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THE SEXY BRIDE!--By Father David       DO1017       25 July 1975

       (Tongues & Interpretation:)
       1. HE POURS IT OUT EVEN WHEN HE CAN'T GET NEAR YOU HOPING YOU'LL GET SOME! Though it be lost in the streets, yet He keeps on pouring it! Even though some of it is wasted he keeps pouring it out because he loves you! Look with love on your father, pity your father, he loves you so much! Charm him with your love! Let him look upon your bosom to inspire him with bowels of compassion!

       2. I WAS ONLY INTERESTED IN LOOKING AT YOU THIS TIME, THE BRIDE, the only one with love like the Lord's Bride, & Abrahim kept saying, "Hear ye him! Hear ye him! Behold though ye pour it on the ground & it be lost in the streets & wasted, yet he pours it out for you in the hopes that you might receive it!" It is just like our literature on the street is wasted, & falls on stony ground sometimes.--Some of it falls on thorns & stones, but some on good rich soil which receives it & grows!

       3.THE CHURCH ALWAYS USES THAT ONAN THING ABOUT GOD CURSING HIM BECAUSE HE LET IT FALL ON THE GROUND, but with Onan he deliberately withdrew it because he didn't want it to bear fruit. (Gen.38:9,10.) They use that Scripture for masturbation also, they don't even use it for withdrawal. Never once have I heard any Bible preacher or teacher condemn withdrawal which is to prevent conception, & that's what the Lord didn't like because Onan did it selfishly to prevent children so he didn't have to share the inheritance with his brother's wife!

       4. WELL, THE LORD CASTS HIS SEED EVERYWHERE HOPING IT WILL FIND FERTILE GROUND, but He doesn't deliberately withdraw it to prevent conception. The church wants all the works & all the fun & enjoyment & machinery, but they don't want to bear children because it will take too much work, it's a kind of a pretense they go through, a love-making pretense in church.

       5. THEY GO THROUGH ALL THE MOTIONS & WORDS & WORKS, but they don't really want it to bear fruit because that would mean they'd have to take care of them. I have been in churches where they actually resented new people! They liked their privacy & they didn't want anybody intruding on their nice little closed fellowship.

       6. THEY REALLY HAVE PLANNED PARENTHOOD IN THE CHURCH! They want just so many & no more, because it costs too much & they can't afford it--they'd have to build new churches & new outposts & they wouldn't know what to do with them all! They don't want to have to pay to send them to the mission field, so they just keep it down. When I was a young man I was in a meeting where they were discussing the problem & they said,

       7. "WE'VE GOT TOO MANY STUDENTS & TOO MANY SCHOOLS.--We're producing too many graduates & the field is not able to absorb them all!" Can you imagine that? I'll never forget that statement! I was so shocked I leaped to my feet & gave that Scripture, "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few! Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth labourers into His harvest!" (Mt.9:37,38.) But they say, "We can't afford to send them!"

       8. THEY SAY EXACTLY WHAT PLANNED PARENTHOOD SAYS: "We just can't afford these new mouths & such big families, we just can't afford to have more children!"--So they go just so far where they have the fun & the pleasure of just so much service, but when it comes to really exploding in a real witnessing explosion like the orgasm of sex, they just enjoy it to themselves & then suddenly they withdraw!

       9. THEY DON'T WANT TO BEAR ANY MORE CHILDREN!--They might have to divvy up the inheritance with more offspring & there isn't enough, they want more than their share & they want to keep it to themselves. So the church really does have birth control & planned parenthood to make sure they don't have too many children because they're so selfish! They don't want to have to feed them all. They could send many more missionaries & win many more souls, but they don't want to have to take care of them.

       10. THEY PRETEND TO MAKE LOVE TO GOD & EACH OTHER & HAVE INTERCOURSE IN THE SPIRIT, but the minute there is any danger of it exploding into fruit-bearing seed bringing conception & new souls to the kingdom, they instantly withdraw & spill it on the ground! They say, "Now let's not go too far with this, let's not get emotional about this, let's not start bringing in just anybody & everybody! Let's not let these emissions start interfering with our church services, our wedding services, our ceremonies! After all, the ceremonies are more important than the emissions!"--The witnessing!

       11. SO THE SEED THEY DO PRODUCE FALLS WASTED ON THE GROUND & LOST because it keeps falling on the same stony ground & same stony hearts that never produce anything but church fights & denominational loyalties, or shallow ground that doesn't produce strong plants that will grow & mature, or in their own thorny hearts that are choked out with the pleasures & concerns of this World!

       12. THEY DO THEIR BEST TO KEEP IT FROM FALLING ON FERTILE GROUND WHERE IT WILL PRODUCE FRUIT! How many of these church programs you hear on the radio are really aimed at the sinners? They're aiming at each other & the same old crowd all the time! How many preachers design their program for the unsaved? They don't bring any good ground in for the seed. They just want it for their own stony hearts & thorny ground.

       13. THEY DON'T BRING THEM IN BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO BE BOTHERED WITH THEM! They do not bring in the good ground to have the seed sown because they don't want to be bothered, so they don't mind how many times you let the seed fall on unfruitful ground & shallow thorny ground.--Just be sure you don't let it fall on good ground where it might take root & conceive & grow & bring new souls into the Kingdom, because they don't want to take care of them!

       14. HOW MANY CHURCHES HAVE YOU BEEN IN LIKE THAT WHO ONLY PAY LIPSERVICE TO WITNESSING & missions & preaching the Gospel to every creature? They never brought anybody new in themselves. How many people in the churches you've been in ever really kept bringing in new people? In the average church of 100 people that I was never in there were only one or two real soul winners, & they were the only ones who ever brought anybody new in! The rest of them just sat there like the stony thorny shallow ground they were!

       15. THE CHURCHES ARE JUST FULL OF STONY THORNY GROUND & they do not want that preacher's plow to get into any new territory where it might bear fruit! They don't want him taking on any new brides or new projects or new groups like us that might bear fruit. They want him to stick with their own little thorny shallow stony unfruitful womb! If there was ever a type of the stony thorny shallow ground it is the churches that bear no fruit!

       16. IT IS ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW, some new movement, some new outpouring, some new move of the spirit, some new group that provides a new young fresh womb, strong & powerful & hungry to conceive & bear fruit, good ground! I'd say about 99% of that good ground is outside the churches, all those great new spiritual movements either began outside the church or were kicked out by the churches!

       17. THEY GET THROWN OUT THE MINUTE IT LOOKS LIKE THEY'RE GOING TO CONCEIVE & BEAR FRUIT & suddenly the church withdraws from them! The church withdraws & would rather spill it on the ground than have anything to do with a new bride that will conceive & bear children that are going to cost them something!

       18. IT COST US SOMETHING TO START THE NEW REVOLUTION in time & sacrifice & funds & personnel & manpower & man hours & money! It has really cost us something, but we're beginning to get out into new fields & new fertile ground--good ground that will bear fruit instead of the same old blobby hard-hearted stony-hearted shallow thorny- hearted Colonies that no longer want to share, but say "we have enough":

       19. --A CHURCH THAT SAYS "IT IS ENOUGH, I DON'T WANT ANYMORE! I've had enough of the seed, I don't want any more! Enough of the Word, I don't want any more! Enough new disciples, I don't want any more!" Isn't that a fact? "We have enough disciples now, our Colonies are big enough, we don't need to grow any more, our Family's big enough, we can't afford to feed any more!"

       20. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE WORLD IS SAYING TODAY!--Whereas if they really shared as they ought to there would be plenty for all! If our Colonies really shared as they ought to, there would be plenty for all--plenty of manpower for the mission field, plenty of funds for pioneering. But no, some of them feel they have enough. They've got enough manpower for their little Colony & enough funds for their little operation & that's all they need. Why worry about having any more children?

       21. ONLY THIS TIME IT'S NOT ONAN WHO HAS WITHDRAWN, it's not the bridegroom who has withdrawn & doesn't want to sow the seed, it's the bride herself who has withdrawn from him to keep from conceiving, to make sure she doesn't have any more children to take care of. It's the bride who has done the switch!

       22. THE LORD IS STILL GIVING THE WORD & we're still producing plenty of it, but it's some Colonies who don't think they need anymore. Some Colonies almost groan when they hear of some new Letters, "What now! What new thing is he going to spring on us next? What new emission that might cause us to have to conceive & bring forth new disciples & take care of them & share our funds & our personnel! Let's withdraw quickly lest we conceive & bear fruit & have to share again!"

       23. IT'S THE BRIDE HERSELF THIS TIME THAT HAS WITHDRAWN! The bridegroom is faithfully pumping away with ever new emissions, but the bride is reluctant to conceive & bear new children & care for them & share with them. Which kind of bride are you?

       24. HAVE SOME OF YOU ALREADY BECOME THE OLD CHURCH, old churches, old bottles who no longer want to conceive any more children because you don't want to have to take care of them or share with them, so you've now instituted planned parenthood & birth control to keep your population down within the barest minimum?

       25. --OR ARE YOU THE LOVE-HUNGRY, SEX-HUNGRY, INTERCOURSE-MAD NYMPHOMANIAC NEW BRIDE who never gets enough & who always wants more? "Give me more, more, more!" Are you the kind that never gets enough Letters, you never get enough seed, you're always crying for more & devouring it with everything you've got & always begging for more & always producing new children, new disciples, always conceiving & bearing new fruit & spilling over into new areas with your increasing family, sending your children into new fields & gaining new territory, increasing the size of your domains by your burgeoning population?

       26. IT HAS BEEN THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD WITH EXPLODING POPULATIONS NEEDING MORE LIVING SPACE that have been the World's conquerors needing more good ground for agriculture to feed their exploding populations, needing more new territories with new raw materials to produce the goods they need for their ever-expanding nations! These are the kind that conquer the World in the physical!

       27. BUT THE ONES WHO SAY, "IT IS ENOUGH, we have enough, let's sit down & enjoy what we've got, we don't need anymore, we don't want anymore, we don't want to have to take care of anymore or share with anymore! We've arrived at our quota & we've just made it, just enough for ourselves, now let's sit down & enjoy it & not work so hard & love so much & have so much spiritual intercourse & win so many souls, or we'll have to take care of them & share with them! Stop! It is enough!"

       28.--THOSE ARE THE NATIONS WHO DECLINE INTO IMPOTENT BARREN UNFRUITFUL DECADENCE & grow old & weak & corrupt & fall before the strong young never-satisfied never-have-enough new nations who want to win the World, who conquer, destroy & bury the old rotten corpses with stinking history!

       29. THE GRAVE OF HISTORY REEKS WITH THE DECAYING BODIES OF THESE SLAIN OLD NATIONS, some of them didn't even have to be destroyed, they just rotted themselves to death, stank themselves to death as Capitalism is doing today! Marx taught that Communism would not have to destroy Capitalism, but if they'd wait long enough the old system would destroy itself with its selfishness, corruption, introversion, inbreeding, impotence, intrigue & decay!

       30. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE & THEY'LL STINK THEMSELVES TO DEATH THROUGH IMPOTENCY, old age, rust, so that the new living larva of the moths of new life will destroy them & give birth to new nations! Again we say there's no such thing an standing still!--You're either going forward, progressing, growing, winning new souls, pioneering new Colonies, conquering new fields, or you're backsliding, slipping backwards, dying, already headed for weakness, unfruitfulness, corruption, decay & death & final collapse!

       31. THE NEW YOUNG BOTTLES, THE NEW YOUNG BRIDES WHO ARE NEVER SATISFIED are going to overrun your fields with their new children, take over your territory with their own new Colonies, & you're going to be long forgotten in the dead stinking sepulchers of the history of the inevitable fate of old bottles, old churches & old nations! Which are you?

       32. THE PICTURE HERE IS OF THE BRIDEGROOM SEEKING NEW YOUNG FRUITFUL LIVING HEARTS FOR HIS SEED--good ground!--The old bride, old bottles, old church having withdrawn herself with her stony, shallow, thorny heart & barren womb to die & be buried & forgotten! Which are you? Which is your Colony? Are you going to fall by the wayside? Is His seed going to fall on the rocky, shallow, thorny ground of your cold & hardened heart & be wasted & lost?

       33. OR ARE YOU HUNGRY FOR THE SEED & FOR MORE LOVING FELLOWSHIP, more redhot spiritual intercourse, more explosions in the Spirit, more orgasms of the soul, more agonising ecstasies that will bring fruitful conception & more souls into the Kingdom of God that will produce more pioneers conquering new fields! Which are you?

       34. ARE YOU MARCHING ON WITH US TO WIN THE WORLD?--Or left behind dead & dying on old battlefields for the stripping of the slain by the vultures of the Enemy! Which are you? Which will it be for you & your Colony? We & God's Kingdom are marching on!--Do you want to come with us, or shall we leave you behind? You alone can make the choice. What is your answer? GHU!

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