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"LISTEN!"--By Father David       Tenerife       DO998       12 February 1976

       (During a lovemaking orgasm explosion Abrahim cried out!:)
       1. "LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! HEAR YE, HEAR YE! Hear ye the voice of thy father David which poureth forth words of love even as these seeds of love!" And again it was all about, "The words & the seeds & the kisses that pour forth from his heart to those that hunger & thirst for love & life & truth, that seek earnestly after such seeds!

       2. "THOSE THAT DESIRE THEM WITH GREAT DESIRE even as she desireth, & woo with great wooing even as she doth woo, that she might receive them, for she hungereth with great desire to receive that which he hath to give! She panteth after his love as the hart panteth after the water brook! She longeth for love, she yearneth with great desire to please him that she might obtain such love, to woo him that she might draw from him the seeds of eternal life, the love, the truth that lives forever more!

       3. "SUCH IS THE LOVE OF HER FATHER, SUCH IS HER LOVE FOR DAVID, for of such is this love made, & of such love is the Kingdom of Heaven!" Thank You Jesus for giving it back to me! I remember last time it was such an explosion I really wanted to know what it said this time. "That she might have life & bring forth life that shall be everlasting & eternal & that shall never die but shall live forever!" You see, it is a similar refrain all the way through, isn't that beautiful? He kept repeating that refrain,

       4. "SUCH IS THE LOVE OF HER FATHER & SUCH IS HER LOVE FOR DAVID!" After lovemaking I get super-heated & you get cold! It seems like I should have given you something, but maybe what you give me is in the spirit & I give you the physical. It seemed to me that this time Abrahim was in a more cheerful mood because we were interested in what was being said. In a way the time before was almost more violent, like he was angry that we weren't concerned about what was happening & did not realise how important it was!

       5. I NEVER GET OVER THE LORD BEING ABLE TO SPEAK THROUGH ME, through Abrahim in another language even. The Lord never gave me that gift till after I left the church & left everything to forsake all.--In fact not until I really became revolutionary! Not until I was sleeping nude between two of my first three wives! It's such a thrill to hear & even speak in the Spirit, to experience someone talking through you & even using your tongue! It's so exciting it almost scares you!

       6. I'VE OFTEN WONDERED WHY IT IS THE LORD HAS TO LET THE SPIRITS USE YOUR TONGUE & SPEAK THROUGH YOU. Why can't they speak on their own like some spirits do, like the archangels & some of the angels do? Some angels are allowed to appear in person & speak. And some prophets like Samuel who appeared to Saul, & another prophet appeared to John, they spoke on their own & didn't have to use tongues or someone else's tongue or interpretation. (Tongues:) "Behold with what love I have kissed thy father & manifested Myself unto him!"

       7. IT'S ALMOST LIKE GETTING MARRIED! It's almost like I'm married to Abrahim. He becomes part of me & uses my tongue & my mind. Otherwise I think if he just appeared in this room & talked to me, in some ways I don't think it would seem like as great a miracle. But it seems so much more intimate & personal, sort of sacred because he actually uses my body & uses my mind, my tongue sometimes, even my hands & my lips & he uses my eyes to cause me to see visions!

       8. IT SEEMS A LOT MORE SWEET AND INTIMATE & PERSONAL, more human, like he's part of me, so what have I got to fear? Being possessed by a spirit is almost like a marriage. It is the spiritual reality of which physical marriage is the symbol or physical manifestation.--When a man possesses a woman & sows seed in her, takes a grip on her innermost being, fills her with another life to bring new life into the World, it's a possession!

       9. SPIRITUAL POSSESSION IS EVEN MORE INTIMATE, of which the physical possession is a mere type or picture. The same way we're possessed with the Spirit of God & salvation & filled to overflowing with His Spirit & the baptism of the Spirit & power to be given such gifts by His Spirit or one of His holy spirits is such a thrill & such an exciting inspiration, even more exciting than sex, but very akin to its orgasms!

       10. I FLIP OUT IN THE SPIRIT ALMOST MORE READILY & REGULARLY DURING AN ORGASM THAN ANY OTHER TIME, showing that an orgasm in a way has some kind of spiritual similarity, or maybe an orgasm is spiritual. And there was something in there about, "Come ye, come ye, come ye to the waters & drink! Come ye & drink of their abundant flow!" That was like an invitation, like an invitation to sex.

       11. IT WAS AN INVITATION TO THE SPIRIT! That's one of the expressions we use regarding an orgasm--come! "Come ye, come ye!" To think that the Spirit of God through one of His spirits can so possess at a time like that I can think & see & say what he thinks & sees & hears & says, while at the same time he apparently can feel the physical sensations that I feel while fucking you!

       12. I GET THE SPIRITUAL VIBES THAT HE HAS & HE ACTUALLY RECEIVES THE PHYSICAL VIBES that I have, so that it is just like he's fucking you himself! Isn't that amazing! One more man to add to your list! What a wonderful experience, such an ecstatic powerful physical experience, simultaneous with the spiritual experience. Thank you Lord! And so easy, it was like it was all in the Spirit & you went so easy & so quick. I should say I guess you came! I guess you came & I went, & then we're spent! TYL!

       13. THE LORD'S WORDS ARE CERTAINLY IMPORTANT, & apparently He considers them very important. It's like a command, a demand, insisting almost, forceful!--Just like when you go that far with sex it seems like nothing in the World can stop you, even if you had to rape somebody you've just got to have it! What a picture of the spiritual possession!

       14. MY DESIRE TO GIVE IT IS JUST AS INSISTENT & DEMANDING & FORCEFUL & ALMOST IRRESISTIBLE AS YOUR DESIRE BECOMES TO RECEIVE IT at that moment! It is almost as though the Spirit is not just merely inviting but virtually commanding that they hear & receive the Words that they should! They must! Those Words came through more with the force of a command than just a mere invitation--an authoritative command!

       15. "LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! HEAR YE! HEAR YE! YOU MUST LISTEN!" The message of course being to all that they must desire to hear as you desire to hear, as desirous & insistent to hear as you are at that moment to complete the sexual union & experience an orgasm. You just virtually collapsed, you couldn't keep going! You could hardly stand any more when I wasn't even finished, & that's a lot the way we are with the Lord.

       16. THE PROPHET SAID, "ENOUGH, ENOUGH! STAY THY HAND, LORD! We can't stand anymore!"--And they collapsed! But the Lord has a lot more to give! He must get kind of fed up with our lack of capacity sometimes, as some husbands get fed up with their wives' lack of capacity for sex. Thank God you never seem to lack for capacity, Honey, except you just collapsed because you couldn't stand anymore! Thank You Lord! What a beautiful comparison & analogy!

       17. THERE'S ALWAYS THAT BEAUTIFUL SIMILARITY BETWEEN SEX & THE SPIRIT!--Sexual experience & spiritual experience. They are so similar! Sex is such a picture of the spiritual & such a similar experience. Even some of the feelings are the same. Physical feelings of ecstasy, orgasmic ecstasy. When you're filled with the Spirit it's like being filled with the spurts to the uttermost of your capacity to receive it! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord for the Holy Spirit & Your holy spirits!

       18. YES, I THINK IT'S REALLY A MUCH MORE INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WHEN ONE OF GOD'S HOLY SPIRITS ACTUALLY POSSESSES YOU! It's much more beautiful & sweeter than if he'd just stand here in the room talking to me. Which was the more remarkable, the more thrilling & the more intimate experience for Mary?--When Gabriel stood there merely making an announcement to her, or when the Lord Himself came in unto her & had intercourse with her, held her in His arms & gave her such a spiritual orgasm that produced His Own Son! Think of it!

       19. CERTAINLY THAT EXPERIENCE MUST HAVE BEEN FAR MORE EXCITING & THRILLING & INTIMATE TO HER than a mere Archangel standing there talking to her. And that's the way it is in the Spirit & the experiencing of spiritual gifts, thank the Lord! And that's also why demon or devil possession is such a horrible thing!--When people become literally married to the Devil or his demons & have such horrible intimate fellowship with him that produces such awful demonic fiendish results--violence, murder, destruction, madness, ugliness & filthiness! Everything you can think of that's bad are the fruits of intimacy with Satan & his evil spirits!

       20. JUST AS INTIMACY WITH GOD'S SPIRIT OR HIS HOLY SPIRITS IS GOOD, WONDERFUL, PURE, PERFECT, beautiful, life-giving & eternal, intimacy with Satan is horrible, terrible, & terrifying, awful & bad & can only destroy & bring death! Demon possession is nothing but death & destruction, whereas intimacy with the Lord is life & creates life, eternal life, & can only bring life, love & happiness! They can both be exciting, thrilling spiritual experiences, but what a difference!

       21. ONE IS THE EXCITEMENT OF LIFE & THE CREATION OF GOOD, & the other is the terror of death & the creation of evil! Satan's are almost as bad as the Lord's are good! Though some of the physical feelings might be similar & some of the spiritual experiences have some similarities, the end results are as far apart as the poles or two Worlds! Many of the spiritual experiences that evil can give may sometimes seem good or even "right unto man, but the end thereof are the ways of death"! (Pr.16:25.) But the ways of the Lord are a path of light which leads unto life eternal!

       22. THANK GOD FOR THE SPIRITUAL, BUT PRAY GOD IT IS THE RIGHT SPIRIT! Maybe the reason the Lord allows these human spirits to bring us gifts & His good & holy human spirits to posses us & work through us is because they get a certain satisfaction in working again in a realm with which they're very familiar & accomplishing further good which they perhaps failed to do in their physical life.

       23. MAYBE THAT'S PART OF THE WAY THEY MAKE RESTITUTION for some of the wrong they've done, or perhaps are even rewarded for the good they've done, their faithfulness in having done well.--Because God can count on them. But that they are very real we can certainly testify! Amen? All my experiences with them have been very wonderful & very satisfying, very fulfilling, & without His & their help we could never have accomplished what we've accomplished.--Without the guidance of God's Holy Spirit through His holy spirits. Praise the Lord! TYJ!

       24. THANK GOD FOR THE HAPPY HOLY SPIRITS OF GOD! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord for such a wonderful experience! When we hear from Him we know we've really heard the truth & we don't have to wonder if we're right or wrong or question its doctrines. We have heard from Heaven, & "Forever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in Heaven"! (Ps.119:89.) Hallelujah! There's no question or any doubt about it. That settles it! That's it! You can count on it & it never fails!

       25. JESUS SAID, "HEAVEN & EARTH SHALL PASS AWAY BUT MY WORDS SHALL NEVER PASS AWAY!" (Mt.24:35.) You can count on them forever, thank You Lord! I've gotten some preconceived wrong ideas from man sometimes, false doctrines & misbeliefs, but I've never heard anything wrong from the Lord or gotten a bum steer from Him! Whatever He says always comes true! So it's no wonder Abrahim wants us to listen!--Demands & commands us to listen! It's so important to hear the Word of the Lord! Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye the Word of the Lord! Praise God! Hallelujah!--Amen?

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