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THE YANGTZE RIVER REVELATION!--By Father David       DFO1038       12/8/80
--Vietnam Invades China?

       (Dad received the following message in the Spirit during the night:)
       1. "THE YANGTZE RIVER CREATED BY GOD, they shouldn't go beyond it. (Who?) The forces. (Who are the forces?) The forces of Vietnam. The forces of God."

       2. THE ARMIES OF VIETNAM NOW ARE THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD! Obviously they were, they even defeated the United States, the first war the U.S. ever lost! If they are the judgements of God, you could call them the forces of God, right? Just like the Lord said He shaved Israel with a razor that was hired (Isa.7:20), He took Babylonia to punish His own people. Therefore the armies of Nebuchadnezzar were the armies of God, forces of God, right? His judgement forces.

       3. THE VIETNAMESE LIBERATED CAMBODIA FROM THAT DEVIL, that absolutely insane devil Pol Pot! He was just absolutely murdering all his people! He murdered about three million people! Everybody that had the slightest bit of education or Western influence or anything, he just slaughtered'm all!

       4. AND BECAUSE HE WAS FIGHTING THE FORCES OF COMMUNISM at the same time, of course the Western World backed him. Can you imagine? But he hated them just about as much or he wouldn't have destroyed all that Western influence. He tore down the factories, he destroyed all the beautiful buildings they built, he just wanted to completely wipe out any sign of Western influence in Cambodia, & he murdered about three million people in the process!

       5. ONE OF THEM WAS TELLING ON ONE OF THOSE VIDEOS that you didn't dare even wear a pen or pencil in your pocket which would show that you could write, or he'd kill you! He killed all the people who could read & write & wiped out most of the doctors. He completely destroyed the banking system, blew up the banks, threw all the money out in the street & I mean he was just absolutely crazy! Of course, that may be the one good thing he did was blow up the banks & destroy the money! Ha!

       6. ANYBODY WHO WAS THE SLIGHTEST BIT CONTAMINATED, as he had the idea or apparently thought, anybody who had the slightest bit of Western influence or Western culture or education, even dressed Western or looked it, he killed'm! Just slaughtered'm!

       7. WELL, IN SOME WAYS YOU MIGHT SAY HE PROBABLY WAS GETTING RID OF SOME PRETTY BAD THINGS. He apparently hated Western culture. He wanted folks all to go back to the land, he plowed up the streets of Phnom Penh & planted crops in the streets of the city! When I first heard about it, that was the first thing I heard, & I thought, well, that's a pretty good idea! He must be pretty smart!

       8. HE MOVED EVERYBODY OUT OF THE CITY, completely emptied the city of about two or three million people & put them all back out on farms & working as peasants. He put the country back, they say, at least a couple hundred years or more, destroyed anything mechanical, mechanical equipment, tore down buildings, wrecked machinery, anything at all that was modern.

       9. HE THOUGHT EVERYBODY OUGHT TO GO BACK TO BEING A PEASANT AGAIN ON THE FARM. He had some pretty good ideas about it, but to just slaughter the people like he did was just absolutely horrible! (Sue: He could have used their help for farming.) He thought that apparently once you had a Western education you were permanently contaminated & there was no cure, there was no cure except to kill'm!

       10. BUT WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY, THE FORCES OF VIETNAM CAME IN THEN & RESCUED THE COUNTRY. He'd nearly completely destroyed it & was murdering all the people, & the Viets came in and stopped him and liberated the country & restored & rebuilt things & rescued the people & the economy. But of course the Western nations can't admit that they were backing the wrong guy, because Pol Pot was anti-Communist, whereas Vietnam is Communist.

       11. SO THE U.S. & WESTERN COUNTRIES ARE STILL RECOGNISING POL POT as the official government of Cambodia & refuse to recognise the puppet regime of the Vietnamese who took it over & installed their own leader, just a young fellow. He seemed to be a real nice fellow really, but the Western countries don't dare recognise him, of course, because he's Communist!

       12. BUT IF THE LORD'S CALLING THEM THE "FORCES OF GOD" & THEY OUGHT TO STOP AT THE YANGTZE RIVER, that must mean that they're going to try to attack China--because I think that might be the border. I'm not sure, we'll have to look it up in the atlas. (Maria: That's one of the things you just said as you were drifting off to sleep again.) Well, that would be pretty significant.

       13. IN OTHER WORDS, GOD WANTED TO USE THEM TO JUDGE THOSE COUNTRIES THERE, BUT HE DOESN'T WANT THEM TO ATTACK CHINA. That would be a mistake for them to attack China. Apparently things are going the way the Lord wants them to go in China, they're getting to be a more modern regime now & more civilised, with a little more freedom etc., & friendly too, you might say.

       14. (SUE READS FROM ENCYCLOPEDIA: "YANGTZE RIVER, Mandarin Ch'ang Chiang, longest river of China & of Asia".) Did you hear that? The longest river of China & Asia! I never knew that! What did I say about it? (Maria: "Yangtze River created by God, they shouldn't go beyond it." I said, "Who?" "The forces." "Who are the forces?" "The forces of Vietnam. The forces of God.") That's all I said? (Maria: Yes.) How about that! Isn't that amazing?

       15. I NEVER KNEW IT WAS THAT BIG A RIVER! I knew it was an important river, but I never dreamed it was that big! The biggest river of all Asia, huh? (Sue: "About 3,450 miles or 5,550 kilometers long, rising in the Tibetan Highlands SW Tsinghai Province, West China & flowing generally east through central China into the East China Sea at Shanghai.")

       16. I ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT, BECAUSE MY GRANDFATHER WENT UP THE YANGTZE RIVER. And there's a province called Yangtze Kiang. That's where he was when my mother got married. She cabled him. Can you imagine him even getting a cable over there? Shanghai, oh yes, I remember he was at Shanghai. He must have gone in that way over 50 years ago. Oh goodness! (Sue: Longer than that.) I'm getting so old!--70 years ago, think of that! Well, he was over in China several times, several trips, & he said Shanghai was a city of a thousand distinct stinks & ten thousand indistinct stinks! (Sue continues reading:

       17. ("THE YANGTZE & ITS TRIBUTARIES drain more than 750,000 square miles. The river passes through one of the World's most populated regions.") Think of that, Maria! The Lord doesn't want them going through there killing all those people, probably, you know? (Sue: "And has long been used as a major East-West trade & transportation route in China.

       18. ("THE YANGTZE'S TURBULENT UPPER COURSE, called the Kinsha, 1600 miles long flows southeast through forested steep-walled gorges 2000 to 4000 feet deep. After receiving that Yalung River, the first of its great tributaries at the SzechwanYunnan Province border, the Yangtze turns Northeast toward the Szechwan Basin. At I-pin, on the western edge of the Szechwan Basin, the river becomes the Yangtze proper & is joined by the `four rivers of Szechwan', the Min, T'o Fou & Chai-ling.

       19. ("THERE IS A HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT AT CHUNGKING, on the Basin's eastern edge. Leaving the Szechwan Basin, the Yangtze receives the Wu River & flows through the spectacular Yangtze gorges that extend from Feng-chieh to I-chang.") Can you imagine learning to speak that language! (Sue: "There the river is a serious hazard & at times navigation is impossible. Temples & pagodas are perched on prominent hills along the gorges.

       20. ("EAST OF I-CHANG the Yantze enters the lake-studded middle basin of Hupeh, Hunan & Kiangsi Province, a rich agricultural & industrial region; Wu-han, at the confluence of the Han & Yangtze, is the principal city. The huge Tung-ting & Po-yang Lakes which, receive the Yuan, Tzu & Hsiang rivers & the Kan River, respectively, are linked by numerous channel's with the Yangtze & serve as natural overflow reservoirs.")

       21. BOY OH BOY, IT'S REALLY AN IMPORTANT RIVER, HUH? Did you hear that Mama or are you sleeping? (Sue: "Now shallow because of sedimentation, the lakes are less effective as regulators of the Yangtze's flow. Dikes protect large areas of the river's middle basin from flood waters. Although the Yangtze does not often experience the devastating floods that characterise the Huang Ho, Yellow River, it has occasionally caused wide damage; great floods occurred in 1931 & 1954. The fertile middle basin is China's most productive agricultural region, rice is the main crop.")

       22. HOW ABOUT THAT? IT'S JUST ABOUT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF CHINA! (Sue: "The river enters the East China Sea through the extensive, ever-expanding delta region of Anhwei & Kiangsu provinces. Dikes have been built to reclaim coastal marshes & create additional farmland. Yangtze carries its greatest volume during the summer rainy season. It is navigable for ocean liners to Wu-han 600 miles upstream; during the Summer highwater period, I-chang, 1000 miles upstream, is the head of navigation. Smaller craft can sail to I-pin, 1500 miles from the sea!")

       23. WOW! WHAT A RIVER! IT IS ACTUALLY THE HEART OF CHINA! I thought maybe it was near the border of Vietnam! Does that mean Vietnam is going to invade China that far someday?--I wonder! China did have its greatest flood in many years in the Spring of 1981 not long after this dream!--And as I recall, it was Yangtze River! Could it have been a warning? Are the Viets going to invade? (Ed: Yes it was the Yangtze that flooded Central China in Summer of 1981 & drowned 20,000 & destroyed 100,000 Homes!--Maybe that prevented the invasion!)

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