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BURY'M!       DO No.1041       8/81
--A Letter from Our Personal Secretary with My Reply!--D.

       I WAS THANKFUL TO READ RECENTLY A PHOTOCOPY OF "LET THE DEAD BURY THE DEAD--PART 2" about handicapped/retarded children, & "Rotten Apples" pointing out the necessity for faithfulness in discipline. For some time I have been wondering about the possibly "spiritually retarded"--those weaker sheep in the Family who have been "off the beam" in one area or another for quite some time & those in particular who write to you!

       FOR EXAMPLE, BRETHREN LIKE U.T.P. WHO HAS BEEN A REAL "WEIRDO," 'though not malicious, for years now & who writes such dingy & nonsensical letters. They are often just gibberish with no real logical thoughts in them much less testimonies, lessons, etc., to share. Another such case is J.O., the musician in Texas who has preferred to live & work alone for many years in the same house, same town & who insists on getting some real encouragement on how his music (his real god, I think!) can be used in the Family, yet it is just horrible, R&R-type stuff. His pics are so much HKG-spirited we don't send'm to you, & we have received letters of complaint about him from sisters who place Mate Wanted Ads in the Mag & who receive such vulgar letters from him that are indescribably disgusting!

       ANOTHER SUCH CASE, NOT AS EXTREME, IS THE NAPOLI HOME of whom we've received many complaints & yet who write about themselves as though' they are the best sample Home in the whole Family, would not pray with the VSs on a recent visit, etc. Also, J.W., to me, fits into this category as he does not seem to grasp things of any spiritual depth & though' he does seem to have some redeeming qualities & is not as totally "fruitcake" as U.T.P., did not understand to the fullest exactly why he was ex-communicated & seemed to blame the whole thing on his jealousy of J.H. who is mated to a girl whom he is in love with, rather than his gross disrespect of & contempt for his Prophet & shepherdess, having gone to such lengths as telling them to "go to Hell" on a number of occasions, etc. Well, all that to ask this (sorry it's getting so long):

       WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THESE "SPIRITUALLY RETARDED" CASES in the Family of which we have quite a few? I think "Who To" was really good on this point & pretty specific & yet we seem to have quite a number of such still with us. Oh Lord, I hope this is coming across clearly & I don't sound like a KKK or something! Ha! Of course, the main part I am concerned with & am asking about is those in particular who write to you.

       I VERY SELDOM WRITE ANY "STIFF" LETTERS on your behalf, but rather always try to feed & inspire the sheep, pointing them to the Letters for encouragement & answers to their questions & problems. But recently, with those mentioned I have felt like "If The Truth Kills" (Good!), & have written both J. & U. about their terrible music & tapes & how it just isn't of the Lord nor at all "Soft Loving Hands," to the Napoli Home about some of their problems & to Matthew Canada about J.W. I surely pray I am not "getting off into a tangent" with these letters but just felt that after no changes in some of these cases after years of loving encouragement,

       I COULD NOT "PUSSYFOOT" AROUND WITH THEM ANYMORE! TTL for dear Mordy who helped me soften up a couple of'm as I always like to ask his counsel when writing a letter of this kind, which is very rare. I guess I just want to tell you what I'm up to! Ha! But really, am wondering what you think about some of these "notorious nuts" who rather concern me at times as I wonder what kind of impression they are giving the World of the U-Know-Who!

       --LIKE THAT MOTLEY CREW WHO WERE TRYING TO START A BUSINESS WITH [EDITED: "A CERTAIN COUNTRY'S"] GOVERNMENT & took money from them by telling them they should be treated as [EDITED: "their leader"] treated you when you visited him! To me, some of these guys are like "Rotten Apples," & tho' most of the Family catches on to them after a while, what do those we are trying to win think? I don't think I am being overly concerned with the opinions of man, but that we are "putting out best foot forward."

       ANOTHER INTERESTING THING IS THAT NOT A GREAT MANY OF THESE TYPE OF BRETHREN ARE SUPER LITNESSERS, witnessers, etc.--with possibly U. & J. being exceptions, as U. was really shining at one time. And Koa & Ishmael too, a few years ago were world shiners, but now they think they're the Endtime Witness & Great Queen! (Leave these false prophets' names in! They need to be exposed!) So I guess I am burdened to help point these weaker ones in the right direction through the Letters & with His Love! Please sock it to me if I need to "simmer down"! ILY so very dearly & your slightest wish is my command!

       (DAD: SOCK IT TO'M!--THEY'RE THE DEVIL'S TIME WASTERS, LIKE JUDAS! The Lord put up with him a long time, but finally had to dump him--& of course he then betrayed him!--So?--Let'm! Good riddance! So sorry, but we can't slow down the whole Army with these handicapped stretcher cases!

       (QUIT WASTIN' YOUR TIME!--JUST TELL'M OFF with a final letter & quit answering'm!--They're a nuisance! The Lord Himself tells us to reject'm after a couple warnings!--If they don't repent or change! [EDITED: "Titus 3:10"]--So, deliver your soul & wash your hands of'm!)

       THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR LOVE & encouragement & the wonderful WWW! Last night was very special because we got to see the 1Thess.5 video! There was so much I wanted to say on the tape to you afterwards, being a blabber mouth! But oh, it was just wonderful! How I loved those beautiful close-ups, the eyes-&-mouth kind--so beautiful & so effective, I was just nearly "lost" in your eyes, Dear! (ILY2!)

       HOW THE SYSTEM NEEDS THOSE TAPES! What a beautiful "altar call" at the end, & it was so good to hear you singing because those cassette tapes absolutely do not do your voice justice! It is so beautiful & the TV audio gets it across so much better! You are surely giving your all that other might live, & these priceless videos will be even more so in times to come.--You think of everything for everyone, Dearest One, & we just thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing so! It is the greatest blessing & privilege imaginable to be part of the Fold of Dearest! I love you, I love you, I love you!

Always yours & His,
--Your Keren.

       (THANKS! I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU TOO!--PTL! GBY! ILY2! You're my Gal! Good for you! You're my Pastoress!--They're your sheep!--Or goats!--You decide! Some are just plain nuts!--Screw-loose cases that foul-up the machinery! Clean'm out!--The sane have enough problems!--And let's put this in the FN to warn others!--Amen? GBY! ILY! Thanks!--D.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family