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LATEST NEWS FLASHES       Mag 43!       October 1981       DO 1060

       1. In this Issue & the next one we have many exciting & thrilling MLs to share with you! We're packing as many as possible in these two Issues, as they contain important current information that we know you will want to receive just as soon as possible. However, because we've had to use so many pages for these very important MLs, we have had to limit our FN Pages to very few in these next Mag Issues, but we want you to know that we have very many victorious exciting articles sent in by you, all ready to print stacked up & waiting which we hope to be able to share with you as soon as possible in the coming FNs, so please continue to write in your stories & we'll get them printed as soon as possible, D.V. We have published the suggested book list in this Magazine hoping that you will receive it in time to ask your relatives & friends back home for some of the books contained therein as worthwhile Christmas gifts for their grandchildren, if you wish. Be specific about your needs & "let your requests be made known." These people who would like to give you gifts will not know exactly what you need & would appreciate some concrete ideas.--"Ask & ye shall receive!" (Jn.16:24) "Ye have not because ye ask not!" (Jas.4:2.) Amen? Merry Christmas!

       --This LNF's so late I didn't even have time for'm to type it! But I wanted to tell why the 4 Komix in the Centre Section seem divided.--Actually they're not, but each is a whole 4-page Komix on one 4-page sheet that U can lift out whole to give to your printer for pubbing for Christmas Komix for the GP!--Or even give or send as is to a friend or loved one! Just open the centre staples in the middle of the Mag, lift out the entire 32-page Centre. Section--8 four-page sheets--& you've got your 8-page TRF with it's instructions--all brand new!--You've also got 3 lovely Christmas Cards you can either use as is or reprint for your whole Christmas list of friends & loved ones!--Along with an FN page & Lost Mail Form.--Followed by the 4 whole beautiful Christmas Komix!--Savvy?--How do U like these funny fuzzy fast food fax formats by facsimile!--Sent in only a few minutes instead of weeks!--Really hot!--If U can read'm!


       Puerto Rico is now so overflowing with Family that the situation has become highly critical & even dangerous to God's work! We must now insist that for the sake of God's work & the Family that no more Family go to Puerto Rico! Period!--Unless you are officially asked to come by MCV. If you arrive at MCV without invitation, you will be refused entry & excommunicated until you leave Puerto Rico! Any new Families whatsoever arriving in Puerto Rico after December the 1st will be excommunicated until you leave & give us your new address elsewhere. The situation is that serious, we're sorry. But we cannot stand anymore Families in Puerto Rico. We already have too many there & are going to try to clear some of them out as soon as possible. All Families who can possibly make arrangements to move out of Puerto Rico now or ASAP, please do so we may have to excommunicate all of you by January 1st if you are not connected with MCV or any other World Service Units. MCV & other World Service Units will have sufficient Family in Puerto Rico to evangelise the entire island without any other Families not connected directly with World Service Units. So remember, this is urgent, it is an emergency, it is a crisis situation to protect MCV & God's work & the Family the World over! You must not go to Puerto Rico unless specifically invited in writing personally by MCV. Remember, any new Families arriving in Puerto Rico uninvited after December 1st will be excommunicated until they move out of Puerto Rico, & any non-World Service-connected or non-MCV-connected Families still in Puerto Rico after January 1st may also be excommunicated! We're very sorry to have to make this stern rule, but too many of you are taking the easy way of least resistance, cheapest, closest field of U.S. territory where you can still get U.S. benefits rather than going to much needier fields where you will not so greatly endanger both the Family as a whole & the work of the Lord. No more Families must come to Puerto Rico & those presently there not connected directly with some World Service Unit or MCV must move out by Jan. 1st or may be excommunicated! Sorry, but that's the law! Sorry, but this is an emergency! If you can't immediately go all the way to South America somewhere, then please disperse to some of the other nearby Caribbean Islands. If for some reason you must be on U.S. territory, then go to the nearby Virgin Islands. You who are British, French or Dutch can go to the many various Islands which are still British, French or Dutch & where they already speak your language. Just remember they're nearly all Black & very poor & cannot support you, so you must have home support! But if you will go to some of the richer countries of South America there is possibility there of partial support assisted by your home support. You can get very cheap flights or even provision island-boat ferry service to nearly all of these islands throughout the Caribbean as well as the adjoining Central American & Northern South American countries. If you are already in Puerto Rico please plan to leave before January 1st or we may have to excommunicate you. If you have not yet left North America, please skip the Caribbean & go directly to South America somewhere. The Caribbean is already overflowing in many places with Family, Puerto Rico is now with over 50 Families, & the Island is just not that big enough to support or hold all of you! You are actually interfering with the work of MCV & other WS Units & endangering their security. Please move now if you can & don't come later. Even Jamaica already has seven Families all in one big city! Why don't you scatter out into the other cities of the Island?--And there are scores of Islands which have no Families at all! Why not try the Bahamas or the Antilles where there's hardly anybody? Or the Dominican Republic if you speak Spanish? Or Haiti if you are Black & can speak French? There are scores of other Islands between Puerto Rico & South America who still have no Family at all & which could possibly keep at least one Family busy per Island, with very cheap transportation between them. I myself & all of our former Soul Clinic missionaries used to Island-hop throughout the Caribbean free of charge simply by going up to the boat captain & asking him if he had room on his next trip wherever he was going, & we were given free room & board while on board & taken very friendly & lovingly to our destination. Why not try it? You may love it! And if you don't like the first one, try the next one or the next one, there's scores of them right next door to each other, you could almost swim across! There are scores of Islands in the English-speaking Bahamas alone stretching out for 700 miles from the Grand Bahama to Turk Island near Dominica. There are wonderful, lovely, friendly Black people & extremely hospitable & courteous & all claiming to be Christians & good church members, but they still need to know the full love & freedom of the Lord.--Amen? At least you could have a lot of variety hopping from Island to Island & it's really lots of fun, I've done it myself & it's very interesting, exciting, beautiful & very rewarding! It's a beautiful, nice, warm, tropical area where you don't need to carry much clothes with you, just a pouch full of English lit in one hand & your fleebag in the other, so you can hop from Island to Island on those cute little island boats who almost always have room for an extra missionary, & be sure you tell'm that's what you are, for you are, & they're very good to missionaries & you'll really enjoy it. The big Island of Jamaica speaks English too you know, & most of the Caribbean knows some English. There are oodles of British Islands, former British territories, lots of French Islands & quite a few Dutch Islands as well as scads of Spanish-speaking Islands & countries surrounding the Caribbean. So why do you all want to stack up in Puerto Rico of all places, where WS has to be & you don't? Please move now, of if you're not there yet don't come at all! Remember, any Families disobeying this request & arriving in Puerto Rico after December 1st will be excommunicated until they move, & any Families remaining in Puerto Rico not connected with World Service Units may be excommunicated after January the 1st until you move & give us a new address elsewhere. That's the word with the bark on it, & we're going to stick to it until you go!--Lest you ruin the whole situation for MCV & other World Service Units which have to be there. Please don't come, or move now!--Thanks & GBY for your help in preserving MCV & our Worldwide work. If you non-World-Service-connected Families will move now before January 1st, we will see to it that you get your Mags & Lit, Pubs & tapes without the required full two-months moving notice so that you'll not miss anything. But if you insist on staying after January the 1st, no Mags or Lit or tapes or anything may be sent to any non-World-Service-connected Families in Puerto Rico, & you'll miss everything! So please move now or as soon as you can, & if you haven't yet left North America, for God's sake don't go to Puerto Rico or even the Caribbean if you can help it! We've got enough Families in Puerto Rico alone to take care of most of the Caribbean Islands! So skip the Caribbean if you can please, & go directly to somewhere else in South America & not the Caribbean if you are still in North America. Let me repeat once again, any Families arriving in Puerto Rico after December 1st in defiance of this request will be immediately excommunicated! No mailing may be sent to any non-World-Service-connected Families in Puerto Rico after January 1st, & no new Families will be sent mailings there after December 1st. So if you want to continue to get your mailings you better split quick & scatter fast & give us your new address as quickly as possible so you'll be sure not to miss any of these things that are coming hot off the press within the next couple of months as well as all these gorgeous tapes! Please clear out now as quickly as you can & give us your new address as soon as possible. Thanks! GBYACTMYAB elsewhere!


       No more private mail will be forwarded by World Service Units from now on, as of now. All World Services are being instructed immediately to return all mail directed through them to some other private party elsewhere, except for Gifts directed to specific missionaries in other fields. We are sorry but we can no longer act as your personal private individual mail forwarding service, due to both the volume of mail which these Units handle as well as the very dangerous risks involved! We recently had to close a very important World Service Unit because someone was [DELETED] using us as his address [EDITED: "with an antagonistic relative"]! We have for a long time refused to accept any registered or legal mail for anybody. But we are now going to have to refuse all mail for any private individuals for forwarding by us, except specific designated Gifts for specific missionaries in the field! Sorry but some by abusing this privilege have endangered our entire work & risked making us a party to their problems while corresponding with backsliders [DELETED] unbeknownst to us! So we cannot take chances on any more of you or anyone abusing this privilege by offering you this service, & from now on you'll have to get someone else to forward your mail for you, not World Services! We will not longer forward any mail for anyone for any purpose except designated Gifts for known missionaries or other known World Service projects. Sorry but that's it! You've had it & we almost got it! So no more! This one sad case caused us [DELETED] a lot of trouble, unnecessary trouble, & we must not have it happen again, & we will not, God helping us! If you send any further mail to any World Service Unit for forwarding to any personal private party whom we do not know, we shall have to return it to you unopened & undeliverable as addressed! So please don't waste your time nor ours nor clutter up our mailboxes with it unnecessarily. Sorry, but this one case caused us a lot of trouble. [DELETED] No more forwarding of private mail, only Gifts for specific known missionaries, World Service Units & known missionary projects.--Thank you! Please try somebody else or some other Home or some other friend whose work is not as sensitive as ours. If you can, why not try to settle your differences between your 10:36ers &/or [EDITED: "others"]. [DELETED] GBAKY--In Jesus' name! Amen.


              WE'RE IN GREAT SHAPE, THANK THE LORD! God bless you all! Greetings again in Jesus' name! According to our latest stats some of you have already moved South & others are moving South nearly everyday. PTL! GBY for your obedience & your wisdom to heed the warnings of the Lord! As you can see by the titles above in the List of Contents this is a nearly all-MO Edition with more MO Letters in this issue than ever in any single issue before, & it's amazing how many of them are warnings to get out of the dangerous North & to go South. We didn't really plan it that way but that's just the way they came, TTL! Most of them even recently. So the Lord must be really trying to get you out of that dangerous North & get you way down South where you belong & where He needs you to finish the job before He comes. We've saturated that cold frozen hardhearted North for the last past 12 years of the ministry of the Family, & I & my tiny little family saturated it for a long time before that, & most of it was saturated before, centuries even before that! So I think the Lord is really getting fed up with them & their hard hearts, their unresponsive attitudes, their rejection of His Word & persecution of His children! So it's time to flee to another part of the World where it is much safer & much more receptive & much more deserving of the Gospel! PTL! TYJ!


       The Lord is even giving North America its last chance trying to scare'm out of that dangerous continent with a Letter called "The Suicide of America." This is a frightening commentary on a recent TV show on the unpreparedness of America for nuclear war, & the Letter should be enough to scare the Hell out of'm or scare'm out of the Hell of the War that's coming! And we worked hard to edit it down to an excellent little 4-Page GPer for mass-reprinting for the General Public there for widescale distribution on the streets or anywhere throughout North America. So we hope you all will take the advantage of this good opportunity to deliver your souls with this final warning to America before you leave, so that their blood will not be upon your hands that you failed to warn them! God knows we've warned them enough, but God is also very patient & very merciful & He's still trying to get'm out before it's too late. So that those that are left behind certainly will be without excuse! God even have me a shocking revelation at the end of that Letter that those of you or them who force your children to go through horrible holocaust by not leaving will be just as guilty as the idolaters of old who forced their children to go through the fires of Moloch to their death, & it's because of your idolatry that you're doing it, your love of the things of this World & this life, an easy luxurious living in those rich Northern Nations! God help you to wake up & obey before it's too late! Even if you don't care for yourselves, have mercy on your children as God has had mercy on you! Get them out now while you still can! Tomorrow will be too late! We've also had several other nightmarish revelations along this line recently, which convinces me that God is giving His final warnings to you & to the Americas as well as the entire rich North & any of you who are still in it. The War has already begun & the recent assassinations are a part of it! According to a number of prophecies we've had before regarding Egypt, Sadat was to be the last principal king of Egypt who could truly be recognised as a king, before its final Antichrist king is to rise next! Look up your ML References in the Index on Egypt, & see, & God willing we'll give you more on that later. But his death was just one more sign that the End is near! There's not much time left, & whatever you're going to do for the Lord you'd better do it quickly, for the night cometh when no man can work! Praise God, for that will mean that the dawn of a new & better day is not far away! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! Amen? So for you folks who are still there in the dangerous North, the least you can do is to distribute thousands of these final warnings to them before you leave. Deliver the message & deliver your soul so their blood won't be on your hands! GBY! Let's hope this is your last message to them before you get out, & don't take too long, lest those who cry "Fire!" be caught in the conflagration yourselves! In Jesus' name, amen. GBAKY & deliver you from the Hell on Earth that's coming up there!

       LIT LAWS! (7)

       We abandoned our most stringent Lit Laws some time ago (See Letters Nos. 649 & 696), but we did beg you to please not reduce the size of the Komix, making them too difficult to read & a poor presentation on the streets. A coloured paper is okay as long as it is a light colour which does not make them difficult to read such as dark coloured paper. But you can't look a gift-horse in the mouth & be choosy when some printer offers to run you off a few thousand free on some colour-paper stock that he has left over. So in which case you'd better choose something which is a big bold type easy to read even on any kinda paper! Now as we've said before, please try to use Komix for the GP as much as possible, & of course the Komix designated GP for that purpose. Also, please, you LIMs, & LIT-PICs, try to concentrate on the Komix above all for public distribution, which should be your man ministry; then the teaching Komix for your disciples; & finally only the Quotebook-length Letters for the Basic Course for your new disciples & friends, & not the old full-length Letters of the past which are so difficult to both translate & print. And only the latest current Letters should be translated & printed in full for even the Family, but in some of these cases if the Letters are entirely too long to be fully translated & completely printed even for the Family, we suggest you might try to either summarise the Letter or condense it yourself to its main points if possible, just so that the Family will get the entire thought & all of the important points of the Letter. For this purpose we're not working on some authorised short versions for each Letter for the LIMs & LIT-PICs to quickly translate & re-print for the Family until we can get them into Komix or Quotebook form. Now we don't see any point in you going to all the hard work & lengthy time that it takes to completely translate old Letters for the Family even if they were important. The Quotebook was designed for that very purpose to reduce the Letters to very brief simplified form, & we have even recommended to some of our Komix' artists to use the Quotebook version for some of their Komix, as they are ideal condensations of our most basic Letters. And we'll be getting out the new DFO Komix Book from which you can select the most urgent Letters for re-printing for your friends & new disciples in Komix form. So please all you poor LIMs & LIT-PICs, don't try to re-print all those old Letters in full-length form! When we saw on video poor Sheba labouring over that 8,000-character Chinese typewriter trying to laboriously type lengthy old Letters in old Chinese it literally made us cry! We don't want 2 put her through such agony as that & delay the Word by attempting to translate & re-print those long old Letters when we've got the beautiful new Komix & even the old short Quotebook Letters for such translating & re-printing! Please don't delay the World like that, please stick to the latest simplest form of any Letters, preferably the Komix & the Quotebook Letters, & only try to translate & reprint for the Family the latest Letters as fully as you can. We hope & pray we'll have some new condensed versions very soon, particularly Komix. TG for our dear artists & their inspired word! Komix Book 4 is almost ready for the printer sometime this month, D.V., so please pray for it since you may find in there just what you need, so please wait for it if you can. And the DFO Komix book has over 500 pages of the best selected Letters particularly designed for friends & new disciples & it should definitely be in the mail this month, & D.V., & you praying! So wait for it if you can before you print any more old Letters which you may soon have in Komix form, which are far preferable today for translating & re-printing in other languages. But if you've got some old-Letter addicts who are demanding the full treatment, tell'm to buy the Books & learn English, ha!--But it'd certainly be easier than for you to translate & re-print them all for the every few who may need very few of them! Please wait for the Komix! We're sold on Komix! They've really got it & they've got it in the most vivid powerful terrific impact from of anything we've seen yet, & that's all they need for now! The hour's too late to re-print all those old Letters in full form in other languages. You had your chance in years gone by as they came out. Why didn't you do it then? Now it's too late & we haven't enough time left for anything but Komix or Quotebooks or Quotebook-length Letters such as the Daily Mights. So don't waste your time by going back into ancient history, it's too late! Just translate & re-print the very best of the latest Komix or even the earlier Komix, the ones you feel you friends & disciples need the most. The Komix are the thing for today! Time is short, so make the message short & get it out quick or it'll be too late! If they can't read English let'm wait till the Millennium to delve into those old Letters in old full-length form! They'll have all the time in the World then & be able to understand almost anything! But Komix are for now, so let's get'm out now! Amen? PTL! GBY hard-working LIMs & LIT-PICs, you're doing a tremendous job & I don't think most folks appreciate you enough! They ought to give you more help & helpers & really pray for you! Yours is the toughest job in the Family outside of those frontline soldiers, the Litnessers!--Or dear Maria's job, to have to organise all this Lit for you, GBH! Mine's the easiest, all I gotta do is open my mouth & He fills it! I open my heart & mind & He shows me pictures even in my sleep! What could be easier than that? Of course, I do kind of have to work on some of those precious gems & cut'm a bit & polish'm a bit before I can send you the finished product. But that's a pleasure too! I love to read His Words! Hallelujah! They thrill me just as much as they do you! I love to listen to Simon's recent DM tapes! I like his Komix Quotebook Letters of the audio World, & I'm amazed & thrilled anew at what the Lord has already said! Hallelujah! Aren't you? Did you get yours? Wow! Those Daily Might audio tapes are terrific! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! And GB dear Simon & the folks who work with him to make it possible! They are beautiful! I could listen to'm all day long if I had time, but I've got too many new ones to work on! Of course, I do have a few other jobs like keeping' all our Publications moving & you moving & the finances & the leadership & the whole organisation moving. So I have enough to keep me busy, but nothing as much as Maria! One of these days soon she's probably going to get most of the credit & most of the crowns along with you for all the good work you've all done together, GBY! It's gotta be God or we'd all be sunk! We look & read & marvel at what you're accomplishing! PG! So we know it's the Lord! We couldn't possibly have done all that!--Only Jesus! Praise His Name forever! TYJ! Hallelujah! Amen. You should look for Mag 44 sometime before Christmas--We'll try to get it to you by then.


       Give the Word this year! Amen? Hallelujah! TYL for the greatest Gift of all, Jesus & His love! He is the Word of God! Amen? Give Him to your friends & relatives this year to print & on tape! Amen? There's even a Christmas card for you to copy in our present issue, for you to copy or xerox for your whole Christmas card list! & if it's for someone special, give'm one of your books or tapes or Daily Mights & order replacements for yourself or more for them from World Services, or tapes from MWM, CPO 220, Athens--& there are more tapes coming! PTL! And God bless our dear tape-producing Units! They really work hard to produce all that beautiful music & those Wonderful Working Words! So please pray for'm & give to help'm all you can. By the way, not all Homes receive ten tapes a month as stated in the new TRF Letter, but only English Language Only and Bilingual Homes; Homes which order only Local Language Lit we assume do not understand English, therefore it would be a waste of tapes to send them English language productions, except for the music tapes. And we already have some Local Language tapes for you who speak Spanish, French or Italian & with more on the way! We send all of you samples of these tapes which are not in your own language, but we do not send you all of them as you do not have as much use for them as those in the countries where these languages are spoken. We send you whatever we think you need & can use, & that's the best we can do until we have more in more languages. So pray the Lord will raise up labourers to help us produce more tapes in more language around the World! We're already producing the music tapes in these major languages, with more to come, but we'd like to see the Daily Might tapes in other languages also, wouldn't you? OK! Come help us, or pray that God will raise up the helpers that we need to do it, & send in the funds to do it with! Amen? GBY! Thanks! We're already organising a new European MWM to produce the music & radio show tapes in most of the major languages of the World, plus others are working on MWM tapes in Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian & other major Oriental languages as well. PG! Hallelujah! TYJ! Isn't that wonderful? Can you help us? Come now, or send your gifts, that's part of you, & God will bless you for it! And send your songs, your translated versions or recorded versions in these other languages. If you can't send yourself, that's part of you, GBY! And money is part of you too, the product of your blood, sweat & tears shed for the Lord & His Family! Send it today! Tomorrow may be too late! GBY & thank you for all your faithful help & diligent tithing & extra gifts as well. We're also going to produce more Family tapes of Family songs which are for the Family & friends only but not suitable for our radio shows. They are excellent songs of top-quality music & artists & composers & performers but a bit too strong for the General Public on radio, as they might lose us a few radio stations: The real strong-meat tapes & hot numbers that are too hot for the GP & stations to handle! So be sure & get yours! They're coming soon! Get that Report in & Tithe in the first of the month on time! Remember, no more replacements or re-ordering for Mags missed because of late Reports or insufficient tithe! Sorry but we just can't do it, we're movin' too fast & in too big a hurry, to go into all the World & preach the Gospel to all the creatures, to run back & pick up stuff that you lost because of your own carelessness & delinquency! Just like that glove I lost when I was in the Army marching in ranks. I was putting on my heavy winter gloves in the frozen North marching through the snow in ranks to the shouts of the sergeants & corporals, "One, two, three, four! Left, right, left, right, left, right!" & I dropped one of my gloves & I had to leave it because I couldn't stop to pick it up, or I'd have been run over by the whole army! I'm sorry but we can't stop to pick up your lost stuff!--If it was because you were late or delinquent & it was your own fault. This Army's gotta keep marchin' for the Lord! We've got big battles to fight & we've got to get there, it's gettin' late! So we can't stop to run back for you or your stuff, or we might get run over! Unless, that is, it really wasn't your fault, then we may consider replacing it if you'll send us a Lost Mail Report & we feel it's justifiable. That dropped glove got ground into the mud & snow of the Virgina countryside & was a total loss by the time the whole battalion had walked over it, buried it in the mud! So the only way I got a replacement was by working in the Supply Department where they issued them! I had mercy on myself & replaced it on my own.--Ha! If you work in one of our World Service Units where they're made you won't have any problem in getting replacements. PTL! Just be sure you ask, don't just take it, that's stealing! Besides, how could you miss your mailings? You're right there, unless you happen to be in the one that doesn't make'm, poor fellow! In which case you can always order more through World Services or whatever Unit produces them except for the current or recent Mags, & eventually you can even get some of these Mags if we have some old ones lyin' around surplus we want to get rid of. Either that, or you can wait for the Books, then you can at least read history!

       FAMILY VIDEOS! (9)

       Please send us your original Family videos to World Services, Pf. 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland now! Don't wait till everybody in your country has seen'm, or we & the rest of the World may never get a chance to see'm! Or if you're closer to one of the other IVLs, either Puerto Rico or Hong Kong please send'm there to one of their following addresses: World Services, Pf. 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland; GLP, Box 30854, CWB Post Office, Hong Kong; and Rick Dupuy, Apdo 3627, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 00904. That way we will receive them as soon as possible & view them ourselves as soon as we can, & we really appreciate'm & love'm & enjoy them although we can't always personally comment on every one. But you're really touching our hearts with those beautiful videos, & some of them have already inspired us to help you even more, with your touching stories & inspiring testimonies & beautiful Families & wonderful work as well as your apparent needs. We love the music too, & also those gorgeous dances, girls! GBY! WLY! That really takes a lot of guts & we love to see'm!--Not the guts but all of the beautiful you!--All of you, the real you, the beautiful truth, your lovely naked truth! GBY & thanks for all your hard work! You are really workin' our hards! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL for sex! He made it so we could enjoy it! Amen? We'll also edit & copy these for Family distribution just as quickly as possible & send them out from the three IVLs, the Ivy Leagues, the International Video Libraries, to your more local National Video Libraries the NVLs, for circulation within you country as soon as possible, & pass them on from there on to country-to-country until we hope everybody's seen'm all. So please, if you don't want the whole World to see, at least the whole Family around the World, then you'd better not appear on those videos, or at least let us know that you'd like that part edited out. Either edit it out yourself or tell the IVLs when you send it in to kindly edit out that part after we have seen it. So please don't ask us to edit it out just because you're naked or you don't think you're beautiful or you don't think your song was good enough: Only if you have genuine reason to believe that it might cause you [DELETED] problems, or some such good reason for not wanting the whole World to see it. If so, please let our IVLs know that when you send in your tape & we'll be sure that they edit out that part after we ourselves personally have seen it. Not everything you have videoed is necessarily for the entire Family's consumption, for much of it was personally to us personally which you might not want the whole Family to see or hear. So please let us know if that's the case & we'll make sure it's expunged from the record after we have seen it. Or if you don't even want us to see it, for God's sake censor it yourself before you send it at all! If you want to be on the receiving end of the circulating tapes be sure you get in that Voluntary part of the new TRF so we'll know you'll want it & you'll take good care of'm & forward'm on to the next Home, LAF or DAF. As not all Homes have videos, you may have to share yours at your local LAF or DAF, maybe even a GAF or NAF if your country is small enough & your video machines are too few & far between. But please get your tapes in now so we can get them ready for circulation, so we can pep up the circulation of this beautiful body, our dear Family! GBY! And the videos will be circulated absolutely free of charge to all TRFing Homes, LAFs or DAFs. So be sure you jump on the circulating library merry-go-round now so you'll already be goin' round & round when you get'm, & we're sure you'll be merry when you see'm!

       GIVE-AWAYS! (10)

       We have now given away free of charge thousands of Magazines, Books, tapes, etc., to our thousands of Homes around the World! PTL! GBY & thank you for your faithful giving which made all this possible. However, a few Homes didn't even understand that they were receiving these gifts free & wrote back saying, "What's this? We didn't order it!" Ha! Such as the old Volumes 1 & 2 which we have away not too long ago to all the English-speaking Homes in the World, at least all we had left. We even told you that if you didn't want'm or didn't need'm or already had'm you could give these away or even sell'm, but some of you didn't seem to understand, either that or you don't read these LNFs! In which case you won't be reading this one & you still won't understand, so maybe somebody can explain it to you who has read it. Be sure you don't miss these LNFs or you're really gonna miss something because we put all the most important news, urgent news, recent news, hot news, emergency notices first in these LNFs! So if you missed it you probably didn't read it or maybe you were half asleep & didn't get it. Some have even complained that the Magazines were too long, more than they had time to read!--Ha! Well, you certainly don't have to read it all if you don't want to or you can't, GBY! Just pick out what you like & what you're interested in & leave the rest to those who like it all or are interested in the other things. Maybe it's not all for you or your bag but somebody else's trip so don't worry about it. However, you might really miss something important or interesting that you'll be sorry for if you don't read it all, GHU! So why don't you just decide you're gonna read a little bit everyday? Like maybe seven pages as day? That way you could read our usual Magazine in only one month & not be overworked or get sore eyes from readin' too much. Besides, as you may have noticed, we have increased the size of the type of the new MO Letters so that you don't get so much eye strain. The type's big enough that "who runneth may read," even your Great Granddaddy without his specs! So don't complain any more that we're ruining your eyes 'cause the eyes have it & we're givin' it in bigger type than ever before! Thanks to the Lord & you for making it possible! You don't have to have a microscope to read any more like you used to during the NRS scare when the latest ML's weren't much bigger than a postage stamp. That's over for awhile, TTL, & we're boldly sending you out great big bold & beautiful Book Bonanzas that'll burden the brawniest! PG! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen? So read'm & weep, I mean, don't weep any more. It's no longer anything to cry about. TTL! We're printin' those new ML's in nice big bold beautiful type that you could almost read clear across the room on the run. So don't knock it, read it! You'll like it! Amen? Do you like it? PG! TYJ for it & you who make it possible.


       Since we could never figure out quite how to work the Family Aid Fund, FAF, & nobody seemed to be too much interested in it or even need it, you're all so prosperous & the Lord takes such good care of you, we decided instead just to increase the Baby Bonuses & to also send Death Consolation Gifts to those who have had either a birth or a death in your immediate family living there in your own Home. These are not to cheer you up just because dear grandma died back in Oshkosh, USA, thousands of miles away. This is intended to help you meet pressing funeral, burial or other emergency needs at such a time of bereavement for those of you have lost a loved one there in your own Family Home where you now live & who were living there with you until they passed away. These are not for absentee relatives nor for the death of absentee relatives. These are only for the immediate survivors of a death of a loved one who was currently living there in your own Family Home & is reported as such. Please remember this & please don't try to claim these benefits unless you are qualified for them by meeting these requirements: Only births & deaths in your Home of those who were living in your Home but who may have been born or died outside of the Home for some reason such as in the hospital. You may report on your Monthly TRF without any further proof if you do not wish to claim the birth or death benefit Gift. However, from now on if you wish to claim a birth or death Gift such as the Baby Bonus or Death Consolation Gift you must furnish a Xerox copy of either the Birth Certificate or Death Certificate signed by both you & your local Shepherd or some other Shepherd verifying that this birth or death really occurred in your Home or in your Family, or we will be unable to send you your benefit Gift. Please be sure to meet these requirements when requesting a Baby Bonus or Death Consolation Gift. We will not send such Gift benefits otherwise. However, if you do not need the Gift, you may simply report the Birth or Death on your Monthly Report as usual & this will be sufficient for our stats if you do not need the benefit of the Gift. We feel that only those who really need these Gifts should receive them & therefore only those who truly need them will hereafter take this trouble to furnish these certificates & verifications. So we believe that is only fair to all of us. Amen? GBY & congratulations on that new baby & our sympathies & consolations to any of you who may have suffered a death in the family recently. Thank God we don't have very many, but we sure have plenty of births! So praise the Lord we're growing by leaps & bounds as our birth rate far outnumbers our death rate, thanks to hard-working Mothers & you Dads working hards: Just please don't try to claim the death of a departed loved one as still a member of your Home because they're not really dead but very much alive on the other side & may still want to be counted in the stats. They're a part of God's Heavenly Home stats now, & we're sorry we can't give you credit for them any more until you get up there & join'm, then God'll write it down in His Book. In our Family Population Stats we can only count those present, not those departed please,--thank you. This also reminds us that if you know of any very great genuine real need in your area that it seems cannot be met in any other way by anyone else such as relatives back home or other Homes or Home Support or the local 7 supporters, you are welcome to report it on your Monthly TRF along with a verification or recommendation from each of the two Shepherds in your area, each written & signed personally by them as well as you, & we shall be happy to consider it & pray about it as to whether we feel it is a definite necessary need that cannot be met in any other way without help from us, & if the Lord so leads & guides us accordingly & we have enough in our Mission Fund to enable us to afford it, we may be able to send you or them some help. Particularly for such needs as help in pioneering new untouched fields. We have often in the past sent small pioneer gifts to those pioneering such fields for the first time. So if you feel worthy & qualified, or if the ones whom you're requesting it are we may be able to help you if you will let us know on your Monthly TRF. There are some of you who send in extra gifts designated for this purpose & we would surely like to use them wherever they are most needed. But please do not ask for them unless there seems no other way that they may be supplied. We are particularly interested right now in helping local areas to acquire the use of videos for the Video Circuits & some are sending gifts for this purpose with which we may be able to help you, at least partly. Sorry, but no such requests will be considered from the rich North, only from the poor South & genuine mission fields for genuine missionaries who have genuine benefits to help God's work in those fields. And you CROs who receive these Reports, make lists of these requests for our consideration, & only those which you feel are bona fide & qualified & worthy of such help, & will you local Shepherds please concur by furnishing your personal individual written recommendation for such merited need. GBY & thanks for this information. May the Lord bless it & make it a blessing, amen. And may God bless you who help on these needy funds for various projects & ministries in which you are particularly interested. Please specify which you prefer to designate your gift for when sending it in with your Monthly TRF. There's a space there on the bottom of the Required TRF for such designation & listing of your extra gift for this purpose. And by all means please all of you read the new Letter "Good Stewards" or "Giving to the Deserving" before you make any such recommendations or requests.--Thank you. GBYACTMYAB! Also please remember that any communication or gift which you wish to address to us personally, that is M&M, you must not put either of these names on the outside of he envelope in any way! Address only to one of the addresses already given you for this purpose such as the Maria Campos address in Madrid or World Services in Zurich, & please do not even use our M&M names on the inside of the letter neither on an inside envelope nor the letter itself. Please, for our personal security address us only as Dear Dad & Mom or Dear Loved Ones or Dear Ones or Dearly Beloved or some such salutation & not our specific names. Please if you care for our personal protection & security do not use our M&M name anywhere in or on such communications--thanks! GBY for your love & your concern for our personal welfare.

       TOO MANY COOKS! (12)

       You've heard that too many cooks spoil the broth, & it's just as applicable that too many Homes can spoil the city or ruin its ministries by overcrowding, overexposure, poor security, to the point of offending the local System & getting forced out, so that we lose our opportunity of services there entirely. Please read prayerfully the new Letter called "Border Bases & Reception Centres" to understand more clearly what we're talking about. Some Latin American cities near North America already have too many Homes & are getting overcrowded with Family personnel. Whereas others at greater distances or in the interior are being left virtually untouched with no Family witness. Please stop stacking up in some of the biggest cities in these countries or the very first place in which you arrive. Try to find out first from the local Homes or someone who knows how great our witness is there already before you go, & certainly before you stay! We hope to have more information on this for you after the new Voluntary TRFs are sent in this coming month. But it may take awhile to get these stats to you. Meanwhile, just try to avoid the capital cities of most of these Latin American countries where we already have plenty of Family Homes & multitude of witnesses sufficient to care for our witness in that area. Why not go further into the interior to its other large cities which are fresh, virgin & virtually untouched comparatively, where you'll be new, interesting & have the field almost to yourself with its resultant receptiveness, responsiveness & friendliness, & stop stacking up in some of these big cities where some have already worn-out our welcome by too much unwise litnessing, poor conduct & contemptible appearance! Please spread out for your own sake, our sake, the Family's sake, God's sake & souls' sake! Please don't bunch up like this in only the big cities in big blobs! Move out into fresh unreaped harvest fields where the going's good & the response is terrific & even the support is much better! Please pray the Lord will send forth laborers into the harvest & not the cities which are already overrun with some of us: The first one He'll send may be you! Let's go to the needier & neediest fields which are starved for our message of love & needs us the most & who will appreciate us more!--Not some of these biggest capitals where we've already had problems because of unwise Families or too numerous numbers such as: San Juan, Puerto Rico; San Jose, Costa Rica; Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago, Bogota, etc. Please try to avoid these overcrowded trouble spots. Plow into virgin soil, reap untouched harvests, go where the going's good & not already worn-out and overcrowded! Amen? GBY! WLY! "Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature" in Jesus' name. Amen. With lots of love from all of us, M&M.


       And that's certainly what it looks it's going to be because we couldn't even get everything that we wanted to get into the Christmas Magazine & we're not sure it will get to you in time for Christmas so we're putting some of it in this earlier Issue the November Issue. Actually it's the October issue but many of you will not get it until November, & the November Issue which you should get before Christmas, some of you may not get because of the slowness of the Christmas mail. So we're starting to wish you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year now to make sure you get it in time, along with all the latest news & warnings & many other projects we're trying to complete in time for Christmas, although you may not get some of these Christmas gifts until the New Year. So hang on to your hats we're really rollin'! There'll be some Christmas tapes coming soon, hopefully before Christmas! So hold on & the patient & please pray for all of our folks who are in the Creations & Productions work of finishing all these Publications for you, that they may have the strength & wisdom & skills & speed & protection that they need to do the job. Some have been overworking & are even sick so please pray for them that the Lord will heal them & give them strength: Particularly Zorah Rabbit our FN editor who has been very ill for a month now & has even been to the hospital with some form of dysentery which has really drained her, which she apparently caught on her visa trip to Portugal. Let me warn you trippers, travellers, that on some of those trains the water is not drinkable & it says so above the faucets!--And one of the sickest times I ever got with the runs was when I drank some of the bottled water that was supposed to be drinkable water that was placed in the cabinet of our compartment, which I suspect that some lazy worker probably just filled out of the faucet rather than to have to go outside to the city water system to refill all those bottles, one in each little washroom cabinet of each compartment; & very shortly after drinking that water I became very sick & nauseated, threw-up & had the runs, etc., all the typical signs of having drunk bad water, & it was on that very train to Portugal that I had this trying experience. TTL He finally healed me, although I was pretty sick with it for about a week after arriving there in Portugal. Poor Zorah has now been sick for over a month, so please pray desperately for her that the Lord will touch her & strengthen her so she can get back to the word on the Words that she loves. Also pray for Apollos' wife Lois who recently had a ruptured appendix & peritonitis & nearly died as a result of an appendicitis attack, to which she has been prone for a number of years & which you remember I cautioned her about some time ago. But she's now recovering, TTL. We're sure the Devil was really mad with the marvellous work that Apollos has been doing on compilations & editing. As you know, he was the compiler of the beautiful Daily Mights also the original Quotebook & many other inspired editings & compilations which I'm sure the Devil doesn't like. While he was with us for about six months gleaning some rare jewels out of old Rough Drafts & making new compilations, dear Lois had to carry the load alone at home & probably overdid, so that she came down with another severe attack right after his return home with all those new precious Words, & we're sure the Devil really hated it & tried to kill her, struck her down! But praise God, He gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat & the Lord has raised her up, & Apollos is busy compiling more precious jewels for your priceless jewelry, & she is his typist--so please continue to pray desperately for them that the Lord will keep & protect them so they can do this great work that they're doing. And dear Maria, believe it or not, just had the measles & is just now recovering & her eyes were so sensitive & affected that she could hardly read for about a week, & that's quite a crisis in her ministry because most of it is reading your reports & the Words, etc., & we're sure the Lord allowed it to help her to even be more sympathetic with you & your afflictions & to appreciate her own eyes more & take better care of them, to realise how precious & priceless they are in her ministry. And while you're at it throw in a little prayer for me now & then! I always need it for my various afflictions that Maria says are "For being so righteous!" Ha! Probably most of them are for my unrighteousness. But praise the Lord, He "delivereth him out of them all," thanks to your prayers! I just had some dental work done lately too, & came through the easiest that I ever had, & I'm sure that was due to a number of you praying very desperately for me at the time, TTL! Well, thank God these old teeth won't have to last much longer. Like the old song says, "This old house ain't gonna last much longer"--it won't have to, Jesus is coming soon the way things look right now.--Not before the Antichrist, & I'm supposed to leave before things get too bad, so I may not need'm much longer, PTL! So I just claim the Scripture, opened my mouth & the dentist filled it. PTL! At least he filled the teeth. Hallelujah! Thank God for dentists! I just told the dentist the other day, I said, "I don't know why anybody would want to be a dentist unless you really like or love people." And my dear Jewish dentist just brushed it aside & he said, "Oh you know, my parents wanted me to be." I said, "Yes, but you didn't have to be, so you must really love folks. You're very gentle & considerate! "He really does an excellent job, one of the best I've ever seen! He just fell silent, he didn't want to confess I was right. Jews are hard nuts to crack & it's difficult to even get them to agree with you on anything. They're almost always contrary & argue the other side. They wait to find out which side you're on, & then they argue the other one, which is just part of their natural ingrained sales resistance. They don't like to be sold or confess they're sold, they prefer to sell. So we had quite a time at the dentist's going around & around while he goes around my teeth. Only trouble is, he has the advantage, he can talk while he's got his hands in my mouth, & all I can do is gurgle, & he can't tell if I'm agreeing or disagreeing with him until after it's all over. He told us a real funny story this last time about the Japanese lecturer talking to a crowd in some auditorium when suddenly the lights went out! The dear clever Japanese said, "Everybody raise your hands, everybody! All hands up!" Everybody raised their hands & suddenly the lights went back on again! So they said afterwards, "How did you do it? It was a miracle! How'd you do it?" He said, "Easy!: Many hands make light work!" Many hands make light work!--Ha! God bless the Jews, they're always full of jokes, they're always full of humour, & they can either be the funniest or the saddest people in the World! They either almost always either worry you down in the dumps or are ridin' high! There's just nothing in-between about'm, they're all-out whatever they are! Either they're the worst or the best, there's nothin' halfway about'm. You ought to know, you've got one! GBY! and so many of you are, TTL! He took us Jews to do the job, PG!--Moses, David, the Prophets, Jesus, Peter, Paul, John, the Apostles, most of the Early Christians--and me & you!

       WORLD NEWS ITEMS! (14)

       Please, when sending in clippings for WN's to use in the Family Magazine, please do not just send in mere current news items which nearly everyone has heard or read or seen on TV already & are only of passing interest. Please send in items which would be of lasting interest & value to our Family as a whole, information regarding health, motherhood, childcare, history-making fulfilments of the prophecies of the Bible, the Letters & other items of particularly great interest to our Family, especially including helpful information of a practical kind. Because our Magazine is already so full of our own news & Letters it's impossible to use them all, but we do try to squeeze in a few of the most essential & important ones. So keepin' comin' & thanks a lot, but do try to keep them brief & truly important to the Family.

       GOOD NEWS FOR LIMs & LIT-PICs! (15)

       PTL! We'll soon be sending you condensations & abbreviations of some of the latest Letters for your use in local language Lit so you'll not have to go through the laborious & difficult task of translating & trying to print all of them. It should greatly help to speed them on their way to your language group without long laborious translations & printings. This should save a lot of effort, time & expense & speed them to your folks long before it would otherwise be possible. Although in condensed form, this is certainly a lot better than not at all, & this will help your local language Families to receive them now & not after they have become ancient history! The hour is late & getting later & we don't have time for you to translate & print some of these long Letters with all of their details. It's better they get the essentials now than the details much later. So please try to wait for these before translating & reprinting some of the most recent Letters, & by all means wait for the Komix and Quotebook-size condensations of Letters before reprinting old GP Letters for distribution to your public. We're even trying to get some of the latest ones in Komix-form as soon as possible & publish them currently in the most recent Magazines, particularly the most important ones for the General Public, with up-to-date messages for today from recent revelations. PTL! So hand on tight, we're comin' through! GBY! WLY & we're trying to make things easier & faster & cheaper for you & your language group.

       FAST FOODS! (16)

       Someone in a warm country has asked if it's permissible to have nice cool cold crisp salads on fast days instead of hot soup. Well, of course, anything that's easier & quicker than the usual meals or dinners, because that's our purpose for fasting, is to save time for more fellowship, spiritual feasting, study, rest, prayer & play on our fast days. So any quick, fast foods for fast days is fasting enough for us! GBY! And God bless all our dear cooks who work so hard for us to make us healthy & happy, & remember that fast days are supposed to be your day off. Let the others fix their own soup or salads on that day. Fast day is cook's day off! Amen? GBYA! (I mean let other cooks do it those days!--Not everybody push into the kitchen together!)

       ROUGH & READY RUSHES!--The new RRRs! (17)

       How do you like these new rough & ready rushes of last-minute news in their new rough but ready format for fast telefax transmission by telephone, saving us days & weeks of time in getting them to you in a hurry! It's the One-Shot Revolution in MO Letters, like I've advised our recording Units to do for audio & video tapes: No more taking & re-taking & re-shooting & re-recording over & over again until they get it perfect. Just "practice makes perfect" of a few good rehearsals beforehand, get your hearts full of the subject, & roll altogether singers musicians & everything! No more multi-track dubbing, no more re-takes, no more re-recording! Read our latest Letter "Let Go & Let God!" & you'll see what we mean. So now we've decided to take our own advice with these last-minute MO Letters, the LNFs & even some of the other rush jobs; instead of typing Rough Drafts, then editing & then re-typing & correcting & Final Typing & all this super-finishing & polishing, we're just going to send you the diamonds in the rough sometimes from now on, especially when it's late & U need it now! & you can cut & polish it if you want to. Meanwhile, I just dictate it straight to the typist & she transcribes it in this rough'n'ready rushed final-typed form which can even be immediately telefaxed to the Magazine for you if necessary. In these RRRs you get the hot news so fresh & rare off the griddle it's almost raw!--Straight out of the horse's mouth, real horse meat just the way the typist types it down the very first time with very few corrections! So if they sound a bit crazy sometimes, forgive us; we just thought it was more important to get you this fast food fast for various emergencies than to make you wait while we overcook it with gourmet fineness! Now you know how rough some of my Letters really can be, & can pity our poor typists on their first times around! We nearly drive them crazy sometimes tryin' to figure out what we've said & some of the things they type down that they thought we said nearly cracks us up, they're really a scream! Well at least we give the poor darlings a chance to correct these grossest of typographical errors on these RRRs! I just let some of them go as long as they don't change he meaning, rather than to have to re-type a whole paragraph or page or an entire Letter! These last-minute RRRs really save a lot of time & work & get you the news a lot quicker, but they are a bit rougher than the usual polished finished product. But we'll save the exquisite cutting & fine-polishing for the very special gems that can wait, while we rush these rough-&-readys to you as is because they can't & you can't wait! You need'm now, so we send'm now, as is, with very few corrections & just the way we said'm first time around! There's so paragraphing & very little underlining, just enough to point out the most poignant points that you must notice & pay attention to, so that if you only have time to just quickly read all the underlinings first, you get the general gist of the Letter & its contents, & then maybe you can go back & read the details later. But don't fail to read all these LNFs as soon as possible, because they're the most important news of all that just couldn't wait, & that's why we're rushin'm to you rough-&-ready as is to save time & maybe save you from some disaster we can see you're heading for if we don't stop you quick! So please pardon these rough-&-ready rushed gems & accept them with our apologies, but this is the best we can do when we're in a great big hurry to get'm to you quick before you get yourself in a mess for a lack of quick warnings or guidance! So that's why we're sending them this way now as is & hope you don't mind too much that you get'm quick, even if not perfect. In fact, they're really a revival of the first formats of the very first original MO Letters exactly the way we used to do them almost! Maria used to sit down at her little Brother manual portable typewriter & type it down from my direct dictation. While I paced up & down the room & ranted & raved, she whackety-whacked it all down in a hurry just as it was, line by line, top to bottom & margin to margin with no paragraphs, nothin', just as it was, just as she got it, just like I gave it, & about the only finishing touches we used to put on those old originals from Israel & Cyprus, etc., were just a few underlines to make sure our dear original members didn't miss the most important points in that massive maze of type without paragraphs, headings, margins, anything! Just the raw message just the way it came! PG! But they did the trick, PTL! And we're all here to prove it! That's the way they got started, & that's the way we would really roll'm, & it was fast! We used to do a few pages like that everyday & shoot'm right off in the mail that night! No photo work, no nothing', no reprinting, no xeroxing, no copying except carbon copies, & we even made seven of those, & kept the last one which you could hardly read for our own records. But we shot the others out in the very first airmail direct to our first colonies so they'd get the news as quick as possible, & it really worked, & you're here to prove it! So PTL! God's going to leave a little of the work up to you now, to dig it out for yourselves, & cut & polish it if you want to. We're just giving it to you just the way it comes right out of the old' gold mind in nothin' but an ore bucket, & you have to sort it out & refine or cut & polish it yourself if you want to. Meanwhile, it's all right there, all you need to know, even though in Rough-&-Ready Rush form! So we hope you'll appreciate our effort to try to get it to you fast when you need it in this way. GBY! Hope you can read it, & you must be or you wouldn't have gotten this far!--Amen? PTL! GBY! I told'm we could do it, & we've done it! TYJ! And thanks for your patience in helping us to speed'm on their way by being willing to read'm as is! GBY! Thanks! WLY! OK? Thanks! GBY & help you to read'm fast as is, & do'm fast as you can! Now!--Amen? PTL! GBY! ILY! XXXXXXX! There's seven kisses for you from your Father in the Lord, the Ol' Rascal himself, me! XXXXXXX! There's another seven, GBY! I really love you! XXXXXXX!--& that's the third seven, & I think that's enough! So bye for now, unless Maria has a few more items for you in which case I think I'll let her tell you herself.

       FAMILY CHRISTMAS CARDS!--By James Penn (18)

       In this issue of the FN you will find three Christmas cards, especially drawn by Jacob Sailor for you to print & send to friends, fish & relatives this Christmas. Along with these beautiful illustrations are three separate texts suggested by Maria. The reason for three cards is that one is designed to be given to Christians, church friends, etc., those who are already saved & know the Lord, & the other two are aimed at those friends, contacts, kings, etc., who are not saved & who need to hear, or be reminded of salvation & that Jesus is God's Gift to us. By making these cards available in the FN we certainly hope to save many Homes both time & money, as you will need neither to buy expensive commercial cards, nor take time & effort to design your own. To prepare your cards for printing, simply detach each one from the Mag as is, take it to your printer, & explain to him that you would like to print the cards just as they are. The size of the card has been calculated so that two of them can fit on an A4 sheet of paper, a common & widely used format (21 x 29.5cm). Once they are printed, ask the printer to cut & fold them, or as a last resort, you can even do this at home. From experience we have found that this is much cheaper than buying commercial cards & that people invariably appreciate a sincere "homemade" card much more, as it shows more personal concern. You will also have plenty of space to write a special personal word on each. An alternative to printing cards is to photocopy them if you have access a high-quality photocopy machine that will reproduce back & front on ordinary paper. One Home did this, running different coloured sheets of paper through the machine, resulting in an instantaneous variety of attractive cards. Another point to remember along this line is that there are all sorts of colours, qualities & thicknesses of paper & light cardboard that you can use, which will further enhance your finished product. D.V., by the time you receive this FN, you will have received (or will shortly) the translation of the texts in your local language from your LIM of LIT-PIC which you can substitute for the English, as the situation warrants. GBYA, & may these cards help you to be a greater blessing to all those around you this Christmas season!

       LOST & FOUND (19)

       Please, as I have written before, if you ever find any kind of valuables [EDITED: "with no means of identifying the owner"] such as money, wallets, purses, jewelry, etc., in a public place such as a store or restaurant or shop do not immediately turn it in to the management or you may never see it again, & the owner may never see it again either! As I have instructed you before, hide it away out of sight so they don't know what it is that you have found, & simply go & notify the management or the owner of the shop or restaurant of whatever it is that you have found & simply tell him that you have found something that someone has lost & here is your name & phone number; that if they're able to call you & describe it accurately you'll be glad to get it to them; otherwise, you may be giving to the Devil what God intended to give to you! If such is found on the public sidewalk or public street, the only ones to whom you could possibly report it to, of course, would the Police. So if you feel so led you may do so, but in the same manner, & they should not object. No one can insist that you give them something you have found of which they're not the owners, not even the Police. However, we personally have never bothered to bother the Police with valuables found in public places [EDITED: "that have no accompanying information as to the owner"] that I've always figured the Lord must've intended for us if we found them!

       FN FOTOS (20)

       When sending FN photos to our Family Mag for republication, please do not send colour photos if you can help it, unless they are cheaper than black-&-white in your area. Black-&-white is far better contrast & sharper detail than trying to reproduce colour in black-&-white printing. Stop wasting your money on these expensive colour photos when you can take better, sharper, clearer, more contrasty pictures for the FN in cheap black-&-white! Remember also that when getting your 35 mm rolls developed in black-&-white, you can request a proofsheet of you 20, 30, 36 pictures, what they call a "contact proofsheet," & they will give you a sheet of print paper about the size of a typewriter letter-sheet with the films printed on it directly, exactly the same size as the 35 mm films themselves. In fact, they just lay the 35-mm film on the proofsheet & expose it right there & print it into the proofsheet directly the same size. Then you can pick out the ones you like best & have only those printed in a larger size print & save lots of money! Or the same with your home-developed prints or films. Develop the film first, print it out on a proofsheet, select the best shots & then reprint as enlargements. And please remember to only use thin photoprint paper, not this heavy stiff cardboard type that's so bulky & weighty in the mail. Use thin photoprint paper or even request it if they don't normally give it. Actually, it's even cheaper as well as lighter & easier to mail.

       FN ARTICLES (21)

       Please, if possible, if you have your own typewriter or even if your write script in a clear legible hand, write or print or type your article for the FN yourself in the FN format style or proportionate dimensions so that we will not have to re-type it but can shot it as is & reproduce it in the Mag just exactly the way you wrote, it page-size if possible or article-size, whatever size is necessary. But be sure in typing to use a very heavy dark black ribbon which will then reproduce clearly in print. Please be sure to send them on lightweight paper, not very heavy ragbond or any other type of heavy paper which increases the bulk & postage of our mail. The same should apply to all of your correspondence. Bulky heavy mail costs money & endangers security, attracts attention & may be opened for inspection. Please folks, remember I read every work of every article that goes into the Mag, but I cannot possiblly comment on every single item, so just because I didn't put a comment beside or at the end of your particular item does not mean that I didn't read it or didn't appreciate it. I usually only put a little comment or a "GBY" or "ILY" or "Amen" at the end of articles which I am particularly trying to emphasise or I particularly appreciate which I want to call the attention of the Family to especially, & sometimes only because there's room to put it there! If I don't have room to even put in a "GBY," I can't very well bless you for your article, although I will as I read it, but I won't be able to write, it in. So please don't feel neglected just because you didn't get a few initials after your article. I've read it, I appreciate it, & WLY & TY for sending it, & I'm sure all of us appreciated it.


       Please anyone leaving Europe or the States, let us know in advance if possible with about a month or two notice if you can help us with transporting materials as a courier. Also, if anyone is going from Hong Kong to either the States or Europe or South America, please let us know. Certain equipment available in Europe or Hong Kong is not available elsewhere & needs transportation across the seas & you may be the one who can be a great blessing to many others by volunteering to transport this equipment. We & various families & Homes are ready to purchase this equipment & will pay for it; we simply need someone who can personally accompany & take care of it & see that it gets safely to its destination. We would be happy to help you with a little love gift from us or those who need this equipment, if possible. Most is either video equipment or office equipment, fairly heavy, & will have to be probably carried personally aboard your plane as carry-on luggage in order to be handled safely & taken care of. We ourselves have carried this type of equipment on many occasions on many planes & trips without problems, for none of it is too big to fit under your seat or in a luggage rack, but it must be carried by hand to be safely transported & protected & delivered. So please if you are soon within the next few months to transverse any of these particular transoceanic routes & can help, let us know as quickly as possible. If you don't then hear back from us before you leave, it's probably been taken care of another way, so don't worry. Tks!

       LOVE IS FOREVER (23)

       Please, if you have already received the "Love Is Forever" one-hour music tape which was first designed only for the Family, do not expect to receive MWM Shows 35 & 36 the "Love is Forever" radio show, which is virtually identical. It is the very same music, the very same Show, only designed for radio--unless, of course, you think you're gonna need it for you local radio station. However, you're supposed to book on a new radio station with anything but Show No. 1 if possible. If perhaps you don't have a No. 1 or No. 2 Show tape on hand because you've already booked or given it away or something, you could use, of course, other higher-numbered sample Shows with which to book the show. But MWM itself will start them with Shows 1 & 2 from there on up. They're already now in the 40s & we hope you're receiving your copies each month, PG! And please pray for these tape mailings because they're tempting to thieves particularly music tapes, & a few are having trouble, so please pray they'll reach you safely. We have found out that it's more trouble costly to register them or insure them than the few tapes which are lost, so therefore we would much prefer to replace any lost tapes than to go to all the trouble & expense of registration. We've found the same is true with the Books. We're now only registering mailings to the riskier Third-World countries where there have been the greatest losses & there are a great many thieves. So not only pray for these mailings please, but also remember to pray for our Pubs Units in their battle with the Enemy in these vital productions, because the Devil fights them more than almost anybody because they're so essential & their work is so important to your work. So please do not forget the WS Units in your prayers, including us personally. Thank you so much for your prayers for my tummy & throat, both are much better now since we've moved South & you've been praying so much for us. GBY! But don't quit!--I still need'm both for your sakes. My eyes have been better too, TTL, but continue to pray for them because they get a lot of use.

       COLOUR POSTERS (24)

       You've already received many beautiful colour wall posters & calendars from us, & every Magazine cover for the past year has been a beautiful small colour wall poster which you could've removed from your Mag & stuck on the wall for all to see & enjoy & inspire! However, now we're hoping to do more Letter-based colour wall posters with greater detail & more Message & larger as well. They need to have a message & a meaning & inspiration that will be a testimony & witness. So if you are an artists--or even if you're not an artist--& have an idea that you think would make a beautiful colour poster to inspire the Family, send your idea in today! Of course, we will not be able to use every idea, but if yours is good, we'll assign it to one of the Family's top Artists to illustrate right away! We are sorry that we cannot invite all of your to try your hand on final colour painting itself, as, due to the high cost of producing each individual poster, we will have our best, most accomplished Artists doing the final art & colour--but do send in your ideas today!--& they may be a beautiful colour poster tomorrow! Now's your chance Moms & Dads! What would you like on your children's wall, or on your own? Send your sketches, ideas & suggestions to our Art Department Director, Hart Ink-letter at his address: M. Campos, Apdo 46131, Madrid, Spain today! If you have some artistic ability, take a few hours to do a quick rough sketch of your idea, adding colour in pencil crayons. We don't need a polished drawing, just a clear sketch to give us the idea. Even if you can't draw, do it in stick figures & explain what you mean. Remember, there are already many possibilities for posters in the Komix illustrations. Do you have a favourite illustration you'd like to see done up as a colour poster, or do you have a suggestion for a collage made from existing art? As far as large posters go, our preference is for the multi-scene instead of one-scene as the former gives much more food-for-thought & room for interest.--For example, the "The Oh of Art," "Super-Dupers" & "Que Será, Será" ML covers. In other words, for a large wall poster we'd like to see instead of one-scene with Abrahim around the campfire with pretty girls dancing, Abrahim could be the central figure of the poster with different scenes from his life surrounding him or in collage around him. Instead of Merlin with the crystals in the Swiss Chalet with the mountain background, David could be the central figure with many spirit-helpers emanating from him. Instead of a girl & boy loving each other, a girl showing love in many different ways instead of just one, with the beautiful girl as the central or dominant figure & illustrations of many ways to show love. Instead of one beautiful building out of Space City, we could have the entire city as a dominant figure with different buildings & scenes from Space City as the smaller independent scenes, but all relating to the one theme of Space City. Or a large MO Letter cover with small MO Letter covers which relate in some way, surrounding it. All of them should have one theme but different independent scenes, similar to the Endtime Prophecy Poster. This to us provides the most valuable type of poster for real food-for-thought interest. For beauty alone we could probably do more with the one-scene-type of illustration as far as more decorative use & one-time interest. But we want to do something striking that is going to hold people's attention & fascinate their interest & keep'm looking & figuring & questioning. Our calendar pictures are a little too small for this more detailed type of thing, but for larger posters this is our preference & suggestion. That's why we also especially like the famous Astrological Sign Posters done by the System artist Johfra. They provide real food-for-thought. Posters that our kids are going to be looking at all year-round should contain things that are very thought-provoking. Posters should major on the positive, be detailed & thought-provoking. You should be able to come up with a fairly clear meaning after studying them awhile. Should have very little text except for a title or perhaps a short caption. All posters should be based in some way on MLs. Should be drawn vertically & not horizontally. Please write us soon, as we want to get out some good big colour wall posters as soon as possible. Some good examples of poster art are shown here. PG! TY! GBY wonderful Artists! You've been doing a tremendous job with the Komix! Like'm Family? Ha! Hal!! Our kids & whole Family are wild about them! They keep those Books in circulation constantly. "We have the most beautiful art in the World!"--Amen?--Amen! GBY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family