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MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MWM!--1980!--By Father David       DFO1062       24/12/80
--And the same goes for you, MCV, MCM, MM & all of you here in 1981!

       1. WE'VE GOT THE BEST MUSIC IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Hallelujah! And I know we've got the best people, PTL, & of course we've got the best Lord! Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus' name. GBY! Amen!

       2. I'M LISTENING RIGHT NOW TO JEREMY SINGING "PRODIGAL SON" & it's funny, it's almost like one of our theme songs, & almost every time I think of MWM I think of you & Jeremy & his song "Prodigal Son", it's such a theme song & it's so true of so many there. It just sticks in my head & starts running through my mind & heart. When I think of your show I see Jeremy & I hear him singing "Prodigal Son".

       3. GBY JEREMY, YOU'RE DONE SUCH A WONDERFUL JOB! PTL! When you see Jesus & the results, you're going to know it was worth it all! Hallelujah! TYJ! Millions around the World hearing your message of His Love! In Jesus' name, TYJ! Amen. We've all been prodigal sons & we're all so glad to get back to the Lord. TYJ!

       4. CHRONICLES' SWEET SAD SONG "SPECIAL LOVE" IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL & it's rather touching because we're sorry that he seemed to have left MWM there just as the crown was descending upon your heads. When it still seemed like an icy ice floe & like you were deserted & all was lost some of you stayed anyhow & your crowns came down & you received your reward, PTL, & the Lord took over & rewarded you. But it seemed that it was just a little too hard for him to stay & he left just before the great reward & the victory & the time when we really got MWM rolling. (He's back now at MCV, TTL! GBY!)

       5. IT REMINDS ME OF WHAT ADMUNSON SAID, "PLEASE DON'T RESCUE ME PREMATURELY!" It seems almost like he was rescued prematurely & he gave up just a little too soon, just before the victory, just before the dawn, just before help arrived to the rescue, just before the glorious wonderful victory that you folks have gained there by staying to the finish! PTL!--By fighting the battle to the very end & finally winning. TYJ!

       6. GBY, SIMON, YOU SURE HAVE ENDURED FOR A LONG TIME & many years & this is your reward, Son. I'm just thrilled to pieces to be a helper in your reward, to see your Show circle the globe & reach millions far beyond perhaps your wildest dreams. But I'm sure it was according to the will of God & His vision for you & your show.

       7. BUT HE HAD TO TEST YOU FIRST & HE HAD TO SEE IF YOU REALLY MEANT IT, how much sacrifice you were willing to pay, how much you really loved Him & others & how much you wanted to see it get on the air & stay on the air, & how much you were willing to serve & sacrifice to reach others with His Love.

       8. AND YOU STOOD THE TEST, SON, GBY! Although once or twice you wavered a little bit, got a bit discouraged & almost thought maybe it wasn't worthwhile, maybe something else would be better, you shtuck! Hallelujah! In fact, you inspired a Letter that's been a blessing to thousands of our Family around the World!--Not to give up too soon, don't get rescued prematurely, don't quit just before the victory, don't leave the ice floe just before the crown! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!

       9. THANK GOD FOR YOU WHO STUCK BY & FOUGHT IT OUT & WADED THROUGH & REACHED THE SHORE OF SOLID GROUND AT LAST! TYJ! You're doing a tremendous job, beautiful, terrific work! And this last tape--well, I hope it's not the last tape--but your most recent tape Shows are just terrific! I think they were the best yet! I think you're doing better all the time!

       10. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, & YOU'RE JUST ABOUT PERFECT, as far as I'm concerned, just gorgeous, beautiful, inspired, thrilling, heartfelt, meaningful, genuine, sincere, powerful & saving, loving, effective, great! I just can't use enough adjectives to describe it, what a wonderful job you're all doing, how beautiful it is, how wonderful!

       11. I THINK OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO WRITE IN & THANK YOU FOR THE SHOW & thank your for the music, thank you for most of all your message, its meaning, & how much they depend on you, how much they love you, how much they're thankful for you, & we just can't fail'm!--They expect it of us, & we cannot fail them. We've got to go through as long as we can. Amen? PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!--No matter what it costs!

       12. IT'S COSTING YOU A LOT & IT'S COSTING US A LOT, but like dear old David Livingstone said, "I never made a sacrifice but God repaid me far more than I gave up, & returned to me far more than I forsook." You just can't sacrifice for the Lord, you can't outgive God. You're doing a great work & I'm glad you haven't come down! You're going to finish that wall around the World, longer than the Chinese wall!

       13. YOU'RE BUILDING A WALL OF LOVE & PROTECTION & CARE FOR THE SOULS OF MEN AGAINST THE ENEMY! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Just wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I can't get over how wonderful it all is & how beautiful it is & how beautiful & inspired & thrilling & heart rending your music, & how gorgeous your message! I just can't say enough, I don't know how to express it!

       14. IT'S JUST ABSOLUTELY THE ULTIMATE TRIP IN MUSIC & IN A MUSIC SHOW, greater than anything I've heard in this World or in worldly shows & music & musicals on radio or television or wherever! You've got the greatest & the best! I haven't seen or heard better. Just terrific! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen, GBY! Keep it rolling!

       15. ROLL THAT GOLD! IT'S LIQUID, BEAUTIFUL, GOLDEN GOLD THAT FEEDS & SOOTHES & COMFORTS THE HEARTS OF MEN & makes them glow with a golden glow! Hallelujah! PTL! TYJ! There's a TV commercial that's about some beer that says people everywhere are turning to gold--well, you're causing hearts everywhere throughout the World to turn to gold--the Lord's golden glow of happiness, golden glow of satisfaction!

       16. THEY'RE TURNING TO YOUR GOLD & HIS GOLDEN DAWN OF GRACE & LOVE & joy & salvation throughout the whole World! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen, keep up the good work! Keep'm rolling, in Jesus' name! Never give up! Amen? Let's keep it rolling' till Jesus comes! TYJ! Amen, amen! PTL! And we're just eager to see your new video MWM Show & probably going to have it on tonight, so you'll hear our commentary on that too. GBY! PTL! TYJ! (Prays:)

       17. GOD BLESS'M & KEEP'M & CONTINUE TO MAKE'M A BLESSING, LORD. Strengthen them, give them lots of vision & faith, Lord, courage, & real guts to see it through, Lord. PYJ! TYL! In Jesus' name. Thank You how You have, Lord. Help them to shtick no matter what, & finish the job. In Jesus' name. Amen. TYL! GBY every one! ILY & we're looking forward to seeing you again on video. We love these videos, we just are thrilled to pieces, it's another whole avenue of service, a whole new open door, a whole new ministry. There's just no limit to what God can do through you if you'll just stick to it.

       18. IT REMINDS ME OF AN OLD SONG: "GOD CAN DO ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING, God can do anything but fail! He can save, He can heal, just believe & He will, God can do anything but fail! Always shout, never doubt, though your victories may seem few. He can save, He can do, anything but fail!" Hallelujah! Praise God! And that's just what He's done at MWM!

       19. "CPO 220, CPO 220, CPO 220, ATHENS, GREECE!" Hallelujah! And the latest M-U-S-I-C with M-E-A-N-I-N-G...well, you see you didn't sing that often enough, I haven't got it straight! So GBY, He can do anything but fail, & you'll never fail as long as you trust Jesus. TYL! Hallelujah! Because Jesus never fails! Amen? Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen!

       20. (SINGS:)
       Music with Meaning,
       Come on & learn that your soul can be free!

       CPO 220, CPO 220, CPO 220,
       Athens, Greece!
       CPO 220, CPO 220, CPO 220,
       Athens, Greece!"

See? Even I learned it! Hallelujah! But you've got to sing that little jingle where you spell out "Music With Meaning" a few more times before I can get it.

       21. NEVER GIVE UP, KEEP REPEATING! REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, THAT'S THE LAW OF MEMORY! So sock it to'm! Don't be afraid to repeat, even some of those most beautiful numbers, most popular music, repeat'm again & again, they'll never get tired of hearing'm. We never get tired of hearing Jeremy sing, "Hasn't Everyone Been a Prodigal Son", & we sure have been, every one of us, & everybody there has been a prodigal son sometime. We're sure glad you've come home! Hallelujah! TYJ! Glad you count MWM your home now till Jesus comes, God willing. PTL! Hallelujah! And here's Maria, she's got something to tell you, GB her.

       22. (MARIA: WE'RE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU BRINGING DAD BACK TO LIFE AGAIN TODAY when he was so near death & his heart was paining him so. When he began listening to your tape & your beautiful music & the inspiration that you had, he really revived, & as he continued to listen he began to be strengthened & really got going!) Jumping up & down! (Maria: Jumping up & down, he says, so happy!) Hallelujah! PYJ! TYL!

       23. HOW COULD I BE ANYTHING BUT HAPPY WHEN I'M LISTENING TO THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH with the happiest music on the happiest show that makes people the happiest of anything in the World, in the happiest life on Earth with Jesus! Hallelujah? TYL! GBY all! WLY & thank you so much for your faithfulness, your diligence, your hard work, your perseverance, your spirit & your love & all that you have for both the Lord & those to whom you're ministering around the World.

       24. DON'T EVER FORGET THAT LOVE IS THE KEY, love is the answer, & Jesus is the life, the truth & the way, no man cometh unto the Father but by Him, & you are bringing Jesus to the World!--The only way they'll ever find joy & peace & love & happiness & Heaven!--Eternal life forever & ever!

       25. WHAT A MARVELLOUS MINISTRY! What an eternal forever investment that will pay dividends in Heaven & souls for ever & ever & ever. You'll never be sorry, you'll always be glad throughout all Eternity that you held on & kept on keeping on for Jesus, & you kept on producing & singing & playing that beautiful music & giving those beautiful testimonies!

       26. PTL! TYJ! THIS IS CHRISTMAS EVE, 1980, December the 24th, & we've been listening to your latest most beautiful MWM Shows 23 & 24, Maria wants me to tell you something that happened today when I was walking out across the field & looking out at the beautiful view across the valleys & mountains & villages & cities.

       27. I WAS THINKING WHAT A GREAT WORLD IT IS, HOW HUGE, HOW GREAT, HOW LARGE, & HOW SMALL I WAS, how tiny, how insignificant, how nothing. "What is man that Thou art mindful of him, & the son of man that Thou visitest him?" Who am I, Lord? Here am I. How can I do anything to reach all these people? I'm so small, so insignificant, so tiny, so nothing! And suddenly the Lord spoke just as clear as I've ever heard His voice. He didn't disagree with me, He just said, "Yes, but I have caused thy voice to echo 'round the World!" Hallelujah! TYL!

       28. WE ARE NOTHING, WE ARE INSIGNIFICANT, our little MWM Show compared to some of the great popular shows, popular Worldly shows on the great networks & gigantic stations of this World, multi-million dollar shows & multi-billion dollar advertising & the backing of millions of this World, we seem so small & insignificant that it's almost ridiculous, but not to the Lord, not for a minute!

       29. AS FAR AS HE'S CONCERNED, YOU'RE THE MOST IMPORTANT SHOW ON EARTH! You may seem small, you may feel small & you may feel like you're really insignificant, you're not amounting to very much, you're not yet World famous, you're not on the top 10, 20 or 40 or maybe even 100. But as far as God's concerned, you're Top of the Pops, you are Number One!--And as far as a lot of your fans & listeners & those who love you & to whom you've brought His love & joy & happiness, you are absolutely more than Number One, you're plumb out of their class, you're not even in their category! You are the show, you are it!

       30. JUST LIKE JESUS IS NO MORE ONE OF THE ANCIENT PHILOSOPHERS OR TEACHERS OR RABBIS OR GURUS, He's not one of them, He's not just one of the prophets, He is the Son of God! The only begotten Son of God! The one & only Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! So that's the way you look to the Lord & to me. You're not just the best show, top of the pops, number one, you are the only show as far as we're concerned, & I think God feels that way too.

       31. HE MAY HAVE A FEW OTHER SHOWS THAT ARE PREACHING THE GOSPEL & DOING A GOOD WORK & reaching a few people with the Lord & His Love, but I don't think there's any show on Earth like you, with as great an outreach to all the World, countries around the World everywhere, with such a beautiful message of music with meaning & so much love & so much happiness & joy & so much beautiful music & so wonderful to the hearts of so many people who look to you & depend on you for their inspiration & for their encouragement, for their spiritual food, to uplift their hearts & souls & minds to Jesus, & to His Heavenly Love! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       32. SO WHEN YOU FEEL SMALL & INSIGNIFICANT & NOTHING compared to this great great wide World & its billions of people, just remember what the Lord said to me: "Yes, but I have caused thy voice to echo round the World!" Hallelujah! He's causing your voice to echo round the World, to reach millions with His Love & His Salvation! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen? PTL! That's real music with real meaning that will last forever in Eternity! TYJ! In Jesus' name, GBY & continue to make you a blessing! Amen.

       33. MY CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FOR YOU, WHICH I COULD SURELY SAY OF YOU, OR EVEN SING OF YOU: "HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING!"--You're my angels & you're singing & you're heralding the beautiful good news of His Love, & they had better hearken & listen! PTL! TYJ for my angels & than You for the wonderful message that they bring, & may the World hearken unto them & listen to the beautiful beautiful music that they bring with such a wonderful thrilling inspiring life-giving message! TYL!

       34. SO I'LL DEDICATE THAT SONG TO YOU & it's going to be my theme-song for you! (Sings:)
       "Hark the herald angels sing,
       `Glory to the newborn King!'
       Peace on Earth & mercy mild,
       God & sinners reconciled!

       Joyful all ye nations rise,
       Join the triumph of the skies!
       With angelic hosts proclaim,
       `Christ is born in Bethlehem!'
       Hark, the MWM Angels sing,
       `Glory to the newborn King!'"

Hallelujah? Ha! TYJ!

       35. WELL, THANK YOU FOR JESUS YOUR KING OF KINGS & FOR MAKING ME YOUR LITTLE KINKY KING! I love you! TYJ! PTL! It's a privilege to be your little king, as kinky as I am, but we're kinky enough to really get all kinked up & on-fire for the Lord & to believe that you can really do it. I believed you could do it & I bet our money on you, & you're winning! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! GBY! ILY! In Jesus' name, amen! XXXXXXX! TYJ!!

       36. I WISH I COULD LOVE & KISS & HUG EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, maybe I will someday soon! I sure will in Heaven, that's for sure, forever, & all the folks that you've won to the Lord, & all those millions that will be there because you were faithful with getting out the message of the Music with Meaning! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! I'm reminded of that old song, I wish I could remember it, something about: "You'll always be thankful, you'll never be sorry, you'll always be grateful, for God is Love! You'll always be thankful, you'll never be sorry, you'll always be grateful, for God is Love!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

       37. YOU KNOW, MUSIC WAS MY FIRST BUSINESS FOR THE LORD, my first service for Him, my first ministry for Jesus, so I really appreciate you. And here I am, I've gone clear full circle around the clock from first musician & singer for the Lord, & then clear around to lecturer & teacher & pastor & evangelist & finally little onehorse, two-bit, smalltime showman with my little kids for the Lord with our own little musical show, & finally to--who would ever have thought of that--writer of Letters for Lord & His lovers!

       38. ROUND & ROUND WE GO UNTIL FINALLY I HAVE COME BACK AGAIN NOW TO A MUSIC MINISTRY ONCE AGAIN, after all these years! My, it's been about 35 years since music was my principle ministry & service for the Lord, & since singing was my business & calling, & songs was my business & calling, & songs were my message & music was my meaning! It's been about 35 years since I last really was used fulltime in a musical ministry. Oh my, it's almost more than that it's been so long ago, so long ago!

       39. I'VE ONLY SUNG YOU A FEW SONGS ON A FEW TAPES IN RECENT YEARS, & not very many at that, & I hope to give you more that maybe you can even use that I think you'll enjoy that were beautiful to me when I was in the music ministry. I also sang music with meaning, & I tried never to sing anything that didn't have meaning, real meaning with a real message that I could sing with sincerity & conviction & heartfelt emotion.

       40. SO PRAISE GOD, HALLELUJAH! HERE I AM BACK IN THE MUSIC MINISTRY AGAIN! Here we are back singing for the Lord again, only now you're singing & playing for me! And I was thinking tonight when I lay here sick & feeling a bit low & your music began to play & you began to sing, cheer my heart, encourage me, lift my spirits & even inspire my body, that, well, praise God, I'm just a little king, but I've got my musicians too! TTL! And that old funny thing about the king's fiddlers came back to me! Ha, ha! PTL! TYJ!:

       41. "OLD KING COLE WAS A MERRY OLD SOUL & A MERRY OLD SOUL WAS HE! Oh, he called for his pipe & he called for his bowl & he called for his fiddlers three!" Ha, ha! So TYJ! "Old King Dave was a merry old knave, a merry old knave was he! He called for the robes & he called for the staves & he called for his fiddlers 53!" Hallelujah! Ha, ha! TYJ! I get the craziest things sometimes, but I think you like them! Amen? PTL! TYJ! So we're just dying to see this -- no, we're not dying, we're living to see this new show! Amen. TYJ!--And thank you! GBY! WLY! Keep'm rollin'! Music is FOREVER!

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