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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

LATEST NEWS FLASHES!--No.8 MAG 4118/7/81DO No.1025
--From M&M Personally!

Dear Ones,

GIJPN! PTL! GBY! We love you all!
WELL, HERE WE ARE IN OUR AUGUST MAG 41, & MANY OF US HAPPY TO BE IN OUR NEW SOUTHERN HOMES in Southern climes, & out of the Northern war zone. PTL! And we hope you are too or will be soon, D.V. We thought we'd never have as nice a place to live as we were in last time up yonder in the cold North. But as usual, "the Lord was better to us than all our hopes & better than all our fears, & He made a bridge of our broken works & a rainbow of our tears," & brought us to an even more beautiful place than we had been in before. It seems like every time we move, the Lord always moves us someplace better than ever before.

EVEN THO' WE DREAD & LAMENT HAVING TO LEAVE the last place & think we've lost our happiest Home ever, we always land in someplace better! At least that's the way it's been with us, & I hope it is with you most of the time too, D.V. We have lived in a few Heavens on Earth here for a while, & each time we thought nothing could be better. But the Lord is good to us & He's always doing even better than before for us. PTL! So we hope He's done the same for you, GBY. So if you're not moved out of that dangerous Northern war zone yet, why don't you try it! You might like it! Hallelujah! We sure do! We're enjoying it, thank the Lord, & the children are having more fun than ever & getting a whole new education in a new land with new people!

MEANWHILE, SOME OF OUR VITAL UNITS HAVE HAD TO STAY BEHIND a little while in a rearguard action to complete some very big projects that we're trying to finish up before they have to move, to be sure that you get these things before they have to make some major move to a new land where it may not be quite as easy to accomplish these major publishing feats.

WE TRUST YOU'VE RECEIVED MAG 40 OKAY, AS WELL AS YOUR BEAUTIFUL NEW TK VOLUME 2--with so many Komix by so many new artists, etc., & again nearly 800 pages of thrilling graphic vivid illustrations of the wonders of the Lord's wonderful revelations & Wonder Working Words to us in highly-illustrated & greatly condensed form, so that once you pick it up it's hard to put it down! Each new Komic is so fascinating! I know that I am just absolutely thrilled with them & fascinated with them & I can hardly stop reading them when I start, & I hope you have found them the same. PTL! Many of our contributors may not be quite as good artists or even as good printers or editors as some we've had. But they're all doing their best for you, & God bless them for their wonderful spirit of cooperation in endeavouring to illustrate the Letters to have them all in illustrated form, simple & easy to read for everyone of you including your children. PTL!

I THINK YOU'RE GOING TO FIND EVEN SOME OF THE OLD LETTERS AMAZINGLY INTERESTING & FASCINATING IN KOMIX FORM--Letters that maybe you've never read before or were never interested in reading before because they looked too complicated or too long & ancient & the print was too small. But you won't be able to resist these beautiful new illustrated Letters even of the old ones! The artists may not all be as great perfectionists as our original artist, Eman, but they're certainly learning & improving.

--& HERE'S GOOD NEWS!--OUR DEAR EMAN IS COMIN' BACK TO WORK AGAIN! He was so thrilled with the Komix Volumes with all of his beautiful illustrations in them that he got so inspired he wants to help us out now again on the coming volumes. So PTL, GBY Eman, welcome Home! We'd love to have you back again with your superb art, & to see some of your Komix is going to be like old times again! PTL! GBY! Thanks for all your help so faithfully for so many years! We were afraid for a little while you were gonna stay home & miss your crown just about the time you were really coming into your own! So we prayed real hard for you, & the Lord hasn't failed & you haven't failed us either. TTL! GBY! We're sure looking forward to some more of your beautiful art! And all the rest of you too, GBY everyone! Everyone of you has your own style & your own particular way of doing things & we enjoy every single one of them.


AND YOU'LL SEE WE'VE GOT A NEW ART ADVISORY IN THIS ISSUE by our art supervisor, Hart, the artist himself who has stuck by faithfully thru thick-&-thin, until he has merited the position of director of our art department, & who so faithfully corresponds with all you dear artists & makes sure that you get your cheques, your gifts of appreciation for your beautiful work as soon as possible, & grades them accordingly. So be sure that you read that little advisory here in this Mag before you draw another one! And we might say while we're on the subject of your beautiful art,

WE HAVE DISCOVERED IN SOME COUNTRIES THAT NUDES ARE NOT ENTIRELY APPRECIATED BY THE AUTHORITIES!--That is, complete nudity. We want to try to avoid any complications or difficulties with some Systems that might jeopardise the security, safety & the well-being of some of you folks in strict or closed countries. However, we've found that even in some of the strictest & most narrow-minded, conservative & virtually closed countries, artistic nudity is still okay & appreciated as long as certain vital spots are covered, & therefore it is not considered pornography nor obscene as long as the pubic area is well-covered & both nipples. As shown by these official government postage stamps & ads issued by some of the most conservative countries of all, as long as they're really art masterpieces, artistic, & in no way obscene or pornographic of any vital parts even tho' in some cases completely uncovered, the System seems to be able to not only swallow it but enjoy it & even publish it themselves! So PTL!

WE DON'T KNOW WHY SOME ARE SO AFRAID OF PUMS & NIPPLES, but there are a lot of things we don't understand about the System. But I presume if they didn't have some kind of laws on the subject, some coarse, crass, crude, vulgar, evil-minded men might take advantage of the situation & publish some of the ugly obscene pornography that we have seen in some of the Western World's worst publications--just downright sickening & ugly & disgusting & in no way beautiful or attractive or inspiring!

SO IF YOU KEEP'M JUST A WEE BIT COVERED, boys & girls, the System still seems to be able to stomach it, tolerate it or even appreciate it, as you can see by these stamps. For the Family, however, be sure to keep those pums & even nipples slightly covered, folks, & they may even praise your art. Just keep them veiled with something beautiful, graceful & filmy & it will still be accepted as good art. Just watch out for so-called compromising positions of persons of the opposite sex so that we don't shock the delicate minds of some of these pitifully sensitive Systemites.

IT'S FUNNY HOW THEY CAN TOLERATE ALL KINDS OF VIOLENCE & WAR & ITS HORRORS but be so sensitive & find a little bit of nudity so objectionable. As we've said before, the System seems to find sex illegal & wicked but war perfectly legitimate. So keep them barely covered, boys, & you lovely girl-artists too, so that our folks who receive our publications in some of these countries will not be endangering themselves by picking them up at the Post Office.

YOU CAN FIND EXAMPLES of acceptable partial covering of nudes on the following pages of TK Volume 2: Title Page, 19, 35, 36, 78, 125, 128, 147, 155-159, 189, 295, 298, 299, 300, 305, 342-346, 414, 428, 430, 457, 458, 461-465, 468, 471, 476, 482, 491, 510-520, 545, 547, 587, 654, 710, 715, 735.

BECAUSE IN SOME OF THESE COUNTRIES IT'S ACTUALLY A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO EVEN POSSESS WHAT'S KNOWN AS PORNOGRAPHIC LITERATURE OR OBSCENE MATERIAL! And if it's too bare, they might consider it pornographic. And for this reason we're going to have to start covering even the photos in the Magazine a bit more, sorry to say. So we'll have to ask you to if you can, girls or boys, wear the barest minimum, draped in a beautiful way, as you have seen in some of our videos. And if you have not or can't, we enjoy seeing the originals ourselves, but we'll have to touch'm up a bit for publication.

SO YOU EDITORS & ARTISTS PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND BEFORE YOU PUT THOSE PHOTOS IN THE MAG. It only needs just a spot here or there sometimes, so that if you give it just a spot, then pornography it's not! Hallelujah! It's really a funny System isn't it? Ha! A beautiful woman with her nipples & pum covered by nothing but three little spots excites me just as much as the women who are not! So girls, don't worry about it, we men will get just as excited & enjoy you just as much even if you have to wear a three-inch triangle below & a couple stars or hearts above. PTL!

SO PLEASE DON'T STOP SENDING US THOSE BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL NUDIE-CUTIES, but just please for your own sake & our own safety & security as well as yours & the Magazines', just touch'm up a bit. But as the cook used to say when there wasn't quite enough to eat & they put a dish of it on the table: "Touch'r light, folks, touch'r light!" Well, let me tell you, you're quite a dish most of you, & there's plenty of you, and we don't have to touch you light for that reason!

BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THE SYSTEM & OUR OWN SECURITY & THE SAFETY OF THE MAGAZINE & its usefulness in many countries, artists & editors, you're going to have to touch'm light, just a touch-up here or there is all most of them need, just a spot of the pen or a stroke of the pencil. PTL! And we can imagine the rest, don't worry! Most of you come with standard equipment, & we don't have to see every square inch of it in order to be pleased & thrilled at your beauty. We'd certainly rather have only one-percent of you artfully concealed than to lose all of you by having your Magazines or Books confiscated or banned & your own safety endangered by a little indiscretion in our art & photos.

WE CERTAINLY DON'T WANT TO DESTROY THE EFFECTIVENESS & THE WIDESPREAD USEFULNESS & MINISTRY OF OUR MAGAZINES & BOOKS by just a few little tiny minute excesses of nudity in our art & photos. Some of our folks have even gone to the Post Office with fear & trembling to pick up their Books or Mags for fear the Postal authorities would have opened them or would ask them to open them & show them to them, as has occurred in a few cases, when they held their breath with concern as the clerk thumbed thru the Book or the Mag, hoping he wouldn't see or object to what he saw in it!

SO FAR WE'VE GOTTEN BY PRETTY WELL, BECAUSE I THINK WE HAVE BEEN TASTEFUL & ARTISTIC & CAUTIOUS, but we're going to have to be even a little more so to be sure that our ministry is not harmed or restricted in any way & our Family are not in any way endangered anywhere. PTL!--OK? So I hope you don't mind that we have to do a little bit more covering up in some of our art & photos from now on. And I don't think you'll find it so bad or all that unrevealing.

I THINK YOU'LL ENJOY IT JUST AS MUCH AS BEFORE, & we don't have to see some of these tiny spots just to enjoy the whole. That word was w-h-o-l-e, by the way. We can enjoy the holy h-o-l-e-s in private & out of sight & not in our publications to the offence of the weak & the System. So hang on to your Holy Holes & use them as needed & enjoy'm, but please keep'm at least slightly covered in public & in our publications. Thank you very much. GBY!

WE SURELY DO ENJOY THOSE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS & PICTURES, but let's just be a little bit more cautious, shall we? And try to cooperate with the System just a little bit so that they won't be offended & we'll continue to enjoy our freedom & our freedom of publication & the mails--m-a-i-l-s, girls, as well as m-a-l-e-s! But let's not be bothered by censorship or banning or even danger from possession of illegal materials.

THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR COOPERATION ON THIS, GBY, & we trust that our art will even be more beautiful & our photos even more artistic with a bit of drape & a bit of beautiful concealment, even just bare tiny bits of provocative covering. As I've said, even one three-inch triangle & two tiny stars or hearts is enough to satisfy most censors & our own senses--even a beautifully draped see-thru nightie or negligee or lovely thin veil or Spanish shawl such as I see the girls wearing in Heaven, those Heavenly Houris, & in our Heavenly Videos! And frankly I think it's sometimes even more beautiful & artistic than just the plain naked truth! A bit of drape gives those classic Grecian statues a certain gracefulness & artistic beauty that even stark nakedness would not equal.

AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, EVEN A BEAUTIFUL PAINTING SOMETIMES NEEDS A BIT OF FRAMING to give it a good background or an artistic border, & even the most beautiful diamond is not much without a setting. So don't be afraid to drape'm just a tiny bit, you dear artists & fotogs, & you dear girls who send us those lovely photos. Please before you put them in the mail, think about that, & maybe you can touch'm up yourselves with your little felt-tip pen or better yet let us do it for you. Or when fotoing at least hold one hand over the lower spot & perhaps a hand & forearm across your bosoms. That makes a very pretty picture, as you have seen in some of the famous classic Greek statuary or art masterpieces. Even tho' not completely nude, it's rather exciting.

THAT'S WHY IN SOME OF YOUR VIDEO DANCES YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL totally nude but behind a thin veil, dancing holding the veil either in front of you or behind you, depending on which side is facing the camera, so we can still see you & all of you, but still slightly covered enough, we hope, to satisfy the sensitive sensibilities of the weaker ones of the System.

SO I GUESS WE'RE FINALLY MATURING A BIT & coming of age in realising that there are some advantages in trying to please the System just a little bit & try to give them a tiny bit of cooperation along this line so that they won't be offended & apt to ruin our larger ministry. Amen? OK. God bless you, we love you! And I don't think we'll love you any less if you're covered only a tiny bit more.

AFTER ALL, YOUR BEAUTIFUL SWEET & SMILING ANGELIC SAINTLY FACES & ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PART ABOUT YOU & are the greatest testimonial of all of your happiness & love with the Light of Jesus in your souls! PG! TYJ! Frankly, to me the most exciting part about a woman is her eyes. I can absolutely flip-out & flip-on & flip-up & flip-in & flip-off just looking into your beautiful eyes in some of these videos! GBY! They're magnetic & hypnotic & they really do things to me!

AS I'VE ALREADY MENTIONED IN "LOOK OF LOVE," your charming smile & inviting eyes & entrancing expressions do more to excite me than all the rest of your body below, even if it's all bare! So why not give us a few more real beautiful close-ups of that lovely face & head & hair of yours with those charming smiles & come-hither looks! I can come just as fast on those as I can go on the others! PG! TYJ! Hallelujah! ILY!

SO KEEP'M COMIN'! It keeps me comin' too! I'm about to have an orgasm just thinking about you! If our imaginations can do that much for us, how much more can your lovely pictures & pleasing photos & thrilling physical presence close by our sides! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! WOW! The Lord sure knew what He was doin' when He made you! GBY! I'm about to kiss my tape recorder!--Wish you were here!--And you can be in those lovely photos! So please, don't stop now, we're almost there! Here we go! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! As the fella said,

"SEX IS THE NEXT MOST WONDERFUL THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!--I've forgotten what the first one was!" But we haven't forgotten, we know what it is!: It's the love of Jesus & our Family affection for each other. PTL? Hallelujah! It's salvation & the baptism of the Holy Spirit that give you the greatest thrill & spiritual orgasm you'll ever have! That's gonna really take you right out of this World into the Heavenlies, & can do it already in the Spirit! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen?

SO KEEP'M COMIN', GIRLS! WE LIKE TO SEE YOU!--Even if we can't see everything, we can still feel you in the Spirit. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen? You who have visited me in my dreams, I love it. And some of you have already sent me your dreams on video, & you really are dreams, that's for sure! Beautiful! Some of those videos are absolutely gorgeous & beautifully artistic with lovely music & graceful, sexy dances! Keep'm comin' but keep'm covered, just a wee tiny itsy-bitsy bit.

DID YOU EVER HEAR THAT SONG ABOUT THE "TEENY-WEENY BIKINI"? Well, you don't even need that much as long as you've got two hands, or maybe a baby in your arms or a couple flowers--well, maybe three flowers--or even a few strands of that beautiful sexy hair of yours (I mean, the hair of your head!) draped artfully, one or two--or even also one that low if you have that much.

THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF WAYS TO DO IT BEAUTIFULLY & ARTISTICALLY & temptingly & provocatively & enjoyably without offending the System, keeping within the minimum requirements of the law. So please use'm! You can show the rest to your mate. Those three parts are mostly functional anyhow in the final stages.--And we don't have to see them too clearly to excite us into the first stage of the perpendicular before the horizontal! OK?--Thanks! God bless you! We really love you & love those pictures. Keep'm comin' to keep us comin'! Amen!

WELL, THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN ME ON ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SUBJECTS as the first item, or I might not get off of it!--Or you!--& not to get the rest of'm done!--Or I might never get around to'm! One such look at you & I may not get anything else done! Oh, Honey, let's go to bed! Ha! Hallelujah! (Maria: Can we just rip thru the rest of these & then go to bed?) Ha! OK. PTL! Hallelujah! Amen! I'm all for that! I'm all gettin' in the mood now just thinkin' about you! PTL! OK. Here we go on the rest of the latest news!


WE UNDERSTAND THAT MANY OF YOU SPEND HOURS TYPING UP "SELAH" LIT to distribute to your friends. Will those of you who feel a need for or who already use this type of lit please answer the following questions with your next Monthly Report: What kind of lit do you type--full Letters or GP or DFO Komix? Why do you feel you can't use our lit as it is, particularly the GP Komix? What do you have to do to make it selah for your situation & to whom do you distribute selah lit, just friends, fish or GP? What could we do to eliminate retyping & help you have a greater lit outreach? Please send us a Xeroxed sample of what you feel is acceptable. Love, Maria.


PLEASE REMEMBER THAT TK VOLUMES 1 & 2 ARE ONLY FOR THE FAMILY, & any subsequent Komix Volumes as well, because they include Komix of nearly all the Letters, so most of them are suitable only for the Family & yours & your children's education & not necessarily for the General Public--only very good friends.

HOWEVER, THEY DO CONTAIN MANY EXCELLENT GP KOMIX in their normal numerical order, which can be easily reproduced from the book for public distribution if you so desire. Remember, you don't have to cut them out of the book to get your printer to do them. You can just go with the book & have him shoot the photos of those pages.--Or shoot them yourselves & just take him the negs or the prints of the particular pages that you want published.

YOU'LL ALSO FIND MANY DFO KOMIX THAT YOU'LL WANT TO SHARE WITH FRIENDS & relatives, perhaps contacts, fish, converts, catacombers, etc. For this purpose you can easily take your book to almost any library or Xerox machine & Xerox those particular pages for individual distribution. However, we are coming out soon with what we are calling the "DFO Komix Book," with all of the especially chosen Komix that we feel best for this very use & purpose, covering our complete basic doctrines & teachings & views on life & the World, etc. So you'll soon have this entire Volume of DFO Komix ready to loan to your dearest friends.

BUT THEY ARE NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, but to be used more as the first Quotebooks were to be used, for personal friends, & in most cases only loaned to them unless you have sufficient funds to purchase extra copies.

REGARDING CONTROVERSIAL KOMIX, we have noticed & been thankful that some of you have been much more cautious in your distribution of such thought-provoking material (& sometimes enemy-provoking) so as to try to cause yourself a little less trouble than some of you have unwisely caused yourselves before. However, we feel that some of you have gone to the opposite extreme now & are afraid to even distribute God's Warning Messages to the wicked World!

MANY OF YOU IN THE U.S.A. & WESTERN EUROPE, WHERE YOU HAVE GREAT FREEDOM TO DISTRIBUTE SUCH WARNINGS TO THE WORLD, ARE NOT USING THAT FREEDOM TO PUBLISH THE LORD'S WARNINGS TO THE WICKED! Therefore, their blood is going to be on your hands & the burden of their destruction on your soul & your conscience in your disobedience to the Lord in failing to warn them. In Ezekiel 3:17-19 it says: "Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: Therefore hear the word at my mouth, & give them warning from me. When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; & thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Yet if thou warn the wicked, & he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul." So that's a pretty serious warning & a very sobering responsibility! Even if it may sometimes aggravate some & endanger your own safety, as it did with most prophets, you are required & obligated to warn the wicked of the prophecies of God thru His prophets, & to deliver His Words of warning to them as His faithful messengers, that you be not blamed for their destruction in their sins!

SO YOU'D BETTER GET WITH IT & GET BACK ON THE WALL & MAN THE BARRICADES AGAIN & GET OUT THE MESSAGE to them before it's too late! Or God's going to hold you responsible when you stand at His Judgement Bar, for not having told them! We notice by your Pub Reports that some of these very needed warning messages have been almost totally abandoned or neglected in the areas where they're most needed, such as the U.S.A. & Western Europe. So when the destruction comes, you're going to have their fate on your conscience if you failed to warn them that it was coming--to give them an opportunity to get saved or get out or both!

YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET OUT THE LITERATURE WHICH IS PARTICULARLY OFFENSIVE to any particular group in order to get out the general warnings of the Lord, such as the "Warning Message" tract which we passed out by the millions! The famous "Warning Prophecy" by Grandmother & many other of our warning prophecies & Warning Komix have a general warning & a general coverage of all the people who need it without necessarily provoking or aggravating any particular group.

SO YOU'D BETTER GET BACK ON THE JOB & BACK ON THE WALL TO WARN THE PEOPLE, OR GOD IS GOING TO HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR FATE! It's a very sobering warning there in Ezekiel, & you'd better read it & remind yourself of your responsibility to both the Lord & to this wicked World! It certainly would not be fair of you nor the Lord for Him to have to destroy them without fair & sufficient warning! "To warn the wicked of his wicked way" is a part of our job & our responsibility & one of our few excuses for being here!--And if you don't do it, God is gonna hold you responsible!--So you'd better get out some of those Warning Komix & do it quickly before it's too late for both you & them!--Amen? (NOTE!:--In closed or partially closed countries do not give out any politically-oriented lit or any that could be interpreted that way, or you may get yourself thrown out!--Or thrown in for a few months!)


--FIRST TIME EVER!: A FULL-COLOUR 220-PAGE FLANNELGRAPH MAG! It's a beauty! All beautifully already printed in colour, so that you poor tired parents won't have to spend so much of your time tryin' to be the artists you are not!--Altho' some of you may be, still we're savin' you a lot of work by having some of our artists do the work for you, so that it comes ready-coloured & all you have to do is cut'm out & back'm & put'm up & enjoy'm with your kids! PTL? That's a real step of progress! Amen? I hope I can hear you shoutin' "Hallelujah!" TYJ!

WE'RE HOPING TO MAIL THIS TO YOU THE LAST OF AUGUST, so you'll probably receive it sometime in September, D.V., if you'll pray real hard for our Publication Units, the printer & the Post. And along with it we hope to have ready to send to you the first volume of our childcare encyclopedia, "Mothers & Babycare," which is going to be quite a book--all you need to know about mothers & children, & a little bit about fathers too! So fathers, don't think it's just for dear, poor overworked Mom to read.

--READ IT TOGETHER & WORK TOGETHER TO RAISE THOSE BEAUTIFUL KIDS FOR THE LORD! It's too big a job for one person, that's why the Lord gave most children two parents. And if you haven't got a mother or a father for your child or children, you'd better get one quick! Pray one in now!--So you can read this book together! Come on, you ol' bachelors & old maids, it's time to give up that old selfish pride & privacy for the Lord's little kids who need mommies, daddies & helpers!--Amen?--GBY! (Order extra full-colour Flannelgraph Mags at $4.00 per copy & extra beautiful FC "Mothers & Babycare" books at $8.00 per copy. As supply is limited, order now c/o W.S., Pf. 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland.


BECAUSE THE FAMILY HAS APPRECIATED YOU & enjoyed your art & music so much that they have been tithing very faithfully & supporting your work very well, we are doubling your appreciation gifts from World Services as of now--& some of you may have already received these doubled amounts. We want to make sure that you know that we appreciate you & to inspire you to do good work & to devote more of your time to it rather than merely trying to eke out a living, so that you can give the Lord & the Family more of your time & so they can benefit from more of your talent by making it financially possible for you to spend more or your time drawing or singing or playing or composing or editing or whatever. So praise the Lord, God bless you & may He continue to make you a blessing & continue to make it possible for us to so bless you financially!


WE HAVE ALSO DOUBLED OR MORE THAN DOUBLED THE BABY BONUSES, so that every mother now will receive with every new baby a full 100 SF Baby Bonus to help you with that new little life & its tender loving care & for any little baby needs that you may have which you might otherwise not be able to afford. So PTL, we're so thankful that He & the Family have made this possible so that we can be of greater help to our dear little new mothers & their new babies!--You old mothers too & your new babies!--Ha! Some of you are doing mighty well now already on your fifth, sixth, seventh & some even their eighth & ninth! GBY!

WE'RE HAVING A POPULATION EXPLOSION OF FAMILY MEMBERS EVEN JUST VIA THE BIRTH CANAL with an average of two babies born everyday in the Family--about 60 a month! So we are growing one way or the other! PTL! And what better disciples can you have than those which you can train even before they're born? Amen? We're believers in the prenatal influence of both the Holy Spirit & your spirit, & of even your surroundings & your schedule & sounds, etc. Your baby can hear these things & knows what's going on & is influenced by them even by the sounds about you & the music you play, etc. So you can start training your baby even before it's born by playing it our beautiful Family music! PTL? So, GBY mothers & all your new babies & we hope you appreciate & enjoy this increased Baby Bonus.


WE HAVE GIVEN MOST OF YOU A RAISE to compensate for the continued rise in the cost of living & prices, etc. & to help you meet all your needs & even some of your wants to keep you happy & to show you how much we & the Family appreciate you & the good work you are doing & your faithful service to the Lord. GBY every one & we know you can use it & will use it well. So may He make it a blessing & make you a continued & even greater blessing than ever before. PTL.

WE'VE ALSO INCREASED MOST OF THE MISSIONARY & VS ALLOWANCES INCLUDING LIT-PICs & OTHERS whom we help from the WS Missions funds. And we know you can use it & we hope you'll find it very helpful to continue to carry on your wonderful work for the Lord. As fast as the Lord & the Family send it in we like to give it to those who really need it, deserve it & can surely use it for His glory & the help of others. So Family please pray for them, & continue to pray for us & faithfully tithe & give to His work so that this will continue to be possible as well as to publish all these good magazines, books, tapes, etc., for your use, edification, instruction, feeding & the feeding of your sheep. PTL! GBAKY & CTMYAB forever! In Jesus' name, Amen.


WE WOULD LIKE TO REMIND YOU THAT ALL BOOKS TO THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES (GLP VOLUMES & TK BOOKS) ARE PRESENTLY BEING SENT TO YOU REGISTERED AIR MAIL to ensure their safe arrival. Therefore, please be sure that the mailing name & address which you give on your monthly TRF Report is one at which you can receive these registered packages.

PLEASE REMEMBER TOO, THAT REGISTERED MAIL HAS TO BE PICKED UP PERSONALLY by the individual to whom the registered letter or package is addressed, & usually proof of identification is required, so be sure to use a legal passport name & not a Bible name or other alias.

POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES FOR RECEIVING REGISTERED MAIL are if, for example, you are travelling & thus receive your mail thru another person's name or box, you could leave them with a legal power of attorney, giving them authority to pick up mail addressed to you. Most POs have these forms available. Or else you could have your mail sent to someone else's box with "attention: (your name)" at the bottom.

SOME HOMES HAVE HAD THEIR BOOKS RETURNED TO SENDER for some of these above reasons, so please be sure to take care of this right away as other books will be coming soon. All such losses of books will require re-ordering thru your Reporting Office, so we want to remind all Homes so there'll be no delay or added cost to you receiving the priceless Words of Life! We love you so much! Thanks for your help! Your WIM Family.


IN THE PAST, DUE TO LEGAL PROBLEMS which arose because some Family Members accepted unfamiliar, unrecognizable Certified Mail, it became our policy to refuse most all Certified Mail. We are now changing that policy & will now accept Certified Mail that is obviously from Family Members, including letters, video tapes, cassette tapes, etc. We would suggest that you do not use envelopes or packaging with printed return addresses on them, such as from a company you may be working for in a [EDITED: "drop-in"] situation.

IT WOULD BE BEST IF YOU USE REGULAR ENVELOPES & WRITE YOUR COMPLETE RETURN ADDRESS, including legal name, street or box number, city, state, country & all postal codes on it by hand as we will usually refuse Certified Mail from business & legal firms & people whom we are not sure of & don't know.

WE WOULD LIKE TO REMIND YOU THAT IF YOU DESIRE TO SEND LARGE GIFTS to either M&M or the Family News, etc., that they can easily be sent to your Reporting Office instead, along with your Monthly TRF Report & the special gift could be clearly designated in Box 53 on your Report Form. These gifts can then be easily, promptly & safely forwarded to those designated on your Report Forms.

ALTHO' WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING CERTIFIED MAIL, it would be greatly appreciated & very helpful if you could refrain from sending your mail in this manner unless it is very important to do so, or if you live in a country where sending Certified Mail is the only way you can be sure your mail is being handled safely & promptly. Thank you for all your loving letters, beautiful videos & tapes & very helpful gifts which are all appreciated & enjoyed so much!! We love you dearly & look forward to hearing from each & every one of you! Love, Keren Tommy.


ANYONE WHO HAS VOLUNTARILY DECIDED TO REMAIN OR WILL HAVE TO REMAIN IN THE WAR ZONES of Europe or North America longer than December please so state & explain why (legal, physical, financial, etc.) on your next Monthly Report under the "Comments" section.--Thanks! GBAKY!

ALL HOMES REQUESTING ONLY ENGLISH LANGUAGE COPIES OF MAGS must obtain them by reporting to WIM. (Please write initially to W.S., Pf. 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland, & you will be given a reporting address to report to.) Those who want to receive a bi-lingual mailing--that is, an English copy & a copy of a Mag in another language, must report to the appropriate LIM. You may write in & report to any LIM from anywhere in the world to receive a copy of its local language Mag as well as a copy of the English Mag if you TRF to them!


FROM YOUR REPORTING OFFICES: GBY! WLYSSM! We are so excited to hear about your first LAF & DAF meetings & be part of this exciting new revolution for more unity & love, PTL!

IN ORDER TO HELP EVERYONE TO BE ABLE TO BE INCLUDED IN THIS, we are asking that you please note & fill out the additional information requested (parts D-F) on your Monthly TRF Report in the future. Your help with this could greatly speed up getting the Fellowship Revolution into full swing. Thanks so much!

WE ALSO WANTED TO REMIND YOU NEW LASs, DASs, ETC., to write your Reporting Office just as soon as you have been elected & if possible let us know a GP mailing address &/or phone number, so that we can know "who is who" & be able to put other family members in touch with you, if needed. Thanks! We love you so much!--Happy LAFMs, DAFMs, GAFMs...!


MWM SHOWS 25-30 along with the Disco Show Tape were mailed to all Family Homes July 6-10. D.V., during the first two weeks of August all Homes will also be receiving a package of colour brochures & posters to be used for booking. During the last week of May all Homes were mailed their copies of Volume 7 from GLP.


DURING THE MONTH OF AUGUST, we plan, if the Lord wills, to mail the following priceless tapes to you from MWM: The Drama tape, the first two Spanish Shows, an Italian Show tape & a March Daily Might tape. The tape duper has graciously consented to postpone his vacation so these tapes can be sent to you in August. Wild Wind would also like to send out six tapes to each Home this month--a very very special mailing!

THEY ARE DAD'S NEW "GARDEN OF EDEN" TAPES ON BIBLE PROPHECY & other subjects, each a full hour long, made from his new colour video series! Don't miss yours for the latest news! These are priceless guidance for these Last Days & we'll not be able to repeat'm! So get your TRF in on time! PTL! GBTAMTAB!--Love, Maria.


DUE TO MANY GOING SOUTH & VARIOUS MAIL STRIKES, some of your tithes & offerings were lower than usual last report, & from some areas they were virtually nil because of mail strikes & our consequent failure to receive some of your Monthly Reports due to no fault of yours.

WE DESPERATELY NEED YOUR PRAYERS for the thousands of dollars necessary to complete the books & music projects that are now in progress. Every gift & tithe you send helps to make possible more mags, books & tapes. Pray for the post & for extra gifts, & keep moving South to poorer Third World Southern Hemisphere countries in spite of lower income, & God will supply if you continue to obey & faithfully feed the sheep & give what you can. Read "God's Guarantees," coming, D.V., in Mag 42:

"IF WE LOOK AT IT IN THE NATURAL, WE'D BE CRAZY to move South, as it looks like we're all bound to lose income in such poorer countries. But God is more concerned about saving your lives & their souls than saving money! If we're faithful in winning & feeding His sheep, I'm sure we're not going to lose!

"HE'LL MAKE IT UP SOME WAY 100-FOLD HERE & HEAVEN HEREAFTER!"--Amen? Hallelujah! GBAKYACTMYAB!--WLAPFY! IJN, A! Keep rolling the gold & keep moving & keep going into all the World until we've preached the Gospel to every creature!--Amen?--Thanks! GBY! WLY! God will take care of you forever!


ACTUALLY, IN HORSE LANGUAGE WE MIGHT CALL THIS "GENTLING IT" RATHER THAN "BREAKING IT." In case you don't already know, & have never bought a book or Bible which contained the instructions on how to open it & use it without breaking, literally breaking its spine so that the book eventually falls in two or more parts than that, we thought it would be well to here suggest that you try to follow the following procedure in opening your new Books.

IF YOU JUST SUDDENLY OPEN THE BOOK in the middle or bend the backs too far backward, you're apt to literally crack its spine & break the book in two or break off the covers! Therefore, most new Bibles have these instructions accompanying them in their box, & the same is true with our Books. Nearly all are bound in a similar way, & with the larger books it's very important to open them & gentle them in this way lest you break their backs & destroy their usefulness & utility, or harm them by breaking them in several pieces!

THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT FOR THE MAGAZINE, because the Magazine is bound in a different way with staples, & each page goes clear across to a corresponding page on the other side of the Magazine, & it's not very easy to bend these back & forth until they fall apart--altho' maybe some of you have used your Magazines that much, particularly your Komix Magazines. But since the pages go clear across from one side to the other & are stapled in the centre, they are much tougher & less liable to be damaged by opening too wide.

HOWEVER, THE BOUND BOOKS SUCH AS THE MO BOOKS & OTHER LARGER VOLUMES, which are stitched & glued, can be severely damaged with the first opening if you do not very cautiously know how to open them & prepare them for use. Perhaps one of our artists can give you a picture diagram of this. In fact, I think in the past we even had this illustrated in an early lesson on bookbinding which might be well to repeat. However, the method is:

TAKE YOUR NEW BOOK, Bible, MO Book, Komix Volume, whatever it may be, closed between your two hands & set the spine carefully & firmly down on a hard firm level surface such as a table, a firm flat surface. Then first open one cover or the other or both covers flat on the table & level with each other while holding all the pages vertical to the table (straight up). Then slide your fingers along the part of each cover next to the spine, firmly press your fingers back & forth along there on one side & then on the other along the base of the covers next to the spine or base of the pages where fastened to the covers. Of course be sure your hands & fingers are clean so you don't get it all smudged up.

PRESS THE COVERS DOWN FIRMLY ON THE TABLE with the book back (spine) firmly pressed against the table & the pages in one hand or the other held vertically with the backs flat on the table at right angles with the pages, pressing firmly along the base of each cover where it is attached to the spine.

THEN TAKE A FEW PAGES NEXT TO ONE OF THE COVERS in one hand & open them out flat on the back on the table & press your fingers the same way along the base of these pages, press them down firmly against the back of the book which is firmly on the table.

THEN TAKE A FEW PAGES ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BOOK WITH THE OTHER HAND, press them firmly down on the table & running your fingers along them next to the spine of the book. This may not give the book quite as much a thrill as it gives your mate when you run your fingers along his or her spine, but it'll certainly make your book very happy & feel good that you didn't break its back at the first opening!

KEEP TAKING A FEW PAGES, a dozen to 20 pages on each side, alternating sides, & press them down flat on top of the preceding pages on the table & run your fingers firmly down along the base of the pages next to the spine of the book. Then take more pages from each side & lay them down on top of the front & the back covers & preceding pages on the firm, flat table surface, & run your fingers firmly along the base of each group of pages where they're attached to the book's spine.

KEEP DOING THIS JUST A FEW PAGES AT A TIME, ALTERNATING SIDES, a few pages on the left side first, a few pages on the right side next, a few pages on the left, a few pages on the right, etc., until you have reached the centre of the book & all of the pages are now flat opened against both covers of the book on the table & the book is actually fully open right in the middle.

THIS "GENTLING" OF THE PAGES OF THE BOOK & ITS BACK BY THIS METHOD WILL PREVENT AN EARLY BREAKING OF THE SPINE, or a "cracking" of it that would otherwise literally cause it to fall apart! I have worn out several Bibles this way, & any book eventually may fall apart after years of use. But if you'd used your Bible as many years as I had before it fell apart, like 30-40 years, you've taken pretty good care of it!

THIS METHOD OF GENTLY OPENING & BENDING THE PAGES OF YOUR NEW BOOK WILL PREVENT ANY EARLY OR PREMATURE BREAKING OF THE BOOK or spine of the book, so that you still have just one book & not two halves in your hands instead of one well-bound firmly attached book. "Breaking" of the spine instead of "gentling" it will also often cause pages to fall out of the book, loose pages which can be lost, as loose pages usually stick out & get more worn & torn than others & can be easily lost.

SO PLEASE FOLLOW THIS METHOD IN OPENING NEW BOOKS ANY LARGER THAN YOUR NORMAL MAGAZINE, books which have the glued or stitched back or spine rather than stapled like the Magazine. This will help to even hold the book in your hand or lay it on a table with the pages lying open rather than suddenly closing on you because the pages are not yet bent & therefore the book has a tendency to close on you because the pages will not fold down as they should.

WHAT YOU'RE ACTUALLY DOING in this case is bending the back, the front & back covers, parallel to the spine of the book but at right angles to the pages which you are holding vertically in the centre. Then you're taking a few pages at a time & bending those pages on each side instead of breaking the back, whether they are glued or stitched.

YOU ARE GENTLY BENDING THE BASE OF EACH PAGE SO THAT THEY WILL BEND RATHER THAN BREAK, & this is much better for your books. It will make them much more convenient to use & last much longer. When you have thoroughly treated your book in this fashion, your book will lie open flat on the table without flipping back shut again, & it will preserve its spine so that you won't lose pages or really break the whole book in half, & it will last you much longer & be far more useful than a book roughly treated & impatiently broken apart by failure to "gentle" it instead of "breaking" it. So there you are--how to open a book without breaking its back! How to "gentle" it without destroying it. GBY & give you many more books to "gentle" for your benefit & His Glory. In Jesus' name, amen. Praise the Lord!


WE WELCOME SUGGESTIONS FOR THE MAGAZINE--including important good-for-the-Family articles, testimonies, tips, ideas, news & magazine reprints, book reviews & movie reviews done by you or by the System. Also please keep us informed of any new developments that you see in any field--photographic, printing, office machines, computers, communications, books, electronics, miniature surveillance devices or their detection, & many other modern & useful inventions which could be put to use in the Family for the sake of our security, communications, etc.

IN FACT, WE'VE ONLY RECENTLY DISCOVERED THESE MICRO-MINI VERY TINY TAPE RECORDERS upon which we are at the moment dictating these notices & which have proven a great boon to us who must travel & move frequently, because of the very tiny size & tiny tapes less than a fourth the size of an ordinary cassette & yet containing twice as much material in two-hours time! This makes them very good for mailing thru the Post--light, small & containing twice as much material in one-fourth the space!

IN OTHER WORDS, ONE OF THESE TINY TAPES CONTAINS TWO HOURS OF MATERIAL, OR TWICE AS MUCH AS A NORMAL CASSETTE! So that one of these tiny tapes contains the equivalent of two standard cassette tapes in about one-fifth the space & weight of a standard cassette. So that one microcassette contains the equivalent of two standard cassettes, altho' it's only one-eighth that much space & weight! Which means they're very tiny & easy to use in the mail & even of greater security than normal-sized tapes, because very few people yet have these micro-cassettes or can play them, & therefore would not be tempted to either steal or listen to them since they have nothing to play them on!

THEY'RE THE LATEST THINGS & HAVE ALL THE LATEST GADGETS, including electronically operated instead of mechanically, & come also with excellent transcribers & accessories which you'll find very extremely useful if your are in one of our Word-processing Units. And the little cassette recorder itself is so tiny that it's less than half the size of even the former smallest standard cassette recorder! This was the black Sony cassette recorder TCM-600B, which we found very useful & helpful for several years while it was the smallest & best thing out.

HOWEVER, NOW WE HAVE DISCOVERED THAT THE OLYMPUS PEARLCORDER XO1 HAS GOT'M BEAT both for size, weight, operation, security & everything in every way! So if you can afford to get one for your own personal use in dictation, letter-writing, office operation, etc., they are extremely practical particularly for us who travel & move a lot & mail a lot. They are about half the size & weight of the former SONYs that we are still using a few of.

BUT OF COURSE, THEY WILL NOT PLAY THE STANDARD-SIZE CASSETTES upon which we must produce our music & Family tapes. Therefore, they are not for playing Family tapes unless you transpose or re-record the Family music onto the microcassette. And of course, its playback system is very small, primarily for monitoring dictation, & therefore not very practical for actual music reproduction. But I'm sure they will be continually improving them & get to that stage before long, so that they will have larger speaker accessories which will even reproduce good music.

SO THE DAYS OF THE STANDARD CASSETTES ARE NUMBERED & may soon be on their way out as the microcassettes take their place. Go to your nearest cassette recorder store & take a look at'm & see if they could be useful to you in your particular situation & application. Sony & Olympus are also making slightly larger micro-transcribers which are good for both dictation & transcription with a foot pedal. Be sure any micro-recorder you get plays microcassettes (3.4 x 5 cm.) & not the similar mini-cassettes (3.4 x 5.6 cm.) so our recorders will be compatible & we can play your tapes!

SO HANG ON TO YOUR HATS, THE ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY IS SHOOTING FOR THE STARS! Also we found another very important unusual bit of office equipment for communications which may be very useful to some of you who are busy with Word-processing, but must do considerable communicating back & forth with other distant Units in the process. And that is a small Burroughs telefax machine, a facsimile transceiver for use on your ordinary telephone line, which can transmit or receive a full typing-page of message, graphics, photos or whatever can go on paper, over great distances within only two or three minutes! The same amount of material would take you at least ten minutes or more to read or dictate orally on the phone, or even longer on teletype or Telex!

THE TELEFAX MACHINE IS VERY SMALL, only 9.7 kilos, & its greatest advantages are the security of the messages, which go in almost coded form by AM-FM vibrations, tone beeps, etc., impossible for anyone to listen in to unless they have a similar machine & are wired in, so that no operator can overhear or understand, bug or accidentally listen in on purpose, & yet will quickly shoot an entire 8 1/2 x 11 typing page of material across thousands of miles in only two or three minutes!--Providing the fellow on the other end has a similar machine, of course!

THESE TELEFAX ARE ALREADY IN VERY WIDESPREAD OFFICE-USE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD & conform to the standards of the International Conference on Telephone & Telegraphic Communications, so that they are compatible with all other similar facsimile transceivers in the CCITT Group 2, which are the latest, most modern & smallest group of telephone facsimile transceivers.

CAN YOU IMAGINE THE ADVANTAGE OF BEING ABLE TO SEND A COPY OF YOUR MESSAGE, GRAPHIC ART, PHOTO OR A LAST-MINUTE APPROVAL OVER THE TELEPHONE IN ONLY TWO OR THREE MINUTES?--Instead of days!--& in an almost completely secure method, as well as accurately without any accidental oral mistakes? And can you imagine the tremendous savings in both time & money to anyone who has to send so much written material thru the mail as we do?!

SO THE NEW SUPER-SMALL TELEFAX OR FACSIMILE TRANSCEIVERS ARE THE LATEST THING! The Burroughs machine is small enough to fit in a small suitcase & can be plugged into any telephone outlet anywhere for communication with other similar units anywhere! All you do is place your sheet of paper on the small rotating drum of the facsimile transceiver, phone your desired recipient & tell him to turn on his machine & push his receiving button, & then you push your transmitting button & let the machine do the rest!

--IN ABOUT TWO OR THREE MINUTES YOU'VE SENT OR RECEIVED AN ENTIRE FULL PAGE OF EITHER TYPEWRITTEN, PRINTED PHOTOS OR GRAPHIC ART MATERIAL! We are planning now to use these between all our Publishing Units for the transference of important messages, art suggestions, photos, approvals, etc., & last-minute urgent news such as the LNFs, Want Ads, approvals, photos, etc.! PTL!--Rom.8:28!


--WITH US & THE WHOLE FAMILY BY SENDING US YOUR ORIGINALS, if possible, when you're through with them, or at least a good first copy, so that we can have them edited & duped for Worldwide use with the whole Family so we can all enjoy them together with you, with the news & activities & views of your field & your folks & all the wonderful things God is doing for you, wherever you are.

PLEASE TRY TO BE MORE BRIEF IN YOUR VIDEOING to get more samples rather than so many sermons. We love the music, just don't make the songs too long, & have a little more variety in both the music & the singers & players & performers. We love the dances too, but try to keep'm within reasonable limits & not just go on & on. After all, after we've seen so much there's not much more we can see. Ahem!

ALSO, IN GIVING YOUR TESTIMONIES IT'S NOT ALWAYS NECESSARY TO GIVE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE'S STORY. There are very few people like Simon Peter, whose parents, grandparents & great grandparents we're interested in & their life stories & background histories. We prefer to hear about you personally & what has happened to you--outstanding details of your life before, yes, but particularly since you joined the Family & where you first met the Family & how you were saved & how you joined & where you've been & what you've done & your testimony--who you've worked with in the past & where & what kind of work you did, etc., & some outstanding miracles or things which the Lord did for you, or leadings or faith trips or salvations or disciples won or whatever.

PREFERABLY TRY TO SHOW US THE ACTUAL ACTION itself in your ministry or your witnessing or your singing on the streets or clubs or wherever it may be & its results. Frequently you show the action without the crowd, frequently we've seen the whole programmes with our folks in the limelight, but the cameraman or director completely forgot or failed to show us the audience, & yet they are sometimes just as interesting to us as you! Include their faces, who they are, what they are, their reactions, etc., if possible.

PLEASE, LET'S HAVE MORE AUDIENCE REACTION AS WELL AS FAMILY PERFORMANCE on some of these tapes! Also show us the audiences in your fellowship meetings as well as the performers--we like to see who is there & particularly like it when you introduce'm, give us their name & who they are, what they are, what they do & what their relationship is with you, whether they're full-time live-in Family members or catacomb disciples or fish or friend or king or queen or whatever. Try to be tactful in the case of outsiders & introduce them respectfully & try to explain who & what they are in a language they understand, not necessarily Family language, which they might misunderstand.

FOR GOD'S SAKE, BE NOT AFRAID OF THEIR FACES! Come in close on those faces with good clear sound in personal testimonies & songs, etc., & dances as well. You may have the body-beautiful, but we're particularly interested in seeing the fabulous faces as well as the bodies-beautiful. Show us your happy smiles & let us look into your eyes in those beautiful very super close-ups, mugshots, so we can really see what you really look like, the expression on your face, read your character, see thru those eyes right into your soul!

PLEASE, CAMERAMAN, LET'S ZOOM-IN ON THOSE FACES & let's see what they really look like! You could sometimes zoom-in even further than just the head or mugshot to where you've just got as far as the eyes & the mouth. I mean, the eyes & mouth in one frame or picture together. You'll find this is often done in television to get a real good close-up, it's the eyes & the mouth that have it & express it in good close-ups even that far in to where you've just got to the eyes & mouth in, along with of course the nose between, so we can really see into your eyes & see & hear what your mouth is saying. But normally at least give us a head shot where we've got from your chin to the top of your hair & both ears if possible. Or sometimes a profile--one ear, one eye--whatever, get in close please & let's be able to see you & not just what you look like in general outline from afar.

I'M NOT TOO HOT ON THESE GROUP SHOTS where everybody's in the picture but you can't really see anybody well. I'd rather have shots of very few, two or three & not many more where you can get them all in the picture part of the time but a great deal of the time you're zooming in very close on whoever is speaking, giving their testimony or singing or whatever. Please, be not afraid of their faces, get in there & let's really get a good look at'm. OK? Thank you & God bless you & give you wisdom in your happy & inspiring videoing. And be sure to send us one when it's finished.

ALSO PLEASE, FOLKS, IN ANY OF YOUR RECORDINGS HAVE YOUR SOUNDMAN BE VERY JUDICIOUS IN WHERE HE PLACES THE MICROPHONE!--Particularly if you're only using one microphone for a group of two or more, so that the microphone should be equidistant from each or all of them so that no one is booming in, carrying the whole show while the others can barely be heard. Please, try to have your mike well-placed in front of your singers & players at a point equidistant from all of them so they'll all balance together, particularly when you're using amateur equipment & you are amateurs & you don't have a bunch of mikes & mixers & technicians to correct all the mistakes & balance it out for you, & adjust all the volumes, etc.

WITH TWO OR MORE SINGERS OR PERFORMERS, PLEASE KEEP THE MICROPHONE EQUIDISTANT FROM ALL OF THEM! Usually this is about one-metre out in front of the group, with them standing in a sort of semi-circle or arc if there are two or more, so they are all exactly the same distance from the mike if possible.

--AND BE SURE THE MIKE IS UP AT MOUTH-LEVEL, NOT GUITAR-LEVEL!--Because we are more interested in hearing what they are saying or singing than the musical accompaniment. But if you put that microphone too close to that guitar, guitar is all we're gonna hear! Because the guitar is usually much louder & records better than voice. So if you're going to record a singer who is going to both sing & play his guitar, don't stick the microphone right in front of the open hole of the acoustical guitar or right in front of the speaker of the electronic guitar.

BE SURE YOU STICK THE MICROPHONE RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS MOUTH! In fact, if he's going to play any kind of an accompaniment himself on his own guitar, be sure the microphone is held right close to his mouth when he sings, & it will easily pick up his instrumental background without completely losing the words of the song.

PLEASE, KEEP THAT MIKE AT THE MOUTH! Mike to the mouth, please! Mike to the mouth! Mike to the mouth! Did you get that? Even if you have to suck it, rather than have the guitar strumming away so loudly all we can see is his mouth's movement & not be able to hear or understand anything he's saying or singing!

SO PLEASE, SUCK THAT MIKE! Now please don't really suck the mike, as actually we're being extreme & exaggerating to try to wake you up & emphasise the fact. Because moisture, of course, is very damaging to microphones. I don't see how some of these modern rock musicians get away with it, unless they've got some kind of a waterproof shield inside. But anyhow, try to keep your tongue & lips off the microphone. It's bad enough to spit into it with your moisture-laden breath, that's hard enough on a microphone. But please do keep it at least near the mouth, at least from about one to two or three inches from your mouth, if you're singing with instrumental accompaniment. The microphone is sensitive enough then to pick up both your song & instrument, & we'll be sure to get the words & the meaning as well as the music! Thanks! PTL!


PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY MORE [DELETED] DANCE VIDEOS until you have read our next Letter on the subject, "Glorify God in the Dance!" to be published in Mag 42, D.V. We think you'll really enjoy it with lots of sexy humor & helpful hints on how to make it. OK? Thanks.

19. FAMILY VIDEOS!--By Peter Amsterdam

WE'VE RECEIVED MANY LETTERS FROM FOLKS WHO WANT TO GET ON THE VIDEO CIRCUIT in order to be able to see more of our wonderful Family videos & MWM Shows. However, they say that in their part of the Word it is impossible to find PAL Video equipment. PAL videos are very difficult to find in the U.S. & parts of Latin America, since the U.S. & parts of L.A. use NTSC, a different colour system.

THEREFORE WE ARE LOOKING INTO THE POSSIBILITY OF IMPORTING A QUANTITY OF VIDEOS INTO LATIN AMERICA, so that those who wish to purchase them can do so. We're just beginning to investigate this possibility & it may take some time, so please have patience & pray for us & we will make an announcement in the Mag when we find out if they can be made available.

IN THE MEANTIME, IF YOU HAVE THE FUNDS READY TO PURCHASE YOUR PAL VIDEO, you could advertise in our Want Ads asking someone who is leaving Europe & heading your direction to purchase it for you before they leave & deliver it to you upon their arrival. Please make sure you have good recommendations for any brethren you are asking to do this, so they don't end up using your video funds for their fare! For the moment this seems to be the fastest possible method of receiving your PAL video equipment until we can research other possibilities. Please pray the Lord will help us to work out some sort of arrangement where PAL video equipment can be made available in your area.

IT WON'T BE NECESSARY FOR EVERY SINGLE HOME TO BUY A VIDEO MACHINE, as Homes could pool their funds together so your LAF, or at least your DAF, can purchase a machine & you can all enjoy our Family videos together at your weekly or monthly meetings.


GOOD NEWS FROM FAITH & JUAN!: First of all we wanted to mention that we were able to buy a 26-inch colour SABA PAL TV in Miami for U.S. $950 including the remote control! Also Dave is buying one exactly the same for the Spanish LIM! All this to say that we have found it possible to get that sort of equipment in this part of the world! TYJ! Besides having that brand of TV they also have PAL-system TVs of different sizes in well-known brands such as Philco & Sylvania! To be more specific, you are able to buy a Philco 19-inch TV for about U.S. $650 & the same size Sylvania for about U.S. $585! Besides these cheaper models you can also buy the Sony 26-inch 3-system TV (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) for about U.S. $2,400. Originally we had thought of buying that model as it would serve us for also watching the local news & TV, but decided against it for the time being as we were running a little short on finances, but Lord willing eventually we pray we will be able to get such a model. Do you think it would be a good idea? (NO! Cheaper to buy one of each! PAL & NTSC!) We had thought about it, as this way we would be able to buy a 3-system video & be able to play some of the videos from here as some video clubs here have some very good videos for rent! (Don't! Save your $! We already have our own Family library of over 500 high-quality video classics, dramas, documentaries, etc., & will soon send you some, or, if you already have a PAL System, buy a separate local system--it's cheaper than a 3-system combo!--D.)

ALSO IN MIAMI WE HAVE FOUND THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO BUY HITACHI CAMERAS & VIDEO SYSTEMS! The prices are more expensive than in Europe tho', but you are able to buy a VTR 7000E which is Hitachi's, portable with the AC adapter & the tuner (which is useless here) for U.S. $1,700! Also the new Hitachi camera that comes with the electronic eye & the 6 x 1 zoom lens for U.S. $970. (Sorry, do not know the model number.) Also you can buy the Sharp system which is of lower quality than Hitachi for a lower price!

ANOTHER POSSIBILITY IS THAT INTERNATIONAL VIDEO WHOLESALERS IN MIAMI OFFERS TO MODIFY THE NTSC EQUIPMENT INTO THE PAL SYSTEM for about U.S. $300-600 & gives you a year guarantee on their work! The price varies according to what type of modification you want, i.e., if just to play, or to play & record! The names of the three places we have found out that offer the PAL system in Miami are:
a) International Wholesalers (phone: 940-7542);
b) Mr. Alex Fassio (phone 541-6480);
c) Video Wholesalers (phone: 754-2131).

AS FAR AS VIDEO CASSETTES ARE CONCERNED, we have found that here in PR we are able to buy from the AMPEX dealer PAL-SECAM tapes for quite a cheap price--U.S. $12 per tape! The only thing is that we have to buy a minimum of 80 tapes (3-hrs.) at a time as they would make a special order for us! The only reason why we have not done it is because Dave has about 100 blank tapes that we would need to use, so we are not so sure how many more tapes we would need! Also we have never used the AMPEX tape before & we do not know the quality & would hate to get stuck with 80 bad-quality tapes! Anyway, this is to say that, TTL it is possible for us to use the PAL system in this part of the world & that those Family members looking into videos should not get the NTSC systems, as we have heard some have done (despite the Letters not to get them, LHT!).

BESIDES MIAMI, WE FOUND OUT THAT IN PANAMA YOU ARE ABLE TO BUY PAL SYSTEM TVs! It is more difficult to buy the actual video machine & camera as they would have to order it specially for you, but if the person buying one has a little time to wait for a couple of weeks they can get it for you at quite a reasonable price! Also while we were there we found that they do have the 3-System TV & video machine! The best places to look for equipment in Panama are Toby International, Panafoto & Foto International. All of these stores have a store on the main street of Panama City besides having their big warehouses in the free port of Colon. (So there you are, Family! {\ul \i BUY'M}! GBY!--Love,--{\b \i D}.)

21. PAL VIDEO DIFFERENCES!--By Peter Amsterdam

(27/7/81) A NUMBER OF PEOPLE HAVE WRITTEN RECENTLY SAYING THAT THEIR PAL-VIDEO EQUIPMENT WHICH THEY PURCHASED IN EUROPE IS NOT WORKING IN OTHER COUNTRIES which are supposedly on the PAL System. They say they get a beautiful pic but no sound. The reason for this is that there are different categories of PAL colour TV systems, PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL-B & others.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM IS THE RADIO FREQUENCY ON WHICH THE SOUND IS TRANSMITTED; some transmit sound on 5.5 MHz, others at 6.0 MHz & others at 6.5 MHz, so if you are getting a good clear picture but no sound it's because your TV & video recorder are not matched on the sound frequency.

THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO GET AROUND THIS PROBLEM: The first is to take your video player to a knowledgeable video repairman & have him make an alteration in it, but this would be fairly expensive, between $100-$400.

THE EASIEST & CHEAPEST WAY IS TO HAVE A SEPARATE SOUND AMPLIFIER. To set up such a separate sound amp you'll need a tape recorder that has some sort of a PA possibility, the kind you can plug a microphone into, & when you speak into the microphone your voice will broadcast out of the tape recorder speaker. Many radio-tape recorder combinations have this facility, & you might even be able to find one cheap in a local pawn shop.

ALSO, OTHER THAN THIS TYPE OF RADIO-TAPE RECORDER, YOU CAN USE A SMALL PA SYSTEM, hi-fi system or some other type of amplifier & speaker. Once you have a separate sound amp, you connect your video to your TV in the normal manner so it's broadcasting your good clear colour pic with no sound, then plug a patch cord into the "audio out" hole in the back of your video recorder & plug the other end of that line directly into your separate sound amp in either a "Mike" or "Aux" hole. Then the sound for the video will go thru your new sound system. You will get the pic from you television & the sound from the separate sound amp.

THE GENERAL IDEA IS that altho' the sound & pic are on the video tape, you can only tune your TV to the pic. So you must find a way to get the sound out of your video, & to do this you just need a separate sound amp. So you just run a line from your video "audio-out" & plug it into your separate sound amp & you'll receive the sound. Before buying some sound amp, make sure it works by bringing your video recorder into the store & try it out, making sure the sound from your video tape comes out on the speaker.

IF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND THIS, then take your video machine to a local radio repair shop or TV repair shop & explain to them the problem, that you're getting the picture but you're not getting the sound altho' you know the sound is on the tape. Plug a jack into "audio-out" on your video machine & ask him what he has in the store that you can plug that line into which will broadcast the sound, & see what he has.

ONE OTHER POSSIBILITY for getting sound is if you have a small travel TV which is compatible with your PAL system but is perhaps too small for group viewing, you can ask a TV repairman to make you an antenna line splitter, which is a "Y" connector allowing you to plug two TVs into your video recorder. You would then plug your little compatible TV & your large TV both into the video & get a good clear colour picture on your big TV with no sound, while getting the sound on your small TV. We've used both these methods in other countries, & they work very well.

OF COURSE THE FINAL SOLUTION is to get yourself a TV compatible with your Video, whether it works on local TV or not! But if you can't get one, I'm sure your local TV repairman will be able to rig you up some system that will work.--Try it!--It's worth it!--You'll know that when you see these new Family Videos! GBAHU!--Love, from Peter & Dad.


IN AUDIO RECORDING, VIDEO RECORDING, CAMERA WORK OR IN DUPING FROM ONE MACHINE TO ANOTHER, ALWAYS BE SURE THAT YOU CHECK, TAKE A QUICK SHORT TEST SHOT! Check the recording or monitoring before you continue on with your major recording or duping, or you may find to your sorrow that you wasted the whole session or lost the whole tape by not having checked & re-checked your recording procedures with a short test.

NOW THIS IS A VERY SIMPLE THING TO DO whether it's audio or video recording or duping, & of course you probably already know how to test your audio tape recorder to find out if it's recording properly simply by recording a few words first & playing it back to make sure you are recording & it's functioning in proper working order.

OF COURSE, EVEN AFTER THAT TEST, IF YOU STILL PUSH THE WRONG BUTTON, YOU MAY LOSE THE WHOLE THING! I did this once on a very priceless recording session--in fact, I think it was "Mountain Men," & discovered to my dismay as we got to the end of the session & the end of the tape, I looked down at the recorder to turn it off or stop it & saw that I had failed to depress the "Recording" lever & therefore, of course, supposedly had lost the whole thing & you would have lost "Mountain Men" forever!

BUT GUESS WHAT?!--I decided not to just take the Devil's word for it or the looks of things or the symptoms, & I ran it back a few feet & tried it, tested it to see if we had gotten anything, & to our dumbfounded amazement we discovered that God must have punched the button or had one of His angels or spirit helpers not even punch the button but make the connection inside somehow, so that it had gone ahead & recorded the whole session of about a full half-hour or more, I think it was the last half-hour of "Mountain Men," & it had actually recorded without the record button being depressed, believe it or not! If it hadn't, we would have been depressed & you would have been deprived of a beautiful thing from the Lord!

BUT I WOULDN'T ALWAYS COUNT ON A MIRACLE IF I WERE YOU, or for the Lord or His angels to push the buttons for you, except in some very crucial case where it was vital & perhaps not your fault & something that God really wants to be sure you get, like He did in the case of the last half of "Mountain Men"! Thank God He did, but I've never had that happen before or since, so I wouldn't count on it.

I'D READ THE INSTRUCTION BOOK & learn how to use your equipment first, if I were you, & then make sure you always push the right buttons & enough of them, & run a short test, whether it's audio recording or video recording or duping before you get into the real article. It's very simple to do this audio-wise. It's also very simple to do it video-wise. We do this before every session now, since we've made a few booboos in the beginning, & lost the entire sound of one video tape! We were watching the picture & they thought they had the sound, but they didn't so we had to dub in the sound later, sync it from the audio recording. Thank God we had that, so it wasn't completely lost!

BUT SINCE THAT TIME I HAVE INSISTED THAT WE RUN A SHORT TEST SHOT of every single video recording session before we actually get into the major recording itself. All you have to do is have your audio man listening to his audio & your video man listening to his video sound & watching the picture while they shoot a short 30-second or 1-minute shot with both sight & sound, & then run it back & play it & make sure you got it--both sound & sight--& that something was not forgotten or something was not functioning properly.

THE SAME CAN BE DONE WITH A DUPING: If you're going to dupe a video tape from one machine to another, be sure that you use a TV monitor to watch & see what you're duping, & that it's going properly, even if you only check it once in a while. Otherwise, it may get off the tuning or the tracking or you may have forgotten even to press some button & you may have wasted the whole time, & that's a lot of time when it mounts up to three hours per tape! Or it's a lot of tape & trouble that it amounts to, three hours of it, if you fail to tune your set or track it properly.

SO BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE YOUR TELEVISION SET PLUGGED INTO THE RECEIVING MACHINE & MONITORING what you are actually recording, not just playing the original from your feeding machine. Plug your TV monitor into the receiving machine on which you are duplicating from the original tape on the other machine, so that the monitor will show you exactly what you are getting & recording on the duplicating tape, not the original. It won't do a bit of good to monitor the original tape on the broadcasting machine--this won't show what you're actually recording, only what you're copying from. Be very sure that your TV monitor is plugged into the receiving machine, to monitor exactly what that machine is getting & recording, & that the picture is properly tuned & tracked before you go thru with the entire duping process. So Happy Videoing to you all, & many God bless it & make it a blessing! In Jesus' name, Amen.


MANY OF THE VERY DELICATE & SENSITIVE HIGHLY COMPLICATED ELECTRONIC & PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT OF TODAY such as your cameras, tape recorders, TVs, radios, telephones, optical equipment, watches, clocks & particularly video equipment & tape recorders can be easily damaged or destroyed by rough usage or improper care. Nearly all of these are susceptible to damage or complete destruction by excessively rough treatment or operation by an inexperienced or ignorant operator who does not know how to use the equipment & who could severely damage it just by pressing the wrong button at the wrong time in the wrong place, or by allowing any kind of dust, dirt or moisture to enter the equipment or to permit it to be left in a very overheated place such as in direct sunlight or in a hot car or too near any kind of heat source such as near a fire or on top of a radiator & so on.

THESE ARE THE GREATEST ENEMIES OF YOUR MOST DELICATE & VITAL PRECISION EQUIPMENT: DUST, MOISTURE, HEAT & YOU, if you treat it too roughly, which constitutes mistreatment & abuse. Obviously you are never to leave it outside in the sun or the rain or dust or bang it around needlessly. But also perhaps you did not know that even house dust drifting in the air can harm it. Those little "diamonds of dust" in this case can do a lot of damage to your delicate equipment & nearly destroy your beautiful videos if permitted to enter their cases or your video machine.

ALWAYS KEEP YOUR VIDEO MACHINE WELL COVERED WHEN NOT IN USE, by some type of non-dusty, non-linty cover such as a plastic cover so often furnished with new video machines to protect them from both dust & moisture or accidentally spilled water, etc.--Always keep your cassettes themselves inside their boxes & preferably standing on end so that dust does not normally & naturally simply drift into their cracks & crannies of the open cover, & from there on into the video cassette itself.

THIS IS TRUE ALSO, OF COURSE, OF YOUR AUDIO CASSETTES & YOUR AUDIO TAPE RECORDERS. The only difference being that they're a lot cheaper than video machines & video cassettes & more easily replaced, but the same things will do the same damage to either--dust, moisture, heat or you. Do not even permit such equipment to be kept in a damp place with high humidity. It's better that it be kept in a room with you or your family, inside the house of course, where the humidity should be fairly normal & not too high & the dust be at a minimum & there's less danger from moisture, except in the case of spills, & less danger of heat unless you leave it near a window in direct sunlight or near a radiator or heater of some kind.

OF COURSE, IF THE PROBLEM IS YOU, you can still be rough on it & abuse it & mistreat it either in or out of the house, if you're not very cautious & prayerful & considerate of your materials with which the Lord has entrusted you. If videoing either in or out of the house, always immediately cover your camera & equipment as soon as you're through with it, at best with its waterproof dust cover, & make sure it is out of the reach of children or the inexperienced.

NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO OPERATE IT WITHOUT YOUR HAVING THOROUGHLY INSTRUCTED THEM & TRAINED THEM & PRACTICED THEM in the use of such equipment under your observation so that you're sure that they know what they're doing. Some of our worst damage & destruction of expensive equipment has been perpetrated by people whom we thought knew how to operate it or who thought they knew how to operate it & said they did, but we discovered they didn't, but just didn't want to admit it & have to confess that they needed our training & instruction or needed to read the instruction book.

I ONCE BOUGHT A NEW ELECTRONIC SEWING MACHINE for our English maid & she promptly said she knew all about sewing on a sewing machine, altho' she had never used this one. She promptly went to sewing on it without reading the instruction book & nearly wrecked it! After wrestling with it for hours trying to make it function properly, she called for my help & I said,

"DID YOU READ THE BOOK?" She said, "No, I didn't have time to read the book." I said, "Well, you've been by your own confession wrestling with this machine trying to get it to work properly for several hours. You'd have saved yourself a lot of time by reading the book first, & possible permanent damage as well."

SO THEREUPON I INSISTED THAT SHE NOT TOUCH THE MACHINE AGAIN UNTIL SHE HAD THOROUGHLY READ & STUDIED THE WHOLE BOOK. I said, "After you have thoroughly read & studied this whole book, if then the machine does not operate properly, call me." I never heard from her about it again, & she did a lot of sewing for us. She rather quietly & shame-facedly went into her room & sat down & read it until she understood the machine, & then it worked perfectly. Thank God she hadn't completely wrecked it before we rescued it! I've made it my practice since I was even a little boy with some kind of toy which required instruction,

I'VE ALWAYS MADE IT MY PRACTICE TO THOROUGHLY STUDY THE INSTRUCTION BOOK OR PAMPHLET OR SHEET FIRST BEFORE I WOULD EVEN TOUCH A NEW TOY OR MACHINE or even attempt to operate it, & I have saved myself a lot of trouble that way & a lot of equipment & enjoyed it for years as a result. But with you who are too impatient to read the book first, you are too impatient. You don't deserve such equipment if you can't take time to learn how to take proper care of it or operate it properly. I picked up one instruction book once before I operated some piece of equipment, & the book just flat-out stated on the cover:

"IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO READ THIS BOOK, YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO USE THIS MACHINE!"--or words to that effect. So, read the book! You should no more start trying to operate any kind of electronic, photographic or precision equipment without reading the instructions than you should try to take a trip without a map or try to get to Heaven without knowing the Gospel of Salvation or how to get there! You could waste an awful lot of time & do an awful lot of damage to yourself & a lot of other people, as the religionists & churches have, by not taking time to read the Book first & learning the right way of operating your soul & the right way of getting there before you have wrecked both your life & the lives of others, or maybe completely nixed your chances of getting to Heaven at all!

SO EVEN GOD HAS HIS OWN INSTRUCTION BOOK for the complicated business of living & operating your own body, mind & spirit & saving it for His use without abuse, & getting it finally safe to Heaven forever! But your equipment is not going to last long & certainly is not going to be very useful nor effective nor accomplish its purpose unless you take care of it & read its instruction book before you attempt to operate it or use it.

PLEASE LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP! BE SURE YOU'RE RIGHT, THEN GO AHEAD! READ THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully & prayerfully, & then operate it exactly according to the book, & don't try any manipulations or operations which are not according to the book & which could result in severe damage or destruction of your machine. And if you don't understand the book even after reading it, then ask someone else to help you with it, particularly someone who knows & is familiar with that type of equipment. But merely because he has one of his own & knows how to operate it doesn't necessarily mean he knows how to operate yours, because it may be entirely different or work on a completely different principle.

SO YOU'D BETTER BE SURE TO READ YOUR OWN BOOK, or have him read it, before either one of you tries to operate it. Some of this equipment is expensive enough & difficult enough to obtain without immediately destroying it by one mis-move or one piece of dirt getting inside or one glass of water spilled within or accidentally dropped on a hard surface so that the equipment is badly damaged or destroyed before you even get to use it or finish using it!

PLEASE RESPECT YOUR MATERIALS & POSSESSIONS & EQUIPMENT & TAKE GOOD CARE OF THEM for the Lord's sake & your sake & the use of others, & don't abuse them or misuse them or carelessly not care for them. Remember the greatest dangers to your precision equipment, electronic, photographic, video & so on is heat, moisture, dust & you! GBAHY protect it from yourself & the others. In Jesus' name, amen.


ONE MORE POINTER ABOUT CARING FOR EITHER AUDIO OR VIDEO TAPES IS TO BE SURE THAT THE TAPE IS NOT LOOSE ON THE SPINDLE before inserting it in your machine. Be sure that there is not a bit of the tape puffed out a bit on the open side or pulled out in some way from underneath the protective cover so that if you should not see this & should try to suddenly insert it into your machine & slam down the lid you are going to damage the tape or actually even cut it in two!

FREQUENTLY AUDIO TAPES thru movement, vibration, in travel or the post have vibrated the spindles loose if not kept in a protective case with spindle holders, & the tape is loose & protruding from the cassette even slightly so that if it were placed in the cassette compartment & its lid or door slammed on it, it would severely damage the tape & perhaps even your player or recorder.

WE HAVE ALSO NOTICED WITH SOME VIDEO MACHINES that when finished playing a video cassette if you pull it out too quickly or suddenly from the machine it leaves a bit of tape hanging out of the protective door of the playing side of the video cassette. If you should discover this when you pull your video cassette out of your machine, that a loop of the tape has been pulled out from under the protective cover by the machine itself somehow, just very gently lift the little protective covering that covers what otherwise would be the open side of your tape, the tape side of your cassette, then try to wind the spindle a bit tighter so that loop will be at the minimum, then just gently open the cover a crack so that you can slip the protruding tape back into its slot, & you will save the tape & perhaps something very valuable or priceless which you have recorded on it.

IN A FEW CASES we have found that when the tape came to an end, the stopping mechanism of the video cassette recorder/player was slightly out of sync or in some way did not stop the tape properly, so that it tore the end of the tape loose from one of its spindles, usually the take-up reel. Particularly this happens in rapid rewind position, so that when the tape is fully rewound on the original feed spindle, it did not stop quickly enough & tore the beginning end of the tape completely loose from the take-up spool.

IN THIS CASE YOU WILL NEED A SMART TECHNICIAN OR HANDYMAN who knows what he's doing & knows how to take his screwdriver, usually a small Phillip's screwdriver, & open the actual cassette & re-attach it to its original spindle & knows how to close it again. But we don't advise you to attempt this at all if you don't know what you're doing. Take it to a place that does, particularly a place that sells or rents videos, & they will know how to re-attach the end of your tape to the spindle. Otherwise, of course, it will not play because it is not attached to the take-up reel & it will not transport or may get all messed up in your machine or mess up your machine itself.

PLEASE HANDLE THIS DELICATE EQUIPMENT WITH GENTLENESS & TENDER LOVING CARE so that it may serve you faithfully for many years. Also please remember that when taking pictures when filming, as we call it, or taping, video taping, that you make sure that your equipment is properly adjusted as to its lighting apertures, the light in the room & the tuning of your camera & so on to its particular equipment. It's all in a very delicate balance & if any one of these things gets out of balance or out of tune with its component, it's apt to not operate properly or not operate at all.

THIS WILL REQUIRE YOUR VERY CAREFUL STUDY OF THE INSTRUCTION BOOK & all of the precautions therein. Make sure that you operate according to its information, & if the matter is beyond you, then ask someone else who knows, or take it to a repairman or expert who knows how to show you how to adjust it, or if it is actually damaged can repair it.

ONE VERY IMPORTANT & OFTEN-NEGLECTED ITEM is to make sure that your TV is tuned to your video. When playing tapes on a video player, the television channel that you are using on your TV for playing or monitoring the tapes must be properly, carefully & accurately tuned to the particular video channel of your particular video machine. These vary as I recall, any where from around 39 to 49 in the UHF spectrum, & therefore one video machine you buy to play on your TV may be on an entirely different wavelength from another machine to which you may have previously tuned your TV. In other words, if you had a video machine playing on your TV which was tuned to perhaps Channel 39, then you borrow somebody else's machine or buy a new one or change the scene somehow & you attach it to your TV which is still tuned to Channel 39 but your new machine is on Channel 49, you may not get any picture or a very bad picture or no picture at all!

SO BE SURE THAT IN ANY CHANGE OF VIDEO MACHINES which may have different frequencies, that you re-tune the video channel you were using on your television set very carefully to the proper frequency. This usually is accomplished by opening a small door or drawer on your television set which exposes the tuning controls which are numbered according to the channel knobs or buttons.

FIRST OF ALL, THEY HAVE A LITTLE SWITCH, usually beside each knob or near each control tuning knob, which selects the general wave band that you're looking for to tune your television to, & this runs from the VHF band to one or two UHF bands. Since videos usually use UHF bands, be sure that your little switch inside the tuning drawer or door beside the channel that you want to tune is switched to UHF.

THEN TURN THE LITTLE KNOB or tuning screw which is numbered according to the TV channel you're trying to tune to your video or even the local TV station, & tune the set properly to that TV channel. Tune it slowly & carefully & prayerfully either forward or backward until you suddenly see the picture or hear the sound on your television, & then very delicately finetune that to the best possible picture, colour & sound.

USUALLY YOU FIND THIS POINT by rotating the little knob or control of the tuner of that channel to a point where suddenly the picture disappears or gets a herring-bone pattern, but you can still hear the sound, then rotate it back just very slightly until the picture reappears & the herring-bone pattern disappears & you have the highest quality of clear-cut sound & picture & colour, & you'll be better satisfied with your set & its use, whether TV or video.

BE SURE THAT YOU FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS OR THE INSTRUCTIONS OF YOUR INSTRUCTION MANUAL with your television or video machine, & do this carefully & prayerfully so that you get it correct, or you're going to be very dissatisfied with your picture or your sound or get no sound or picture at all.

SOME VIDEO MACHINES HAVE A TEST PATTERN SWITCH on the back which you can switch to the test pattern position, so that when you find that frequency on your television channel-tuner it will show an actual test pattern, usually half black & half white, or a black line on a white field, or a white line on a black field, so you can get it exactly accurate & perfectly clear & you know you've got it tuned at the best possible point on your tuner.

WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T EVER TRY TO TUNE THE SET WHILE A MERE VIDEO OR A POORLY RECORDED MOTION PICTURE IS PLAYING on your television screen, because frequently these are not very clear in the first place. If you do not have a test pattern on your video set, then wait until the announcer comes on one of the television channels directly from the studio, not merely a commentator in some movie or some documentary, but you know it's the live announcer coming straight from the studio live. Usually this occurs during the news or the announcement of change of programmes or the programme rundown or sometimes interviews. Altho' often even these are pre-recorded, & therefore you are not getting direct studio transmission, which is the best time to tune your television channel.

ALWAYS TRY TO TUNE YOUR TELEVISION CHANNEL WHEN THE ANNOUNCER IS ON DIRECT FROM THE STUDIO, then you can get the very sharpest, clearest picture, the best colour balance & the clearest sound. Otherwise, you may be trying to tune a poor movie or video that's on, & find you just can't get it tuned in right because it wasn't right in the first place!--It's a poorly recorded movie or poorly videoed, & it wasn't clear to being with, the focus was not sharp, the colour was not good & you're maybe exasperated & approaching nervous prostration in trying to adjust the tuning when it's impossible!

SO THE BEST THING TO DO IS ADJUST THE TUNING ONLY WHEN THE ANNOUNCER IS ON DIRECT FROM THE STUDIO DURING THE NEWS, that's the surest time to get it. And once you've got it adjusted perfectly during this direct studio broadcast or telecast, then leave it alone, don't try to keep tuning it & changing it with every new film or picture or documentary that comes along, which itself may be a poor recording, & about which there is nothing you can do, & you only mess up your original fine-tuning which you succeeded at when you were tuning during an actual studio show.

PLEASE DON'T TRY TO TUNE YOUR TELEVISION CHANNEL DURING A RECORDED SHOW of any kind, particularly during motion pictures, feature films & so on. It's almost a useless task! Of course, if your set is already out-of-tune & your channel is already off & you're watching a movie you want to see, whether it be TV or video, you're going to have to do the best you can while the movie is on.

BUT YOU'D BETTER TUNE THE TV CHANNEL WHEN THE STUDIO BROADCAST IS ON, OR TUNE YOUR VIDEO CHANNEL TO A PRE-SET TEST PATTERN, if your video set has one, or use an original video cassette recording which you know is new & original & not a copy, one that you know is a very good high-quality video with excellent picture, good colour balance & good sound & which you know from previous use is in good condition. Put that on your video & run that while you're tuning your video channel on the television set.

NORMALLY YOUR TV SET SHOULD BE TUNED FOR ITS LOCAL TV STATIONS TO CHANNELS 1, 2, 3 & SO ON. You may have as many as 13 VHF channels on yours, I don't know, but in which case you have a different knob or dial to turn for the UHF channels to which you'll tune your video machine. But if it only has 6 or 8 push-button channels & you have to tune a few of them to your local TV stations, then the best procedure to use to tune channels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, etc., to the TV stations.

THEN TAKE THE LAST CHANNEL FURTHEST AWAY FROM THESE STATIONS, like number 6 or number 8, which is the furthest from these originally pre-set local television channels, & tune in your video to that channel & use that channel only for video. Some of the newer television sets have a special button for a special channel for "Video Only" which is further removed from your TV channels & therefore you're not as apt to get interference from them on your video.

THESE ARE JUST A FEW LITTLE HELPFUL HINTS we've learned by experience. Of course, if you don't know what we're talking about & you don't know what to do, then for God's sake ask the man who owns one or knows one or the expert & get him to do it for you! PTL! GBY!

ALSO, ANOTHER THING YOU CAN ALSO EASILY GET OUT OF WHACK OR OUT OF SYNC IS TRACKING. When your are playing a video, sometimes the machine on which the video cassette was originally made is not adjusted to the very same exact tracking of your particular video machine, which is why nearly all video machines have one or two little tracking knobs down below the various buttons & levers, usually at the bottom of the machine or on the back of it, depending on the machine, & it usually says "Normal" under one & "Slow" under the other in some language. Of course if you can't read German or French or whatever, that won't be much help to you.

BUT READ THE BOOK & let's hope it's in your language, & it'll tell you which knob is the tracking adjustment, & there are usually two, one for normal speed tracking when you're playing a video at normal speed, then there's another one sometimes used for when you're playing the video fast or slow with which you can adjust that tracking. But at least it has usually one knob for adjusting the tracking of the normal video speed, in case the machine on which the video was made does not have exactly the same tracking as yours on which it's being played.

YOU'LL FIND THAT JUST BY TURNING THAT KNOB A LITTLE BIT, this way or that, you can eliminate all those very bad lines on the picture & interference that nearly blot out half the picture sometimes & it'll blur, but it'll play along beautifully if you have the tracking adjusted just right. So if you find there is a terrible interference with your picture suddenly on a new tape that you've put on, or a different tape you put on has been made on a different machine or it's a commercial tape or borrowed tape or whatever & was not made on your machine & you find difficulty with the picture, there are a lot of lines & vibrations & peculiar patterns on the screen, either at the top or at the bottom of the picture, you'll find usually by just turning your tracking knob just slightly one way or the other it will move these lines off the picture & you've got a perfectly beautiful clear picture without all of this interference.

PLEASE DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR VIDEO, much less your machine or your television, or get so angry you stick your foot thru it before you have tried all of these various fine-tuning adjustments, including first of all tuning in your TV stations perfectly on each channel, then tuning your TV perfectly into your video channel while the video of course is on & running or has a test pattern on the screen. And then finally, if all else fails, try the tracking knob.--And you may be amazed at the beautiful results! GBY!

AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT or how to do these things, get somebody to help you who knows. Or if worst comes to worst as the last sad resort, take the video &/or TV down to the man who knows TV & video & get him to make these fine-tuning adjustments for you.

DON'T THINK THAT YOUR TV HAS TO BE REPAIRED NOR YOUR VIDEO MACHINE EITHER. So don't go to some crook or rook who is going to cheat you by charging the price of a picture tube which is about half the price of your set, or new heads for your video machine, claiming that that's what it needed, when all it needed was a little fine-tuning adjustment of the tuning of the TV or the tuning of the video or its tracking adjustment you could've done at home yourself for nothing! And then he charges you half or most of the cost of the television or the video machine to "repair" it, when all it needed was the slight twisting of a knob! But of course, if he sees that you're so dumb that you don't even know that much, he is apt to try to cheat you & soak you with a big repair bill, when all he has to do right after you've left is slightly adjust the tuning or the tracking & call you back in a day or two & tell you it's ready & charge you hundreds of dollars for something that took him about one minute to do!


SOME ARE STILL ARRIVING VIRTUALLY PENNILESS ON POVERTY-STRICKEN FIELDS in very poor Third World countries entirely contrary to our instructions & warning in No.922: "GET HOME SUPPORT!--OR STAY HOME!"--& frequently becoming dependent on other Homes or discouraged & returning home!

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT SUFFICIENT MONTHLY PLEDGES OR INCOME to fully support you on the field to which you are going! This you can do if you try!--Families, relatives, friends & contacts should be persuaded to sign pledges of monthly support in your home country or elsewhere, including all those on your Mailing List!--If they won't give to you, it's not likely they'll pray for you!--& you can't do without both!

IN ALL THOSE YEARS I TRAVELED FOR THE LORD LIVING BY FAITH, WE WERE MOSTLY SUPPORTED BY REGULAR GIVERS ON OUR ML!--& if you can't make it on the home field you'll never make it on the foreign field!--Try it first at home, & if you can't make it there, you won't on the foreign field.

SO PLEASE DON'T GO & BECOME A BURDEN ON OTHER POOR STRUGGLING MISSIONARIES OR THE POVERTY-STRICKEN NATIVES! That has given some "faith" missionaries a bad name on the field, caused trouble with authorities & ended in their quitting in failure & disgrace! This is why other missionary societies will not send you without fully-pledged support!--& we don't like it either!--"GET HOME SUPPORT!--OR STAY HOME!"--Sorry!--Mad Dad!


GBY! WLYSM & HAVE BEEN REALLY TURNED ON HEARING THAT MANY OF OUR PRECIOUS EUROPEAN & AUSTRALIAN & EVEN A FEW OF OUR AMERICAN FAMILY ARE PRAYING ABOUT COMING to one of the countries of the Pacific! We just want to mention a couple of things which we pray will be a help. It will undoubtedly save your funds & prepare you more specifically if you--

GET IN TOUCH WITH THE COUNTRY OF YOUR CHOICE BEFORE YOU SET OFF. It saddens us greatly when we read of teams who arrived independently & spent hundreds of their vital funds in hotel bills & have spent days or weeks searching for other Family members, when a little fore-thought & letters to the VSs or Lit-Pics of the field concerned would have saved them all that trouble! If you don't see the address needed in the FN, simply send the letter c/o W.S. or your CRO with a small bill for forwarding trouble & it will be passed on immediately.

SECONDLY, WE RECEIVED A COUPLE OF LETTERS FROM LARGE U.S. FAMILIES saying they wanted to come to one of the Islands of the Pacific. To be honest, teams who have been in American & Western Samoa, Papua New Guinea & Fiji & the smaller non-French Islands have very often returned with the opinion that they come close to what Dad describes as "Black Holes" since they're very churchy & we've never won a disciple despite years of teams there.

MWM IS REACHING THEM THO', & a vision of MWM minstrels island-hopping could be very possible with exciting follow-up, FFing & all! For large families tho', the populations are very small, the visas aren't long & long onward or return tickets are usually required. So we'd like to suggest that for the non-French Islands perhaps roving singles or small families might be best rather than larger families. (With return tickets, French national families can easily stay indefinitely in Tahiti, Nouvelle Caledonie, etc.) WLYSM & hope these couple of points are a help in your "Exodus"! WP4Y!!


FIRST, CAN CATACOMBERS THAT TITHE, that is, underage members of the Family who live with their parents but who want to receive all DO material & are tithing of whatever their income is, receive their TRF Mags at a local Home & just go read them there? Specially in Spain we have several young people with this problem, they are 16 or 17 years old but really want to get the Mags & are filling a TRF Form & everything, but of course we don't know what to do as they live with their parents, & we wondered if they could receive their Mags at the local Home. (--Of course! They should be counted & reported as {\ul \i members} of the {\ul \i local Home} where they get their Mags, & their {\ul \i tithe} added to that of the {\ul \i Home} on its {\ul \i TRF}.--{\ul \i D}.)

THE SECOND QUESTION IS IF IN THE TRF FORM IT COULD BE STATED that people give their first & second Bible name, as right now we are only using Bible names to refer to people, & out of 1,500 adults we have tens of Johns, Peters & so on. It would really help us if people would include their first & second Bible names, & also when we are requested where somebody is or whatever, that we could work with two Bible names. (--Amen!--We {\ul \i begged} for this {\ul \i 10 years ago}!--{\ul \i Please choose & use two} Bible or Family names, the second particularly ID'ing you according to your personality, nationality, place of origin, talent, or type of work if possible!--To remind us who you are! {\ul \i Please}!--Thanks!--{\ul \i D}.)

SOME HOMES ARE REPORTING AS SEVERAL DIFFERENT HOMES in order to get their own personal copies of the MWM tapes & other Bonanzas. This, of course, is inflating our stats of number of Homes. What do you think we should do about it? What we did in the case of Homes reporting separately in order for each member to get their English & local language copy was to just send them their personal copies even when they reported together, & that made people report as one Home again. But now we are seeing the same thing happen so they can get their MWM tapes. We would really like to get counsel about this. (It is strictly against the rules [EDITED: "see Letters No.663,683, etc., on Blob Reporting"] for any Families living {\ul \i together} under {\ul \i one roof} to Report as more than {\ul \i one Home!}--However, we have asked in a recent LNF that if you need more {\ul \i Mags, ask} for'm!--If you need more {\ul \i tapes, copy'm!}--{\b \i D}.)

ANOTHER QUESTION WE HAD FROM SOMEONE IS THAT MANY PEOPLE HAVE ADDRESSES OF SHEEP that belong to their personal mail ministry, but they are not sending them in because that's how they are getting their Home support & they felt that if they sent us gifts to get the LINs they wouldn't get any support from them. I know this subject has been dealt with before, but the question asked was whether we could supply them with the LIN at production cost (which we still have to see how much it's going to be) & then they could send their sheep the LIN & they would tell us how many are on their list & we could count them as actual LINers. This would really give our LIN a much broader circulation, & all these people would be able to feed their sheep much better. What do you think? It sure is a problem that many people have & it's a pity we are not able to feed all these sheep properly. (Amen!--A good idea! But can we be {\ul \i sure} these Homes {\ul \i will} {\ul \i print} & {\ul \i send} their mailing lists the {\ul \i LINs}?--Or really follow them up with a good Mail Ministry?--That was the question in the {\ul \i first} place, & why {\ul \i WIM} undertook the job!--The local Homes are welcome to the job if they'll {\ul \i do} it! WIM actually only services a little over 100 LIN Homes, & you're welcome to yours if you can take {\ul \i care of} them! Please {\ul \i do}!--Just reprint LINs yourselves.--{\b \i D.})


THE SPANISH/PORTUGUESE LIM HAS NOW MOVED & is in full operation in Puerto Rico, closer to you! We ask all S/P Homes to use our new GP address on their Spanish & Portuguese lit. The new GP address is: G.Bueno, Apdo. 4148, Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico 00904. This address takes the place of the former Fonta, Madrid GP address on all lit & publications. Any local language or Bilingual Homes wishing to begin Reporting to us for the first time may write us at this new GP address & we will then give you a more selah reporting address to begin using. WLY!


ALL SPANISH-SPEAKING MUSICIANS, SINGERS & COMPOSERS from Mexico to Patagonia, Spain, & other Spanish-speaking areas, please send in your material for radio broadcast, D.V! We need studio-quality recordings (see Jeremy's class in Mag 27) of new & old songs with real feeling & meaning. We are especially looking for native Spanish or Latin American singers & interpreters, actors, skitmen or those skillful in different instruments.

PLEASE SEND US A TOP-QUALITY SAMPLE of your work (done in a studio or with very good equipment) & a letter with your testimony, experience in your particular talent, & include a close-up photo of yourself. MCV is already rolling & very soon you will receive the first programs, but we are desperate for more contributions to keep the show flowing. In accordance with ML 924:39,40, all artists whose work is used for this project will receive a gift of appreciation! If you are a foreigner signing in Spanish, make sure you work hard on your accent & call on spirit helpers.

ALSO, IF YOU KNOW OF ANY TALENTED PRODIGALS that could be brought back to the Father's House for His glory & use, please contact them or refer them to us. "MWM's an all-out attack on the Enemy's territory to rob him of his prey, the youth of today, with the Love of God!" (930:52) "MWM is a program to preach the Gospel to the whole World!" (930:11) PLEASE DON'T DELAY! WRITE TODAY!--MCV, Apdo. 312, Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902.


DEAR LATIN AMERICAN & SPANISH HOMES, do not offer this first MCV tape that, God willing, you will be receiving in your August mailing, to Radio Stations. It is not yet in suitable format for radio. It is strictly for Family consumption or use with friends or fish or neighbours or playing in hospitals or orphanages or old folks homes or prisons or what-have-you, but it is not for Radio Stations. MCV Tapes designed for radio are coming soon!

DO NOT BOOK TAPE ONE, SHOWS 1 & 2 ON RADIO. We do not have enough Shows in the can of the right type. Just hang on to your hats & keep your shirt on. They're coming soon! And they're terrific! MCV has been working hard & they're already up to Tape 10 but we're having to revise & revamp some of these to make them more suitable for radio & we need 13 completely done before we can offer them to the stations for regular weekly programming. So just be patient.


WE'VE JUST RECEIVED FN40, & OF COURSE WE'RE ALL FLIPPED OUT over all the Letters & articles about MWM! More than anything we pray that this Mag will inspire the Family worldwide to go on the attack as never before to book new stations. From what Hosanna tells me it seems that things are beginning to roll in the U.S., where two or three teams are really going on the attack & have booked some very large stations indeed! So this is very encouraging! (See page 67, "Open Doors.")

LAST SUNDAY FELLOWSHIP WE REALLY HAD DESPERATE PRAYER THAT THE LORD WOULD GIVE THE YOUTH OF AMERICA A CHANCE to hear the program before the U.S.'s final fall. Everybody here at Loveville has been busy addressing thousands of envelopes for the worldwide radio stations mailing of colour brochures! Even if only 5% of the stations responded we would get 500 new stations! PTL!

IN WRITING THE SHOWS I FIND THAT THEY JUST SEEM TO BE GETTING HEAVIER & heavier, & I hope that they're not getting too heavy? I just remember what you said about not being afraid to use the name of Jesus & not being afraid to "sound the alarm" & put plenty of message in the music & of course include a DM in each Show, & it's these DMs, of course, which are making the program much more spiritual & meaty in content because, of course, they're very concentrated little meaty bombs! (If you think an only {\ul \i 2-minute} DM reading in each {\ul \i 1/2 hour} Show is too much for'm, GH'M! But if it's gonna cut down our coverage, outlets & listeners, then maybe you better go back to your old original format with only a few brief quotes. "According to your faith be it unto you"!--Mat.9:29.--We can always give'm the heavier stuff in the {\ul \i mail} follow-up.--Amen! GBY & give you wisdom! ILY & {\ul \i love} your shows!--Keep'm rollin'!--{\ul \i D}.)

A QUESTION I'VE BEEN MEANING TO ASK FOR SOMETIME is about stations that only will take the program if they are on reels. Of course, it's completely impossible for us to send out reels from here, like you said. But I was wondering whether we could suggest that local Homes could make reel copies of the cassettes that we send them to give to their local station if that's the only thing they'll take. Some stations genuinely don't & aren't set up to broadcast from cassette, like for instance the station in Sri Lanka, which wouldn't be able to broadcast our program if we didn't send them the reel. Apparently this is the reason, Hosanna tells me, that no stations have been booked in Australia, because all the stations broadcast from reels.

IN SUCH A SITUATION MAYBE IT WOULD BE WORTHWHILE FOR SOMEBODY OUT THERE TO TAKE THE INITIATIVE to copy the cassette onto a reel, which is quite easily & cheaply done, & after the particular station is finished with it he could pass it on to another one & circulate it around. If this is the only reason why a station can't broadcast the Show then do you think it worthwhile encouraging the local Family members to make the reel copies themselves? (I worked with radio stations for 15 years & they {\ul \i can} use {\ul \i cassettes} if they {\ul \i want} to! However, some are very finicky about {\ul \i music}, especially FM stereo stations, & will {\ul \i only} use hi-fi {\ul \i 15 ips} (inches per second, or 38 cm per second!) reel-to-reel tapes, it's true. However also, a half-hour show on a 15 ips non-reversible reel is about 2000 ft. long & about {\ul \i 7 inches} (18 cm) in diameter (almost as {\ul \i wide} as our Mag is {\ul \i long}!) like the old 400-ft home movie reels (that held {\ul \i 8} small camera reels!) & used to cost about $10 each {\ul \i blank}!--& were {\ul \i large} & {\ul \i heavy} to {\ul \i mail}! Today's standard two-way {\ul \i one-hour} cassettes are obviously much smaller & lighter & shorter & run at only about {\ul \i one-inch} per second (21/2 cm) & can be bought blank for only about {\ul \i $1} each or {\ul \i less}!--& so cost {\ul \i much} less to {\ul \i mail}!--Any Home that can afford to {\ul \i give} Stations our--1/2-hr. shows on 7-in. 2000-ft. 15-ips reels every week is richer than {\ul \i we} are!--Go to it!--& GBY & help you {\ul \i pay} for'm!--Besides, we think Stations that {\ul \i rich} & {\ul \i finicky} don't {\ul \i deserve'm} & are probably in a {\ul \i rich country} that doesn't deserve'm or appreciate'm! So let'm go to Hell! As Jesus said, let's "preach the Gospel to the {\ul \i poor}" who need & deserve it on poor stations in poor countries that {\ul \i appreciate} & {\ul \i love} our tapes!--Amen?--Mat.11:5, Jas.2:5 & Luke 4:18!--{\ul \i D}.)


GBY! WLY! WE HAVE TERRIFIC PLANS FOR MWM & MCV & MCM & MM & ALL THE REST OF YOU, FOR NOT ONLY RADIO SHOWS but dramatics & 3-minute devotionals, all kinds of things. So send us in your ideas & send us in your radio drama scripts based on the Letters or taken directly from the Komix, preferably the story type with lots of action & dialogue, sound effects & so on, such as you've already heard on some of the pilot drama tapes already produced by MWM.

SO SEND IN YOUR MUSIC & SEND IN YOUR SCRIPTS & SEND IN YOUR IDEAS for shows for both radio & the Family, as well as friends & institutions & so on. We've got a whole new field opening amongst institutions such as hospitals, orphanages, old folks homes, prisons, schools & so on. So it's only the beginning, folks! Hurry up & climb on the bandwagon & send in your ideas, sent in your tapes, send in your music, send in your scripts, send in your dramatic plays based on the Letters & the Komix & they'll soon be rolling. Praise the Lord! And if they are useable we will send you a small gift token of our appreciation as quickly as possible. Looking forward to receiving your inspired contributions. WLY.--M&M.


INTERNATIONAL AIR FARES ARE GOING UP 5% on all international flights after September 1st, so even if you've already gotten your ticket, you may have to pay an additional 5% if you leave after this date! So be prepared!


PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR DAD'S THROAT as it has continued to bother him off & on recently. Thanks.


I, MARIA, WANT TO SAY A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the many of you who sent sweet remembrances, cards, gifts, thoughts & prayers to me on my birthday. I gratefully accept your love, as unto the Lord, & by God's grace will do my utmost to fulfill the responsibilities of a faithful shepherdess & dedicated Queen to you, my precious people, citizens of the most important nation on Earth today. (GBY! Thanks! ILY!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family