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"SOLITAIRE!"--Honor Thy Parents!--Exodus 20:12.       DFO 1064       1/2/80
--By Father David
--An Inspiration while watching an Andy Williams Show Video!

       1. THIS IS KIND OF FUNNY, BUT IT'S SO SILLY & OUT OF KEEPING WITH HIS KIND OF SINGING & MUSIC. (The puppets.) I mean, it's about Davida's mental level! Can you imagine having that on the Andy Williams Show?--With his sweet sad serious type of music? And silly jokes, I mean ridiculous absolutely silly jokes by some kid that apparently Andy Williams' agent is trying to promote. It's pitiful!

       2. THEY'RE DRAGGING HIM DOWN IN THE GUTTER JUST LIKE THAT GREEK SINGER, NANA MOUSKOURI. They're just ruining both of their shows. Like the Devil, putting all this sickening savage music & foolish comedy & all the rest in both of them, when she was almost like an angel singing anthems, & he singing angelic music. Look at how the God-damned Devil's dragging them down!

       3. HIS KIND OF MUSIC IS NATURALLY GOING TO APPEAL TO A RATHER SMALL LIMITED SENSITIVE AUDIENCE that are going to appreciate that kind of music. Now he's even going to lose them! Why don't they just kick him off the show & forget about having nice music? Junk music, that's what I call junk! Jigger music! And look at this sickening thing! (An old lady puppet.) I mean, if you want to hear Andy Williams, you want to hear Andy Williams!

       4. (TO TECHI:) LOOK AT THAT FUNNY OLD LADY IN THE PICTURE. Just about your mental level. Well, I don't want to insult you, Techi! I mean, it's very clever puppet work, but who the hell cares how clever it is when it's so stupid & sickening! Can you imagine this kind of trash instead of Andy William's singing?

       5. "SOLITAIRE IS BEAUTIFUL! Listen to this, it's beautiful!--After that trash! Imagine how hard it is to come on with something like this after that sickening trash! This is the kind of music I sang with heartfelt emotion. (Listens to the song.) Run it back, I want to hear that one again:
       "There was a man, a lonely man
       Who lost his love through his indifference.
       A heart that cared, that went unshared
       And slowly died within his silence.
       Now Solitaire's the only game in town,
       And every road it takes me, takes me down.

       And by myself it's easy to pretend I'll never love again.
       And even to myself I play the game,
       Without your love it always ends the same.
       While life goes on around me
       Everywhere, I'm playing Solitaire.
       Another day, a lonely day
       So much to say that goes unspoken.
       And through the night, each sleepless night,
       The eyes are closed, the heart is broken.
       Now Solitaire's the only game in town,
       And every road it takes me takes me down.

       And by myself it's easy to pretend
       You're coming back again.
       And even to myself I play the game
       Without your love it always ends the same.
       While life goes on around me
       Everywhere, I'm playing Solitaire.
       Solitaire's the only game in town
       Every road it takes me, takes me down,
       I'm playing Solitaire."


       6. WHEN YOU HEAR THAT SONG, THINK ABOUT ALL THOSE LONELY OLD FOLKS that you see in those vacation resorts, you see them playing Solitaire and old folks games and things like that. How can you love the World unless you can feel their heartaches & their loneliness?

       7. YOU KNOW, WE HAVE SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR! We don't know what loneliness means, we're seldom sad, we don't know that it is to be alone, we don't know what it is to be without love, but that song is such a true song! I think of those old folks you see in those resorts trying to find happiness, sitting there playing Solitaire. Run it back to the first part of the song, I want to hear it.

       8. THAT'S THE KIND OF SONG HE'S FAMOUS FOR!--And "I Believe in Yesterday," "Autumn Leaves" & some of those other songs. They're such sweet sad songs, the heartcry of the World! This is the way they feel, this is where they're at. I mean, it ought to make you weep for them! (Dad weeps.) And they have to follow stupid idiotic ridiculous puppet acts like that with a heavenly song like this! It's almost unbelievable! The contrast, thank God!

       9. IT'S LIKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SILLY FROTHY RIDICULOUS SICKENING IDIOTIC WORLD that's drowning their true feelings in idiocy, insanity, like these stupid idiotic puppets & comedians, when his kind of music, at least it's honest, it's true, it expresses the genuine sadness, the loneliness. But they've corrupted his show, they've just ruined it!

       10. THIS IS THE KIND OF MUSIC HE WAS FAMOUS FOR, the kind of music he made famous. It's honest music, it's sad, it's lonely, it's the heartcry of the World! And to think they have to mix it with that garbage, this heavenly sad music with that garbage is just heartbreaking! Pitiful! Go ahead Son, play it again. (Weeps again.)

       11. DON'T YOU FOLKS EVER WEEP FOR THE WORLD? Jesus even wept for the Jews, think of that? He wept over Jerusalem. The shortest verse in the Bible is "Jesus wept" (Jn.11:35). You know why He wept that time?--Because of their lack of faith. He was about to raise Lazarus. The Lord had compassion, he had sadness & sorrow for the World, "a man of sorrow & acquainted with grief" (Isa.53:3).

       12. YOU NEED TO HEAR THE HEARTCRY OF THE WORLD! You need to be sensitive to their sorrows & their sadness, or how are you going to have compassion for them? How are you going to have love for them unless you feel their loneliness & their lack of love & their sadness? I mean, this like those other songs is so typical--sadness, loneliness, lack of love, sorrow, solitaire. I want to hear that song again.

       13. SONGS THAT REALLY GET THROUGH TO YOU, I THINK, ARE GREAT SONGS, songs that move you, music that really moves you emotionally & really has real genuine emotion. Even though it be sad & lonely & loveless, it's great music, it's beautiful. This is the sort of song that Bing Crosby & Perry Como & even Frank Sinatra were famous for, songs from the heart, genuine, honest, true, confessions of their loneliness & sadness & lives with out love.

       14. I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU COULD LOVE THE WORLD OR HOW YOU CAN FEEL THE LOVE OF THE LORD WITHOUT FEELING SORRY FOR THEM. compassion for them. Jesus was tired once & He didn't even want to go out & He saw the multitude that needed His help, & it said that He had compassion upon the multitude (Mk.6:34). He wanted to escape but He had compassion on the multitude, He was sorry for them, He had to do something about it, He had to help them, so He went out to them.

       15. TO ME, SONGS LIKE THIS ARE GREAT! It's a great song, it's a true song, it's an honest song, it's a genuine heartcry of the World, pitiful! Doesn't it touch your heart? This is the kind of music he was famous for. (Listens to song again.) We're so happy it makes me ashamed! That's a picture of every Worldly heart.

       16. THAT OUGHT TO BREAK YOUR HEART! I mean, that ought to break your heart! If you don't have a broken heart you're never going to be any good for anything, you're never going to know how to love the World or want to reach somebody like that with the Lord. It ought to break your heart! It's so true, it's so sad, they're so lonely & every road they try is down because they don't find Jesus.

       17. WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO REACH SOMEBODY LIKE THAT WITH THE LORD? Go back again, I want to hear it again! This song just touched my heart so when I first heard it. It's a heartcry of the World, so sad! They're so lonely & playing Solitaire.

       18. CAN YOU REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE LONELY WITHOUT THE LORD & everything seemed to take you down, & there seemed to be no love, no hope? It ought to break your heart & make you pray & do everything you can to try to reach them for the Lord. Jesus help us, Lord!

       19. I THINK IT WAS THOSE 15 YEARS I SPENT ON THE ROAD ALONE THAT REALLY HELPED BREAK MY HEART & break me for the poor lonesome World. I had a chance to be with them & feel what they feel. I'd been living in a Heaven on Earth in a Christian family, Christian service, churches & church meetings & all that, & I didn't know what the World was like. I was like Jesus coming down from Heaven to Earth, from the beauties & perfectness of Heaven to the foulness of this Earth & this heartbreak & heartache & loneliness!

       20. BUT I THINK THE LORD LET ME GO THROUGH THAT TO BREAK ME & BREAK MY HEART FOR THE WORLD & MAKE ME FEEL FOR THEM, & be sad for them & love them & have compassion on them. That's why I was willing to even give our girls to save them, to try to win them for the Lord. I mean, any price is not too big to pay to save a soul! Any price is not too big to pay. Jesus gave His life, & we should be willing to give ours (1John 3:16).

       21. SUCH SADNESS, SUCH LONELINESS, NO WAY OUT, NO WAY UP, EVERY ROAD DOWN, just like he sings. This song really breaks my heart! It's like "Yesterday," "Autumn leaves" & some of those, they're such sad songs but so honest, so true, so real. They express the genuine heartbreak & heartcry of the World!

       22. THIS IS THE KIND OF MUSIC HE WAS FAMOUS FOR. Those stupid idiotic comedians & puppets & sickening slush slop that the Devil has putrefied & contaminated & absolutely horribly polluted his show with is pitiful! At least he had an honest heartcry in his music. Play it once more. (Song starts: "There was a man, a lonely man, who lost in his love through his indifference.") Confession! ("Now Solitaire's the only game in town & every road it takes me takes me down.") How true! ("Another day, a lonely day, so much to say that goes unspoken.") Nobody to talk to. At least you've got somebody to talk to. You can at least talk to Jesus if nobody else.

       23. I THINK WE OUGHT TO PLAY IT AGAIN UNTIL YOU REALLY FEEL IT! Oh Jesus, help us! Does anybody know anything about his personal life? Do you know anything about his private life at all? (Sara: He married a French woman & he divorced.) Recently? (Sara: He was married to her quite a long time ago, but they're well-known Catholics. But she killed her lover.) Is that the one who shot him the ski resort? (Sara: And he stood up for her in court, or so I understand, & wanted to help her in court.) Does he have children? I suppose he has.

       24. EVERY ONE OF THEM WERE GOOD SOLID CATHOLIC FAMILIES like Being Crosby, Sinatra and all, but they finally divorced, married somebody else & they still wind up lonely, never find real love. I mean, how can you unless you find the Lord? You're always looking for new love & real love & you can't find anything. You know it must exist, you have the hunger for it, the feeling for it, but you can't find it because you don't find the Lord. It's so sad!

       25. WHAT ARE THE OTHER SONGS ON THIS TAPE, DO YOU RECALL? He sings so few it's pitiful. It's mostly just trash, silly idiotic comedy. Was there anything equal to this in the whole show? I don't know that there was. Was there? Did he sing anything else this deep? Well, play it once more. I just want to hear it one more time.

       26. HOPE I'M NOT BORING YOU, BUT YOU NEED TO FEEL IT! Look how old he's getting to be. They're all getting as old as I am, sad to say. There won't be any of us left. He's talking about sharing. It reminds me of that town of old people. (Listens to the song again.) Hallelujah! TYL!

       27. IT'S HONEST MUSIC, IT'S AN HONEST HEARTCRY. Did you notice how of all the Christmas tapes of Christmas music that we have, his is the most heartfelt. He sings it with real genuine heart feeling & meaning & reverence, respect, like he really believes. Thank God he knows about Jesus!

       28. WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO REACH A GUY LIKE THAT WITH THE GENUINE LOVE OF THE LORD & help him to find His happiness & His joy? Would you mind playing it one more time? Whenever I find a song I like I just like to hear it over & over again. Doesn't it touch your heart? PTL! Do you feel it? God help us to have broken hearts, Jesus help us Lord! Such a sweet sad song!

       29. I LOVE THAT BOY, I THINK HE'S SINCERE. I wish you'd pray with me for him, that he'd really find the Lord, because I think he's really sincerely seeking. But his counselors & advisors, his agents & managers apparently are really trying to corrupt him, just like the Devil, putting all that sickening silly idiotic stuff into his show!

       30. LIKE NANA MOUSKOURI, THE GREEK SINGER. She used to sing & her singing was enough, just her & her songs. Then they put that sickening savage music in there, that devilish fiendish junk, & have her fooling around with those devils instead of the heavenly! She was like an angel, pure, holy & heavenly! But now they're contaminating her, corrupting her & making her show just absolutely sickening, just like the Devil! The little bit of good that's still on television, they've got to pollute it, corrupt it, debauch it, make it sickening!

       31. ALTHOUGH I HAD THE LORD I USED TO FEEL VERY LONELY BECAUSE I REALLY HAD NO ONE TO SHARE HIM WITH--like you & you & you & all of you! I mean even if you know the Lord, you need someone here & now physically to communicate with & to share with, talk to. That's one of the saddest lines in the song is where he has so many things to say but nobody to talk to. Pitiful! Thank God I've got somebody to talk to & somebody to listen!

       32. IT'S SUCH A SAD SONG, BUT IT'S SO TRUE! I think I'd rather have honest sadness than this foppish superficial shallow sickening idiotic silliness! The Greeks had a word for it called catharsis, in their Greek tragedies. They said tragedy was better for you then comedy because it created a catharsis, a purification, it purged you & it made you pure:

       33. LIKE DEEP EMOTION & WEEPING, WASHES AWAY THE IMPURITY, the silliness & foolishness & makes you honest. Catharsis, purification. The tragedy helps to purify. Like that little poem I've often quoted to you: "I walked a mile with gladness, she chatted all the way & never a thing I learned from her for all she had to say."--That's like that silly comedy. "But I walked a mile with sadness & never a word said she, but oh the things I learned that day that sadness walked with me!"

       34. THAT'S WHY I THINK SO MANY OF THESE MOVIES, MAYBE EVEN THE TRAGIC ONES, THE SAD ONES, PERHAPS DO YOU MORE GOOD, purge you more, purify you more, make you feel more heartbreak for the World even than the silly foolish so-called happy ones. They're almost sickening, disgusting, it's disgusting they're so shallow & foolish. Maybe I should have let you see "Lonely Are the Brave" because it does make you feel sad for the poor guy. It really makes you feel like you'd like to reach people like that & help them find the Lord because Jesus is what they need.

       35. I'M JUST INTERESTED TO KNOW WHAT THE REST OF HIS SONGS WERE LIKE ON THIS SHOW. Let's just try to spot the songs & spot-check it & see what they're like. If you guys are not interested in this you don't have to stay, you can go if you want to. (Listens to first song:) This is sort of wishful thinking, you know, cheer up, lift yourself up by your own bootstraps, blah blah! You can change yourself. (Next song: "Happy Together.") That's a nice sweet little happy song, but I mean it's not deep.

       36. ICK! THAT GUY SICKENS ME! (The comedian.) It makes me want to spit in his face! I don't think any of Andy's songs on this show equal that last one, "Solitaire"--I'm sure that's probably why they put it last, they knew it was a real masterpiece. (Next song: "I Need You.") That's beautiful. See, his best songs are his sad songs. That's a beautiful song. Hallelujah! TYL! ILY, Honey! So true! That was a sweet beautiful song, "I Need You!"

       37. (JAMES: NOW WE'RE BACK TO "SOLITAIRE," but we haven't watched the end of it yet.) At the end he summons a girl on stage & dances with her very sweetly. Go ahead, let's hear it once more & that's enough, then you guys can watch something else. (Listens to "Solitaire" again.) ("Who lost his love through his indifference.") Honey, I love you. I hope I'm never indifferent. That always reminds me of that lonely old town full of old people. (Tongues & Weeping:)

       38. "WOULD THAT WE COULD REACH THEM WITH THE LOVE OF JESUS!" Amen. TYJ, help us to reach them Jesus was willing to die to help people so lonely & sad, heartbroken! Are you willing to die for'm? Well, you may some day. I think it's worth dying for to help people like that, sad & lonely & without the Lord. Are you dying for them?

       39. AND ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO GO HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, YOU'RE WELCOME TO GO, we'll help you go. I mean it. If you want to go home, I'm sure even your parents would pay your way. I'm sure they would. I'm a parent, I know how they feel. They just don't understand. They don't understand you have a new parent, a new Love--Jesus! They can't understand your new love.

       40. SO MANY POOR LONELY OLD PEOPLE! I don't know why this song always reminds me of that old folks' town, all full of old people sitting there playing Solitaire. O Jesus, help us! Go ahead, end the show. It has a sort of a sweet little ending. He tries to dance with this girl & make her happy. He had the camera looking around the audience trying to find somebody. Isn't that sweet? He's trying to pick somebody out of the audience that looked lonely & make her happy.

       41. I HOPE IT BREAKS YOUR HEART FOR POOR LONELY SOULS LIKE HIM & OLD PEOPLE & FOLKS WHO NEED THE LORD SO MUCH! That song is deep, it's so true, so true! It's such a song of loneliness! Reminds me so much of my brother. That was one of his favourite songs, "I Believe in Yesterday," because he didn't have any today or tomorrow. I'm sorry to take so much time--no, I'm not sorry! But if you're sorry, then forgive me. (Plays "Solitaire" again.)

       42. IT'S LIKE HIS CONFESSION, YOU KNOW? It's so much like my brother. (Weeps.) Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Typical of old people, lonely sleepless nights, eyes are closed & their heart's broken. Oh, Lord Jesus! It's the story of my brother. He's so much like my brother, such a tragedy, such a sad story, what he could have been!

       43. IT'S ALMOST LIKE THE STORY OF HOSEA, POOR HOSEA! He can't seem to find himself or God's will or anything. I'll tell you, when you miss the point, when you miss the pattern, when you miss God's plan, you miss God's will, you're disobedient & you won't listen to His Word, you're such a sad case, so sad, so sad, so pitiful! (OK now, TTL!)

       44. IT'S EVEN SADDER THAN THE SAD WORLD THAT DOESN'T EVEN KNOW THE LORD, those that should know Him, those that have known Him & wander away, stray sheep, like Rachel! What a sad case! (Weeps.) Jesus help us! Do you ever weep for Rachel? Rachel broke my heart & nearly killed me! You want to know why I drank so much in Switzerland & nearly died? It was over Rachel!

       45. YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE COULD LEAVE THE LORD. How could they do it? It must be a hard road back, huh? My brother, oh, he's such a sad case! Hosea right now, we have to deal with him, he's such a sad case. Jesus help us! Oh Lord Jesus help us! I hope you pray for them. Emanuele's such a sad case, so sad! He came to us for help & Rachel failed him! Timothy's such a sad case! We didn't fail him, but he failed the Lord.

       46. MY MOTHER USED TO SAY SAUL IS THE SADDEST STORY IN THE BIBLE. He was such a great man but such a disappointment to God, such a disappointment! They're such sad cases! Samuel wept for Saul, did you know that? He wept & wept & wept! He couldn't stop weeping for Saul until finally the Lord commanded him to stop weeping. So sad, so sad!

       47. THE WORLD IS SO SAD! Those lonely old people who play Solitaire are so sad. That city is nothing but old people sitting there in restaurants playing Solitaire. They're the saddest loneliest bunch in the World, those sad old people!--So alone!

       48. THIS IS LIKE THE SONG OF THE LONELY OLD, YOU KNOW? So many of them have lost their mate, theirs died & they're alone, & it's too late in life for them to find somebody else, you know? Nobody to talk to, nobody to share with anymore, nobody to sleep with, jut so along without the Lord!

       49. IT SHOULD BREAK YOUR HEART! It should make you to do all you can to try to reach them with the love of Jesus, amen? Jesus, help our kids! O Jesus, help our kids to reach those lonely lonely people, Lord! They can't do us much good, Lord, they can't do Your kingdom much good, they can't leave their old folks' homes and go out & be witnesses; but Lord, at least we can save them in the end, the threshold of death, from their loneliness & their sadness & their solitaire. Jesus help us, Lord!

       50. O JESUS, HELP US! HELP US TO REACH THOSE POOR LONELY PEOPLE WHO ARE PLAYING SOLITAIRE SO ALONE, SO SAD! They know they've hurt others & they've lost their loves, lots of time through their own fault & their own neglect. Help us, Lord, to reach them with Thy love, Thy message. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Oh Lord, help us!

       51. HELP THY LITTLE CHILDREN, LORD TO HAVE SUCH LOVE FOR THEM, Lord, to cheer their hearts. They just look at them & they know there's a better World, Lord, that they came from Heaven, Lord, & they're bound for Heaven, so there must be a Heaven, to cheer & encourage their hearts, Lord.

       52. HELP US TO BRING THEM THE LOVE THAT ALLEVIATES THEIR LONELINESS, JESUS! Lord, we don't know how to say it, we don't know what to say, but Lord we just ask Thee to give us the love & give them the love, Lord, that they need to see them through. Even the old folks, Lord, those who are playing Solitaire, sad heart-broken World, lonely, loveless, lifeless & so all alone playing Solitaire, Lord.

       53. HELP US IN JESUS NAME TO REACH THEM, LORD, with Thy precious love & the good news of happiness & love that lasts forever! Break our hearts, Lord, ache our hearts, Lord, melt us, break us, make us compassionate, make us long to help those poor old folks!

       54. IS THERE ANYBODY HERE THAT OUGHT TO GO HOME FOR CHRISTMAS? Anybody here that ought to go home & try to help your parents or your loved ones? I want you to pray about it, you're free to go. After all, we have you all year, & God's Word says "Honor thy father & thy mother" (Ex.20:12). Maybe you owe it to them to go back & testify & witness to them & try to give them the love that they need, We can get along somehow, we'll get along. The Lord'll take care of us & the children.

       55. YOU NEED TO GO BACK & TRY TO COMFORT YOUR PARENTS & ENCOURAGE THEM & SHOW THEM THE LOVE OF JESUS. I mean it! We're nicely well situated now, we're comfortable & well taken care of & there's not a lot that we need. We always need you & we always love you & we always want to have you here & I mean we always need you, we love you, & of course we'd miss you, but do you need to go?

       56. MAYBE YOU AT LEAST OUGHT TO WRITE THEM & TELL THEM HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM, that you miss them & you wish you were home for Christmas. Don't you think you should? They're always playing Solitaire. Think of it! They're sad, they're lonely without you. They poured their lives into you.

       57. I KNOW WHAT IT IS TO BE A PARENT, TO LOVE A CHILD. I love you, so I know how much they must love you. Even if they didn't know how or weren't right or didn't know how to show it & couldn't give you Jesus, at least I believe they loved you.

       58. HAVE YOU SHOWED THEM LOVE? HAVE YOU WRITTEN THEM? Have you tried to tell them how much you love them, that you miss them, you are sorry to be away but you have to be away. Some of you don't have very far to go & you can go home for a few days for Christmas, New Years, be gone a week or two. We'll get by. I mean, we could. I know we'd all miss you & the children will miss you, but maybe it would help. Huh?

       59. SOME OF YOU WOULD HAVE AN AWFUL LONG WAYS TO GO HOME, IT'S TOO FAR, BUT AT LEAST YOU COULD WRITE'M A LOVING LETTER, send them a little remembrance, token of your love & tell'm that you're sorry, you wish you could be with them but you're serving the Lord & that Jesus is with them. Someday you'll be with them forever if they'll love Him. PTL? Amen? Will you do that for me?--Or phone'm?

       60. I MEAN OUR ENEMIES ACCUSE US & SAY THAT I TRY TO PREVENT YOU FROM WRITING YOUR PARENTS. I'm one of the ones that from the very beginning had to make you write'm! When just telling the kids to write their parents didn't do any good, I finally set aside an afternoon once a week, at the Ranch, TSC, that far back, & I said,

       61. "YOU GET EVERYBODY IN THE DINING ROOM, EVERY ONE OF THEM, give them a piece of paper & a pen & tell them to sit there & they're going to write a letter to their folks, live or die, sink or swim, & you're going to come around & collect it at the end of the period. That they can go as soon as they've written a letter to their parents. It's amazing how hard it was to get some of you folks to write your parents!

       62. I KNOW WHAT IT IS TO BE A PARENT & KNOW WHAT IT IS TO BE OUT OF TOUCH WITH YOUR CHILDREN, & children who never write you, you don't even know where they are or what's happening with them. They once lived with you & once you enjoyed their fellowship & their presence & you once did everything you could for them.

       63. IT'S HARD FOR ME TO UNDERSTAND PEOPLE LIKE DEBORAH WHO NEVER WRITE. That's not honoring your father & mother, that's not honoring, that's not love. I mean, regardless of what she thinks or what she thinks I've done to her or Jethro, whatever, or what she thinks of me, she ought to write me a letter. I mean, at least at Christmas or on my birthday or sometime. That's selfishness, it's not love. It's real dishonoring.

       64. YOU REALLY SHOULD WRITE, & BE A TESTIMONY, A WITNESS & ENCOURAGEMENT & LET THEM KNOW YOU'RE HAPPY. Let them know you're serving the Lord & try to tell them how to love Jesus. Don't you think you should? Some of them already know the Lord but they're not following Him, they're not serving Him.

       65. SOME OF THEM DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE DOING, they don't understand why you're here, they don't know why you'd rather be away from home & live with us instead of them. They just don't understand the love of Jesus & the love of God & His service, they don't understand it. But I think you ought to write them & try to explain it to them, try to help them understand it. The Lord can give you the words, He can give you the wisdom.

       66. YOU'RE WONDERFUL CHILDREN, EVERY ONE OF YOU! Every one of you is a child to be proud of that your parents should be very proud of & thankful for. I would be happy to testify to your parents if I had a chance what wonderful children you are, & that I think they must have done a pretty good job, as far as they could go, or you wouldn't be here.

       67. THEY STARTED YOU, THEY PREPARED YOU. The Lord chose you, so they must have done something right, they must have done something good. I think you ought to give them credit for it. I think you ought to honour them. I think you ought to tell them & thank them & write them. I do! I love you! But I love them for making you & starting you & getting you started & aiming you--they must have aimed you the right direction somehow. Somehow!

       68. THE LORD BLESSED THEIR SEED, there must have been something there must have been something right about them, something righteous. God's Word says He blesses the seed of the righteous. They must have done something right, they must have done something good. God must love them somehow. He must have felt they were righteous in some way or you wouldn't be here. Don't you understand? So why don't you give them a little credit for it?--Or your grandparents.

       69. WHY DON'T YOU SHOW THEM A LITTLE LOVE & THANKS & APPRECIATION for at least trying to do what they thought was best & starting you in the right direction. They put you in church or Sunday School or they tried to teach you right. I think you ought to honour them, God's Word says so.

       70. I THINK YOU OUGHT TO WRITE THEM & TELL THEM THAT YOU LOVE THEM & thank them for all they did for you & the sacrifice they made for you & getting you started, & that you love them & that you appreciate them, & you just wish they could understand what you're doing. That you love Jesus more, that's all, you just love God more. Not me, it's the Lord. It's Jesus. PTL?

       71. SOME OF THEM ARE ALONE & LONELY & ALL THEIR CHILDREN HAVE LEFT HOME & they're home alone & they think of you, especially at Christmastime. You ought to do whatever you think is best--at the very least you ought to write them a good letter of love. And if you think they need to see you, then you're welcome to go home. We'll gladly help you go home, or I'm sure they'd gladly pay your way home. Might as well let them pay it if they've got it. If they're willing to pay it, no use taking the Lord's money to do it, if they've got it & want it. You don't have to stay long, a week.

       72. I TOLD THE KIDS THIS BACK AT THE LIGHT CLUB IN HUNTINGTON BEACH, 1968, '69. I said, "Go home for Christmas! Go home for New Years! Stay from Christmas to New Years with all the family at home. Witness, testify, enjoy it & show your parents & your loved ones that you love them, & that you're still human & that you are not the monstrosity that the World has made you out to be, that you're still you, still human, & you still love them, but that you just love Jesus more, that's all!"

       73. THINK ABOUT IT & PRAY ABOUT IT, OK? Did you think about your parents when you were hearing that song? That song really moved me, it really touched me for the poor, especially old folks. You so often see lonely old folks playing Solitaire. Their love is gone, their wife or husband's gone, their mate is gone, life is gone & they're just waiting to die. It's really sad, it's pitiful.

       74. WHAT HAVE YOUR PARENTS GOT TO LIVE FOR? They lived for you to begin with, right? For years! Now you're gone & your brothers & sisters are gone, the children are gone, they have nothing left. Some of you, perhaps your parents still have some children at home, but most of you are old enough that probably all the children are gone & they're home alone & with nobody, nothing.

       75. ALL THAT THEY LIVED FOR IS GONE & ALL THAT THEY BUILT FOR IS GONE, all they saved for is gone. It's just like life is gone. It's just like they're just waiting to die, just playing solitaire. You know? It's sad. You ought to have compassion for them & love for them & really love them & write them, & if you think it's necessary, even visit them. Please pray about it. I mean it, I really wish you would.

       76. I FEEL SELFISH! I FEEL SPOILED! I HAVE ALL OF YOU & ALL OF YOUR LOVE, WITH JESUS! I have everything! I have everything! I couldn't have better children, I couldn't have children that love me more & give me such love! I mean, who would sacrifice so much as you do? And even take care of my children. I feel selfish, I feel spoiled, I feel like the Lord is too good to me, really, when there are so many lonely parents, your lonely parents who miss you at Christmastime. We'll miss you, but if you can help them I'd be happy to miss you for a little while. Just please try to come back because we need you. PTL?

       77. I WISH WE COULD EVEN LET OUR LITTLE ONES GO WITH YOU TO SHOW THEM WHAT YOU'RE LIVING FOR!--To show them the child of your love, that you live for & care for. That oughtta win anybody's heart. They're just as much your own as they are ours, you're with them more than we are. You're invested more time, tears & love in them almost than we have, because we have the whole World to care for while you care for ours.

       78. IT LOOKS LIKE TECHI COULD WIN ANYBODY'S HEART, HUH? Win your parents. If you want to take her home with you & show them what you're living for, you're welcome. I suppose it would be a security hazard, but maybe it would work, maybe it would be worth it, maybe they'd win their hearts. Here's a little baby that's just like your very own baby that you've loved & nurtured & raised from the time she was born.

       79. SARA'S MORE OF A MOTHER TO DAVID THAN MARIA IS, & SO IS DORA. I mean when dear little Techi wants to go to bed or is tired or is hurt or anything, she calls for Dora. Dora's her real mother that she looks to, really, that she feels closest to, because she lives with you & she's close to you, you've always been there, always been her mother, & Sara's always been David's mother.

       80. I CAN REMEMBER TIMES WHEN DAVID WAS WITH US & BEGAN FEELING LONESOME & started to cry & wanted to go home to Alfred & Sara, because that's where he felt at home. He was even a little strange with us, but he was at home with Alfred & Sara. Techi's at home with Dora & Richard.

       81. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOUR PARENTS COULD UNDERSTAND THAT KIND OF LOVE OR NOT. But I'd almost be willing to send them home with you to show them who you're in love with, what you live for & what your job is. I think they could really win their hearts. But of course it might be a security hazard I suppose. But at least you could go home & tell them, show them pictures. God's will be done. Thy will be done, Lord Jesus. Jesus help us, in Jesus' name. Bless all these precious children, Lord, all these Thy loved ones, in Jesus' name.

       82. HELP US TO REACH THESE SAD LONELY OLD HEARTS, LORD who lost their dearest loved one. They have nothing more to live for & they play Solitaire & spend sleepless nights, eyes closed, brokenhearted, dreaming of better days gone by without any future--no faith & no love, so lonely & so sad, playing Solitaire. Such a sad picture, Lord, of this World, but it's so true!

       83. HELP POOR ANDY WILLIAMS, LORD, TO SING THE TRUTH! The sincerity & the heartcry & the heartbreak of his heart communicates to others & helps them to feel the honest feelings, the truth. Rebuke those Goddamned stupid idiotic managers & agents that pollute his program with all that foolishness!

       84. HELP HIM & THAT GREEK GIRL TO BE ABLE TO CONQUER THEIR SHOWS, LORD, & to sing their heart, deliver their souls with the music that You put in their hearts to sing & the music & the songs for which You created them to sing to touch the hearts of the World, Lord, & make them think of these things, be sober & serious & even sad, to purge & purify by the cathartic of sadness & tragedy. To be honest & sincere & look for the true answer, Lord, in You, Lord, in Jesus' name. TYL!

       85. LEAD US & GUIDE US & MAKE US WHAT YOU WANT US TO BE, the blessing you want us to be, Lord, to help lonely hearts around the World, lonely hopeless helpless hearts who need Your Love, who've lost everything, who lost love & life & hope & faith. Help us, Lord, to give it to them. Help our children to give it to them. Thy children, Lord. Help the Music With Meaning Show to give it to them. Help us to reach them, Lord, with the message of hope & love & life & joy & a radiant future!

       86. AND BLESS THESE OUR CHILDREN HERE, LORD, TO DO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO, even if it's a sacrifice to go home, Lord, to reach their parents & witness to them & touch their hearts, Lord. Thy will be done, have Thy way. You know what's best. Lead & guide them accordingly.

       87. HELP THEM AT LEAST TO WRITE THEM LOVING LETTERS, LORD, put it on paper how much they love them & appreciate them & thank them for all they did for them. Help them, Lord, to show them love, appreciation, honor their father & mother, at this Season especially when they're thinking of family & home & love ones. In Jesus' name we thank You Lord. In Jesus' name have Thy way. TYL!

       88. LORD, YOU'VE BEEN SO GOOD TO ME, YOU'VE SPOILED ME, given me so many precious loves & children that love me more than any man has ever been loved, more love than any man in this World has ever had, Lord, as You've said Yourself, more love. It's beyond measure, Lord, beyond count, beyond dreams, Lord, it's almost more than we can stand, Lord, it's just so much. We don't feel we deserve it, Lord, but You give it, they give it.

       89. WE KNOW IT'S BECAUSE THEY LOVE YOU, JESUS, & THEY'RE THANKFUL THAT WE SHOWED YOU TO THEM, Lord, & helped them to find You. Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! To find such love, such love, such wondrous love, such joy, such life, such happiness in You, Jesus, the answers to all their problems, to all their questions, to all their future & everything, Lord, supplying all their needs, Lord, You've never failed. TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! TYL! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!

       90. HE'S BETTER TO ME THAN ALL MY HOPES! "Thou are better than all my fears, Thou hast made a bridge of my broken works & a rainbow of my tears." Hallelujah! TYJ! You're better to us, Lord, than all our hopes, better to us than all our fears, You've made a bridge of our broken works, Lord, a rainbow of our tears! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus' name. Bless us & make us a blessing & have Thy way, Lord.

       91. LORD HELP US NOT TO FEAR, NOT TO BE AFRAID. Lord, it's worth dying for, they're worth dying for. If we must die, we all must die sooner or later, we might as well die for something as to live for nothing, Lord. And we thank You we're living for something. Therefore we believe You're not going to let us die for nothing. Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Make us what You want us to be, Lord.

       92. BLESS THE MAGAZINE, SO BEAUTIFUL! TYJ! Make it a blessing in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory. Hallelujah! In Jesus' name. PTL! Amen? Maybe we should sing something, I feel like we should sing something. Jesus, give us a song, Lord, that You want us to sing, in Jesus' name, Lord. PYL! TYJ! TYL!

       93. (SINGS:)
       O'er mountain or plain or sea.
       I'll say what You want me to say, dear Lord,
       I'll be what You want me to be!"

Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!

       94. (SINGS:)
       All through my life, let Jesus shine.
       Make me a blessing, O Savior I pray Thee my Savior!
       Make me a blessing to someone today!"

Hallelujah! TYJ! Help us, Lord, in Jesus' name!

       95. HELP US TO BE A BLESSING, LORD! Jesus help us to be a blessing, even to the farmer, Lord, neighbors, people we see & we smile & we wave. They may feel Thy love of Thy Spirit even if we can say nothing. Help us, Lord, to shine for Thee. Help us to shine, in Jesus' name! TYJ! PTL! TYJ! (Sings: "This Little Light of Mine.") PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       96. AREN'T YOU THANKFUL FOR JESUS? He's so good to us, He is just so good to us! I mean more than we could ever possibly have dreamt, I just don't know how the Lord can be so good to us. Hallelujah! TYL! TYJ! PYL! Even though I knew Him I was so sad & lonely for so many years without somebody to share with & share His work with. Thank God He sent me someone so I could share Him with you!

       97. BLESS THE MAGAZINES & THE ARTICLES, LORD, Children's Magazines & the Komix Magazines, Lord, & the Daily Might book & the calendars & all these wonderful things You're helping us give to the Family to feed them & strengthen them & encourage them & be a testimony to others. TYJ! Hallelujah! PYJ! TYL! Hallelujah! PYJ! TYL!

       98. (SINGS:)
       Every burden becomes a blessing when I know my Lord is nigh."

Hallelujah! TYL! TYJ! Make us a blessing, Lord, to others, make us a blessing to each other & help us to be a blessing to those out there, Thy Family around the World & those beyond them, Lord. Make them a blessing, in Jesus' name.

       99. THANK YOU FOR THESE THAT ARE A BLESSING TO US, such a blessing, Lord, to me & to Maria to make our work possible, Lord! TYJ! Hallelujah! PYL! (Tongues:) "What a blessing You are with Your Love, Lord, to this Thy little father! Oh that I could give more of Thy Love & Thy Words to others, Lord, through David." In Jesus' name. TYJ! PYJ! Hallelujah! TYJ! You have, Lord! You have! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

       100. (SINGS:)
       Fills my every longing,
       Keeps me singing as I go.
       Precious Name, O how sweet, hope of Earth & joy of Heaven!
       Jesus' name, O how sweet, hope of Earth & joy of Heaven!"

Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!

       101. (SINGS: "IN THE GARDEN.") JESUS, JESUS, PRECIOUS JESUS! Hallelujah? TYJ? "And the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known!" Hallelujah! No one but those that know Jesus! Only Jesus, only those that know Jesus can know that, amen? TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Hallelujah Jesus, precious Jesus! TYJ!

       102. (SINGS:)
       Oh how I love & adore Him for all His mercy so free.
       When I was lost on the mountain, barren & dark & cold,
       He sought the sheep that was straying, He brought me back to the fold.

       Jesus, Jesus, dearer than all to me,
       Jesus, Jesus, now only Thine I'll be!
       Where Thou does lead I will follow where'er that path may be,
       And when life's journey is ended Thy face in glory I'll see!"

Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!

       "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
       Sweetest Name I know!
       Fills my every longing,
Keeps me singing as I go!

       There's within my heart a melody,
       Jesus whispers sweet & low:
       'Fear not I am with the thee, peace be still',
       In all of life's ebb & flow.

       Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, sweetest Name I know!
       Fills my every longing, keeps me singing as I go!

       Precious Name, O how sweet, hope of Earth & joy of Heaven!
       Precious Name, O how sweet, hope of Earth & joy of Heaven!

       Discord filled my heart with pain.
       Jesus crept across the broken strings,
       Stirred the slumbering chords again.

       Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, sweetest Name I know!
       Fills my every longing, keeps me singing as I go!

       Soon He's coming back to welcome me,
       Far beyond the starry sky!
       I shall wing my flight to worlds unknown,
       I shall reign with Him on high!"

       105. RICHARD, YOU'VE GOT A SWEET TENOR, YOU SHOULD BRING IT OUT MORE, SING IT MORE OFTEN! You've got a sweet talent to harmonize. I'll never forget when Aaron was only six years old in first grade. His teacher was praying for somebody in the class the Lord would give the gift of harmony of tenor, & she went around the class listening, waiting for the Lord to anoint somebody. All of a sudden she heard 6-year-old Aaron, never taught to sing tenor, didn't even know what tenor was, singing a beautiful tenor harmony, to those songs! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       106. (SINGS:)
       Just to take Him at His Word!
       Just to rest upon His promise,
       Just to know thus saith the Lord!

       Jesus, Jesus how I trust Him,
       How I prove Him o'er & o'er!
       Jesus, Jesus precious Jesus,
       O for faith to trust Him more!

       I'm so glad I learned to trust Thee,
       Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend!
       And I know that Thou art with me,
       Will be with me till the end.

       Jesus, Jesus, how I love Thee,
       How I've proved Thee o'er & o'er!
       Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus,
       O for Faith to trust Thee more!"

Hallelujah! TYJ! PYJ!

       107. SOMEDAY YOU'LL PROBABLY BE SINGING THOSE IN PRISON TO ENCOURAGE YOUR HEARTS & ENCOURAGE OTHERS & GIVE THEM THE MESSAGE. I remember when some of our young people were in prison in California, I mean they just shook up that jail! They just sang loud & strong till all the prisoners were listening & shouting hallelujah & thanking God & praising the Lord because they just took over the prison! There was hardly anything they could do.

       108. THEY TRIED TO EVEN GET THEM TO SHUT UP & THEY WOULDN'T SHUT UP, they just kept singing! So it's a great ministry, it's a great blessing, it's a testimony, it's a message, to be able to sing songs that comfort hearts & give solace to the solitary. Hallelujah! TYL!

       "O let's have a little talk with Jesus,
       Let us tell Him all about our troubles,
       He will answer when we cry,
       He will answer by & by!
       You can feel a little prayer wheel turning,
       You can feel a little fire aburning,
       You can have a little talk with Jesus by & by!"

Hallelujah! TYL!

       110. (SINGS:)
       The Lord of Lords Supreme, for all Eternity!
       The great I Am, the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Door,
       Let's talk about Jesus more & more!"

Isn't He wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful? Eye's not seen, ear's not heard what's recorded in God's Word! Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?

       Counselor, Prince of peace, Mighty God is He!
       Saving me, keeping me, from all sin & shame!
       Wonderful is my Redeemer, Praise His name!


       Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him in the noontime!
       Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him when the sun goes down!
       Down in the dumps I'll never go,
       That's where the Devil can't keep me low.
       I'll sing with all my might & keep my armor bright,
       For down in the dumps I'll never go.

       But if you go, go all the way,
       Walk with Jesus every day!
       Keep your eyes upon the goal & the victory in your soul,
       If you go, go all the way!"


       Every day with Jesus, I love Him more & more!
       Jesus saves & keeps me & He's the One I'm waiting for!
       Every day with Jesus, is sweeter than the day before!


       So I love Him better every day! I love Him better every day!
       Close by His side, I will abide,
       I love Him better every day!


       So be a blessing to someone today!
       Be a blessing to someone today!
       Tell them the story how Christ came from glory
       And be a blessing today!"

Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

       113. (TONGUES:) "PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE WONDERS & THE WONDERFUL LOVE & the works & all that Thou hast given us, Lord, through thy father! TYJ! PTL! Thank You for the love & the Words & the kisses that you've given through David!" TYJ! PYL! Lord, I think sometimes Abrahim's a little bit prejudiced, but You know best, Lord.

       114. BLESS ABRAHIM, LORD, THANK YOU JESUS FOR HIM! Forgive me for complaining & murmuring. Amen, PTL? The Lord knows what He's doing, amen? Who are we to question? How can the vessel say to the Potter, "Why hast Thou made me thus?" PTL? Hallelujah! We're having a good time tonight! PYJ! Hallelujah! Do you have a song on your heart? You know that's funny, that reminds me of an old Christmas carol I don't think any of them sang:

       115. (SINGS:)
       There's a mother's sweet prayer, there's a baby's low cry,
       And the Star reigns its fire while the beautiful sing,
       For the manager of Bethlehem cradles a King!
       Yes, the manager of Bethlehem cradles a King.

       Jesus is King! Jesus is King!
       For the manager of Bethlehem cradles a King!
       Jesus is King! Jesus is King!
       For the manager of Bethlehem cradles a King!"

How about that! That's a good old little carol! Hallelujah! PYL! TYL! Amen! Any song you want to sing? Is there a song on your heart?

       116. (SINGS:)
       "My home is far away upon a golden strand! (Weeps)
       Ambassador for Thee of realms beyond the sea,
       I'm here on business for my King!
       I have a message that I bring, a message angels feign would sing!
       'O be ye reconciled,' thus saith my Lord & King,
       'O be ye reconciled to God!'"

Hallelujah! I can't sing anymore, I can't sing when I'm all choked up. Isn't that a good song for us? PTL!

       117. WE SANG A WHOLE BUNCH OF SONGS COMING DOWN HERE FROM SWITZERLAND with Timothy one time, all about going & serving the Lord & we didn't have a tape recorder or we ran out of batteries or something. And I don't think Maria & I have ever gotten together again for such a session. PTL!

       118. I'M NOT SAD, I'M HAPPY! IT JUST MAKES ME CRY TO BE SO HAPPY! Aren't you glad we have Jesus, that we're not solitaire? Thank God for that song, it broke my heart & melted me & made me feel compassion for the sad & lonely. Amen? TYJ! TTL we have the answer, we have the cure to solitaire. TYL! Hallelujah! ILY! Isn't the Lord good to us! Oh Hallelujah, TYJ!

       119. (SINGS:)
       Heaven is here, I'll tell you how!
       Jesus to know is Heaven below!
       Heaven is here, is here & how!"


       "I'm happy today, I'm happy today,
       With Jesus' love I'm happy today!
       He's taken all my sins away,
       That's why I'm happy today!"

PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       120. HOW COULD WE BE ANY HAPPIER? It just seems like there's nothing we could do that could make us unhappy. I don't want to tempt Him, but it just seems like the Lord makes us so happy, PTL! Well, sometimes we feel sorrow, sometimes we have pain, sometimes we feel the sadness of this World & their pain & their sorrow.

       121. WE SHOULD WEEP FOR THEM, PTL? Are you happy? (Family: Amen!) Did you have a good time today? A good time with Jesus, amen? God bless dear Andy Williams, he touched our hearts with his love! He made us feel his need of love at least, his hunger for love, his loneliness. He made us want to help him. Let's pray for him, shall we? Amen, Jesus, TYL!

       122. AMEN, LORD, WE FEEL A DEAR SEARCHING LONGING HEART IS REACHING OUT TO YOU, & perhaps he's already found You, we hope so. If not, we ask You to help him find Your Love & satisfaction. Thank You for those beautiful songs he sang about You, Lord, & to You, in the Christmas carols, where we knew that he has a feeling for You, Lord, & has a hunger for You, searches for You, at least. If he hasn't yet found You, help him find You.

       123. HELP HIM TO KNOW THE JOY THAT YOUR SALVATION BRINGS THAT MAY IMPART IT TO OTHERS, Lord, not only sadness & loneliness & heartcry & heartache, but the joy, the love & the healing balm, Lord, the cleanses every heart & heals ever wound & removes every stain. Lord help him to find You, Lord, with all his heart, & be able to sing songs, Lord, that will help people encourage them, inspire them, & not just express their sadness & their loneliness, their longing for love. Help us, Lord.

       124. HELP OUR CHILDREN, HELP SOMEBODY TO REACH HIM, LORD, WITH THE TRUTH & THE REAL LOVE OF JESUS, Thy love & Thy comfort, Thy compassion & encouragement, Thy faith Lord, in Jesus' name. Thank You for the wonderful life You've given us & the Love & the opportunity to help others give this answer, Lord, to the whole Earth, to give Thy love to all, & to solve all their problems. Such a simple answer, Lord, just You, Jesus, Thy love, TYL!

       125. HELP US TO NEVER FORGET THAT, LORD, & BE FAITHFUL TO CONTINUOUSLY GIVE OUR LOVE TO OTHERS, Lord, in the Family & outside the Family, wherever we go. We don't have to identify ourselves, Lord, we just need to show Thy love to others, Lord, encourage & help them, heal them & lift them. In Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory.

       126. THANK YOU FOR HOW YOU'VE BLESSED & KEPT US, LORD. We ask Thee to give us a good night tonight, safekeeping, good rest, Lord, strength for tomorrow. Lead & guide us in all that we have to do. Thank You for these that help us to do Thy work & feed Thy sheep the World around, Lord, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory. Bless & keep us, Lord, & make us a blessing. Thank You for how You have, every one here, Lord.

       127. THANK YOU FOR THIS SWEET TIME OF FELLOWSHIP IN YOU TONIGHT, JESUS, a time of such wonderful sweet love & living in Thy Love, Lord, & wooing, fellowship, communication & intercourse with You, Jesus. Hallelujah! Amen. Bless everyone here, Lord, & make them all to be happy in Your Love, Jesus, so happy & such a blessing to the children, Lord, & such an inspiration, encouragement, instruction.

       128. THANK YOU FOR HOW THEY'VE LED THEM, LORD, THESE PRECIOUS LITTLE LIVES THAT'LL GO ON FOREVER, all Eternity, Lord, with the things that they have taught them & the things that they have instructed them, the things they've told them, Lord, are forever! These children, Thy children, are forever, Lord, & what they're teaching & training them in will never never end & will be a blessing to countless millions beyond. TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name.

       129. AMEN, LORD, IF THERE'S ANY OF THEM NEED ANY SPECIAL HELP OR TOUCH FROM YOU, an answer, Lord, or healing or whatever it might be, solving a problem, we ask that Thou shalt give it to them in Jesus' name. We thank You for how You've supplied all of our needs abundantly, Lord, luxuriously, far beyond all that we could ask or think, overflowing, Lord. Thank You!

       130. WE SEEM TO HAVE NOTHING IN THE WAY OF PHYSICAL NEEDS, & YOU FILL ALL OF OUR SPIRITUAL NEEDS, LORD, so we don't know what we could need, except that we pray for others & loved ones whom we love that need You, Jesus, & whom we want to be satisfied with Thy Love, to find Your Love & Your joy & happiness. Help us to reach them in Jesus' name. Amen. PYL! TYJ!

       131. WELL, WE HAD A REAL GOOD TIME TONIGHT! I like it when the Lord really touches our hearts. And God bless Andy Williams for doing the same! PTL! It's 11:30, I guess it's time to cut it off, we might as well all go to bed. Your video time is over, I took it up tonight, & Andy Williams & the Lord did! You can finish the rest later. (Maria: Sue said she wishes there were some way to write Andy Williams, but maybe when we publish this somebody can find him.) Amen. I think I have a faint recollection of some of our kids testifying that they had met him or given him Letters or something. Was it our FFers in Monaco?

       132. WELL, WE NEED TO TELL THE FAMILY TO PRAY FOR HIM. He's really hungry & he's searching. Nobody could sing like that with such feeling & sincerity without meaning it, I don't believe. Then right away he tried to make somebody happy by dancing with her.

       133. I'M SORRY EVERYBODY COULDN'T HAVE BEEN IN ON THIS, dear Alfred & the children, but they'll get a little of the overflow off of you. You can overflow on them a little bit. PTL! Amen. "They took note that they had been with Jesus" (Ac.4:13). Even His enemies had to confess that though they were ignorant & unlearned men, they noticed that they had been with Jesus. And people can tell you're been with Jesus.

       134. DIDN'T WE HAVE A GOOD TIME WITH JESUS? See, if He can just break & melt your heart, then He woos & wins it & warms & melts it & makes it bright & burning & happy!--& no longer solitaire!--Amen? PTL! TYJ! Amen!--Now go share His Love & comfort & companionship with others!--Amen?--So they'll no longer be solitaire! GHAKYAMYAB! WLY! Do it NOW!--Tomorrow may be too late!


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family