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ISLAND SECRET!--Watch & Pray!--By Father David       DO 1004       10/4/81

       1. WELL, PTL! TYJ! I DON'T KNOW WHY I HAVE SOME OF THESE LONG STORY DREAMS about subjects that I know nothing about & have not even been interested in & had no experience with, & therefore don't even know why I have them. Because nothing in my own thoughts could possibly have prompted them.

       2. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO CALL THIS DREAM, but this is the morning of April 10, 1981, & it seemed like I was dreaming this dream all night long! And when I wasn't dreaming it, every time I'd wake up I'd be thinking about it, & then I'd go back to sleep & dream another chapter. And why? I don't know!

       3. I'VE HAD INTEREST, OF COURSE, IN MANY COUNTRIES & IN OUR MISSIONARIES & their missionary work, & we have had some in this area. Perhaps it's a warning to them to be more careful about their conduct & more prayerful about their behavior in these foreign countries where they are pilgrims & strangers & guests.

       4. IT DID HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH SINGAPORE, although I don't know that Singapore or the Singapore government were responsible. Because apparently the city where I started my flight was the big city of Singapore on the Southern tip of the Malay Peninsula south of China.

       5. I'VE NEVER PERSONALLY BEEN TO SINGAPORE & I KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT IT except that it's supposed to be quite a city, & today extremely modern & progressive under its strong, one-man socialist type of government, sort of an independent city-state with a leader who is virtually almost a dictator, although I understand there have been some votes & referendums which have kept him in power.

       6. HE'S BEEN A VERY STRONG LEADER, STRONG MAN TYPE, & under his leadership Singapore has progressed very rapidly into a very strong thriving economy & building new buildings & highways & all types of government projects etc. He's Chinese & the government is virtually all Chinese because Singapore was really a Chinese city which was at one time taken by the British & operated as one of their colonies.

       7. THEREFORE SINGAPORE IS QUITE FAMOUS AS ONE OF BRITAIN'S BASES IN THE EAST, the so-called Far East because it's further from Europe than the Near East. And of course the British were naturally always thinking of places in relation to Britain. The Near East being Israel, Syria, Egypt, Persia, Jordan & so on, whereas the Far east was considered India, China, Southeast Asia & the East Indies, Japan, the Philippines etc.

       8. HOWEVER IN MY DREAM I HAD FLOWN FROM SINGAPORE BY PLANE TO SOME ISLAND at some distance from there which was being developed into a tourist resort with beautiful beaches, tropical climate, palm trees, a gorgeous place & fairly new as far as tourism was concerned, an island which had at one time been a penal colony--for whom or what government I don't know.

       9. I COULD SAY IT WAS THE SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT, although those who were operating it were of Chinese descent or ethnic Chinese. But of course the Chinese are all over the Far East in many countries, in many of those countries their people are like the Chinese, Orientals, so therefore I could not swear what actual nationality or what government was operating this island, although I flew there from Singapore, that was quite clear in the dream, as clear as anything could be in a dream.

       10. OF COURSE, DREAMS SOMETIMES ARE VERY VIVID & VERY CLEAR, particularly some of those that I have with name spoken out loud & even seen so that I can read the spelling, or spoken so loudly & clearly that I could never possibly forget. Other dreams are rather hazy & dream-like & I seem to know I'm in a dream, & sometimes if I don't tell them quickly they begin to fade like one of those old photographs we used to have when I was a child.

       11. THE OLD PHOTOGRAPHS DIDN'T ALWAYS STAY AS PERMANENTLY AS THEY DO TODAY, & if you'd get it out in the sunshine it would gradually fade. Of course, bright sunlight is still not good for any photographs, & if you leave them in bright sunlight today, photographs will fade. But anyhow, sometimes my dreams fade gradually after I've had them if I don't tell them quickly, therefore I'm trying to tell this one as quickly as I can after having had it during the night.

       12. IT ALL SEEMED QUITE REAL AS IT HAPPENED, AS IT REELED OFF LIKE A MOVIE. I seemed to be some type of news commentator or newscaster & I had actually been called there, asked to come there, by the parents of a young girl who seemed to have disappeared there. They knew she had gone there & had written them from there, etc., but then suddenly vanished.

       13. THERE SEEMED TO BE NO TRACE OF WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO HER except that they had gotten some rumour or word that she had been picked up by the authorities for something they didn't like. She seemed to be one of our girls & had apparently been litnessing or distributing literature which they didn't like. The rumour that they had received was that she was being held on some kind of trumped-up drug charge or fabricated charge of some kind on this island.

       14. IT'S NOT TOO OFTEN THAT PARENTS COME TO US FOR HELP TO FIND THEIR CHILDREN. The kind of parents who usually are trying to find their children who are members of our Family, are usually very antagonistic & extremely bitterly against us, bitter enemies.

       15. IF THEY SINCERELY ARE REALLY NOT ANTAGONISTIC & UNFAVORABLE, & really have actually lost contact with their children, we'd be most happy to try to help them, if it's not for the purpose of their kidnapping them & imprisoning them & torturing them in so-called deprogramming, trying to get them to abandon their faith in the Lord & us!

       16. BUT MOST PARENTS WHO TRY TO FIND THEIR CHILDREN IN THE FAMILY ARE BITTERLY ANTAGONISTIC & bitter enemies, therefore they normally go to other sources to try to find them, such as governments, & try to sic the police on us or investigations & raids & searches to find their so-called "child."

       17. THE "CHILD" MAY BE 25 YEARS OF AGE & A FULL-GROWN ADULT & fully responsible for themselves, yet the parents still can't get over the idea they're their children, so-called, their child, & they want to rescue them from these horrible cults & terrible tyrants that run them & all that sort of ridiculous rot!

       18. SO THEY USUALLY GO TO THE GOVERNMENTS OR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TO TRY TO LOCATE THEM & to try to solicit government help & recruit police aid in recovering their child, so-called, even though the child, so-called, may be married & have three or four children & have been on his or her own for many years since he left their home & their family!

       19. THEY STILL RESENT THE FACT THAT THE "CHILD" HAS FORSAKEN THE PARENTS, the parents' home & particularly the parents' religion, & try to recover them selfishly for themselves & for their original religion, & will go to almost any lengths to do so, including committing crimes--crimes of kidnapping, false imprisonment, or incarceration, & torturing, even to the point of death in a few cases!--And a number have barely & narrowly escaped at the very risk of their lives!

       20. BUT THANK GOD THEY HAVE REFUSED TO ABANDON THEIR NEW-FOUND FAITH IN JESUS & their fellowship in the Family & have flown to some far corner of the Earth to find freedom & safety from the threats of their own relatives. That kind of parents we will certainly do nothing whatsoever to help find their children, as they only mean them harm! And of course they know it so they don't usually seek our aid! (Read Mt.10:36!)

       21. BUT IT SEEMED THAT THESE IN MY DREAM WERE VERY FAVOURABLE PARENTS, very friendly, & they were really wanting to find out what had happened to their daughter, because she had suddenly disappeared on this island, or at least that's where they'd last heard from her. She had been corresponding previously fairly regularly & faithfully & they had been helping her in her missionary work, etc., but suddenly no more letters. So they had come to me for help.

       22. I DON'T KNOW WHY I SEEMED TO BE A NEWSCASTER OR A NEWS COMMENTATOR in the dream, but it was as though I was some type of newsman that they felt could be of help to them in their investigation, because they felt somehow that the government itself was responsible, & therefore they could not except any aid from the government officials. Therefore they solicited my help to try to locate their daughter.

       23. SO, BECAUSE THEY WERE GOOD FRIENDS, I FLEW FROM SINGAPORE TO THIS ISLAND. Now as I say, I don't know where the island is, I have no idea, I could only tell you a little about even what it looks like as I visited the island. As I say, it was a beautiful tropical island with palm trees & beautiful beaches.

       24. THERE WAS A SMALL TOWN, I WOULD SAY MORE OF A TOWN THAN A CITY, VERY OLD WITH VERY OLD BUILDINGS & was seemingly just being newly developed as a tourist as a tourist island or tourist resort, because there were still many of the old decrepit buildings standing around & only a handful of new hotel's, apartments etc. being built. The interior was still apparently completely undeveloped & fairly wild tropical jungle. All of this just from my visit in my dream. I somehow remember so much of what I see, & the Lord helps me be very observant & recall the sights & sounds & events of my dreams.

       25. ANYHOW, IN THE DREAM, THE MORE THE PARENTS & I SEARCHED & INVESTIGATED & ENQUIRED, the more & more we became convinced that the girl was in the hands of the government there, & yet the officials persistently denied that they knew anything about her or had anything to do with her or that they ever heard of her!

       26. BUT BECAUSE OF OTHER WITNESSES THERE & PEOPLE WHO HAD KNOWN HER & SEEN HER & who had apparently informed us that she had been arrested by the government & imprisoned, we were highly convinced that she was there somewhere, but for some reason or another the officials were denying it & did not want to be accused of being responsible for her.

       27. IT WAS AS THOUGH THE ATTITUDE OF THE GOVERNMENT WAS THAT THEY WERE TRYING TO DEVELOP THIS ISLAND FOR TOURISM & wanted to give the tourists an idea that it was quite civilised & free & modern, etc., & wanted to cover up the very repressive oppressive nature of its actual government, its very suppressive dictatorial type of government--which is why they didn't want to let us know that she had been arrested & was being held a prisoner simply for having been witnessing & litnessing, etc.

       28. ANYHOW, THE PARENTS & I CONTINUED TO INVESTIGATE & EXPLORE. We heard that there were some former concentration camps that had been used during World War II by or for the Japanese in the interior of the island in some remote locations which were almost inaccessible. And the government was conducting sort of hiking tours of some of these inland areas of exploration for ambitious tourists who liked to walk & hike & see the old remains of some of these old camps, momentos of the war.

       29. SO THE PARENTS & I DECIDED TO JOIN ONE OF THESE TOURS & SEE IF WE COULD LEARN ANYTHING ABOUT THE INTERIOR & some of these camps, where it was rumoured that some prisoners were still being held & where we thought possibly the daughter might be; that one or some of these camps were still being used by the government for its own prisoners.

       30. SO WE WERE WALKING UP THIS REMOTE INTERIOR DIRT ROAD WITH A GROUP OF TOURISTS. We'd apparently been brought there by bus & then we had gotten out to walk around to see the area, & it was a brown clay type of dirt road winding up the hillside past one of the old concentration camps. And as we passed by, the parents & I walked into the camp to take a closer look, however it was apparently now deserted, almost completely deserted & unused, except for a few people around who seemed to be taking care of it.

       31. SO WE ASKED ONE OF THESE PEOPLE WHO SEEMED TO BE IN CHARGE, A WOMAN, ABOUT THE CAMP & had it been used lately, etc.? She apparently was an official of the United Nations & said, "Well, no, the U.N. used to operate this camp, the last it was used was for refugees in recent time. But as there are no more refugees, it's now closed & it's no longer being used."

       32. WE TRIED TO GET SOME INFORMATION OUT OF HER. We said, "Well, are there any more camps further in which are still in use?" She seemed to be quite hesitant & reluctant to give us any information, but she hinted that there might possibly be, that perhaps the government had opened up one of the old camps in the interior to use for its own prisoners.

       33. SO WE PROCEEDED ON THE TOUR INTO THE INTERIOR & THEY TOOK US TO ANOTHER CAMP which they said was another one of the old unused camps, & here we were to have our lunch on the tour. They had activated the dining hall & kitchen apparently, so that the passing tourists could eat there, because it was well into the interior away from all civilisation & any type of eating places. So the government had to provide this eating place for these tourists.

       34. SO WE WENT INTO THE DINING HALL & WE HAD OUR NICE LUNCH THERE--as fairly nice a lunch as could be expected in such a primitive area & surroundings & so remote from the city.--Then we began to suspect that this camp was not quite as unused as it was supposed to be! Although the government had set aside this dining hall for the use of the tourists at this particular hour, the dining hall looked pretty well used by more than tourists!

       35. LOOKING AT THE HELP WHO WERE WORKING THERE, WE BEGAN TO SUSPECT THAT IT WAS STILL A PRISON CAMP & that the cooks & dishwashers & waiters etc. were actually prisoners. Although we could not speak their language & we couldn't ask them questions, there was just something about their air & something about them & the way the officers who were conducting the tour--they were like soldiers about the camp there as guards--would speak sharply to them & order them about, etc.

       36. THERE WERE GUARDS AT THE GATE CARRYING RIFLES & we thought this was a little odd for something that was just a tourists camp & just a place for the tourists to stop & eat lunch. And although the rest of the camp was totally out of sight deeper into the jungle, we just had a strange feeling that somehow there was something back there that the government was hiding & that all was not meeting the eye of what was actually going on there.

       37. IT SEEMED THAT THIS WAS A CAMP WHICH WAS WELL-ACTIVATED & BEING USED MORE THAN FOR MERE TOURIST LUNCHES. but the government was taking advantage of the fact that it had this prison camp there already operative with these facilities in order to feed the passing tourists & passing tours with virtual salve labour or prison labour. They were not admitting it & were certainly hiding it, but definitely using it very conveniently for their feeding of the passing tourists from which they were endeavouring apparently to make some money & a good impression upon the tourists & to encourage their tourism.

       38. IT WAS A VERY INTERESTING & BEAUTIFUL TRIP THROUGH THE JUNGLE, & our guide would describe various things, etc., but he was very mum about the camp at which we stopped for lunch & said, "No, no, no, it hasn't been used for years!" Although the roads looked well-used & some of the buildings well-used & with guards at the gate etc., he claimed that it hadn't been used for some time since the U.N. had operated it at some time previously for refugees.

       39. NOW WHAT THE U.N. WAS DOING THERE & WHY THEY HAD TO HAVE REFUGEE CAMPS, DON'T ASK ME, I DON'T KNOW! That wasn't explained. I don't recall what refugees they were, whether they were Boat people or refugees from some other war, like the Vietnamese War. This area is, of course, quite close to Vietnam, Southeast Asia there, although in the dream I had a feeling like this particular island & its small city was on the other side of the Malay Peninsula, & not at all that close to Vietnam but like it was more toward the direction of Thailand & Burma, & off the coast of some jungle mainland like Malaysia.

       40. IT WAS DEFINITELY OPERATED BY CHINESE OR A TYPE OF CHINESE or a Chinese ethnic group, because they all looked Chinese & their language sounded like Chinese. But of course many of the peoples of that area, as we said before, are of ethnic Chinese descent & do speak Chinese, even though they are not Chinese nationals.

       41. ANYHOW, IN THIS PARTICULAR AREA THERE SEEMED TO BE QUITE A FEW SOLDIERS AROUND & soldiers in the camp there, & the guide rather lamely tried to explain that this was a soldier camp as well for a few guards for the policing of the interior. But in our own imagination we could very well imagine that it was more than just a camp of soldiers guarding the interior. It seemed like they were quite busy & active with quite a few vehicles around etc., & could easily have tucked away back beyond view a prison camp. But they completely denied that they had any prisoners whatsoever.

       42. ANYWAY, AFTER THE TRIP AS WE CAME BACK TO THE SMALL CITY, what seemed to be the only town on the island, the parents & I were convinced that the officials were hiding something & that they did have a prison camp in the interior of say, political prisoners etc., which they were denying, & that it was quite possible that their daughter was there. They were virtually convinced, & I was nearly convinced as well, that certainly something fishy was going on!

       43. SO BEING ON THE ISLAND & DUE FOR ANOTHER TELECAST, I decided to set up facilities there for making a video telecast of the island like a newscast or documentary telecast on location, sort of a little travelogue, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity while I was there & had gone to all the trouble to go there at the behest of these parents, etc., & would make a kind of a little documentary travelogue about the island.

       44. THE GOVERNMENT SEEMED TO BE ALL FOR IT because they figured it would be good advertising & publicity for their new tourism there, to try to help develop it, etc., so they went along with me on the idea. We set up for an evening telecast, as I always do like the beautiful evenings & sunsets, particularly on a tropical island.

       45. WHEN WE WERE FINALLY SET UP WITH ALL THE LIGHTS, CAMERAS & EVERYTHING, WE BEGAN PANNING THE SCENERY, the beautiful beaches & palm trees & gorgeous tropical jungle about, & then the old town & its strange old buildings, etc., a very interesting & very fascinating place, & then a few of its modern hotels & apartment houses.

       46. WE WERE GIVING A TRAVELOGUE SURVEY OF THE WHOLE ISLAND, or at least that part that particular night, particularly that town & its beaches & the hotels etc., & I was describing the lovely place & what a paradise it was for tourists, an entirely new development, a new place to go, someplace that folks hadn't been before & wasn't already burned-out with tourists, but was really virgin territory for tourism, & where you could see a virgin jungle island untouched until this time by civilisation, & all that sort of thing.

       47. I WAS GIVING THEM A REAL BUILDUP, A REAL PUBLICITY BLURB FOR THE ISLAND & its tourism & its actual advantages & beautiful beaches, the good things about the place. But then I made a little mistake. I just couldn't help but say something about our experiences there, & I made a veiled reference to what was going on in the interior of the island.

       48. I SAID, "NEVERTHELESS, THERE ARE SOME RATHER MYSTERIOUS THINGS GOING ON IN THIS ISLAND which seem to have no explanation, in the revival of some old prison camps in the interior," etc. And all of a sudden the lights went out, the electricity went off, all the flood lights went off, & the official supervising the telecast apologised & said, "So sorry, but there's been some kind of an electrical interruption. Don't worry, we'll try to get it back on soon." But he soon came & apologised & said, "Well, it seems like they're having to make some repairs & you won't be able to finish the telecast tonight!"

       49. WELL, IT CAME TO ME QUITE CLEARLY WHY THE VIDEOING HAD BEEN INTERRUPTED AT THAT POINT, & from all I could see, very likely I wouldn't be able to finish that telecast on any night, & I would just have to drop it there where it was. But you know me, this aggravated me so, instead of inspiring me to quit & desert the island & forsake the parents & their investigation, I was all the more determined to see what was going on!

       50. SO I DECIDED TO TAKE A LITTLE PRIVATE HIKE INTO THE INTERIOR OF THE ISLAND MYSELF WITH THE HELP OF A NATIVE GUIDE who spoke my language & who seemed to be quite reluctant, but if I paid him enough, he was willing to go. We evidently went by his private taxi & drove back into the interior the same route that the tourist bus normally took, but at an hour at which the tourist buses did not normally run, very early in the morning.

       51. AND NOT TO MY SURPRISE, WE BEGAN TO SEE ROAD GANGS OF PRISONERS ALONG THE ROAD working on building a new highway. They were definitely prisoners, large groups of slave labour, slave-labouring prisoners which the government denied that they had there, denied that they had any prison camps, etc. I guess they thought it would deter tourism & that it would be an unsavory aspect of the island that the tourists wouldn't like, & therefore they were trying to hide it, that that sort of thing might scare some tourists away. But there they were, plain as day!

       52. AND SUDDENLY A ROAD GUARD STOPPED US & ORDERED US BACK, that we were not to drive any further into the island. Well, we had seen enough by this time to convince us that the so-called former refugees & former World War II concentration camps were not at all inactive, they were being quite well-used, & for these slave-labour camps of government prisoners. And that quite possibly the girl we were searching for was somewhere there yet.

       53. BUT AS WE CAME UPON ONE OF THESE GROUPS OF PRISONERS, THE GUARDS CAME OUT & CHALLENGED US & made us turn around & go back. They said that the tourists were not allowed in the interior at that time of day, so we turned around. But as we passed by the gate of one of the supposed unused camps which had been totally deserted when we passed by on the bus--the one the woman U.N. officer said was not being used now, & in such a way that I didn't believe her as she didn't seem to be really very convincing--we found it was alive with activity now with prisoners & guards all over the place!

       54. WE STOPPED AT THE GATE & THE GUARDS CHALLENGED US, OF COURSE, but we were trying to get some information out of them, or my taxi driver was, to try to find out what's the big idea? This camp's supposed to be deserted, & yet we could see all this activity going on & guards & prisoners, etc.

       55. A FEW OF THE PRISONERS APPARENTLY HAD SOME FAINT IDEA, SOME CRAZY IDEA THAT WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP THEM OR SOMETHING, I presume, that's my guess, or that our distraction of the guards at that moment at the gate would give them some kind of opportunity to make a break for it. So behind ours & the guards backs at that moment they made a rush to go through the gate, apparently not knowing that it was thoroughly mined with booby traps to prevent any such type of unexpected exodus!

       56. AS THEIR FEET STRUCK THE BOOBY TRAPS IN TRYING TO PASS THROUGH THE GATE, THEY EXPLODED WITH TREMENDOUS FORCE throwing their bodies high into the air & landing in mangled heaps all about the gate area! It seemed like there were at least a half-a-dozen people who had tried to rush the gate at that point & were trying to escape, rush out, & they were terribly blown apart & killed, seemed to have all been killed immediately when several of the booby trap mines exploded killing them there on the spot as they tried to rush through the gate!

       57. WE, OF COURSE, WERE HORRIFIED, & in a way the guards were at the moment rather flustered & horrified too because we had seen what happened. We were ordered to leave immediately & we did, knowing that we were really seeing things we weren't supposed to see, & it could cause problems.

       58. SO MY TAXI DRIVER & I JUMPED BACK IN THE CAR & MADE OFF FOR THE CITY, driving at a rather furious rate. He seemed to be quite frightened that he might get in trouble for having brought me there at that hour, which was quite possible, & he seemed to want to get to town & disappear as fast as he could! So he took me back to my hotel & dropped me off nearby & left in a hurry after being well-paid for all of his trouble.

       59. AND NOT UNEXPECTEDLY, WHEN I HAD NOT BEEN LONG BACK AT THE HOTEL, I RECEIVED A PHONE CALL FROM SOME GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL that they wanted to see me & to call at their office, "We want to have a little chat," & so I did. He wanted to see me right away, & apparently he was still trying to make a good impression & deny the reports of the interior prison camps & all these prisoners or political prisoners or whatever they were, & that these camps had been reactivated & were being used.

       60. HE DIDN'T EVEN ADMIT WHAT I HAD SEEN & WE DIDN'T DISCUSS IT, he simply said, "I'm very sorry, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, etc., your visa has been canceled & you'll have to leave on the next plane." I was not surprised, of course, & I took it fairly calmly knowing apparently I had worn out my welcome, & my stay as their guest was up. I would have to leave as they requested, in fact, as they ordered, cancelling my tourist visa stay & ordering me to leave on the next plane--which I did! And that's the last thing I can remember.

       61. I CAN REMEMBER LOOKING AT MY TICKET, I had a roundtrip ticket already, but I'd planned not to leave quite that soon. I was looking at my ticket & thankful that I had it & that I was able to leave the island at all! I was walking it seemed toward the airport & checking my ticket, very thankful that I was able to leave at all, & even with my unfinished documentary. And there's where I woke up' that was it. That's the last I remember.

       62. NOW IT'S A STRANGE STORY, & WHY I SHOULD DREAM IT I DON'T KNOW, but it was just like that & I've told it to you as completely as I can remember. And what's the purpose in my having such a dream, I don't know. I know nothing about that area, I have never been in it, I know very little about Singapore, I don't even know that that island was under the particular jurisdiction of the Singapore government at all. It could have been another entirely different island under a completely different government to which we had to fly from Singapore. We simply flew from Singapore, that's all.

       63. I DON'T WANT TO OFFEND THE SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT! It's a place where some of our folks are operating right now themselves & where our girls have found very excellent escort work that pays very well, & have been very fruitful in winning souls to the Lord there.

       64. AND FRANKLY, I ADMIRE THE MAN, MR. LEE I THINK IS HIS NAME, WHO RUNS SINGAPORE with an iron hand, & refuses to permit any drugs or drugsters or hippies or ne'er-do-wells or layabout lazy louts or drifters to drift into his lovely city--they simply turn then away at the door. And unless you look respectable & well-dressed & well-heeled & well-pocketed, they're not apt to allow you into the city of Singapore nowadays.

       65. THANKS TO MR. LEE'S GOOD STRONG CLEAN GOVERNMENT & HIS TOUGH LAW ENFORCEMENT, there's very little crime & there's a great deal of prosperity, a tremendous development boom, & unemployment is a almost unknown. The city has a very good socialistic welfare system as well taking care of those who are indigent, & from all I've heard about Singapore, it is a very fine, clean, booming, thriving, prospering, progressive, modern city with very little lawlessness.

       66. IT HAS A TOUGH GOVERNMENT, TOUGH LAW ENFORCEMENT, TOUGH POLICING & is very strict in its admission of tourists, to make sure they get only the best kind who have plenty of money to spend, & I can't blame Mr. Lee for that! It certainly has been good for the citizens of Singapore & for its development & its prosperity, as well as its peace & freedom from crime.

       67. SO I CERTAINLY DO NOT WANT TO OFFEND THE SINGAPORE AUTHORITIES, because we do have some of you folks there & I don't want to offend anybody there, because we really admire the government of Singapore & its city. It is, I understand, a beautiful place, tropical & a lovely warm place to live; booming, prosperous, lots of money & lots of tourists.

       68. THERE ARE LOTS OF LONELY BUSINESSMEN WHO ARE HAPPY TO GIVE GENEROUS DONATIONS TO OUR GIRLS for their welcome escorting of them about the city showing them its sights & sounds & clubs & nightlife & eating places & places of entertainment, etc., for a fee. So I certainly wouldn't want to hurt our relationship with the Singapore government.

       69. BUT THAT'S THE STORY ANYHOW. THE GIRL WAS APPARENTLY CAPTURED & taken away & secretly imprisoned, & none of the authorities would confess they knew anything about it. They all claimed they knew nothing about her.

       70. ABOUT ALL I CAN SAY AS AN APPLICATION IS THAT IT COULD BE A WARNING TO SOME OF OUR CHILDREN IN THAT AREA, that you'd better watch your step & be very very discriminating about your witnessing & litnessing, very very "wise as serpents & harmless as doves" when you're guests of other governments particularly the more oppressive repressive dictatorial types where not much freedom is allowed & you know it, & yet you go in & you start distributing literature pell mell all over the place & you're warned by the government to stop & you don't, you can't expect anything but trouble!--And we certainly don't want to lose you, & you certainly don't want to lose your freedom! (Mt.10:16 & 5:25!)

       71. SO I WOULD CERTAINLY ADVISE YOU TO BE VERY CAUTIOUS IN YOUR MISSIONARY WORK & witnessing & litnessing & distribution of literature in any such areas who have strong dictatorial governments lacking in personal freedom & are virtually closed countries to the Gospel, & particularly those of another predominant religion. So perhaps It's a warning to you not to get too bold & reckless in such a situation!

       72. KNOW THEIR MEAT, OR YOU COULD GET BUTCHERED! (No.942.) Please be cautious & prayerful & Spirit-led & do not defy the authorities! GBAKYAMYAB for a long time!--In Jesus' name, amen!--Amen?

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