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CHRISTIAN EDUCATION!--By Father David       DFO 1039       24/6/81

       [EDITED: "HomeARC note (10/98): The Charter states that quality scholastic education is a basic right of our children. Thank the Lord times have changed, and that homeschooling is more widely recognized. See also the CVC Program Guide."]

       1. THE MAIN THING THAT THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS (FOUND IN 1947) PROVED WAS THAT THE DANIEL PROPHECIES WERE ACTUAL PROPHECIES & not just recordings of past events. Because it was the first time that any actual writings had been discovered pre-dating some of those events which he predicted. Up to that time the so-called higher critics & skeptics of the Bible had said that the writings of Daniel were not prophetic but they were written after all the events had occurred, that's why he could foretell them so accurately, in other words, they were phonies. That's what the unbelieving scholars said until the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, & that just about shut them up! It was another sign to me that the Lord's doing everything He can in these Last Days to help people believe.

       2. THERE'S NO DOUBT THAT SOME MEN LIVED IN CAVES AFTER THEY WERE DRIVEN OUT OF THE GARDEN. However, some men immediately built cities, so they didn't gradually evolve from caves to cities. I believe in cavemen, but I don't believe in cavemen as half-ape & missing links. When man lost the Garden he just lived wherever he could, & it wasn't billions of years ago either. It wasn't even millions of years ago. In fact, it wasn't even hundreds of thousands, it was just 6,000 years ago! (See ML No.736.)

       3. THESE RECOMMENDED BOOKS DO NOT NECESSARILY MEAN WE RECOMMEND EVERYTHING THEY SAY, but that they're the best we can find for the subjects on educational material for our older children. We just have to ignore all the evolutionary references & the ridiculous estimates of the Earth's age & all that baloney as well as the anti-Christ statements. If you buy the books, maybe you can just as well tear out the first few pages or statements that deal with pre-recorded history which are actually man's guesswork, & not Bible or fact.

       4. RIGHT AWAY THEY BEGAN MAKING TOOLS OF ALL THOSE THINGS, stone & brass & iron, it just depends on what they could find wherever they were. And they began building cities right away. So the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Ice Age, etc., are a lot of baloney! You can chuck out just about everything paleontology says, it's pure fiction about all those various ages. Absolutely pure fiction, man's guesswork, & it's all lies to contradict the Bible!

       5. JUST TEAR OUT ALL THOSE FIRST PAGES SO YOUR CHILDREN DON'T EVEN SEE THEM before you give them books, like history books, etc. Biology books too, they all begin with evolution. History, biology, science, everything, they all begin with evolution because all modern education is designed to destroy faith in the Bible.

       6. [EDITED: "MANY"] MODERN TEXTBOOKS ARE THE DEVIL'S BIBLES DESIGNED TO DENY THE TRUTH OF GOD, they're the lies of the Devil!--Which is something he's been at since the Garden of Eden. Or write in big capital letters at the top of every one of those pages or statements: "THE DEVIL'S LIES" if you don't want to tear up the book.

       7. THE BIBLE ITSELF BEGAN TO BE WRITTEN IN THE DAYS OF MOSES apparently at the time of the Exodus or when he was in the wilderness or whenever he had time to write all those books of Moses from Genesis on, the first five Books of the Bible. But they cover the period beginning with the Creation which was about 4,000 B.C.

       8. MOST OF THE RECORDED HISTORY WHICH HAS BEEN DISCOVERED, in either Egyptian hieroglyphics or Assyrian cuneiform, the records themselves, the time they were carved or written, only date back about three or four thousand years B.C. So-called archaeologists say five, six, seven thousand, but of course that isn't so since we know the Creation wasn't until 4,000 B.C. But the oldest genuine recorded historical accounts are only a few thousand years old & date back no further than the early days of man according to the Bible, about 4,000 B.C. or later.

       9. PROBABLY OUTSIDE OF RUSSIAN LITERATURE, NO LITERATURE IN THE WORLD TODAY IS AS UNBELIEVING AND ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-GOD & ANTI-BIBLE AS AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS! If you are living in the U.S. or its possessions, the American Constitutional law requires compulsory school education of children up the age of 18, unless they are invalids, unable to attend a normal public school, or they attend recognised private schools [EDITED: "or are homeschooled in accordance with local regulations"].

       10. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT IS EITHER TO BE ABROAD OR AN INVALID & in such poor health that you can get a medical certificate from a doctor to prove that you don't have to go to school; &/or found a private school of your own or attend a private school [EDITED: "or you are homeschooled in accordance with local regulations"]. To have a private tutor, you have to [EDITED: "comply with local regulations"]. In other words, such as child movie stars & people like that who can't go to public school because of the hours of their work, etc.

       11. SO [EDITED: "AS OF 1981"] THAT'S THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET BY WITH A PRIVATE SCHOOLING is that you have a recognised qualified tutor holding teaching credentials recognised by the System & authorised by some judge. You have to get a certificate from a judge, even the movie stars have to get a certificate from a judge to have a private tutor in California.

       12. I DON'T KNOW ABOUT ALL THE STATES, but compulsory education is required of all children between the ages of six & 18, unless they have this certificate from a judge recognising their private tutor or their inability to go to public school, or a certificate from a doctor recognising their inability to go to public school or they are attending a recognised private school.

       13. AND EVEN THERE, MANY STATES ARE TRYING TO FORCE ACCREDITATION ON PRIVATE SCHOOLS to have certain standards & certain educational curriculum, similar, if not identical, to the public schools. So they're making it harder & harder for private & religious schools all the time, & they're all the time trying to take away the tax exemption, etc.

       14. IN FACT, IN CALIFORNIA, PRIVATE RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS, CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED & TAX-FREE, but the parents are still taxed for the support of public schools. They still have to pay high property taxes, & this is what we were complaining about in court battles in California, this double taxation. We had to support both our public & private schools. We still had to support the public school even though we paid to have our kids sent to private schools.

       15. SO VERY LIKELY COMPULSORY EDUCATION, I'M SURE, IS REQUIRED IN PUERTO RICO. They might be more lenient there, I don't know. [DELETED] A mere Correspondence Course does not exempt you from the law, this is specific in the State Laws of California & Florida, & the only way you can get away with it is to move at least every 90 days.

       16. YOU ARE PERMITTED TO STAY IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA OR FLORIDA FOR 90 DAYS AS A TOURIST & a non-resident & not compelled to send your kids to public school. But after 90 days, you're considered a resident & under the law & your kids have to go to public school or they will put the parents in jail if they refuse!--And it's been done time & time again, especially both in Florida & California which are amongst the worst of the anti-Christ States. [DELETED] And both have almost the most anti-Christ education.

       17. I DOUBT IF THOSE LAWS HAVE CHANGED MUCH. [EDITED: "10/98: TTL for the homeschooling movement."] Since then, the Fundamentalist Evangelical churches have become so strong & powerful, particularly in California, the churches have had favourable laws passed regarding their schools because most of the larger ones have their own schools.

       18. THEY CAN'T STAND TO HAVE THEIR CHILDREN IN THE TOTALLY GODDESS, ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-BIBLE, CRIME & DRUG-RIDDEN, VICE-RIDDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. So most of them now have their own fairly large Evangelical Christian schools for their own children, counted as private or parochial schools under the laws of California. In these schools there are virtually no requirements for teaching credentials. I had no credentials & I taught there for three years. I had other kinds of credentials, theological credentials & ordinations & whatnot, but I didn't have any teaching credentials in the field of education--just experience!

       19. IN THE PRIVATE SCHOOLS OR CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS OR PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS (which of course the Catholics have a lot of, & the Seventh-day Adventists are the next largest group with their own schools, & the Evangelicals come next), the only requirements are that the students study a similar well-rounded curriculum paralleling that of the public schools & keep virtually the same schedule or hours, with the same holidays, etc. In other words, their curriculum, hours and schedules must be similar to the public schools. Those are the only real requirements besides health, sanitation & safety, which they've got lots of in California.

       20. BUT YOU CANNOT GET BY IN TERRITORIAL UNITED STATES & ESCAPE THE COMPULSORY EDUCATION LAWS WITH A MERE CORRESPONDENCE COURSE unless you [EDITED: "legally homeschool"] [DELETED] or move from State to State every 90 days! 'Cause most States have a maximum 90-day law that you can stay there & still be counted as a visitor or a non-resident for 90 days. After that they count you as a resident subject to the compulsory education law.

       21. THIS OF COURSE IS ONE OF THE MOST DICTATORIAL LAWS IN THAT SO-CALLED FREE COUNTRY ALONG WITH THE DRAFT, compulsory military training. They've got compulsory education, compulsory military training & compulsory taxation, compulsory building laws, safety, health, sanitation, etc., many of which are good, but the education, draft and tax laws are extremely evil & unfair!

       22. WE COULD EASILY HAVE OUR OWN PRIVATE SCHOOL AT MCV, all you have to do is have some kind of accepted building. They will accept a church building or any type of housing with proper seating, desks & heath & safety & proper hours & a similar curriculum to the public school covering all the same subjects.

       23. USUALLY, TO MAKE IT EASY FOR STUDENTS TO TRANSFER BACK & FORTH OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL INTO OURS, or then to transfer back into the public schools, we used the same textbooks as the public school, sad to say. We were almost compelled to use the same textbooks, but of course we could each them and interpret them any way we wanted to.

       24. BUT ONE OTHER CATCH IS THAT UNLESS YOU WERE ACCREDITED BY THE SYSTEM ACCREDITATION ASSOCIATION--which is public & System & requires all the same things as the public schools--unless our school could meet those accreditation standards which are deliberately made as difficult as possible, our high school graduates were not recognised, their diplomas were not recognised & they couldn't enter the System colleges without special entrance exams. You couldn't just graduate from a Christian school & go right on to a System college because they wouldn't recognise either you credits nor your diploma. Well, in this case it wouldn't bother us.

       25. THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS AT THE TIME WHEN I WAS TEACHING would recognise the credits & grades of a private school toward high school graduation, provided the student spent his last year in the public high school & graduated from a public high school. (Maria: Well, that wouldn't necessarily effect us. [DELETED] But could you use books printed in another country, for example British books?)

       26. THE ONLY REASON FOR SCHOOL USED THE SAME TEXTBOOKS is because it made it a lot easier for kids coming back & forth, in & out of public school into our school, because they were studying the same textbooks. But you can use any textbooks you want, printed wherever you want. And the Christian schools at that time were working on developing Christian textbooks for Christian schools. The Catholic schools used their own textbooks, but they were virtually the same as the System textbooks.

       27. THE ONLY VERY GOOD TEXTBOOKS WHICH WERE STRICTLY CHRISTIAN used in any Christian schools that I know of were the Seventh-day Adventist's, the only Protestants who had developed their own Christian textbooks. Of course, they were very Seventh-day Adventist & had a Seventh-day Adventist's outlook on everything, so the average Christian school wouldn't use'm unless they were Seventh-day Adventists!

       28. I WILL SAY THIS FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF OUR FAMILY regarding their children & the U.S. compulsory education laws, we kept our children out of public schools for literally years either by [EDITED: "travelling with us"]--during which we did have them taking correspondence courses most of the time [DELETED] & by keeping them in Christian schools part-time. Part-time on the road, part-time in Christian schools & part-time in public schools.

       29. REALLY WE FELT THAT IT WAS GOOD FOR THEM TO GET THE EXPERIENCE OF A TASTE OF SYSTEM PUBLIC SCHOOLS, just to see how awful they were. If anything cures a Christian young person of any desire to be in the System, just give them a little taste of public school when they're old enough! That'll usually cure them! (Maria: It seems like it's better for the older children than the little small ones, because they don't have enough of a basis.) Yes.

       30. WE KEPT OUR YOUNGER CHILDREN IN CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS THROUGH MOST OF THE EARLY GRADES, either in Christian schools or out on the road, like the first, second & third grades & that sort of thing, & even there we kept them in Christian schools as much as we could. They were either in Evangelical Christian schools or Seventh-day Adventist Christian schools.

       31. ALTHOUGH WE NEVER HAD TO DO IT, I WOULD HAVE GLADLY SENT THEM TO A CATHOLIC SCHOOL rather than to a public school! And we almost did one time. They were accepted & they were only charging seven dollars a month tuition per child! They were the cheapest schools we found. But then we found a Seventh-day Adventist school in the same area & we sent our kids to that one instead.

       32. FINALLY THERE WAS A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL ORGANISED IN MIAMI & WE SENT THEM THERE. Although they had to drive ten miles clear out to West Miami to go to school, a long dangerous drive 20 miles round trip, we thought it was worth it. Aaron used to go on his motor-scooter with his little sidecar & he would sometimes take Ho & Faithy in the same little sidecar all the way out to that school, ten miles out in the country & back in the evening!

       33. BESIDES THAT, AT FIVE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING he would drive his little motor-scooter with the sidecar onto Miami Beach loaded up with newspaper & deliver to his 50 to 100 customers, drive back home & eat his breakfast & pick up the kids & drive ten miles to school, wet or cold or whatever!

       34. UNTIL FINALLY WE BOUGHT DEB A CAR WHEN SHE GOT OLD ENOUGH TO DRIVE AT 16, a little Hillman, or something like that, one of those real mini's. It was considered the smallest there was then. And she drove all five of them to the Christian school in West Miami every day including Sarah, Mary's little girl too.

       35. SO ANYWHERE IN TERRITORIAL U.S. COVERED BY THE COMPULSORY EDUCATION LAW, you've got to keep moving every three months, particularly if your neighbours know your kids don't go to school. We found that we could move around in the same State, or even the same town to a different location where we were new to the local people or neighbours & they didn't know whether we had just come from some other State or country or whatever, therefore they couldn't do much about our kids not going to school.

       36. WE EVEN SENT THEM TO A JEWISH SCHOOL FOR AWHILE, IN MIAMI BEACH! They had no public kindergarten nor pre-schools in Miami, but the Jews had a pre-school kindergarten for kids. Faithy was so smart, she'd already been in Christian school in California, first grade, so we hated her not to get some kind of schooling & we were too busy ourselves to do it. So we sent her to the Jewish kindergarten which had a little bus & came around & picked up the kids every day & brought them home. And it only cost ten dollars a month. She learned to read Hebrew & it was very interesting!

       37. SO THE BIGGER BLOBS WILL EITHER HAVE TO MAKE THEIR OWN PRIVATE SCHOOL or go to a Christian school or go to the public school. some of the public schools where we lived were almost like Christians schools if you lived in a small town or village or fairly Christian area, like out in the country where we lived at TSC. Even the local high school was almost Christian.

       38. THE PASTOR OF ONE OF THE LOCAL CHURCHES WAS THE PRINCIPAL & one of the teachers was another pastor. They had prayer at the faculty meetings every morning & they read the Bible & had prayer in school & good discipline, almost like a church school. So a lot depends on the area you're in.

       39. THE MIAMI SCHOOLS, OF COURSE, WERE AS GODLESS, CHRISTLESS, ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-BIBLE AS THEY COULD BE & we finally had to leave there. We tackled the System there & their textbooks on evolution & were virtually run out of town! So we move to Texas, took the kids on the road for a year & kept up their correspondence courses, & then when we got to Texas, the schools there were so good we sent them back to public school.

       40. FAITHY & HO GRADUATED FROM WHAT THEY CALL GRADE SCHOOL OR EIGHTH GRADE THERE, & Deborah & Aaron both graduated from high school, 12th grade there. It was a very good school & we were well acquainted with all the teachers & principal & everybody. They were all professing church-attending Christians, of course, although they taught evolution--which sad to say, most church people seem to believe, that God created man by the process of evolution. Dear Scofield got them convinced of that with the Scofield Bible, damn it!

       41. NEVERTHELESS, THEY WERE PROFESSING CHRISTIANS & church members & they were not as anti-Christ, anti-God & anti-Bible as were the [DELETED] teachers of Miami & Miami Beach. They were totally anti-Christ, anti-Bible & anti-God & rabidly evolutionary!

       42. SO THERE ARE VARIOUS WAYS YOU CAN KEEP YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL. You can either keep moving at least every 90 days, even if it's in the same town, or put your kids in a Christian school. I'm sure they probably have at least Catholic schools in Puerto Rico, & the good thing about the Catholic schools is that they're usually very clean of crime, drugs, vice, etc., one reason being they have extremely strict discipline requiring good behaviour in the classes & on the school ground, & they're not anti-Bible or anti-God or anti-Christ, although they do teach evolution.

       43. THE TUITION IS VERY SMALL, VERY REASONABLE, & they're known to make allowances for the poor, to reduce tuition for those who just can't afford it or give you special rates for the number of children. For example, if we had 25 children from our camp attending one school, they'd probably give us a very special flat rate & a big reduction!

       44. MANY OF THOSE TEACHERS, THOSE MONKS & NUNS, ETC., ARE EXTREMELY DEDICATED & conscientious & sincere & really love the Lord the best they know how in their way. Of course, they are also very Catholic & are naturally going to teach history & everything from a Catholic standpoint, particularly the things like the Reformation.

       45. THEY PROBABLY TEACH THAT THE REFORMISTS WERE WRONG & shouldn't have bolted the church, & they say terrible things about Martin Luther, that he was a criminal! So naturally they're going to teach everything from the Catholic standpoint because they're Catholics & they're trying to rear their children to be good Catholics.

       46. AS LONG AS OUR CHILDREN ARE WELL-TRAINED AT HOME & INSULATED FROM ANY FALSE DOCTRINES & twisted interpretations of history, I would feel perfectly safe to send our children to a Catholic school--as long as they were taught the truth at home & they know the difference between right & wrong, the same way they have to know the difference between right & wrong in public school.--And the wrong is a lot less wrong in a Catholic school, & the right is a lot more right, so it's far better than sending your kids to a public school!

       47. IF THERE'S NOT A CHRISTIAN OR EVANGELICAL SCHOOL, Protestant school of some kind, the Seventh-day Adventists always have schools for their children wherever there are Seventh-day Adventist churches, even if it's only one small church like the small little desert church in Coolidge, Arizona, near Valley Farms.

       48. THEY HAD A LITTLE ONE-ROOM SCHOOL which was also their Sunday school building attached to the church where they had twelve students in six different grades taught by two teachers, all in the same room just like the old-fashioned American one-room school in the early days of the pioneers when they were much more Christian also!

       49. SO I WOULD SAY, OF COURSE, A GOOD EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL WOULD BE THE FIRST PREFERENCE IF THERE IS ONE. And frequently on mission fields there are more of them than even in the United States. Americans have more Christian schools abroad than within the U.S.! And of course, the Catholics have got obviously more abroad, too.

       50. SO I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED THAT THERE MAY BE SOME CHRISTIAN MISSION SCHOOLS IN PUERTO RICO, being considered somewhat of a mission field--Christian or Evangelical schools. In the British possessions, nearly all of the Episcopalian or Church of England churches also have their own schools.

       51. OF COURSE WHAT AMERICANS CALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE FAIRLY NEW TO BRITAIN, I think they're called corporation schools there now, & they just have begun with them in the past few years. Previous to that there was nothing but private schools run by the churches mostly.

       52. THEY WERE CALLED PUBLIC SCHOOLS, meaning that they were a school where you sent your children to be educated with other children. That was considered public rather than having private tutors. In other words, if you sent your children taught by only a few teachers, a number of children taught by a few teachers, that was considered a public school, even though it was actually operated & financed privately & not by the government.

       53. SO I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED THAT THERE ARE SOME GOOD CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS IN PUERTO RICO. Of course there will be Catholic schools & there may every likely be Christian schools operated by the larger Protestant denominations to make sure their kids don't have to go to Catholic schools. And there may be good Seventh-day Adventist schools or even Evangelical schools nearby where we could send our children & be relieved of all the work & trouble of having to teach them the minimum of secular education required by the State under the compulsory education law!

       54. WE'D HAVE ENOUGH SCHOOL CHILDREN FROM THE CAMP TO RUN OUR OWN BUS! We found that at TSC when we moved in lock-stock-&-barrel & we had 200 to 300 people there & scores of children, that the State Educational System was required by law to send one special bus out there just to pick up our kids & local farm kids, the whole bus from Stephenville every day in the morning. The bus would even drive in & drive around the loop to pick up the kids right on the private property 'cause there were so many of them!

       55. IF A COMMUNITY HAS A CERTAIN MINIMUM OF KIDS THE STATE'S REQUIRED TO FURNISH TRANSPORTATION, so that bus came 25 miles to pick them up in the morning & take them back 25 miles to school & drove'm back 25 miles to let them off in the afternoon!

       56. NOT ONLY THAT, WHEN WE MOVED THERE THEY HAD NO ACTUAL LOCAL POST OFFICE in Mingus except a little postal window in the back of the drugstore. But by the time we left there, we were getting so many thousands of letters & mailing so many thousands of letters with the Mingus address that the local postmaster was able to raise the rating of his post office to a status which required the government to build him a nice cute little post office there. So they can thank TSC for their nice new post office! We stayed there just long enough for them to get it built, & then we moved out.

       57. WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY, & WE KNOW THE LORD WILL MAKE A WAY FOR US. And of course, as a last resort we can always organise our own school. I mean, there's no requirement on the minimum number of students or qualifications of teachers or anything as long as they have what's considered safe, healthful, commodious room in which to meet, with proper equipment and follow the public school curriculum & schedule. They don't even have to have credentials as teachers or accreditation by anybody.

       58. UP TO THE GRADUATION LEVEL YOUR CREDITS & GRADES WILL BE ACCEPTED INTERCHANGEABLY BY THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS, at least they were even in the strict States like California & Florida before we left there. I don't know what the situation is now, but since the Evangelicals have gotten so much stronger & richer & powerful, even to fighting evolution in the courts, then I would say that the situation regarding Christian schools has probably improved as Christians more & more recognise the evils of the public school.

       59. THE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS WERE ON THE BOOM WHEN WE LEFT THE STATES. They were booming, springing up everywhere, so that Christians could get their kids out of the horrible vice, crime & drug- ridden public schools. They finally waited until they were practically forced to it. The anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-Christ teaching of the public school only slightly worried them, but when their kids began to get into drugs, vice & crime, well, that was a little different story. So then they began to start their own schools.

       60. AND IT'S REALLY VERY EASY. ALL YOU HAVE TO HAVE IS ONE ROOM with a few desks & a teacher, even if the students are in several grades. The one-room schoolteacher is a genius, like the master of a five-ring circus or a one-arm paperhanger with the hives! They can keep so many things going at once & they always make very good use of the older students in the upper grades for tutoring & supervising the younger children to help them with their lessons & read to them & help them understand their studies. (Maria: Just the kind of experts our mothers are getting to be with five, six & seven children that they have to teach all at once!)

       61. I VISITED A LITTLE ONE-ROOM SCHOOL IN THE BAHAMAS, all Blacks, it had only one teacher, but he had about half-a-dozen high school students, girls, who were sitting in various parts of the room & were teaching the younger children in the lower grades. All in the same room but just sitting in different sections, 60 students in 12 grades!

       62. IN THAT LITTLE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST SCHOOL I TOLD YOU ABOUT, the one-room school in Arizona, they had 12 students in six grades but they had actually two teachers, Mr. & Mrs. Parkhurst. They were two dedicated Christians who really loved the Lord, Seventh-day Adventists, who had given up good teaching jobs where they made big money in the public school system, to just virtually live by faith, just their housing & expenses paid for, in order to teach a Christian education in a Seventh-day Adventist school.

       63. SO I'D TELL OUR PARENTS NOT TO WORRY ABOUT GOING BACK TO U.S. TERRITORY and having to put their kids back in public school, because it's not necessary. There are usually other schools available which are much better, whether they be Evangelical or Seventh-day Adventist or even Catholic. I'd say any of them are better than public schools!

       64. AND USUALLY THEY HAVE A LITTLE BETTER KIND OF STUDENTS TOO, not just the riffraff of the common herd but are children of concerned parents with Christian homes who love the Lord & are at least professing Christians, church members who are concerned enough about their children to take them out of the public school & want them to receive a Christian education!

       65. AND THE FEES ARE USUALLY FAIRLY LOW because these church schools are supported & subsidised by their churches & church members & donations from wealthy Christians to make them possible. And they always have some tuition grants available for poor students, & particularly for the children of missionary or Christian workers.

       66. THEY ALWAYS EITHER LET OUR CHILDREN IN FREE & DIDN'T CHARGE, no charge at all, or at a very reduced rate, like half-price. Or since we had four children they said, "Well, you pay the tuition for the two older ones & the younger can come free!" 'Cause they're always struggling financially also & they figure it's better to get a little money than none at all!

       67. THEIR HEART IS IN THEIR WORK, THEIR TEACHERS ARE DEVOTED & DEDICATED, usually working at very low salaries or their mere expenses, & they are there because they want to be in a Christian school and preach & teach Christ, whether they be Protestant or Catholic.

       68. THE KIDS ARE USUALLY MUCH BETTER KIDS & BETTER BEHAVED & MORE CHRISTIAN than the public schools, so they'll not be associating with the riffraff or the criminal elements of the worst part of society as they do in the public schools. They will be associating with children from better homes, Christian homes, usually middleclass homes that can afford to pay for their children to go to a private school, better behaved & more Christian in their outlook.--And of course, with either none or far less criminal elements or drugs or vice, etc.

       69. SO I WOULDN'T HESITATE TO SEND MY CHILDREN TO A GOOD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL OF ALMOST ANY KIND. And we might even find that the Catholics & the Seventh-day Adventists are not even as much against us as a Family as are the Evangelicals. And if worse comes to worst, as a last resort we can organise our own school. Although, of course, it's extra trouble & extra expense, etc., but it's not all that hard to do.

       70. I'VE HAD A LOT OF EXPERIENCE WITH CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS & taught in one for years, so I know exactly how it's done. If you don't know, I can tell you! That's all you need--one room & enough desks & enough books & one teacher & a schedule & a curriculum, & they won't force your kids to go to public school.

       71. BUT I'M QUITE SURE, OF COURSE, THAT PUERTO RICO WITH ITS TREMENDOUS POPULATION OF HISPANICS will undoubtedly have Catholic schools in almost every town or village, just like they do in Spain. And of course there the predominant student body will undoubtedly be Hispanics as well as Catholics. But since our children are supposed to be becoming-one anyway with their mission fields, & most of them there are already children of missionaries to the Latin countries & already speak Spanish, I don't think it'll be any problem for them mixing with the Spanish-speaking students of the Catholic schools.

       72. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT SINCE PUERTO RICO HAS A PREDOMINANT LATIN POPULATION that the rich Whites have their own private schools, but they would very likely be very expensive purposely to keep the poor Latins out. But we don't mind mingling with them 'cause we love them & we believe in becoming one on our mission fields. So I wouldn't hesitate to send our children to the local Catholic school if necessary rather than to the local public school. Or we can have our own if we have to, so don't worry about it. PTL! God will take care of His Own. In Jesus' name, amen!

       73. P.S.: IN FACT, WE FOUND THAT NEARLY ALL OF THOSE PRIVATE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS, whether they be Protestant or Catholic, welcomed our children & were always very glad to have them & treated them very well & gave them special consideration on rates & tuitions, etc., because our children were always well-behaved, good students and really had the same convictions & goals & aims & ideals standards or even better than the local Christian schools.

       74. SO THEREFORE, I WOULDN'T WORRY A BIT ABOUT SENDING OUR CHILDREN TO SOME TYPE OF LOCAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL & having to pay a little to do it if we have to, which we probably will. And if we have enough children, they will probably send their school bus by to pick them up, I'm sure. So don't worry about it, trust the Lord. We'll either have a good Christian school nearby to send them to, whether it be Catholic or Protestant, & probably a school bus to come by & pick'm up, or have our own, so they won't have to go to the Godless public school. PTL!

       75. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, WE LOVE YOU & WE KNOW THAT THE LORD WILL CARE FOR HIS OWN! In Jesus' name, amen. TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! (Sings:)
       "I know the Lord will make a way for me.
       I know the Lord will make a way for you!
       If we trust & never doubt,
       He will surely bring us out.
       I know the Lord will make a way for us."

In Jesus' name, amen. Hallelujah! TYL! Don't worry about it, trust the Lord & He will care of His Own. Amen? TYJ! GBYAKYA! And we'll see you there someday, God willing!--Or at the "Meeting in the Air!"--with Jesus! Amen? PTL! GBY! WLY! Give your kids a Christian education!--Amen? They deserve it!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family