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A TALE OF THREE FAMILIES!--When 4 - 2 + 2 = 4!       DFO 1056       22/9/81
--By Father David

       [EDITED: "HomeARC note: The current Charter articulates the Family's principles, policies and attitudes regarding marriage, divorce, parents and their children."]

       1. WELL, PTL! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING DREAM I HAD THIS MORNING! I woke up from it immediately about eight o'clock, so thrilled & excited with it, because it was just like watching a movie & such an interesting story! I could hear the conversation & everything between these husbands & wives, etc.

       2. IT'S SUCH A LIKELY SITUATION, probably true in many of our families, & such a shocking solution that the Lord gave in this dream, that I'm sure He must be trying to encourage some of you with the answer to your problem of how to get out of the cold North into the warm sunny South! PTL! Especially those in divided families where the mates just can't seem to agree on what to do or how to do it or whether to do it at all or not.

       3. I WAS LISTENING TO THIS DEVOTED COUPLE of a family with several children in their Home discussing these other who couples that they had apparently just returned from fellowship with at their local LAF, & as a husband & wife will so often do after a visit, discuss the people that they have been visiting.

       4. THE WIFE WAS SAYING WHAT A WONDERFUL HUSBAND THIS ONE MAN WAS & what good care he took of the children & how much help he was in the Home, would come home from a hard day's work at a System job & help his wife take care of the children, do the dishes & was so interested in teaching & training the children, reading the Bible & singing with them & trying to teach them to sing & witness. He was such a sweet wonderful man & so dedicated to the Lord & his precious children & was wanting so much to get out into the Lord's service.

       5. BUT HIS WIFE WAS A REAL DRAG & VERY SELFISH. She wasn't really a bit interested in going back to the field again, evidently having once been there & gotten tired of it or fed up or couldn't take it & came home. And he'd gotten stuck in a System job & the whole Family in a System rut. But it seemed about all she was interested in was just doing what little she absolutely had to take care of her family, & was spending most of her time during the day after a little house cleaning, just reading magazines & watching television.

       6. AFTER SHOOING THE KIDS OFF TO SCHOOL & GETTING RID OF THEM, it seemed like about all she wanted to do was just sort of dump any work or responsibilities she could get rid of either on the school or the church or her husband--shoo'm off to Sunday School Sunday morning, shoo'm off to school on week days, shoo'm off to playground or whatever on Saturday.

       7. HER POOR HUSBAND SEEMED TO BE THE ONLY ONE REALLY INTERESTED IN REALLY TRYING TO TEACH THEM ABOUT THE LORD & His Word & to sing & witness. He would faithfully take the children out witnessing & litnessing on Saturdays & weekends or sometimes in the evenings in his spare time, while she wasn't the least big interested, or seemed hardly interested in either their spiritual training or service for the Lord.

       8. SHE HAD EVIDENTLY GIVEN UP ALL IDEAS OF SERVING THE LORD or having her family serve the Lord, & was only interested selfishly in things & her home & furniture & bric-a-brac & even local club meetings with Worldly women & card games. She'd just gotten sucked back in entirely to the pit & the mire & the vomit of this World, because apparently her heart was not really what it should have been in the first place, & evidently she's the one who had more or less dragged her husband home from the field along with her children.

       9. ALREADY SOME OF THE OLDER CHILDREN WERE BEGINNING TO BE A LITTLE LIKE HER as they got to be teenagers--selfish & only interested in themselves & play, having fun & hobnobbing with the other Worldly teenagers while the husband was struggling along doing his best trying to correct them & put them in the right channel & train the younger children. But as so often happens in families like that, when the parents are so divided, the children too become divided & some follow the Worldly parent & others follow the Godly one. So PTL! The devoted couple were discussing their visit with the other two couples & were discussing all of these aspects of their relationship.

       10. THESE TWO THAT I WAS WATCHING IN THE MOVIE, IN THE DREAM, WERE BOTH APPARENTLY VERY DEDICATED, a very precious couple who were preparing to leave the dangerous North & go to the Southern fields as soon as possible & were making all their preparations accordingly--training their children, trying to learn something of the language, saving up their fare & their support, getting rid of System junk & putting their mobile home & vehicles, etc., up for sale, already having obeyed & hit the road as much as they could at least on weekends, though he had had to have this System job himself.

       11. THEY WERE THOROUGHLY DEDICATED TO THE LORD & His Service & His Word & were teaching & training their children & already singing on the streets & witnessing & litnessing & being fruitful & really doing as much as they could on the home field as they prepared for the foreign field.

       12. THEN THEY WERE ALSO DISCUSSING THE OTHER COUPLE IN WHICH THE POSITIONS WERE JUST REVERSED--the mother was very dedicated & a sweet & precious Christian, really struggling hard to train her children in the Word & in His service & singing & going out litnessing & witnessing alone without the husband who was not the least bit interested it seemed.

       13. ALL HE CARED ABOUT WAS HIS SYSTEM JOB & coming home, plunking down before the TV with a newspaper & his beer & his smoke & had completely gone back on the Lord, totally backslidden, totally cold, worse than cold, practically frozen, little or no help to her with the children, to where she was practically frazzled with so much work to do to take care of them!

       14. WHEN HE CAME HOME HE GAVE HER NO HELP WHATSOEVER, he just plunked down & did nothing & demanded supper & chased the children out of the room so they wouldn't bother him, & had gone back completely on the Lord--totally selfish, totally self-centered, cold, hard, unfeeling & cruel toward her. He was just a real rotter & the wife a real saint, whereas in the other family it was the wife who was the bitch & the husband who was the real saint.

       15. AND THIS TOTALLY DEDICATED YOUNG COUPLE, both of whom really loved the Lord--the consecrated, dedicated, whole-hearted, 110%ers who were talking discussing these other two families--were saying what a problem it was when only one of the parents in each case really wanted to serve the Lord & was really sincere & really dedicated & really sacrificial & working so hard to carry more than their share of the family burden, particularly the training & spiritual instruction of the children & leading & guiding them in the Lord's service & out witnessing & litnessing, etc., having to go alone because the other parent wasn't interested & preferred to just stay home selfishly & go about their own pursuits.

       16. THE DEDICATED PARENTS THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT WERE BOTH OF THEM SUCH WONDERFUL PEOPLE, & this couple who were talking seemed to be a very wonderful couple too, very dedicated, & it was just like I was watching them talk! I don't know whether this has happened anywhere; maybe I was actually watching some of you who had just come back from a LAF meeting where you were fellowshipping with the other two Homes, it seemed in one of their homes, & trying to have some fellowship.

       17. YOU WERE DISCUSSING HOW DIFFICULT IT WAS TO HAVE FELLOWSHIP WITH SPLIT COUPLES like that & really almost already broken homes, because one was spiritual & the other was not; one was interested in God's Word & training the children, the other was not; one was interested in serving the Lord & teaching his or her children to serve the Lord, while the other one was not; one parent wanted to take the children & leave the country & go to the field, whereas the other one did not.

       18. WHEN SUDDENLY THE WIFE OF THIS VERY DEDICATED COUPLE--maybe we can call them the united couple--the wife of this united dedicated couple who were discussing the other two divided couples just came up suddenly with a comment almost, it seemed, by inspiration! She exclaimed, "Oh my, wouldn't it be wonderful if So-&-so"--& she mentioned the name of the dedicated man of the one couple--"& So-&-so"--& then she mentioned the name of the dedicated mother of the other couple--"if they could just get it together & break loose from those ungodly mates [DELETED] & take the children [EDITED: "who want to go with them"] & take off & get away from those ungodly mates & just leave'm behind!

       19. "HOW MUCH BETTER OFF THEY WOULD BE, & HOW WONDERFULLY THEY WOULD WORK TOGETHER & GET IT TOGETHER! What a wonderful team combination that they would make, the two dedicated parents of these other two couples--especially with all their children or as many of them as [DELETED] want to go with them. If they could only break loose from their ungodly undedicated unconsecrated unspiritual mates!"

       20. AND THE MAN OF THIS UNITED COUPLE SPOKE UP & SAID, "OH, THAT'S A GREAT IDEA! That's terrific! If we could just somehow split'm up & encourage those two dedicated parents to get it together & salvage what children they can & [EDITED: "go"] to the field!" And the woman said, "Yes, but they could just never do it on their own, they just can't do it alone. They might be able to get it together, but they really need help. We really ought to help them!

       21. "WE OUGHT TO PUT A BUG IN THEIR EAR & GIVE THEM THE IDEA & tell them that they really do need to maybe give their ungodly mate a final chance & a final ultimatum & notice that either they're going to straighten out & repent & come back to the Lord & His service & leave with them, or they're going to leave without them![DELETED]"

       22. OH YES, ONE THING THAT HAD BROUGHT THIS ABOUT, at the LAF the three young couples were fellowshipping together, & the dedicated couple were suggesting that it would be nice if they would sort of really share in love while they were together for their weekend LAF Fellowship. The united dedicated couple had made the suggestion that they could have a real come-union & share sexually with each other amongst different partners from their usual mates in order to have really "one wife" fellowship & really get to know each other more intimately & personally.

       23. WELL, WHEN THE UNITED COUPLE HAD MADE THIS SUGGESTION AT THE LAF, the two dedicated parents, one in each family, the man & the woman, had immediately responded enthusiastically: "Oh, yes, let's do!" Whereas the two undedicated had been real duds & seemed to be very opposed to the whole idea. But they seemed to finally agree when the two ungodly Worldly undedicated parents sort of gave each other the eye & decided maybe it might be a little interesting variety for them to get together. They were both very Worldly & very unspiritual & they saw in each other what they liked--the unspiritual, the ungodly, the Worldly counterpart.

       24. SO THEY FINALLY SOMEWHAT RELUCTANTLY AGREED TO HAVING A COME-UNION, providing that it could be arranged that way, that the two ungodly parents would get it together, & their two Godly mates would each share with one of the Godly parents. So the wife of the united couple shared with the Godly husband of one of the disunited couples, & the husband of the united couple shared with the Godly wife of the other disunited couple.

       25. BOTH OF THEM THEN HAD COME BACK WITH THE REPORT that each of these Godly parents of the divided families had expressed to them what a disappointment it was & how brokenhearted they were that they were not united in their Home & had intimately shared their burden & their heartache about their lack of spiritual fellowship, their lack of united family, their mate's lack of a desire to serve the Lord or even train the children or live a Godly life at all, much less forsake all & follow the Lord to the field again. They had each shared separately, individually, privately in the bed of love those intimate secrets about their own troubled home life, pouring out their hearts to sympathetic ears.

       26. SO THAT WHEN THE UNITED COUPLE GOT BACK TOGETHER IN THEIR OWN HOME in this picture that I was watching discussing it, they were so amazed & thrilled how each had said the same thing, that they wished there was some way that their mate would repent & get right with the Lord & united with them in worshipping the Lord & training the children & serving the Lord & even forsaking all to go to the field. But each opposing mate seemed to be absolutely impossible, unmovable, & just stubborn & rebellious & disobedient & not the least bit interested in serving the Lord or in training the children or forsaking all to go to a foreign field of service.

       27. SO WHEN THIS UNITED COUPLE GOT HOME & WERE DISCUSSING IT THEY WERE SAYING, "WHAT A WONDERFUL MATCH THEY WOULD MAKE! What a wonderful pair they would make if the two Godly parents of these two more or less broken Homes could get it together & salvage as many of the children as they could--as many as they could either persuade to go with'm or get away with--that they would make a perfect pair & a beautiful united Home & a wonderful united spirit & an excellent team to serve the Lord together if somehow they could just get'm together!"

       28. SO THE UNITED DEDICATED FAMILY WHO WERE FORSAKING-ALL PREPARING TO GO TO THE FIELD GOT SO THRILLED & EXCITED & enthusiastic about discussing how they were going to try to approach these two Godly parents of the other two families & suggest this idea to them, & if all else failed & it just seemed like their home situations were totally impossible & irreconcilable, that the solution was for them to get together, one from each Home--the dedicated husband of the one home & the saintly wife of the other to get it together & salvage as many children as they could [EDITED: "and go"]!

       29. THE ALREADY UNITED COUPLE HELP THEM IN EVERY WAY THEY COULD[DELETED]! And in the one case there were at least a couple of older teenagers who were already getting as wicked as their mother, in the family where the mother was the wicked, ungodly, Worldly one & leading the children astray.

       30. BUT THEY WOULD AT LEAST TRY TO SALVAGE THE CHILDREN THAT THEY FELT WERE WILLING & SPIRITUAL & wanted to go with each Godly parent. Each Godly parent would take what children they felt was best or could, & who wanted to go with them, & just simply [EDITED: "go"] together with whatever remnant of their own families of children they could salvage--with the help of this other very Godly dedicated pair who were already serving the Lord & preparing to go to the field.

       31. AS OFTEN THE DEAR WIFE WILL BEG & PLEAD & PERSUADE HER HUSBAND, & the woman was saying to her husband, "Honey, they just can't make it without us! We've just got to help them! We've got to suggest it & we've just got to suggest that they get it together, give up on the old ones that just don't want to serve the Lord & don't want to train the children in His Word & in His service & don't want to forsake all & go to the field, just give up on'm & leave them behind so that they themselves could get it together in the Lord's service with their own children!"

       32. YOU SAY, WELL, WAIT A MINUTE, DAD! Doesn't that violate the rule that if the ungodly, the unsaved, or the unbelieving brother or sister be pleased to dwell with thee, not to abandon them or not forsake'm but let them dwell with you & maybe you could win'm? (1Co.7:12.) Well, I would say when it comes to the point that you've dwelt with them so long & tried to win'm & still can't win'm & they get worse & more rebellious & even violent with the children & you, & more wicked & more Worldly & more sinful & more involved in Worldly habits & pastimes & wastes of time & the things of this World & further & further from the Lord, I would say they've already departed from you in spirit from the Lord!

       33. JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE LIVING IN THE SAME HOUSE TOGETHER DOESN'T REALLY MEAN A THING! They've forsaken you spiritually & in heart & in mind, & in some cases even in body, not even interested in getting it together sexually any more, because if you don't really love someone it's hard to share with them physically & especially in the right spirit, without real love or united hearts.
       34. SO I WOULD SAY THAT SUCH AN UNGODLY DIVIDED PAIR IS UNEQUALLY YOKED WITH AN UNBELIEVER, & God's Word says, "Be ye not unequally yoked with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath Christ with Belial, & light with darkness" & so on. He says, "Come ye out from among them, ye My people, & be not partakers of their sins!"--And especially when you see it influencing your children! (2Co.6:14-17.)

       35. I THINK IT'S A TERRIBLE THING, AN AGONISING THING for a parent to have to suffer to watch the other parent lead their own children astray & into their own wickedness & selfishness & Worldliness & coldness & out of fellowship from the Lord & out of His service! I think it's one of the most tragic things about some of the families who have gone back, usually led by one or the other parent who have insisted on it & the Godly parent has gone along, followed, for the sake of the children.

       36. RATHER THAN BREAK UP THE HOME & LOSE HIS OR HER INFLUENCE OVER THE CHILDREN ENTIRELY, they've gone ahead & followed the stubborn, rebellious, & recalcitrant mate home from the field into the Worldly homeland & its luxury & ease & soft life & selfish living, just to try to keep the family together long enough to save the children, try to salvage them if they can.

       37. BUT I WOKE UP ENTHUSED & THRILLED & EXCITED WITH THE IDEA, BECAUSE I THOUGHT, "THAT'S THE ANSWER FOR SO MANY HOMES, particularly Homes who have gone home to North America or back home to Europe from the field! It's usually one or the other parent who is to blame. And so often one parent is just simply trying to keep ahold of the children, trying to salvage the marriage, hoping against hope that somehow the other mate will repent & get right with God & finally see things God's way so that they can salvage their home & salvage their marriage, save their marriage & save their children for the Lord & His service."

       38. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, AFTER MONTHS & MONTHS & SOMETIMES A YEAR OR TWO OR MORE AT HOME AGAIN in the luxurious System North of the Western World, if you haven't solved the problem by that time & it's gone on for months & into years, & either he or she rather than repenting has gotten even worse & more Worldly & into Worldly habits & totally selfish living, almost totally anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-Word, anti-service, anti-spiritual fellowship & it has become more of a constant fight between you & your mate to try to save the marriage & the family & the children for the Lord, I would say that in many of your cases, that mate has already forsaken you in his or her heart, as well as perhaps even in body, certainly in mind in his leading the children astray, destroying the effectiveness of your own service & spiritual life, & interfering with the training of the children, hindering their service & yours for the Lord.

       39. SO THAT, HAVING GIVEN THEM TIME & PATIENCE TO REPENT, as it says regarding the heretics in the Bible, "Him that is an heretic after the first & second admonition reject!" (Tit.3:10.) If you have discussed it many times with your wife or your husband, you have begged with them & pled with them & prayed with them & worked with them & done your best to try to win them back to the Lord & His service & to leading the children aright in the way they should go, the time comes when I think it's time to give up on them before they lead the whole family astray & destroy your usefulness & destroy your service for the Lord.

       40. I THINK IT'S TIME THAT YOUR MATE, HAVING ACTUALLY ALREADY LEFT YOU IN MIND & SPIRIT & IN FELLOWSHIP & even bodily in many cases, it's time for you to count them as having forsaken you & departing from you, & as an heretic after many warnings, & time for them to be cast out of the Home! [EDITED: "Or"] leave that increasingly ungodly, wicked, selfish, pleasure-loving, luxury-loving home & its ungodliness & its wrangling & fighting & raring & tearing & terrible differences & terrible arguments, some even getting to the point of yelling & screaming at each other before the children!

       41. IT'S MUCH WORSE ON YOUR CHILDREN THAN IF YOU WOULD JUST TAKE THE CHILDREN & GO, at least they'd have one united parent rather than two totally disunited, fighting, scrapping, screaming, horribly, differing parents, totally ununited, disunited, totally separated, divided, departing & forsaking each other because of this terrible spiritual difference--one really loving & wanting to serve the Lord & the other not.

       42. I THINK IN SUCH A CASE--& WE HAVE HAD MANY SUCH CASES--IT'S FAR BETTER FOR THE UNLOVING UNGODLY PARENT TO LEAVE THE HOME & leave the family than to continue to be a drag & a burden & a rotten apple & a handicap & drag the whole family down & maybe even the local Fellowship down, part of the army down, & be a constant burden & drag & cause disunity in not only the home but amongst local Homes.

       43. SUCH BACKSLIDERS ARE ALWAYS VOICING THEIR DOUBTS & THEIR OPINIONS & THEIR DIFFERENCES & their criticisms & always running down leadership & speaking against the Lord & His Word & against leadership & against everything that's going on. They can't stand the way they had the LAF & they don't like who they chose as the DAS & they don't know why they have to show those videos.

       44. THEY'RE ALWAYS CRITICISING THE ORGANISATION: "Well, why didn't they put me on the Committee & how come they elected him?" They're just a constant drain & drag & separatist, critic, doubter, a real traitor to the army & a real treasonable situation to the Local Family Fellowships. I think it's better to get rid of'm, & if you can't get rid of'm, if you can't persuade them to leave, then you're going to have to leave them. [DELETED]

       45. AS I SAW SO CLEARLY IN THIS DREAM THIS MORNING, you mates who cannot possibly bring your husband or wife to repentance & they simply refuse to change, refuse to repent, refuse to have a turnaround or U-turn, metanoia, change of mind & heart & confess & repent & get right & humble before the Lord, yield to His will & His service & His Word, the best thing for you to do is break it up!

       46. IT'S NOT A UNION, IT'S NOT A MARRIAGE, IT'S NOT SOMETHING THAT GOD HAS PUT TOGETHER, OBVIOUSLY! Husband & wife are supposed to become one flesh, yes, that's true, & whom God hath put together let not man put asunder. But if it has become quite obvious that God did not put you together--somebody else put you together or you put yourselves together & you absolutely do not fit--then I think it's time to try to break it up & go your own way, & if possible have an amicable settlement between you, perhaps divide even the children if you have to. Let the ungodly ones go with the ungodly parent & let the Godly ones go with the Godly parent, perhaps even give the children their choice.

       47. IT'S A HEARTBREAKING THING TO DO, it's a home-breaking thing to do, it's a terrible thing to have to do, but it's much worse to continue on in such terrible contention & dissension & argument & difference of opinion & difference of spirit & difference of goal & desires & differences in methods of training the children, differences in your desire to serve the Lord or litness or witness or forsake-all & go to the field.

       48. I THINK IT'S FAR BETTER FOR THE GODLY PARENT TO JUST COUNT IT THAT THE OTHER ONE HAS OBVIOUSLY CHOSEN HER WAY or made his bed & he might as well lie in it--& somewhere else!--You pick up & take off with what children you can & go where God wants you to go, & be what God wants you to be, & train your children in the way that God wants them to be trained, & go to His field of service!

       49. AND OF COURSE THE VERY BEST SITUATION OF ALL IS OF YOU CAN FIND PERHAPS ANOTHER PARENT of the opposite sex who is in the same boat & wants to leave his or her mate & take what children they can salvage from an already broken divided home. "A house divided against itself cannot stand" anyhow (Mt.12:25), so the quicker you get out of it the better. The quicker you salvage yourself & what children you can for the Lord & His service, the better!

       50. AND IF YOU CAN FIND ANOTHER PARENT LIKE YOU OF THE OPPOSITE SEX WHO WOULD LIKE TO JOIN YOU in your great escape from such a situation, & from the cold, hard fields of the soon-to-be-destroyed North & flee together Southward, what a wonderful situation that could be! What a much better home life for your children you could offer with united parents united in love & the Lord & His Word & His service & His field! What a team you could make!

       51. WE'VE HAD THIS HAPPEN IN MANY CASES IN THE FAMILY, & I consider this revelation from the Lord this morning as a confirmation. Sometimes I've wondered about it & been a little doubtful in some cases, that it was just the person themself wanting to have a change, a little variety or just gotten tired of each other & wanted something different, new flesh, new situation, fresh scenery, & they just wanted to break it up just for the sake of variety. I don't think that's sufficient excuse, especially where the children are concerned.

       52. BUT WHEN YOU SEE THAT YOUR DIFFERENCE IN SPIRITUALLY & GODLINESS & training & the Word & goals & God's service has become absolutely intolerable & irreconcilable & that you can see that it's hurting both you & your children as well as your example to other families, as well as God's Work & the service that you know you should be performing & your own goals & ministry for the Lord & for others, then I think it's time to let him or her go.

       53. YOU SEE THAT IT IS DOING MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD TRYING TO KEEP YOUR FAMILY TOGETHER & SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE & that the situation is an absolutely seemingly insoluble division between you & your mate & even affecting the children, between an ungodly mate who doesn't want to serve the Lord & is rebellious & Worldly & even wicked & has gone back so far on the Lord & so backslidden that they are not even interested any more. As we have said, they become darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God until finally they're just past feeling, they don't even feel like it any more! (Eph.4:18,19.)

       54. WE'VE HAD MOTHERS WHO HAVE FORSAKEN THEIR HUSBANDS ON THE FIELD FOR SOME OTHER MAN--I'm thinking of one particular case right now--just through pure lust of the flesh & desire for new flesh & variety, but not in any way, shape or form for the glory of God or for the sake of the children, & of course it has resulted in the long run in disaster & only a broken home!

       55. I KNOW ONE CASE WHERE THE WIFE ACTUALLY LED HER HUSBAND OUT OF GOD'S WORK, out of the field, back home, back to a Worldly System job of mere mechanical construction work, etc., she herself leading him completely away from the Lord & out of God's service, back into Worldly System habits, bad habits--smoking & drinking & everything--& totally out of God's service & away from the Lord.

       56. SHE HAD COMPLETELY GONE BACK TO THE WORLD & BACK TO THE DEVIL, & back to the System & had dragged him & the children completely away from his great field of service that he'd had before & great ministry that he'd had before, & gotten him totally out of the victory, totally out of God's service, totally out of his field, & totally out of the Spirit & back into the Devil's own pit! And she was laughing like a devil herself about it that she'd actually succeeded in stealing him away from the Lord & God's work!
       57. WELL, THANK GOD, DUE TO THE FAITHFULNESS OF ANOTHER YOUNG COUPLE THAT SAW THE DISASTROUS RESULTS & knew the situation & really loved the Lord & got desperate in prayer about them--particularly about him, considering her a totally hopeless case and worthless & impossible--they got in touch with the husband & they offered him their help to run away & make his escape back from the slimepit & from the husks of the hog pen back to the father's house, back to God's service & back into fellowship with the Family, & thank God he did!

       58. NOW HE IS BECOMING ONE OF THE LEADERS IN HIS FIELD & thrilled, happy & very busy serving the Lord, being a tremendous even Worldwide blessing! And the Lord has given him another [DELETED] mate that he virtually won to the Lord himself & somebody that could stand beside him & encourage him & lift him up instead of always beating him down. Thank the Lord for finding new mates for some of these poor folks who have suffered so long at the hands of so many ungodly mates!

       59. THE LORD CAN DO IT FOR YOU! Pray! Get desperate! Ask the Lord for the solution! And if your mate seems to be an absolutely totally irresponsible impossible situation, unregenerate, irreconcilable, unrepentant, totally gone back until they have completely become darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God & past feeling, then there's no hopes for them. They will no doubt die in their sins, or God will punish them, even if they were saved or claim to be saved. God can deal with them!

       60. IF YOU'VE DEALT WITH THEM ALL YOU CAN & THERE'S BEEN NO RESULTS, it seems like you just simply cannot win them over, then I think it's time to let them go. They've already departed in heart, mind & soul, they might as well depart in body, & some already have--they won't sleep with you any more, won't have sex with you any more, won't love you any more. It's nothing but fighting & wrangling & disputing & arguing & differing before the poor children who have to suffer this terrible difference between mother & father which really sometimes even makes them cry & breaks their heart, sometimes the mothers & fathers even fighting, coming to blows & getting even violent with the children!

       61. WHEN ONE PARENT OR THE OTHER LETS THE DEVIL IN, THEN THERE'S HELL TO PAY!--& it can really damage the children both physically & spiritually. And I think in such a case it's better to give it up & give him or her up & forsake them & [EDITED: "get"] what kids you can & go & pray that God will find you a new mate as dedicated to the Lord as you are & as loving & concerned about children as you are.

       62. PERHAPS YOU WILL BE THE ANSWER TO HIS OR HER PRAYER TO UNITE TOGETHER to rear your children together from both families in the Lord's service together, in His chosen field together & in fellowship with the Family together & in fellowship with the Lord & His Word together, working together, loving together, teaming together, training together, uniting together & witnessing together, litnessing together, winning together & escaping together to the field of God's choice where "one can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight!" (Deut.32:30.) And with a family of your children added together, it can be tens of thousands that the Lord can help you to win for Him!

       63. SO THIS WAS A THRILLING, MOST INTERESTING DREAM that I had this morning, just like I was watching & listening to the young couple who'd come home from the LAF--in this case it had been a real laugh for sure because there wasn't much real genuine spiritual fellowship to it, except amongst the four parents who were Godly but not with the other two.

       64. MAYBE GOD IN HIS MERCY WILL ALLOW THE UNGODLY ONES TO GET TOGETHER & GO TO HELL TOGETHER or live in their Hell together, they deserve each other! But certainly the Godly ones deserve each other as well, & those children certainly deserve good, decent, God-fearing, God-training, Word-training, God-serving parents rather than the horrible, disunited, divided, wrecked home that they had lived in before! So PTL!

       65. AND THE SECRET OF IT WAS, THE THING WHICH SEEMED TO BE SUCH A REVELATION that the young Godly couple got at the end of the dream just before I woke up was "We've got to help them! We've got to help them make their escape from each of their mates & get it together with their children & leave & go on to the field! They'll never make it unless we help them!"

       66. NOW THERE ARE MANY BROKEN HOMES LIKE THAT WITH SINGLE PARENTS LIKE THAT--even if they're still living together they're single in the Lord. Thank God they are!--Single-minded & single-eyed! The Lord says a lot about that in His Word, just read it! Single-hearted, of one heart, & if your mate or wife or husband are not that way, then it's far better for you to be single, with what children you can save for the Lord's service. (Mt.6:22-24.)

       67. LET ME TELL YOU, YOU'LL NOT BE SINGLE LONG! For one thing, you have the Lord, & another, you've got the Family & fellowship & you're serving in a great team together, & I'm sure the Lord will soon fine you someone else, perhaps another mate like yourself who's had to leave her husband with her children to serve the Lord, or the husband has had to leave his wicked wife & salvage what children he could & forsake all to serve the Lord. How much more united in heart and in work and in service and in family and in training the children you'll be when you are both of one heart, one mind, one soul, one family, one body, one goal, one service for Jesus! Hallelujah? TYJ! PTL! TYL!

       68. LORD, IN JESUS' NAME, HELP THESE COUPLES THAT ARE SO BROKEN & THE HOME ALREADY SO DIVIDED & broken that it just seems totally impossible to ever be healed or united again. The one mate has gone back so far that they've become darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God, past feeling, cold, hard, bitter, even cruel & violent in some cases, & so gone that they're more of a damage & detriment to the children & to the family & to the Godly mate than is good for them. In which case it's better to break it up, better for the other one to go & better to save what they can from such a hellish home that's not a Home of love or a home of hearts, but just a home of disheartening disunited hatefulness & disunity!

       69. LORD HELP THEM, IN JESUS' NAME, & HELP OTHERS TO HELP THEM! That was the secret, Lord, of this dream that we had, that it took others outside of their home, other couples of other families, of our family & our fellowship to encourage them & to help them & persuade them to break loose, shake loose, give it up & get out & go for God & save what children they can & to help unite them with some other single parent such as that where they can unite together in heart & mind & body & family & service.--In Jesus' name we ask it for Thy glory. Amen. TYJ! PTL!

       70. AMEN, GBY! DO YOU KNOW OF SUCH A COUPLE where you might be able to help save one of the parents & some of the children? Or are you perhaps a member of such a couple & you need to be saved, you need to be helped, you need help & you know it, you just haven't been able to solve your situation? Why don't you ask for help?

       71. ASK THE LORD & ASK US, ASK THE FAMILY, ASK OTHER DEDICATED COUPLES that you know are forsaking-all & preparing to leave. Ask them to take you & your children with them. Ask them if they know of another such parent who has got to break up their home in order to serve the Lord & go. Ask if they can help you. You need help, ask the Lord to help you. Give up on that ungodly unrepentant irreconcilable mate, take what children you can & go & ask one of our other families to help you.

       72. ASK PERHAPS SOME OTHER SINGLE MATE WITH CHILDREN WHO'S IN YOUR SAME BOAT TO HELP YOU. You surely should be able to discover some of these in your local Fellowships. You probably already discovered some of the disunited families & couples who are always arguing & fighting, never can agree on the Word or the Family or the Lord or His service or how to train the children or whether to go or stay.

       73. YOU'VE PROBABLY ALREADY SEEN THE SAD RESULTS IN SOME HOMES & some families of such disunity & disagreement & already total divorce in spirit & in mind & in family who need to come out from among them & be separate, touch no longer the unclean thing--they've become as unclean to you--& forsake that husband or forsake that wife, even if you have to forsake the children or the law won't let you take them, or he or she ran off with them.

       74. WE'VE HAD A NUMBER WHO'VE DONE THAT, SAD TO SAY, STOLEN THEIR CHILDREN, kidnapped them, taken them back to the ungodly System & the ungodly World, stolen them from their rightful mother or father. But that dear mother or father has gone on faithfully, unflinchingly, determinedly in the Lord's service, closer to the Lord than ever before, more fruitful than ever before & even happier than ever before, & the Lord has always found them another mate.

       75. IF YOU CHOOSE THE LORD & CHOOSE HIS SERVICE, GOD WILL CHOOSE SOMEONE TO HELP YOU! And you couples who know such pitiful terrible homes & know those situations, why don't you counsel with them? Maybe counsel with both of them, give the recalcitrant mate a last warning & just warn them. After they've been warned several times personally by different ones & then sometimes by two or three together as Jesus said, bring them before the whole Local Fellowship & accuse the bad mate, the ungodly one, of having caused so much trouble, & that either they're going to have to get in or get out! (Mt.18:15-17.)

       76. AND ENCOURAGE THE GOOD PARENT THAT IF THE OTHER ONE WILL NOT REPENT, to simply forsake that husband or that wife--there's plenty about that in the Bible, even children--& to go on with the Lord. You'll receive 100-fold in this life & in the World to come life eternal! He can give you 100 better mates! He can give you 100 better children, & He can certainly give you 100 better Homes & jobs & offspring for the Lord, & loving mates in the Lord, & homes on the field in the Lord!

       77. I KNOW, BECAUSE HE'S DONE IT FOR ME, & I KNOW HE CAN DO IT FOR YOU! When my mate would no longer follow me, when she fought me & opposed me & was dragging me down more than lifting me up, the Lord finally showed me that I simply had to find somebody who would encourage me & believe in me & have faith & lift me up & help lead me on the higher & better things the Lord had prepared for me, & the great tremendous ministry which the Lord has now fulfilled.

       78. THANK GOD FOR HIM SENDING ALONG THE RIGHT ONE who helped to lead me into the tremendous ministry that the Lord has given us now with you! We didn't even realise He was doing it when it first began, but the Lord knew what He was doing. We didn't know what He was doing, but He knew.

       79. MAYBE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, but if you'll just be yielded to the Lord & follow Him & forsake all, even if it be husband or wife or children, the Lord is able to find you a new mate far better than the one before & one who'll fit your new calling & ministry & life & labour & love & service for the Lord in the Family & on the field where you belong.

       80. SO FOLKS, ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER!--And particularly try to encourage these already broken homes. Encourage the good mates, the dedicated mates, the ones who really love the Lord & want to serve Him & train the children. Encourage them to try to get it together if they can. But if it just seems impossible & they absolutely can't & the bad mate is a worse influence & a bigger drag & it's doing more damage to the family & the children than good to try to keep the home together, then let's break it up, let's split it up!

       81. READ "ONE WIFE" AGAIN! (No.249.) God's in the business of breaking up homes if they're not glorifying God, if they're not serving the Lord. And all through the Word there came times when men or women of God had to [EDITED: "forsake"] their mates or their children in order to serve the Lord. Jesus Himself sanctions it in His Word when He says that "he that hath forsaken houses or lands or mother or father, brother or sister, husband or wife or children, shall receive an hundred-fold in this life & in the World to come life eternal!" (Mt.19:29.)

       82. SO DON'T BE AFRAID TO MAKE THE BREAK! If you've tried everything you can, done all you can, loved all you can, prayed all you can, reasoned all you can, tried to persuade all you can & they still will not repent, then God's Word says "let him be unto you as an heathen & an heretic" & to cast them out of the congregation. And if you can't cast them out of the home, at least you can leave home & leave them behind & you go on to serve the Lord with as many of your children as you can. (Tit.3:10.)

       83. GOD WILL FIND YOU ANOTHER MATE, A NEW MATE, A BETTER MATE, a far better mate who also loves the Lord & has paid a great price to serve Him in forsaking his or her husband or wife & maybe some of the children in order to forsake all & go to the field & serve the Lord. Maybe that's where you'll find them, maybe you'll find them on the field. Maybe it'll be someone of even that nationality & you can really become one with the country by marrying them, & that may help you to stay there to serve the Lord.
       84. THE MAIN THING IS YOU HAVE GOT TO TAKE THE STEP OF FAITH FIRST YOURSELF. You've got to believe & obey God's Word, step out by faith, forsake all, leave them behind & determine to serve the Lord at whatever the cost, whatever the price, even if you have to forsake all, both mate & children, in order to get away & serve the Lord. (And you who have already done it, write & tell us what God's done for you.)

       85. THEN GBY & GOD HELP YOU & MAY THE FAMILY HELP YOU as I saw so clearly in this beautiful dream, this one dedicated young couple helping the others to split up & the good ones to get it together with what children they could save & leave & go to the field with them. It seemed that they were planning to actually take them with them to the field. Some people will never make it any other way, they just cannot make it on their own, you're going to have to help them.

       86. SO GBY & HELP YOU TO GET IT TOGETHER IN REAL UNITY--of one mind, one heart, one spirit, one body, one wife, a real cooperative Home with two or three loving couples together--working together, travelling together, serving together, sharing together, helping together, litnessing & witnessing together & really organised together in unity serving the Lord, helping each other. There's strength in unity!--Such a strength, such a bond, such a wonderful fellowship when you're all really one in the Lord & one in His fellowship & one in His service, one in His Word! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ!--Even a threesome could be the solution!

       87. AMEN, LORD, HELP THEM TO HELP EACH OTHER, & then we know if they are determined to serve You, Lord, that You'll help them. Help them to obey even if they can't see it, to do it by faith & You'll bring it to pass. You'll find them someone else, You'll find a way, You'll find a field of service & You'll solve this immense problem of these divided homes already broken. They might as well finish the job & make a clean break & get out of it--clean away, clean for the Lord, clean up their lives, clean up their family & clean up the mess they've been in by getting out of it & into God's will, into His service. Help them, Lord, & help others to help them as we saw in this dream, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory. Amen. TYL! PYJ! Hallelujah!

       88. I WANT TO REMIND YOU OF ONE THING TOO, THAT IT WAS THE VERY CLOSE INTIMATE PHYSICAL FELLOWSHIP WHICH HELPED TO BRING THIS ABOUT in the story which we were watching in God's movie, in the dream. It was only in the bed of the love that they felt close enough to share intimately with each other these deep secrets of their heart regarding the opposite mates & their problem, their very personal problem, so that the other couple could learn of it & try to help them.

       89. SO THAT'S ANOTHER GOOD FRUIT OF ONE WIFE, one family, one body, one sharing, a united bride of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus' name, help them to do it, Lord! Bring it to pass for Thy glory & Thy service & Thy children, Thy family & the millions of others needing us around the World! In Jesus' name, amen.

       90. P.S. WELL, PTL! GBY! MARIA IS REMINDING ME THAT SOME OF THESE BROKEN HOMES ARE GOING TO NEED HELP, not only in making the break & spiritually & physically, but also financially, & of course that's all a part of it. This other young couple that I was watching discuss it were planning to help the single parents to get it together, as well as to help them make it, & my impression was they were going to invite them to come live with them & share with them & help them all together to raise their fares & their support & to make the break together, forsake-all together, unite together in raising fares & support & sharing & travelling together to the field.

       91. SO PTL!--OF COURSE THIS INCLUDES FINANCES AS MUCH AS ANYTHING ELSE. When you share, you share everything in the Lord. When you share in love you share all, you withhold nothing. So help them all you can financially as well. Share with them. Take them in with you in your home, share your transportation with them, share your support with them, help them to get their own & work together to be a united family.

       92. WHETHER YOU'RE A THREESOME OR A FOURSOME OR A SIXSOME OR WHATEVER YOU ARE, TRY TO GET IT TOGETHER so you can work together & serve the Lord together, travel together, live together, go together, forsake-all together & cooperate together on the field until you get a good start, or whatever the Lord leads. PTL! GBY! But do try to get that home support, because you're going to need it & you're certainly going to be thankful for it when you get there!

       93. NOT ALL NECESSARILY ARE ABLE TO DO IT, & SOME MANAGE TO MAKE IT ON THE FIELD ANYHOW, those of great faith. Many have already gotten there & are making it even though they weren't able to get sufficient support at home. But I'm sure the Lord will solve your problem & show you what's best for you & how to do it. "According to your faith be it done unto you." (Mt.9:29.)

       94. THAT'S ALWAYS MY ANSWER TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUCH PROBLEMS & they want to me to solve'm & tell'm what to do. I just say, "According to your faith be it done unto you!" If you've got the faith to go the field & to make it there, even if you couldn't raise enough home support before going, well, praise God, GBY, who am I to question it if the Lord does it?

       95. BUT I'M TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW, MOST OF YOU ARE GOING TO FIND IT A LOT EASIER TO DO YOUR BEST, & I think it's God's will for you to try to raise your support at home amongst the rich Northerners who can well afford it & ought to support you, & take it with you to the field where you can share it with the poor & you don't have to be a burden upon them to preach them the Gospel!

       96. PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO RAISE YOUR OWN HOME SUPPORT BEFORE YOU GO, & take it with when you go. Then faithfully keep up a Mail Ministry with your home supporters so they'll know you're really accomplishing something & a worthwhile investment. Keep those Prayer Letters going, keep those Thank-You's going, keep up your communication with your home friends & family & so they'll be inspired & encouraged to continue to support you & know that they're really getting their money's worth. Amen? PTL! GBY & help you & make you a tremendous blessing, united together, one in His love & in Family & in service, in Jesus' name, amen.
       --DO IT NOW!--Tomorrow will be too late!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family