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THE COMING KING OF EGYPT!--The Antichrist?       DFO 1066       6/10/81
--In Memoriam for Sadat on his assassination day!--By Father David

       1. DOES ANYBODY KNOW IN WHAT LETTER I GOT THAT PROPHECY ABOUT NASSER AT THE TIME OF HIS DEATH? (James: We have it right here, we looked it up just before you came in. It's in "Godahfi's Magic Lamp," paragraph 28.) Good for you, kids! You're really on the ball! You already looked these up! Read it to me, Honey. (James: "We had just been shocked by the news of Nasser's sudden death & were wondering why he had died at this particularly pregnant hour in World affairs, & we were pondering this while walking slowly down a darkened Paris street still asking God why, when suddenly & very unexpectedly the Spirit spoke: 'That that Wicked One might be revealed.'--2Th.2:1-12.

       2. ("AND SO SHALL IT BE EVEN AS I HAVE SAID, THERE SHALL YET ARISE ONE MORE KING OF EGYPT, & AFTER HIM SHALL COME HE WHOSE COMING IS AFTER THE WORKING OF SATAN!") Well, that doesn't forebode very good for whoever the next guy's going to be! How would you interpret that? Who was Sadat? It sounds like Sadat was the one more king after him, then after him this other guy. It says, "as I have said," have we had something before that? (Pearl: In "The Pied Piper Prophecy" in 1971, paragraphs 35-38:

       3. ("MARIA: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT GODAHFI? MO: HE PREPARES THE WAY FOR THE KING OF EGYPT.") "For the King of Egypt"--now that must be really the Antichrist, hmmm? That's what it sounds like. Prophecy is not always easy to understand & interpret, but obviously he certainly wasn't preparing the way for Sadat. He was doing everything he could to prepare a way to get rid of him! And if whoever takes over now is backed by Godahfi, & the radicals take control, the hardliners, it would certainly prepare the way for The King of Egypt, & you know who that's going to be! We don't know yet, of course, what is happening there right this minute. Go ahead. (Pearl: "Rev.13--The False Prophet?") That question there seemed to be, therefore, is he the False Prophet?

       4. WELL, HE CERTAINLY DIDN'T LIKE SADAT, HE WAS A GREAT ADMIRER OF NASSER who was far more revolutionary & far more pan-Arab. Nasser had dreams of uniting all the Arab World, so did Godahfi & still has! If anything, Sadat did probably more to disunite the Arab World than almost anybody! Go ahead. (Pearl: "He will be second in Egypt.--Egypt & Libya have just joined into one nation with Syria. Maria: Do you know who will be first? MO: No ... not Sadat. In Paris, I told you there would still be another king.--Shortly after Nasser's death, [DELETED] when afterward, while walking down the [EDITED: "Paris"] street, we were questioning ourselves as to whether he might become the Antichrist--the young man from Egypt.")

       5. I 'LL NEVER FORGET THAT! THAT WAS THE MOST UNEXPECTED THING I EVERY HAD HAPPEN! Can you imagine, just walking down the street! I think we were going to a restaurant or something, & I was just thinking about it. All of a sudden this thing welled up in me, you know how the Spirit does when you speak in tongues, & it just explodes! I was talking to Maria, I hadn't even been expecting the Lord or speak at all. I was asking her these questions, etc., we were discussing it, & boom!--This came, just like that, totally out of the blue. So you see, it wasn't Sadat, definitely not Sadat. Go ahead, Honey.

       6. (PEARL: "THIS WAS EVEN BEFORE LIBYA JOINED EGYPT--& WE HAD IMMEDIATELY RECEIVED THIS PROPHECY RIGHT ON THE STREET--'There will yet be another king in Egypt--for behold, out of Egypt have I called him!'--Like the "Warning Prophecy" & Jeane Dixon's vision!") It sounds like first there was going to be another king before the Antichrist. This other king is coming first, & then he'll come. Go ahead. (Pearl: "We will help him until he becomes king--because it is the will of God! ... He has very great magic! Maria: Who? Godahfi? MO: Yes.") It sounds to me like he definitely was going to have a hand in helping the Antichrist rise power, that he's not he, but he's going to help him. Well, he's certainly on that side right now.

       7. (TO TECHI:) YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL SWEETHEART & I LOVE YOU, but Daddy has to talk a little bit to the Family, we have to have a little fellowship. Daddy's a teacher & this is my class they're my students, & I have to teach school, they're having school. Because something very important happened just now, a very famous important man just got shot! Isn't that terrible? In Egypt. The King of Egypt just got shot. But he loved the Lord, I think, so I think he went straight to be with the Lord.

       8. THINK HE WAS A LOT LIKE MAHATMA GANDHI, YOU KNOW. There are a lot of reasons, changes he was making in India & all that, but they say the basic reason he was shot is that they claimed he was turning Christian from Hinduism and it was a Hindu that shot him. Of course, there were also opposition political parties. Gandhi was famous for quoting the New Testament & talking about Jesus & even telling people they should read the New Testament & that sort of thing. And it's well known--we even got that recently from someone in Egypt that knew Sadat's wife--that definitely she was a Christian. So you know that that had influence on him, because they got along very well together for many years, since his first wife from whom he was divorced. Well, PTL. Go ahead, Honey!

       9. (PEARL: "MARIA: I THOUGHT YOU SAID HE WASN'T THE KING OF THE SOUTH. Mo: He's the King of the West--because Libya's West of Egypt. He will be next to the King.") Well, he certainly wasn't next to Sadat! He was for a little while, they were getting along very chummy, buddy-buddy, remember? But it is said that Sadat saw what Godahfi was up to, that he was trying to make himself second in command to Sadat & he was willing to join both countries, but Sadat was afraid of him. Sadat suspected him of wanting not to just be second, but to be the king. I mean, they never got it together, really, so you could hardly say he was a second with Sadat, so it must be the next guy. Eventually. We don't know how soon, these things take him sometimes. Read that again:

       10. (PEARL: "MO: HE'S THE KING OF THE WEST--BECAUSE LIBYA'S WEST OF EGYPT. HE WILL BE NEXT TO THE KING.) Hmm. I wouldn't be surprised, especially if whoever it is that's coming, whoever it's talking about, promotes pan-Arabism & is anti-Israel--which, of course, the Antichrist is going to be, very much so. I think he'd support him. That's really what that sounds like, doesn't it? Haven't we always thought that maybe he was going to side with the Antichrist? Hasn't that been our impression? Help him to power somehow? (Family: Yes, definitely!) (James: It says here: "If he"--Godahfi--"is not the Author of Confusion himself, it looks like he would definitely be glad to be one of his friends.") It sure sounds like it! Go ahead, Honey.


       12. WELL, THE LORD WAS PRETTY SPECIFIC THAT THERE WOULD BE ANOTHER KING BEFORE THE FINAL KING OF EGYPT, the final Antichrist, which was not the king of Egypt, & that this is the one He's talking about the Godahfi's going to help. It's obviously worked out that way, he sure didn't help Sadat! He did a little bit at first, or tried to, but Sadat wouldn't have him. (Pearl: It also talks about Godahfi in "Question & Answers": "[DELETED] God is faithful, & he, too, must have his chance.")


       14. (PEARL: "BUT HE SHALL SPURN IT TO WORK WITH THE KING OF EGYPT!")--His chance. He had a chance, in other words. [DELETED] The Lord was trying to give him a chance, but his pan-Arabism was his idol, & his people, the Arabs, are really his idol. I think that's the thing he couldn't give up, or wouldn't. You know? (Pearl: Then it talks about Jeane Dixon.)

       15. SHE PREDICTED IT WOULD BE A YOUNG MAN OUT OF EGYPT WHO WOULD BECOME THIS GREAT WORLD LEADER. In her first book she was all gaga & crazy about this guy & thought he was great, until I sent my little Warning Tract & I wrote a little note along the edge. We tried to get to see her while we were in Washington, but her secretary said she was out, but she'd be glad to hear from us. "There's something I want to tell her," I said. "Will you see that she gets it? I'll put it in the mail." In her next book she said she was sorry, she had thought from the way she got this, that this was a good man, but he was not, he would be the Antichrist!

       16. BUT SHE MIGHT HAVE KNOWN THAT, BECAUSE WHEN SHE GOT THAT FIRST VISION OF HIS THAT SHE DESCRIBED IN THE FIRST BOOK, she was first encoiled with a big Snake that began at her feet & coiled completely around her--she was lying naked in bed that night--& then he reared up his head & looked her right in the eye! She said it was almost like she was hypnotised & she saw in his eyes the wisdom of the ages! Well, you know who the Snake was, the Serpent, of course! He certainly has the wisdom of the ages, that's for sure!--The Devil! Go ahead.

       17. (PEARL: "MARIA: THE KINGS OF THE EAST--WHO ARE THEY? MO: The kings of China, the kings of India, & the kings of Arabia & the kings of Siberia & the many kings of all the nations of the East! Thou knowest. Maria: Jesus said you were one of the Kings of the East.") I don't remember that! Do you remember when that was? When did He say that? The Kings of the East are going to cooperate like we were going to help [DELETED] indirectly. [DELETED] So I'm one of the Kings of the East, how about that! I don't remember that! Do you remember it? (Family: No!) Go ahead.

       18. (PEARL: "MO: YES, BECAUSE I CAME OUT OF THE EAST WITH MY FOREFATHERS, & we shall rise up to perform his will, & to judge the enemy for his sins! And we shall rise up against him & all my children with me, & he shall not be able to stand against us, & we shall come in the power & Spirit of God!") Hallelujah! TYL! PYL! That sounds like we finally rise up against the Antichrist, right? (Pearl: "In that time shall our people be delivered by the hand of God.") Although we may first work with him, meaning we don't resist or fight against him.

       19. GOD'S WORD DEFINITELY TEACHES THAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO COOPERATE WITH THE GOVERNMENT IF YOU CAN. I wonder if that Jeremiah 40 is still to happen or has that already happened? (See "Dreams of Jeremiah 40," No.163.) [DELETED]

       20. OH, THE DOLLAR WAS NOTHING IN THE DREAM, SO IT MUST BE LATER! We found a box of money in the sand & we didn't even bother to take it with us because it was worthless. Wasn't it dollars or something? (James: Treasury money.) You guys remember things better than I do! You see, I don't get any credit for this at all, I mean, I'm just like the tape recorder, that's all. I can't even remember what's passed through my head or my mouth! I've got the easiest job in the Family, all I do is open my mouth & the Lord fills it. It's the truth! I mean it!

       21. WELL, GO AHEAD, HONEY. WHEN DID I GET TO BE A KING OF THE EAST? I DON'T REMEMBER THAT! That still puzzles me, how can I be a King of the East? But see, my ancestors came from the East. I knew by that time that I wasn't Abrahim, I knew before we left TSC I wasn't Abrahim. For awhile, when he first came, I thought I was Abrahim! Ha! But we finally began to get the point that I wasn't Abrahim, but that he was my helper. Well, I'll have to think about that one. I don't remember that. I'm a king, but how can I be a King of the East? It speaks in the Word about the Lord's going to come from the East when He comes, He is the bright & Morning Star, that's in the East. And the kings who came to His birth were from the East. Go ahead, Honey.

       22. (PEARL: "MARIA: IS THE ANTICHRIST THE KING OF THE NORTH OR THE KING OF THE SOUTH? MO: HE IS BOTH!") Now that is one of the most amazing things! ("He comes from the South & he goes to the North, & he comes from the North & he goes to the South to fight against even them that have raised him up.") She saw him coming out of Egypt. I thought for awhile it could even be Godahfi because he was trying to make Libya a part of Egypt, but in God's Word Libya & Egypt are two distinct countries, & they have been ever since. Just think, ever since Ezekiel's day they're mentioned separately, & in Daniel & so on.

       23. SO HE COMES OUT OF EGYPT, & HE WAS TO COME OUT OF ONE OF THE HORNS, THE FOUR HEADS OF THE REMAINS OF ALEXANDER'S EMPIRE. Didn't he come out of one of those? And Egypt was one of them. You know, I thought about that a lot, what in the World that meant, & it sounded to me like, though he came out of Egypt, maybe he went to the North, to Moscow, for his schooling. You know, they take in lots of foreign students from countries all over the World to make them good Communists & good Communist leaders, etc. And then he comes back to the South & even fights "against even them that have raised him up."

       24. WELL, WHAT'S IN THE SOUTH, OF COURSE? WHERE IS HE SUPPOSED TO COME FROM?--EGYPT! He goes North, & comes back & fights against those who have raised him up. Well, Godahfi certainly has been fighting against Egypt. He doesn't even know, really, where he was born or when, did you know that? Out there on the Sahara Desert there are no boundary lines drawn, & those Bedouins just drift around & cross lines & don't even pay any attention to them. And Egypt & Libya, of course, are right next to each other. He came from the far South of Libya, & he could have easily been born in Egypt as his family drifted around the desert. That's why I used to think, well, maybe he's going to be the Antichrist.

       25. BUT THIS GUY APPARENTLY, HE GOES NORTH, MAYBE TO BE EDUCATED BY THE RUSSIANS, & then he comes back & fights against the Egyptians. And that's just exactly what's going to happen, because if you recall the passages in the Word--I was looking those up tonight while I was on the toilet--it says that he'll have power over all the gold & silver & treasures & the precious things of Egypt! (Dan.11:43.)

       26. OH MY, HAVE YOU GOTTEN "NIVEA" YET? GOD LOVES A MYSTERY! He seems to enjoy puzzling us & having us really have to dig to find it. He said, "It's the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter." (Pr.25:2.) And to "bring forth out of His treasure things new & old." (Mt.13:52.) And you remember the fellow who found the pearl of great price in the field? Found a treasure? He liked it so well he bought the field with his all! (Mt.13:44.) So God does hide things. Look how He hides nearly all the most precious things in the World!

       27. ONE OF THE MOST PRECIOUS THINGS IN THE WORLD IS CHILDREN, OF COURSE, & WHAT A MYSTERY A CHILD IS UNTIL IT'S BORN! They don't even know what sex it is, or what it's going to look like, nothing. They've got this new sonar thing, but it really can't tell you much except position. What a mystery a child is before it's born! All the most precious things in the World, God has hidden in deep dark places like Mommy's tummy! And where does the gold come from, David? (David: In the ground.) Yes, God hides it in the ground & you have to go out digging for it & looking for it. Where do they find diamonds, Davida? (Davida: In the ground.) That's right.

       28. ALL THE MOST PRECIOUS THINGS LIKE GOLD & SILVER & DIAMONDS & PRECIOUS STONES, YOU HAVE TO FIND THEM, you have to hunt for them & dig them up & find them out of the ground. And the Lord speaks about His Word, the treasures & wisdom of His Word as being something that you have to look for, you have to really dig for, you know? He doesn't try to make it too easy. Did the children hear "Nivea"? (No.1049.) People love games, & they all have some kind of an air of mystery about them. You have to find something or you have to throw the dice or spin the wheel, or guessing games, searching games, hide-&-go-seek, all kinds of games.

       29. WE LOVE GAMES, HUNTING GAMES & THINGS LIKE THAT, APPARENTLY GOD LIKES IT TOO, HE LIKES TO MAKE US HUNT FOR THINGS! "Seek & ye shall find, knock & it shall be opened unto you, ask & ye shall receive." Right? (Mt.7:7.) That is so amazing! I never saw that so clearly until He showed that when I was telling you about "Nivea." Has anybody found yet what that word means? Well, I'm convinced from what I got that she's Nemesis, apparently. It says so!" She is your Nemesis!" So, PTL!

       30. WELL, LET'S CONSIDER ALL THESE THINGS WE'VE GOTTEN & READ. Obviously it was pretty specific, wasn't it, that Godahfi is not to be the king of Egypt or the Antichrist, but he's to be his helper or at least he's to work with him, sounds like it at least. And that Sadat also was not the king, right? There was going to be one more king of Egypt before the King of Egypt, & there certainly has, & Sadat was certainly obviously it.

       31. BUT THE KING OF EGYPT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE THE LORD'S TALKING ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST, that he comes from Egypt, the South, goes North, & comes back apparently with the Antichrist forces to fight against Egypt, those who raised him up. Isn't that what it sounds like? Now does that fit Bible Prophecy? What do the prophecies in the Bible have to say about Egypt & it's relationship to the Antichrist in Daniel 11 & Ezekiel 38? Where is Egypt mentioned by name in these two passages?

       32. (PEARL: DANIEL 11:42 SAYS, "HE SHALL STRETCH FORTH HIS HAND ALSO UPON THE COUNTRIES: AND THE LAND OF EGYPT SHALL NOT ESCAPE.") Did you hear that? It's one of the countries he stretches forth his hand upon. If he stretches forth his hand upon them, it doesn't sound like he's helping them any, right? It obviously indicates that he was against them. "And the land of Egypt shall not escape." Does the sounds like Egypt is going to be on his side in this sense is going to be the losing side which the Antichrist is going to be against Egypt.

       33. NOW HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN WHEN ALL THE REST OF THE COUNTRIES & EVEN THE ARAB COUNTRIES MENTIONED THERE ARE ALL ON THE SIDE OF THE ANTICHRIST?--Libya, Jordan & all these other places are with him, but he's against Egypt. How come, when it's an Arab country? Look what's happened. What has Egypt done under Sadat? He made peace with the enemies of the Arabs, their bitterest enemy Israel, & with the U.S.A., the sponsor of Israel, & who really is a bitter enemy of the Arabs. [DELETED] So obviously under Sadat they got on the wrong side, & the wrong side in this sense is going to be the losing side which the Antichrist is going to be against.

       34. SO OBVIOUSLY THE POINT IS, IS THE ANTICHRIST GOING TO BE FOR OR AGAINST EGYPT? (FAMILY: AGAINST!) He's going to stretch for his hand against Egypt, & what else does it say about Egypt? (Pearl: "But he shall have power over the treasures of gold & silver, & over all the precious things of Egypt: & the Libyans the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.") "The Libyans & the Ethiopians shall be at his steps," that's sort of like they're following in his footsteps, or even grovelling at his feet, in a sense, right?

       35. WHOSE SIDE IS LIBYA BY THE REST OF THE WORLD NOW CONSIDERED TO BE ON, LIBYA & ETHIOPIA BOTH? Definitely in the Russian camp! Godahfi was not at first, he was as much against Russia as anything. But [EDITED: "later"] he went & got Russia's help right away. From that time on the started favouring Russia.

       36. [DELETED] If you'd heard the way they were talking about Godahfi tonight, they're no friend of his! In fact, who is?--Except Russia & Arafat & all the people who are anathema to the West & its Jews! [DELETED]

       37. TO HEAR THE REST OF THE WORLD TALK ABOUT HIM, YOU'D THINK HE WAS THE PRIME TROUBLEMAKER OF THE WORLD OUTSIDE OF RUSSIA! And the Jews hate him so! I think they hate him almost more than they have Arafat! They don't even talk about Arafat that bad. Really! Why? I think it might even be something spiritual. The Devil knows whose side he's going to be on, & whose side the Jews are going to be on. And remember, behind all of the physical nations & the physical appearances & kings & powers, there are spiritual powers who are struggling against each other.

       38. THEY ARE TWO SIDES DEVELOPING IN THE WORLD, RIGHT? THE WORLD'S SPLIT IN TWO. Who's on one side? (Alf: The Lord.) In the World? We're talking about the forces of the World & the nations of the World, Son! The World is split into what two camps? (Family: East & West.) And who's the leader of the West? (Family: America.) And who's the leader of the East? (Family: Russia.) All right. Now, which one is the Lord's side? (Alf: Right now probably the East.) Don't answer too quick!

       39. COULD YOU REALLY CALL RUSSIA, THE COMMUNISTS, THE ANTICHRIST, THE LORD'S SIDE? I'm not saying who is God favouring & who is God helping get to power--obviously the Antichrist would never make it without the Lord allowing it--but would you call it the Lord's side? Or how about the Christian West, the U.S.A. & it's dear fundamentalists & it's Evangelicals, don't they love us? Are they the Lord's side? (Family: No!) You mean, neither one is the Lord's side? Absolutely not!

       40. SO WHAT POWERS ARE STRUGGLING? Just like in these wars between various devils & demons & whatnot of Greek Mythology, they're always warring against each other. What do you mean? Both sides are the Devil's side? You mean the Devil's side is divided & certain demonic powers behind Russia are fighting certain demonic powers behind the U.S.A.? It's obvious! You mean the Devil's house is divided against itself? But Jesus said, "A house divided against itself shall not stand." (Mt.12:25.)

       41. OF COURSE THE THING IS, IT'S ONLY DIVIDED NOW, BUT THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO GET IT ALL TOGETHER, or at least he's going to try. And if you just read the whole 11th Chapter of Daniel & a lot of others you'll find out he has plenty of problems & wars going on & revolts & rebellions, & he has to run here & fight this one, & run there & fight that one. Are both sides wicked? Are both sides Antichrist? It certainly has become so! Even though America still hypocritically, self-righteously pretends to be Christian!

       42. WELL, TO SUM IT ALL UP, THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO COME OUT OF EGYPT according to Scripture indications & Jeane Dixon & God's revelations to us, the things that God has given us specifically that he comes out of Egypt. But there was to be another king that would arise before The final AC King of Egypt. So therefore the "one more" king "before" the Antichrist must have been Sadat.

       43. WELL, OBVIOUSLY IT LOOKS LIKE SADAT WAS THE OTHER KING, ONE MORE KING AFTER NASSER. Isn't that what the prophecies sound like? There would be one more king after Nasser before the final King of Egypt, the AC. Well, Nasser has come & gone & Godahfi we still have with us. He's survived when the whole World's been against him. If God wants you to survive, you'll survive, regardless!

       44. AND MAYBE EVEN SADAT HAD BECOME A SECRET BELIEVER OR SOMEWHAT CHRISTIAN AT HEART BECAUSE OF HIS WIFE, & maybe because of Evangelical influence, which is so horribly misled by Scofield & all those guys, he backed the Jews & Israel. This is the way I was all my life until I got there & the Lord showed me different. And if I could be deceived by that false doctrine of devils, as well as a lot of preachers, how easily poor Sadat, that he should make peace & friends with Israel! There must have been a lot of sentiment against him even in his own country.

       45. SO ONE MORE KING OF EGYPT HAS COME & GONE, & as I understand it from what you've been reading, there would be one more king of Egypt before the Antichrist, before the King of Egypt, the one who is called the King of Egypt, who to me could be none other than the Antichrist himself. Now how soon he will rise out of the ashes of this struggle for power we don't know, it may go back & forth for awhile. It was a struggle for power before Sadat really took over after Nasser died, nobody knew who was going to be next, & they least of all suspected Sadat to be next because he wasn't considered a very strong figure at all.

       46. NASSER DIED AT THE EARLY OF ONLY FIFTY-TWO, hale & hearty & strong & well, & just suddenly he died. (Alf: Naturally?) That was the question that many people raised, whether it was natural or not. Supposedly he died of a heart attack, but if you know anything about the Arabs, they are notorious for poisoning, it's one of their favourite means of assassination.

       47. THIS IS THE MAIN THAT ARAB CHRISTIANS HAVE TO WATCH OUT ABOUT IN VISITING THEIR MUSLIM RELATIVES, because it's one of the favourite ways they have to executing them for having deserted the faith! Go home, eat a meal, drink a glass of wine & be poisoned by their own family! So there were many people at the time that Nasser died who suspected he could have been poisoned, because he was too radical.

       48. JUST LIKE I BELIEVE IT WAS THE CONSERVATIVES OF THE U.S. WHO SHOT JOHN KENNEDY, hired an assassin to shoot him! And the FBI knew it, & all those big shots knew it, because they thought he was going too far left & too radical, making friends with Russia, & there were lots of Egyptians who felt the same way about Nasser. And it so happens that Sadat actually belonged to what was known as the moderates, he was not notorious as one of the radicals or one of the worshippers of Nasser, & he has conducted himself along that line ever since.

       49. SADAT HAS NOT BEEN THE RADICAL REVOLUTIONIST THAT NASSER WAS, trying to stir up the whole Arab World, particularly against Israel. In fact, he did just the opposite! He became one of the most ultra-conservatives of all the Arabs & actually made peace with Israel! That's even more conservative than Saudi Arabia who is supposed to be extremely conservative. He went the other direction entirely. And there were some at that time who even suspected that maybe it was a coup literally engineered by Sadat or his clique to get rid of Nasser, & that he was poisoned. They thought he was getting too radical, too communist, too pro-Russian, so suddenly Nasser died in 1970.

       50. THE RUSSIANS BUILT THE ASWAN DAM UNDER NASSER, & by the time Sadat took the power it took him two years to feel strong enough to in 1972 to oust 20,000 Russians from Egypt. Nasser was inviting them in by the thousands to come help Egypt build the Aswan Dam and so on, and Sadat had only been in power less than two years when he ousted the Russians so he obviously was not a radical nor a Communist, he was obviously anti-Russia, anti-Communist, which is one reason why the U.S. has favoured him a great deal, particularly ever since.

       51. I HAVE AN IDEA THE U.S. WAS AT WORK EVEN THEN. As soon as they'd gotten rid of Nasser, they were plying & cultivating Sadat from the beginning to try to make sure another radical didn't rise in Egypt. They were helping him even then, because if he hadn't been pretty sure of U.S. help he never would have kicked out all those Russians. And I think another reason why he kicked them out was that the Russians felt that it wasn't time yet for the war against Israel, but it was premature, they weren't prepared & they really couldn't win it yet. I believe they opposed his wanting to have the war with Israel.

       52. SO WHAT DID HE DO? THEY GET RID OF THE RADICAL NASSER, THE REAL REVOLUTIONARY, THEN HE GETS RID OF THE RUSSIANS, but then I think literally really trying to consolidate his power--because it was the thing that made him popular & got him in to stay--as soon as he got rid of the Russians in '72 he started war & attacked Israel, & that was when the 1973 "Arab Wall" started moving, remember? (See No.274.) (James: Eight years ago today!) Really? Eight years ago today! No kidding! How about that! October 6, 1973! Exactly eight years before his assassination today!

       53. WELL, AS SOON AS HE GOT RID OF THE RUSSIANS HE ATTACKED ISRAEL. I think they felt he wasn't prepared to do it & as I guess you recall, he really was losing the war when the U.S. managed to persuade'm to make a peace & called off its dogs & persuaded them to back off. The Jews were across the Canal on their way to Cairo, remember? I mean, Sadat really had it all his way for a little while and was making better progress than they had in the '67 war, the Six-Day War. Sadat was making better progress in his Yom Kippur War, he attacked on Yom Kipper, a Jewish holy today.

       54. SADAT WAS NOT CONSIDERED ALL THAT MUCH OF A RADICAL, & HE CERTAINLY PROVED HIMSELF TO BE QUITE CONSERVATIVE & not a radical to the point of making friends with Israel & the United States & kicking out the Russians! And I think the main reason for his success in the '73 War, why he was able to come out & save face & the U.S. didn't allow Israel to win that war & made'm back out of Egypt, even made'm back halfway out of Sinai, was that the U.S. was in the process of trying to make friends with Egypt.

       55. NASSER WAS BITTER, LIKE GODAHFI, AGAINST THE U.S., HE WAS VERY PRO-RUSSIAN & PRO-COMMUNIST, BUT SADAT PROVED TO BE JUST THE OPPOSITE & the U.S. saw they had a chance to get a man in Cairo who was going to be their friend, & they worked on it diligently & succeeded. But obviously this was contrary to the way things are supposed to go & the way things are going to go, according to God's Word, & he was sort of, you might say, in the way. He was certainly in the way of the Russians!

       56. DID YOU KNOW THAT HE JUST GOT THROUGH ONCE AGAIN KICKING OUT SOMETHING LIKE A HALF-A-DOZEN TO A DOZEN RUSSIAN DIPLOMATS FOR SPYING, & blaming them for the trouble of stirring up the radical Muslims of Egypt against him? I didn't know there were that many left! He kicked out at the same time a thousand Russian technicians out of Egypt! The first time he kicked them out in '72 he kicked out 20,000! But apparently he decided he was really going to get rid of them all this time, just a few weeks ago, & I think that's what brought on his finish. That & the fact that he'd made friends with Israel, bitter enemies of Russia, & made friends with the U.S.A., bitter enemies of Russia. He'd obviously become a bitter enemy of Russia & a friend of the wrong side.

       57. APPARENTLY THE RUSSIANS WERE TRYING THEIR BEST TO STIR UP TROUBLE AGAINST HIM because the fanatical radical Muslims were turned against him, & it was right after he kicked out the Russians that he put about 1,500 of his opponents in jail, & this is what's been the background there happening just before this happened. He was fighting a no-win, can't-win battle against a Russian take-over & a radical take-over in Egypt.

       58. SADAT WAS AMERICA'S MAN IN CAIRO THAT THEY WORKED SO HARD TO KEEP IN POWER NOW FOR ABOUT EIGHT YEARS, & even obviously finally persuaded him to make peace with Israel, undoubtedly with all kinds of promises. In fact, the promises were obvious, billions of dollars worth of promises of financial help, etc., if he'd make peace with Israel, even to the point of turning all his Arab brethren against him! All the Arab States were against him, he was totally alone. But he figured, "Well, to have peace with Israel & not have to fight Israel anymore & have a big rich country like the U.S. on your side, who needs the Arabs?" Well, now he knows. Now he knows he was getting on the wrong side & getting in the way, & in a sense, even getting in God's way, not letting nature take its course, the Communist World takeover!

       59. SO THE "ONE MORE" KING OF EGYPT IS GONE, & THE TIME IS CERTAINLY DRAWING NEAR FOR THE KING! I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see that out of this power struggle following Sadat's fall will very likely come some radical, if there isn't actual civil war in Egypt! There's almost been civil war already. That's another thing where Sadat really got himself in trouble. I mean, he turned the Russians against him a long time ago, in '72. That was a great face-losing insulting thing that he did kicking out 20,000 Russians who had been building the Aswan Dam! And now, another thousand, plus all those Russian diplomats he just kicked out a few weeks ago. Then he put all the radicals in jail, & do you know what has been happening there?

       60. THE RADICAL MUSLIMS HAVE BEEN LEADING HUGE MARCHES AGAINST THE COPTIC CHRISTIANS & PERSECUTING THEM, & they were even then accusing Sadat of favouring & defending the Coptics. He probably was! And in one big march, I think they claimed a hundred thousand Muslims were marching against a principal Coptic Cathedral in Cairo, he called out the army and stopped it! I mean the Coptics & the Muslims were almost virtually at war, there were all kinds of riots & killings & everything between the Christians & the Muslims. And because he tried to stop it, the Muslims accused him of favouring the Christians--which he very likely was.

       61. BUT YOU SEE, IT'S OBVIOUSLY NOT GOD'S PLAN TO SAVE THOSE CHRISTIANS THERE, NOT THAT WAY ANYWAY.--For the Coptic Church is almost deader than the Catholic Church! I mean, how dead can you be? Virtually the first & claims to be the oldest Christian church, but maybe you never even heard about them! They claim to be the descendants of Queen Candace whose chief man was won by Philip, & he went back & won the Queen, & they claim to be the first Christian country at that time, Ethiopia, & that's where the Coptic Church was founded, & became very powerful in Egypt later. (Acts 8:27-39.)

       62. SO, IT LOOKS LIKE THINGS ARE GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN, PTL! It's wonderful to know the Word of God, isn't it? It's still a mystery, you don't know exactly what's going to happen, He likes to keep you guessing, but still He tells you enough to give you a pretty good idea which was it's supposed to go, & it's sure going the way He showed us it was going to go, one more king of Egypt before the King of Egypt. Isn't that what you get out of those things? That's what we got when we first got it, there would be one more before Godahfi was going to help the AC Well, the "one more" is no more, & Godahfi we still have with us! So it looks like it's going that way & the next will be the King!

       63. I'M VERY INTERESTED TO SEE WHO NOW RISES TO POWER. Of course, between strong men sometimes there's a struggle for power, one of them then another gets control a little while. There's kind of a flux, mobile situation between them, until the strong man finally takes over. So it may take a little while. There may be several little nincompoops who could hardly be classified as kings who will struggle with each other before the King of Egypt arises.

       64. SADAT WAS TRULY A KING, HE WAS A PRETTY STRONG MAN, HE RULED FOR EIGHT YEARS: I'd say he was a king. And I'm sure, according to that prophecy, he was that "one more" king. The Lord was saying clearly as anything there was going to be one more before--whom? (Family: The Antichrist!) Right! Why were you afraid to say it? Just because you make a mistake once in awhile, you don't have to be afraid to try again! Well, that was king of a tricky question saying, "which is the Lord's side?" It's kind of like the old coloured fellow said when he got caught by the two parties, he said, "I'm on the Lord's side!" And really, that's where we stand.

       65. SEE, THE LORD IS REALLY AGAINST BOTH OF THEM! You know He against the U.S., you know He's against Russia, they're both anti-Christ, they're both Godless & wicked & vile & violent & they're both ready to destroy the World to get their way! I was working on that today, a new Letter called "The Suicide of America!" It's such a message for America that I want to see it as a four-pager & I want to see it go on the streets, our final warning to America! Because they're literally committing suicide, & they would rather commit suicide than let Russia rule the World, rather commit suicide than surrender & become Communists!

       66. THAT'S THE WAY THEY ARE: "GIVE US OUR CITIES & WE'LL GIVE YOU OUR SONS!" Anything! "Better dead than Red!", that's their motto. So that's what they're going to get, they're going to be dead! And I was really inspired today to add an ending to that Letter, a last appeal to the Americans, & especially as a final appeal to the Family to get out. Strange I should be working on that today, on what I consider my final warning to the U.S. & the U.S. Family, not knowing that Sadat was about to be assassinated.

       67. SO DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT I GOT WHEN I HEARD IT? Well, what would you have felt like, knowing these prophecies, and knowing how things are going to go eventually, and knowing God's Word?: That obviously Egypt is not going to be on the side of the Antichrist, but he's going to fight against Egypt. How would you have felt when you heard that the man died who had become a good friend of the U.S. and the West and Israel and made peace with his bitterest enemies and chucked out many of the Russian diplomats and thousands of Russians! I didn't even know they had a thousand of them left there! They must have been running the Dam and stuff like that, huh?

       68. WHEN YOU SUDDENLY HEAR THAT THIS GUY WHO SEEMED TO BE STANDING IN THE WAY OF HISTORY & in the way of prophecy & who is himself like a dam against the flood of what God's Word says is going to happen--against the Antichrist & against his forces & against Godahfi who's supposed to become his helper, & making good friends & getting along great with the U.S.A. & Israel--obviously does he sound like he is an open channel for the forces of prophecy & history, & does he sound like he's flowing with the course of nature? Or does he sound like some kind of a temporary stop or dam or obstacle in the way of prophecy & the course of history?

       69. I THINK PERHAPS IN SOME WAYS, SINCE HE WAS A GOOD MAN AND FAVOURED CHRISTIANITY, he was in a sense sort of like the mercy of God on the Christians & a temporary blockade to the forces of the Devil & Antichrist. But since God knows the way things have to go, so Sadat had to go. Right? I mean, God could not possibly have continued the course of history & fulfilled prophecy with Sadat standing in the way.

       70. SADAT WAS STANDING IN THE WAY OF PROPHETIC FULFILMENT & GOD'S CHOSEN COURSE FOR HISTORY! Right? Even though he may have been a Christian or even a Christian sympathiser & a Friend of the Christians & his wife a Christian, & a good man. I believe he was a very good man, I think he was an idealist. I think he thought he was really doing the right thing to be a peacemaker & try to make peace with Israel. But you see, that was not God's plan, because God is not planning to give peace to Israel, nor America.

       71. BUT I THINK HE THOUGHT HE WAS REALLY DOING THE RIGHT THING, TRYING TO MAKE PEACE, & like a Christian with a Christian nation & even his enemy a Jewish nation, he was trying to make peace, trying to do the right thing. Probably just the same way that the Evangelicals think they're doing the right thing by persecuting us, even trying to kill us! And the same way the High Priest & the Scribes & the Pharisees thought they were doing the right thing to kill Jesus! They said, "Well, it must be that one man should die to save the Nation." (Jn.11:50) In a sense it was prophetic. Right? Do you understand?--Jesus saved the World!

       72. HOW CAN A CHRISTIAN, WHO SEEMS TO BE A GOOD MAN & A CHRISTIAN, STAND IN GOD'S WAY, or the way that God is allowing history to take its course? Well, I'll tell you another one--Reagan. He is supposed to be a good Christian, loyal, patriotic American, defender of the faith & the faithful, the enemy of the Communist, anti-Christ, anti-God forces of the World, the Christian champion. It certainly looks like Reagan and Sadat were on the right side against the evil forces, the Satanic forces of Communism & Russia & the Antichrist.

       73. CAN CHRISTIANS STAND IN GOD'S WAY OF WHAT HE WANTS TO DO & WHAT HE KNOWS HAS TO BE DONE? Did Israel ever stand in God's way? At that time they were His chosen people. Did they ever stand in the way of history? We have an almost exact parallel in the situation between Israel & Babylon in Israel's last days, right? Israel was a righteous nation, the believers & the promoters of the one true God & His laws & His land & His cities & His temples. Surely they were the right people! Surely God would protect them against the anti-God forces of Nebuchadnezzar & Babylon & the idolaters, the demonic, devilish, fiendish forces against God! Hmm?

       74. SURELY ISRAEL & JERUSALEM, THE HIGH PRIESTS & THE WORSHIPERS IN THE TEMPLE WHERE THE RIGHT ONES!--Hmm? No? But they were the believers in God, the one true God! They preached God, they preached the Gospel of their day, they worshipped in the true Temple, the true city, the right country, God's chosen people, they were the right people. Surely God would protect them from Nebuchadnezzar & the idolatrous demonic devilish fiendish forces of their enemy Babylon! Surely God was on the side of the righteous, the true believers, Israel, Jerusalem, the Temple, the Priesthood, the Jews! Surely God was on their side.--Weren't they the right ones? Of course they were, they were God's people, His chosen people. Weren't they the righteous ones? Well, they thought they were.

       75. THE WHOLE TROUBLE WAS THAT THE RIGHT ONES WERE DOING AN AWFUL LOT OF WRONG, & God was so angry with them for all their wickedness, & their sin & self-righteous hypocrisy, just like America today, & Israel--& Egypt who made the mistake of making a wrong choice & joining the wrong side, the losing side. So God decided to take the fiendish, devilish, demonic, idolatrous, wicked, anti-God Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar to crush & devour His Own people & destroy their Temple, their city, their lands, & drive them out of their Promised Land all over the World!

       76. YOU SAY, "WELL, WHAT IN THE WORLD'S GOING ON, ANYHOW? WHO IS GOD FOR?" Well, I'll tell you right now, if His people turn against Him & forget & God & themselves become idolatrous & wicked & evil & wrong--doing-such as America & the Christian West have done--God will take their most wicked & evil enemies of the people of God becomes His instruments & His tools to do His will, which is to punish His Own people for their sins. Then anybody standing in the way of the enemies of God is standing in the way of God's will! You get it! Because God has chosen His Own enemies to destroy His Own wicked people!

       77. WHAT HAPPENED AS A RESULT? WHAT HAPPENED WITH NEBUCHADNEZZAR & THE BABYLONIANS? God used them to destroy His Own chosen people, chosen land, chosen city, chosen temple, the works!--The anti-God idolatrous wicked evil licentious Babylonians! What happened to them? Did God immediately turn around & destroy them? What happened to Nebuchadnezzar? He got converted by Daniel & became a great king, a head of gold blessed by the Lord, turned his people to the Lord, & He caused him to rule the World because he acknowledged God & Daniel!--He converted their enemies!

       78. GOD USED THEIR JEWISH PRISONERS, CAPTIVES, TO BECOME MISSIONARIES & EVANGELISTS, WITNESSES TO CONVERT THE BABYLONIANS, THEIR CONQUERORS! Just like the Christian slaves of Rome conquered their conquerors with love & the Spirit of God & converted them until all of Caesar's household was converted! Think of it! They converted the enemies of their own people, they converted their bitterest by being their slaves!

       79. THAT REMINDS OF WHAT WILLIAM BRANHAM ONCE SAID: "I SAW A VISION IN WHICH AMERICANS WERE THE MOST POPULAR & DESIRABLE SLAVES IN THE WHOLE WORLD! After this next war & the Antichrist takes over, there will be some Americans left, I mean, the war is not going to kill them all. They estimate at least ten million Americans will be killed, I have a feeling probably it's going to be more than that. I think that's a very optimistic conservative estimate. It seems to me that it would be more like half of them, but I could be wrong.

       80. BUT WHEN THE WAR'S OVER & THE ANTICHRIST FORCES TAKE OVER--meaning probably Russia & Communism--what do you think they're going to do with the Americans? They're smart aggressive people with a lot of drive, terrific scientific knowledge. What did the Americans do with the Germans after the War?--Used'm! They became their most desirable popular slaves! They took their scientists, their brains & everything they could get from Germany. And if it had not been for the German scientists, America would never have been able to develop its present space program, its present missile program & all the rest. They got it all from the Germans. And Wernher von Braun, a more brilliant scientific mind than even America had, shot for the stars & almost succeeded!

       81. SO AMERICA JUST DUG OUT THE BRAINS OF GERMANY & TRANSPORTED THEM TO AMERICA where they were virtually slaves of the American government, but allowed to purse their scientific investigations & experimentations & research, which they loved the most, of course. They didn't care if they did it for Germany or for the US, a scientist loves his science. So they made slaves of German scientists. What do you think Russia will do after the war? Those U.S. scientists will have to be Russian slaves to work for the Antichrist government!

       82. SO WHEN GOD GETS SO ANGRY AT HIS OWN PEOPLE THAT HE'S AGAINST THEM & ALLOWS THEIR ENEMIES TO DESTROY THEM, IT'S PRETTY SAD, HUH? But when He wants to, is there anything at all going to be able to stand in His way? God could have protected Sadat, He could have had somebody else get the bullets instead of him. I mean, He could have miraculously protected him like He has Godahfi & Arafat & a few other people. It's amazing to me they've survived this long! Well, it's even amazing Sadat survived this long!--And God could've spared Sadat longer, but He didn't.

       83. DID YOU SEE SADAT IN HIS LAST VISIT TO THE U.S. STANDING THERE? HE LOOKED SO PITIFUL, SO SAD, SO TIRED! I mean, he really looked dejected. Did you see that, where Reagan's making his big speech & here's this poor little black man Sadat standing there looking sad & tired. It looked to me like he hadn't accomplished his mission, whatever it was, he didn't look very happy about the results of his trip. And it could be in the mercy of God, if Sadat was God's man, & I believe he was, that God took him, took him out of the way of God's Own plan & maybe for his own sake to get him out of the way.

       84. I WAS RELIEVED, & I TOLD MARIA WHEN I HEARD HE WAS SHOT, "WELL, PRAISE GOD, HIS TROUBLES ARE OVER!" I think he really loved the Lord. He was a good man & tried to do what he felt was right. Maybe he was even a secret believer as a Christian because of his wife, etc., he certainly acted like one. So thank God, the Lord knew what was going to happen to Egypt & what's about to happen in the World, & in His mercy He removed him.

       85. ALSO, "THEY THAT LIVE BY THE SWORD SHALL DIE BY THE SWORD" (Mt.26:52; Rev.13:10.), & he was a soldier & he'd been through many battles before & many people had died because of him, & it's possible he was even one of those responsible for the death of Nasser. He was certainly responsible for the starting of the '73 "Arab Wall" War, the Yom Kippur War, attacked them on a Holy Day.

       86. IT'S AMAZING HOW MANY OF THESE GUYS WHO GOT TO POWER BY FORCE & stayed in power by force & the gun & slaughter, they finally got it themselves too. As I'm sure Ayatollah Khomeini will! They've been massacring them there at the rate of a hundred or two almost every week! They found a way to eliminate their opposition there in their great new democracy, having got rid of the Shah, they just liquidate them all, meaning let their blood flow, just kill'm! And he's become a worse monster himself! He's become more vicious & violent & intolerant & vindictive & slaughtering more people than the Shah did!

       87. AT LEAST THE SHAH WAS TRYING TO BRING HIS COUNTRY OUT OF HEATHEN DARKNESS & BACKWARDNESS. I even sometimes thought that maybe he was sort of inclined toward Christianity. He was broad minded & liberal & was trying to modernise Iran. But I mean Khomeini has set Iran back hundreds of years! In fact, it'll never be the same. They've liquidated all their best men & their best leadership, their best talent, scientists, officers, everything, anybody who was against Khomeini & anybody who was not a fanatical radical Muslim.--Liquidated all the leadership except for those donut-headed clerics! I mean, they've all got donuts around their heads with nothing in the middle!

       88. WELL, PROBABLY THAT WAS THE HAND OF GOD TO PUNISH THE IRANIANS, I DON'T DOUBT, & EVEN THE SHAH. His forces forced us out of Iran, so God turned around & threw him out! For awhile we had a tremendous progress there, even favoured by the Queen & we were really favoured by royalty & given every kind of help & privilege & they sought us as teachers & everything else. And then suddenly the Devil got to work somewhere.

       89. I GUESS WE'D REACHED THE HARVEST & REAPED IT & WE HAD GONE AS FAR AS GOD KNEW WE COULD GO, as far as they received us, & then they began to send the persecution & drove us out completely. Wasn't that an amazing dream I had about that tennis court & all that? The whole thing came true! Exactly! Including Tim & Rachel & what happened to them. (See "The Shah's Last Resort," No.733.) I mean, the Lord is so amazing & so marvellous! He gives you revelations & dreams you don't even know what they mean until they happen!

       90. SO HOW DID I FEEL WHEN I HEARD SADAT GOT SHOT? My immediate impression was, "Well, that's one more obstacle out of the way of progress & the course of history & prophecy, one more step on the way to war!" Just like I felt when they got rid of Giscard d'Estaing in France: Well, they got rid of another of God's mercies!"

       91. REMEMBER WHEN I SAID IF CARTER WINS THE ELECTION I CONSIDER IT THE MERCY OF GOD, that God is having a little more mercy?--And he won that election!--That a vote for Carter, in a sense, was a vote for God, because he came out so strong for his faith. (See No.520.) But look what a peanut Christian he was! He was probably the weakest president the U.S. ever had! The mercy of God was to let the people pretend to be Christians & choose a man who was supposed to be a man of God but who really couldn't seem to get any directions from God at all, could never seem to make up his mind, one of the weakest wishy-washiest presidents we ever had!

       92. NOW HERE COMES A STRONG DEFENDER OF THE FAITH, ANOTHER CHRISTIAN, REAGAN, A FIGHTER! He'll go down with the country, that is, unless he dies first, he's pretty old. He's the "better-dead-than-Red" kind. But if God knows & God wants the World to go Red, the people who would rather be dead than Red are going to be dead!--Like Sadat. Hmm?

       93. I JUST SORT OF SIGHED A SIGN OF RELIEF, WELL, PTL, THINGS ARE REALLY MOVIN' ALONG, LORD! There's one more step in the right direction, there's one more obstacle out of the way. They keep talking about obstacles of peace, Sadat was one more obstacle to war that God had to get rid of, because the war's got to come to punish the World for its sins. It's going to come.

       94. IT'S HORRIBLE, HORROR, BUT GOD'S PEOPLE DON'T HAVE TO ENDURE IT! God's been warning them for years through us in every way He could, not to have it, don't do it, or if you can't stop it, get out of it. Right? There's not one single member of our Family who has any good excuse for getting caught in that war, not one! I'll tell you, I think if I were living in the U.S. I would rather swim across the Gulf than get caught in that war! I'd find some way to get out.

       95. SO IT'S A SAD WORLD & A SAD SAY IN WHICH GOD'S MEN OF PEACE STAND IN THE WAY OF HIS WILL, because His will is to bring judgement & punishment & His wrath on His people. Well, it's not the first time it's ever happened. Look at Moses, how many times God wanted to sock it to Israel & give'm what they deserved, & dear Moses stood in the way. Even dear Apostle Paul tried to stand in the way & look what happened to him, he got his head chopped off for his trouble! Do you understand what I'm talking about?

       96. THERE ARE SOME TIMES WHEN GOD'S MEN HAVE GOT IN HIS WAY. Think of that! What was Jeremiah called? (Family: The Weeping Prophet.) What was he weeping for?--Jerusalem & his people & obviously begging God not to destroy them. Did God answer his prayer & not destroy them? He as good as told Jeremiah, "You'd better get out of the way because I am going to destroy them, & if you want to save yourself, you'd better leave Jerusalem!" And when he wouldn't & refused to, how did God save him? He had him thrown in jail by his own people to save him, because he wouldn't leave & wouldn't get out of the way.--And took his enemies, God's instruments of wrath, to free him & get him out!

       97. SO DO GOD'S MEN & GOD'S PEOPLE SOMETIMES GET IN GOD'S WAY?--YES!--Especially if God is fed up with them & wants to pout His wrath on them in His anger & as punishment for their sins. He gets much more angry with them even than He does with the wicked, because they know better, they've had the light, they've had the truth, they know what's right & they've still done wrong.

       98. WHEREAS MANY OF THE WICKED & THE HEATHEN THAT GOD HAS USED TO PUNISH THEM WITH ARE NOT AS GUILTY AS THEY ARE, because they don't know the truth & don't know the right & don't know God & don't know His law & don't know His Gospel & don't know His will or His way. They're heathen in darkness, so they're not as much to blame as His Own people. So He takes them to punish His people. And often it's happened that afterward then, as in the case of Babylon, He even saved them.--Or sometimes He destroys them, as He finally did to Babylon.

       99. I MEAN, AFTER ALL THE LIGHT HE GAVE BABYLON & SAVED THE KING, NEBUCHADNEZZAR, & THE NATION, & showed them what was right & who was God, etc., what did they finally do under Belshazzar? They went back to their old rotten heathen ways again. So He said, "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin! Thou art weighed in the balances & found wanting! This night shall thy kingdom be required of thee!" And right at that moment while the hand was writing on the wall, the Medes & the Persians were swimming under it & opening the gates & conquering & city! (Dan.5:25-31.) So sometimes God's Own men & His Own people get in His way.

       100. DO YOU KNOW WHY I THINK THE WAR HASN'T COME SOONER, IF WE GO BY BIBLICAL EXAMPLE & GOD'S USUAL PATTERN? Why God hasn't already destroyed America? What do you think? Is anybody getting in His way? We've still got over 400 Homes there! We've still got about 1,500 people there, as well as a lot of other Christians to whom we've preached this message for years & years & years & they still wouldn't listen! "Yet they will not believe!" They still wouldn't believe it.

       101. I'LL NEVER FORGET ONE DEAR PENTECOSTAL SAINT OF GOD, WOMAN PREACHER, PROPHETESS OF GOD IN CALIFORNIA. Her husband was a fine business, she had a nice church & prayer groups, etc., she knew the Lord. They had a beautiful home, a gorgeous home on a hillside in California, & after my two-hour lecture on how God was going to destroy America & California & telling all that the Lord had showed me & the Scriptures & everything else, we walked out on the beautiful terrace, the balcony overlooking the whole valley, this gorgeous beautiful palatial home & beautiful grounds & gorgeous view!

       102. SHE SAID, "WELL, WE JUST CAN'T PICK UP & LEAVE EVERYTHING WE'VE WORKED FOR YEARS! We just can't this late in life, grey-haired, we're both old, we just can't pick up & go off someplace & try to start all over. I guess we'll just have to go down with it." That's the way a lot of people feel. There are lots of people in California & the U.S. who even believe our message but they're not willing to pay the price of sacrificial survival!

       103. DO YOU KNOW WHAT GOD GAVE ME TODAY WHEN I WAS WRITING THE CONCLUSION ON THAT LETTER "THE SUICIDE OF AMERICA"? I got the most amazing revelation & amazing Scriptures you can possibly imagine!:" Thou shalt not cause thy children, thy sons & thy daughters, to pass through the fire!" And then He said, "Thou hast caused thy seed to pass through the fire because thou art polluted with thine idols!" (Levit.18:21; Deut.18:10; Eze.20:31.)

       104. WHY ARE MANY OF OUR OWN FAMILY STAYING IN AMERICA TODAY WITH THEIR POOR LITTLE CHILDREN & GOING TO CAUSE THEM TO PASS THROUGH THE FIRE? Why? Because they are joined to their idols! (Hosea 4:17.) They now have a nice home, they've gone back to the System & the Pit, good job, nice car, television, videos, everything, & they're just loaded down with payments & debts & they're absolutely hog-tied by the Devil!

       105. BECAUSE OF ALL THESE IDOLS THAT THEY'VE BOUGHT & ALL THESE IDOLS THEY WENT BACK TO FROM THE MISSION FIELD BECAUSE THEY MISSED THEM, they will not leave America because they don't want to leave their idols behind. And if I ever got a Scripture, the Lord said, "It is better for you to cast your idols into the fire & save your children, rather than to cause them to pass through the fire!" Didn't I quote that Scripture once before in "Give Us Our Sons." about parents who cause their children, their sons, to pass through the fire?

       106. WHAT A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, IN WAR! How many Christian parents have sent their young sons off to that Hell on Earth of war & caused them to pass through the fire, even though saved, caused them to pass through the fire to get into the next life! What a hell of way for our children to die, to have to go through that kind of a fire to escape this life! Boy, I got those verses with such power, I quoted several of them there at the end of that: You're causing your children to pass through the fire because you're not willing to forsake your idols!

       107. I FELT LIKE IT WAS MY LAST MOST POWERFUL WARNING, & if the Family doesn't heed this one, I've washed my hands, I've delivered my soul, let them go to Hell then!--The hell of war & the hell of atomic fire! I said, "If you don't care anything about yourselves, what about your children?" That's almost the last appeal to any parent, if you don't care about yourself, what about your children? Are you going to let them pass through the fire? They can't help it, they can't leave without you, they have to be with you, & if you stay you're going to force them to pass through the fire with you!

       108. I THINK THE PARENTS THAT STAY, THEY DESERVE IT, BUT WHAT ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN? Causing your sons & your daughters to pass through the fire! Isn't that horrible? Well, I think that's almost the most powerful warning I ever got, & if that doesn't shake those parents loose, they deserve it! I just feel sorry for the children, the pitiful children, that they'll cause them to pass through the fire!

       109. WELL, WE'RE ONE STEP, ONE MAN CLOSER TO THE FIRE TONIGHT! One more dam has broken, one more wall of protection has tumbled, one more man is out of the way that stood between this World & God's judgements, & one step closer to the End! PTL! I'm not sorry for Sadat, he's gone to his reward. I believe he loved the Lord & has probably gone to be with the Lord. Now he'll understand it all, how he was going the wrong direction & getting in God's way & God just had to remove him, & now he knows better, PTL! Now he sees why God had to take him out of the way so he could let nature take its course & God's judgements & His wrath take its toll!

       110. EVERY MAN OF GOD THAT STOOD IN GOD'S WAY TO JUDGE HIS PEOPLE, GOD HAD TO REMOVE, even Moses, & Paul, & who knows, maybe me, maybe I'm the last thing in God's way to even judge the Family! I felt like that was my last warning to the Family in the States today. And just think, I was working on that very thing! I said, "You don't know, it could happen any day now, any day, why do you stay?--Not tomorrow may be too late, tomorrow will be too late! How can you cause your children to pass through the fire?"

       111. HOW COULD YOU WILLINGLY, KNOWINGLY, STUBBORNLY INSIST ON MAYBE GOING BACK TO GERMANY WITH A BABY KNOWING GERMANY WAS GOING TO BE WIPED OUT? Or you go back to the States with your son knowing it was going to be wiped out? How guilty you would be! How horribly guilty you would be to cause these innocent sweet pure precious little children to pass through the fire because of your sin & your disobedience & your wilfulness & your stubbornness & selfishness & idolatry!--And that's exactly what the parents in the States are doing if they don't get out right away!

       112. THE DEATH OF SADAT HAS BROUGHT US ANOTHER STEP CLOSER TO THE END, TO THE WAR, TO THE FIRE, that's what it meant to me. Now it will be very interesting to watch the developments & see who rises next. If it's not the Antichrist, if it's not the final King, it will probably be just interim change & flux while they go through the process, if God's not ready to actually reveal him. There is often a period of chaos & confusion, etc., while there's a power struggle, until somebody rises that can lead & a strong man appears.--And this time it'll be the last one! PTL!

       113. DON'T LOOK SAD, DON'T LOOK DOWN, START LOOKING HAPPY! Every time I see God fulfil prophecy & we're another step closer to the End I say, Hallelujah! Thank God! Soon it will all be over! You won't have to go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature any more, they'll all know it! Either that or we'll still be doing it, I don't know which, be teaching them anyhow. They'll certainly know more about the Lord then when He takes over! Nobody will have to say, "Know the Lord," for every man shall know him, it says. (Jer.31:34.) We may still have to teach'm a bit, & train'm & show'm what it's all about, but they'll sure know who He is, because He's taken over!

       114. WELL, WE'RE GUILTLESS I THINK ALSO AS FAR AS THE ANTICHRIST IS CONCERNED. We have told the World, right? If anybody's ever told the World who he is & what he's going to do & when he's coming & how he's going to rule, we have! And so have a lot of other good Christians, people in churches & preachers. God's been warning the World for years. So when he arises they will be totally without excuse, because we told'm so! So all we can do now is just keep busy for the Lord while He works on history, & watch the developments with interest, amen?

       115. I'LL REALLY BE INTERESTED TO SEE WHO COMES UP NOW IN EGYPT--IT MAY BE THE LITTLE HORN IS GOING TO RISE NOW OUT OF EGYPT! I mean, he's got to be revealed sometime soon. If he's going to start ruling the World by about 1986, that's only five years away! He'd almost have to become active now in politics or international relations as a World leader, so he must be somewhere doing something now, surely he'd have to begin to be evident. Some people think he's not going to be revealed till the last minute.

       116. "THEN SHALL THAT MAN OF SIN BE REVEALED," IT SAYS IN 2THES.2. Right? Well, maybe that means to the rest of the World, but maybe we'll recognise him before then! Maybe that means when he reveals himself to the World & his true character & nature. It sounds like then he'll be revealed in his true nature & what he's really up to. That Scripture in 2Th.2 sounds to me, in fact, very specifically more like when he takes over & sets up his idol & sits in the Temple as God saying that he is God, right?" Then shall that man of sin be revealed"--the Antichrist!

       117. WELL, I THINK YOU & I & CHRISTIANS & GOD'S PEOPLE, STUDENTS OF BIBLE PROPHECY, ARE GOING TO RECOGNISE HIM BEFORE THAT! But only then will he really reveal himself to the World so that they will se who he really is & what he's up to: Reveal himself to them as their god, & his image to be worshipped, etc. You understand? But we should recognise him long before that. So who know? It will certainly be the next real king or strong leader of Egypt at least that's the way these prophecies sound to me! How do they sound to you?

       118. IT MAY TAKE AWHILE TO DEVELOP HIM OR REVEAL HIM OR GIVE HIM TIME TO JOCKEY FOR POWER IN THE POWER STRUGGLE UNTIL HE TAKES CONTROL, but it sounds to me from these prophecies & all we've studied, that the next real leader of Egypt will be the Antichrist! And I don't think it's too soon that he should begin to be Egypt's leader. How could he become a World leader, in fact the leader, in fact the King of the World in only five years from now if he doesn't start leading somebody pretty soon!--If he doesn't start becoming known on the World stage pretty soon & start leading Egypt pretty soon or somewhere pretty soon!

       119. SO HE WENT TO THE NORTH & CAME BACK TO FIGHT AGAINST HIS OWN PEOPLE, that's what it sounds like. Maybe he's up there in college right now, Moscow. Maybe they'll send him down to take over Egypt, they probably had a hand in this assassination. Sadat was really in the way, so maybe now they'll take over. The U.S. thought it had Egypt in the bag. It will be quite a shock & surprise to them, won't it, if all of a sudden the radicals take over & go the other way & all their billions they've been pouring into Egypt go down a rathole!--And their very dear friend there in Mideast they thought they were going to use to protect their oil along with Israel suddenly joins the other side--with dear Godahfi's help!--Ha!

       120. I MEAN, YOU CAN HARDLY OF ANYTHING MORE CONTRADICTORY, it was an enigma, for [DELETED] me to pray for him! Did you hear "Prayer for Godahfi" yet? God sure chooses some strange characters for us to [DELETED] be sorry for & merciful to. [DELETED] Well, the Bible even says of the Antichrist that his fathers worshipped God, so obviously He's rebel & a heretic & a forsake of the faith a renegade, reprobate, who turns against the faith of his fathers.

       121. I ALWAYS THOUGHT HE SOUNDS AN AWFUL LOT LIKE A JEW! But how could he come out of Egypt? Well, there are oodles of Jews even still in Egypt! We met some Egyptian Jews in Israel who at that time were being persecuted in Egypt. I said, "Why don't they all leave? Why don't they all come to Israel?" They said, "Well, they're our parents, the older folks, they lived there all their lives"--kind of like the Americans, you know--" & they just don't want to leave. They say they're too old & it's too late & they'd just rather say there & go down with the ship."

       122. THAT'S THE ATTITUDE OF A LOT OF AMERICANS, & I'M AFRAID IT'S BECOME THE ATTITUDE EVEN OF SOME OF OUR FAMILY!: "Well, here we're back, we're established again & have a home & car & a TV & all these things & the kids are in school. Well, it was nice while it lasted & we did our job on the field, we did our share of missionary work & it was too hard & my wife says it's too hard to raise kids on the field & it's too hard to live the life of faith, it's just too hard, we just couldn't make it & we've just come back to stay. So God's going to destroy America, well, I guess we'll just have to go down with it!"--Even when God has given them every opportunity & every warning, if they'll just leave He'll save'm, think of that!

       123. THANK YOU FOR GETTING US OUT, LORD! There's no really safe place, Lord, but You, but as long as we're in Your will, Lord, we're safe. We're certainly a lot safer from war in the South than we were in the North! Thank You for how many of our families are obeying, Lord, & heeding & believing & leaving & going to safer places where they can be spared longer & be more fruitful, more useful, where people are more receptive & responsive & where they're better received & more needed & where You've been really wanting them to go for a long time, Lord. All these countries in the South are real mission fields.

       124. WE'RE SORRY THAT YOU HAD TO PRACTICALLY TAKE A ROD & DRIVE THEM OUT OF THE NORTH finally in order to get them to go South after ten years of warning, ever since "802 South," Lord. (See No.187.) We've been specific about it, ten years ago! Lord Jesus, help us! Help them, Lord, to obey & help them not to cause their children to pass through the fire, in Jesus' name! Bless & keep us now safely, give us a good night's rest & safekeeping. Thank You, Lord. You certainly have cast our lines in pleasant places! (Ps.16:6.) We do thank You, Lord, for all Thy goodness & mercy to us. You've certainly spoiled us, Lord, You're so good to us! TYJ!

       125. HELP US TO FINISH THE WORK YOU'VE GIVEN US TO DO, EACH ONE OF US. You promised me, Lord, You'd not allow me to be cut off before my time, & here I am, still here, Lord, still working, still preparing the messages that You give us for Thy children. TYL for these thrilling Letters & dreams & revelations You've given us only recently, these final warnings, Lord, to Thy children in the dangerous North! Lord, if this next issue doesn't get them out, we don't know what will! Bless the Magazine. Bless Mordy as he prepares it. Bless these last minute additions, Lord, in Jesus' name. TYL! Give us strength for tomorrow, Lord.

       126. THANK YOU FOR THIS SWEET TIME OF FELLOWSHIP TOGETHER, LORD, EVEN IF IT WAS A RATHER SAD INCIDENT that occasioned it, Lord. We rejoice, Lord, that we see another sign on the road pointing the way toward the End, we're one step closer. TYJ! The sooner it's over, Lord, the better! PYJ! TYL! "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!" That's our prayer, Lord, the sooner the End comes the sooner You come. "Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus!" Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus' name. And the quicker, Lord, we obey thee, the quicker Your Family gets out of America, the quicker You'll be able to act & judge that wicked land, the quicker You can speed history on its course, the quicker the End will come so You can come, & we can go! TYJ! In Jesus' name, amen. TYL! PYL! Hallelujah!

       127. "BEHOLD HOW I HAVE LOVED THEE WITH MANY KISSES FROM THY FATHER!" TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! "Thank Him for the Words that I have given unto David." TYJ! Amen, Lord, we do thank You, Jesus! PYL!--For all You've shown us & given us, Lord, & revealed to us & made these things to clear, Lord. We can certainly see how things are opening up & how You're fulfilling & revealing, & we just watch, Lord, watch the fulfilment. You're doing it, Lord, all we have to do is watch & do our own job, Lord, which is to get the message out to all the World so their blood won't be on our hands, Lord, we've delivered our souls, in Jesus' name. TYL! Hallelujah!

       128. HAVE THY WAY IN EGYPT, LORD, WE KNOW YOU WILL, & we look with great interest, Lord, to see what You're going to do next, to see how it's going to work out, & we know it will work out according to Thy Word. We don't know exactly who, Lord, yet, or exactly when, but we know will, when Thy time comes. Amen! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!

       129. IN "THE SUICIDE OF AMERICA," THE COMMENTATOR SAYS THAT OF COURSE NOT EVEN OUR SCIENTISTS OR OUR MILITARY MEN OR ANYBODY KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IF WE DO HAVE AN ALL-OUT ATOMIC WAR. He said no amount of codebooks or anything can tell you that. And what do you suppose I put in right after that? I said, the Bible can! Just read Revelation 18! Amen?--If you want a picture of the next war. It's going to be horrible, but that's one nice thing about it, it's going to be over in one day! Even this guy says that most scientists figures the war will be over within six to eight hours. The Bible says in one hour, but it says also one day. But take your choice, either way; although it's the most hellish war the World has ever known, it'll be over quick! TTL! (Rev.18:8,10,17.)

       130. --AND YOU'LL BE HEARING ON THE NEWS MORE THAN JUST THE DEATH OF SADAT, YOU'LL BE HEARING ABOUT THE DEATH OF AMERICA, & probably the partial death of Russia, & the partial death of the World! (Prays the Lord's Prayer.) Amen, PTL! That just about covers everything, doesn't it? "The Lord bless thee & keep thee, the Lord make His face to shine upon thee & be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee & give thee peace!" (Num.6:24-26.) PTL? TYJ! Isn't that wonderful? The Lord will give us peace! TYJ! Amen. Let it be so, in Jesus' name, amen. GBAKY!

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