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NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE!--How to Survive it!--By Father David       GP1018       24/1/81

       (Compiled by Apollos from the Letters of Father David and sources listed in [EDITED: "the"] bibliography [EDITED: "below"].)

       "The splitting of the atom has changed everything save man's mode of thinking. Thus we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe, ... if I had known what would come of it, I would rather have been a plumber than a physicist."--Albert Einstein.

       1. ON JULY 16, 1945, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DETONATED THE FIRST ATOMIC BOMB in the barren desert of New Mexico. Less than a month after this first explosion, the U.S. dropped two atom bombs on the heavily populated cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, on Aug. 6 and 9, 1945, respectively.

       2. THIS FIRST USAGE OF THE HORROR BOMB INDISCRIMINATELY WIPED OUR OVER 100,000 CIVILIAN WOMEN, CHILDREN AND OLD PEOPLE--and condemned many others to a very slow and painful death. Others were horribly maimed and burned and scarred for life! There were horrors the U.S. wouldn't even let its own people know about, wouldn't allow pictures in the newspaper.

       3. THE HORRORS OF HELL THAT THESE BOMBS LET LOOSE ARE NOW COMMON KNOWLEDGE, and the terrors that could follow are fairly certain! An American scientist who was on an observation flight over the first atomic target, Hiroshima, shortly after it was attacked, described the carnage thus: "We circled finally low over Hiroshima and stared in disbelief. There below was the flat level ground of what had been a city, scorched red in the tell-tale scar. But no hundreds of planes had visited this town during the long night. One bomber, and one bomb, had, in the time it takes a rifle bullet to cross a room, turned a city of 300,000 into a burning pyre."2

       4. Since WWII, "the war to end all wars", the explosive power of the combined nuclear arsenals of the United States and the Soviet Union has grown to the equivalent of OVER 300,000 HIROSHIMAS! The 8,500 warheads and bombs in the U.S. arsenal alone have a combined explosive power of more than three billion tones of TNT--about 1,500 pounds of explosive for every man, woman and child on this planet.

       5. WE ARE THE FIRST GENERATION THAT HAS EVER LIVED THAT HAS HAD TO LIVE WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WE COULD DESTROY OURSELVES COMPLETELY! Dr. James Muller, a Harvard heart specialist and secretary of the Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, Inc., brought this out when he said, "At some point deep down inside, people know the world could explode tomorrow. "3 Yet some people are just talking about it calmly as though it is the natural thing to expect--that we are going to destroy each other and the World!

       6. Stanford physicist, Sidney Drell, asked in a recent New York Times article: "MORE AND MORE WE HEAR OF USABLE NUCLEAR WEAPONS, AND OF NUCLEAR WAR FIGHTING AND WINNING. WHERE ARE WE GOING?--Do we even still remember what nuclear explosions do? Does the post-Hiroshima generation still appreciate the horror of nuclear weapons and the dangers posed by the prospect of a nuclear conflict?"4

       7. IT WON'T BE JUST ANOTHER WAR, IT'LL BE A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST! It's insanity! Some people talk about Holocaust!--They've never seen anything compared to the coming horrible holocaust of the world's first and last atomic war! In an article entitled "The End of the World", U.S. Senator George McGovern wrote:

       8. "EVEN THE SMALLEST OF TODAY'S STRATEGIC NUCLEAR WEAPONS HAS SEVERAL TIMES THE YIELD OF THE HIROSHIMA BOMB. If one were to explode at midday in Manhattan, the shock wave would kill 5,000,000 unprotected people within four or five miles and would demolish buildings almost as far away as the Connecticut border. And that would be just the beginning of the end: Only 20 percent of the fatalities at Hiroshima were caused by the blast. A nuclear explosion over Manhattan would generate temperatures of tens of millions of degrees centigrade, radiating out like the sun's rays. The heat and the fire storm would be deadlier than the shock. So would the short and long-term radiation effects. The familiar mushroom cloud would draw up and contaminate tons of earth and debris, to settle back and kill millions of people hundreds of miles away."5

       9. AND EVEN THOUGH THE "STRATEGISTS NOT ORDINARILY GIVEN TO HYPERBOLE OR DOOMSDAY THINKING NOW BELIEVE THERE COULD BE A NUCLEAR SHOWDOWN"6, as Newsweek magazine recently warned, most people still go on, business as usual, no matter what is happening.--And just like Jesus said, that they builded and they planted and they married and were given in marriage and knew not until the flood came and swept them all away! He said," So shall it be when the Son of Man comes again." (Mt.24:38,39)

       10. "THERE IS MASSIVE DENIAL OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS," says Dr. James Muller. "There is a tendency to think of nuclear weapons as just big guns with which we can defend ourselves," he said "The problem is they're not. They're weapons of NATIONAL SUICIDE."7

       11. AND OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, and of course they're going to use those heinous idiotic horrors-of-hell weapons, so of course you might as well get ready for it! The British government's civil defense handbook, Advising the Householder on Protection against Nuclear Attack, says: "Survival during and immediately after an attack would depend largely upon the actions taken by individual men and women. "8--Do you know what to do?


       12. The first practical step to take if you're hoping to survive the coming nuclear war is to MAKE SURE YOU'RE LIVING IN A SAFE LOCATION, FREE OF ANY U.S., NATO OR RUSSIAN BASES OR MISSILES--as these will be prime targets when it gets to be open season for missile warfare.

       13. FOLLOWING THE DETONATION OF A 10 MEGATON HYDROGEN BOMB, information from the U.S. Department of Defense tells us: The prompt radiation which is emitted within one minute of the bomb's detonation will prove fatal to 50% of all persons exposed within 2-1/2 miles from the site of the explosion.

       14. The thermal radiation, flash, or fireball would cause second-degree burns on bare skin and ignite most inflammable household materials up to a distance of 23 miles from the explosion, on a clear day. If you happen to be looking at the brightness of the flash when it explodes, it will burn out your eyes, as happened to some of the poor Japanese in 1945. In the Bible, the prophet Zechariah foresaw the plague of nuclear warfare and the horrific effects of atomic flash when he prophesied: "Their flesh shall consume away while they stand on their feet (instant vaporisation), and their eyes shall consume away in their holes!" (Zech.14:12)

       15. The blast or shock wave of a 10 megaton H-bomb would destroy wooden-framed structures and cause a 50% probability of death among exposed persons for up to 14 miles from the explosion site.

       16. The early fallout, or residual nuclear radiation, is the radioactive particles which reach the ground during the first 24 hours following a nuclear explosion. The scientists tell us that it is this early fallout that is "capable of producing radioactive contamination over areas adjacent to the explosion site with an intensity great enough to present an immediate biological hazard."--Or, in other words, kill people. However, if large numbers of warheads were detonated at once, as will be the case in the coming World War, they add, "there can be a long-term radiation hazard also."9

       17. SO TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF ANY GREAT KIND WOULD BE ONLY WITHIN 20 TO 30 MILES OF SUCH A HIT, and there's partial destruction beyond that. Of course, the residual radiation reaches quite a ways--fallout can circle the globe! But that is one thing you can survive.

       18. THE BIBLE SAYS, "GO INTO YOUR HOUSE AND SHUT THY DOORS AND WINDOWS--UNTIL THE INDIGNATION BE OVERPAST!" (Isa.26:20) The worst and most powerful of this radioactive fallout, thank God, doesn't last normally more than about two weeks.

       19. SO YOU NEED TO PLAN TO TRY TO SURVIVE AT LEAST A COUPLE OF WEEKS SOMEWHERE IN A CLOSED AREA, as closed as possible to dust and air from the outside and with a protected water source that cannot be contaminated. You had better be somewhat independent with a supply of survival food that will last you anywhere from at least two weeks to a month.

       20. CAN YOU SURVIVE A WEEK OR TWO INSIDE with all the doors and windows shut if there is a nuclear war? Just plan matter-of-factly for that sort of thing, that's all, and trust God to keep you.

       WHY WAR?

       21. "IF THERE IS AN ALL-POWERFUL GOD BEHIND THE SCENES," many people often ask, "why would He then allow such a horrible war?"--Well, although He hates war and its blood-thirsty perpetrators and is soon going to intervene and set things right when He "destroys them that destroy the Earth" (Rev.11:18), He hasn't yet because He would have had to put a stop to the main idea of His whole Great Design--Man's Choice!

       22. IF THE PEOPLE WOULD JUST TURN TO THE LORD and repent of their sins and ask for His forgiveness, He would lift the curse, and remove the whole thing, but they won't! So He has to let the war come and all the horrors of man that man is bringing upon himself, to show what a mess he is without the Lord before He can save him!

       23. MAN WILL HAVE BROUGHT IT ALL UPON HIMSELF through his own iniquity, his own sins, his own hand, literally dying by his own hand, committing worldwide suicide, murder of entire populations, untold suffering and pain and starvation, sickness, savagery, all because of his sins and his refusal to receive the Lord, follow God or obey His Word!

       24. GOD IS ALLOWING MAN TO LITERALLY BRING THE HEAVEN ON EARTH HE CREATED TO A STATE OF THE HORRORS OF HELL ON EARTH in order to be a demonstration to the whole universe and all Heaven and the angels of God of what a horrible mess man is without God and what a horrible mess he makes out of everything--the worst possible mess that could be imagined in the Endtime.


       25. I DO NOT SEE HOW THIS COMING WORLD WAR CAN POSSIBLY BE ANYTHING BUT THE LAST ONE BEFORE CHRIST'S SECOND COMING! Because the Bible says this next one's going to partially destroy the Earth!--At least one-third of it!

       26. "HAIL AND FIRE MINGLED WITH BLOOD WERE CAST UPON THE EARTH: AND THE THIRD PART OF TREES WERE BURNT UP AND ALL GREEN GRASS WAS BURNT UP. And a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea and the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, died. And the third part of the ships were destroyed.[DELETED] And the third part of the (fresh) waters became wormwood: And many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter[DELETED]. And a third part of the sun and of the moon and of the stars was darkened.[DELETED] And there came out of the smoke locusts up on the Earth.[DELETED] And the third part of men was killed by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone." (Rev.8.)

       27. UNTIL RECENTLY, SUCH MASSIVE GLOBAL DESTRUCTION AS DESCRIBED IN THIS 1900-YEAR-OLD PROPHECY WAS HARD TO EVEN IMAGINE.--But now that the atomic Pandora's Box has been opened, we see how such horrors could literally be loosed on the Earth. In his "The End of the World" article, Sen. George McGovern wrote:

       28. "AND WHILE WE KNOW WHAT A SINGLE WARHEAD WILL DO, WE ARE LESS CERTAIN OF THE COMBINED EFFECT OF THOUSANDS GOING OFF AT ONCE. There would be a massive depletion of stratospheric ozone, which filters the sun's ultraviolet rays. That, in turn, could burn crops and animals and disrupt the climate in ways we cannot predict accurately. The National Academy of Sciences has concluded that if just half of the U.S. and Soviet arsenals were fired, human beings and other living forms would, indeed, survive in considerable numbers--but mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, assuming, of course, that the war took place north of the equator. The Northern Hemisphere would have some life, of a sort: Insects, relatively immune to radiation, would multiply and infest that half of the Earth."10

       29. BUT WE WHO CAN DISCERN THE "SIGNS OF THE TIMES" (Mt.16:2,3) CAN PRAISE GOD, BECAUSE THE QUICKER THINGS GET WORSE, THE QUICKER IT'LL ALL BE OVER, and the quicker the Lord'll have to come to rescue things.--The quicker there's Hell on Earth brought on by the conflicts of today and the forces of this World, the quicker it'll be partially destroyed, and the quicker the world leader known as "the Beast" (Rev.13), or the Antichrist, will rise to pick up the pieces and rule the world with his new one-world-government, and the quicker will come the 3-1/2 years of "Great Tribulation," followed by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! (See Mt.24 & Rev.13-22.--Read it!)

       30. THEN WE'LL ALL BE FREE FROM WAR WITH REAL PEACE BROUGHT BY THE LORD AND HIS KINGDOM forever, the Kingdom of Love where we all make love, not war! There's no more death, pain nor suffering, crying nor sorrow, but all is light and life and love and peace forever! He says that "nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Mountain!" (Isa.11:9) We'll only breathe and live and love and laugh and have peace ever after!

       31. So although the outlook for this old world is as bad as ever, even getting a little worse every day, WE WHO KNOW AND LOVE THE LORD DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT!--Just be prepared to survive any kind of a war, a changeover, a temporary hump, and trust we're not going to get hit nor radiated by the fallout.

       32. BUT EVEN IF THEY'RE HITTING CLOSE, WHY, THE LORD'S OUR BOMB SHELTER! He says, "A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked!" (Ps.91:7,8)--He's promised to keep His children! He could keep us even if we were out there in the atomic fallout and breathing it full blast!--But usually He expects us to do what we can do, then He will help us and do for us what we can't do!

       33. SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE THE LORD'S AND HAVE RECEIVED THE PRINCE OF PEACE, JESUS CHRIST, into your own heart, personally. He says, "Behold, I stand at the door (of your heart) and knock: If any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come into him." (Rev.3:20) "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ!" (Rom.6:23) Then, once you've received Jesus, you'll know the Lord will take care of you.

       34. THEN EVEN IF YOU CAN'T DODGE THE NUKES OR THE KOOKS, HE CAN PROTECT YOU, FOR HE CARES FOR HIS OWN!--And if you do wind up a target for an H-bomb, your worries are over! You'll wake up forever in the Heavenly Kingdom of God with eternal peace and joy and happiness and bliss and love and beauty forever! Hallelujah!--Hope to see you there!--Ask Jesus into your heart and get your survival food, water and shelter together today!--God bless & keep you!


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