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COMMENTS OF MCV SHOW 5!--By Father David       DFO 1048       11/8/81
--Hurry! It's late!--& watch out!

       1. IT SEEMS TO US THAT IN A "MUSICA CON VIDA", "MUSIC WITH LIFE" PROGRAM, THAT FOLKS ARE EXPECTING VERY LIVELY MUSIC & they're expecting of course only music, since it's entitled a music show. Therefore it seems like there was a little bit too much talk & too sobering a song "Peace in the Midst of Storm" in the first part of the show. We felt that that particular song & that little final introductory talk would have made a good clincher at the end of the show. It would've been a good sobering windup for the whole show.

       2. FOR "MUSICA CON VIDA," A LIVELY MUSIC SHOW, THAT WAS A BIT EARLY IN THE SHOW TO HAVE SUCH A SOBERING THOUGHT of so many words & such a sobering song. It's a beautiful song & excellent thought, but I believe you should try to put your more serious thoughts & songs more toward the end of your show as you final clincher & sort of windup, drawing in the net so to speak, almost baring the hook at the end rather than at the very beginning of the show.

       3. FOR THIS SAME REASON WE'VE HAD TO TELL SIMON PETER ON MWM that we've decided we've got to go back to the old original format of nearly all music & just a few little short quotes thrown in here & there & not try to squeeze in a whole 2-minute Daily Might reading into one half-hour show. It's just a little too much talk for a music show.

       4. ALSO, AFTER ABOUT THEIR FIRST 40 SHOWS AT MWM WE BEGAN TO GET A LITTLE LAX ABOUT ALLOWING THEM TO COME ON A LITTLE STRONGER RELIGIOUSLY with a little bit more religious talk & more mention of Jesus, until at the end of one of the last shows Simon even invites them to ask Jesus into their hearts! As a result of being too religious we have lost some stations & we lost his primary station Sri Lanka, at least the two free shows they were giving us, because they said it was getting too religious.

       5. I CAN UNDERSTAND HOW THE STATIONS FEEL. We come on selling them a supposedly non-religious all-music show with just a little meditational thought here or there, & all of a sudden we're really comin' on strong preachin' the Gospel right on the air & giving invitations & talking about Jesus & it truly begins to sound like a religious Gospel program instead of a more general young people's music show.

       6. SO WE'VE HAD TO TELL SIMON TO SOFT-PEDDLE THE RELIGION ON THE PUBLIC RADIO SHOW & try to avoid mentioning the name of Jesus especially, which would be especially offensive in areas of other religious--in the Orient, for example, where they don't accept Him or at least He's not accepted by their Oriental religions--and could quickly & easily offend the station & its hearers by our getting a bit religious & preaching Jesus sectarianism on a show that's being given free public service time in a country of another religion.

       7. SO I'VE HAD TO TELL DEAR SIMON PETER WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO OUR PREACHIN' THROUGH THE MAIL on the follow-up of those who write in rather than to the general public on the radio show itself where there may be many who may be offended & where the station itself would be offended.

       8. WE'RE CONCERNED THAT THE SHOW IS GETTING TOO RELIGIOUS FOR THE STATIONS TO GIVE FREE TIME TO IT. Nearly all religious shows throughout the World are known as commercial religion. Most stations won't give them free time because most of them beg for money & beg for addresses & beg for response & are trying to make money on the show & therefore naturally the stations want to charge them for the time.

       9. WHEREAS WE'RE OFFERING FREE AS A PUBLIC SERVICE A FREE MUSIC SHOW, SUPPOSEDLY ALL MUSIC & NON-SECTARIAN even non-religious with just a little inspirational music & an inspirational meditation or quote here or there. So if we get to preachin' & preaching Jesus too loud & strong & sounding too religious we're gonna lose stations instead of gaining them.

       10. SO FOR THE SAKE OF BEING ABLE TO GET THE HOOK IN LATER THROUGH THE MAIL we have come again to the conclusion as we did in the beginning that we are going to have to soft-peddle religion & amplify the music & try to keep from sounding sectarian or like a Gospel religious show.

       11. AS WE TOLD SIMON PETER IN THE BEGINNING, WE FEEL IT'S ALL RIGHT TO PERHAPS MENTION GOD ONCE IN AWHILE & especially good to keep talking about love. Because when you're talking about love you're talking about the Lord even though the people may not realise it, & that's our bait, that music with a little inspirational thought about love & loving one another.

       12. I BEGAN TO BE LEERY ABOUT IT WHEN SIMON OR SOME OF THIS GUESTS FIRST BEGAN TO EVEN MENTION GOD OR THE LORD. That was quite a risky step on our part & obviously it hasn't worked because we have offended some & lost some stations as a result. So the advice that I'm giving him & I'm now also giving you is that I believe we should try to avoid the mention of God or Jesus on the show itself & leave our preaching for the mail.

       13. LET'S KEEP THE SHOW AS OUR BAIT TO CAUSE THE FISH TO NIBBLE BY WRITING IN so that when they write in then we can start giving the hook after they've swallowed the bait & not just bare the hook publicly before all on the shows. Thus we scare the fish away completely & they don't even write in at all & we have no further chance to contact them or follow them up at all & we may even lose a station & a lot of listeners because we've shown our hand too soon & bared the hook too early & publicly on the radio instead of in a Mail Ministry follow-up. So I'd try to tone down anything that sounds too religious.

       14. NOW IN YOUR MUSIC & YOUR SONGS YOU CAN COME OUT PRETTY STRONG; especially if it's modern music, modern youthful music, & it doesn't sound like church or hymns I think you could come out pretty strong on some of those & in a veiled way you can give the message; it's there if they can sense it & if they can detect it.

       15. PEOPLE WILL STAND A LOT MORE IN THE MUSIC ITSELF RATHER THAN IN THE TALK. The music tickles their ears & soothes their hearts & the music can soothe the savage beast so that they're willing to take it in the music. As much as we love the Lord & want to preach Him & can, I think we should avoid religion & mention of God & Jesus Christ, etc., we really have to restrain ourselves to avoid it.

       16. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TRY TO AVOID IT & AVOID SOUNDING TOO RELIGIOUS ON THESE SHOWS, ESPECIALLY IN THESE EARLY SHOWS until we really get'm hooked & addicted & a grip on the station & the audience. They're going to be listening carefully to these first few shows and combing it with a fine-toothed comb to see if there's anything they don't like, & are apt to kick you off real quick before you even get started if they are offended by something, too much religion, too much mention of God, Jesus, etc.

       17. SO LET'S TRY TO KEEP IT AS MUCH MUSIC AS POSSIBLE, AS LITTLE TALK AS POSSIBLE & AS LITTLE RELIGION AS POSSIBLE. As I say, you can talk about love, you can talk about inspiration & medication & consideration & compassion & all kinds of other things, hinting at God & hinting at the spiritual things without coming right out flat & saying "God" or "Jesus" or "Gospel," etc.

       18. IF MCV IS GOING TO MAKE A HIT ON SPANISH RADIO IN SPANISH YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL in these first few shows that you don't bait the hook too thinly or expose the hook before the fish has really taken a bite, or you're going to scare them away. So we thought even Faithy's little song might have been a bit too strong there in the early part of the show too where she mentions the name of Jesus in so many languages. That little song, "I'm So Happy Because Jesus Saved My Soul!"

       19. IT'S A REAL SWEET SONG, FAITHY, & I LOVE THE WAY YOU SING IT & it's really precious & especially in all those languages, so well done. But I really think we should maybe pull it off this particular show & save it for later after we've got'm pretty well hooked & a good audience & the station convinced. By the time you get to number 30 or 40 shows they might be able to take it. I think that that's making it a little bit too religious & too much of Jesus on a public service show that's supposed to be non-sectarian & non-religious & nearly all music.

       20. I THINK YOU'D BETTER PULL FAITH'S SONG OFF ALTOGETHER BECAUSE I THINK IT'S A BIT TOO STRONG THIS EARLY IN THE PROGRAMMING, & watch your step on any further mention of God or Jesus outright or any kind of religious commentary. For this reason I think that any sizable portions of Daily Might or anything like that would be out of character particularly this early in your programming in your early shows.

       21. YOU CAN DO WHAT SIMON ALWAYS DID FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF MWM, HE USED TO MAKE LITTLE TINY SHORT POIGNANT QUOTES, very brief, maybe just a sentence, just a thought to leave with them as they would be listening to the next song, & these were very appropriate & well-received, not too strong but nevertheless thoughtful & inspirational. Just a very short quote, just a few words, a phrase, a sentence & not much more.

       22. HE USED LOTS OF MO QUOTES & LOTS OF EVEN SOMETIMES SCRIPTURE QUOTES BUT IN SUCH A WAY AS NOT TO BE OFFENSIVE & not to sound too religious or too much Bible or too much MO. So we believe you're going to have to do that if you're going to get stations & not just get'm but hold'm, & if you're going to get listeners & hold them. Your religious approach, your Gospel & your preaching of the Lord & His love are going to have to be confined more to your follow-up Mail Ministry to those who write in as a result of your bait on the show.

       23. THE SHOW & ITS MUSIC YOU MUST REMEMBER DO NOT NECESSARILY HAVE TO GIVE THE WHOLE MESSAGE; you're going to be able to follow it up with those who are really interested enough to write in. You're going to be able to follow it up with your Mail Ministry, & then you can begin to softly soften them up with the real message. So let's try to avoid any specific religious references as much as possible.

       24. YOU CAN TALK ABOUT LOVE AND EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH LOVE & PEACE & FREEDOM, ETC. I wouldn't even say too much about freedom in some of those Latin American countries; they may consider that you're taking a poke at the government or something, so watch that too. You just have to walk very softly and tread very lightly particularly in these first few shows which they're going to be really listening to carefully.

       25. THEY'RE BEGINNING TO TRY TO FIGURE YOU OUT & WHAT YOU'RE UP TO & JUST WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT, & you don't want to let'm know too soon before you've had a chance to get their name & address in the mail & reach them with the Mail Ministry. You just do not want to scare away the fish by baring the hook before thy even nibble. So please watch it, OK?

       26. OTHERWISE THE SHOW WAS VERY GOOD! I wouldn't say that it was quite up to your first few shows, it seemed to be a little bit slower, the music not quite so lively. Of course, whenever I think of Spanish music I think of really lively music. The Spanish are a very lively emotional fiery temperament & it seems everything they do they do with a gusto & an olé & bravo & bravado!

       27. WHEN YOU'RE HEARING A SPANISH SHOW & SPANISH MUSIC IN SPANISH YOU'RE REALLY EXPECTING SOMETHING PRETTY LIVE & LIVELY, & in a way that is what they think the name of the show means, "Music with Life." Probably their first interpretation of that is that it's of that is that it's lively music, & not that you really have a secret meaning, that it's music with salvation, eternal life. That's your secret interpretation but you don't want to come right out flat with it & make it too obvious, particularly here in the beginning, your first few shows.

       28. SO I'D SAY KEEP ON KEEPING IT LIVELY! You had several good lively numbers on this one but it just did seem a little bit slower than your other shows which really were bombs, they exploded! So don't let up, don't slow down! In this kind of work you just can't relax. In a ministry like this on radio you've really gotta make it move & you've really gotta inspire'm & you've really gotta carry'm with you and sweep along like a tidal wave or you're going to leave some of them behind. Or you're going to peter out like the wave that never made a crest & just never quite made it so that you couldn't quite get on it to do your surfing.

       29. YOU NEED TO GET THAT WAVE REALLY MOVING & GET ONE THAT'S REALLY GOING TO ROLL in order to really get up there & ride it! So get it lively! Keep it moving & keep it on fire, really inspired & inspiring & you'll inspire your audience too! You'll set them on fire as well! But if you yourself are not on fire & the show's not very fiery & there's not enough enthusiasm & fire & life, if it gets a bit draggy you're going to leave a lot of folks behind or they're going to turn over to some other station.

       30. IT'S VERY EASY TO TURN YOU OFF & TURN SOMEBODY ELSE ON ON RADIO. You don't have a captive audience. They can leave you at the flip of a switch, at the turn of a knob, so you have really got to have it & deliver it & get ahold of them & grip'm & hand on tight & keep it going that way, keep'm ridin' on the crest of that wave & pull'm along with you or you're going to lose'm! So keep it jumpin'!

       31. I DON'T MEAN BY THAT YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE HARD ROCK & ROCK-'N'-ROLL, ETC., ALTHOUGH THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH A LITTLE ROCK-'N'-ROLL. I like it myself, especially to dance to. I don't like that screaming-mimi hard-rock stuff straight out of the jungle with all its discordant noise & its demonic sounds, but I guess I'm an old fogey & I'm still rather fond of the old-fashioned rock-n'-roll like Elvis Presley & I like some of those cute numbers Jeremy does imitating him & I think on this type of show it's very fitting to have some of those.

       32. DON'T GET TOO RELIGIOUS NOW, DON'T GET SO INTERESTED IN PREACHING THE GOSPEL THAT YOU FORGET THAT THIS IS NOT EXACTLY A MEDIUM IN WHICH WE'RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO PREACH TOO MUCH GOSPEL ON THE AIR, on the show itself, if we're going to get it on the stations free! Otherwise if you start preachin' so much Gospel they might want to charge you for the privilege & make you pay for it, or get off as they have done to us Sri Lanka.

       33. I THINK WE STILL HAVE AHOLD OF THE SO-CALLED COMMERCIAL SHOW WHERE WE'RE PAYING FOR THE TIME THERE, but even that's been a bit in doubt since in got so religious & the new program director there seems to be anti-Christian, anti-Christ & was trying to kick us off the air completely! The fact that we pay for the time is about the only thing that's kept us on.

       34. WELL, WE DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO START PAYIN' FOR OUR TIME OR WE'LL NEVER MAKE IT. The Lord has given us time free on hundreds of stations & for years & we want to keep it that way. Because if we go commercial, well, we'll never make it, we just can't afford to. Time is too costly. Except perhaps on a few little podunk stations out in the boonies it might not be very expensive & in some cases like that if they won't put us on nay other way & if you have the money or somebody's got the money or some king or queen or sponsor or friend has the money & wants to pay for the time & they won't let'm on any other way, well they okay, let'm go ahead & pay for it as long as it doesn't cost them too much.

       35. BUT EVEN THAT'S RISKY IN CASE ANY OTHER STATION IS RUNNING YOU FREE & HEARS THAT YOU'RE PAYING FOR TIME SOMEPLACE, they're apt to drop you like a hot potato & say, "OK, pay us too or out you go! Why should we be giving you the time free when you're paying for it on another station!" So paying for it on any station is a risky business, as we found out with Fred's show.

       36. WHEN SOME OF HIS STATIONS FOUND OUT THAT HE PAID FOR THE TIME AT THE POINT OF ORIGIN--the original show was made commercially on commercial television & radio for which he paid for the time & the original production--we had to do some fast talkin' to explain it to the stations who were giving the time free.

       37. WE TRIED TO EXPLAIN TO THEM, "WELL, YOU KNOW IT COSTS MONEY TO PRODUCE THE SHOW & this station is more or less producing original shows for us at cost just to help, to just more or less pay for the cost of production so that we can offer it to you free."

       38. I FAST-TALKED QUITE A FEW OF THEM INTO BEING PACIFIED OVER THAT BIT OF A RUB when they discovered that his Los Angeles station was charging him for the time & he was paying for it. But I do believe we probably lost a few stations over that when they discovered that he was paying for the time commercially on the station of origin.

       39. SO THEREFORE IT'S DANGEROUS TO GET A COMMERCIAL REPUTATION OF ANY KIND & to be discovered to be paying for time on some station while you're asking for free time on others. Those that donate you the free public service time are apt to be a bit offended that you're not paying them for the time, especially since you do give a pretty strong appeal for write-ins & membership & offers & with an obvious intention of follow-up for some reason, with some motive, & of course their first thought is that you're gonna not only preach the Gospel to those that write in buy you're going to beg for money.

       40. I REALISE THAT WE GIVE AWAY A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN WE RECEIVE ON THE RADIO. In fact, what we receive in the way of gifts for membership fees from our radio audience in one month's time in the mail would hardly even pay for one show or even one performer, much less our whole radio series & all of its artists & performers & the thousands of dollars of expense which it costs us for example at MWM, a program which costs us well over $10,000 a month just to produce, including all the expenses & living expenses, etc.

       41. WHEREAS WE'RE ONLY RECEIVING JUST A VERY LITTLE, SOMETIMES NOT MORE THAN A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS THROUGH THE MAIL or the radio audience response. A few times because of gifts from the Family we have almost paid expenses but it's been rare. We have not even paid for the costs of the tapes we've sent out much less for the expenses of about 200 MCV, MWM, MCM, MM Family members, the artists & all of their hard work & the equipment & the tapes & all the rest.

       42. SO OUR ACTUAL INCOME FROM THE ACTUAL SHOW OR RADIO AUDIENCE THEMSELVES IS A MERE PITTANCE compared to the tremendous expense of production, equipment, tapes, living expenses, postal expenses, office expenses & all the rest, as you're soon going to find out. Which is why we're trying to give you an extra lot of help here in the beginning which even MWM did not get in the beginning & did it all on their own, GB'm!

       43. WE'RE TRYING TO WORK FAST NOW BECAUSE THE HOUR'S LATE & we must work the works of Him that sent us while it is yet day, for the night is very soon coming when no man can work! (Jn.9:4.) So we're trying to give you an extra big boost & a quick send-off so you can produce rapidly & get'm out there quick before it's too late & before those doors close & those countries close & those hearts close & we've missed the boat.

       44. TIME IS SHORT, THE DAYS ARE EVIL & IT'S GETTING SHORTER & MORE EVIL ALL THE TIME! So we need to get those shows out as fast as we can while there's still time & still open countries & open stations & open hearts, for we are really on short time. This is our last chance to reach the World through their own medium, our last chance to reach many people we cannot & will never reach any other way except by radio or video and television.

       45. SO WE WANT YOU THERE AT MCV AS WELL AS ALL YOU OTHERS TO KEEP PUSHING & REALISE THAT WE ARE UNDER PRESSURE OF THE SHORTNESS OF THE DAYS and the shortness of the opportunities and how long they're going to last, particularly as our enemies get wind of what we're doing & start getting busy & trying to get us kicked off of stations by revealing to the stations who we are & what we are, which is what they've already done to some stations including the Sri Lanka station.

       46. SOME BETTER ENEMY FINALLY WENT TO WORK & POISONED THEIR MINDS AGAINST US & told them who we really are, you know, one of those hated sects!--"One of the most hated if not the most hated & the most dangerous"--so that they're seriously considering kicking us off the station entirely, even from the time for which we pay them good money.

       47. SO WE'VE GOT TO MAKE OUR ATTACK SWIFT & GET A FOOT IN THE DOOR & A FEW WORDS IN QUICKLY & at least a few programs, get a few listeners & a few responses & reap a few fields by radio & hope that we can get as many write-ins as possible in a field of those who are interested so as to get a listener's base we can contact by mail or even personal visits of roving minstrel teams like they do in India before we lose the stations.

       48. I'M NOT BEING PESSIMISTIC, I'M JUST BEING FRANK & REALISTIC, & that is, sooner or later the Lord allows our enemies to catch up with us as He has in almost every country and almost every city when we have really saturated the place with the Gospel & everybody's heard, or nearly everybody, or had a chance or received our lit or heard our radio show & have had an opportunity to respond.

       49. GOD DOESN'T WANT US TO WASTE TOO MUCH TIME IN ANY ONE PLACE AND KEEP DIGGING IN THE SAME FIELD & keep trying to grow fruit in a hard worn-out soil. Finally after the popularity & riding the crest of the wave & having a good reaping & contacting almost everybody who the Lord knows is going to follow, He doesn't allow us to just dilly-dally around too long afterward, just gleaning a little here & there in the corners.

       50. HE USUALLY AROUSES THE WOLVES & THE ENEMY UP AGAINST US SO THAT IT GETS US CHASED OUT TO NEW FIELDS, richer fields, more fertile fields, hungrier fields, more receptive & responsive fields where we have not saturated them so much with seed & where they deserve to hear also. So don't be surprised in the long run after the Lord's let us get on some of these places that we'll eventually lose them.

       51. THIS WE FOUND OUT IN MY WORK WITH FRED ON RADIO & TELEVISION, although I booked him on 1100 radio stations & over 300 TV stations, sad to say we eventually lost most of them; partly because it got too religious & he made too strong financial appeals, that was one of the biggest rubs.

       52. HE GOT TO BEGGING FOR MONEY ON A PUBLIC SERVICE SHOW & THEY JUST WON'T STAND FOR THAT, & too strong appeals for responses & constant flashing of his address on an envelope that was a little too obvious he was begging for money & begging for financial response, & the stations who were giving him the time free finally got fed up with it & most of them kicked him off!

       53. HE ALSO MISSED THE BOAT IN NOT GOING COLOUR ON TELEVISION WHEN COLOUR WAS FIRST COMING IN. I advised him to be one of the colour pioneers & he would reap a lot of stations in the early days when it was hard for them to get colour shows. But he said, "Oh, it costs too much money & it's doesn't pay enough" & blah, blah.

       54. I SAID, "FRED, REMEMBER WHAT I'M TELLING YOU, YOU'D BETTER HURRY UP & BE A COLOUR PIONEER & PUT THAT SHOW IN COLOUR! I can get it on almost every TV station in the country right now if you'd go colour. But if you wait too long there are going to be too many colour programs & colour shows available, they won't have any problem getting somebody to replace you, and, if you don't go colour today"--I said just in these very words--"you're going to be the forgotten man tomorrow!"

       55.--AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED! He refused to go colour & as new colour shows began to come on the market, including lots of good colour religious shows put out by the Lutherans & the Baptists & whatnot, they began to replace "Church in the Home" with these other shows & he eventually lost most, if not nearly all, of his stations including his radio stations.

       56. A LOT OF THEM WERE JUST GOBBLING UP HIS BIG 7-INCH REEL, 400-FOOT TAPES & NOT EVEN PLAYING THEM ON THE RADIO, just finding him a nice free source of free tape that they used for other purposes. In other words, they erased his stuff & just put their own stuff on it & got free tape without even programming the show, & we don't want that to happen to us either!

       57. YOU'VE GOT TO KEEP THAT MUSIC SO GOOD THAT IT WOULD HURT'M TO ERASE IT! As long as you keep that show so good they just can't resist it & they've just got to play it & their audience loves it & they get a good audience response & it becomes really popular & the audience insists on it & demands & wants it & writes in & says so, they're going to keep you on!

       58. BUT THE MINUTE YOU GET TOO RELIGIOUS, too much Jesus, to much God, too much Gospel, "too much talking about religion" is the way they put it, they're gonna say, "Well, we don't want it, you can have it, it's too hot for me!"--& they'll drop you. We can be thankful they've even let us know that they have stopped programming so we can stop sending them those free tapes, especially if our enemies get through to them.

       59. SO FAR I'M AMAZED AT HOW WELL WE'VE GOTTEN BY WITHOUT OUR ENEMIES RECOGNISING THE SHOW & TIPPING OFF THE STATIONS whose music they're playing!--Because a lot of them I'm sure would drop us like a hot potato if they found out whose show it actually was, & maybe a few have already done that. Have you heard?

       60. I'M SURE THE MORE POPULAR WE BECOME ESPECIALLY IN THE UNITED STATES & the more we come on strong on radio & become more well-known all the time, sooner or later our enemies are going to recognise us & tip off the station & that's going to be the end of that show on that station.

       61. SO WHAT I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU IS WE'VE GOTTA WORK FAST BEFORE THEY FIND IT OUT! We've got to get our foot in the door & talk fast & sell hard, well, really soft-sell in order to get a good response & reap the territory or the area of the station quickly with listener response & write-in response so we can get their names & addresses so we can follow them up forever afterward by mail no matter what the station does with the show!

       62. SO LET'S GET WITH IT & GET ON IT & GO, FOLKS, BECAUSE WE HAVEN'T GOT MUCH TIME & you can't fiddle around too long prettying up the studio or your housing or your pool or whatever. You've got to take care of things & make things decent, but you need to really get on the ball & get with that recording an get those shows out & get'm out fast before it's too late, or we're going to miss our golden opportunity!

       63. SO GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE TERRIFIC SHOWS YOU'VE ALREADY PRODUCED & MAY THE LORD HELP YOU TO PRODUCE A LOT MORE JUST AS BEAUTIFUL & even more beautiful & just as lively as some of those first ones you produced that were so lively & full of good swinging music you had us up & dancing too! That's the kind of shows that are going to catch on & the kind of shows the radio stations are going to like & your audience is going to respond to & they're going to want more, more, more!

       64. SO GIVE IT TO'M! SOCK IT TO'M WHILE YOU HAVE A CHANCE! Record those shows & get'm out as fast as you can or you may be too late!--Particularly if our enemies get wind of what we're doing & start warning the stations against receiving the show. So be on the ball & get busy & do your best & as fast as you can before it's too late, "because the night cometh when no man can work"! We have the opportunity now but His Spirit will not always strive with man & you won't always have that opportunity.

       65. THE DOORS ARE OPEN WIDE NOW, MANY HEARTS & COUNTRIES ARE OPEN WIDE IF YOU'LL GET IN THERE FAST & REALLY SOCK IT TO'M with that good bait without exposing your hook too soon, & I believe we're going to get a tremendous opening in the Spanish-speaking countries, tremendous response, tremendous open door!

       66. I BELIEVE WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A TREMENDOUS COVERAGE & AUDIENCE, at least the Lord will give it to us, God willing, long enough to be able to get enough audience response to be able to follow it up with the hook & the Word & the full Message to give those folks a chance to receive Him before it's too late, if we get with it now & go!

       67. YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME AND THIS OPPORTUNITY IS NOT GOING TO LAST FOREVER! I told MWM that a long time ago. We're booming right now on a lot of stations in quite a few areas but of course there are still areas which we've hardly even touched! I don't know what's the matter with some of the Family members that they haven't gotten on the ball & gotten in there & really pitched & sold & booked! GHU!

       68. SOME OF YOU NEED TO GET BUSY & GET OUT THERE & SELL MWM, MCV & MCM! GET IT ON THOSE STATIONS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! You've really got to get out there & hard-sell & soft-sell or sell any way you can! I don't mean selling for money but I mean salesmanship, to really book it & get it on those stations as fast as you can before it's too late! GBY! Keep'm rolling!--AMEN?

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