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LATEST NEWS FLASHES! No.9       From M&M Personally!       4/9/81       DO No.1042

       1. PTL! GBY! FAMILY! GREETINGS IN HIS NAME, JESUS' NAME! It's been a wonderful month this month this month of September 1981 with lots accomplished throughout the whole World. PG! As you can see by the Stats our Family is exploding all over the world with nearly 10,000 members in about 2500 Homes preaching the Gospel in 74 countries in about 40 languages with nearly 14 million pages of literature every month.--A monthly Mag of over 200 pages, a big new Book nearly every month, sometimes two!--

       2. AND NOW PRODUCING TEN BRAND NEW AUDIO TAPES FOR THE FAMILY EVERY MONTH of music in several languages, children's shows, dramatics, Bible studies, song tapes, video shows, Kidz Mags for the children, LIN Mags for the public & friends, songbooks, Komix Books, inspirational books, Childcare books, beautiful wall posters in color, a yearbook of daily devotions, a yearly calendar, flannelgraph books.

       3. AND NOW WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BRAND NEW KIND OF BOOK, D.V., FOR THIS COMING YEAR, a Family Log Book called "THE ONE-HEART DIARY"--maybe we'll call it "The One-Heart Book of Acts" which you can use instead of the old 7-Star Diaries that we used to use. We think you'll find it much more inspirational, much more useful & much more Christian & spiritual, God willing! So pray for us that we can get these to you in time with a beautiful new color Calendar coming out for 1982.

       4. THE COMING NEW FLANNEL GRAPH BOOK IS ALL IN COLOR READY TO USE--absolutely beautiful! PG! Hallelujah! TYJ for all these victories. Also, the TRUE KOMIX BOOK NO.3 HAS ALREADY GONE TO PRESS with another nearly 800 pages of beautiful Komix for the Family as well as the DFO KOMIX BOOK designed specifically for your outside friends & fish & relatives & so on.--A very special book designed particularly for this use with those outside the Family or new disciples, catacombers, kings, queens, fish & so on.

       5. HOPE YOU ALL GOT YOUR KOMIX BOOK 2 LAST MONTH & YOUR CHILDCARE BOOK 1 THIS PAST MONTH & that you're getting the brand new "Garden of Eden Revelation" tapes, Bible Prophecy Studies by u-know-who in person! Another real Home-Bible-study-local-neighbourhood-COL tool to use in your local meetings, fellowship meetings, neighbourhood meetings, COL meetings, video club meeting & many more tools of the trade for preaching the Gospel throughout all the world to every creature. PG! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       6. NOW YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO BE A PREACHER YOURSELF AS LONG AS YOU'VE GOT A TAPE RECORDER. All you have to do is invite folks to come, & turn on your audio tape recorder or your video tape recorder & even without being an artist you can accompany it with beautiful flannelgraphs & gorgeous music in several different languages. PG, we believe these tools & plows & harvesting scythes are going to be really fruitful in His far-flung fields of the world, PG!

       7. THE VERY LATEST MUSIC TAPE IS GOING TO BE A CHRISTIAN'S SINGING TAPE to which your children can stand & sing anywhere & will give them beautiful musical back-ground as well as good singing songs with the words so that even if they go astray or wander away from the tune or the words it'll come along strong & carry'm along with a very well-worked out program.

       8. IN FACT SEVERAL DIFFERENT PROGRAMS ON A ONE-HOUR TAPE, each one a 15-minute show, four quarter-hour shows on one tape, designed for different purposes either on the street with the passing mob, in the park or in the cafes & restaurants, or the heavier side designed for captive audiences in orphanages, old folks homes, hospitals, prisons & even churches. You probably have already received your MWM Children's tape by the time you get this Mag & are probably already putting it to good use.

       9. AND GOD WILLING NEXT MONTH YOU'LL RECEIVE THE MCV (MUSICA CON VIDA) CHILDREN'S TAPE in Spanish to help you parents with children in your singing in Spanish-speaking fields where we have now about 900 Homes all Spanish-speaking in Spanish-speaking fields. So we're sure these new Spanish MCV (Musica Con Vida) tapes & especially this children's singing tape are going to be a great blessing & help to guide your children in their performances.

       10. SO WE'RE REALLY ROLL'N, PG! TYJ! Hallelujah!--Thanks to the Lord & your help & all the dear ones who work hard to make it possible. So don't miss one! Be sure you get that Report in on time along with your full tithe & you'll receive all these absolutely free of charge, thanks to you & the Lord. GBY!

       11. WITH ALL THESE TOOLS OF OUR TRADE INCLUDING YOUR OWN SWEET SELVES & FFing & so on, personal letters, phone calls & whatnot, we're reaching at least a half a million people a month with the Gospel & winning about 50,000 a month to the Lord. Hallelujah! PTL! That's 50,000 souls more you're going to meet in heaven someday & fellowship & live with & enjoy forever & they're going to be so glad you told them, whether it was by lit or letter or music or book or radio or television.

       12. WE'RE ALSO GETTING ABOUT 60 TO 90 KNEW DISCIPLES via the birth canal nearly every month. That's about two or three babies a day, Girls! GBY! You're really doin' your part, you little "real mothers," & those are the best disciples of all because you can train'm before they're even born.

       13. WE'RE ALSO GETTIN' MORE BIG DISCIPLES & full-grown disciples, as well as more & more people are getting back to fulltime service for the Lord in our latest call to service. Backsliders are coming home, prodigal sons are coming home, daughters too, & as they're forsaking all & launching out to serve the Lord fulltime, they're getting so on-fire they're winning more disciples than ever before with over 4 million souls won to the Lord in the past 10 years! PG! TYJ! Hallelujah! Amen?!

       14. ACCORDING TO THE LATEST STATS, LATIN AMERICA IS NOW LEADING THE PACK as the Family moves South. Hallelujah! TYJ! PG! GBY for obeying God's warnings & moving to where you can safely continue your ministry of soul-winning for the Lord. While the rich North goes to hell in its coming atomic war, you'll still be busy down South winning souls for Jesus. Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen! You're slowly but surely moving Southward at the rate of about a dozen families a month from the USA & North America & even more from Europe, so that Latin America is booming! PG! We now have more Homes in Latin America than anywhere else in the world, probably at least 1,000 or more Homes in L.A. by the time you're reading this, with Europe following with about 700 Homes & North America with over 400.

       15. SO GET A MOVE ON THERE you Northerners, you're moving slowly but surely but very slowly & we've still got too many people "way up thar when they oughtta be down heah"! About half of our Homes are still up North but thank God at least half of you have moved South or way out East in the safer areas of the world--or way out West to some of you, depending on which way you're goin' around the Globe. We still consider the Southern Hemisphere the safest from war & fallout, with Southern Asia & the Pacific next, & the Caribbean, Central America & Mexico last on the list of safer areas.

       16. SO PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES & YOUR OL' KIT BAG & SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!--& start travellin' those miles, miles, miles!--& may all your troubles be little ones. We're sure enjoyin' it down here & we're just real sorry for you poor folks who are still up there in that cold, dangerous North. So get a move on! You gotta keep movin' along. Some folks are even givin' away their cars & trailers & homes & everything they've got just to get out of that mess & hurry down South where it's safer & more fruitful & a whole lot more pleasant, too, most places, & where you'll be able to continue you ministry of preaching the Gospel a lot longer than up there, D.V., & I'm sure He is.

       17. SO PTL! THE LORD'S WORK IS STILL BOOMING & THE OL' GOSPEL TRAIN IS STILL ROLLIN'! Git on board, lil chillun, there's room for many a more! In fact, a lot of folks who thought we were dyin' out 5 or 10 years ago are now beginning to realise that we're still here & still goin' & still growin' & so they're comin' back into the Family again, after they're sure that the Bandwagon is not gonna fail they're climbing' on. Some of the timid souls who left us long ago have finally mustered up enough faith to believe that we're here to stay. Hallelujah! So they're now climbing on the Bandwagon while it's really rollin' for sure. PG! TYJ! Hallelujah!

       18. WHEN WE FIRST GOT STARTED 10-12 YEARS AGO THERE WERE A LOT OF FOLKS & FALSE PROPHETS WHO PREDICTED THE JESUS REVOLUTION WAS JUST A PASSING CRAZE, just a temporary fad & would soon wear out & go back to the churches. But most of us didn't come from the churches & we're sure as shootin' not planning on going back & we're rollin' faster than ever before. Hallelujah!--& we've lasted longer & gone further & are growing faster than any of the rest. PG! And we're certainly preachin' more Gospel & winning more souls & publishing more tools for the trade than any others we know of & better sharper ones, too, thank God!

       19. SO, ARE YOU WITH US?! PG! You must be or you wouldn't be readin' this & you certainly wouldn't have gotten this far unless you're one of us. GBY!--& GBY, FFers, you've really been winnin'm right & left & top & bottom. You've already witnessed to over a third of a million & won over 100,000 souls & friends, lovin' up nearly 60,000 in the process. GBY Lovers of the Lord! PG! WLY!

       20. YOU TITHERS HAVE BEEN MIGHTY FAITHFUL, too, let me tell you, & despite the drop in last month's income due to moves & mail strikes & whatnot, you're back on the wall again this month & it's building back up again & it should trill you to know that despite your total Family income around the world staying around the same level for about 6 years, from '74 thru '79, since for the last couple of years of 1980 & 1981 you have been tithing faithfully, your total Family income around the world has absolutely sky-rocketed & nearly tripled from what it was before. So that's why the Lord's Share, your 10% tithe, has made it possible for us to get out all these books & tapes & publications for your use in your work for the Lord in winning the World for Jesus. PG! Hallelujah! So that oughtta encourage you that tithing really pays. It has tried your income in just 2 years, think of that!

       21. AND I'VE GOT GOOD NEWS FOR YOU TRF'ERS, GBY! You have suffered many things of many report forms & they don't seem to have gotten enough better, so we're gonna have a "TRFing Revolution" next month, D.V. I was compelled to read your TRF Form the other day in order to apply a new list of instructions that our offices want to send you & I was so aggravated with how difficult it was to read & fill out & understand & how long & tedious & complicated that I felt like what Jesus said about the Scribes & the Pharisees, He said, "Ye lay burdens upon the people which they're not even able to bear, yet you are not willing to lift them, help them even with your little finger."

       22. WELL, LET ME TELL YOU, I'M PITCHIN' IN THIS MONTH WITH ALL FIVE FINGERS & both hands & both arms & my back & a few kicks in the pants as well & I'm simplifying that TRF Form myself, I got so mad at that thing! I said, "My God! If I was a TRFer I wouldn't want to fill it out myself!" So I don't blame you if you've gotten a bit aggravated at that complicated, difficult, confusing TRF From! That's probably your worst day of the month when you have to make out your Monthly Report & I am determined to do something about it to make easier & simpler & quicker so you won't have to waste so much time & sweat, blood & tears to do it! So, PG! D.V., by next Mag or next month we're gonna have a new simplified TRF Form for you!

       23. THE SAME THING HAPPENED 2 OR 3 YEARS AGO when I read your report forms. You better be thankful it's as easy as it is now, because it started out with about 8 pages & I slashed that down to 4 & then we finally slashed it down to 1 but I think it's still too confusing & complicated so I'm gonna slash it down some more. I don't think we really have to know so many of those things, & once you've told us you surely shouldn't have to tell us again every month. So, D.V., we're gonna have a new, easier, simplified, plain & easy-to-understand & easy-to-fill out TRF Form next time, D.V. So please pray for us that we can really make it easier on you.

       24. IT REMINDS ME OF WHAT I USED TO SAY ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT RED TAPE & BUREAUCRACY & all kinds of forms & so on that we used to have to fill out: "Bad enough to have to pay your taxes without having to sweat blood & tears fillin' out so many different forms." So I think it's hard enough to pay your tithes without having' to worry with that crazy form! GB the dear office people who helped form it along with me, but I think it's still too difficult & has been increasingly complicated & is growing again. See, if you don't keep after these things & keep trimmin' things down, it's like your luggage: You keep accumulating all the time!--& we keep accumulating more things on that form. Pretty soon it's going to be another couple of pages if I don't go to work on it real quick. So good news for TRFers Next month, D.V., a new simplified TRF Form.

       25. SO CHEER UP YOU SECRETARIES & BOOK-KEEPERS & HOME SHEPHERDS! Relief is on the way! So be sure to get your TRF next month & get it in on time. We believe you're going to find it a whole lot easier & leave you more time for litnessin', witnessin' & winnin' souls & preaching the Gospel in all the World to every creature! Amen?! PG! But to be able to give you all these juicy stats we do need a little info from ya', so please do the best you can.

       26. BUT IF YOU DON'T KNOW or can't remember or can't make an educated guess at some of those figures, then just leave in blank & we'll do the best we can to figure it out. I don't mean leave the whole thing blank but I mean that particular figure or spot on your form. We love to see the beautiful nude forms of you lovely girls of ours but we sure do hate to see an absolutely blank nude TRF Form. So please do your best to give us all the information you can & we'll try to make it as simple as we can. Amen? GBY! Thanks a lot!

       27. ALSO, BE SURE YOU GET IT IN THERE ON TIME so that you don't miss any Mags or books or tapes or other publications; especially if you're movin' around now be sure you send us an address that's going to last long enough to get it to you. If you're not sure of your future address in your impending moves, then have your stuff sent to some address you're sure of that's going to be there awhile, some permanent Home maybe that you're leaving behind, or if you can trust them, even your relatives back in your country & tell'm to please save'm for ya' till you get settled & then you can write & tell'm where to send'm & be sure to get'm.

       28. THERE'S A WHOLE BUNCH OF BRAND NEW GP KOMIX THAT ARE COMING OUT that we know you're gonna want to reprint for your local distribution. That's the tools of your trade & that's the feedcorn for your crop so don't miss'm! PG, you're beginning to publish a few new ones for a change & hittin' the top 10 & top 20 with a few new titles that are far more up-to-date & appropriate for today, including some of the latest warnings to the nations that need to be warned of the impending doom. Don't fail God in failing to deliver your soul & washing your hands of those rich Northern nations before you leave by giving them the warning message so their blood won't be on your hands when it happens. You don't want to have that on your conscience after you have escaped safely down South that you didn't warn them to do the same!

       29. SOME OF YOU HAVE BEEN SAYING "OH, THE WICKED DON'T DESERVE IT"! Well, God's Word says that you're supposed to warn the wicked of his wicked way & deliver your souls to him or his blood's going to be upon your hands when the judgments begin to fall, because you didn't warn'm So this is your last chance, folks, your last chance to warn the World, that wicked world of the rich North of their impending doom. So be sure you deliver your soul & wash your hands of their blood before you leave or you'll regret it forever & God's going to hold you responsible for it & you'll suffer for it somehow if you don't!

       30. SO, GET OUT THAT MESSAGE THERE IN THE NORTH!--& I'll tell ya' right now if you do, it'll help you get out, too, 'cuz they won't take it very long & they'll see to it that you leave! So if you can't manage to get yourself out any other way, just start preaching the warning message to the wicked World up North & they'll see that you get out! They may even help you get out just to get rid of you like they did some of the prophets of old & like they have us in the past--even if they have to deport ya!

       31. LIKE THE OLD LADY SAID WHEN THE TWO USHERS WERE CARRYING HER OUT for praising God too loud, "Well, praise God again! The Lord only had one ass to carry Him & I've got two to carry me out!" So by the time you've saturated some of those Northern hardened countries with your warning message you may have more asses than that to kick you out & help push you on your way.

       32. SO GET BUSY! Deliver the warning message & deliver your souls & deliver the lit before you leave so you'll have no regrets & their fate won't be on your conscience because you failed to warn them. If you warn 'em & they don't leave, that's their fault. If they don't repent, that's their funeral. Amen?! GBY! Be a faithful messenger & God's faithful prophet before you go & warn the wicked World of its wicked ways before you go your way. PG! GBY! Hallelujah!

       33. WELL! IS THAT ENOUGH OF A PEP TALK? Dear Maria is sittin' here patiently waiting for me to pass on a few more details in these Latest News Flashes. So here we go:


       MOST MAJOR TRANSLATING LOCAL LANGUAGE AREAS ARE MAKING THEIR OWN MUSIC WITH MEANING TAPES & the Italian tapes by Angelo & Sarah are way out ahead of the rest of ya, thus far with about a dozen new Italian tapes already made & ready for radio. MCV is about next in line & has several in the pipeline & France, with their program Music Magique, has one finished & in for approval, & the Japanese are working on one.

       I UNDERSTAND THE SCANDINAVIANS ARE WORKING ON ONE, the Germans are working on one & MCV is going to be doing some in Portuguese.

       SO IF YOU HAVE A MUSICAL GROUP IN YOUR COUNTRY OR LANGUAGE AREA by all means do your best to get together a good music tape in your language that can be a real witnessing tool with others! Even if you don't have enough to make a series of radio shows, you could at least make one, & that can be widely used by the Family of your language in all kinds of witnessing situations. So PG! ROLL'M!

       YOU DON'T HAVE TO SET UP A WHOLE MWM OR MCV BLOB to make one tape. Just get whoever is available together, borrow somebody's studio if possible, or set up your own if you already have the equipment & just make one good one-hour tape, both sides, of all good music in your language that you can use with your people & your children in many places & ways in your country. PTL! Amen? OK! Get it together! Put it on tape & roll it!


       DID YOU GET YOUR FIRST MUSICA CON VIDA RADIO MUSIC SHOW? We certainly hope you did! It was sent out this past month & every Home in the Family should have gotten one! If you want more, dupe'm right there at home. If you're in the Latin American or Spanish/Portuguese area you'll soon begin receiving MCV tapes monthly, free of charge & anyone outside that area can order them by sending a donation to MCV, APDO 312, Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico. Please remember that all Homes in Latin America are now to report to Dave & Carmen in Puerto Rico, it doesn't matter if you're an ELO, Bi-lingual or LLO Home, you should now report directly to Puerto Rico. You should have been notified soon of the address of the Latin American LIM which is now the new reporting office for all of Latin America.

       BI-LINGUAL & LLO HOMES IN SPAIN & PORTUGAL should now report to the Spanish/Portuguese LIM in Spain. Do not send your reports & tithes to Puerto Rico or you may have trouble with the local authorities! You should have been notified of the new address of the Spanish/Portuguese LIM by now & if you haven't then write to Dave & Carmen &/or WIM & ask for it! ELO Homes in Spain & Portugal can report to WIM but bi-lingual & LLO Homes must report to the Spanish/Portuguese LIM!


       ANY LIMS WHO WISH TO DO TRANSLATIONS OF ANY BOOKS SHOULD BY ALL MEANS GIVE THE DFO KOMIX BOOK TOP PRIORITY on your translating reproduction & printing list because it is the most urgent & will be the most useful for your local language Homes. It's not likely that you will be able to print very many books, but if you can print at least one book, be sure it's the DFO All True Komix Book which will have much greater usefulness to your Homes than almost any other as a witnessing tool loaned or given to other disciples & friends.

       WE ARE GOING TO PRINT AN EXTRA 1,000 OF THESE DFO KOMIX BOOKS IN ENGLISH FOR EXTRA DISTRIBUTION & use with your friends, kings & fish & we suggest that you do not just give'm away to 'm, but just loan'm to 'm & tell'm to read'm & return'm. I've always found that the best way to get people to read books is not to give'm the books, because then they just put them on the shelf & plan to read them someday. But loan them the book & then they feel obligated to read it immediately & return it. It's happened to me, I know. I have read books I never would have read otherwise if somebody hadn't loaned it to me & begged me to read it & return it soon, so I felt obligated, compelled, to read it, which I did, & sometimes I was glad, sometimes I was sad.

       I'M SURE WITH THE DFO KOMIX BOOK, "THE STORY OF LOVE", IT'S GONNA MAKE'M GLAD! You'll find most of the Komix in the new DFO Komix Book are strictly DFO, not for the GP, not suitable for reprinting for public distribution, & they will be clearly marked DFO. Please do not reprint for the general public any of the DFO Komix in the DFO Komix Book. Do not reprint any of these for the general public unless they're clearly marked GP. Some Komix which the Family has previously considered GP like: "Mountain Men", "Don Quixote", "Did God Make A Mistake?", etc. we have changed to DFO instead of GP. because of their controversial nature. I don't think we should put anything GP on the streets unless it would attract people & get'm to receive it. With any Komix you put on the street you've got to be selective as to where you put them & to whom you give'm, especially if you are using controversial material like "Richman Poorman" for example. Komix like "Casting Out Demons", "Freedom From Fear", "Infidelity", etc. we have made GP because these problems are common with most people & they're looking for a solution.


       YOU LIMS LOCATED IN THE DANGER ZONES OF THE NORTH WILL CERTAINLY HAVE TO SEEK THE LORD AS TO WHEN YOU SHOULD LEAVE since many want to stay as long as possible to continue to minister to their language areas as long as possible. However, as some have already done, remember you could move to a safer area & continue your ministry in print by simply moving your operation to the South or the safer areas & continuing your translating & re-publishing work & mailing it across the seas to your followers of Family members or Homes that are still left in the local LAF.

       SO I WOULD SAY IT IS MT.9:29, "According to your faith be it done unto you." PG! Just remember, it's gonna cost a lot more postage to have to mail or ship lit overseas so keep that in mind as you're praying to find the will of the Lord, & it'll also take a lot longer for the lit to reach'm. However, we of the English service mail ours all over the Globe & tho' some people don't get'm till 1 or 2 weeks later, they still get'm & appreciate them & it seems to be keeping everybody happy! Amen? PTL! So do as the Lord leads & what you have faith for when you feel led. PG. GBY&CTMYA wonderful blessing!

       I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T STAY UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE unless you feel that you have to for some reason, but if you do, you'd better have your fleebag ready & your ticket bought & your reservation made & your traveller's checks ready & passport handy so you could leave at a moment's notice, but we don't know why anybody should have to wait that long unless there's some special situation or emergency involved.


       WOULD YOU VARIOUS MUSIC SHOWS PLEASE NOT MENTION THE OTHER SHOWS OF OTHER LANGUAGES AS BEING RELATED TO YOUR SHOW. Please do not say, "We're the MCV Show, the Music With Meaning Show in Spanish..or the Musica Con Messagio, your Italian Music With Meaning Show." Do not inter-relate or connect these various language shows with each other, please! For the sake of urgent security! We do not want our enemies to find out any sooner than necessary that these shows are related to each other. We don't want them to get the connection & try to start fighting it any sooner than necessary.

       PLEASE KEEP YOUR PARTICULAR LANGUAGE SHOW COMPLETELY UNIDENTIFIED WITH THE OTHER LANGUAGE SHOWS & particularly with Music With Meaning which is known 'round the world & getting to be known as our show, our own Family show. So if you want yours to get on the stations that you are hoping to get it on, please don't identify it with MWM or they may have already heard about us & therefore not want you.

       ALSO, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 13 SHOWS, WHICH IS 3 MONTHS OF SHOWS, COMPLETED BEFORE YOU DARE START TRYING TO BOOK THEM ON ANY RADIO STATION, or you're apt to run out of shows too soon before you have time to make new ones to perpetuate the show on that particular station. Most stations will not even book you unless they know you have 13 in the can. If they like the show & they want to keep it on, they don't want to run it for a few weeks & then have you suddenly stop it because you don't have any more shows. So please do not attempt to start radio bookings for your particular language music shows until you've got at least 13 completed half-hour shows in the can, meaning on cassettes, preferably 14, since you have a half hour show on each side of a cassette--that would be seven tapes. Or you might scrape through with 12, a dozen, which is six tapes. Don't try to start booking on radio until you have at least these six tapes in hand & can be sure to furnish them to the Family for booking. Otherwise, you're apt to get caught short & disappoint the radio stations & let down your radio audience just after they've started getting interested.

       ALSO, YOU MUSIC UNITS BE SURE THAT YOU LEARN THE BOOKING PROCEDURES FROM MWM, write them a letter & ask them how they do it. You must be prepared with brochures advertising the show to show radio stations with pictures of musicians, singers & performers & information about the show & so on. You can copy or parallel the MWM brochure. You must also have booking cards for Family use & booking the first shows on radio stations. You must also have confirmation cards which you send them after getting the booking cards which you then send to the radio station for their confirmation of the booking & so on.

       SO YOU VARIOUS MUSIC SHOWS BE SURE YOU GET THIS INFORMATION FROM MWM, what you'll need in the way of publicity tools: a brochure advertising the show that the Family members can have in their hands when they go which you'll have to get printed & sent to them along with the first tape & along with booking cards for them to fill out & mail to you of the radio stations they have booked & then you must have some confirmation cards as well that the office that handles your particular show mails directly to the stations for confirmation of the booking.

       THIS IS A DOUBLE-CHECKING SYSTEM TO MAKE SURE THAT RADIO STATIONS ARE NOT JUST FAKING IT & that Family members are not being careless & just taking their word for it but that they are actually booking the show & definitely playing it. Also, what Family members who can, who know the show is playing locally, should monitor it & make sure that it's continuing to play locally & at the same time advertised, or if there is a change of time that they notify your production office, the central office, of your particular language music show. Read the Letter which we wrote on how to book a radio show to get these details. ("The 'Music With Meaning' Show!", No. 929.)

       SO FAR, AT THE DATE OF THIS WRITING, ONLY THE ENGLISH MUSIC WITH MEANING SHOW & THE ITALIAN MUSICA CON MESSAGIO ARE UP TO THIS QUOTA & ready for actual radio station bookings.-Although Musica Con Vida, the Spanish/Portuguese Show, is rapidly approaching this goal & will be there soon. PTL! So please continue to try to book MWM & MCM, the English & Italian Shows on your local radio stations if they are in the English or Italian language areas.

       IF YOU MUSIC SHOWS WHO PROBABLY WILL NEVER PRODUCE THAT MANY WANT TO GO AHEAD & ATTEMPT TO GET THE ONE OR TWO OR MORE THAT YOU HAVE ON RADIO STATIONS FOR A ONETIME THING, fine, do the best you can. We have people booking shows not only on radio stations but on college networks, on hospital intercom, in prison closed circuit music & restaurants & so on. So even if you've only got one tape of music in your particular language you can always find some place to play it & you could at least book it on a radio station one time. But, please don't try to book a series of shows unless you're ready to play a series & can fulfil your promises. A lot of our folks have had great success in just either giving or loaning one music tape to various institutions or restaurants where they eat & where they hear it played over & over again.

       SO, THE MUSIC TAPES HAVE QUITE A MINISTRY EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE ONE! We've even gone into restaurants & simply handed them a tape & asked them to play it while we were there, that we thought they might enjoy the music, & they've done it right away & liked it. So if you don't like the music they're playing in those restaurants, take along your own & ask'm to play your tape & I think you'll seldom be refused, & once they hear it they'll probably want more! You've got it now, folks, use it! PG! Here are the tools, finish the job!


              IN YOUR MOVING SOUTH SOME OF YOU ARE STACKING UP TOO MANY IN ONE PLACE, & such places as Costa Rica & Puerto Rico are already overflowing with too many people. On small fields unable to support so many or even warrant so many witnesses you're going to be bumping into each other on every corner & finding it difficult to distribute lit to people who already have it & got it at the last corner! Besides, most of these countries have other cities besides the major city or the capital city, so why don't you spread out & some of you go to the lesser cities that are as yet unreached & not overrun & over-saturated with lit. Let's be fair & square & share, PG?

       PLEASE, GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD & preach the Gospel, & not just in the one biggest city of each country! You LAFs, DAFs, GAFs & NAFs should discuss this in your business meeting & perhaps even suggest territories to different families or Homes & groups & try not to tread on each other's territory. Just as sales territories are meted out to those who sell commercial products, why not assign territories to different groups or Homes so that you don't tread on each other's toes & horn in on each other's territories & duplicate the same work in the same town over again when somebody has just passed through & saturated the town already with lit. Try to get together & discuss these things & work more plan accordingly, and work efficiently, & economically, & sensibly, please. GBY!


       HALLELUJAH! PG! YOU'RE DOING A TREMENDOUS JOB OF GETTING TOGETHER & FELLOWSHIPPING with tremendous inspiration & effect & accomplishment, organisation, designing literature, cooperating on print jobs & allocating territories & setting meetings, times & places & planning programs & so on! So far, all the reports we've been hearing have been absolutely glorious & thrilling & wonderful & exciting & everybody is absolutely ga-ga with the wonderful beautiful new accomplishments of the "Fellowship Revolution". Many good new hard-working & effective officers are being elected the new shepherds of the various areas & are doing an excellent job.

       HOWEVER, REMEMBER THAT IF THEY DON'T, if they lie down on the job or sit down on their Southern Hemispheres & either get nothing done or start slave-driving & acting like the Chain-Saw gang instead of the humble, faithful servant-shepherds that they should be, if any time you find any of your shepherds not being what they ought to be, you're welcome to get together at your next meeting & discuss it & boot him out & elect a new one if you have to.

       WE SUGGEST YOU PERHAPS ADMONISH HIM FIRST & WARN HIM that he's either not doing a good job or doing too much pushing or acting like one of the old Chain-Saw dictators & that you don't like it & please change or you're gonna have to change him. Give him the chance, warn him, but as God's Word says, after the first & second admonition, why then you'll have to make a change if he doesn't change. Just please don't forget that nobody is perfect & everybody makes mistakes & most of these are young, new learning leaders, so give'm a little chance, a little time, would ya', to learn the job & try to do it well for your sakes & theirs as well.


       PLEASE, WHEN YOU HAVE ORGANISED A NEW LAF, DAF, GAF, NAF OR WHATNOT, REPORT IT ON YOUR MONTHLY REPORT that you have been elected the shepherd of that particular area & make a notation on your own monthly Home Report when you send it in, & notify us that you are the new shepherd of a new area & designate what the area is & what the cities are or neighbourhoods or whatever it covers, like South Lima, North Lima, East Lima or whatever, or several towns together so we'll know how you're getting along & how these areas are shaping up. We hope to be able to get out a report on this internationally so that worldwide you'll know just how well you're organising & fellowshipping.

       ALSO, WE WOULD PARTICULARLY APPRECIATE IT, IF WHEN YOU HAVE ORGANISED A NATIONAL AREA, EITHER A LARGE GAF OR NAF, IF YOU COULD WRITE US A GENERAL REPORT on the conditions in your area, the witnessing conditions, the governmental conditions, visa conditions, living conditions, economic conditions, customs controls or problems, climatic conditions, anything which would be of interest or importance to Families considering going there, including whether you're understaffed or overcrowded, so they'll know whether it's wise to come to your area or not & then they can contact you, the shepherd over that particular area, personally to discuss it with you further as to whether they're needing there or should come there or not.

       ALSO, IN THIS REGARD, WE WANT TO AGAIN CAUTION YOU & URGE YOU TO BE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT HOME SUPPORT or at least sufficient Home Support in monthly pledges &/or cash to keep you afloat on the field at least until you get well settled & established & have a place to live & some means of income & try to warn the Homes there that you are coming & ask them if you are needed in that area & what the conditions are & advise you & counsel you regarding your coming, your transportation, your immigrations, your customs, your housing, your finances, witnessing & so on.

       PLEASE, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP & DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT HOME SUPPORT & try to notify the area where you are planning to go before you go, & get some response from them as to their opinion on your plans. They may have a better alternative to suggest in perhaps some other area if already too crowded or conditions & housing too difficult or witnessing prohibited & so on. There's no use going to a country where you cannot witness or at least litness undercover.

       IF WE COULD LIVE FOR TWO YEARS IN A TIGHT CLOSED FRANCO-SPAIN & CONTINUE TO WITNESS DAILY & volubly sometimes all day long just sitting in a restaurant talking to people or in the park or by the sea on a bench & still witness & win souls & keep busy for the Lord & FFing for Jesus, so can you! You don't have to go to an open country where you can openly litness on the street; we spent two years in Franco-Spain constantly witnessing & getting fruit that still remains, PG!


       IF YOU HAVE ANY SECRETARIAL OR OFFICE OR PHOTOGRAPHIC OR PRINTING OR EDITORIAL TALENT OR EVEN PROVISIONING OR DRIVING OR MAINTENANCE OR MECHANICAL TALENTS we have some openings is WS Units for the right folks. But please remember that because these are strictly selah undercover Units they cannot be large families. You must be single or a mated couple without children in order to apply. Send your application with as much information on your talents & experience as possible along with some good clear close-up portrait shots of yourself & mate, if you have one. Thanks! GBY&MYAB! We're sure if you want to serve the Lord, He's got a place for you even though it may not be with a WS Unit. The world is your parish!


              PLEASE, IF YOU FOLKS IN THE STATES HEAR OR SEE ANYTHING OF THIS NEW ELECTRONIC TYPEWRITER, newly produced by SONY & first marketed in September in the U.S., please let us know. Get us the information, the address, the price, & all the descriptive lit that you possibly can regarding this brand new revolutionary office equipment, as we in our major moves of WS Units are now considering re-vamping our present office equipment since most of it will have to be left behind & it is already old & becoming obsolete & we'd like to convert to some of this new, lighter, simpler, easier-to-use electronic equipment when we re-purchase equipment on the other side or down under.

       PLEASE LET US KNOW ABOUT ANY NEW TYPE OF ELECTRONIC OFFICE EQUIPMENT, RECORDING EQUIPMENT, PRINTING EQUIPMENT, anything we could use in the Lord's Work, particularly in our WS Pubs Units & office units. You computer technicians & experts in the States, please visit your local office equipment stores & see if the new TYPECORDERS have come in from SONY. We have been unable to locate any available anywhere else in the world, not even from SONY. We have been unable to locate any available anywhere else in the world, not even from SONY itself in Japan. They are not marketing the anywhere else until they have done a trial marketing in the USA first. So you'll be the first to get'm let's be the first to grab'm! We believe they are the answer to many of our office needs in smaller, lighter, faster, more efficient & more mobile office equipment. Thanks! GBY! We'll be hoping to hear from you soon on this. Please go down to your nearest office equipment store today or tomorrow & find out if they have'm already & send us some lit & prices & addresses. If not, find out when they're coming in & let us know. Thanks & GBY!


       IF YOU FOUND THAT YOUR PAL VIDEO CASSETTE PLAYER ONLY SHOWS THE PICTURE ON YOUR TV & NOT THE SOUND BECAUSE THE SOUND FREQUENCY IS NOT MATCHED WITH THE SOUND ON YOUR TV as explained in the Latest News Flashes, No. 8, Item 21 in Mag 41, we have recently discovered a very simple new solution! Hallelujah! We have found that you can play the sound from your PAL Video Recorder through almost any tape recorder--probably yours--simply by connecting a normal patch cord from your "earphone out" plug on your video to the "microphone in" plug in on your tape recorder. Then use any small speaker amp plugged into your "earphone out" on the tape recorder. Then press your record button on the tape recorder & the sound from your video recorder will be heard through your small speaker amplifier.

       WE KNOW SPECIFICALLY THAT THIS WILL WORK BY USING THE OLYMPUS PEARLCORDER AMP SPEAKER UNIT MODEL SP2 WITH A PEARLCORDER TAPE RECORDER, & the same combination should work with any tape recorder & small amplified speaker such as a telephone amplifier. It makes a very good sound source for your video viewing & its greatest advantage is its small size & light weight as a combination. Both the tape recorder & the speaker amplifier being only pocket size as in the case of this Olympus Pearlcorder combination, dimensions 13 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm, & weight 600 grams. So all you'll need is your video cassette recorder player & a compatible TV which can give you a colored picture from your video plus these 2 pocket-size units, audio recorder & amplified speaker, & you can roll any VHS VCR video tape & enjoy both color picture & beautiful sound. Try it! You'll love it!

       THIS IS PARTICULARLY HELPFUL WITH PAL TVs OF A DIFFERENT SOUND FREQUENCY THAN OUR FAMILY TAPES. Just remember it must be a PAL TV of one of the PAL types, even though the sound is of a different frequency which you can then get out of your video by this simple method along with the picture on your TV. PTL! "All things are possible to him that believeth & receiveth & acteth upon it" & God sometimes gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat!


       A FAMILY LEADER WRITES THAT IN ENTERING SOME PLACES WITH CONSIDERABLE LUGGAGE, LIKE PUERTO RICO, SOME HAVE HAD ROUGH EXPERIENCES DUE TO SO MANY STAMPS IN THEIR PASSPORTS. They were searched thoroughly until they confessed they were missionaries, then they let them pass without any further problems. He says, "My first such experience was also due to having so many stamps on my passport as well as wearing 'Earth Shoes' which customs later told me were used by drug smugglers. It was several years ago & I finally had to tell them I was a missionary, then they let me go after having very completely first checked my luggage. Since then I have come into Puerto Rico four or five other times without any delay whatsoever except the normal routine check, TTL. Several times I even brought in large quantities of luggage including an IBM typewriter & never had any problems or was ever asked any heavy questions. I believe the main thing that has drawn a bit of suspicion is a too well-traveled passport with too many stamps which is too often true of drug traffickers. But once I have told them I am a missionary they are generally friendly anyway. Of course other places may be different." This may only apply to people re-entering the States or its territories. It might actually mitigate against you in entering some countries who figure they already have enough religion & missionaries.

       PLEASE, WILL ALL FAMILY MEMBERS REPORT TO US YOUR EXPERIENCES IN CROSSING BORDERS WHERE YOU HAVE HAD ANY PARTICULAR TROUBLES & describe what it was & what caused or seemed to cause it so that we can warn others. And of course, if you've had a particularly wonderful miraculous experience, & can write a thrilling encouraging testimony all about it--how you managed the impossible or God did-please write that too for the encouragement of others!


       IF ANYBODY HAS ANY QUESTIONS about anything we say or print in these LNFs or in any part of the Mag, please don't be afraid to mention it. It could be a mistake or misprint or typographical error. We were absolutely shocked to find that Notice No. 10 in the LNFs in Mag 41 said that every English Home in the world should send their Reports to WIM. We could hardly believe our eyes when it was called to our attention & we don't know how this ever slipped by us!

       ENGLISH LANGUAGE HOMES ARE NOT ALL SUPPOSED TO REPORT TO WIM but to your own local CRO of your area, except for those who are already reporting to WIM. In fact, we are now going to request that all English Language Homes of North America & Europe only (except Iberia) report to WIM. All other English Language Homes continue to report as you have been, to the CRO of your area, & English Language Homes outside of North America & Europe who have been reporting to WIM will be notified where else to report October 1st. Thanks!



       SOME HOMES HAVE WRITTEN US RECENTLY ABOUT THEIR MWM TAPES GETTING HELD UP IN CUSTOMS & the high customs tax that they have had to pay, especially in the Latin American countries. The problem seems to be most common in Mexico, Brasil & Central America, where the majority of our returned tapes come from. These countries are poor & some of them have tremendous inflation, so their import duties & customs taxes are usually quite high--they are trying to raise all the money they can by taxing what they consider non-essential imports! Some charge fees of $5 or more per tape--or what the tape would have cost if you'd bought it in their country!

       WE'RE VERY SORRY FOR THE DIFFICULTIES YOU'VE BEEN HAVING IN GETTING YOUR TAPES THROUGH CUSTOMS! And we've been doing all we can to help you: Each package of tapes we send has a very low value written on it, of only $1 per tape, & is clearly marked as a "gift" on the customs sticker. And we lay hands on each batch of tapes we mail & pray that they'll reach you quickly, safely & with no problems. If your mail is lost for some reason or stolen in the mail we try to replace it if at all possible.

       WE ALSO WANTED TO OFFER SOME SUGGESTIONS ON OBTAINING YOUR MAILINGS-& if you have any ideas please let us know, so that we can share them with all. First of all, when you receive notice in your P.O. box that you have a package at customs, try to pick it up as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the higher the storage and handling fees will be. The tapes may be returned if you don't claim them within a certain time period. If the customs official requests an exorbitant amount, you might try explaining to him that the tapes are gifts, sent to you regularly by your family. They are not commercial tapes & are not sold or even available in the stores!

       REMEMBER TO NOTIFY YOUR REPORTING OFFICE IN PLENTY OF TIME IF YOU PLAN TO MOVE! Customs will not generally forward your tapes, but will send them straight back to us! We send regular mailings to each faithfully tithing, reporting Home & if you have constant problems with your mail please inquire via your Reporting Office first. The problem may be with your recent move, report delayed in the mail, etc.

       SO PLEASE KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS & REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR THE MAIL--our life-line to you! Thanks so much! We love you! With much love, Your MWM Family


       FAMILY, PLEASE PREPARE FOR CHRISTMAS EARLY with any additional or special Christmas lists, cards, provisioning, special outreaches or shows or programs, & particularly in notifying your friends, loved ones & relatives & home of your exact address in plenty of time to give them the gentle hint to get off a box to you well ahead of time as it'll take some time to get to you, including specifying the times that you need on your field which they could supply, particularly "do re mi" in nice small light airmail envelopes, your almost most useful Christmas gifts, telling them specifically how they should send either parcels or money thru the mail to best reach you safely.

       PG! THANK YOU & GBY & THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION to all of these very important matters which we make the subject of these urgent notices in the Latest News Flashes. Sincerely, lovingly & gratefully yours in His Service, Your own M&M.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family