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UNDERGROUND NIGHTMARE!--By Father David       GP1052       13/9/81
--The Rats were the Lucky Ones!
--Not for weak stomachs or children.

       1. THE RATS WERE THE LUCKY ONES! They, along with the few stray dogs & cats as well as a few human beings, were apparently caught deep underground when the bombs fell on the surface above. The rats, dogs & cats, apparently living & lurking in underground passages, subways, storm drains, sewers, etc., had been spared from the blast & fearful heat & radiation on the surface, & therefore many were still alive.

       2. HOWEVER, I WAS SURPRISED BY HOW FEW HUMAN BEINGS WERE AROUND in this huge underground parking lot which I was creeping through, instead of the all-Hell-let-loose chaos, confusion & noise usually depicted in most motion pictures as an aftermath of the bomb. Instead, there was a deathly silence, an eerie uncanny silence broken only by the scurrying of the rats, the running, fighting dogs & cats & the shuffling about of a very few humans still left who apparently had been underground themselves when the bombs fell. The awful silence was only broken occasionally by the flurry of footsteps now & then of another human being hiding & running through the huge auto garage.

       3. WE SEEMED TO BE AFRAID OF EACH OTHER, & what few of us there were left were sort of sneaking around behind the cars & running across the open spaces trying to make our way somewhere, I don't know exactly where. Now & then there were a few growls & snarls & dog fights over the surprisingly few dead bodies lying on the pavement--at least I hope they were dead!--Because the dogs & the cats & the rats were feasting on'm!

       4. THERE WERE A FEW CAT FIGHTS & THAT AWFUL SOUND OF THE SCURRYING OF A PACK OF RATS across the pavement when frightened away from some body on which they had been feasting by some larger animal such as the cats & the dogs, or possibly even other humans! Evidently the few able humans who had managed to survive had already got in their cars & left, & only those who'd received a fatal dose of radiation above on their way down to their cars were still with us, mostly dead, sick & dying, either lying on the pavement of the garage or in their cars where they had tried to leave but too late.

       5. I WAS REALLY SURPRISED HOW FEW IN NUMBER WE WERE, because apparently the bombs had done their work thoroughly upstairs & very few had escaped the blasts or the hellfire--furnace--heat or the fatal radiation. I suppose the bombs had not been aimed directly at the city, else nothing would have escaped, even those deep underground would've been baked like in an oven!

       6. I PRESUME THE BOMBS WERE AIMED AT NEARBY STRATEGIC MILITARY, INDUSTRIAL & MISSILE TARGETS, & therefore the city had only partially felt the blast above & the sun-like furnace-like heat & radiation which a few either already underground or on their way underground had managed to escape, or at least partially escape some managing to still be able to drive their cars out, where I don't know.

       7. OTHERS HAD MANAGED TO REACH THEIR CARS but had keeled over in the seats dying from the radiation sickness, while still others had simply slumped to the pavements overcome by the dose of radiation they had received near the surface. It must've been already sometime after the blast above, because the survivors were already hungry & breaking into cars & their trunks trying to find food.

       8. I NOTICED A NUMBER OF CAMPERS which had been parked down there, the pickup-type camp cars, had already been broken into & cleaned out of whatever food they contained. People seemed to know that of course camping vehicles would contain food.

       9. I WAS SURPRISED AT THE RATHER WELL-PRESERVED CONDITION OF SOME OF THE BODIES despite the devouring dogs & cats & rats & humans! But suddenly it occurred to me that these bodies were they who had received such a heavy does of radiation above that the radiation had actually killed all germs & bacteria present within their bodies which otherwise would have caused decay, & the meat had been fairly preserved by irradiation! How long that would last I don't know.

       10. HOW LONG THE DOGS, CATS, & DOOMED HUMANS FEEDING ON THESE RADIATION-COOKED BODIES WOULD LAST as they ingested the radioactive flesh itself I don't know. But it seemed to be a sort of dot-eat-dog existence, & everyone was doing their best to try to survive somehow, including the cats & the rats & the dogs!

       11. STRANGELY ENOUGH WE ALL SEEMED TO BE MAKING OUR WAY IN A CERTAIN DIRECTION. I presume it was in the direction of the exit of this enormous underground parking lot which seemed almost endless as it stretched on & on with thousands of silent empty cars of those who'd perished above. I was very thankful that it did, since we didn't have to go the surface until some considerable distance from the city.

       12. BUT WE FINALLY CAME OUT AT A RIVER, a very very muddy river, & it dawned on me that probably the bottom had been churned up by one of the bombs. For some reason I knew that this river was the U.S. border & on the other side was Canada, & everyone seemed to be making their way toward Canada the best they could, having evidently heard that there was food there & a better chance of survival. There had not been as huge a holocaust or as horrible destruction in that great vast Canadian Northland, so there was still edible food there, still many survivors & still some chance at life amongst those still living.

       13. THE LAST I REMEMBER IN THE DREAM was that along with a few others we were exploring the bank of the river trying to find some way to get across, as evidently the bridges had collapsed from the bombs, & the roads & streets were in a state of chaos filled with the debris & rubble of the collapsed buildings. As I made my way along the bank of the river looking for some way to cross, horrified by memories of the scenes that I had left behind, I suddenly woke up!

       14. THEY'RE A RATHER UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE, this one almost sickening! I started to say that I hate to tell them, but that's not true because I know that it's necessary, that they're given to me for a reason & a warning to warn you people to get out of the U.S. before it's too late & before you have to experience such a horrific experience as I did in this dream!

       15. EVEN IF THE RELATION OF THIS DREAM SAVES EVEN ONE OF YOU from such a horrible end or survival, it's worth it all! So that's it!--What need I more say? The rats were the lucky ones! Will you be so blessed or cursed for surviving such a holocaust? Why take such a dangerous hazardous chance of being one of the very few survivors who will have to fight for your life in such horrible conditions, & for what?

       16. BETTER TO DIE FOR SOMETHING THAN DIE FOR NOTHING!--Or better yet, better to live for something than die for nothing! We've often said before regarding the service of the Lord & its dangers, it's better to die for something than live for nothing. But in this case it's better to live for something, than die for nothing!

       17. WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE, & go where you can continue your ministry of love for others for the Lord for years to come? Since the Antichrist is to arise soon, the atomic war is to come even sooner! Why wait for it, why wait till the last minute & take a chance that you won't make it?

       18. WHY WAIT TILL THE BORDERS & THE GATES ARE CLOSED & America builds its own "Berlin Wall" to try to prevent its citizens from escaping? Why wait till they cancel your passports & make it impossible for you to take your funds with you & you can no longer get transportation abroad? Why wait until there's no way out but up?

       19. WHY WILL YE DIE, O ISRAEL? Why not escape now while you still can, & join God's forces in the lands of the living who will still be living after the war has come & gone? Why wait until it's too late? Better to die now trying than to die in such an underground hell or an above-ground nightmare! Why even hope to survive where only the rats are the lucky ones?

       20. "WHY WILL YE DIE, O JERUSALEM?" Escape now & live a useful life in the lands of the living far away from the millions now living that are already dead! Behold, now is the day of your salvation! Tomorrow will be too late!

       21. (PROPHECY:) "HEAR O ISRAEL, THE LORDS OUR GODS ARE ONE GOD! WHY WILL YE NOT OBEY? America, O America thou backsliding daughter, how long go ye limping between two opinions? If God be God then serve Him! If Baal be God then serve him! As for me & my house we will serve the Lord!--Not in the graves of the dead, but in the lands of the living!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PG! God bless & help you to follow before it's too late.

       22. REMEMBER, I HAVE WARNED YOU TIME & AGAIN! I have delivered my soul, your blood will not be on my hands, but on your own! God is not to blame, He will not be to blame. It is you who have chosen to live amongst the dying & to die with them!

       23. VERILY THE RATS WILL BE THE LUCKY ONES, & YOU YOURSELVES WILL LIVE LIKE RATS! Why don't you come now before it's too late? Come, live or--even die--with the living, till Jesus comes! TYJ! In Jesus' name, Amen? GBAKY in His will!--Come TODAY!--Tomorrow may be too late!--Love,--D.

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