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THE LITTLE SHEPHERDS OF KINGDOM COME!--By Father David       DO995       March 1975

       (Tongues & weeping:)
       1. "IF THOU COULD BUT KNOW THE GREAT THINGS THAT I HAVE IN STORE FOR THE AS THOU PREPAREST MY KINGDOM THAT IS TO COME! The Words that I have given thee to kiss thy children that they may be My children. Draw them close to the heart of their father into his bosom!" Thank You Lord for encouraging our hearts! TYJ! Hallelujah!

       2. THANK YOU LORD THOU ART PREPARING THE WAY FOR THE KINGDOM THAT IS TO COME! Not one of these shall be lost or wasted. TYJ! Thank You Lord for getting Your foot in first. You kind of jumped the gun on me, but I thank You Jesus! I was saving that for a surprise but the Lord wanted to tell you Himself. TYL! What a beautiful picture, the kingdom of Heaven rules over all. And this which is set up on Earth is but a type of that which is already in Heaven. Hallelujah! TYJ! We have one foot in Heaven & one foot on Earth, it's but a step between!

       3. "YE ARE BUT LITTLE CHILDREN THAT PLAY AT THAT WHICH SMALL BE, even so thou art preparing for that which thou shalt do." Hallelujah! TYJ! Lord, we're such little children, we're so ignorant & we don't know anything, so simple & so funny. How You must laugh, Lord, at our antics as parents laugh at a child, our foolish antics & our play, even as we smile at this babe, Lord, & laugh at the simple little things that he does.

       4. THEY'RE SO PROUD OF EVERY LITTLE TINY LITTLE ACCOMPLISHMENT, LORD! SO ART THOU PROUD OF US, not ashamed to be called our God! For You have prepared for us a city, we have no continuing resting place, Lord, Thou hast prepared for us a City which hath foundations, whose builder & maker is God! Hallelujah! (Tongues & Prophecy:) "For thou shalt be ruling & reigning with Me & with My Father in My Father's throne!" TYL! We're going to be ruling the World, Beloved, God's preparing us for it now.

       5. I DIDN'T WANT TO RUN ANYTHING, I never wanted to be a leader. As Maria knows, I just like to be out alone with the Lord. But the Lord said, "That's why I chose you, because I knew you'd follow Me!" I don't know what to do except follow the Lord! As Maria knows, I'm dumb & stupid & very ignorant except for the Lord, & He has to show me. TYL! All glory be to the Father & to the Son & to the Holy Ghost! I told the Lord, "But I don't want to be, I never wanted to be!" Again the Lord said, "But that's why I chose you, that's why I trust you!"--Because I don't trust myself.

       6. I GOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PICTURE, just really beautiful! I wish I were an artist & I'd draw it. It's just as though for everything here there's a counterpart there. Everything in the material natural world is an illustration of the spiritual.--And so it is with the Kingdom of God, everything here is a poor imitation, it's a picture.

       7. IT'S AS BIG A STEP AS FROM THE TEMPLE & OLD JEWISH CEREMONIES TO THE SPIRITUAL KINGDOM OF TODAY among us! That was all pictures, types & shadows, childish little object lessons of the real spiritual Kingdom of today.--And from now to the Heavenly Kingdom is another step.

       8. EVERYTHING WE'RE DOING NOW, ALL OF OUR SERVICES NOW, ARE LIKE REFLECTION. It's as though we're reflecting what's going on there. It's not way up there, it's right here, almost, you might say, above our heads! (Hears a door close:) Nobody there I don't think...oh, but there are lots of people here, we're constantly surrounded with so great a cloud of witnesses! TYL! (He.12:1.)

       9. BUT IT'S A BEAUTIFUL THING, IT'S ALMOST LIKE YOU'VE GOT ONE HAND HERE & THE OTHER HAND THERE & they're both very much alike. You can just fit the one almost down right over the other one like that. Like this is the mold up here & we're being sort of poured into molds. You don't think of pouring into a mold upward.

       10. ALL OF THIS PREPARATION WE'RE DOING NOW IS ALL A PART OF HIS PLAN FROM THE SPIRIT TO POUR US INTO HIS MOLD, to prepare us, the framework. Of course our little activities sometimes are almost as ridiculous to the eventual end product as the child building little castles with his blocks. But he's still building castles & he's trying & he's getting the idea. But what is really going to happen is so far superior compared to the difference between the child's blocks & this finished house. Nevertheless it's there & what he's doing is real in its preparation & it's very very important to the child's training, his preparation to want to design & build & figure things out & make things, & in a way that's what we're doing now.

       11. WHAT WE'RE DOING NOW IS ALMOST AS FOOLISH AS LITTLE CHILDREN & IT MUST REALLY GIVE GOD A LAUGH SOMETIMES! I mean a real laugh! He must really be amused, but amused like a Father Who's enjoying it, really enjoying it, as we try to imitate Him & build. He's laying it on our hearts to build & it's serious business. This here is like the wisdom of man which is foolishness to God, it's very very primitive, very childish, very simple, but it's nevertheless essential preparation.

       12. WE'RE ACTUALLY LEARNING, GETTING EXPERIENCES, just like by batting his arms & kicking his feet the baby begins to learn how to use them. They're seemingly meaningless motions, but he's really learning! Every time he moves he's learning a little more how to synchronise all the parts of his body. As he exercises them he's finally learning how to use them, really use them, until one of these days he'll really be able to have that body together, really get it together & be able to do something!--And that's what we're doing now, we're kind of organising the body.

       13. WE'RE ALMOST IN THE INFANT STAGE & STILL BATTING OUR ARMS, not really knowing what we're doing. But we're getting it together & we're learning to synchronise & learning to coordinate little by little. Such a simple little thing, it seems so childlike, but it's true.

       14. WHEN THE LORD SAID "INTO ALL THE WORLD UNTO EVERY CREATURE" HE MEANT IT! (Mk.16:15.) We are going to be the first to ever do it in one generation! They've all talked about it & they've all tried somewhere or another, & lots have been very good & very sincere & lots have done a great deal. But we're the first to ever be doing it, because this is the last generation.

       15. EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO HEAR & EVERY CREATURE IS GOING TO HEAR IT if they haven't already! We are probably the most highly publicised missionary group that has ever existed on the face of the Earth! It's a great kingdom & we're going to be the first! It's true! "Let God be true, but every man a liar"--God forgive me for ever doubting! (Rom. 3:4.)

       16. I OFTEN SAY, WELL LORD, HOW CAN YOU EVER DO IT WITH US? Look at us! A bunch of little crazy kids! Well, we are doing it! One reason is there was never such communication or publication in all the world before us as there is today.--Radio, television, newspapers & magazines that go worldwide, news that's circulated on news agencies worldwide. They have heard about us, Brother, all of them have heard about us if they've heard any news at all!

       17. "UNTO EVERY NATION & UNTO EVERY CREATURE", AMEN?--And I believe that He means what He says & that He is going to help us make disciples of all nations.--Not our present little 50, there are suppose to be 150!--& within those are all kinds of dialect & whatnot. They say there are about 2,000 different languages in the world! Praise God! God's gonna get the Word out somehow even if they have to pass it on to the guy who knows both to pass it on to the next guy!

       18. WE CAN'T STOP TO LEARN EVERY LANGUAGE & TRANSLATE EVERY BOOK--God's gotta get them to do it! They're always trying to do it from the top--we've got to shove it out the bottom, praise God? That's what He's going to do, we just lead the way & they follow. The shepherd doesn't bear the lambs, the sheep do. He just feeds the lambs, he feeds the sheep & encourages them & takes care of them so they can produce. Praise God? Hallelujah!

       19. WELL, THE DEAR GIRLS HAVE WORKED HARD ON A MEAL & here I'm sitting here letting it get cold.--But you got something hot off God's Griddle anyhow! Ha! Praise the Lord! In some ways God really performs better on an empty stomach when it comes to the Spirit. He can get through anything, but it seems like it comes a little better empty. I'm glad I got that off my chest, now we can enjoy our meal!

       20. I WAS SO FULL OF THAT I WAS ABOUT TO EXPLODE! I guess I couldn't keep it any longer. So that's the way it is, that's why it is & that's why the Lord's doing it through us, because we're really the only ones He can really do it with, praise God? Well, let's give thanks together: "Thank You Jesus for this food & for our home so fair. Help us, Lord, to do some good & keep us in Thy care. Bless our loved ones everywhere, in Jesus' name, amen!"

       21. WOW! I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE, WOW! You can say that in the spiritual too--for this food, for this home so fair--right here, it's right there, it's so close! We always think about our loved ones around the world, but how about the ones everywhere, the ones in the spirit world as well, praise God? Amen, when I'm weak, then I'm strong, for His strength is made perfect in weakness! (2Co.12:9,10.)

       22. WHEN I SEE WHAT GOD IS DOING THROUGH YOU FOLKS, THEN I REALISE IT'S A MIRACLE! It's all a miracle & I know it's God & I know it can be done because He's doing it! I mean with all they're trying to do to kill us, stop us, defeat us, malign us, crush us, illegalise us or whatever they're trying to do! When I got "They Can't Stop our Rain" (No.128), I thought, boy, that's too strong, I can't give that, it's too big! But it's happened! It's really happened already & it's happening everyday, they can't stop us now, it's impossible! TYL!

       23. AMEN LORD, THAT'S ENOUGH FOR A LITTLE WHILE--I CAN ONLY STAND SO MUCH! It's kind of like the wires, you've got to have pretty heavy strong wires to carry a real strong current, & my little wire is pretty thin, so I can't take too much of a shot at once, it might burn a hole or burn it out, really blow a fuse! So the Lord knows how much we can stand, He knows our frame that we're dust. "As a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear Him!" (Ps.103:13,14.) The prophets often had to say, "Lord, stay Thy hand, I can't take any more right now!"--& had to come down awhile.

       24. FOR YEARS & YEARS I WAS GETTING THINGS & I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT! And even years & years when the Lord told me to write it down, I didn't do it & I really failed the Lord. Maybe it would have started sooner, I don't know. But until Maria came along & had the diligence & faith to write it down, we never really had anything. You should write down all the special little things the Lord gives you.

       25. EACH THING THE LORD GIVES YOU MAY HELP SOMEBODY ELSE & be true in a way of their situation. That's why we often publish personal letters we wrote to somebody in particular on a certain problem & the Lord used it, PTL! When I was a small boy I can remember wondering out in the fields & the woods & I was getting all those things. I knew in a way it was the Lord speaking to me, but I didn't realise how important it was.

       26. I WAS JUST GOING TO TELL YOU, "IF YOU WANT ANY INSPIRATION, ANY REVELATIONS, YOU READ THE LETTERS because that's where I really give it to you, when I'm alone with the Lord & really have a clear channel.--Don't expect it here in personal sessions with me, I'm split & you'll get it better on paper--this is a business meeting!"--I was just preparing that little speech but the Lord put the horse before the cart!

       27. WE USED TO HAVE 14-HOUR PRAYER SESSIONS & THAT'S WHERE WE HAD THOSE FIRST VISIONS of how the little trees were going to be scattered all over the nation. I guess my faith was so limited the Lord just had to take me a step at a time, I couldn't have even thought of the world in those days, that would have been too much! All those little pioneers & the Lord at the console, PTL! I was so busting with what the Lord was showing me, & it's the most amazing thing how Maria senses it, even when I'm not saying a word. Sometimes I do my best to conceal it, but she's right on my channel. It's like He keys her in & she starts clicking, PTL!

       28. THERE'S A LOT IN THE BIBLE I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND, IT'S SO DEEP. I guess we'll never understand it all till we're on the other side. I guess that'll be part of our education there, then we'll really start studying the Bible & find out what it was all about! We'll have those guys there to tell us--won't that be interesting? Best of all, we'll have somebody there to tell us what it meant. We have now, but I guess we just don't have a clear enough channel, or maybe it just isn't the time.

       29. I WAS SITTING HERE THINKING THIS MORNING: WE'RE SO DUMB, SO STUPID, HOW CAN WE EVER FIGURE ALL THIS OUT?--Here we are a bunch of little kids trying to organise the whole world! Where'd we ever get the idea we could possibly figure this out? The Lord had to show me that picture & He's doing it. Have you ever been inspired by His pattern, His mold, His example? Because we really are going to run the world one of thee days! I'm not kidding, that's no joke! We're getting ready for it now & that's the truth!--If there's a God & a Bible & if there's any truth at all! You don't have to listen to me, you can just read it in the Bible, amen?
       (But you'd better listen to me too if you want the very latest!--Amen? GBY! WLY! KGFG!--D.)

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