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YOUR GLORY TO THEIR SHAME!--Our Saved Enemies?       DO991 Tenerife       24/12/74
--By Father David

       1. I HAD A BEAUTIFUL VISION OF GOD'S REWARDS, LIKE YOU STEP FORWARD TO GET YOUR DIPLOMA AT GRADUATION, all shiny & silver & radiant & beautiful, stepping forward to receive your reward! And I got the words, "They shall behold your glory to their shame!" You just stepped right up in your usual springy way, smiled like you were a little embarrassed by it but going to receive it anyway, & did.

       2. THE DAY WILL COME WHEN A LOT OF THOSE PEOPLE WILL BE VERY MUCH ASHAMED, some to everlasting shame and contempt! (Dan.12:2.) They despised His prophets. God is not pleased when they harden their hearts against the truth. It seems impossible, but it is not. If they were willing to give up what they have to give up to receive it, they could, but they're not willing to forsake all.

       3. IT REMINDS ME OF THAT STORY MY MOTHER USED TO TELL ABOUT THE EAGLE. He had been on a chain for so long, but the owner was going away & decided to set the bird free. The bird had worn a rut around his stake & the owner thought he'd be so glad to be free. So the owner tossed him in the air & he sort of fluttered around, but had even forgotten how to fly! Then he walked back to his stake & the security of his rut!

       4. IT'S A FORM OF SECURITY TO THEM: They just apparently can't take it, seeing they've been wrong all their lives! It all comes back to pride. It's a very humbling thing to confess you've been wrong. If I hadn't, we'd have wound up promoting kibbutz life, that's about all! It was more like, "They shall behold your glory & you shall behold their shame!" Thank God we'll have the grace to take it then, or it might not be easy to see our loved ones so put to shame!

       5. IF THEY'RE NOT FOR US THEY'RE AGAINST US, & if they're not speaking for us they are speaking against us. They'll deserve such shame because their own lives are such a testimony against us. It's just as though they were standing there watching you graduate & they were ashamed of themselves to think how they'd really opposed you.

       6. EVEN IF THE PARENTS WOULD LIKE TO ADMIT WE'RE RIGHT, THEY DON'T DARE. They've got to save face even if they lose their soul! I immediately got the Scripture, "This is the condemnation of the World!" (John 3:19.) The Lord will condemn them for their unbelief & hardness of heart & the fact they had the light but preferred the darkness. "The light has come into the World," talking about the parallel of me, His prophet. (John 3:19.)

       7. GOD IS GOING TO JUDGE PEOPLE EVEN ACCORDING TO HOW THEY BELIEVE OR REFUSE TO BELIEVE HIS PROPHETS. In that picture they were there, but it was like they were in the shadows. I was hovering in space & they were in the outer shadows looking at you from the darkness. There was a throne there & you absolutely shone all white, just like you were wearing a shimmering, sparkling gown! Even the things they said they thought were right they'll have to give an account for.--"For every idle word." (Mt.12:36.)

       8. "THEY SHALL BEHOLD YOUR GLORY & YOU SHALL SEE THEIR SHAME!" It's like they'll behold this great thing, but you'll just see their shame, almost like you'll be ashamed of them. John 1:5: "And the light shineth in darkness; & the darkness comprehended it not." They've got the light but they don't even understand it. Verse 11: "He came unto His own, & His own received Him not."--We've come unto them that should have been His own, but they rejected us, so the Lord gave us to the ones that they rejected--their children, the hippies.

       9. IF PEOPLE CAN BE ANTENNAS FOR RADIO WAVES THEY CAN BE ANTENNAS FOR EVIL SPIRITUAL RADIATIONS. If they're not the Lord's they have the wrong vibrations. I wonder if that's why I get these bad dreams some times? "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the World, & men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil." (John 3:19.) The Lord took this as a parallel & applied it to me with the Christians. In this parallel He didn't send me to condemn them, that wasn't His major purpose, but in rejecting me they condemn themselves already.

       10. BY OPPOSITE IMPLICATION, THE OTHERS WHO DON'T RECEIVE ARE CONDEMNED. If He's going to save those who receive, then He has to condemn & judge those who don't! The Lord is using this as a parallel. Salvation is not at stake, but their rewards--the difference between glory & shame.--"They shall behold your glory & ye shall see their shame!"

       11. GOD HAS GIVEN THE LIGHT & THE TRUTH, BUT THEY PREFER THE DARKNESS. We don't think of their way as being evil, but if their way is not God's way then it's wrong, & flat-&-simple, it's evil!--The worst kind of evil, because it looks & seems right but is such deceptive evil! It looks so good but is so deceptive! They're wrong & think they're right, which is the worst kind of deception. They don't want to be told!--"My mind is made up, don't confuse me with the facts!"

       12. I WAS PRAYING, "NOW LORD, ARE THEY REALLY TO BLAME?" But God holds them accountable! They are to blame & they will be condemned & they will be ashamed because the light is come into the World & they loved darkness rather than light! Darkness is easier, the light is blinding & burns out all the darkness, & they've been in darkness so long they're not willing for the light to destroy them, their old way & old selves. They can't stand such freedom, they prefer their old way & their old rut. (Pr.14:12.)

       13. "BUT HE THAT DOETH TRUTH COMETH TO THE LIGHT that his deeds may be made manifest that they are wrought in God!" (Jn.3:21.) The ones that really want the truth are not afraid to face it, like the kids who are so hungry for the Truth! The Lord was not pleased with us saying they won't be condemned, because God is angry with them because they've had the light & rejected it! Alistair Cooke said, "I believe within the next two years some great leader has to arise to lead America back, some man in the face of this great depression, like FDR with charisma & character!"

       14.--ALMOST AS GOOD AS SAYING AMERICA HAS TO HAVE A SAVIOUR because last time in the face of the Great Depression & great difficulties she became a little uncomfortable & a little lost without a Moses. I don't believe she's going to get her Moses this time! She got the Message & heard the Word & had her Moses & rejected him! This time she's going to go down for her unbelief & rejection!

       15. MAYBE AT THOSE GRADUATIONS & OSCARS GOD IS TRYING TO SHOW PEOPLE WHAT THE FINAL REWARDS WILL BE LIKE! When your parents address you, "Our own beloved daughter," it's almost like they're saying, "She's ours!"--They're still trying to hold on to you. They still haven't given you up to the Lord. They have in a way, but reluctantly, & in effect they seem to be saying, "That evil man had no right to take you away from us!"--How sad they can't enjoy your glory!--To their shame!

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