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THE LIBYAN ANSWER!--By Father David       DFO 1013       9/5/81
--Why the sudden expulsion of all Libyan diplomats & their families & the warning for all 2,000 Americans to get out of Libya at once?!

       1. WHAT HARSH SEVERE DRASTIC ACTION THAT IS!: Twenty-seven Libyan diplomats & all their wives & children ordered by U.S. to get out of the U.S. in only five days! Can you imagine all the houses & everything that have been rented & furniture bought & the Embassy equipment, files & all that, & the U.S. only gives them five days to move out & evacuate completely! Can you imagine? Five days! I mean, that's really drastic action! I'd say that's provocative action!--That'd even be hard for us to do!--Ha!

       2. IN THE OLD DAYS COUNTRIES WOULD HAVE STARTED A WAR FOR A THING LIKE THAT if you took that drastic cruel action against their diplomats, to kick them out so unceremoniously & suddenly without any apparent reason! Boom!--Just like that! Only five days to completely clear out! Think of all the people involved & houses & rent contracts & furniture & personal things & diplomatic stuff! That is a very severe harsh drastic sudden action with no apparent causes! So I was just lying here thinking, "Well, what in the World!

       3. "WHAT CAUSED THIS SUDDEN DRASTIC CRUEL ACT AGAINST THE LIBYANS?" Then all of a sudden to also tell the Americans all to get out of Libya, 2,000 Americans that are in Libya working in the oil fields: "You better get out!" You don't usually tell your citizens that unless you plan to go to war with that country, you know? When America was about to go to war with Iran she told all the Americans to get out of Iran. (Maria: Uh-huh.) You just don't do such severe things unless you're really virtually almost at war with a country or planning a war or to attack it!

       4. I WAS JUST ABOUT READY TO DOZE OFF & GO TO SLEEP WHEN SUDDENLY THE ANSWER CAME TO ME!--That's the way I get so many of those answers, you know, like that strange answer I got about the Syrians that time when they came in & were shooting Muslims & PLO people supposed to be their brethren & on their side. Yet they came marching into Lebanon to keep the peace, shooting their own brethren! Remember, I was sitting there in Tenerife on the toilet thinking about that:

       5. "WHAT IN THE WORLD?"--AND THE ANSWER CAME AS CLEAR AS ANYTHING!: To convince Israel & the World they'd be an impartial peacekeeping force! See, the [EDITED: "Israelis"] had said Syria could never enter Lebanon or they'd go to war with the Syrians! It came as clear as anything they did it to convince the U.S., Israel & the World that they were impartial & a neutral force that was going to keep the peace there, not an occupying conquering army! Well, now they've virtually turned it into an occupying conquering army, you know.

       6. IT'S FUNNY, IT ALL TIES IN TOGETHER! They have turned the other way now. Now they're siding with the Muslims, the PLO & the Lebanese against the Israeli-backed so-called Christians, you know, & against Israel.--And until now Israel's been making all these air raids over Lebanon absolutely unhindered, unopposed, knocking out PLO camps & poor Palestinian refugee camps right & left! Israel's had absolute freedom of the skies over Lebanon & no one to oppose them. The few times Syrian planes have ever tried to oppose them they got knocked down. So then suddenly Syria has moved in these anti-aircraft missile batteries to protect defenseless Lebanon against the cruel Israeli air raids!

       7. BUT WHY THIS SUDDEN U.S. ATTACK ON LIBYA?--For a diplomatic attack is what it is! Suddenly it came to me: The two are linked together, just like that! Libya is Syria's biggest backer & almost only friend besides Russia, & if Syria's going to have any trouble with Israel it looks like Reagan may take that as an excuse to get his war started by grabbing Libya & its oil first!

       8. LIBYA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY BESIDES RUSSIA THAT'S FRIENDLY ENOUGH WITH SYRIA TO GIVE SYRIA ANY HELP AGAINST ISRAEL! They just had a friendship treaty & claimed they were going to unite as one country & all that sort of thing. But Syria has kind of turned the rest of the Arab world against them because of various things, it's a long story. One of the main things was Syria's siding with Persian Iran against Arab Iraq. Libya & Syria are the only Arab countries that sympathise with Iran in the war against Iraq. Iraq is one of Syria's bitterest enemies. So it just hit me like that as I was about to fall asleep!:

       9. THE U.S. WANTS TO BE SURE THAT IF ANYTHING GETS STARTED, LIBYA WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP SYRIA AGAINST ISRAEL! They have to knock it out. It'd be their excellent excuse for finally grabbing Libya's oil! We'll wait & see. Just wait & see. And if the U.S. did step in & do it, most of the world would sympathise against Godahfi & say, "He's just a nut & a crackpot & a troublemaker," even the Arab World! The other Arabs think he's a danger because he's such a radical, anti-conservative, anti-established Arab system. The old-guard Arabs think he's a danger to the whole Arab World, so he has no Arab sympathisers so speak of except Syria. Syria's about his only Arab friend, & Iran, but Iran's already involved in a war with Iraq.

       10. SO IF THERE'S ANY TROUBLE, SYRIA CAN ONLY LOOK TO LIBYA FOR HELP AGAINST THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"]! This U.S. attack on Libya is timed exactly at the same time as this crisis over the Syrian missiles! President Assad of Syria is desperate because he's having domestic & economic problems, so this is what a dictator always does: He turns to an outside war to unite his people. This has instantly brought unity in his own country & more sympathy from the other Arab countries for the first time in a long time.

       11. SYRIA'S FINALLY THUMBING ITS NOSE AT ISRAEL & standing up & bucking Israel at last, whereas Israel's been walking all over Lebanon & the Syrians both!--Bombing all over Lebanon & shooting down Syrian planes, strafing Muslim camps, etc. So right now he's unified his people & gained the sympathy of the Arab World as he literally challenges Israel! He finally ordered in some missile batteries to keep Israeli planes out of Lebanon! Until then, Israel had the freedom of the skies all over Lebanon bombing Lebanese civilian villages & refugee camps & everywhere under the pretext of getting rid of PLO terrorists. But now they can't fly in anymore because of the Syrian missiles!

       12. ISRAEL HAS BEEN HELPING THE SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS TO SIMPLY HELP HER TAKE OVER LEBANON! Israel now rules all Southern Lebanon through their so-called Christians that she supplies with arms & helps & feeds & protects. So Israel's had complete domination of Lebanon by Christians & by air over the Muslims, the PLO, the refugee Palestinians & Lebanese army, UN forces & all, that have been really at a disadvantage because of Israel's domination of the air.

       13. UNTIL LATELY FINALLY THE MUSLIMS HAVE JUST HAD IT & they've been really coming out in renewed war with Israel & her "Christians," & Syria has quickly shown her sympathies in siding with her fellow Muslims against Israel & the Israel-backed Christians & moved in her anti-aircraft missiles to protect Lebanon from these cruel merciless Israeli raids!

       14. SO IT'S PRESENTED A SUDDEN CRISIS OF ALL-OUT ARAB WAR WITH ISRAEL AGAIN! That U.S. notice to the Libyan Embassy to suddenly clear out its personnel & for all Americans to get out of Libya is simultaneous with the eruption of this crisis between Syria & Israel! (Maria: That's real drastic action!) Oh very drastic! (Maria: They're clearing out 2,000 Americans out of Libya!)--A very drastic action! (Maria: --All the oil-workers, technicians & everything!) [DELETED]

       15. THE U.S. HAS JUST BEEN WAITING FOR THIS EXCUSE TO GRAB LIBYAN OIL & OUST ANTI-ISRAEL GODAHFI, SO OF COURSE [EDITED: "THEY'RE"] ARE ALL FOR IT! The [DELETED] papers are all shouting "Hallelujah! It's time somebody did something about Libya!" [EDITED: "They"] are really egging Reagan on: "At last they're doing something about this madman!" [EDITED: "They"] really hate Godahfi [EDITED: "Libya"] above almost any Arab country.

       16. LORD, HELP GODAHFI! HALLELUJAH! TYL! GIVE HIM WISDOM IN JESUS' NAME! Help him to see what they're up to. He probably knows already. He's the only country [EDITED: "that can"] help Syria against Israel if it erupts into a real shooting war with Israel! (Maria: But what would Godahfi do about it? What can he do?) He can [EDITED: "supplies"] into Lebanon for the Syrians. He's got the [EDITED: "supplies"] & whatnot to send over there to help the Syrians.

       17. (MARIA: BUT WHAT CAN HE DO TO PREVENT BEING WIPED OUT BY THE U.S.?) Well, there's not much, if the U.S. decides to try to really use this as an excuse to grab Libya. Apparently the U.S. is not really worried about the oil, because the U.S. must be figuring on grabbing it! They're not worried about his oil-embargo retaliation, because the U.S. figures they've got what it takes to just grab it!

       18. THEY'D ALSO HAVE SADAT'S SYMPATHY & SUDAN'S SYMPATHY & SAUDI ARABIA'S SYMPATHY, who are on Godahfi's eastern border, because they all hate him because he's tried to upset all their rich regimes! The U.S. would have all their sympathy against Godahfi, & the Chad rebel forces on the south where he took over Chad, along with a lot of French who don't like Godahfi, & along with a lot of the conservative Arab World who don't like Godahfi, plus most of the rest of the World who think he's a troublemaker.

       19. SO THERE'D BE HARDLY ANYBODY WHO WOULD SYMPATHISE WITH GODAHFI RIGHT NOW EXCEPT ONE BIG FRIEND--RUSSIA! [DELETED] A little country who decides to buck a big one like the U.S.A. had better have a big friend!--And he chose the right one! [DELETED] Russia! Russia has since armed him to the teeth, & there are oodles of East German, Czechoslovakian, Russian & Cuban technicians there now helping him train his people to use all these new weapons & planes & tanks & guns & missiles he's got.

       20. YOU SEE, ISRAEL FIGURES, SINCE THEY MADE PEACE WITH EGYPT ON THE SOUTH, THEY NOW CAN FIGHT A ONE-FRONT WAR. They don't have to worry about fighting Egypt on the south helped by Godahfi as in their last war. Now Godahfi's got to get his stuff across the water or through the air to Syria to help the Syrians against Israel, because Sadat has made peace with Israel & Sadat hates Godahfi too.

       21. SO IT COULD VERY WELL BE THAT THE U.S. IS REALLY PLANNING A BIG SNATCH, A REAL GRAB IF THIS ISRAELI-SYRIAN WAR ERUPTS!--Begin is saying if they don't move those Syrian missiles out of Lebanon we're going to attack, & of course that could mean war between Israel & Syria, if the Israelis try to attack & destroy those Syrian missiles now protecting Lebanon.

       22. THE ONLY REASON THE ISRAELIS ARE NOT ATTACKING & HAVEN'T DONE IT ALREADY IS BECAUSE they say only a massive attack, a saturation attack of many bombers, would be able to destroy the missiles, because the missiles would be fired & destroy so many Israeli planes before they could knock them out. So that's the only thing that's really holding Israel back right now, because they'd have to count on losing lot of planes & a lot of pilots if they attack & knock out the missiles.

       23. SUCH AN ISRAELI ATTACK WOULD ALSO OF COURSE PRETTY MUCH GUARANTEE THEY'D HAVE TO GO TO WAR IN A FULL-FLEDGED WAR WITH SYRIA, with Russia & Godahfi backing Syria. But see, dear Godahfi's sort of isolated. He's cut off from Syria & Russia by sea with Egypt in the way. So the U.S. is planning to help Israel, if Israel's going to go to war with Syria, & with Syria's Russian backing, Israel will have U.S. backing.

       24. SO THE SIMPLEST THING THE U.S. COULD DO TO HELP ISRAEL RIGHT AWAY IS KNOCK GODAHFI OUT OF IT.--See? Grab Libya & its oil so Israel wouldn't have an enemy at her back & be fighting & two-front war either by sea or air. She's still got the danger of Godahfi coming to Syria's aid. It's just a matter of simple military tactics. It's the ideal time, if the war erupts. The U.S. has been waiting for just such an excuse for a long time!

       25. WHY ELSE SHOULD THE U.S. HAVE TAKEN SUCH DRASTIC RADICAL ACTION AGAINST LIBYA RIGHT NOW? I hadn't any idea! I was just lying here about to go to sleep thinking: "Why in the World did they take such harsh drastic action against the Libyan Embassy right now, & also suddenly warn all their U.S. citizens to clear out of Libya right now with seemingly no provocation whatsoever?--And just like that it hit me!: The Syrian missiles in Lebanon!

       26. THE U.S. IS EXPECTING WAR TO ERUPT & THEY'RE GOING TO BE READY FOR IT BY GRABBING LIBYA! They'll be ready to grab Libya & knock Libya out of the picture, which is the only country now that Israel has to worry about at her back, except Saudi Arabia, which is also too good a friend of the U.S., really, which has sort of negated Saudi Arabia's help in any kind of an Arab war against Israel, because the Saudis have always been too good friends of the U.S., almost allies.

       27. THE U.S. COUNTS THE SAUDIS AS ALLIES IN THE MID-EAST. Right now they'll do everything they can to preserve that friendship, as the Saudis consider the U.S. their protection against the radicals of the Muslim World right now. So the Saudis are looking to the U.S. for protection from the rest of the Arab radicals, & they would be very happy to have Godahfi put out of commission, because he's caused them a lot of trouble too, backing their radicals & so on. And Godahfi's tried to overthrow both Sadat in Egypt & Numeiri in Sudan. So they all hate him & would like to see him knocked out.

       28. SO I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF THIS IS ALL U.S. MILITARY TACTICS: The U.S. figures, "Well, if the war erupts, let it erupt! We'll grab Libya! Then we'll have all the oil we need!" The U.S. government has been also having sudden big conferences in Washington with the administration heads of their big oil companies that have all these U.S. people & their U.S. oil wells, equipment, technicians, homes, money, investments & everything in Libya, & are probably promising them: "Well, we're gonna try not to knock out the oil fields" & so on. They plan to just grab the country & knock out Godahfi & take over!--And in the meantime they warn Americans they better get out or somebody might get hurt!

       29. SO THERE'S THE ANSWER FOR THIS SUDDEN DRASTIC U.S. ACTION AGAINST LIBYA! The U.S. is preparing for a war with Israel against Syria & Libya, Syria's best friend. There's just one unknown factor that they don't know, & that's what will Russia do? The U.S. seems to think that Russia right now really doesn't want any problem, any war, so Russia sent representatives to Syria to try to calm things down. The U.S. has also been sending representatives to Israel to try to calm things down. But in the meantime they're preparing for war, trying to make peace & speak peace, but still preparing for war.

       30. SO THERE IT IS!--THAT WAS A REAL REVELATION! I wasn't really asking or praying, I was just going to sleep with the question on my mind: "Why should the U.S. suddenly take this drastic action against Libya with no visible immediate provocation & almost to the astonishment of the Libyans?"--And as plain as can be it came to me: The Syrian missiles!

       31. WELL, LORD, YOU SHOW GODAHFI WHAT THEY'RE UP TO, in Jesus' name! You've protected him this far we believe [DELETED] for his conscientiousness, Lord, his sincerity & his love for Thee & the poor. [DELETED] Please protect him & keep him, in Jesus' name! TYL! Lord, You predicted he would join the king of Egypt, whoever that is--probably the coming Antichrist. So Lord, it looks like You might preserve him yet. In Jesus' name we ask it for Thy glory, in answer to our prayers & for Thy Word, Lord.

       32. KEEP HIM & PROTECT HIM, IN JESUS' NAME! HELP HIM, LORD! Amen, Lord. Rebuke his enemy, the U.S.A., that God-damned country! Rebuke them, Lord, in Jesus' name! Confound their politics & defeat their knavish tricks, in Jesus' name, Lord! Again Thou canst wield the "Sword of the Lord" like You did when we prayed for Cyprus & the Turks there. (See Letter No.309A.) You helped them to win, Lord! TYJ! Amen, Lord! We've prayed for some who didn't always win, but, Lord, You at least helped & protected. TYJ! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! So help him Lord. Give him wisdom right now, in Jesus' name!

       33. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF THE U.S. HAS ALREADY ALERTED ITS BASES & BOMBERS & FORCES OVERSEAS TO BE READY TO KNOCK OUT LIBYA IN A QUICK STRIKE if this thing in Lebanon erupts into a full scale war between Israel & Syria, & nobody would care except the Russians, 'cause they've invested a lot in Godahfi & Libya & it's become their biggest base of operations in that area. They've poured a lot of money, material & a lot of men into Libya.

       34. BOY, I MEAN THAT IS TERRIFIC DRASTIC ACTION TO SUDDENLY KICK OUT ALL LIBYA'S DIPLOMATS & WARN U.S. PEOPLE TO GET OUT OF LIBYA! I MEAN, THAT'S ALMOST LIKE A DECLARATION OF WAR! The U.S. is trying to say, "Well, it doesn't mean a complete diplomatic break with Libya, because we will permit them to have a representative, a charge d'affaires, a single representative in some neutral Embassy in Washington." Imagine!--Providing Libya allows the U.S. to have a charge d'affaires in Tripoli. Now for a year the U.S. has had no representation in Libya at all, nothing, nobody!--Ever since the Libyans burned the U.S. Embassy.

       35. SO IT'S ABOUT THE NEXT THING TO A DECLARATION OF WAR! They claim it's not completely breaking off diplomatic relations, but it is.--Just as much as they've broken off with Cuba. They've got a charge d'affaires in the Swiss Embassy in Havana, but they really have broken off diplomatic relations with Cuba. And then to warn all those 2,000 Americans to get out of Libya, what else could the U.S. be doing that for unless they intend to attack? They warned the Americans there the U.S. can no longer protect them, so they'd better get out.

       36. SO, THIS LITTLE MISSILE CONFLICT IN LEBANON COULD REALLY ERUPT INTO THE FULL-SCALE REAL THING!--And here it is the month of May when the astrologers predicted that something big was going to happen, that it was going to be regarding Reagan, so! Unless he now suddenly has complications & dies or somebody else gets him, why, I can't think of anything else bigger it could be outside of him dying or getting shot, than to start a war!

       37. THAT'S WHAT I'VE THOUGHT OF A NUMBER OF TIMES AFTER I HEARD THAT PREDICTION OF ALL THE ASTROLOGERS predicting something's going to happen in May about Reagan, something to do big about Reagan & the U.S. in May! A war would be just about the biggest thing, bigger than him getting killed or dying! [DELETED]

       38. WELL, BUT THOSE THINGS KIND OF GO PRETTY SLOWLY THOUGH, USUALLY. Both Superpowers are trying to hold off, you know, any use of atomic bombs & all. I don't think they're ready for the atom war quite yet. I mean, they're ready for it, but I think neither side wants it if they can avoid it. So these brush fire wars like the one in Lebanon, they always start slow, but they often slowly lead to The Big One!

       39. SO THERE'S THE ANSWER WHY THE U.S. SUDDENLY KICKED OUT THE LIBYANS & TOLD THE AMERICANS TO COME HOME! The U.S. is getting ready to attack Libya in case the war erupts between Israel & Syria, because Syria & Godahfi have a mutual defense pact & treaty & said they were going to unite their countries as one. So Godahfi would consider an attack on Syria as an attack on Libya too! Israel knows this & the U.S. knows this.

       40. SO THEREFORE THE U.S. IS GETTING READY TO ATTACK LIBYA IN CASE SYRIA SHOULD ATTACK ISRAEL, or in case Israel attacks Syria. The U.S. is getting ready to make sure Godahfi doesn't help Syria. It's the only excuse for that sudden drastic action at this time, & yet nobody in the newspapers has linked the two at all, nobody!

       41. [EDITED: "THEY"] ARE REAL SMART: They don't want to let you know it has anything to do with the other crisis, or that the U.S. may have any such ideas. They don't want to forewarn the Libyans for one thing! But Lord, You certainly ought to forewarn Godahfi by such drastic action, that the U.S. is up to something evil! So Lord You protect him & his poor people that he's trying to help, in Jesus' name! They certainly won't be helped by the U.S.! The U.S.'ll just exploit them by the oil companies if the U.S. takes over.

       42. IF THE U.S. ATTACKS LIBYA, THAT CERTAINLY IS NOT GOING TO HELP THE POOR LIBYANS! It's going to really do a lot of damage to Godahfi's poor country! He's threatened to sabotage the oil wells & the oil companies if he's ever attacked, & he just may do it. It would serve the U.S. right! Lord do bless him & give him wisdom. Help him Lord, in Jesus' name, to detect this warning & to heed it, to realise that they're really preparing to attack him! In Jesus' name help, Lord!

       43. THE U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT USED THE LAME EXCUSE IT'S BECAUSE HE SPONSORS INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM! Isn't that ridiculous? Just a red herring, deliberately to distract your attention from the real reason! They've been saying that for years & never did anything about it. The U.S. is still guzzling Libyan oil & has sent Americans down there by the thousands to make big money!

       44. [DELETED] Well, TYL for the answer! That was just as clear an answer as I ever got! I mean, that makes sense!

       45. THAT SOLVES THE WHOLE QUESTION OF WHY THE U.S. SHOULD JUST NOW BE TAKING SUCH UNEXPLAINED HARSH SUDDEN DRASTIC ACTION AGAINST LIBYA! So, whether the war does erupt or not, they're getting ready for it in case it does. Apparently that's their strategy, their tactics, undoubtedly to knock out Libya first! Poor little Syria, poor little Libya! Poor little countries like Libya & the Syrians! They're the ones that suffer! The big powers march all over them! (Maria: March all over them?) Yes, Israel's already been walking all over Lebanon, flying all over it & bombing all over it! The Syrians just finally got fed up when the Israelis knocked down two more of their planes! I don't blame them!

       46. THAT COULD ALSO EXPLAIN THIS SUDDEN TREMENDOUS INCREASE IN BASQUE TERRORISM IN SPAIN TOO, because you know the Basques are [EDITED: "pro-Israel"], & Spain is anti-Israel & has refused to recognise Israel & is a great friend of the Arabs. So that could explain this sudden rise in terrorism in Spain in an attempt to overthrow the government, to create chaos in Spain right now because Spain is a friend of the Arabs & one of the countries that could come to the assistance of the Arabs.

       47. THEY'VE DISCOVERED AFTER EVERY WAR HOW MUCH WAS GOING ON SECRETLY BEHIND THE SCENES that the public never knew about until too late! They're all ready to go to war at the drop of a hat, or the drop of a bomb! So, PTL! May the Lord protect us & our folks, in Jesus' name! Amen.

       48. THOSE 2,000 AMERICANS THERE IN LIBYA [DELETED], in a way they've sort of been Godahfi's guarantee of protection against any U.S. attack, as well as the U.S.' need for oil. Well, now there's an oil glut, now the U.S. has huge stockpiles of oil, so it'd be perfect strategic timing for them to decide to attack right now! But in order to do something they have to get the Americans out of there, so apparently they're trying to get them out. And of course it could also be "rattling the sabre" so that Libya will hear it rattle!: "You better not help Syria!--Or you're going to be in a trouble! We're preparing to attack you, so you better not try any funny stuff against Israel!"

       49. SO THAT'S THE WAY THE WORLD GOES!--AND IT SURE IS GOING FAST! GHU! Amen! TYL for the answers!--Are you ready?!--Are you way down South outta the way & in God's will?--If not, you better get ready fast, as it's comin' soon!--Amen. GBAKY in His will & work, for Jesus' sake--& yours! Amen!--Love,--Dad.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family