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THE EARTHQUAKE!--By Father David       GP 1019       26/5/81

       1. PTL! THIS IS THE 26TH OF MAY, 1981 & I'm so tired, I had such a rough night, I'm almost too tired to tell this dream. I had this very vivid dream & I think maybe I'm supposed to tell it. Lord help me in Jesus' name & give me the strength to be a good channel & to remember this dream, to be Thy voice, in Jesus' name. I guess you'd call this dream "The Earthquake."

       2. I JUST HAD AN EARTHQUAKE IN MY OWN STOMACH DURING THE NIGHT. I had some delicious Mexican food with onions that I just really do enjoy & I really really like, but it doesn't seem to like me! I think that might have been what it was. I woke up in the wee hours with a terrible burning in my stomach & I had to drown it in some blackberry wine. That stuff sure kills the pain; maybe it's because it kills my stomach or it nearly kills me, paralyses it or something. But along with Maria's prayers & blackberry wine it seemed to stop the pain & I finally got to sleep, TTL!

       3. WELL, I DREAMED WE WERE WALKING ALONG THIS HIGH SORT OF ROCKY RIDGE like up on a mountain, with deep valleys on both sides. Someone else was walking with me, perhaps even several others, I'm sure Maria must have been there. There had been torrential rains so that both valleys were flooded & dams were bursting & the water was literally roaring through the valleys with tremendous power washing away houses & just seemed to be devastating the valleys, almost totally washing away everything.

       4. I DON'T KNOW WHICH CAUSED WHICH, BUT I THINK THE EARTHQUAKE HAD ACCOMPANIED THE FLOODS, or floods had accompanied the earthquake, so that even up on the mountain many homes had been destroyed & there had been great huge landslides, rockslides & houses had slid down the mountainsides & been destroyed. There just seemed to be destruction everywhere from the earthquake & the rain & the floods & just devastation everywhere, but it was worse in the valleys because of the floods.

       5. UP ON THE MOUNTAIN WHERE WE WERE IT WAS BAD ENOUGH with the landslides & rockslides, mudslides, avalanches, homes destroyed & sliding down the mountainside. It reminded me a little bit of that dream "Mountainslide" I had years ago, but it was much much worse. It seemed almost like it was on a Worldwide scale, tremendous! I remember the flood in the valley was so great, the waters were rushing through the valley with this tremendous roar like Niagara, the waterfall! Nothing could have stood in its way or resisted it, & I don't see how anything could have lived through it!

       6. WE SEEMED TO BE FAIRLY SAFE UP ON THE MOUNTAIN but there was still a lot of damage from the torrential rains & earthquake that had destroyed so many houses. People were living in caves & in almost any kind of shelter they could find. Some were even afraid to live in caves for fear the mountain was going to collapse on them, but yet many were fleeing to the caves.

       7. IT REMINDS ME OF THE SCRIPTURE ABOUT THE PEOPLE IN THE LAST DAYS & the horrors of the destruction of the last days when people would flee into the mountains into the caves of the Earth to hide from the Wrath of God. (Isa.2:19; Rev.6:15,16.) They were getting whatever they could to eat, food was rather scarce & we were eating some kind of just a pulse or a cereal of some kind, very primitive food, but wholesome food.

       8. AND FOR SOME REASON OR ANOTHER THERE SEEMED TO BE A GREAT CONTROVERSY GOING ON about the safety of the homes that had been built on the mountain. The people were charging the builders with not having built them securely enough & having been too money-mad & cash-crazy to really make sure that they were built in secure places in a secure fashion on the tops & slopes of the mountains, & they had just thrown houses up as fast as they could just to sell them & make money & they were not built securely & in secure places. So there was a great deal of hue & cry amongst the people that their homes hadn't been built properly & they were blaming it on the builders & construction companies. There was this big murmuring going on of the people charging the builders with negligence.

       9. I SEEMED TO BE SOME KIND OF A JUDGE. I had on these long white flowing robes & long hair & a beard, I looked like a prophet, & I was taking the complaints of the people like Moses, against the builders. Each one was complaining about how their house hadn't been built securely & hadn't been built with good quality material & hadn't been built in a safe place & how the builders had been careless about the foundations & the supports, etc., & built in dangerous places where they were not secure, & I was taking these complaints from the people.

       10. ALSO NOW THEY WERE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE FOOD that it was full of dirt & sticks & gravel & straw & all kinds of junk, that it wasn't good clean food, even the cereals, & they weren't being fed well. It sure reminded me of Moses with the children of Israel with all their complaints & murmurings! And I thought to myself, "Well, these people should have known when they saw the places, that they weren't built in safe places. They should have examined them more carefully, their construction, foundation, support, position, & so on." Because it was obvious that many of the homes had been built in very unsafe locations which were obviously not secure & not safe.

       11. SO I WAS SORT OF THROWING IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE THAT IT WAS THEIR OWN FAULT for buying houses that were unsafe & obviously insecure & built in unsafe places on dangerous slopes & insecure foundations, etc. "If these construction companies or builders obviously were crooks or dishonest & were not building good houses or selling you bad houses, it's obvious you guys were suckers to believe them & to buy this junk & these, you might say, false houses, in a way, on a bad foundation, etc. You shouldn't have bought them. It's obvious they were poor locations.

       12. "KIND OF LIKE THE MAN WHO BUILT IS HOUSE UPON THE SAND, you should have seen the sand & seen that your houses weren't built on the rock & not blame it on the builders. Obviously the builders were crooks & cheats & dishonest & rooking you, but you should have been wiser & smarter & not allowed them to build your house on the sand & on unsafe slopes & of poor construction."

       13. SO WE KEPT WALKING ON UP THE RIDGE & it was almost appalling how they'd built these homes in the most dangerous places, some of them right on cliffs that could tumble clear down a cliff a thousand feet high & fall completely off into the valley, extremely dangerous! But it seemed like the people had been house-mad at the same time the builders were money-mad to sell them all this poor housing, fancy houses, but they were very poorly built & poorly located.

       14. THE PEOPLE HAD BEEN SO CRAZY FOR FANCY HOUSES that they hadn't seemed to care whether they were well built or built in safe places or not. Whereas the houses that had been built down in the valley looked as though they'd been swept away without a trace! But even many of the houses on the mountain were destroyed, they'd slide off into the valley by the earthquake or the rains. I just was amazed at the gullibility of the people to swallow this stuff & buy these houses that were obviously not well built & not well located.

       15. AND THE PEOPLE WERE NOT TAKING THE BLAME THEMSELVES, they were blaming it all on their deceivers & the men who had deceived them & cheated them. But I was telling the people that it was their own fault for allowing themselves to be deceived & cheated into buying such poor material & houses in such bad locations.

       16. THEY HAD GORGEOUS VIEWS & ALL THAT but they were very very dangerously built & located. The people had been so crazy to buy these fancy houses they hadn't really paid much attention to the way they were built or located & if they were safe or not. So I was telling the people it was their own fault for allowing themselves to be deceived & cheated by these crooks & deceivers & liars & they shouldn't have bought the houses.

       17. THE EXTENT OF THE DESTRUCTION THOUGH WAS ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!--So many houses destroyed on the ridge & the mountains & those in the valley just almost completely swept away! So of course there weren't too many houses that could have stood that kind of catastrophe anyway. There seemed to be only a few that were still left standing & they were built very solid & secure on rocks, on rock foundations, & very secure locations which even if they were shaken by an earthquake they were so well-built it didn't seem to affect them.

       18. I THOUGHT, HOW LIKE THE PEOPLE OF TODAY SPIRITUALLY, so many are deceived by false prophets & the lies of the false salesmen of false religions & pin their hopes & faith of false promises & false beliefs & building their houses on the lies instead of on the Rock, Christ Jesus, running after fancy salesmen with their fancy houses that are gaudy but of cheap material, poor construction & infirm foundations.

       19. AND THEN WHEN THEIR FAITHS FAIL THEM & THEIR RELIGION FAILS THEM & their false prophets & false shepherds fail them, instead of blaming themselves, they blame it on the religion & the false prophets & the lies of the deceivers & cheaters instead of blaming themselves for having been so foolish & so easily deceived & led astray by false prophets & false religious faiths of their own choosing.

       20. THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER & THEY SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THE WORD OF GOD & known that these people & churches or whatever, the false prophets of politics & economics & religion & all the rest of materialism, were offering false promises they couldn't fulfill & were offering to build them houses that they couldn't build & in locations that they shouldn't build.

       21. HOW EASILY SOME PEOPLE ARE DECEIVED & DUPED by some fast-talking salesmen of politics or economics or religion or even war, that they should make war, they can win it & gain more & blah blah! How many people are deceived & themselves to blame for having believed the politicians & economists & war mongers & false religions because of the lust of their own hearts for something fancy & something with a showy location or selfish gain of some kind.

       22. THEY ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE DECEIVED BY THE PERFIDY & LUST OF THEIR OWN HEARTS & having the wrong motives, not really searching till they've found the truth & till they have established a good foundation on the Word of God, but running off after other teachers having itching ears, wanting to hear what they want to hear & paying their preachers to preach what they want to hear, & their peace prophets to preach what they want to hear, "Peace, peace," when there is no peace, for literally electing the politicians that tell them what they want to hear.

       23. THEN WHEN THINGS GO WRONG THEY BLAME IT ON THE POLITICIANS & THE PREACHERS, ETC. Of course it is their fault, but the people don't very easily take the blame for it themselves when they should, it's their own fault. So often when a kingdom falls or a nation fails the people put up a great hue & cry & scream that it was their leaders who failed, it was their politicians who failed, it was their kings who failed, but it really was the people themselves who failed, that were foolish for electing or choosing or permitting themselves to be ruled by a foolish leader & unwise politician.

       24. IT REMINDS ME OF THAT RECENT ELECTION IN FRANCE, how after many years of good government & solid firm stable economic policies which brought very great prosperity to the people & good economic growth, good foreign relations with their neighbours, a very strong position of leadership in the World, the people foolishly believed their deceivers. In this case particularly the [EDITED: "ACs"] were their deceivers because the [EDITED: "ACs"] didn't seem to think the government of France was sympathetic enough for them, they're always screaming for more sympathy & more consideration & murmuring & complaining that they're abused & mistreated & blah blah, always blaming others!

       25. SO THAT WITH THEIR HIGH PRESSURE SALESMANSHIP & THEIR CONTROL OF THE MEDIA, etc., they managed to persuade the populace of France, at least enough of them & their own people, to vote against the good government they had & vote for a totally almost unknown inexperienced foolish man who has made them promises of prosperity & work & wages that he can't possibly fulfill, only false promises just to get elected.

       26. BUT THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN GULLIBLE ENOUGH & FOOLISH ENOUGH TO BELIEVE HIM & therefore elect him & cast out the known majestic kingly leader that they had before & elect a foolish little [EDITED: "AC"] politician who promises them everything but probably couldn't hardly deliver them anything. It's already causing an economic crisis in France with the falling Franc & withdrawal of foreign investments & dumping of French stocks on the stock market & impending doom!

       27. INVESTORS ARE NOT GOING TO INVEST IN A COUNTRY THAT HAS POOR LEADERSHIP & an unstable government & foolish economic policies & who has promised to gobble up their investments & their industry & their banks & take away their riches & rob them of their investments! The investors & the rich are not going to invest in a country like that, so of course they're withdrawing. And because therefore the people want to get all the golden eggs right now, they're in the process of killing the geese that laid the golden eggs, & going to find out pretty soon that instead of getting another golden egg everyday, they're going to only get the last golden egg & the goose is dead! This kind of foolish government & foolish economic policy is killing the business & industry & finances of France & Britain!

       28. THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DISCOVER THAT THEY HAVE KILLED THE GEESE THAT LAID THE GOLDEN EGGS, & they're not going to fly there & deposit those eggs in the banks & industries there any more, they're going to fly elsewhere. And the ones which they've already killed, confiscated their banks & industries, are going to be dead & unproductive & go broke, bankrupt, & there's going to be worse economic conditions than even before!

       29. JUST BECAUSE THERE WAS A LITTLE UNEMPLOYMENT BEFORE UNDER THE PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT & just because the government didn't baby & spoil the [EDITED: "ACs"] & didn't do exactly what the [EDITED: "ACs"] wanted them to do & make a big hue & cry about a little persecution, they have tossed out the best economic policies & the best foreign relations & the best World leadership, a real statesman, who was bringing France into a position of real genuine World leadership following the right course of leaning toward the World Superpower who is going to win & toward the Arabs who have the oil & the money & who are going to win.

       30. THE [EDITED: "ACS"] PERSUADED THE PEOPLE TO VOTE THEIR WAY with their usual bigmouth media. They only had to swing them a couple million votes, [DELETED] & that did it. The former government received nearly half the votes, but it only took two million people to switch from one side to the other to give the new government a leading edge. And of course the [EDITED: "AC"] media loudly touted it as a landslide election when actually it was only a 2% switch in order to topple the old government & bring in the new one.

       31. IT WAS SO OBVIOUS THAT IT WAS OF THE [EDITED: "ACS"] because the [DELETED] papers all loudly applauded & were all wildly in favour of the new government, the new leader, & highly criticised & condemned the former one & gave him a lot of bad publicity & attacked him every way they could. So they're getting what they deserve now.

       32. THEY'RE GETTING THE KIND OF A KING THEY DESERVE & THE KIND OF GOVERNMENT THEY DESERVE, a bad king & a poor government, one that's promised to favour the [EDITED: "ACs"] & be against [EDITED: "their enemies"] [DELETED] & be very anti-Russian, anti the government of Russia because of its so-called treatment to the [DELETED] few little dissidents who scream & holler so loud that the [EDITED: "AC"] press lets all the World hear about it. Whereas there are millions of [EDITED: "others"] in Russia who are perfectly satisfied & very happy with their lot & their government & their economy & very well treated & wouldn't think of leaving, much of the brains of Russia!

       33. SO AGAIN THE FOOLISH [EDITED: "ACS"] HAVE IN A SENSE CUT THEIR OWN THROATS & have believed their false leaders & have been deceived by their false shepherds & false prophets into destroying their own houses by buying the lies of their leadership & their fast-talking sales media, into buying houses that are unsafe & poorly built & which are sure to crash & a government that is sure to fail because it's going the wrong direction & favouring the wrong people.

       34. SO THAT TO ME WAS THE MEANING OF THE DREAM: That instead of blaming it on their leaders when things go wrong as people so often do--when it's obvious that they chose the wrong leadership & they chose the wrong houses, chose the wrong government--they should blame themselves & see where they themselves made the mistake of choosing the wrong way & listening to the wrong voices, that that actually is what destroyed them & their houses, such as the French have now done in their new government & such as the people around the World do in their governments, like Britain, the U.S., etc.

       35. SO OFTEN THEY HAVE ONLY SELFISH INTERESTS AT HEART & only their own personal gain & their own private logs to roll, little caring for the other fellow or the welfare of the nation or the good of the World as a whole, but only caring about their own personal viewpoint & location & where they live & the conditions they live in & not caring about anything else.

       36. IN THEIR SELFISHNESS THEY'VE DESTROYED THEMSELVES. In their foolishness they have believed the lies of the Enemy & false leaders, false prophets, false shepherds, false peace prophets, false politicians, false economists, & so therefore have really destroyed themselves. So that when the great World catastrophes & cataclysms & holocausts come & great disasters that try men's souls & try their governments & their buildings & their houses & the kind of faiths they have built, etc., these will not stand the test & will be destroyed. The people themselves will get what they deserve because the people themselves are to blame.

       37. THE GERMANS HAVE BEEN LED NOW TO BLAME HITLER FOR ALL THEIR WOES OF THE PAST & WARS, ETC., but they picked him, they chose him, they followed him, they believed him & they obeyed him. Germany was already going the wrong direction before Hitler came along in its anti-God, anti-Christ science & its teachers & leaders of false philosophies like Nietzsche & Freud & some of those.

       38. GERMANY WAS ALREADY A HOTBED OF UNBELIEF & Bible criticism & evolutionary theories & all that sort of thing, & they would just as quickly have followed a Communist leader. In fact, Communism was taking over Germany, & if a strong enough Communist leader had arisen instead of Hitler they would have followed him.

       39. THEY WERE LISTENING TO ALL THE WRONG VOICES & all the false voices & they were already building a poor house & a false building on false premises so that the Germans really were to blame for their own failures & their own following of false leaders & false religions, or irreligion.

       40. SO MANY A NATION HAS FALLEN NOT JUST BECAUSE IT HAD POOR LEADERSHIP, but as the Bible indicates, a wicked people get a wicked king because that's what they deserve, who will destroy them & their nation from within. They destroy themselves. They can't just blame the catastrophes & the disasters & the wars & the economic conditions, they need to look within at the reasons why the judgements of God fall upon them & they are destroyed, for their own sins & their own failures.

       41. A NATION FALLS BECAUSE OF SIN. A leader fails because of sin. Nations are judged by God & destroyed because of their own wickedness of sin that they cannot blame on their leader alone or their leaders only. It's their own fault & their own sin & their own wickedness.

       42. THE U.S.A. IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED! It rejected the Word of God, it rejected God's prophets, it harassed & persecuted & annoyed & tortured us & rejected us, refused our message & went their own way. They have elected the man we warned them against who is undoubtedly going to lead them into war, a war that's going to destroy them, already leading them that way, that is if he lives to see the day, either he or his successor. That's what they want.

       43. THAT'S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT WHO BELIEVE THE LIES OF THEIR FALSE PROPHETS & their false leaders & politicians that they can win a war & rule the World, which they can't do. They can't even rule themselves, they don't even know how to run their own country. They're crime-ridden, strife-torn, economically bankrupt, the country is on the verge of collapse & the politicians are figuring that at least a war might be able to save it.

       44. THEY'VE ALWAYS RESORTED TO WAR BEFORE TO PULL THEMSELVES OUT OF EVERY KIND OF AN ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, depression. Their formula has always been a war boom, but it's always come to a bust. So that's the way of the U.S.A. It is leading itself to its own destruction, but blaming everybody but themselves--blaming Europe, blaming Russia, blaming the rest of the World when it's their own fault.

       45. THEY HAVE LED THE WORLD TO THE BRINK OF DESTRUCTION financially, economically, politically, militarily & scientifically. They have been the leaders who are leading the World to destruction & it's their own fault, but they're blaming it on everybody else but themselves.

       46. SO WHEN YOU'VE BUILT YOUR HOPES & DESIRES & PLANS & LIFE & AIMS & GOALS ON A COMPLETELY FALSE SYSTEM, like the U.S.A., or many false religions & false economies & poor politicians, lying, deceiving builders, you get the kind of a house you deserve, one that's going to collapse under the judgements of God. One of these days it cannot stand. So it's your own fault, don't blame it on anybody else. You chose your own destruction. You chose your own doom. You chose your own poison. You made your own bed & now you're going to have to lie in it, & no doubt dead!

       47. THAT'S THE SAD STORY OF THE EARTHQUAKE. People blaming it on the builders or the earthquake or God, which is so like the [EDITED: "ACs"]!--They always blame all their troubles on somebody else & on God instead of confessing their own sins[DELETED]!

       48. SO DON'T BLAME IT ON EVERYBODY ELSE OR ON GOD!--YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY!--You chose your own poison & you chose your own destruction if you haven't chosen Christ & His Salvation. Any other choice is the wrong choice. To listen to any other voice is the wrong voice.

       49. ONLY JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH & THE LIFE, no man cometh unto the Father & His blessings except by Jesus, so you'd better choose Christ. (Jn.14:6.) Only Jesus is the answer & only He can help you build the right kind of house in the right place that will last & withstand the storms of this life, of both this World & hereafter. PTL! TYJ! In Jesus' name!--"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other Name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." (Ac.4:12.)

       50. ONLY JESUS!--ARE YOU TRUSTING HIM TO SAVE YOU?--If not, you're lost! Pray for Jesus to come into your heart & save you now! Tomorrow will be too late! Choose Jesus TODAY!--& survive the Holocaust with Him!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family