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SPIRITUAL SEX!--By Father David        Portugal        DO1009        19 August 1977

       (Early morning:)
       1. HE COULDN'T POSSIBLY KNOW WHAT I WAS UP TO! (Maria: Well, God bless him for being so nice!) Well after all, he had the Queen of Love, why shouldn't he be nice? Part time he had you, part time he had Sue & part time he had Alfred! (Spiritually.)--He had a lot of lovers!--And I had his wife! I had her in the palm of my hand! (Maria: And you were fucking away!) Oooh, I was fucking away in the Spirit & she knew it! She couldn't take her eyes off me, I had her hypnotised! (Maria: Like "The Snake Charmer"!) (No.557.)

       2. ISN'T IT AMAZING HOW THOSE SCORPIOS JUST CAN'T TAKE THEIR EYES OFF YOU? That's why that girl Belen can't look me in the eye, she's afraid she's going to fall in! When Belen looked me in the eyes, that was it! I mean our eyes just latched onto each other, & boom!--We fucked in the spirit! I had a spiritual orgasm, like I did with her last night!

       3. SOME PEOPLE WOULD SAY WE COMMITTED SPIRITUAL ADULTERY, but how could it be adultery when she's fucking God, you know?--When she's making love to God through me! She's just absolutely fascinated looking in my eyes! I loved her & I petted her with my spirit & she had a spiritual orgasm! She knew I was sowing seeds & she got embarrassed! Isn't that something funny? It's amazing, huh? TYJ! Hallelujah! That's what made me go, you & her all together. (Maria: And it helped E. to know you were occupied.) Of course!

       4. THAT'S WHY HE BRINGS THEM, HONEY, HE KNOWS HE BRINGS THEM TO THE FOUNTAIN, he wants them to drink!--Isn't that beautiful? He says, "Hear ye him! Never a man spake like this man! Come! Hear him! This man is a Prophet of God!--He told me all things whatsoever I did! Come!" she must have had quite a following, Honey, all the men of Samaria came out to hear Him! (Maria: Almost like E. in reverse!) Yes, he's got so many women! He's got so many women! "Come, hear him!"

       5. SHE CAME, SHE HEARD, SHE LOOKED, SHE SAW, & I CONQUERED! Whew! Honey, it was so sexy! There's nothing like spiritual sex, it's the most sexy of all! Hallelujah! She looked deep in my eyes & fell in & I was fucking away in the Spirit! She loved it! We really had a spiritual orgasm & she knew it! Hallelujah! TYL! She really loved it, Honey Baby!

       6. THOSE SCORPIOS ARE SOMETHING, THEY ARE FIGHTING BUT FASCINATED BY MY EYES, you know?--Because they refuse to wrench their gaze away, they hang right on & they look me right in the eye & I fuck them in the Spirit & they really love it! Hallelujah? TYJ! ILY, Baby! Oooh, we had such a good time last night! She wanted to lay her head on my knee. She flung her head way back on my knee.

       7. MY GOD! IT'S AMAZING WHAT THE SPIRIT CAN DO! Isn't that something? It turns them all on physically & sexually where they want that too! So I just gave it to her & she loved it! TYL!--All in a nice little threesome all together.--I was goosing you & jacking me & fucking her! Ah, thank You Lord! Oh Baby, we've got to go to sleep now, OK? ILY! (Maria: And while you were fucking her, last night I was fucking E.!) Amen, in the spirit, & he knew it. He loved it, & you were fucking her husband too, & he liked it!

       8. HE'S LIKE A LITTLE WEE TINY EENSY WEENSY TINY BABY, BUT HE FELT HIS MAMA'S LOVE! He felt it! He felt it, Honey Baby! (Maria: E. was glad that you were occupied, because then he doesn't feel bad talking to me.) That just thrills him & satisfies him, & that's why he brings them--all his old flames to mine!

       9. HE GOES OUT & ROUNDS THEM UP! HE GOES OUT & BRINGS THEM IN! (Maria: Even though he almost felt like dying!) Even if he's ready to die, he wants to bring them to me. He wants to bring them in from the fields of sin, bring the wandering ones to Jesus! (Maria: Why doesn't he accept Jesus?) Well, Honey, it's so hard for the Jews, I mean for generations they've been prejudiced against Him. But he's doing it in the Spirit, Honey, he's accepting the Lord in the Spirit.

       10. WHEN THEY RECEIVE YOU, JESUS SAID, THEY RECEIVE ME! What do you mean he hasn't accepted Jesus? Of course he's accepted Jesus! He's accepted me, so he's accepted Jesus! He may not understand it but he did, he does! He does it by proxy, but he's got to do it for himself, I know. The Lord is working with him, don't worry.

       11. HE'S RECEIVING JESUS BY PROXY RIGHT NOW BECAUSE HE'S RECEIVING ME, right? To him I'm like Jesus in the flesh, so he's receiving me, amen? So don't worry, it'll come. (M: It will you think?) Yes, of course it will come. (Maria: That's encouraging!) You know, Honey its already happened in the Spirit. He's received me in the Spirit, so he's received Jesus! It's just like for every Jew, it's very hard to confess Him because they receive a lot of approbation & persecution.

       12. WHY DON'T WE GO TO SLEEP? I FUCKED ENOUGH, HONEY! (Maria: Do you think I have to make love to him, Honey, in the flesh?) Well, you might if he needs it sometime. I'm sure he'll want to give me somebody in return. Thank You Lord! I think if it hadn't have been so late & they weren't all so tired, we would have done it, if we'd got the point. We will, some time. I'll have to send you over to him & tell him you're my gift of love! Amen, Honey Baby, I love you, let's go to sleep.

       13. ...I GO AROUND FUCKING ALL THE WOMEN IN THE EYES & THEY LOVE IT!--IN THE SPIRIT! (Maria: You're a spiritual fucker!) Jesus does! He made love with the woman taken in adultery. He made love to her with His eyes & she knew it, & she loved Him. She gladly would have laid down with His Body, she really loved Him, & she got satisfied in her soul & it was better, amen?--& all His other women!

       14. LAST NIGHT SHE GOT SATISFIED IN HER SOUL, we had a spiritual orgasm & she exploded! She had to say, "Stop, stop, stop! It hurts!" & looked away, you know? You know what I mean? She had to wrench her gaze away & look away from me. It felt so good it hurt, you know what I mean? It's just like sex, it's so spiritual! Ha!

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