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PRAYER FOR SIMON!--By Father David       DFO1015       15/4/81

       1. LORD JESUS FORGIVE ME, HELP ME LORD! I'm just praying, Honey. (Maria: Forgive you for what, Honey?) For being such a mess & so inadequate, I'm so unworthy, I'm so nothing. (Maria: Well, that doesn't matter, because the Lord uses you so much.) I hope I don't fail any of these people or disappoint them. (Maria: The thing that matters is that the Lord uses you. It doesn't matter what you are.)

       2. LORD HELP ME TO BE FAITHFUL! Lord, just help me to be faithful, gentle, whatever You want me to be. Amen, it reminds me of that old chorus. (Sings:)
       "Only to be what He wants me to be,
       Every moment of every day!
       Yielded completely to Jesus the Lord,
       Every step on life's pilgrim way!

       Just to be clay in the Potter's hands,
       Just to obey what His will commands!
       Only to be what He wants me to be,
       Every moment of every day!"

TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name. Amen, TYL! TYJ! Amen, amen, amen.

       3. MAYBE SIMON SHOULD DEVOTE A FEW PROGRAMS TO HIS TESTIMONY, ON MUSIC WITH MEANING. That would be a switch, huh? I think now that he's really accumulated of following & fans & folks that love him & love the music, they would be fascinated by his testimony. PYL! TYJ!

       4. I JUST FEEL SO INADEQUATE MYSELF IN A WAY, so incapable of really meeting their needs, & I am (Maria: Well, the Lord isn't.) If it weren't for the Lord I just couldn't do it. I just have to trust the Lord, I'm just a mouth-piece. (Maria: We've got a big God!) And I've got a big mouth! Ha! (Maria: So, open your mouth & He can fill it real big!) Amen. TYL! TYJ!

       5. LORD, BLESS SIMON & KEEP HIM, encourage him, inspire him, Lord, help him to feel fulfilled & contented & satisfied with what he's doing for Thee, Lord. Or Lord, if there's anything You want him to do more, You show him & us & lay it on his heart. Help him not to be afraid to ask us, Lord, in Jesus' name. PYL! TYJ! TYL! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! Amen, Lord, Jesus satisfieth the longing heart. "Who filleth the hungry soul & satisfieth the longing heart." (Ps.107:9.)

       6. FILL HIS SOUL & SATISFY HIS HEART THAT HE'S DOING HIS BEST FOR YOU, JESUS. Give him the feeling of satisfaction & fulfillment that he's really accomplishing what he wants to do for You, Jesus, that You're really using him, we know You really are, Lord. Help him to know it, Lord, & not to let the Devil confuse him or deceive him or distract him or discourage him. Lord help him in Jesus' name. PYJ! TYL! Hallelujah!

       7. (TONGUES & KISSES:) "THIS ONE HAS THE BLESSINGS OF THE WORDS OF HIS FATHER!" TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! Amen, TYJ! Amen, TYL! Make me a good father, Lord, a faithful father, that I won't disappoint him or fail him, Lord. He's such a fine son, Lord, to be proud of, such a fine boy, Lord! TYJ! PYL!

       8. HELP HIM, LORD, TO BE FAITHFUL TO YOU, WHATEVER HE THINKS OF ME, LORD. I'd like him to be proud of me, Lord, but he doesn't have to be, except to obey Thy Words, Jesus. He has to believe, Lord, in me to know it's You speaking, Lord, & obey Thy Words, Jesus. So help him, Lord, to obey & follow.

       9. THE WORDS THAT I SPEAK I SPEAK NOT OF MYSELF, but they are given to me of my Father in Heaven! If you believe me not for my word's sake, then believe me for the works & the fruits that do follow me. Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! It's only You, Jesus. I'm a failure, but You never fail, Lord. TYJ!

       10. SATISFY HIS HUNGRY HEART, LORD, HIS LONGING SOUL WITH HIS HEART'S DESIRE. You promised, Lord, if he delights himself in Thee, Lord, You'd give him the desire of his heart. Anyhow Lord, fulfill him. Fulfill him, Jesus, & satisfy him, protect him & keep him & care for him. Such a miracle, Lord, he's such a miracle of Thy wonderful love & keeping power, training power, Lord.

       11. YOU PREPARED HIM FOR THIS TASK, You made him for this task, Lord. Help him not to fail it, Lord. Help him, O God, not to be disobedient to the Heavenly vision, but to fight a good fight, finish the course, obtain the crown, in Jesus' name, Lord. TYJ! Help me not to interfere too much, Lord, in any way cramp his style that You've given him.

       12. HELP ME, LORD, NOT TO GET IN YOUR WAY IN ANY WAY, in the way that You lead him. Precious Lord Jesus! Help me not to lay my hand or touch the Ark or get in the way of Your inspiration or interfere, Lord, with Your leading & guidance. Help him, Lord, to live & work & proceed according to his faith, Your leading, how You lead him.

       13. BUT WE KNOW, LORD, HE MUST HAVE NEEDED US, he must have needed me, Lord, or You wouldn't have sent him to me for help. Precious Jesus! TYL! In Jesus' name, Lord. He's got such a good thing going, Lord, the fulfillment of his dream & vision & his faith, his initiative, Lord. And we hope we're just helping him to continue, not changing him too much, Lord, not limiting him too much, Lord, or hedging him in too much.

       14. HELP HIM, LORD, TO HAVE FREEDOM TO OBEY THY WILL & THY SPIRIT, follow Thy voice, to do what You want him to do, Lord. Don't let me get in the way in any way, Jesus. Help him Lord. Keep him safely, strengthen his body, be with him, inspire him, Lord, comfort him, encourage him, lead him, guide him & help him to know he's in Thy will.

       15. HELP HIM TO SEE THE FRUIT, LORD, the blessings, the benefits, the marvellous way that You're helping him, Lord, in Jesus' name. PYL! TYJ! Amen, in Jesus' name. Amen, Lord. TYJ! PTL! TYJ! Help me to know what's right, Lord, & do the right thing, Lord. TYJ! Amen. PTL! I believe the Lord's leading us. Remind me about this tomorrow, something I want to do for Simon, OK?

       16. LORD, YOU MAKE HIM WHAT YOU WANT HIM TO BE. You already have, Lord! Keep him that way, in Jesus' name. Rebuke the Devil, any that would interfere. Rebuke his former Satanic life, Lord, that caused so much trouble. Deliver him, Lord, from any influence of Satan & the attacks of the Enemy, in Jesus' name, TYJ! PTL! God bless him! TYJ!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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