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SERFS, SUPERS OR SUPER-DUPERS?--Which Will You Be?DFO 103620/1/81
--By Father David

1. BOTH BURKE IN "BURKE'S CONNECTIONS" & OTHER COMMENTATORS have made these documentaries in which they point out how the coming generation is going to be divided into virtually just two classes, no longer the upper class, middle class & lower class. No longer the upper-rich class & the middle-smart-know-it-all class of technicians, & the dumb lower-class of manual laborers, the uneducated, but in virtually just two classes--the people who know it all & understand all the high technology & electronics & all, & the people who don't.

2. THE SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS WILL BE VIRTUALLY A SUPER RACE who know & understand all this machinery & can run it & fix it & invent it & create it. Then there will be the dumb serfs or slaves who know little or nothing & have no education in it & are just going to be manual laborers who will be almost like slaves & robots.

3. THIS SOUNDS A LOT LIKE THE ANTICHRIST KINGDOM, a race of supermen who understand the Image of the Beast, & then the serfs & slaves who don't & over whom they rule & who do all the manual menial labor like serfs.

4. BURKE ,BEING A COLLEGE PROFESSOR & TEACHER, IS OBVIOUSLY CONCERNED ABOUT YOUTH & ITS EDUCATION because he gears his whole documentaries to fascinating and interesting youth people, making science simple and history simple giving simple reasons, connections and all that.

5. HE'S AS GOOD AS SAYING YOU'RE NOW THE AUTHOR OF YOUR FATE & therefore you will be choosing now that's going to happen to you in the future, whether you're going to be one of the super race or one of the serfs. And what they were pointing out is that students today are going to have to make their choices, whether they're going to belong to the Supers or the Serfs, depending on the education they get.

6. OF COURSE HE WAS NATURALLY ADVOCATING A TECHNOLOGICAL ENGINEERING EDUCATION if you want to belong to the Supers & not the Serfs, & that you're making that choice now by the type of education you choose. In order to belong to the Supers, just a general education or just a general Liberal Arts education is not going to be sufficient.

7. JUST A GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OF HISTORY & THE VARIOUS ARTS, ETC., is not sufficient to make you an engineer, one of these high technologists who's going to run the World, because they are the ones who know how. They're going to be like the magicians of the future, the king's magicians, the king's sorcerers who the kings are going to use to run their empires & the Antichrist to run his.

8. BUT IF YOU'RE NOT ONE OF THE ENGINEERS WHO KNOWS HOW & knows everything & you don't get an engineering education, & a scientific education & become one of these engineers & inventors & operators of the machinery, you're going to be one of the menial hard-working manual laborers, the serfs, & it's up to you to decide now what you want to be--whether you want to be one of the Supers or the Serfs. That's his counsel, of course.

9. WELL, WE KNOW THAT THIS COMING GENERATION IS NOT GOING TO LAST ENOUGH TO MAKE MUCH DIFFERENCE as far as we're concerned. Although those who have a knack for I'd say science & technology or mechanics or electronics, some of our young people who want to go into that field, I would certainly recommend it if you want to hold a position of any kind of status & fairly comfortable living when of course all evangelism is going to be virtually banned.

10. LITNESSING, WITNESSING, PREACHING THE GOSPEL & ALL THE REST WILL BE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE EXCEPT UNDERCOVER & Selah like the Early Christians did during the days of the Roman persecutions. Some continued to witness, but many of them had to live underground in catacombs.

11. THE SMART ONES WERE SLAVES & SERVANTS & SERFS IN EVEN CAESAR'S HOUSE, teachers & scientists & doctors & lawyers, etc., but they were nevertheless Christians & were faithful to their faith in their almost quiet Selah-type of witnessing in Caesar's household, until his whole household was converted!

12. DURING THE TRIBULATION PERIOD IT'S GOING TO BE UNLAWFUL, OF COURSE, TO PREACH THE GOSPEL or even have any other religion except to worship the Beast & his Image & bear the Mark of the Beast. When that time comes it will be pretty difficult to hold any kind of position of any kind of status or comfort, because you won't be able to unless you have the Mark of the Beast.

13. THIS WILL VIRTUALLY DRIVE NEARLY ALL CHRISTIANS, IN FACT ALL RELIGIONS OF ANY KIND, ANY FAITH, UNDERGROUND or to starvation or to death! So after the Beast sets up him Image & demands worship & the Mark of the Beast, then it won't make much difference after that. (Maria: So it wouldn't be very useful to stop everything now & try to get an education.) No, it's already too late.

14. I BELIEVE THE ANTICHRIST'S RISE TO POWER IS SO SOON & COMING SO FAST.--And with the horrible war that's going to destroy a third of the World, I would say it's hardly worthwhile to go to all the trouble to take the lengthy, difficult, very arduous & trying kind of education & training required by engineering, whether it be mechanics, electronics, medicine or whatever.

15. YOU WON'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO FINISH YOUR EDUCATION BEFORE THE WAR COMES. which is going to come very soon I'm almost positive, & following that the Antichrist dictatorship when there will be a brief period, at least 3 1/2 years, in which your training & education would do you some good & find you a place of usefulness in his kingdom.

16. I BELIEVE THAT EVEN IN THE FIRST HALF OF HIS KINGDOM there's going to be probably not too much witnessing or litnessing & fulltime missionaries, because it's going to be discouraged, even as it is today in the more secular societies such as the Communist countries.

17. THERE'S NO WITNESSING OR LITNESSING IN COMMUNIST SOCIETY, it's virtually completely banned. Although their constitution supposedly guarantees them freedom of religion, they suppress it just the same, that's not the practice. It's the theory but not the practice. And if anything, I believe that the Antichrist Government is going to be probably World Communism, World Communist government, or at least that's now the basics of it--along with even American materialism which is just as bad a religion, the worship of things.

18. BOTH COMMUNISM & CAPITALISM ARE MATERIALISTIC, are materialism & the worship of the material, the things of this Earth. (Maria: A confirmation of that was some of our kids in Turkey met a Syrian Christian woman who got saved & told them that in the ancient Assyrian language, each letter of the alphabet had a corresponding number, & the word {\ul \i communism} with its respective numbers added up to the number 666.) That's interesting numerology.

19. SO THAT IN THE PRESENT TIME RIGHT NOW & in the first half of the Antichrist government & in Communist governments today, the engineers are the most greatly in demand. Those who know how to design instruments & machinery & electronics & how to operate them & fix them & maintain them, are the most in demand by industry in industrialized societies such as both East & West, both industrialized societies.

20. A TYPE OF HIGH TECHNOLOGY JOB WILL PUT YOU IN A GOOD POSITION OF GOOD INCOME & all of the comforts that that promises, although can't guarantee, so that you become one of the technological aristocrats, or the technocrats, who will be running the World now--right now, it's already started!

21. OR YOU'LL BE ONE OF THE PLAIN FLUNKIES, MANUAL LABORERS, hod-carriers, menial laborers, serfs who will be doing all the hard, tough, physical jobs with your brawn instead of your brain. (Maria: But it looks like that's what most of our kids are consigned to, because in God's plan He got them out of the System before they even finished high school, lots of them. So we can't counsel them to go back. Very few of them even have any practical skilled training or trade.)

22. BUT WE'RE NOT ONLY NOW REACHING JUST THE KIDS, & the high school kids & the college rebels, but we're also reaching men who are already of middle age as well & already have such training. We're winning souls amongst the middle class & even the rich & the technocrats, scientists, electronic geniuses, computer experts & other engineers. We have a number of them in our ranks already.

23. AND MY ADVICE TO THEM IS THEY HAVE TO DECIDE ON WHETHER THEY WANT TO CONTINUE IN THAT FIELD, try to retain that position & at the same time serve the Lord as best they can, & witness when or where the can. Those people in some ways will be better off when the Antichrist takes over, even as they are now in communist societies & in Russia.

24. IN THE SOVIET UNION THE ENGINEERS ARE THE SUPER RACE, the super class who are tremendously in demand & which Russia is creating at a much faster rate of speed & in far greater numbers than Western society. The Western society has had skills & the money & everything they needed to create what they're now creating, inventing & manufacturing, but they're running out of brains!

25. THEY'RE INVENTING MORE MACHINERY & ELECTRONIC GEAR than they are creating or training engineers to repair! The inventors have invented monsters that they won't have enough brains around to control, soon, because Western society has not trained its children in high technology as they should have if they wanted to exceed Russian technology.

26. THEREFORE THE RUSSIANS ARE RAPIDLY OVERTAKING, in fact have already passed up the West in technology & in technocrats, engineers & people who know how to not only make machines & run them, but also repair them & designers to design new machines, etc.

27. SO THAT THE NEW TECHNOCRACY IS GOING TO BE DEFINITELY A TECHNOCRACY RULED BY THE TECHNOCRATS who know the sciences & the electronics & mechanics of the highly technical society that is coming & which is of course already here but will be largely devastated by the war, temporarily, but then will probably be revived in order to revive society & the World as a whole under the Antichrist.

28. THEY'LL PROBABLY USE THIS HIGH TECHNOLOGY TO RESTORE THE WORLD & revive it to some extent, because the old has been almost swept away, & then they will need the new. So it's needed now & it will be needed probably during the first part of the Antichrist reign. And people who know, have that education & have those skills & that knowledge, will be the super race who are going to be running the world, they're already running it now & they'll be running it more & more as time goes on.

29. THE WAR WILL INTERRUPT THAT, BUT HIGH TECHNOCRACY WILL NO DOUBT ATTEMPT TO RESTORE IT. And because of their tremendous knowledge of those things, there will probably be a more rapid resuscitation of the World & restoration & rebuilding than would otherwise be possible. But the balloon is going to burst with the Antichrist declaring himself God & requiring a religious worship of himself & suppression of everybody who doesn't--in fact, even kills them.

30. SO IT'S GOING TO BE VERY DIFFICULT TO SURVIVE AS A CHRISTIAN UNDER THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES during the last half of his reign, in the last 3 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation when your technocracy & technology & all of your engineering skill & education isn't going to do you any good unless you accept the Mark of the Beast & worship him.

31. SO I WOULD SAY THAT AS FAR AS OUR OWN CHILDREN ARE CONCERNED, that getting a highly technical education right now, between now & then, to favor yourself now & during just the first half of the Antichrist reign after the war, I don't think that's time to get it. I don't think it's going to be possible to get it in that length of time.

32. I THINK THAT IN LEARNING OF THE MORE MODERATE SKILLS & SIMPLE SKILLS that would make you a skill laborer if not a technocrat, to know something about auto mechanics, simple electronics, radios, tape recorders & televisions & videos & perhaps even computers, might come in handy for a few years, at the present & after the war, but I would say of very short-term benefit.

33. YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE SOME PREPARATION FOR THAT KIND OF EDUCATION & it wouldn't take much to get a little more or learn a little more or you could pick it up somehow. You can almost pick it up on your own in one of those data processing centers. (Maria: But any kind of training like that takes valuable time out of preaching the Gospel!) Takes time & years & years of hard work & lots of time, so is hardly worth it.

34. I THINK IT'S ALMOST LIKE TRAINING TO BECOME ONE OF THE IDOL-MAKERS. These things, these gadgets, these machines, these automobiles, television, radio & computers are virtually the idols of this World, the things that they slave for & worship & work for, & you would simply become one of the highly skilled idol-makers who build the idols for the World or takes care of them!

35. THAT DOESN'T APPEAL TO ME AS SOMETHING THAT I WOULD RELISH, nor I think would you, any our Family, to simply become one of the World's idol-makers who helps make their idols. Frankly, I don't think there's any business better than preaching the Gospel at any time! (Maria: But when it becomes impossible?) It's never going to become totally impossible to preach the Gospel.

36. THE POINT IS, IN THE PRESENT SOVIET SOCIETY, dissidents find it difficult to hold such a good job no matter how good a technocrat or scientist they are. Look at the Jews, they're the brains in Russia today, but the ones who insist on clinging to their faith & their independence & their willful demanding of democracy, etc., are put down & put down & put down & eventually put out, or put in to prison, or put out of the country, & they cannot hold top jobs even for which they were trained scientists, etc., if dissidents.

37. JUST LIKE UNDER THE ANTICHRIST KINGDOM, IT'LL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO HOLD ANY KIND OF JOB or to buy or sell or trade or anything without the Mark of the Beast. So you & me as Christians will find it impossible to hold any kind of System jobs in that day because it will require the system number, 666, the Mark of the Beast.

38. SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL GET READY RIGHT NOW, & the best training you could possibly have right now for surviving that kind of situation is to train & do it right now!--And that is to live by faith trusting God for your needs, your food, your clothing, your housing, your transportation & the opportunities of witnessing & litnessing & spreading the Gospel & winning friends & influencing people & FFing & all the rest.

39. OUR CHILDREN ARE GETTING THE VERY BEST POSSIBLE KIND OF TRAINING THEY COULD POSSIBLY GET RIGHT NOW to survive that kind of a survival situation in which they're going to have to know how to survive without the System & without its approval & without its Mark & without trading, buying or selling, without its jobs, just trusting God & obeying God & living by faith & living off the land or in the woods or mobile or in a survival situation of some kind & witnessing the best they can, secretly, Selah & all the rest.

40. SO I WOULDN'T AT ALL ADVISE ANY OF OUR CHILDREN TO LOOK FORWARD TO TRYING TO GET ANY KIND OF EDUCATION above, frankly, the high school level [DELETED] as long as they can read & write & figure--the 3R's, Reading, 'Riting & 'Rithmetic--& the 3 G's, General Biology, General Social Studies, General Science & that sort of thing. (See No.371.)

41. (MARIA: BUT NEITHER SHOULD OUR ADULTS GO INTO ANYTHING LIKE THAT EITHER.--THEY DON'T HAVE TIME.) No, our adults are not going to be able to continue jobs under the Antichrist reign. Our adult converts, Christians & the Family members who already have those technical skills will not be able to survive very long, especially after the middle of the reign of the Antichrist when he sets himself up as god & his Image & requires the Mark of the Beast.

42. THAT WILL BE THE END OF ANY KIND OF ASSOCIATION WITH THE SYSTEM WHATSOEVER, any connection or any survival with its approval. It will be impossible to survive except by miracles of God & faith & living by faith & in a survival situation, totally independent from the System entirely, without its Mark & without its approval & without its benefits & unable to buy or sell.

43. WE WILL HAVE TO SUBSIST IN A SURVIVAL SITUATION, SELAH, & do the best we can to survive & continue to witness like the Early Christians did from the Catacombs under the Roman persecutions, until the End. So I consider for our children right now, the best education you can possibly get is in the Word, in the Bible & in the MO Letters & what God has said to us & told us & prepared us for.

44. LEARN NOW TO LIVE BY FAITH, LEARN NOW TO SURVIVE UNDER DIFFICULT CONDITIONS, and learn now how to live in a survival situation. Learn now how to live & travel & work for the Lord by faith & know His Word & preach the Gospel by whatever means are available under whatever circumstances exist, whether it be open, free, in public, or more & more repressed & oppressed & suppressed & limited & restricted & even forbidden to where you cannot openly witness or litness anymore, but have to do it secretly & underground.

45. SO I THINK OUR CHILDREN ARE GETTING THE BEST POSSIBLE TRAINING they can possibly get for that kind of a coming survival situation--totally living by faith, totally living for the Lord full time--because there won't be anything else to live for & there won't be anybody else to live for. There won't be any jobs available for people who don't take the Mark of the Beast--except witnessing!

46. THERE WILL BE NO FOOD, NO JOBS, NO MONEY, NO NOTHING FROM THE SYSTEM controlled by the System during those last days, even I think during the first part of those days, even when the Antichrist first sets up his kingdom. The first half is not going to be all that rosy for Christians & for ardent witnesses & litnessers, because he's going to suppress that sort of thing even then.

47. ALTHOUGH HE PROMISES RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, HE'S GOING TO EXALT THE TECHNOCRACY & the idols & the materialism just like in Russia today, so that anyone who is a true Christian is suppressed & cannot find a good job if they have that reputation, they're put down, even the Jews, & it will be Muslims too.

48. SO OUR CHILDREN ARE GETTING THE VERY BEST POSSIBLE TRAINING THEY CAN RIGHT NOW, to exist under those difficult Tribulation period survival situations in which they will have to live by faith, trust God for every mouthful of food, every drink of water, & their housing, clothing, protection, whatever, in fact by miracle!

49. SO THAT TO SERVE THE LORD NOW & TO LEARN NOW HOW TO DO IT you're going to have a good start & a jump on all the rest of the Christians who are still back there in the System & in church & in System jobs. It's going to be very hard on them & very difficult & it's possible that some of them will even compromise with the Beast & take the Mark of the Beast in order to hold a job, etc., & they will be making a clear-cut decision between Christ & the Devil when they do.

50. SO I DON'T SEE HOW THERE'S TIME FOR ANY OF OUR CHILDREN TO TAKE A LONG TECHNICAL EDUCATION & become a technocrat or an engineer or one of the super society & one of the Supers instead of the Serfs. Better to be a saved Serf than a damned Super! Better to be a saved Serf who just works with his hands & is at the bottom of the totem pole & the bottom of the social scale, the economic scale, & still be able to at least survive & be a Christian & still even secretly witness & live Selah, etc.

51. THESE SCIENTISTS & HISTORIANS ARE PREDICTING A COMING-SOON SUPER/SERF SOCIETY OF SUPERS & SERFS, which I believe it's coming to & is already here, really! The engineers & electronics engineers & experts & computer experts & all that are already beginning to run the World, & people without that kind of education & training are becoming already the serfs & slaves of it.

52. ONE DOCUMENTARY WE SAW SHOWED HOW MANY JOBS ARE GOING TO BE LOST, showing a picture of one little tiny microscopic computer memory chip, electronic chip, those little memory wafers. He said one of these can do the job of 800 employees! So that means a lot of people are going to be put out of work. There are going to be a lot of unemployed Serfs who are going to be just virtual rabble, perhaps even rebels, & there's going to be conflict & war & all kinds of confusion.

53. THERE ARE GOING TO BE AN AWFUL LOT OF PEOPLE WITHOUT THE BRAINS & THE EDUCATION & the technical training to make it possible for them to work in the new society of machinery & computers & electronics, & they're going to be fighting in a "Soylent Green" situation with those who are on top & who can run the machinery.

54. IT'S GOING TO BE A DOG-EAT-DOG SOCIETY in which the vast masses of the people are not going to have the education or the training to be able to hold a good job in that kind of a highly industrial & technical society. They're simply not going to have to keep a top job in that kind of a highly industrial & technical society. They're simply not going to be able to do it, & it can mean revolution, horrible violence & just general return to the jungle!

55. WE DON'T KNOW ALL THE DETAILS OF JUST EXACTLY HOW IT WILL ALL HAPPEN, but we do know the major things, the major events that are going to occur that are already outlined for us in God's Word & which the Lord has already told us in the MO Letters, & for which the only preparation that is going to be effective for a Christian who wants to remain a Christian & continue to serve the Lord, is the kind of preparation we're already getting in mobility, survival, living by faith & serving Jesus & preaching the Gospel any way we possibly can, whether above ground or underground, without System jobs.

56. SO PTL, WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE NEW COMING SUPER-SERF SOCIETY OR ITS CONFLICTS--in fact, it's already here--but we'll just keep on serving the Lord & preaching Jesus & winning souls & distributing the Word as long as we can, & the Lord will take care of us as long as He wants to until He delivers us some way, by miracles, death or Rapture!

57. SO PTL, I'M NOT WORRIED ABOUT OUR CHILDREN'S EDUCATION, they're getting the best education they could possibly get!--in the Word & the nurture & admonition of the Lord & growing in faith & living by faith & witnessing, litnessing & learning to be mobile & learning to live Selah, learning to survive. It's the best possible way that they could possibly live & learn to live & learn to survive & learn to exist in the coming awful days that are approaching very rapidly.

58. THEY DON'T HAVE TIME TO TAKE A SUPER EDUCATION & become a super technocrat to be one of the rulers of the World, because you're not going to be able to be anyhow, because they're going to soon kick you out as soon as they find out that you are a Christian & have faith & start witnessing or refuse to take the Mark of the Beast. So you might as well not waste your time on it & your strength on it or your money, brains or brawn.

59. THE ONLY CHRISTIANS WHO ARE GOING TO SURVIVE ARE THOSE WHO KNOW ALREADY HOW TO LIVE BY FAITH in a survival situation & be mobile & continue to obey the Lord so that He'll protect us & provide for us supernaturally & even miraculously under those very severe difficult trying times when the Lord says that "there shall be a time of trouble such as was not since the beginning of the World, no nor ever shall be!" (Mt.24:21.)

60. IT'S GOING TO BE THE WORST DAYS THE WORLD HAS EVER SUFFERED & the worst time the people of faith have ever suffered of horrible persecution & suppression & even slaughter. But some of us will survive! The Lord has promised supernatural protection.

61. WE SHALL EVEN BE ABLE TO CALL DOWN FIRE OUT OF HEAVEN from God to destroy our enemies, & He will supply us food supernaturally like He did the Children of Israel in the desert, manna, & He can clothe us & house us & transport us & do all kinds of miraculous things with us, supernaturally, because that's what it's going to take.

62. THAT LAST DAY IS GOING TO BE A DAY OF MIRACLES, & the supernatural to protect His children & to keep them & to keep them functioning & active & continuing to witness to the very end until Jesus comes! Hallelujah!

63. "THEN THE LORD HIMSELF SHALL DESCEND FROM HEAVEN WITH A SHOUT, with the voice of the archangel, & the trump of God shall sound & the dead in Christ shall rise first, & we which are alive & remain shall be caught up together with them in the air, & so shall we ever be with the Lord!" (1Th.4:16,17.) So PTL, Brethren, prepare yourselves accordingly!

64. THE BEST EDUCATION TO GET IS AN EDUCATION IN THE WORD & FAITH & SURVIVAL & mobility & preaching the Gospel, right now, because that's the only job that's going to be left for you when the Technocrats really take over & the System makes it impossible for you to do anything else but preach the Gospel, & tries to make it impossible for you to do that! But God will help you do it anyhow, praise God, until the time of either His coming or your martyrdom.

65. THERE WILL BE MANY OF YOU HE WILL PRESERVE UNTIL THE VERY END. I will not live that long to see that day, at the very end, as the Lord has already told me & I've already asked Him to spare me that time at my age. But you young strong hardy tough mobile evangelists & younger generation who have learned to live by faith & survival, mobility & preaching the Gospel, underground or above ground or selah or any way you can, many of you are going to survive to the very End!

66. MULTITUDES OF YOU ARE GOING TO SURVIVE RIGHT UNTIL THE VERY COMING OF THE LORD, otherwise there wouldn't be anybody left to Rapture! And there are going out to be many people still functioning for the Lord & surviving & living by faith & preaching the Gospel--without the Antichrist, without his God-damned Mark of the Beast--& the very remarkable existence, super existence of super science.

67. ALTHOUGH YOU MAY NOT BE A SUPER TECHNOCRAT NOR A SERF, YOU'RE GOING TO BE A SUPER-DUPER RACE who are going to survive miraculously & supernaturally, protected supernaturally. Many will survive to the very End, in spite of persecution & in spite of suppression. God will care for you & promote you & your message right to the End when He is going to promote us all to be with Jesus! PTL! Amen.

68. SO NOTHING'S CHANGED, THE MESSAGE IS THE SAME, "Go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mk.16:15.) "Preach the Word, be instant in season & out of season!" (2Tim.4:2.) Be instant Christians all the time, & give your full time to the Lord, your whole worship, & serve the Lord & love the Lord with all your heart, all your strength, all your mind, everything you've got, right to the very End!--There's nowhere else to go!

69. YOU WILL BE THE SUPER-DUPER RACE OF ALL, who will have better survival potential than all the rest put together & will do better than all the others, because you will live through things even some of them will not live through, that even the System's Supers & Serfs will not survive!

70. --PLAGUES & SCOURGES & MONSTERS & CATASTROPHES GOD SENDS to judge & punish your wicked persecutors & protect you!--Read Revelation Chapters 7 through 12! The horrors of the Tribulation are for the wicked!--To protect you to the End! So TTL, we're on the right track, don't leave it! Just keep on keeping' on for Jesus! Amen? TYJ! PTL! We can't lose!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family