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NUDES CAN BE BEAUTIFUL!--Movement With Meaning!--By Father David       DO 1006       Complied 3/81
--Be sure to read "Glorify God in the Dance!" after this one for new advice!

       1. I'VE GOTTEN SO INSPIRED BY MWM'S LOVE TAPE that I've encouraged the Family to make a Love Video with this tape as musical background, making beautiful dances! Maybe some of you folks who have videos can give it a try. I think it would make a beautiful musical background for a video dance tape which our beautiful girls could dance in in a very artistic & soft & loving way, what the World might call "soft porn."

       2. NOT THE HARD STUFF WITH ALL THE GORY GRUESOME MECHANICAL DETAILS, but beautiful, artistic nudity & beautiful artistic dancing with this beautiful artistic music in the background. It would make a gorgeous one-hour dance tape to inspire our video audience, all of us in fact. Have a really beautiful dance tape with your girls making dances with that music in the background & even your little messages coming through loud & clear, a nice one-hour loving video. Try it, you might like it! I think it would make a beautiful tape myself & I'd like to see it. (We did!)

       3. YOU'VE GOT SOME GORGEOUS GIRLS THERE, so get'm to relax & limber up & humble themselves before the Lord & the Family & throw their whole heart into it & their whole body to give us a good sample of how nudity can be beautiful & artistic without the sickening hard porn that's so popular today.

       4. "HOW TO DISROBE" IS A NICE WORD FOR IT, INSTEAD OF JUST PLAIN STRIP, how to disrobe or how to undress or unclothe yourself before your lovers. You can have your try at "loving can be beautiful" with each of you girls or all of you. I think one at a time is really best, but maybe you can all join together in some scene, not a groupy or an orgy but some of you girls could dance together.

       5. MAYBE THAT COULD BE ONE OF YOUR NUMBERS, dancing together & stripping together, or you can do it individually, whichever way you like to do it best. But choose your own numbers & be sure that you've got at least the normal, artful disrobing, dancing and beautiful nudity which shouldn't actually take more than about ten minutes each, three numbers.

       6. IF YOU COULD MAKE IT LONGER THAN AN HOUR, THAT'S FINE WITH US & we don't mind if you want to take longer. But I think you could get a very nice individual scene, from the music & dancing into the stripping and grand finale in about one hour, the time that the love tape takes. So give it a try you cameramen & girls, PTL! But I suggest we sort of keep a veil between the camera & your pum, & keep it thinly covered & then just dance what comes natural. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       7. SHOW'M HOW [EDITED: "GOD'S PEOPLE"] OF LOVE CAN DO IT--lovingly, tenderly, beautifully, smilingly, sweetly & exuding the love of the Lord like you always do. If your fish want to see some nudie movies, we can make one that's really loving & more beautiful than anything they've ever seen & will really inspire them, instead of those gruesome gory hard-porn things & their violent ugliness & ugly sex! I wouldn't even call it love!

       8. I THINK YOUR TAPE WOULD MAKE A GORGEOUS MUSICAL BACKGROUND FOR IT! Maybe one of your girls or each one of your girls in turn could come out dancing beautifully to the music, nearly nude, at least topless with some kind of pretty sarong. Please none of those dirty white panties, but something coloured, black lace or red lace or a filmy gown, baby-doll nightie, something like that, dancing beautifully & artistically or even lying down in an artistic, inviting pose.

       9. MAYBE ONE OF THE BOYS THEN CAN COME INTO THE PICTURE WITH HIS BACK TO THE CAMERA, crawling towards her on the sands by the sea or in her tent or wherever it may be, & begin to simply kiss her [DELETED] & go as far as you think would be safe & acceptable to send through the mail, so to speak, to send the males & the females through the mails. Something that wouldn't offend & show too much, where the [EDITED: "intimacy"] is hidden in the shots, just like two bathing lovers on sand [DELETED] by the sea.

       10. WELL, THERE'S AN ASSIGNMENT FOR YOU & ALL OF YOU LOVING LOVERS there by some loving seashore near your Home of Love! You can take your choice, whatever you think that would come naturally--doing what comes naturally & beautifully & artistically & acceptably--to show that our [EDITED: "people"] of Love are beautiful & their loving is beautiful! (They did!--It's gorgeous!)

       11. I'M SURE THAT IT WOULD EVEN BE VERY POPULAR WITH FISH & FRIENDS & the whole Family & I would just love to see one! God bless you! You've got some of the most gorgeous gals in the World there. Come on, let's see'm & let's see them dancing beautifully as well as singing beautifully & loving beautifully as well as being beautiful! PTL! Amen? We've got it, let's flaunt it!

       12. I BELIEVE SUCH A LOVING TAPE WITH SUCH LOVING MUSICAL BACKGROUND COULD BE A WORLD SENSATION, PG! What have we got to hide? The whole World knows we're the Family of Love & the Children of Love & we're famous for it, why don't we show it! [DELETED] Let's see what you can come up with, with a real artistic beautiful [DELETED] scene with that gorgeous music in the background. [DELETED] Hallelujah!

       13. NUDITY IS TRULY HUMBLING & THE TRULY HUMBLE ARE THE TRULY LOVING, & the truly loving are truly humble, because love & humility are virtually the same. They're impossible to separate. You cannot have real genuine love without humility, & you can't have real humility without a lot of love, & nudity takes humility too!

       14. IT TAKES A LOT OF LOVE & A LOT OF HUMILITY TO STRIP YOURSELF NAKED & BARE BEFORE SOMEBODY ELSE, bare yourself & all the awful truth before someone else. Of course it helps if they are baring at the same time also, & you know that they are humbling themselves before you, baring themselves entirely in all the naked truth whatever it may be. But it is a complete humility & it takes a lot of love to strip & bare, it takes a lot of courage & a lot of humility to do that in front of someone else, to bare all your secrets & all your details--to bare de-tail & de-front too!

       15. NUDITY REALLY IS HUMBLING & IN SOME WAYS VERY HUMILIATING, & it takes a lot of love to be able to bare it!--To grin & bare it! You girls who send me your cute little nudie cuties, I love'm, every one of'm! I kiss'm, pray for'm, put'm up on my desk or my bedroom wall & love you & think of you & pray for you daily & I'm so grateful. I just can't tell you how grateful when I know what courage it took & what love & humility & a real desire to give all & bare all, a willingness to expose yourself completely & hide nothing--no hypocrisy, no coverups, just the lovely naked truth! GBY! ILY!

       16. FOR SOME OF YOU THAT MUST TAKE A LOT OF COURAGE, WHEN YOU'RE PREGNANT, ETC. Some of you seem to think you don't have a beautiful figure then, but actually to me it's even more beautiful when it's explosive! It's a sort of a potential potent beauty like ripening fruit that's ready to explode, that just really stirs my heart & mind, & other things too!

       17. DON'T BE AFRAID TO HAVE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN WHEN YOU'RE IN FULL BLOOM, blooming with a new baby! Maybe you're thinking it's another blooming' baby, but anyway, it's beautiful to us & we love to see you just the way you really are! It does take a lot of humility & a lot of love & a lot of courage to bare your all before all that way & even before the photographer, to take your picture nude. So God bless you!

       18. I THINK THESE FANCY GOWNS THAT WOMEN WEAR TO BALLS, ETC., THEY ALMOST MAKE ME BAWL! They're covered with sequins & it's like wearing a suit of armour! Apparently she wants to keep everybody at a safe distance, because who'd want to stroke or pet that sequined gown & all of its armour-plate!

       19. I THINK THOSE FANCY COSTUMES THAT THOSE DANCING GIRLS WEAR in some of those clubs & stage shows are ridiculous, expensive, exceedingly fancy & completely detracting from her own normal natural physical bodily beauty. There's nothing more beautiful than the beautiful physical body which God created in its normal natural state, especially if it's in good condition & good shape.

       20. IF YOU'VE ABUSED IT & LET IT GROW TOO BIG OR TOO FLOPPY OR FLABBY, or maybe you've not taken good care of it & you've gotten too skinny, well, that's your fault, not God's fault. God created you to be beautiful & He gave every one of us our own particular beauty. Maria even says I'm beautiful, as you've heard! I suppose that to her I am in some way. (Maria: In every way!) Bless her heart, you see how much she loves me? She even thinks I'm not only wonderful but she thinks I'm beautiful, how about that! Ha! Well, when I looked in the mirror it helps keep me humble. PTL!

       21. IN SPITE OF HER GLORIFIED PICTURE OF ME & GLORIFIED OPINION OF ME, the Lord helps keep me humble in a lot of other ways by my own image in the mirror, on videos & the mistakes I make & the boo-boos & the blow-its I do once a awhile. Me?--Yes, me! I make mistakes too. I accidentally say the wrong word or I get the wrong date or I get my scientific terminology mixed up or something. So you can probably catch me in a blunder once in awhile ex cathedra--that is, when I'm just teaching & it's more or less coming out of my own head. It's inspired of the Lord I'm sure, but through the channel of my mind & my mouth, & I could make a mistake once in awhile when they stumble.

       22. BUT WHEN I'M EN CATHEDRA, as they say of the Pope, when I'm speaking under genuine inspiration & it's outright prophecy or interpretation or truly divinely inspired teaching & I'm really on fire & socking it to you, I rarely make a mistake then because it's just the Lord speaking really purely right directly through me. Otherwise when I'm just teaching, like I am now, God is simply using the wisdom, the teaching, the education & experience that He's already given me & I'm passing it on to you. It's not necessarily prophecy nor interpretation nor perhaps some other completely divinely inspired miraculous supernatural gift.

       23. I'M ONLY HUMAN & I MAKE HUMAN MISTAKES ONCE IN AWHILE. Not too many, thank the Lord, He keeps me from it, but maybe just to encourage you once in a while to show you that even Dad is human & even Dad makes mistakes & the Lord still uses him anyway. My mother used to day, "Well, I guess the Lord made me so funny & so absentminded to make so many funny mistakes & do so many funny tricks just to make people happy & keep me humble!"

       24. SHE WAS QUITE A LAUGH, SHE WAS REALLY A SCREAM SOMETIMES! She could really keep you in stitches telling funny stories about all the funny things she did absentmindedly, & I could have written a book on it & I've told you a lot of them already. She had the good grace, however--& I hope you musicians have it too, & I've written something on that, "Be So Happy!"--to be able to laugh at herself & her mistakes. (No.159.)

       25. THAT'S A GOOD HUMBLE GRACE TO BE ABLE TO LAUGH AT YOURSELF & YOUR MISTAKES & confess them to others & admit them & bare your soul. And if you think your body is a mistake, then you've certainly got a lot of humility to bare it & expose it to others, GBY! But don't think so, because everyone's body has its own particular beauty. You don't have to be like the old Mexican who sang, "I don't want her, you can have her, she's too fat for me!" That isn't always true. I've known some men who prefer fat girls, like me, ahem!--With lotsa lovely curves!

       26. I ESPECIALLY AM FOND OF VOLUPTUOUS TUMMIES! I think a girl is much more sexy with a nice big full tummy, especially after having a few babies. If her tummy really comes out in its glorious blooming beauty, oh, that's sexy! I think nice big bosoms are sexy too, & of course I think little ones are sexy as well!

       27. LITTLE FLAT TUMMIES ARE NOT BAD AT ALL, I like to stroke them as much as big ones. But the big ones, there's more of it, you know? Like the little boy said about the ocean, "Well, Daddy, there's one thing at last there's enough of it!" So nice big bosoms & nice voluptuous tummies are very satisfying, a real handful, & those nice broad hips, beautiful derrieres--that's a French word for buttocks for you uninitiated--& luscious rounded curves! Yummy tummy!

       28. AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, I'D RATHER HAVE 200 POUNDS OF CURVES THAN A HUNDRED POUNDS OF NERVES! So dear girls, don't be afraid to bare the assets--ass-ets I said--as well as all of you, when the occasion warrants. And if you've got it, flaunt it! Praise God! Just because it's a little bit full & well-rounded & really blooming & blossoming & bulging, don't think it makes you any less beautiful, unless you're just plain too fat!

       29. NOW DON'T LET THIS GIVE SOME OF YOU GIRLS AN EXCUSE FOR NOT DIETING & keeping it down within reason. Of course when you get to the point where when you sit at your desk you start overflowing the typewriter & sagging off the seat of the chair almost to the floor, well, you've gotta watch out for that! When the bosoms begin to get in the soup, well, you sometimes can't help it, but you can watch your diet & try to keep your figure to its normal proportion with lotsa vigorous exercise!

       30. MARIA'S REMINDING ME TO SAY A GOOD WORD FOR YOU LITTLE ONES, that I have sometimes said that some of you big ones were a little bit difficult to sleep with because I would roll over with one of your bosoms beneath me or wrapped around my neck, or there would hardly be room for both of our derrieres in the same bed!--And if you got on top of me you might even crush me!

       31. SO THERE ARE SOME ADVANTAGES TO BEING SMALL, GIRLS. I like little ones too. And when you sit on top of me light as a feather in that wonderful floating action, that just is great! Excuse me, that's my alarm reminding me of something, to turn off my coffee. Where was I? On your bosoms or your derriere or your tummy?--Yummy!

       32. I REMEMBER ONE GIRL I USED TO SLEEP WITH that her bosoms were always getting caught underneath my shoulder, poor girl, & sometimes wrapped around my neck. But God bless her, I loved her just as much just the same. But little ones are in some ways a little bit easier to sleep with. You have a little bit more room for action & they don't get wrapped around you in any way, except we like those legs wrapped around us, PTL! Well, how did I get into this subject, from music to sex? I think I can almost arrive at sex from any direction on any subject! I always wind up giving sex as an illustration!--Ha!

       33. (DAD'S COMMENTS TO ONE OF HIS "VIDEO LOVERS":) Anyhow, that was quite a pleasant surprise, your little talk to us, in the beauty of your naturalness in your bedroom. You were very pretty & just as pretty as you are sweet, & quite well-poised & not self-conscious. I was just remarking to Maria that nudity & sex are great humblers. You just can't be very proud & be naked & engage in sex if you're very proud. The people who are ashamed to be nude & are ashamed of sex, if they're that proud they just can't be natural about it, poised about it, as you were.

       34. YOU WERE VERY NATURAL & POISED & BEAUTIFUL & you did that bedroom scene just beautifully & it did make me wish I was there! You were not too self-conscious or flustered or worried, you just took it naturally as you should have & were not ashamed of the beauty that God had made & your natural state. You are very pretty & very sweet & we enjoyed it--what we were seeing as well as what you were saying. That's what I would call really mixing pleasure with business! It was a pleasure to see that lovely scene!


       37. [DELETED] [EDITED: "A"]s far as I'm concerned, women are their most beautiful when they're pregnant, gorgeous! The more pregnant they get, the more beautiful they are! They virtually glow with beauty & health the way God intended for them to! So no one should ashamed of it & no one should be afraid of it & no one should resent being bared before all. It's good for your pride, it takes humility, & it's wonderful to see someone like you willing to do it quite casually, beautifully, naturally, as just to be expected.

       38. WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FREE & HAVE LIBERTY, not be bound with convention & clothes & think that nudity is something to be ashamed of & get it over quickly! Some people have the same attitude towards sex, that it's something evil, dirty & to be ashamed of & we ought to get it over quick, & they don't really like it. I really think it's largely pride.

       39. SO GBY FOR YOUR EXCELLENT DEMONSTRATION OF THE PROPER ATTITUDE TOWARD BARING THE BEAUTIES OF GOD'S CREATION naturally without selfishness or pride or self-consciousness & just conversing normally, naturally, talking as you lay there, lovely as you are. I agree with you, I wish I were there! But PTL, Maria is here so I love many of you girls by proxy through her, & at the moment inspired by your lovely picture she's ministering to me, God bless her!--Since you really turned me on! PTL! That's the way it ought to be!--Amen?

       40. MOVEMENT WITH MEANING!: WE'VE GOT SO MANY GIRLS & SO MANY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS we ought to be able to make the sexiest movies on Earth, really sexy! And by that I don't mean [DELETED] any kind of porn, but just plain beautiful beauty & artistry just the way God made you in your natural beauty & your beautiful sweet selves, & precious personalities with His love light shining through!--How about that?

       41. YOU'VE SENT ME IN MOST OF THESE TAPES ONE OR TWO LITTLE TEENY-WEENY SCENES with or without teeny-weeny bikinis, just to kind of whet our appetites & just to almost striptease us-- & then boom, you're gone--just when we're beginning to get excited! How 'bout one whole at least maybe a one-hour video, half-hour to an hour? Of course we wouldn't mind three hours, but I don't know if I could stand that much! But half-hour to an hour video of pretty girls in pretty scenes [DELETED] & beauty & love light & love songs a-la-natural in a natural habitat, or dancing, or out by the seashore on the sand, under the palms[DELETED]!

       42. MAKE LOVE TO THE LORD IF YOU DANCE ALONE! --Or [DELETED] whatever would look beautiful & soft & pretty, something that we [DELETED] could enjoy watching & hearing the pretty music & sights & sounds to love by, praise the Lord? Doesn't that sound like a great idea?--"Music to Love by!"

       43. THERE'S A NEW SHOW FOR "MUSIC WITH MEANING"!--NOT ONLY MUSIC WITH MEANING BUT MOVEMENT WITH MEANING. We used to have a little song when I was young for the strippers that went something like this: "Every little movement has a meaning of its own!" So come on, girls, let's see you trot out there & do your stuff & look beautiful & be beautiful & sing beautifully & dance beautifully & make us feel beautiful. Amen, boys? Wouldn't that be a great one to have in our video collection? Hallelujah! GBY! Amen!

       44. AFTER ALL GIRLS, WE'VE GOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS IN THE WORLD, & SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOYS TOO! We ought to be able to create some really beautiful love scenes, scenes to love by, with beautiful background music & love songs & some of that romantic scenery you have down there as well, against such a scenic backdrop as God's beautiful natural creation there in the Tropics by the seaside & seashore. What more beautiful scenery could you have? What better Garden of Eden for a few Eves & an Adam or two?

       45. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE STARK NAKED, ABSOLUTELY NUDE & TOTALLY UNCLOTHED, just thinly veiled. You could wear some of those nice thin see-through gossamer filmy Greek gowns or nighties or whatever you happen to have on hand, or same of those lovely evening gowns or sarongs or topless bikinis or nice tight leotards or whatever you feel most comfortable in or out of. OK?

       46. WHAT YOU'VE SENT US THUS FAR HAS BEEN VERY BEAUTIFUL, & if you could have just gotten them all on one tape it would have been great! Why don't you put'm all together there on one tape, an hour or more, OK? Something we can really enjoy & relax to & love by & even get excited by! Wow! Bang!

       47. GOD BLESS YOU, GIRLS! Would you do that for me? Ahhhh, thank you, I knew you would! XXX! I love you! PTL! Hallelujah! No reason to conceal the beauties of Gods' creation that glorify the Lord & His handiwork, TTL! I should say by His handiwork--you! You are the love of God, haven't you heard? Hallelujah! PTL! Amen? Wouldn't you like to see something like that too, Maria? (Maria: Ummmmmmm, we'd love it! Great idea!) Yes, she loves girls too! Ahem! We have quite a few of our girls who love girls, & I hope you all love girls! I love girls, & I love you boys too, GBY!

       48. MAYBE YOU COULD SLIP IN A NICE MALE HERO IN THERE ON THE SCENE, in some of those scenes perhaps [DELETED], artistic & beautiful like some of the show dances perhaps you've seen in some of the clubs, [DELETED] soft, beautiful & pretty with some lovely dancing combined with some of that gorgeous love music of yours, folks. I think it would make a very pretty popular tape even to circulate in the Family, although if I get ahold of it I don't know whether I'll ever let it go! Just like if I ever got ahold of some of you beauties there I don't know whether I'd ever let you go! In fact I'm not going to let you go, GBY! Maria doesn't mind either, do you? (Maria: No, the more the merrier!)

       49. HASN'T SHE GOT THE SEXIEST VOICE YOU EVER HEARD? Oooohhhh, it just makes me all twittery inside, how about you? Listen again: (Maria: Come on with it, were waiting!) Say, I love you"! (Maria: I love you!) Ah boy, I don't know, something about her voice just stirs me inside & out! God bless her! What did you start to say? (Maria: I don't have anything more to say.) Ha, ha, ha! Ahh, she's ready to start doing something instead of just talking, God bless her!

       50. WELL, SHE IS OF COURSE ABOUT THE SEXIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD & has the most gorgeous sexy voice, don't you think so? And it has that deep vibrant thrilling quality which just stirs men's souls!--& other things too!--Ha! After all, she was the original FFer & she still FFs me & I still flip over her every day, God bless her! It still thrills me to look at her, as much as I can see of her, & excites me more than ever every day! I love her more day by day--& you too! I'd like to see more of you. I'd like to love you more too. It might be a good thing I'm not there in your Home or I'd really keep you busy! Hallelujah! GBY!

       51. WANT ME TO COME? OH, YOU DO?! Hey, did you hear that, Honey? That's an invitation! Would you mind letting me go there a little while? (Maria: Well, I'm coming too!) Ha! There you are, boys, she's coming too! Ha! She can really make you come, I'll tell you, she really comes too, God bless her! Praise God! Hallelujah!

       52. THANK YOU LORD FOR GOD'S BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS & HIS BEAUTIFUL SEX THAT HE CREATED for our enjoyment & our pleasure & all the good that it does for us & that you do for us, GBY all! So come on, make us a pretty movie, OK girls? OK boys? Maybe you can be in there with your instruments wisely placed, sans everything else but your instruments & you girls can be in there wisely placed sans everything else but your veil or whatever, draped or undraped--just don't droop or drip, GBY! I love you! xxx!

       53. THAT WOULD GIVE YOU VIOLINISTS A GOOD CHANCE TOO TO SHINE because with those lovely softly romantic singing strings in the background along with some of those romantically slowly strummed guitars--stars & steel guitars like in that old song about Monterey--you could really make some beautiful music as well as beautiful scenes with all you beautiful people & that beautiful scenery! OK? How about it? OK! Go to work on it, or play on it or whatever you want to call it, just get it on! GBY! WLY! PTL? Amen? (Maria: Amen!) Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

       54. I WOULD SUGGEST YOU BE A LITTLE JUDICIOUS & CAUTIOUS ABOUT WHERE & WHEN you make such movies, that you don't get a reputation there with the public for being an outfit out there making porno movies. You'd better make sure that they're made in private, or if out by the sea at least late enough at night there's not apt to be any strangers around or outsiders to criticise or condemn. And of course day or night, if you have at least a minimum of clothing on, you could certainly make some nice pretty movies even by the sea, even when the public are around. I don't know whether they allow topless bathing there on your Greek beach or not, like they do some other places in the World, but if so, nobody would be shocked, I'm sure, & might even enjoy it.

       55. SO THERE'S THE BALL, IT'S IN YOUR COURT NOW, Folks, & let me see what you do with it, PTL? Hallelujah! GBY! Shoot me a Movement with Meaning Show with music to love by! All we're asking you to do on this video tape is to provide the beautiful sights along with the lovely sounds the lovely scenes along with the gorgeous scenery & the lovely maidens in the moonlight along with the romantic music, GBY! Thanks! PTL? Amen? Got the point? Well, if I were there I'd give it to you! PTL! ILY! XXX!--Ha!

       56. I JUST WISH I COULD MAKE LOVE TO YOU ALL, & I do every day the best I can through His Spirit & His Words! PTL! So I do love you & I have stripped my heart bare for you, bared my heart to you, to show you all I can of my love & my Lord. And I make love to you in the Spirit every day through the Word, PTL! Hallelujah! God bless you! ILY!

       57. SEND ME YOUR OWN GORGEOUS SELF, THE REAL YOU, the beauteous beauty of your own lovely self that I can make love to right here, OK? PTL! I'll loooovvvve you forever! Thanks! Amen, Girls? Boys? Agreed? Hallelujah! I knew you would! PTL! TYJ! GBY all! We'll be lookin for those lookers very soon, as soon as you can.--& you can! Just cancan with your can!--Amen? Hallelujah! GBY! Thanks a lot! We'll be seeing you we hope!--Lots of you!--All of you!--PTL!--Thanks!--ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family