you might say, drugged with sleep & He punches through while my body & mind are asleep.

       28. I WENT FOR YEARS & YEARS & YEARS & YEARS WANTING THE GIFT OF TONGUES because that was such a marvellous manifestation to me, to think you could speak another language you had never learned! That was obviously a miracle, obviously a proof of the miraculous. But the Lord never gave it to me for years!

       29. I BEGGED HIM! I BESOUGHT HIM! I FELL ON MY FACE BEFORE HIM! I did everything! And He said, "Seekest thou a sign? Believest thou not?" In other words, I was wanting proof. I was wanting something I could see, feel, you might say, hold in my hands.

       30. THE LORD WAS SAYING, "WHAT'S THE MATTER?--CAN'T YOU JUST BELIEVE MY WORD?" So for years He made me go ahead by faith, hardly ever giving me any signs except the miracles of His provision & His protection & His wisdom & guidance & that sort of thing. But He withheld from me the visible, the audible, the tangibly miraculous for years. For fifty years He made me go strictly by faith! I saw miracles, miracles of healing, monetary miracles, miracles of guidance.

       31. I SAW MIRACLES & HEARD MANY MIRACULOUS MESSAGES THROUGH MY MOTHER.--She was greatly gifted, tongues, prophecy, direction, all the rest. All the things I wanted. I must say, if I wanted anything, that's what I wanted. But I wasn't really wanting it for the sake of others.--I really sort of selfishly wanted it for my own sake & to gratify my own desire for spirituality, satisfy my own covetousness for spiritual gifts.--Which isn't altogether bad. He said,

       32. "COVET EARNESTLY THE BEST GIFTS", & THAT'S THE KIND OF DESIRE I HAD. (1Cor.12:31.) I suppose I may have thought that it might be useful to the Lord with others, but I think mostly my desire was rather selfish. I just simply wanted it for my own personal satisfaction as kind of a final proof to me that I was spiritual or that the Lord did love me.--Ha! But He let me go without it for years & years!--Fifty!

       33. HE FINALLY STARTED GIVING ME THOSE AUDIBLY MANIFESTED GIFTS WHEN I LEAST EXPECTED IT. I was lying naked between two naked women in the same bed in the back end of our Camper when I first received the gift of tongues! I was praying for somebody else when it happened, I wasn't praying for myself or tongues or anything. I was praying in desperation for dear Ho taking that huge big school bus down to Austin, Texas with a whole motley crew of disciples, going down there totally by faith to try to make one of our first outreaches at the University of Texas!

       34. IT WAS REALLY ONE OF OUR FIRST ATTEMPTS AT PIONEERING or reaching out to establish a testimony somewhere else. And where else but the University of Texas at Austin, where the boys are, where the kids are. I was so concerned about him & that big bus full of all those kids! How would they ever survive? How were they going to eat & live? They had no place to go, no place to live. They lived on the bus for awhile until some of the kids opened their apartments, & it was just a series of miracles. Well, I was worried & concerned about him when I heard that bus pulling out that morning. He had told me goodbye the night before & was leaving early in the morning.

       35. I WAS LYING THERE BETWEEN MARTHA & MARIA PRAYING LIKE A HOUSE AFIRE, & ALL OF A SUDDEN BEFORE I EVEN KNEW WHAT HAPPENED I WAS PRAYING IN TONGUES!--Just like that! And I think from all I can gather & see now, it was probably Abrahim!--I was finally desperate enough to really let the Lord take over & take control. Abrahim was praying through me in the Spirit. He must really love me! He really really prayed! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! He just took over & prayed for me, & the Lord mightily blessed that trip! We got some of our best disciples from the University of Texas.

       36. (MARIA: AND YOU COULDN'T SPEAK ENGLISH FOR THREE DAYS!) Three days I couldn't speak any English! I had to make hand signs for what I wanted to eat or drink or whatever! Dear Abrahim was trying to interpret what little he could, but his English was to broken & so little. Besides, he was so busy talking & praying that he didn't have much time to bother talking English! The Lord really used it.

       37. THAT WAS WHEN THE FIRST BUSLOAD CAME IN FROM LOS ANGELES. I went out on the hilltop there, I hadn't planned to go see them at all. I was pretty much hiding in seclusion, but I just couldn't resist going out to greet Josh. Then we went over to the top of the hill & had a big prayer & praise meeting, the whole camp & this busload from Los Angeles--all in tongues!

       38. IT WAS JUST LIKE I WAS IRRESISTIBLY DRAWN BY A MAGNET OVER THERE & began to lay hands on each one prophesying--but all in tongues! The poor guys didn't know what I was saying, but they knew it was the Spirit & it was a blessing. I knew what he was talking about, isn't that funny? It was like I was seeing pictures of their ministry, what they were going to do, how God was going to use each one of them as I laid hands on them, even though I didn't understand the language I was speaking. (Maria: If we'd interpret it right, he'd nod yes, and if we'd interpret it wrong he'd nod no. It was pretty much by trial & error!) It was just amazing!

       39. SO WHERE ARE THE PROPHETS? WHERE IS THE VOICE OF GOD? Now this might shock you or surprise you, but in a way, the absence of anyone else has been an encouragement to me, because God always has His voice in every age, in every dispensation. In every time God always has a man with His message for His people. So when I look around & I see no others have it, then I figure, "Well I must be it! It must be true!"

       40. "I DON'T SEE ANYBODY ELSE, I DON'T SEE ANY OTHER MAN WITH A MESSAGE, so I guess it must be me!" That encourages my own heart. If I hadn't of been 'er, who'd of been 'er? So praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! So that's a tremendous responsibility. Thank You Jesus! That's a pretty heavy responsibility on you folks too!--To take care of & protect me & to do your best to publish & distribute the Voice of the Lord! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

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