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TEACHING GREAT MASTERS--Tim's Temptation!--Another Lesson in FFing!       23 April 1978       DO 996
--By Father David

       1. I CAN'T REMEMBER MY MOTHER EVER TEACHING ME ONE PAINTER OR COMPOSER! I know little or nothing about composers or artists. They're dead! It's the worship of man. It's good to be a little familiar with some of that so you at least know what people are talking about when they're conversing with you, like what I've told the kids about Wagner.

       2. IT'S GOOD TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between evil & Christian composers & their works & perhaps the general time in which they lived, as well as possibly their country of origin. Some of that music doesn't bear good fruit with me. That one tape I have is very beautiful but very sad, & it makes me very sad. You really have to judge it by the effect, the fruit. I think the light happy dance music has better fruit than that deep sad stuff that makes you lonesome & sad & almost want to end it all!

       3. MY MOTHER BROUGHT ME UP ON THE BIBLE! I'd rather see the kids familiar with Psalms & the Bible writers & characters. There is enough there to fill their heads without all that worldly knowledge & information. I never went for that stuff! It's sort of a status symbol that you know these works & art & artists & composers. It comes in handy if you are talking to the cultured rich, & I know a few names of some of them--even know a little about ballet.

       4. THANK GOD FOR MY MOTHER! She'd had all that & been through it all & knew all of it, but she just threw it away as chaff. I can never remember her teaching me anything but the Bible & about the Lord & spiritual values & Bible characters & truths, & my father the same. They never wasted any time teaching me about masterpieces of literature, art & music--nothing! I can never remember them teaching me anything about them, thank God!

       5. THE RULE OF THUMB WAS, IF IT DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE LORD, JUST FORGET IT! There are a few things that our children should have just a passing interest in or a smattering of familiarity with. If they never heard of the Strauss Waltzes, for example, they would be a bit ignorant. If they never heard of Bach, Brahms & Beethoven, people would really chuckle at their ignorance!

       6. FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR WITNESS & INFLUENCE so as not to be categorised as complete imbeciles, they need to know a few of those names & whether they were a musician, writer or poet! But I think they'll get enough of that in formal school if they go. I think our kids should in a way; they need a taste of formal school. In some ways I was glad I went, because it at least showed me the difference.

       7. SO IT'S GOOD TO KNOW A LITTLE, AT LEAST YOU'VE HEARD THE NAME & you know the difference between Beethoven & Rembrandt, who was the musician & who was the artist. But otherwise it's worship of man to study & exalt these people, because some of them were not of the Lord. So unless you know the difference between those inspired by the Lord & those who were inspired by the Devil, you better watch out!

       8. SOME WROTE GREAT CHRISTIAN MASTERPIECES, & you need to teach your children that this is the result of those people knowing the Lord. And teach them the result of people knowing the Devil, like Wagner & his stuff. But as far as I'm concerned, unless it's of the Lord, it is dead works by dead workers.

       9. MODERN EDUCATION IS THE WORSHIP OF MAN & HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS.--You spend half of your time studying the great accomplishment of man, the great masters, whether they are masters of art, music or literature--the worship of man. I took courses in music appreciation, art appreciation & English literature, but I think most of it went in one ear & out the other!

       10. THE THING THAT FASCINATED ME MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THAT FIELD WAS NOT PAINTING OR ART, BUT POETRY, because I could relate to that. It had a message & said something.--Of course, so does some music & some art, but most of it is the worship of man.--And really, even as a young boy, a young man, it sort of sickened me. I thought it was sort of ridiculous & frivolous. It's a form of man-worship, patting man on the back. It's much more important to worship God & glorify His creations.

       11. IT'S INTERESTING IF YOU HAVE TIME TO AT LEAST FAMILIARISE YOURSELF A BIT WITH ART & ARTISTS & music & musicians & literature & the writers, but even as a young Christian I felt pretty disgusted with that, like it was a ridiculous waste of time. About a one or two semester course in those things is about all you need, & kids will get them in history--if they need it & if you want to give it to them.

       12. MAN'S EDUCATION IS MADE UP OF ALL THAT KIND OF DEAD WORKS & WORSHIP OF DEAD WORKERS, dead masterpieces & the worship of dead masters. I prefer to study the living, like Bible characters & the Word, more than the study of men & the masters & their masterpieces. (Maria: Our kids have enough to learn!) The Bible is enough & the MO Letters are enough. I don't think you'll find anything after all these years in the MO Letters going into too much detail on the masters & the masterpieces.

       13. YOU MUST TEACH THOSE WHO WORK VERY CLOSELY WITH US THAT THEIR INFLUENCE IS IMPORTANT, because people will imitate their example & believe it comes from us & take them as representatives of us! I think Timothy must have a Cancer streak somewhere; sometimes he reminds me a little of Jethro & his contrariness, & Jethro & his doubts! He's honest about some things but he's not always honest. (Maria: If I tell him something, I'm not an authority, so I have to get your imprimatur!) You are an authority, Honey! (Maria: I just have feelings.)

       14. YOU ARE AN AUTHORITY, DEFINITELY AN AUTHORITY IN THE SPIRIT! You have woman's intuition, sixth sense, psychic sensitivity! You are an authority in the Spirit! Follow your impulse, Honey, because it's right! You're an authority in the Spirit! And if you don't feel like it's right, then it's not right. If you feel like it's right, then it's right, because you have the Spirit of God & His sensitivity. We really need to get out that "Robot" Letter, it's very important!--Because in a sense it's like everybody should be. (Coming!)

       15. YOU ARE A SHINING EXAMPLE OF WHAT EVERYBODY OUGHT TO BE LIKE & what everybody is like in a way, particularly if they're yielded to the Lord. (Maria: Timothy's doing very well, & if you say it he takes it pretty well, I just have to make sure I get it from you.) He thinks he's pretty smart, but in some ways he's pretty dumb. In some ways he's still pretty much of a dumb Irishman! (Maria: I don't know a thing, I'm not trying to put on any show.)

       16. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS THE LORD, Honey! I mean it's wonderful, it's really wonderful! "Except ye become as a little child," & you're like a little child, Honey. You just love the Lord & follow the Lord even if you don't know what it's all about or where He's going, you just have faith & trust the Lord. That's wonderful! "Except ye be as a little child!" (Mat.18:3.)

       17. LITTLE CHILDREN DON'T KNOW ALL ABOUT MOZART & REMBRANDT & everybody else, but they really couldn't care less! (Maria: That's what I thought when I looked at those copies of masterpieces, I thought, "My goodness, what's this? Why should he be so excited about this?) Dead works, dead works, dead works! (Looks at nude photo on wall:) Now that's what I call a real work of art! It's alive! This is now! Thank God for sex, it's so alive & so now & it's so important! (Maria: I feel like Timothy's just like a fish, & I'm having to teach him everything in a way.)

       18. WHAT IS TIMOTHY'S SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE? (Maria: You mean when he was saved?) No, I mean his experience in the Spirit. When was he filled with the Spirit & what gifts does he have? How Spirit-led is he? He does seek the Lord, I know that, he does pray & I believe the Lord does help & guide him, but how spiritual is he? (Maria: I think he's pretty spiritual but he doesn't speak in tongues.) He doesn't pray in tongues? (Maria: I'll have to ask him; because I do it a little tiny bit when I pray.) You do it a lot, Honey!

       19. YOU PRAY A LOT IN TONGUES & IT'S ALWAYS BEEN A VERY GREAT BLESSING & INSPIRATION TO ME, because it edifies me spiritually. It doesn't always edify my understanding, but it edifies my spirit, because I know you're in the spirit. (Maria: Maybe I should do it more.) Yes, I think you should with him, because you need the help of the Spirit, Honey, with such a strong personality. You must not be dominated; you must let the Spirit dominate.

       20. TIMOTHY IS A VERY PROUD MAN & HE NEEDS A LOT OF HUMBLING. It's not easy for him to accept the fact that you, a little child, with your little childlike ways, are superior in the Spirit! But you're far superior in the Spirit! It's quite obvious he's a little bit lacking in understanding when it comes to things of the Spirit. For example, you sense in the Spirit whether a thing is right or wrong.

       21. HE TRIES TO REASON IT OUT IN THE FLESH, & his reasoning is sometimes quite fleshly & totally out of the Spirit, like this artist business, completely on the wrong track. Whereas you know, you just sense by your woman's sixth sense or intuition, that he's wrong, that he's on the wrong track. It shows you the advantage of the Spirit & how it's so much above the wisdom of the flesh.

       22. (MARIA: IN ONE WAY HE HAS QUITE A FEW SPIRITUAL GIFTS, like I think he has discernment about people.) Yes, guidance too. (Maria: He has faith, & he has wisdom in a lot of things. And another thing, not only does he read the Letters, but he has a very good memory & remembers things that are in the Letters so he can apply them. So he really has a lot of gifts, only I think he's been led astray by Rachel.)

       23. I'VE FOUND THAT PEOPLE LIKE RACHEL WHO HAVE NOT HAD A LOT OF EDUCATION & cultural background & are ignorant of all this cultural thing, they like masterpieces & masters & artists & art & music & musicians & writers & literature & blah blah blah! If they're proud like Rachel, they're a little ashamed of their lack of knowledge & their ignorance, & they're prone to sort of appreciate that & worship it & admire somebody who knows more about it than they do, like Timothy for example.

       24. WHEREAS I WOULDN'T GIVE A DAMN FOR ALL THAT KNOWLEDGE OF ALL THAT ART & ARTISTS & music & musicians & masters & masterpieces & writers & literature & all the rest! So what? To hell with it all, as far as I'm concerned! Even as a young Christian I could see the fruitlessness & futility of all that worship of man & his works, the dead & their dead works. So people need to see the difference between the works of the flesh & the works of the Spirit. Hallelujah! Praise You Lord! TYJ!

       25. IF YOU CAN'T SEE JESUS IN IT SOMEHOW, FORGET IT! My mother was in love with Jesus, thank God, & she instilled that love in me. I was filled with the Spirit from my mother's womb, & I looked with puzzlement & almost amazement at some of this foolishness of man & ridiculousness, the worship of man & his works. All this vanity, vanity & vexation of spirit, ridiculous! If the Lord didn't do it, forget it! (Maria: In some ways he's really wise, & in other ways...) He's a babe!

       26. IN SOME WAYS HE'S A SPIRITUAL BABY, but he's very precious & he's very priceless & he's very very important to the Lord's work. But he needs to be trained & in some ways retrained [DELETED] that nothing's important except the Lord & the works of the Spirit, & not the works of the flesh. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

       27. (MARIA: HE GIVES THE IMPRESSION THAT HE'S MORE SPIRITUAL THAN HE IS, & I have to have the confidence that I'm his superior. It's hard to see, but I have to take it by faith.) Timothy has a lot of assurance, but you have too in the Spirit, Honey, because you are really really led of the Spirit! You are so Spirit-led, so inspired!

       28. IT'S SUCH A NATURAL THING WITH YOU TO BE COMPLETELY UTTERLY CHILD-LIKE & totally dependent on faith & trust & the Spirit, that your mind does not control you. It's weak & childlike & lacking in any kind of natural confidence, the way you're totally dependent on the Spirit & inspiration, intuition, sixth sense, faith! That's why you're just perfect for me, because you're just a robot of the Lord, that's all.

       29. YOU JUST CLICK ON WHENEVER THE LORD TURNS YOUR KEY & you just do whatever God wants you to do--beautiful! But some people like Timothy are quite confident in some ways in their own ability & the wisdom God has given them, the faith that God has given them, & in some ways it's a sort of self-confidence. In some ways it's a not real reliance on the Lord & His Spirit & His leading.

       30. AS I SEE TIMOTHY IN THE SPIRIT, THERE'S A STRONG ELEMENT OF SELF-CONFIDENCE, a strong element of self-will. There's a strong element of the wisdom which is of the Earth, earthy. (Ja.3:15.) Good, in a way, good. But a lot of it is natural reasoning, & this is where it goes astray. Because a lot of God's reasoning is contrary to natural reasoning. He's very strong in his righteousness, he's very strong in his sense of right & wrong.

       31. HE'S VERY STRONGLY OPINIONATED in what his ideas are & what he should be or not. And for some reason he's very very proud, because he's quite sure he's right. So it's hard for him to take it when he finds out that he's wrong. One of the most wonderful things that could happen is if he is willing to accept it when he finds out that he is wrong, regarding Rachel & a lot of other things. But you have to be strong in your own convictions, you have to be willing to stand up & buck against him!

       32. YOU'RE GETTING A LOT OF INFORMATION, HONEY, INSPIRED INFORMATION! It's priceless! It's better than wine: Words that are better than wine! Do you want some more? I can take it, Honey, I'm very strong. (Maria: It hurts you.) No, Honey, I'm very very strong. I'm almost too strong, really. I love you! Come to me, come! (Maria: So all I know to do with Timothy is just pray with him...) It's all in the Spirit! You're like a little child. "A little child shall lead them," that's a good verse for you. (Is.11:6.)

       33. (MARIA: I SAID, LORD, WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING & WE'RE SO SELFISH & SO PROUD & WE JUST NEED YOU & Your guidance.) Amen! "Except ye become as a little child, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom." (Mt.18:3.) Timothy really needs to be more & more of a little child. He's acceptable & agreeable to those things when he sees them, he's willing, but it's not always easy because it destroys his own concepts. It's a little difficult, but I think in some ways he normally accepts it. (Tongues:) "The wisdom of this Earth is so earthly, the wisdom of man is so carnal, & the wisdom of God is so much wiser!"

       34. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD IS WISER THAN THE WISDOM OF MEN? And the foolishness of God through His drunken prophet is wiser than the greatest wisdom of men. (1Cor.1:25.) Because He erases my mind & He uses my tongue. You know what I mean? He just drives it down through my mouth & my tongue & I don't have to understand it, I don't have to think it. My mind can be totally gone & I can be totally in the Spirit. You know what I mean?

       35.(MARIA: AND THE WISDOM OF HIS SPIRIT IS ABOVE ALL & MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD, much fine gold!) Of course, much much much more than the carnal wisdom of man. The wisdom of God is so important! (Maria: It seems like Timothy gets a lot more from the Lord than I do.) He has a strong character, Honey; you have to have him submitting or he's no good. If you don't get him to submit to the Spirit, to your spirit, he'll be unusable.

       36. YOU ARE THE PROPHETESS OF GOD! You are the oracle of the Lord, & he must submit & accept & receive it. His wisdom is totally carnal in the flesh & of the Earth & terribly terribly terribly biased & wrong. Don't you understand me? You have to give him wisdom of the Spirit so he can be made perfect in the flesh. So much of his wisdom is carnal & of the Earth, earthy. He needs to listen more & more to the Spirit of the Lord & not to the Enemy. (Maria: It doesn't seem like I have any wisdom in anything.)

       37. YOU'RE A GENIUS, HONEY, IN THE SPIRIT, & you have much much more of the Spirit of God & the knowledge & the wisdom of God, because you've been so close to me. Much more than Timothy. This is the problem & this is where you have to work; because he worked under Rachel, he got so far astray & out of touch & she was not a good example. (Maria: And she let him dominate.) In some ways, yes, & she even dominated him in some ways that were not good because they were not of the Lord & not of me.

       38. OH HONEY, THEY GOT SO FAR AWAY! It's almost unbelievable how far away they got because they didn't stay close to me. Timothy didn't even know me, he's just beginning to know me. Rachel did not really have me like she should have, & reveal me to him like she should have. She went ahead in her own strength, her own spirit, her own wisdom, & she really really really cracked up & now she's in a terrible mess!

       39. BUT THE LORD HAS SENT US TIMOTHY TO TRY & STRAIGHTEN HIM OUT & try to redeem him & transform him & make him a knew creature. You understand? (Maria: As well as not revealing you to him, she didn't even want to show him to us--I guess it was a possessiveness.) Yes, it was the wisdom of this World, the carnal mind & selfishness, all of these things. Now God has taken him away, which is good for her & good for him & also good for us, & we need to retrain & reform him & make him a new vessel fit for the Master's use, amen? (2Tim.2:21.)

       40. DON'T WORRY, YOU ARE MUCH MORE POWERFUL IN THE SPIRIT THAN HE IS IN THE FLESH. He cannot overcome you, because you have the power of God's Spirit! In some ways he's very fleshly like Rachel & that's where her weakness was. She'd look to Timothy's flesh for her strength & wisdom, & he didn't have the power of the Spirit. In some ways he misled her, & she misled them all astray.

       41. (MARIA: AND YOU SAID 'YOU'RE MUCH MORE POWERFUL'...) In the Spirit, course, above all their fleshly wisdom, & above all that counsel & all powers & principalities! "For we wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in spiritual places." (Eph.6:12.)

       42. BUT YOU HAVE THE POWER OF GOD THAT HE HAS GIVEN YOU FROM ME, because of me, & because of your relationship with me, & because of the need that you have to carry on after me. Don't ever neglect it or ever despise it, don't ever minimise it, don't ever belittle it, amen? It's good to know that whatever you think is right is right, no matter what they say. Do you understand me? (Maria: Even if I just feel it?) Yes, even if you just feel it, that's the most important part of all; if you feel it, no matter whether you understand or not. Your feeling of the Spirit is more important, don't you understand?

       43. YOUR CHILDLIKE FEELING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HIS EDUCATED SENSE OF EARTHLY WISDOM. Don't you understand that the most important thing is to stay close to Jesus? Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus! Don't you understand? The most important thing is Jesus--to stay close to Him, let Him lead & guide you. I believe the Lord led them to this house, you know? I really believe the Lord led them, it's beautiful! Jesus did it. We must not lean to our natural carnal mind & wisdom & understanding. Just throw open your mind & put it in neutral gear & let Him lead, you know what I mean? (Maria: Timothy knows that's what he needs to do.) Even if he doesn't understand. I love you.

       44. YOU CAN INFLUENCE HIM EVEN IN HIS SLEEP, like a spirit guide who gives you influence, spiritual, psychological. Go kiss him & let him know that the Lord is watching over him. Just kiss him, that's all right if he wakes up, if he wants to make love to you he can make love to you. The spirit is much more important than the flesh, Honey. (Maria: Do you think I should always kiss him in his sleep?)

       45. HE SHOULD KNOW THAT YOU'RE ALWAYS THERE & GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL. (Maria: That's funny, I thought last night I should have; I didn't get a chance to kiss him goodnight.) Like a little child, Honey. (Maria: When I went out he was asleep, & I thought I should at least kiss him.) And if he responds & he hugs you & wants to love you, then do it. You don't have to come back, Honey. If it develops into something more, you just stay.

       46. YOU JUST KISS HIM SO HE KNOWS YOU LOVE HIM. (Maria: Will he know that in his sleep?) Of course! (Maria: Even if he doesn't wake up?) Of course! He'll feel it in the spirit, just like a tome signal, consciously or unconsciously. You're like his guardian angel, Honey, you need to just kiss a little bit, tell him goodnight. OK? It's better now than later, please, so much better now. (Maria: Why?) Because I'm tired & sleepy & it's easier for me now. Please get in bed with him, Honey; you can control it, take hold of his peter. I'll be very happy, I'm so happy!

       47. HE HAS TO KNOW HE CANNOT RESIST YOUR LOVE, that you're like God; any hour of the day or night or morning he cannot resist your love. Just slip into bed with him & kiss him & rub his peter, Honey, take hold of his little handle, Honey. Just take hold of his little handle, like Handle's Messiah. (Maria: Will you go to sleep, Sweet Baby?) Yes, if you promise me you'll go in there & fuck him! (Maria: I don't think he needs it.) He needs it, Honey, he has to have it. He needs it in the Spirit.

       48. HE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT HE CANNOT OVERCOME YOU, that your power & your magic is bigger than his magic, no matter what time of the night or morning. You fuck him real good & come home, all right? Take hold of his handle, Honey, & leave the door wide open so I can hear everything that's happening. Just get in bed with him & take hold of his peter.

       49. OH MY GOD, YOU'RE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD! No man in this Earth could withstand you, Honey! Spray yourself with a lot of perfume, Honey. Spray the perfume all over your hair & your hands, under your arms & on your bosoms, Honey, around your lower parts & hiney. Did you spray it all over? That's a good girl!

       50. GO IN & CONQUER HIM FOR ME, PLEASE, YOU'RE MY GUIDED MISSILE! Go in & conquer him for me, OK? Is there any light in there at all? (Maria: I'll just take a candle.) And some music? I love you! Light a candle, put on the music & he'll wake up & think he's in Heaven! Honey, the doctors proved that the best time to attack people was three or four o'clock in the morning when they're at their weakest.

       51. (MARIA: WHAT SHALL I TELL HIM?) That you love him, of course! That you're my gift of love to him. What else could you tell him but "I love you, Timothy, I love you! Timothy, I need you! Timothy, I want You! Timothy, I love you! Timothy, I need You! Timothy, I want you!" (Maria: It's hard for me to say that!) You have to ask God for the humility to do it, Honey!

       52. IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO HAVE ABJECT HUMILITY, submit yourself to him in the physical that you might conquer him in the Spirit! Don't you understand? You will be his mistress, do you understand? (Maria: Is that how I do it, subject myself to him in the physical?) Yes, to master him in the Spirit. Honey, I'm so happy if you'd go in there & conquer that strong proud man; I want you to go in there & conquer him & humble him!

       53. HONEY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOU'RE MY LIFE, MY LOVE, YOU'RE EVERYTHING TO ME, HONEY, EXCEPT JESUS!--And you're even partly Jesus to me because He made you for me & brought you to me. You're my guided missile, don't you understand? You're conquering Timothy for me so I can use him. You're humbling him, conquering him, breaking him & binding him to me so he can never never never get away, nobody could take him away, so he's tied to you forever! Do you understand? I want him, Honey.

       54. I'M YOUR FISHERMAN & YOU'RE MY BAIT & I'M CATCHING HIM--& he's going to be caught, totally hooked! I need him, you understand? You go hook him, Honey. Go hook him real good & tight to the fisherman's line, all right? (Maria: How long should I stay?) As long as you need to make him happy.

       55. GET IN NEXT TO HIM BETWEEN HIS FEET LIKE RUTH, between his legs where his peter is & slip in his bed & start working his peter. Get it up really hard & then let him fuck you or you fuck him, whatever you like, make him feel real good. Make him feel obligated to you, Honey, don't you understand?

       56. MAKE HIM OWE YOU HIS LIFE, HIS EVERYTHING, you understand me? Then love & kiss him a little bit & say good night & come home. Just tell him you love him & you want to give him his little due, just you, little due. Maria of the dewey hips! It's so pretty to watch it, will you please light a candle so I can watch it? (Maria: You're supposed to sleep.) I'll sleep afterward, OK? (Maria: It will take awhile.)

       57. I'LL WAIT TILL I HEAR YOU HUFFING & PUFFING! Huff & puff real loud for me so I'll know when to come & look & watch, when you're fucking away, OK? Tell him like you did before to huff & puff real loud--scream, yell, whatever! OK? It's 4 o'clock in the morning, it's his most weakest hour.

       58. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM TO RESIST YOU! You believe it? You watch & see! You slip into bed & squeeze up close to him & grab his peter & start working it. It's his handle, Honey, it's his control. OK? Then when you get going & he's really fucking you or you're fucking him, whatever you do, gasp & make a lot of noise so I can come watch it, all right?

       59. I'LL BE SO HAPPY BECAUSE YOU'RE MY GUIDED MISSILE, Honey, you're conquering him for me! You understand me? Good girl! I'm going to shoot you now! In Jesus' name, Lord, bless & keep her, strengthen her, give her absolutely irresistible magical powers of seduction & conquest in the name of Jesus, amen. Go, Sweet Baby, you're my guided missile! Oh Honey, I'm so proud of you! I have a rope tied to you, Honey, & my line on you & you cannot get away, not at all. (Footnote:--And she didn't!--But our fish got away, sad to say! We got him out of Rachel's bunch, but could never get Rachel out of him!: Techi is ours forever! PTL! So it wasn't all in vain! TTL!--& Tim had his chance, God help him!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family