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PRAYER FOR GODAHFI!--By Father David       DFO 1037       08/81

       1. I DON'T THINK THE U.S. WANTS TO START WORLD WAR III JUST OVER GODAHFI OR EVEN LIBYAN OIL. The only area the U.S. might be willing to start a war for would be the Arabian Gulf oilfields. (Maria: You don't think Godahfi wants war either.) I don't think he really thinks it's severe enough action to start World War III. He's just threatening & showing that Libyans are willing to die for their freedom & their rights. It's good for a little upstart country to speak spunky--that's about all they've got!

       2. BUT HE DOES HAVE WAYS OF PUNISHING THE U.S. WHICH CAN HURT without starting a war, & I think the smartest thing he could do is start cutting down on his sales of oil to the U.S. A sudden 10% cut in the U.S. oil imports would really hit'm hard, almost below the belt--below the fanbelt anyway. And of course the trouble with that is, he needs the money. Also he's got all those Americans there who might not be as willing to pump oil for other countries as they are for the U.S. So he has some problems, but it looks like the Lord always solves them for him and he always comes out on top in spite of it. In fact, he always comes out even better like we do.


       4. WE'RE SURE THAT YOU [DELETED] HAVE HELPED TO KEEP HIM AFLOAT, because he [DELETED] is trying to do right & help his people & even help the World. So give him wisdom how to handle this, Lord. He can't very well take this lying down. It's not a mere insult but an actual injury from one of the Superpowers who seem to think they can get away with anything. Give him wisdom what to do & how to do it. [DELETED]

       5. [DELETED] We believe the oil would be his best weapon, but You know best. Right now there's an oil glut & it's even hard to sell the oil, although he has the finest oil in the World, the best oil, the high-quality oil, & he can sell it at a premium, so he should probably not have any problem finding other customers. But give him the wisdom, Lord. You know what's best, what to do.

       6. BUT HE SHOULD DO SOMETHING, LORD, TO SHOW THE U.S. it can't just get away with anything it wants to do to small countries in spite of international laws, fairness & human rights. Give him wisdom, Lord, help even the Russians to counsel him on what's best to fit into their overall plan. They have gone very slowly & wisely in taking over the World, & like a creeping paralysis, & have succeeded by continuing to do so rather safely without fighting many battles, except in Afghanistan. It seems that no World Power has ever been able to conquer that stubborn little savage country, but at least they've got it under control. So give him wisdom, Lord, in Jesus' name.

       7. PROTECT HIM, KEEP HIM, LORD. We believe that You [DELETED] have also saved him from coups & death & assassination & being overthrown because he is good to his people & they know it, & certainly his officers & his near co-workers know that he is a good man & a fair man, a righteous man & good to his people & trying to do the right thing in the World, trying to right the wrongs of the World & [EDITED: "defend"] the Palestinians & others.

       8. HE'S A CRUSADER, LORD, in a sense, although his fellow Arab brethren actually fought the Crusades. He has gone on an international crusade for the underdog & the poor & the mistreated & he's trying to help the oppressed everywhere around the World, Lord, so now You help him. You promised, Lord, that "he that hearth the cry of the poor, the Lord will help him in his hour of trouble" (Ps.41:1), & he has heard the cry of the poor, so we believe You're going to help him now in his problem of how [DELETED] to teach the U.S. a lesson that they cannot just go around stepping on other people at will at their own little whim & pleasure.

       9. THE U.S. PROBABLY GOT SPORT OUT OF SHOOTING HIS PLANES DOWN, THOUGHT IT WAS FUN! I can just imagine the American pilots who did the dirty work laughing over it. The Americans love violence, they love slaughter, they love to throw their weight around & be aggressive & pushy & aggravating & act smart-aleck & show off how powerful they are, that no little country can challenge them. But Lord, You can! You've done it many times before through little people & little nations, You've challenged the might of the mighty through one little tiny country or man or people & You.

       10. YOU & ONE ARE A MAJORITY, LORD, & I believe that You are pretty much on Godahfi's side because he's fighting for You & the right & the righteousness & the poor & in many ways most of the right causes around the World. So Lord do help him & give him wisdom now on what to do, in Jesus' name, & we believe You will.

       11. WE BELIEVE HIS OIL WEAPON IS THE WAY HE COULD HURT THE U.S. THE MOST, & this oil glut will not last forever. So They will be done. We hope he doesn't have to resort to violence. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]his is apt to cause only more bitterness & less damage than an oil boycott. So You know what's best, Lord, Thy will be done.

       12. HE NEEDS THE MONEY FROM THE OIL, BUT YOU COULD HELP HIM SELL IT OTHER PLACES because it's the World's finest grade. You've given him the best, Lord. You knew what was coming, You knew Godahfi was coming & his people were going to need help. The oil money & You have done it for them like You did for the people of South Africa, because they're righteous & Christians & trying to do the right thing to handle a difficult problem. [DELETED]

       13. GIVE THEIR LEADERS WISDOM TOO, much greater wisdom than they have been manifesting lately. Give them more wisdom about public relations & their actions towards the Blacks so as to make it not look so bad to the anti-Christ World who are just playing it up & using it as propaganda against Thy people. As the general said on radio: "The press is just feeding the World's propaganda mill" exaggerating some of these mistake they've made.

       14. HELP GODAHFI NOT TO DO THE SAME THING & MAKE SOME STUPID MISTAKE that'll just turn more people against him & get even less sympathy. In Jesus' name, give him wisdom. PTL! Have Thy way. Help him to not do anything that's apt to cause a bigger trouble than he realises, & not to jump from the frying pan into the fire. The U.S. & [EDITED: "others"] are trying to fry him, bait him, but help him not to react or respond [DELETED] violently or foolishly or unwisely, but to somehow hit them in a way that will be non-violent if possible, but hurt, such as an oil boycott.

       15. HE'S PROMISED MANY TIMES IF THE U.S. TRIED TO TAKE ANY MEASURES AGAINST LIBYA THAT HE WOULD CUT OFF THE OIL. Now let's see him fulfil it, Lord, if it be Thy will & if it's the best & wisest procedure. But You know what's best, Lord. We don't want him to rob his people of the benefits of the money he gets from it, but we believe You could help him sell it to other places.

       16. ALSO WE BELIEVE, LORD, HE PROBABLY WANTS THOSE AMERICAN OIL WORKERS & THEIR FAMILIES TO STAY THERE, not only to pump the oil but as a pretty safe guarantee against U.S. attack. So he's been very good to them & tried to keep them there & protect them & give them a lot of liberty & freedom & concessions & lovely homes, high wages, etc. This is a smart thing to do, because the U.S. is certainly not going to attack Libya with those two thousand Americans still there. Although the U.S. has told them to get out, they've so far refused to do so. They like it there, & we believe they even like Godahfi because he's been very good to them & fair & paid them well, treated them well, so they don't see why they ought to get out as along as they're comfortable & making good money.

       17. THE U.S. IS THEIR GREATEST DANGER, THEIR OWN COUNTRY! So You give him wisdom how to handle the whole situation, Lord. In Jesus' name! TYL! We don't want him to have to take two thousand American hostages, but so far they've been almost voluntary hostages, stayed there in spite of their own country's appeals to leave. They have refused to leave. So have Thy way, You know what's best, give him wisdom.

       18. BUT LORD, WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE U.S. SUFFER SOME KIND OF REBUKE for this very naughty deed she did against a small little tiny weak country compared to her, so she'll know that she can't get away with going around stepping on little people & doing as she pleases without some kind of [DELETED] rebuke. Give him wisdom, Lord, in Jesus' name! Protect & keep him safely & give him strength & help him to seek Thy face, Lord, to know what to do.

       19. WE KNOW LORD IF HE SEEKS YOU THAT YOU'LL TELL HIM & SHOW HIM. Give him even patience Lord, as it may take a little time to figure it out or do it or perpetrate it or whatever it is that'll slap the hand that did this injury to his country, & do it in such a way, Lord, that the U.S. will be a little more cautious about stepping on little people & throwing its weight around so dangerously, endangering not only tiny little countries like Libya but the whole World's peace through their foolish acts! In Jesus' name! TYL! Have Thy way. Thy will be done, You know what's best.

       20. KEEP THIS ONE THAT YOU CALLED YOUR SON, LORD HE'S YOUR CREATION, LORD! You made him & You made him what he is & to succeed as he has against all odds, & to be miraculously spared & to continue to gain World fame & World recognition & the World enmity of the [EDITED: "ACs"] who are also Thy enemies. [DELETED] Amen, Lord, he's in Your hands, do as You will.

       21. [DELETED] Help Godahfi to save face & restore his country's honour. They can hardly take this kind of outright injury & insult lying down without some kind of [DELETED] rebuke to make the U.S. sorry she did it.

       22. WE HAVE VERY LITTLE HOPES FOR THE U.S. BEING SORRY OR REPENTING FOR ANYTHING. [DELETED] He's Your son, Lord, he's in Your hands. [DELETED] [EDITED: "H"]e's a good man trying to do what's right to help the poor, so please hear his cry.

       23. CAUSE HIM TO CRY UNTO THEE FOR WISDOM & THE SOLUTION & what to do, in Jesus' name. Amen. The U.S. just thought that they could slap him down as they did & get away without any retaliation whatsoever, but they certainly thought wrong! [DELETED] So we ask You to help him to do what's best. In Jesus' name, come to his rescue, save his honour & his nation.

       24. KEEP HIM SAFE FROM HIS ENEMIES, LORD, protect him. [DELETED] Protect him against enemies of his own household, Lord, jealous officers, religious leaders & businessmen whose excessive profits he has taken away & given to the poor. Amen, Lord.

       25. HE'S YOUR BOY, LORD, & YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF HIM LIKE YOU ALWAYS HAVE. We have put ourselves out on a limb to [EDITED: "pray"] for him. [DELETED]

       26. SO LORD YOU JUSTIFY HIM NOW, VINDICATE HIM. [DELETED] We don't always like everything he does, we're sorry that he hasn't been able to come out more for You, but it probably would cost him his life, position, influence, country & everything, & really the only way he can safely operate is the way he's doing now it seems.

       27. NOW YOU SHOW HIM WHAT TO DO TO REBUKE THE GREAT SATAN AMERICA FOR ITS SINS & to show its people that they cannot just go pushing the little nations & the poor people of the World around, hurting them & crushing them & stepping on them as they have the poor Vietnamese & others, without some suffering for it. In Jesus' name. Bless & keep him & help him to do the right thing, what You know is best, the [EDITED: "non-violent"] thing that will hurt his enemies the most & him the least. In Jesus' name, amen. PTL!--And we want to hear about it Lord, as soon as possible. TYJ! In Jesus' name, amen. TYL! PTL! Amen! TYL!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family