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THE SOUTH AFRICAN REVELATION!--By Father David       DFO 1030       8/80

       1. IT'S AN IMPORTANT SECRET, THAT MY GRANDFATHER FOUGHT WITH THE BOERS IN THE BOER WAR FOR THE ORANGE FREE STATE! You didn't know that, did you? (Maria: No, I didn't know that.) It's a very important secret. I'm a Boer. (Maria: Why are you a Boer? How do you get to be a Boer?) I'm a Boer because I fought for the Boers, because my grandfather fought for the Boers. He fought for the Orange Free State in the Boer War. Didn't you hear about that? (Maria: No. But how does that make you a Boer?) Because I'm sympathetic. Some people are Communists because they're Communist sympathisers, I'm a Boer because I'm a Boer sympathiser. My grandfather fought for the Orange Free State, I'm a Boer at heart.

       2. IT WAS VERY VERY VERY BAD, & VERY VERY VERY VERY TERRIBLE, & IT WAS VERY VERY VERY VERY AWFUL! You know? (Tongues & Weeping.) It was so bad! It was so terrible! They were killing each other, it was so terrible, they were killing each other. It was such a terrible terrible war! It was even worse than the Crimean War. (Maria: Why?)

       3. BECAUSE THEY KILLED THEIR OWN BROTHERS. They killed their own brothers! (Maria: Why?) Don't ask me why, I don't know, it was a really really terrible war! (Maria: Were they fighting their brothers?) They were fighting everybody, & everybody was fighting everybody, it was such a terrible terrible war! It was almost the most terrible war there ever was! (Maria: Really?) (Tongues & Weeping.) It was so terrible! (The British even slaughtered & imprisoned Boer women & children!)

       4. THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN FIGHTING EACH OTHER, THEY SHOULD HAVE JUST FOUGHT [DELETED] the Enemy. (Weeps.) It was so terrible, they were fighting each other, & they were Christians. They were Christians, did you know that? They were Christians in faith & they fought each other! It was terrible! It was almost the most awful war there ever was. Christians fighting Christians & killing Christians, it was so terrible! It was so terrible! (Tongues & Weeping.)

       5. I HAVE TO WEEP TO CLEANSE THEIR SINS! I HAVE TO WEEP TO WASH AWAY THEIR SINS. Yes, I have to! (Tongues & Kisses:) O thank You Jesus! I have to weep to castigate their sins, to wash away & purify, & they don't know how I weep for them! It was so terrible, it was so awful! (Weeps.) O Jesus, Jesus, Jesus help me! Nobody understands. (Tongues.) O Jesus, O Jesus! O Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! I love you, Honey, but you don't understand.

       6. IT'S WORSE, MUCH WORSE THAN THE BIG ATTACK IN CRIMEA. There weren't just 5000 Australians, there were thousands & thousands killed! It was horrible! It was terrible! (Maria: Where?) In South Africa!--In the Boer War. So horrible! Brother against brother & Christian against Christian!


       8. WE HAVE TO GO THERE & HELP THEM TO FIGHT THE DEVIL. [DELETED] You understand? XXXXXXX! I love you Sweet Baby, do you understand me? XXXXX! It's all a big war, & it's not over, & we have to help them fight it, even if we die, to help the poor Christians, in Jesus' name. TYL! Don't you understand?

       9. (THE NEXT DAY:) (MARIA: THE BRITISH & THE DUTCH WERE FIGHTING AGAINST EACH OTHER?) The British & the Germans & the Dutch. There were Germans down there too, I'm sure, weren't there? Where's the encyclopedia? (Maria: You'd said before that you never knew your grandfather really fought in the war.) I never dreamed he fought in the war, isn't that funny? Why would I have said that last night? Huh? What did I say? It was an important secret? (Maria: Yes, you said, "This is an important secret: My grandfather fought for the Boers in the Boer War!") How about that! Isn't that something? (Maria: You were sort of depressed, you said,

       10. ("I WANT TO GO THERE & DIE WITH MY PEOPLE," & I said where? Where do you want to go?--And you said, "I want to go there & die with my people," & I said where? And you said, "The Orange Free State!" [DELETED]) Ha! Oh me! (Maria: So you never knew it, huh?) I don't recall him ever saying he fought--if he did, I didn't know it. I know he was there during the Boer War when he was about 40 & brought back pix of it, I remember them, but I didn't know he fought in it!

       11. BUT WHY ELSE WOULD HE HAVE BEEN THERE? See, he was a young German lad of German stock, third generation of course, from Europe. His fathers came from Europe, his grandfather, it was either his grandfather or great grandfather, I've forgotten which, they came over in a sailing vessel in 1742, so that would have been about 10 years before he was born, so it must have been his great grandfather, 'cause that would have been about 120 years before he was born. My grandfather was born in 1861 & he even could remember the Civil War as a little boy. Because it wasn't over until '65 or '66, so he was about five, like David, he would remember something like that.

       12. (WE LATER LOOKED UP THE BOER WAR, & sure 'nuf it was in 1899-1902 when my grandfather was about 40. He used to show us horrible gruesome pix of its hand-to-hand fighting when I was a boy, which must've made a deep impression on me of its horrors! But I didn't remember he'd actually fought in it!

       13. (LOTS OF GERMANS VOLUNTEERED TO HELP THEM, so he must've been one of'm, bold, adventuresome & daring as he always was, always fighting some underdog's battles! He must've actually gone to help'm, as this revelation confirms. Germany did side with'm against the British & sent them arms & volunteers, as Germany also had a colony there, South West Africa (Namibia), which the Allies made them give to South Africa after WWI.

       14. (ANYWAY, IT'S A GREAT & BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, especially around Capetown & up the East Coast to Durban, including the Port Elizabeth area on Algoa Bay! (See "The Lion Farm!", No.967.) Capetown to Durban are the beach-resort area with modern hotels & apartments at lower than Europe or U.S. prices!--Only $280 a month for a lovely one-bedroom apartment right on the beach with a gorgeous sea view & cool breezes, like we had! This is where Maria & Sue had their FF experiences! (See "Maria's FF Adventure!", No.1084.) We spent the Winter there! It's a real FFers' paradise!--& delightful sunny climate all year!

       15. (THE RENTS ARE A BIT HIGHER IN THE SUMMER SEASON, BUT THE WINTERS ARE BEAUTIFUL!--Average daily temperature 20-25 degrees Celsius! (68-80 degrees F.!)--And they encourage immigration of White professionals & technicians, teachers, etc., from Europe & U.S.!--Or if you have plenty of dollars!--Ha! The very conservative Christian Afrikaaners (Boers) control the Government, but English [DELETED] control half the press, TV & dollars!--And everybody speaks English as well as Afrikaans, a mix of Dutch & German! So it's a great place for you Europeans & Americans!--& safe from the Bombs! (See "Orange Free State", No.1029.) We also had another specific dream about it coming soon!--So there's another good refuge for the coming Storm! GBAKYAMYAB!--Love,--D.
       (P.S.--And it has English PAL TV with lotsa Gospel! Wow!--You'll love it!--& only $1000 Round-trip from Europe. Go NOW! Tomorrow will be too late!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family