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GOD'S GUARANTEES!--By Father David†††††††DFO 1027†††††††28/7/81

†††††††1. IF WE DID NOT HAVE THE LORD & HIS WORD AS OUR GUIDE & GUARANTEE, if we did business in the way of the modern World today, the modern selfish business World, we certainly would not recommend that all of our customers move to poor lands where their income is bound to be by all natural expectations much lower, & therefore our income also very much lower, as it has been this last couple of months.

†††††††2. THE MODERN BUSINESS WORLD WOULD SAY, "I TOLD YOU SO: you're fools for having your customers, your clientele, move to the poorer countries of Latin America, the Caribbean & Southeast Asia where the people are poor & incomes are low & therefore it's unlikely that your people will be able to earn a decent living, & certainly not have enough left over to buy your products."

†††††††3. HOWEVER, GOD'S WAYS ARE NOT MAN'S WAYS, & His ways are above our ways. As high as the Heavens are above the Earth, so high are His ways above our ways & His thoughts above our thoughts! (Is.55:8,9.) God is more interested in people than in money. He is more interested in souls than in income. He is more interested in your safety & usefulness than in mere prosperity of some kind of Worldly business.

†††††††4. WE WERE EXPECTING THAT YOUR INCOME WOULD PROBABLY BE LOWER when you moved to those poorer lands of Latin America, the Caribbean, India, Southeast Asia, the Pacific etc., even South Africa, & that therefore our WS income would very likely take a loss & drop below its previous higher levels which made possible so many new publications & beautiful musical tapes to be sent to you free of charge. However, that is not the way that God looks at things. He does not look at things as man looks at them, He does not see as man sees, particularly as Worldly selfish businessmen would see.

†††††††5. GOD'S WORD & HIS GUARANTEES HAVE NO RESTRICTIONS, no limitations, no qualifications except your faith & our faith. He is not bound by time nor space nor land nor place! "Forever His Word is settled in Heaven" & His promises are forever! (Ps.119:89.) Our future is as bright as the promises of God, regardless of where or when, as long as we obey & trust Him. In Jesus' name.

†††††††6. WE HAVE IN OUR FAMILY A NUMBER OF TIMES DONE THINGS CONTRARY TO NATURAL EXPECTATION because we knew it was the will of God & good for us & good for His work & good for lost souls & good for the Gospel to be preached throughout the whole World, even though it seemed it was going to cost us a great deal in effort & time & money & even manpower.

†††††††7. WHEN MY FATHER & MOTHER WERE VERY YOUNG & VERY NEW IN THE LORD'S SERVICE, they were compelled to drop out of their denomination & their comfortable secure pastorate in order to obey the Lord & preach the truth which their denomination forbade them to do.

†††††††8. IT LOOKED FOOLISH IN THE EYES OF MAN, it looked ridiculous that they should give up their whole careers & lives in that particular denomination which my mother's own father had helped to found & in which they seemed to be secure forever & always guaranteed of a pastorate & a reasonable income.

†††††††9. BUT BECAUSE THAT DENOMINATION AFTER HER MARVELLOUS HEALING FORBADE HER TO PREACH HEALING, SHE REFUSED TO REMAIN IN IT & they struck out together by faith alone with three small children, just trusting God to guide them & lead them & care for them, & He never failed! In fact, He gave them a greater ministry than they ever could have dreamed of otherwise or they could ever have found possible in their old-line denomination.

†††††††10. WHEN I WAS A YOUNG MAN, A YOUNG HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT NEARING GRADUATION, I dropped out of high school for years in order to serve the Lord with my mother & travel with her in evangelistic work to save many lost souls & heal many broken bodies & broken hearts. It looked like I would never get back to school, never even finish high school, much less college or any kind of man's modern education.

†††††††11. BUT GOD GAVE ME AN EDUCATION UNPARALLELED IN ANY OF MAN'S INSTITUTIONS. I received an education in the Spirit & in His service unequalled by anything that man has to offer & which was absolutely priceless & which was far above & beyond the mere ways & thoughts & knowledge of man.

†††††††12. IT WAS THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SPIRIT & HIS WORD & HIS WORK & HIS WAYS & His marvellous miraculous supply of every need according to His riches in glory, in spite of all natural expectation & in spite of all the admonitions & warnings of my Worldly relatives against such foolish action.

†††††††13. LATER ON WHEN MY MINISTRY WITH MY MOTHER WAS FINISHED & God gave me an opportunity to return to education, I went to Bible College which I'd always dreamed of doing, only to find that it was again just man's ways of doing things, not God's ways. I became so sick & fed up with it all that I left it at the end of the first semester to go out & preach the Gospel to the poor & to the lost & to build a little missionary church out in the middle of the desert amongst the Indians & the Mexicans.

†††††††14. I TOLD SOME OF MY FELLOW STUDENTS AS I WAS PREPARING TO LEAVE: "I DON'T NEED ALL THIS RUBBISH that you guys are staying here spending years studying, splitting theological hairs & chatting about what kind of a lucrative pastorate you're going to have & what kind of a car you're going to buy & what kind of a lovely home you're going to live in.

†††††††15. "ALL I NEED IS JOHN 3:16: `For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!' That's all I need to preach the Gospel! That's all the education I need to go out & win the lost, that's all the preparation I need to be a missionary!"

†††††††16. AND I WENT & BUILT THAT CHURCH & PASTORED THAT LITTLE FLOCK AND PREACHED THE GOSPEL TO THE LOST & to the Indians & to the Mexicans & even to the Americans who didn't appreciate it & threw me out because they got so fed up with me that they didn't like the way I was doing things & wanted me to do things their way instead of God's way. So once again I had to go out by faith just trusting God that if I would follow & obey Him, somehow, supernaturally, miraculously He would take care of me.

†††††††17. I EVENTUALLY WOUND UP IN A FAR MORE REWARDING MINISTRY TO YOUNG TEENAGE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AS THEIR TEACHER in a good Christian school where I could be much more useful & a greater blessing in training & molding young lives for the Lord & His service, instead of trying to fool around with those old cracked bottles that I had been dealing with in church.

†††††††18. FINALLY AFTER THREE YEARS OF THAT MINISTRY OF CHRISTIAN SCHOOL TEACHING & molding those young lives who loved me & whom I really dearly loved, we had settled down to a comfortable home & comfortable living & comfortable lives feeling &seeming secure for the rest of our career as a Christian educator, when suddenly God told me to, "Go! Sell all that thou hast & give to the poor & come follow Me! Behold, thou shalt have riches in Heaven!"

†††††††19. IT WAS A STARTLING CALL & A DUMBFOUNDING SURPRISE & I was amazed & shocked at God's lack of common sense, expecting me to quit a good teaching job I'd worked three years for & a comfortable home that I had bought & furnished, & a fairly easy living yet a good ministry, in His work & His service & the love of the Lord for young people & settled down with my wife & four small children & no prospect of any other kind of a job.

†††††††20. BUT ONCE AGAIN THE LORD SAID IT WAS TIME TO GO & to obey Him, contrary to natural expectations. "Come, follow Me, & I will make you fishers of men!" And I immediately did as His disciples did: I forsook all & followed Jesus! Praise God! (Mt.4:19,20.)

†††††††21. AND HE LED ME THEN INTO ANOTHER MUCH LARGER MINISTRY THAN I HAD EVER DREAMED OF: on the evangelistic road & in the Soul Clinic in training missionaries & winning souls for the Lord, far beyond what I had done before. I sold my house & furniture, paid all my debts & bills, bought that little 18-foot trailer & that old taxi cab & struck out on the road with only $30 in my pocket, a wife & four children, and not knowing whither I went, like Abraham of old!

†††††††22. AND AS A RESULT WE HAD A MARVELLOUS FAITH JOURNEY IN EVANGELISTIC WORK FOR MANY MONTHS & finally founded a missionary training school & soul-winner's training school in Miami, Florida that trained scores of genuine witnesses & soul-winners & missionaries for the Lord that we sent out to 7 different countries in the Caribbean area & Latin America,

†††††††23. A LARGER MINISTRY THAN I'D EVER HAD BEFORE, a ministry through many others who could go many more places than I, my wife & little family could ever go, & win many more souls to the Lord than we could have ever reached for Jesus, because we obeyed God, we forsook all, we trusted the Lord & we struck out by faith just following Jesus & not even knowing whither we were going.

†††††††24. A FEW YEARS LATER WHEN THAT MINISTRY WAS COMPLETED, GOD CALLED ME TO STRIKE OUT ON THE ROAD AGAIN BY FAITH & TRUST HIM that we were going to get the Gospel on radio & television throughout North America & reach thereby millions more souls than I had ever dreamed of reaching myself in my own little pitiful preaching of the Gospel within my own little limited scope, & we went to work fulltime for Fred Jordan & the Soul Clinic in putting on the wonderful Gospel programs, "Church in the Home", on over 300 television stations nationwide & 1100 radio stations.

†††††††25. THE GOSPEL WAS BEING PREACHED TO MORE MILLIONS THAN I HAD EVER DREAMED OF, all by faith, all by catching the vision & believing it & obeying it & striking out once again, forsaking all & striking out on the road to trust only the Lord to see us through & to fulfil the vision.

†††††††26. HE GAVE US THE COURAGE & THE FAITH TO DO IT, & THE INITIATIVE. We were the first ones to try it & God never failed, not once. We got the Gospel on hundreds of TV stations & radio stations & it went out to millions until it covered the whole land of the United States & its borders!

†††††††27. ONCE AGAIN WHEN THAT MINISTRY WAS FINISHED BECAUSE I CHOSE RATHER TO OBEY GOD THAN MAN & I chose rather to, like Moses, "suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season" (He.11:25), as Fred went astray & that job folded, we once again heard the call of the Lord & the very voice of God in the Spirit directing us daily where to go & what to do, purely by faith, trusting God alone for our needs.

†††††††28. WE LEFT TEXAS IN THAT LITTLE CAMPER WITH MY OWN MOTHER & TOURED THE U.S. & CANADA & THE BAHAMAS FOR A YEAR, purely by faith, just trusting the Lord for all of our needs, & God never failed. He gave us wonderful experiences in witnessing & in teaching witnessing to the churches & in winning souls & in once again learning how to forsake-all & to go & to travel for the Lord purely by faith & trust God for all of our needs.

†††††††29. BUT REMEMBER, WE DIDN'T LEAVE IT ALL UP TO THE LORD, WE WORKED AS THOUGH EVERYTHING DEPENDED ON WORK, & we prayed as though everything depended on prayer, & we trusted God knowing that everything depended on Him & His Word & His promises. We witnessed, we litnessed, we taught soul-winning in the churches, we wrote prayer letters to hundreds until our mailing list rose to 2,000 & was able to support us well as we journeyed around just obeying God & trusting God & doing what God wanted us to do, preaching His Gospel where He wanted us to preach it & not as man or our denomination had told us to do.

†††††††30. AND GOD BLESSED IT & DID MANY MIGHTY MIRACLES IN THE LAST YEAR OF OUR MINISTRY WITH MY MOTHER ON THE ROAD, so marvellous, so astounding, that it amazed us, & finally led us back to California & into a ministry we never had dreamed of in our wildest dreams! We didn't even know anything about hippies except what we'd heard & the very few we had met on the road. We looked at those poor, bedraggled, drug-ridden, vice-ridden, crime-ridden, filthy creatures living like bums & vagrants and criminals & we felt like, how could there be any hope for these pitiful creatures?

†††††††31. DAVID WILKERSON, THE AMERICAN YOUTH EVANGELIST, SAID ONCE THAT HE DIDN'T HAVE ANY HOPES FOR THE HIPPIES, no faith for them whatsoever, he'd never known one of them to get saved, they were too drug-crazed & too wild & insane & crazy. He said they were totally past hope, there was no hope for those pitiful creatures, those hippies, they were too far gone!

†††††††32. WELL, ONCE AGAIN WHEN WE GOT TO CALIFORNIA, GOD TOLD US TO FORSAKE ALL, the kind of ministry we'd had before. We'd already forsaken our denomination, our various jobs we'd had before, our schooling, our evangelistic work, our teaching job, our school in Miami, our job with radio & television, & now God had prepared us for nearly 50 years for the really big job that He had for us to do, far beyond anything that anybody had ever dreamed of or heard of because there was no such thing before!

†††††††33. SO HE TOOK US TO CALIFORNIA & TO MY MOTHER'S LITTLE COTTAGE & HUNGTINGTON BEACH & THE LIGHT CLUB, & He said to me that night as I walked the street viewing those sad, pitiful, drug-ridden creatures: "Look, they're as sheep having no shepherd. Would you be willing to be the King of the Beggars?

†††††††34. "WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO BE THEIR SHEPHERD & LEAD THESE POOR LITTLE LOST SHEEP?" And I burst into tears & I cried out to the Lord & I said, "Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief!" And that night I promised God I would lead you & do everything I could to save you & win you to the Lord & to lead you into His service.

†††††††35. I NEVER DREAMED OF THE VICTORIES HE WAS GOING TO LEAD US TO! I thought if we got any of you saved that was miraculous enough! But immediately God began to fulfill His promises & His end of the bargain, His guarantees, & pour out such a blessing there was not room enough to hold it in that little Light Club!

†††††††36. IT BEGAN TO OVERFLOW ONTO THE BEACHES & the surrounding communities & throughout California, & the Jesus Revolution was on its way!--It swept the whole State & then the United States & circled the World, & you're a part of it to this very day! Hallelujah! TYJ!

†††††††37. AGAIN WHEN OUR MINISTRY WAS FINISHED THERE IN THAT ONE PLACE AMONGST THOSE LIMITED FEW, GOD CALLED US TO FORSAKE ALL & follow Him again & asked us would we be willing to strike out by faith again, to leave our comfortable home there & hit the road again, camping out, leading a bunch of rag-tag Gospel Gypsies & hippies across the whole nation, witnessing wherever we went in any way we could & trusting Him utterly for our needs, not having the faintest idea how He was going to supply them.

†††††††38. BUT AS A STARTER TO ENCOURAGE MY FAITH, GOD SUDDENLY GAVE ME THE BIGGEST GIFT I HAD EVER RECEIVED IN HIS SERVICE, one thousand dollars from a converted drug pusher! For all I know, it was proceeds from his drug sales. But when money is given to the Lord's service, you don't necessarily ask questions about where it came from. Once it's given to God, it's dedicated to Him & His service & you simply use it because God sent it. As the old lady said when the infidel threw her the loaf of bread, "Thank You Jesus! You sent it, even if the Devil did bring it!"

†††††††39. SO ONCE AGAIN WE WENT OUT PURELY BY FAITH TRUSTING GOD, doing the unexpected, the unreasonable, the crazy, the illogical, contrary to all natural expectations. With 125-150 hippies in about 35 or 40 vehicles we crossed the United States one way from West to East & then North to South, preaching the Gospel everywhere we went, witnessing, demonstrating, wearing red robes & carrying staves & with yokes around our necks, some of the strangest things I'd ever heard of that God asked us to do to be witnesses!

†††††††40. BUT AS A RESULT, WE HIT THE HEADLINES of the newspapers across the nation & the World & the witness went out to all the World that a new day had dawned! The youth had rebelled against their System & their ungodly parents & there was a Revolution of the Spirit for Jesus! Hallelujah! TYJ!

†††††††41. THEN BY THE TIME WE HAD OVER 50 COLONIES IN THE U.S. & CANADA & seemed to be once again comfortably fixed & busy for the Lord & it seemed with all that we could possibly do, with the equivalent of 50 churches across the country in nearly as many States & very very busy personally involved with all of their problems & ministries and questions & answers & teaching them & training them & leading them & guiding them etc., suddenly God again called us to forsake all & follow Him & go out not knowing whither we went.

†††††††42. WELL, AT FIRST WE THOUGHT WE KNEW WHERE WE WERE GOING, to Israel, so we dropped everything, & Maria & I went totally alone across the ocean by faith on what amounted to a hippie airplane filled with nothing but hippies & young people, Icelandic Airlines, on which I was the only person over 30 years of age, & most of them under 20, in the beginning of our first great Exodus as a Family from the United States!

†††††††43. WE LED IT & PIONEERED IT, GOING FIRST TO EUROPE & THEN TO THE MIDEAST, spending time in Israel, getting fed up with the Jews & getting a completely new vision of what God wanted us to do for Him. We began there to write about it, continuing in Cyprus & then in England & back to the U.S., as the Family began to spread throughout Europe & North Africa & the Mideast & down into the Caribbean & Latin America & began its World coverage!

†††††††44. THEN WE WERE BACK AGAIN IN LONDON & VERY BUSY WRITING THE FAMOUS MO LETTERS & even beginning to distribute them on the street publicly, even receiving income from them, something we had never dreamed of, & busy leading approximately 200 Colonies throughout the World, when suddenly God again told us to forsake all & follow Him, He had something new for us to do, we hadn't any idea what!

†††††††45. WE LEFT OUR COMFORTABLE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE HOME THERE IN LONDON & all its conveniences & its interesting life & close contact with the Family, busy with business & publishing Letters & teaching & guiding them & directing their operations throughout the World. Suddenly we were confronted with a vision in the middle of the night in brilliant red letters in the dark: TENERIFE!

†††††††46. GOD IN A SUPERNATURAL MIRACULOUS REVELATION SHOWED US WHERE WE WERE TO GO NEXT, TO AGAIN FORSAKE ALL, drop everything, leave everything behind except our few personal belongings & to flee to a little island we had never even heard of out in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa of all places!

†††††††47. LITTLE DID WE DREAMED WHAT GOD WAS GOING TO DO THERE, THE MIGHTY MIRACLES OF LOVE that He was going to accomplish on that tiny island which was going to explode with His love in the great FFing Revolution & the Family of Love! Hallelujah! TYJ!--FFing has now swept the World & is helping to keep our Family going in many places as well as winning countless souls that we could never have won otherwise!

†††††††48. WELL, WHEN WE HAD FINISHED THAT MINISTRY THERE & gotten it as far as it could go, again God said, "It is enough!" & He literally had to force us out of our beautiful comfortable home there in that paradise island where we had thought we would live for the rest of our lives, & we had to flee virtually in disguise once again to another land, we knew not where, & we knew not what or what we would do next!

†††††††49. BUT SINCE THEN, GOD HAS LED US FROM LAND TO LAND, TIME & AGAIN FORSAKING ALL & FOLLOWING HIM TO DO HIS WILL, to lead you & guide you to become the greatest fishers of men on this Earth today!--To become the greatest soul-winners in the World, to become the fastest growing missionary group & covering more nations, preaching more Gospel, publishing more literature, getting on more radio & television stations & witnessing & serving in more lands than we ever dreamed of! All in His wisdom!

†††††††50. TILL WE ARE TODAY THE MOST RADICAL REVOLUTIONARY ON-FIRE FASTEST-GROWING SOUL-SAVING MISSIONARY GROUP IN THE WORLD, praise God, with way over 9,000 members!--Not mere church members, but on-fire missionaries & soul-winners for the Lord, living in nearly 2500 Homes of almost 100 countries around the World, publishing millions of pieces of literature every month & winning tens of thousands of souls every year!

†††††††51. AND NOW WE PUBLISH NOT ONLY MERE LITTLE TINY LETTERS EACH WEEK, BUT HUGE MAGAZINES of nearly 300 pages every month & great big books of over 700 pages & radio & television programs, video shows of the most beautiful music in the World sung & played & performed by the most beautiful people in the World in the greatest show on Earth!: Music With Meaning, Musica Con Vida, Musica Con Messagio & many other language musical shows which will follow, PG!

†††††††52. NOW ARE COMING RADIO & VIDEO DRAMAS & FLANNELGRAPHS & PUPPET SHOWS & ALL THE REST, a tremendous Worldwide-flung immensely varied ministry by nearly 10,000 missionaries throughout all the important countries of the World, near half the World's nations, & literally our words have gone throughout all the Earth & our lines unto the ends of the World! PG! Hallelujah! TYJ!--Fulfilling Psalms 19 & 68!

†††††††53. ALL BECAUSE WE WERE TIME & AGAIN WILLING TO DROP EVERYTHING, forsake all, leaving everything behind that we worked so hard for, & once again strike out completely into a totally new field by faith, naked faith in the naked Word of God & His promises, into an entirely new ministry in a totally different place & in a variety of completely different ways, & God never failed!--He knew best!

†††††††54. WHEN WE OBEYED HE KEPT HIS PROMISES, HE FULFILLED HIS GUARANTEES & He supplied all of our needs according to His riches in glory! Hallelujah! We don't have to depend on your riches, thank God, nor the World's riches, nor our own riches, we only have to depend on God & His riches, & He is a big God & has great riches & will never fail! TYJ!

†††††††55. SO ONCE AGAIN WE'RE MAKING ANOTHER GREAT FORSAKING-ALL! Once again we're dropping everything & going to the ends of the Earth--the Southern end in this case--in obedience to God's warnings, that we might survive. Time & space would fail me to remind you of the great new changes that we have brought about in the Family again & again in order to purge & purify & amplify our ministry & obey God in whatever new direction He decided to send us, from the New Revolution of the mid 70's to the RNR of the late 70's.

†††††††56. BOTH TIMES & MANY TIMES THINKING THAT THIS WAS GOING TO BE A GREAT SACRIFICE, we were going to lose a lot, we were going to lose a lot of people if we cracked down & insisted that they obey the Lord & go His direction instead of their old directions, that we would lose a lot of income & we might wonder how we were going to survive with all these new changes!

†††††††57. AND EVERY TIME, VERY BRIEFLY, GOD HAS REQUIRED SOME SACRIFICE OF US in time or place or money or people or method, some tremendous change, some revolution in our ranks, & often a loss of income & a sad loss, in some cases, of some people. But every time, like the ranks of Gideon, He has purified us & purged us & empowered us & sent us in an entirely new direction which has given us greater power than ever before, greater coverage than ever before, a greater witness than ever before, more litnessing than ever before--more people, more Homes, more countries, more Gospel, more avenues of witnessing & preaching the Gospel such as radio & video & television, etc.

†††††††58. SO THAT NOW WE ARE BOOMING AGAIN, GREATER & FURTHER & MORE EFFECTIVE THAN EVER BEFORE with more people, more Homes, more channels of witnessing than we have ever known in our whole history! Our income has been greater, your income has sky rocketed, & as a result, WS income, your leadership, has been blessed with a greater income from your tithes & gifts & offerings than ever before to make all of these marvellous things possible, these beautiful publications, magazines, books, tapes, etc., more than we ever dreamed of!

†††††††59. YOU'VE BEEN FAITHFUL TO THE LORD IN YOUR TITHES & OFFERINGS & GIFTS, so God has blessed you with an abundance of food that there's almost not room enough to hold it in your suitcase! He's giving you so much spiritual food in publications that it's even too big a load to carry, & perhaps some of you think it's even too much to have to try to read! Well, you don't have to read it all, just read what interests you & what you feel you need & what's good for you, maybe the rest is for somebody else.

†††††††60. BUT ANYHOW, WE HAVE BEEN ABSOLUTELY BOOMING IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY & God has been blessing us all, you & your leadership & His work throughout the World, with tremendous results, wonderful fruit and millions of souls won for Jesus! TYL! Hallelujah!

†††††††61. SO WHAT NOW? WELL, NOW HE IS AGAIN CALLING US TO FORSAKE ALL, our comfortable places & comfortable living in the rich lands of the North with that good income, & to forsake all, sell everything or give it away, everything we've worked so hard for, that God has blessed us with, even our ministries in those Northern lands, the people to whom we have ministered, the souls we've won, the disciples we've saved, to leave it all & once again forsake all & follow Jesus!

†††††††62. AGAIN HE'S GUARANTEEING YOU THAT HE IS GOING TO MAKE YOU FISHERS OF MEN IN A GREATER WAY than you have ever know before! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! And one of the most important things He's going to do is keep you fishers of men & witnesses & soul-winners & save you & spare you so that you can continue to minister & not be wiped out along with the rest of the ungodly Worldly Gospel-hardened ready-for-judgement North!

†††††††63. AS SOMETIMES JESUS'OWN DISCIPLES ADMONISHED HIM: "How can You do this, Lord? How can we do this, Lord? This is impossible, Lord! We can't do this, Lord, it's going to hurt us in some way! We can't afford it, we haven't got it, it's impossible!" And the Lord simply answered, "With man it is impossible, but with God, nothing shall be impossible!" (Mt.19:26.) Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! In Jesus' name, amen.

†††††††64. AS SOME HAVE SAID, "WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN EVERYBODY MOVES OUT OF THE RICH NORTH & these rich Northern lands of North America & Europe down to those poor Third World countries of the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Latin America, South Africa, Southern & Southeastern Asia & the Pacific & everybody's income takes a big drop, what are we going to do then, Dad?"

†††††††65. THIS IS LIKE THE SAME QUESTION THAT DEAR JETHRO/JUDAS, OUR BAG-HOLDER, SAID MANY TIMES IN DAYS GONE BY. It's an echo of the same question: "How can we, Lord? How can we forsake all of this & survive? It's bound to hurt us, bound to cost us, it's too great a sacrifice, we can't stand it! We may totally collapse & go bankrupt without such-&-such an income in such-&-such a place from such-&-such a source," etc.

†††††††66. WELL, LET ME TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, GOD IS OUR GREATEST SOURCE & He has the greatest income, & the best place in the World to be is in the center of His will to make sure that you're well taken care of! He is much more interested in saving souls & saving lives than He is in saving money & saving homes or former ministries & former places & former easy comfortable living.

†††††††67. HE'S FAR MORE INTERESTED IN SAVING YOUR LIFE FROM THE COMING DESTRUCTION in the North so that you can continue to save souls in the South when the North is gone! They've had their chance, we've saturated the North & those Northern lands of North America & Europe with our Gospel & our witnessing & our litnessing, they've had their chance. They don't deserve any more.

†††††††68. WE'VE WON ALMOST EVERYBODY WHO CAN BE WON THERE OR GAINED AS DISCIPLES. They've all heard about us, they've read about us, they know about us, they know our message, & if they wanted to join they would have joined by this time. If they wanted to get saved they would have sought us out. If they wanted to follow Jesus they would have followed us. But they've hardened their hearts & stiffened their necks & the only thing left for them after many warnings is sudden destruction!

†††††††69. "SO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW, DAD? Everybody's going down South where people are poor & the income will be low. How are we going to pay for all these books & tapes & WS units, support so many staff members who are so busy day & night, sometimes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week turning out these productions of food of the Spirit for God's children around the World? How are we going to do it, Dad, when everybody goes South & the income drops off & there's not so much money any more, what are we going to do then?"

†††††††70. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU WHAT WE'RE GOING TO DO THEN, we're going to do then just what we've always done & what we're doing right now, we're going to trust God & obey God! "Trust & obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust & obey!" I don't know how God's going to do it, I don't know where He's going to get it, I don't know who it's going to come from, I don't know what method He's going to use, I haven't the faintest idea how He's going to keep us going!

†††††††71. BUT I KNOW ONE THING FOR SURE, BY HIS WORD, HIS GUARANTEES AND HIS SWEARING BY HIMSELF, HE IS GOING TO KEEP US GOING & He is going to take care of us no matter what! He is going to continue to supply our needs & your needs & your spiritual food in whatever form it may take or come in days to come.

†††††††72. I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE IT WON'T BE MAGAZINES, BOOKS & TAPES, maybe God's got some new way that hasn't even been invented yet! Maybe it will be radio & television, videos. Maybe it will be this new method of telefaxing or the new non-mechanical electronic typewriter, all kinds of new things are coming out, micro-tapes through the mail.

†††††††73. WHO KNOWS HOW GOD'S GOING TO DO IT? who knows how He's going to supply it? Who knows how He's going to distribute it? He may have methods in process of invention that we never heard of & ways that He's going to do it that we never dreamed of, just as He has before! All we have to do is obey, all we have to do is do what Jesus said, to forsake all & come follow Him & He will continue to make us fishers of men!

†††††††74. ARE YOU WILLING? ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU OBEYING JESUS? Are you heeding His warning to forsake all & leave those dangerous lands where not only can you lose your life, but your ministry & your disciples with you & end it all? Or are you willing to follow Jesus & drop everything that you have now to receive something greater & more beautiful & more wonderful & a greater ministry than you ever had before in more supernatural miraculous ways than you ever dreamed of with God supplying your needs just as much as ever, as much as you need wherever you need it.

†††††††75. DO YOU BELIEVE GOD? "WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD, for he that cometh unto Him must believe that He is & that He is the rewarder of them which diligently seek Him" & His will & His way & His service & His souls. (He.11:6.) Are you willing? Do you believe God? Do you believe His Word & His promises & His guarantees? Do you know that if what you do is within the will of God & in obedience of God, that God is going to take care of you somehow?--Even if He has to take you to Heaven, amen?

†††††††76. ARE YOU WILLING TO FORSAKE A GOOD THING FOR A BETTER & A GREATER THING? Like the picture of the little girl dropping her toy, totally losing interest in it as she lifts her hand to receive a beautiful descending dove upon her finger. Are you willing, like the great Statesman Gladstone, to forsake your speech in the Parliament to go out into a tiny garret room in a tenement in the slums of London to win one little lost soul, a dying newsboy to the Lord? Are you willing to forsake a good thing for something even better & greater, such as more lost souls, souls that need Jesus in those neglected lands of the Third World & the Southern Hemisphere?

†††††††77. MAY GOD HELP YOU TO HAVE FAITH TO BELIEVE GOD & HIS GUARANTEES & not man's & the Devil's lies, & drop everything today--"And immediately they forsook all & followed Jesus!"--And go out knowing not whither you're going, knowing not how God's going to supply your needs, but willing to obey Him & work at it, do everything you can do so that God can do the things you can't do.

†††††††78. BECAUSE YOU TRUST HIM & YOU OBEY HIM & YOU BELIEVE HIS GUARANTEES, God's guarantees in His Word, He will supply all your need according to His riches in glory regardless of man or the Devil or our enemies or our place of ministry or our mode of ministry or whatever!--God will not fail, Jesus never fails! Hallelujah? TYJ! PTL! PG! TYJ!

†††††††79. LORD, HELP THEM TO BELIEVE! Jesus, help them to trust Thy Word! Help them to know & believe Thy good guarantees, knowing that You'll never fail them if they will obey & trust Thee, forsake all & go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature, including all those that we have not yet preached the Gospel to in the poor Third World countries of the Southern Hemisphere.

†††††††80. HELP US, LORD, TO HAVE THE FAITH ONCE AGAIN, AS WE HAVE MANY TIMES BEFORE, TO DROP EVERYTHING, forsake all & follow You, Jesus, into a totally new place of new people & new ministry & a new way of supply in a whole new wonderful supernatural miraculous glorious harvest fulfilment of Thy promises & Thy guarantees of Thy precious Word that never fails!

†††††††81. HELP THEM TO BELIEVE IT, LORD! HELP THEM TO OBEY IT! Help them to trust Thee & obey, for there's no other way to be happy in You, Jesus, but to trust & obey! Help them, Lord, to trust & obey, for there's no other way for us, Thy Family, but to forsake all & follow You to the ends of the Earth! You said, Lord, "Lo, I will be with you always, even unto the end of the World!" Hallelujah! (Matthew 28:20.)

†††††††82. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THY GOOD GUARANTEES THAT NEVER FAIL! You have never failed us, Jesus, You'll not fail us now! You'll see us through to the very ends of the Earth & the end of the World and never fail us! TYL! We believe You, Jesus, we know You'll carry us through! Hallelujah! TYL!--Through a new door, into a new & wider field of ministry, a whole new World, a glorious new harvest, a wonderful wonderful fulfilment of Thy guarantees, the precious promises of Thy Word & Thy Love, in Jesus' name. Amen.

†††††††83. GBY ALL & KEEP YOU ALL IN HIS WILL & IN HIS WORD & IN HIS WAY, the best way, not man's way, but God's way, & guaranteed with an everlasting guarantee, unlimited, unrestricted, unqualified, an everlasting guarantee from the Lord forever, in Jesus' name! Amen!

†††††††84. IN CLOSING WE DO WANT TO ADMONISH YOU DEAR ONES that because of various factors, your moving to new fields, poorer fields--& there have been various mail strikes and other mitigating circumstances in various places around the World where our Family have been ministering--that your income has fallen, and therefore your giving and tithing has fallen off somewhat.

†††††††85. SO WE'RE GOING TO ASK YOU AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO PLEASE TRY TO REMEMBER TO DO YOUR BEST TO GIVE YOUR FULL TITHE, whatever your income may be, & to give above that if you possibly can, to help continue to make our ministry possible in ministering to you with God's Word & His messages & magazines & books & tapes & all of these wonderful blessings with which He has poured out His blessings upon us so you can continue to be fed & strengthened & guided & encouraged to serve Him wherever He may lead. Amen?

†††††††86. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT HIM & HIS SERVICE & HIS INCOME FIRST, AMEN? And then the barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil run dry & you will survive any famine or any change of any catastrophe that the Devil may cook up for the wicked! (1Kings 17.)

†††††††87. PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO YOUR BEST & GIVE YOUR BEST FOR THE LORD so we may continue to serve you & do our best for you & the Lord. Amen? Thank you! In Jesus' name. GBAKY in His will & in His way with all of His guarantees, & I know He'll never fail & you'll not fail either, in Jesus' name. Amen! PTL! WLY! KGFG & He will never fail you!--Amen?--You can count on God's good guarantees forever!--Go now before too late!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family