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THE ORANGE FREE STATE--South African Survival!--A Dream?       DO 1029       12 July 1980

       (The following paragraphs were omitted from the Letter "South African Survival," No.926, printed in Volume VIII, originally entitled "The Orange Free State." Now it can be told!) [EDITED: "Paragraph numbers have been added to the computer version of this ML."]

              1. WE CAME OUT OF THIS JUNGLE INTO A CLEARING WITH A ROOF OVER IT, a great big thatched roof, & this White man came out from under the roof & very seriously & soberly said, "This is the Orange Free State. You can hide here until the war is over." We were running from something & we came out at this place.

              2. --AND THIS HAPPENS TO BE TODAY, JULY 12TH, ORANGE MAN'S DAY!--And we didn't even know it! Perhaps the Lord wants us to know that that's going to be one of the safer places during the Atomic War. We're not the only ones in the Family. There has to be more than just one place to go, so apparently that means that the Whites are going to continue to have the upper hand in South Africa for awhile at least, & the Blacks aren't going to take it over yet.

              3. SO THEY MAY FIND EXCUSES FOR PERMITTING SOUTH AFRICA TO CONTINUE, AS I SAW IN THIS DREAM, until after the coming war, in order to hold themselves together purely as a matter of survival. As the fellow said to me in the dream, "This is the Orange Free State. You can hide here until the war is over."

              4. THIS MAY MEAN THAT SOUTH AFRICA IS NOT GOING DOWN THE DRAIN AS FAST AS SOME PRESUME, but maybe preserved by both her White Russian friends & Black African enemies through the coming holocaust, in order to preserve themselves. This is seemingly a strange enigma & contradiction, but nevertheless it's just plain common sense. They need South Africa, & South Africa knows it & the Blacks know it & the Russians know it.

              5. SO IF THEY'RE SMART, THEY'LL HAVE TO LET SOUTH AFRICA SURVIVE IF THEY WANT TO SURVIVE! So it could be one of the survival areas of the World which may escape the war--at least according to this dream that I had!

              6. WHY THE EMPHASIS SHOULD BE ON THE ORANGE FREE STATE I DON'T KNOW, except that it's more or less the heart of South Africa & probably the most stubbornly resistant early pioneer part which would probably die fighting rather than submit.--And the roof looked like a covering that may be symbolic of a shelter or protection. But what the man said couldn't be any clearer, as we came out of the bush running from something:

       7. "THIS IS THE ORANGE FREE STATE, & YOU CAN HIDE HERE UNTIL THE WAR IS OVER." So the Lord may be trying to show us this is one of the areas of the World which will survive the coming horrible holocaust of the World's first & last atomic war! Oddly enough, it's one of the last places in the World you'd expect to survive!

              8. I'M SURE THE LORD IS GOING TO SHOW US MORE PLACES WHERE THE FAMILY CAN EXPECT TO FIND REFUGE & SURVIVE. You can't expect to all go to South America! So really in a way, this dream is unexpected good news, as it sounds like South Africa is one of the few survival areas of the World where we can expect to survive the coming atomic war, in spite of all the odds that seem to stand against it!

              9. I HAVE WARNED YOU [DELETED] & advised you that Africa was not a very safe place to go [DELETED]! But according to this dream, South Africa may be one of the few survival areas of the Earth, Strangely enough & contrary to all natural expectations, which is usually the formula of a miracle!

              10. SO SOUTH AFRICA MAY BE ONE OF GOD'S LITTLE MIRACLES where some of us can survive the coming war!--And when it's all over, I'm sure that the powers that remain will want all the help they can get for reconstruction & restoration & rebuilding, & the brains & brawn of South Africa would be extremely helpful. So who knows?

       11. "THIS IS THE ORANGE FREE STATE. YOU CAN HIDE HERE UNTIL THE WAR IS OVER!"--That's the message I got just as clear as anything!--And that may be the reason, & you can take it for what it's worth, take it or leave it! All I know is, that was the dream & that was the message.

              12. SO IT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE SOUTH AFRICA MAY BE ONE OF THE FEW REFUGES OF THE WORLD to survive the coming horrific atomic holocaust! So don't knock it!--You may have to use it, & thank God for it! That dream was sure a shocker! It was so clear it woke me up!

              13. AND ODDLY ENOUGH IT WAS ON ORANGE MAN'S DAY! Isn't that strange? I didn't even know it was Orange Man's Day!--But God knew!--And now you know!--So you're now responsible, whether you receive it or reject it! May God bless & keep you in Jesus' name, amen. "This is the Orange Free State.--You can hide here until the war is over."--Will you? (Just don't try to Litness! Our Lit's banned! But FFing's great! GBY!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family