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REFUGES!--By Father David       DO 1003       5 April 1981
--"He that saveth his life shall lose it, but the he that loseth his life for My sake & the Gospel's, the same shall find it!" (Mk.8:35.) Hallelujah!

       1. IT SEEMS LIKE WE'VE GOT MORE REFUGE FARMS & REFUGE SUPPLIES & SURVIVAL SUPPLIES & HIDEOUTS IN THE U.S. & AUSTRALIA THAN ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, WHERE WE NEED THEM THE LEAST! Australia itself is a refuge, it's very unlikely to be in the line of fire, & how the rest of the World could get to Australia in an emergency would be pretty impossible. What are you guys doing down there? It sounds really crazy!

       2. YOU OUGHT TO BE OUT EVANGELISING THE WORLD instead of everybody going wild over survival & refuge farms. You ought to be evangelising the South Pacific & Asia! I think it's a distraction of the Devil, an absolute red herring that the Devil's given you! It gets you distracted from what you ought to be doing.

       3. NO PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD HAVE WE HEARD SO MUCH ABOUT REFUGES & SURVIVAL AS IN AUSTRALIA & U.S. WHERE YOU NEED IT THE LEAST! I think it's gotten to be a real hang-up, a real distraction from what you ought to be doing. Everybody's coming home from the mission field to make their refuge. Australia is almost the last place in the World where you need refuges for survival. It's probably going to be the least affected by the war. Not that everybody shouldn't be conscious of some kind of refuge & survival, but for God's sake, you've gone nuts there in Australia on the subject!

       4. SO MANY OF YOU HAVE COME HOME FROM THE MISSION FIELDS TO SET UP YOUR REFUGE FARMS & survival & buying farms, I mean it's almost unbelievable how you could have gone so wild over survival in a place which is most likely to survive! Well, we've been having this funny feeling every time we kept hearing about refuges anywhere, but it becomes clearer & clearer now that we see you all on these videos & everybody's talking about your refuges.

       5. YOU'VE REALLY GONE ON A REAL REFUGE-SURVIVAL KICK, IT'S A REAL HANGUP! I think it's gotten to be a real distraction from the work of the Lord. My God, Australia's one of the safest places in the World to be! It's completely out of the line of fire & not apt to be involved in an atom war at all.

       6. EVEN THE SO-CALLED AMERICAN U.S. BASES THAT ARE BEING BUILT THERE PROBABLY WON'T EVER BE FINISHED IN TIME & it'll take years & years for anything to come of those. As long as it would take'm to build those bases, the Lord will probably come before they get those bases built, or the Antichrist, so you needn't worry about that. I mean, you've gone crazy over refuges & survival in an area which needs it the least. I think it's a real hang-up!

       7. I WONDER WHO GOT YOU GOING ON ALL THAT ANYWAY? The rest of our people all over the World aren't so hung up on that, so you can't blame it on us & the Letters. In fact, very few of them are. I haven't even pushed refuges too much because it gets you into doing something other than winning souls. It gets you away from the cities & away from doing your work of witnessing to the lost!

       8. IT'S GOOD TO HAVE A REFUGE FARM & SURVIVAL STORES, PROVIDING IT DOESN'T TAKE THE PLACE OF WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING & as long as it's secondary & it's subsidiary to your main job of what you're to do. But some of you guys there in Australia seem to be putting refuges & survival first & then missionary work second. You're going to set up your refuge & get your survival & all that blah blah blah, & then you're going to go to the mission field.

       9. I DON'T THINK THE LORD'S GOING TO BLESS IT! I really don't think the Lord's going to bless it. I mean, that's refuges & survival where you need it the least in a land that's most apt to survive without it. We don't have any refuge, we don't have any survival, we can't, we have to move too often! We just have to trust the Lord! What's the matter with some of you guys!

       10. YOU OUGHT TO PUT GOD'S WORK FIRST & HE'LL TAKE CARE OF YOU! If it's possible to have a refuge & survival, well fine, if you happen to be situated where you can & it's necessary. I think it's probably the only way some of those Americans are going to survive in the U.S. to minister to what's left at all. But goodnight, you guys in Australia are completely out of the war zone & there's very little possibility that you'll even suffer fallout there.

       11. SO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SO EXCITED ABOUT REFUGES & SURVIVAL FOR? I think it's a distraction & I think it's a trick of the Devil to get you away from what the Lord wants you to do, because you are the most strategically located of any of the Family in the whole World with the best kind of a base in Australia, a rich base that's well able to finance you, & close to the mission field, & which would be a marvellous border base for all of Southeast Asia, the East Indies, the South Pacific & that whole area!

       12. AUSTRALIA WOULD MAKE A MERVELLOUS BORDER BASE & rich base to base at and finance you & send you & take care of you and everything. (Maria: If you weren't so busy using your money to buy refuge farms!) Yes, if you weren't so busy wasting your money on refuge farms & survival where you don't even need it! God help us! I think it's a trick of the Devil to distract you from what you're supposed to be doing!

       13. YOU GUYS OUGHT TO BE EVANGELISING THE WHOLE SOUTH EAST ASIA, SOUTH PACIFIC & EAST INDIES! You had been doing a fairly good job of it, you had been doing a lot, & I think that's just why the Devil's trying to distract you, because you are a real potential threat to his kingdom out there & you have been having too much success to suit him, so he's trying to get you distracted saving yourselves when you ought to be out there trying to save the heathen!

       14. I JUST THINK YOU'RE REALLY TRIPPIN' OUT ON THE WRONG TRACK! All that big emphasis on refuge farms & survival & all that stuff is a big waste of your time & money where you don't even need it. That really upsets us! God help us & God help you & deliver you from that kick or trip you're on, that refuge survival trip. I think it's a real trick of the Devil to try to keep you from evangelising!

       15. YOU CERTAINLY DON'T NEED TO EVANGELISE AUSTRALIA VERY MUCH, they've had plenty of Gospel & plenty of Jesus & they're a pretty tough hard bunch like the U.S., but you certainly are at a very great advantage there to reach the East Indies, Southeast Asia & the South Pacific! You're marvellously strategically located close to all these places that need help, & God's going to hold you responsible for your responsibility when you're their neighbours right there.

       16. HE SAID, "LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR", & THEY'RE YOUR NEIGHBOURS & you'd better get out there & love'm instead of loving yourselves so much & having all those refuge farms & so much survival & wasting all your time & strength & money on that baloney which you don't even need in Australia! It's ridiculous! I'm really surprised at you, I'm disappointed in you. Who got you off on this refuge survival kick there? "Who hath bewitched you?" (Gal.3:1.)

       17. I MEAN, IN NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAVE WE HEARD'M SO FREAKED OUT ON REFUGES & SURVIVAL!--In the one place in the World where you don't even need it! What's the matter with them, Keda? Who got'm on that kick anyway? Huh? They ought to be busy out being missionaries in that whole surrounding territory! Thank God, some of you have done a good job there & have been out on the field for years in Southeast Asia & the Islands. But I'll tell you, you could do a Hell of a lot more, or a Heaven of a lot more with a Hell of a lot less emphasis on refuges & survival! That makes me sick!

       18. (MARIA: I MEAN, IT REALLY SADDENS US TO SEE YOU SPENDING SO MUCH TIME ON ESCORT WORK, FFING ALL THOSE HARDENED AUSTRALIANS, hours & hours & thousands of hours of your precious time in litnessing & witnessing to those hardened people that just walk past your little kids on the streets & hardly give you a second glance, when you could be in those mission fields where they're so ripe & just waiting to hear the Gospels once, where they just love kids & they're willing to stop & listen to you & hear the message!)

       19. WE GET VIDEOS FROM SOME FIELDS WHERE THE NATIVES GATHER AROUND BY THE HUNDREDS whenever our Family start to sing with their little kids etc. We've gotten videos from you there in Australia where you stand there practically all by yourselves & the people don't even stop, they just keep on passing by, walk right on by ignore you! It's a field that is hard & has had plenty more than its share of the Gospel & have obviously not been willing to share the Gospel with all the area around them.

       20. MY GOD, YOU SHOULDN'T BE LIKE THE REST OF THE AUSTRALIANS WHO'VE BEEN THERE FOR A CENTURY OR TWO now & have done so little to evangelise their part of the World! (Maria: And then you spend your precious time in escort work or FFing & use the money that you get from it to put into refuge farms & survival supplies, instead of helping the missionaries!) It's really pitiful, really pitiful!

       21. WELL, I HOPE THE LORD DOESN'T HAVE TO REALLY CHASTISE YOU WITH SOME KIND OF PLAGUES OR CHASTENING of some kind for failing the Lord, to put Him first. You've completely forgotten the Scripture that says, "Seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness & all those other things shall be added unto you." (Mt.6:33) Your putting those refuge farms & survival first is certainly not seeking the kingdom first!

       22. HIS KINGDOM IS SOULS! HIS KINGDOM IS MISSIONARY WORK! HIS KINGDOM IS REACHING THE LOST WITH THE GOSPEL! You're putting all the things first & adding the things to yourselves first, & then you're going to put the kingdom second after you have done all this other! "First I will build unto myself greater barns & there will I bestow all my goods." The Lord said, "O thou fool, this night shall thy soul be required of thee & then whose shall all these things be?" (Lk.12:18-20) What a warning!

       23. YOU'RE GOING TO BE SORRY IF YOU SUDDENLY HAVE TO FACE THE LORD, that you didn't do what he told you to do, to seek first the Kingdom! He didn't say seek first things or seek first refuge farms & survival, He said seek first the Kingdom! We have talked about refuge farms & survival, but we have never greatly pushed that particular angle of the farm idea because it's usually too isolated to be much good to anybody else or to minister. It always takes somebody off the job to keep it going & take care of it full time.

       24. I'D SAY POSSIBLY A FEW MAY BE NEEDED WHERE THEY REALLY NEED IT LIKE THE U.S., some place for those people to flee if they want to survive at all. (Maria: If they're planning to stay there at all!) Yes, if they're going to stay there. But I've been telling USAs what the hell are you worrying about refuge farms for? Why don't you get the hell out of that country & go to that field where you'll be a hell a lot safer on the mission field where you belong than in some damn refuge farm where you don't belong in the U.S.A.!

       25. (MARIA: AND WHEN YOU'RE SINGING TO US ON THIS VIDEO THE GLORIES OF THE KANGAROOS & THE COCKATOOS on your refuge farm instead of singing the glories of souls won to the Lord, it really makes us start to wonder!) I'll tell you, we just got sick of hearing about it! You're talking more about refuge farms & survival & the kangaroos than you're talking about the mission field! You seem to be more sold on refuge farms survival & the animals than you are on souls!

       26. GOD DELIVER US FROM THAT DELUSION! I think your refuge farms & survival is getting to be a delusion in Australia & the U.S. too! (Maria: I think the U.S. is finally getting the point, & I haven't heard too much about refuges in the U.S. for awhile. I think they are trying to get out now finally. But not Australia!) My Lord, Australia is about the last place in the World that'll ever need'm!--The least likely to be on target for any atomic bombs or any warfare! Probably the last place that will even be affected by the war & not likely the kind of place that'll need refuge farms or survival.

       27. WHO GOT YOU OFF ON THIS KICK ANYHOW? YOU'RE FREAKED OUT ON THE SUBJECT! (Maria: Not even any of our WS Units have refuge farms or much survival, they're too busy working for the Lord! They're sacrificing their lives for the Lord, so how can they take the time? They're trusting the Lord to take care of them!) And they have to move around too much besides. And for goodness sake, most of them right now are right in the war ones!

       28. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS IN AUSTRALIA WORRIED ABOUT, ANYWAY? My God, you ought to get the hell out of there & get out on the mission field! Forget your God-damned refuge farms & your selfish survival! You're not supposed to put survival first, that's the last thing to worry about! Jesus said, "He that cometh after Me, let him pick up his cross & follow Me! For he that would save his life shall lose it, but he that would lose his life for My sake & the Gospel's the same shall save it!" (Mk.8:34,35.)

       29. YOU GUYS WHO ARE SO DAMN WORRIED ABOUT SAVING YOUR LIVES with your God-damned refuge farms & survival are the most apt to lose yours! God's not going to bless it! He's going to curse it, He's going to damn it & He's going to damn you too for it, for putting that first above God's work & serving souls & winning souls & preaching the Gospel!

       30. I AM JUST ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS ABOUT THE EMPHASIS THAT'S BEING PUT ON REFUGE FARMS & SURVIVAL IN OF ALL PLACES AUSTRALIA! I don't like over-emphasis put on that anytime, anywhere! I think it ought to be the last thing you worry about. After you've done your job for God & His Kingdom & you're out on your mission field winning souls & everything else you ought to be doing, I don't think you'll even have time to worry about saving yourself or survival!

       31. AND WHO IN THE HELL WANTS TO SURVIVE? LET'S DIE FOR JESUS! LET'S DIE FOR SOULS! For God's sake, quit wasting your time & money on refuge farms & your God-damned survival! You folks are out there right next door to the mission field, & of all the people & places in the World that ought to be out there doing the most missionary work & have the least need for survival & refuge farms it's you!

       32. IT JUST MAKES ME SICK HOW THE DEVIL HAS TRIPPED YOU OFF ON REFUGE FARMS & SURVIVAL! We began to hear a little bit about it from each of you Australians one after the other, but my God, this is getting to be too much! It seems like everybody in Australia is all completely tripped out on refuge farms & survival more than going to the mission field, & you put that first & buying the refuge farms & getting them stocked up with survival before you're even willing to go to the mission field! That's not God's plan, that's not God's way! "Seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness & all these other things will be added unto you!" (Mt.6:33.--Read it!)

       33. (MARIA: AND YOU'RE TAKING AWAY THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WHICH COULD BE USED FOR YOUR FARES OR TO FINANCE MISSIONARIES! At the least if you don't want to go, you could be financing other missionaries.) I grant you, if some of you have already been years on the field, you may need a little furlough & be thankful to kind of have a little vacation from it all for a little while & get out on a refuge farm where there's a little peace & quiet & you can rest awhile from the battle, but I'll tell you, you'd better not put that first!

       34. YOU'D BETTER NOT GET SO ENTANGLED WITH YOUR REFUGE FARM & SURVIVAL THAT YOU'RE LIKE THE GUY WITH THE WATCHES & YOU FORGET WHAT YOU JOINED THE ARMY FOR!--It wasn't to establish a refuge farm, retreat & rehabilitation or relaxation center of some kind, recreation center, survival. The idea of an army is to get out & fight & die for the cause! I'm getting pretty sick of hearing about refuge farms & survival in Australia where you least need it & most ought to be doing some missionary work! Enough said!

       35. LET ME HEAR ABOUT THE YEARS YOU SPENT ON THE MISSION FIELD FIRST, & then if you come home after five, six, seven, eight years on the field & deserve a rest, then you can talk about your refuge farm! Meanwhile I'm sick of hearing about them where you need them the least!

       36. I MEAN, MY GOD, YOU DON'T WANT TO LET YOURSELVES GET STAGNATED while you're home on furlough & all sidetracked on that refuge-survival kick, or God'll be through with you & toss you on the junk pile, scrap heap of useless instruments, 'cause you're not willing to get out & go to the battle front anymore! The Lord isn't going to bless it, I'll tell you!

       37. WE'RE NOT CITIZENS ANYWHERE! We're not managing to get citizenship anywhere. We have no refuge, we have no survival, we've got no citizenship, we're not putting those considerations first! We're just continuing to serve you & the Lord & let the Lord & you take care of us, & thank God you do & the Lord does! We've put God's work first & He takes care of the rest.

       38. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T LET ME HEAR ANYMORE ABOUT THOSE GOD-DAMNED REFUGE FARMS & YOUR DAMN SELFISH SURVIVAL in of all places Australia where you need it the least! It's just a trick of the Devil to keep you off the mission field & to waste your money on other junk instead of supporting the missionaries there, right next door in the Islands & Southeast Asia! That's it! I've had it! I've had it! I'm sick of it, I'm up to here on refuge farms & survival! Ugh! If I hear another mention of a refuge farm & survival on this video, I think I'm going to puke!

       39. (MARIA: LOOK AT AMOS & FAMILY WITH TEN KIDS & WINNING SOULS ALL THE TIME & busy for the Lord & witnessing & raising hundreds of dollars every month that he sends to the mission field!)--And with a houseful of new disciples! (Maria: He's really accomplishing something in Australia. And I don't think Amos has a refuge farm either.) We never heard him say anything about it, at least. If he has, he's certainly not putting it first, that's for sure!

       40. BUT THAT'S THE LAST I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT REFUGE FARMS & SURVIVAL IN OF ALL PLACES AUSTRALIA WHERE YOU NEED IT THE LEAST! It's a trick of the Devil & I'm so sick of hearing about it I want to puke! If I hear one more person on this tape talking about a refuge farm or a God-damned selfish survival I'm going to be sick!

       41. KEDA, HOW COULD YOU HAVE LET THEM GET OFF ONTO THAT KIND OF A KICK? Who led them astray? "O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you?" (Gal.3:1.)--Trying to save yourselves now by the arm of flesh instead of depending on God's grace! God help us & deliver us, & especially you guys in Australia!--From those God-damned refuge farms & silly selfish survival where you least need it!

       42. MY LORD, WHAT ARE YOU FLEEING FROM IN AUSTRALIA ANYHOW!--KANGAROOS? (Maria:--Or aborigines?) My God, you're completely out of the line of fire & about as far from the war zone as you can possibly get! Who the hell are you scared of?--The Devil? Well, you'd better be scared of the Lord because you're disobeying the Lord & failing God in the job He's given you!

       43. YOU'RE NOT DOING YOUR JOB OF GETTING OUT OF THOSE DAMN LOWLANDS & GETTIN' OUT ON THE FIELD & serving the Lord & putting His Kingdom first & preaching the Gospel & saving souls instead of your sickening selves! That just makes me sick! I don't want to hear anymore about refuge farms & survival, in of all place Australia! It makes me sick enough when I hear about it in the U.S. & Europe!

       44. WHO'S LEADING THIS DRIVE IN AUSTRALIA? WHO'S LEADING ALL THE SHEEP ASTRAY THERE? What bellwether is leading you all astray on this drive for refuge farms & survival in the one place in the World that you need it the least & where you're best located as a base for being missionaries? My God, you've forgotten what you joined the army for! (Maria: I don't think it was Keda, she's been in Japan all this time.)

       45. WHO IN THE HELL LED THEM ASTRAY, KEDA? I want you to run that down & find out how that craze got started there in Australia. Who did it! Who done it! Who done it! Who's to blame? I don't think you can blame it on the Letters, I haven't put that much emphasis on it. (Maria: The rest of the World hasn't gotten a lot of refuges.) Certainly not! The rest of the World certainly hasn't gone that crazy about it! If so, if you think you got that out of the Letters, God forgive me & I'm sorry I ever mentioned refuge farms or survival! Forget it!

       46. THAT'S ONE THING I CAN SAY WE DON'T PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH if we've been preaching it, because we don't have any refuge farm & we don't have any survival! We're just doing God's work & putting his Kingdom first & trusting God to take care of us, & we have to move frequently at that. And we're in the war zone right now! You're not! You've got no excuse for refuge farms & survival clear down there in Australia! It's about as safe a place as you can get away from the World's wars & atom bombs & fallout & all the rest!

       47. MY LORD, WHO GOT YOU SO BEWITCHED & DECEIVED & DELUDED ON THIS REFUGE FARM KICK ANYWAY? Who was the bellwether that led all you sheep astray in that direction? It's a trick of the Devil, & I'm just furious about it! I want you to pin it down, Keda, & find out! We're sick of hearing about refuge farms & survival! That's enough! I don't even want to talk about it anymore, I'm sick of it! If anyone else mentions refuge & survival on this video, I'm going to puke!

       48. I MEAN, IN PLACES LIKE THE UNITED STATED OR EUROPE, THAT'S THEIR ONLY CHANCE OF STANDING ANY CHANCES OF SURVIVAL AT ALL, if at all, which is pretty unlikely! Not even a refuge farm is going to save you necessarily in the United States when the whole country gets wiped out & most of Western Europe gets wiped out! What the hell good is a refuge farm going to do you? You're going to be so saturated with atomic radiation that nothing's going to be able to save you! (Maria: Plus rioters, looters & people who are going to invade your territory anyway & take it away from you at the point of a gun!)

       49. MY GOD YES, THEY'LL BE OUT THERE WITH GUNS TAKING IT AWAY FROM YOU! How are you going to defend it? Your best defence is the Lord & to obey Him & do His will & get out to the mission field where you belong serving the Lord & winning souls! If it kills you, well, you'll die happy at least, & not trying to shoot your way out of your refuge farm & defend it with guns! (Maria: And get killed in the process!) It's ridiculous, just ridiculous!

       50. I MEAN IF REFUGE FARMS ARE GOING TO BE A DISTRACTION & survival supplies are going to separate you from the work of the Lord, then I'm going to start condemning'm & damning'm & banning'm!--If they're getting to be a distraction away from the Lord's service & robbing God's work & His missionaries of the finances that could be helping them serve the Lord on the field, & robbing you of your time & your strength building'm & taking care of'm & all that rot! It's a bunch of shit, & I'm getting sick of the whole works!

       51. FORGET YOUR GOD-DAMNED REFUGE FARMS! THE LORD IS OUR REFUGE! Forget your damned survival supplies, you don't have to survive! Die for Jesus! If you want to survive, well, "He that loseth his life for My sake & the Gospel's", Jesus said, "the same will save it!"--If you lose your life for Him! But if you try to save it, you're sure going to lose it! I don't want to hear any more about refuge farms & survival!

       52. EVEN IN THE HOTTEST WAR ZONE IN THE WORLD, WHICH IS GOING TO BE THE U.S., I think you're wasting your time there in the first place! You ought to get out of the country & go to the mission field! What's your excuse for staying in a place like the U.S.? And what's your excuse for a refuge farm, & survival supplies in a country like Australia that doesn't even need it? It's about as far from the war zone as you can get! Why are you wasting your time with survival supplies & your money & your strength on refuge farms where you don't even need them, when you ought to be busy out on the mission field around you?

       53. GOD DELIVER US FROM THE DISTRACTION OF REFUGE FARMS & the financial drain of survival supplies! I'm telling you, the Lord's going to curse it because you haven't put His work first! If you put those farms & survival first, you're going to lose it! If you put saving your life first, you're going to lose it for sure. But of you lose your life for the Lord's sake & the Gospel's, Jesus couldn't have made it any plainer, He says you're the only ones that'll save yours!

       54. THE DEAR LITTLE MISSIONARIES OUT ON THE FIELD SAVING SOULS & PREACHING THE GOSPEL are the ones who are going to save their lives! They're the ones that God's going to save, even if He has to do mighty miracles to do it! Not the ones who are staying home busy building themselves fortresses & refuge farms & stocking up years of survival for the years they aren't even going to live, & refuges that aren't going to be any refuges! If anybody wants them, they'll take them away from you, so forget it!

       55. THE BEST REFUGE IS ON THE MISSION FIELD! The best survival is preaching the Gospel, Jesus Himself said so: "He that loseth his life for My sake & the Gospel's the same shall save it." (Mk.8:35.) You want to save your life? You want survival? Then lose it for Jesus & the Gospel, preaching it to others! The fastest way to lose it is to try to save it!

       56. SO FORGET THOSE GOD-DAMNED REFUGE FARMS & SURVIVAL SUPPLIES! I think they're absolutely robbing the kingdom of God of manpower, strength, finances, support, time & souls worst of all! I mean, the Devil couldn't get you off on to any other kick like building church buildings like he did the churches--that's how he gets them off the track, building churches!

       57. YOUR REFUGE FARMS & YOUR DAMN SURVIVAL SUPPLIES ARE GETTING TO BE YOUR CHURCHES, your distraction, robbing the fields of the Gospel, robbing missionaries of support, robbing souls of salvation & robbing Heaven of souls won for the Lord! So God's going to damn those God-damned refuges & survival supplies! They're robbing the Kingdom of God of souls for His Kingdom!

       58. ONE GUY ON THIS VIDEO TALKED THE LONGEST & THE MOST ENTHUSIASTICALLY & the most and chatted on till I wished he would quit, till finally I speeded up the tape I got so sick & tired of hearing about this God-damned refuge farm & all the kangaroos & everything! He talked longer & more enthusiastically about this damn refuge farm than anybody else in the whole tape talked about anything! (Maria: That another brother had actually bought with his wife's earnings from escort work!)

       59. MY GOD!--AND WASTING YOUR TIME ON THOSE DAMN HARD AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSMEN & WHATNOT! Now some of you apparently are doing some people some good, thank the Lord, & we're not completely downing escort work or FFing. Sometimes you have to do it just because you've got to reach them somehow. But if you're doing it just for support, you've got the cart before the horse! God won't bless it!

       60. IF YOU'RE DOING IT TO TRY TO WIN SOULS PRIMARILY & YOU'RE GETTING REAL FRUIT & THE LORD'S BLESSING IT, PTL, HE'LL SUPPLY TOO! Or if you're using it to help missionaries on the field & to support them to win souls if you can't, God'll bless it! But He certainly will not bless it just for you to earn enough money to buy a refuge farm & stock it with survival supplies where you don't even need'm! It's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous! You guys have gone nuts on the subject there in Australia! Who in the hell misled you & led you astray, anyhow, on that refuge farm kick?

       61. GOD DAMN IT! YOU DON'T NEED ANY REFUGE FARMS IN AUSTRALIA & YOU DON'T NEED ANY SURVIVAL SUPPLIES! That's ridiculous! Get out on the field where you belong & preach the Gospel & live for Jesus & die for Jesus & the Lord will take care of you! But He's certainly not going to bless you or take care of you when you're staying home stocking up treasures to save for yourselves & to try to save yourselves while you're neglecting His Commission & neglecting your job & neglecting the fight & the battle & the battlefront & neglecting the Lord.

       62. TO HELL WITH REFUGES & SURVIVAL! COME ON & FIGHT & DIE WITH US that are fighting & dying for Jesus to save the World, not our God-damned selves! Jesus didn't commission us to save ourselves, He commissioned us & called us into the army to save others! I'm sick of these people who just want to save themselves! I want to hear more about people who want to save others! GHU!

       63. I'M SICK OF THESE PEOPLE WHO WANT ANY OTHER REFUGE THAN JESUS! Who the hell wants to survive, anyhow? And I'm sick of these people who want to save their God-damned selfish stupid idiotic selves, their carnal flesh, instead of trying to get out & save immortal souls! God's not going to bless it, He's going to curse it, He's going to blow on it & something's going to happen to those refuge farms & your supplies & you're going to lose everything! "He that saveth his life shall lose it, but he that loseth his life for my sake & the Gospel's the same shall find it!" TG!

       64. GET OUT & LOSE YOUR LIFE FOR THE LORD ON THE MISSION FIELD! Get out & lose your life for others! Get out & die for Jesus & souls, & you'll save a Hell of a lot more than a God-damned refuge farm could ever hold! God's going to curse & blow on those refuge farms & those survival supplies that you put first before the Kingdom & before His service & before souls & before preaching the Gospel & before the mission field!--Things you allowed to rob you of time on the field & time preaching the Gospel & time saving souls & finances that were needed to help support missionaries!

       65. DAMN THOSE REFUGE FARMS! I'M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT THEM! God damn you people who are trying to just survive & save yourselves! Who the hell wants to survive? I want to die for Jesus, & I have been for a long time & I expect to! We're not trying to save ourselves, I'll tell you! We're trying to survive for your sake, not for our sake! My Lord, if all we had to worry about was saving ourselves, I'd have been happy to die a long time ago! You don't need any refuge or survival supplies to die!

       66. YOU WANT TO SURVIVE?--THE EASIEST WAY TO SURVIVE IS TO GO AHEAD & DIE & DIE QUICK! GO TO BE WITH THE LORD! Who the hell wants to survive in this God-damned World? I don't know, they must be crazy!--Unless it's someplace where they could serve the Lord & save souls & preach the Gospel & save the heathen & win others & help other people.

       67. I'M SORRY I EVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT REFUGE FARMS OR SURVIVAL SUPPLIES! You guys are making me sick of the whole thing! My God, I hope you don't survive! I mean, what good are you if you do survive sitting out on a refuge farm with the kangaroos, watching the cockatoos fly by! God deliver us from that horrible deceit & witchcraft bewitchment of refuge farms & survival! We don't have any other certain refuge except Jesus, the Lord, & you don't stand a chance for survival except in His will!

       68. LET ME TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, IF YOU PUT YOUR FAITH IN A REFUGE FARM, YOU'RE GOING TO FIND IT'S NO REFUGE! And if you put your faith in any other kind of survival except God's will, you're going to find out it's not going to save you & you just wasted your time & your strength & your money & God's money & God's time & your life trying to save it instead of losing it for Jesus & the Gospel, for the heathen. You're going to lose it, lose the whole works!

       69. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT ANOTHER GOD-DAMNED REFUGE FARM OR SURVIVAL SUPPLIES! I'm sick of hearing about'm! I'm not going to put another damn thing in the magazine about such things, I think we've gone overboard on that baloney! Let me tell you, if you're really a mobile missionary & travel around with a camper, you can't carry very much in the way of survival supplies, & you sure as shootin' are not very well going to be able to necessarily escape to any survival or refuge farm when the crash does come!

       70. IF YOU TAKE CARE OF THE PROPHET OF GOD & HIS PROPHETS & HIS MISSIONARIES, the Lord will take care of your barrel of meal so it'll not fail & the cruse of oil will never run dry, like He did for the widow of Zarapath! (1Kg.17:14.) Three years of famine & she kept eating out of the same barrel of meal, the same cruse of oil without any survival supplies because she'd been faithful to take care of God's prophet & was in His will! That's the kind of survival that will save you, is being in the will of God & taking care of God's children & His missionaries, not trying to save yourself!

       71. WHEN SHE WAS OUT TRYING TO SAVE HERSELF & pick up a couple of sticks to make a fire to bake one last cake for herself & her son so they could die, she was headed for death when she was trying to save herself! But when Elijah said, "Bake me a little cake first, & then after that for thee & thy house...The barrel of meal will not waste & the cruse of oil will never run dry!"--And that's exactly what happened! (1Kg.17:10-16.)

       72. SHE PUT GOD & HIS PROPHET & HIS MISSIONARY FIRST, fed & took care of him first, & she survived three long years of famine!--The barrel of meal never wasted & the cruse of oil never ran dry! Think of that!--With no survival stores & no other refuge than the will of God! I'm sick of refuge farms & survival supplies! The Lord damn'm all, every one that's robbing God's Kingdom of your time & His time & His finances that ought to be out on the field preaching the Gospel & helping missionaries! That's enough of refuge farms, too much! And my God, that's the last place in the World where you need'm is Australia!

       73. WHO WAS THE DEMONIC DEVIL THAT LED YOU GUYS ALL ASTRAY ON THIS BUSINESS? It must have been dear Hong Kong Goolagong who wanted to bury you in Australia along with him! (See No.980.) Well, that's where you'll be burried & that's where God'll bury you, or the Devil, if you keep putting so much God damn emphasis on refuge farms & survival! God'll make sure they are no refuge & you won't survive if you have put them before the Kingdom of God & preaching the Gospel to the lost & missionary work out on the field & supporting His missionaries!

       74. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR OF ANOTHER GOD DAMN REFUGE FARM OR SURVIVAL SUPPLIES ON YOUR TAPES or I'm going to feel like tearing'm up! It makes me sick! Keda, what's the matter with those people down there, anyway? How'd they suddenly get all so damn interested in saving themselves instead of the World?--Saving their stinking selfish selves instead of poor lost souls! God help us & deliver us from that kind of delusion!

       75. YOU'D BETTER ASK THE LORD TO FORGIVE YOU & REPENT OF YOUR EVIL DEEDS OF REFUGE FARMS & SELFISH SURVIVAL, & some of you could sell all that stuff & finance you & a whole lot of other missionaries. And I'll tell you, God's not going to let it save you, not when you neglected His work to build it & save it!--Not when you neglected His Kingdom for survival supplies & a refuge farm, He's not going to let it save you! (Maria: It's like the man who said he'd pull down his barns & build bigger ones.) Yes.

       76. "OH THOU FOOL," GOD SAID TO THE MAN THAT STOCKED UP HIS SURVIVAL SUPPLY, "this night shall thy soul be required of thee, & then whose shall all these survival supplies be?" God help us! PTL! Whose then shall all these things be? The Devil's? The Devil's children? Forget about saving yourselves! Get out & get busy & die for Jesus & souls, & the Lord'll save you! PTL!

       77. HAVEN'T YOU THOUGHT IT WAS A BIT STRANGE THAT THERE WAS SO MUCH OVER-EMPHASIS & GOING OVERBOARD ON REFUGES & SURVIVAL SUPPLIES? Haven't you thought that was a bit strange in a place like Australia where they need them the least & where the people could be the most help to the mission field? Some people in Australia seem to be more interested in saving themselves than they are in saving souls!

       78. WELL, I'M SORRY I HAD TO FUSS AT YOU REFUGERS & SURVIVORS, BUT YOU NEEDED IT! So may God help it to do you good so you'll do the rest of the World more good instead of just trying to save yourselves! "Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth & scourgeth every son whom He receiveth." (He.12:6.) Hereby ye know that ye are sons & my children, or I wouldn't spank you so hard when you're naughty!--& you really have been naughty wasting so much time on refuge & survival, when your only refuge is the Lord & your only survival is to die for Jesus & others! PTL! So we hope you got the point. Hallelujah!

       79. YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY GOOD WORKERS & REAL SOUL-WINNERS BEARING GOOD FRUIT, so for God's sake don't let those refuges & survival waste any more of your time! Get out & win the rest of the World! You Aussies have got a lot on the ball! You could take the whole of Asia & the East Indies & the Pacific for the Lord before it's too late!--Go!

       80. COME ON TEAM, LET'S GO! Leave those God-damned bunkers & locker rooms & food lockers & get out on the field & win souls for Jesus! Hallelujah! TYL! Amen. "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose"--to give your life to win souls for Jesus!

       81. REFUGES & SURVIVAL STOCKS WON'T LAST, BUT SOULS ARE FOREVER!--Which are you stocking for His Kingdom & Eternity?--The meat which perisheth or eternal souls forever? TYJ! GBAKY safe in Jesus saving souls!--Not in false refuges saving yourselves!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family