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Quotes from the Prophecies of God from 600 B.C. to the End!

       "THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SYMBOL: THIS IS THE POWER OF THE ILLUMINATI. Without the Sphinx the mystery of the Illuminati would have no power. This is where all of its power comes from."--THE ILLUMINATI AND WITCHCRAFT NO. 948

       "THE AFRICAN NIGHTMARE!"       January 29, 1973       No.201.

       1. IN A DREAM I WAS LOOKING AT THE MAP OF AFRICA. All of a sudden it grew all black, and up out of it rose this HUGE MONSTROUS BLACK DEMON, LIKE HE ROSE UP OUT OF AFRICA TO DESTROY THE WORLD! It shook me up so that it woke me up! Then I was thinking, "That's true! Egypt is the head of Africa, and the Antichrist is going to come from Egypt!" But the vision emphasised the fact that it was going to be WITH BLACK AFRICAN POWER THAT THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO RISE UP AND OVERPOWER THE WORLD. It was as thought they were so demon-possessed, so satanic, that the rest of the world would be no match for them.

       "LADY LUCK!"       4-7-77       No.602


       "MO' LI'L JEWELS!" Sept. 1976 No.536

       65. THE GREAT PYRAMID AND KING TUT'S TOMB and all of these mysteries regarding the kingdom of ancient Egypt are being opened up to this generation because they are going to be significantly fulfilled in this time!

       66. THE SPIRITUAL SEEDS PLANTED THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO ARE GOING TO BLOSSOM IN THIS GENERATION--both good and evil--as though this generation were their flowering. Although I didn't express the explanation I had in tongues, I got the picture and the meaning of the picture:

       67. EGYPT HAS MUCH TO DO WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY and what is going to happen, and the ancient spirits are anything but dead! God is going to permit them to come back into control again. God is going to now permit them to come up out of the ground and crop forth in this last day.

       68. BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE REJECTED GOD AND HIS TRUTH, HE'S GOING TO LET THE OCCULT AND THE SATANIC TAKE OVER, like Pandora's Box! They're again going to take over the rulership of the world just like they did before. No wonder the Antichrist is going to come out of Egypt!

       69. IT WAS AT THE BEGINNING OF MY LIFETIME WHEN THE TOMB WAS OPENED--I was four years old--All of these things were springing forth, some good, some evil. The seventh day after my birthday the tomb was opened! (13-4-72)

       "ALEXANDER, THE EVIL MAGICIAN!"--February 7, 1978 DO NO.666

       14. (MARIA: AND THEN ABOUT EGYPT:) We have to have very good people there--it's a very important country. They are very good people. (Maria: Probably referring to Jared and Lucy.)

       THE BLACK NIGHTMARE! 875 3 February 1980

       4. WE GOT THIS PROPHECY ABOUT HOW THE LORD WAS GOING TO GIVE THE GENTILES INTO THE HANDS OF THE JEWS, & they were going to sell them to the Blacks, & Memphis was going to bury them: It's in that Scripture about "Memphis shall bury you." (Ho.9:6.) And it certainly did corroborate & confirm right along with the Warning Prophecy about how "Out of Memphis shall come the Great Confusion." It must be that, just like the Lord considers Jerusalem so important to His World Government of the future, so the Devil considers Egypt extremely important to his coming world government of the future--& even of the past for thousands of years! They will sort of center their spiritual governments there. Because it says out of Memphis will come the Author of the Great Confusion & "Memphis shall bury you."

       NO.102 "THE PIED PIPER PROPHECY"       7-9-71

       32. MO ... THE KING OF THE SOUTH AGAINST THE KING OF THE NORTH--And all the Kings of the East. Rev.16:12; Dan.11:4.

       33. MARIA: WHAT ARE YOU?

       34. MO: ONE OF THE KINGS OF THE EAST. ... I would not be from Egypt, and I would not be from Rusk.

       35. MARIA: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT GODAHFI? (Young Revolutionary leader of Libya)

       36. MO: HE PREPARES THE WAY FOR THE KING OF EGYPT. (Rev.13--The False Prophet?) He will be second in Egypt. (Egypt and Libya have just joined into one nation with Syria.)


       38. MO: NO ... NOT SADAT. In Paris, I told you there would still be another King. (Shortly after Nasser's death, we had been talking to a high government official [EDITED: "about Godahfi"] in Paris, when afterward, while walking down the street we were questioning ourselves as to whether he might become the Antichrist--the young man from Egypt. This was even before Libya joined Egypt--and we had immediately received this prophecy right on the street--"THERE WILL YET BE ANOTHER KING IN EGYPT--FOR BEHOLD OUT OF EGYPT HAVE I CALLED HIM"--Like the Warning Prophecy and Jeanne Dixon's vision!) [DELETED] He has very great magic! Maria: Who? Godahfi? MO: Yes. Maria: I thought you said he wasn't the King of the South. MO: He's the King of the West--because Libya's west of Egypt. He will be next to the King. [DELETED]

       NO.111 "QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS" 15/9/71

       32. [DELETED] For God is faithful, and he, too, must have his chance. But he shall spurn it to work with the King of Egypt! But God is faithful and His voice shall speak unto him. [DELETED]
       (WHEN MO WAS IN WASHINGTON, D.C., IN '67, HE TRIED TO CONTACT JEANNE DIXON, and when he couldn't reach her personally, he talked to secretary on the phone, and she suggested he write to her--which he did--a large Warning Tract with a note on it explaining that he thought the young man in her vision, described in her first book as uniting all the world's religions and bringing world peace, was the Antichrist and warning her about him. A year or two later we discovered she had removed her first book from circulation and published a new one, in which she gave much more Scripture than in the first one, sounded much more spiritual, like a truly saved woman, and confessed that THAT SERPENT IN HER VISION WAS THE DEVIL, AND THE YOUNG MAN FROM EGYPT THE ANTICHRIST! Praise God!)

       36. MARIA: THE KINGS OF THE EAST--WHO ARE THEY? MO: The Kings of China, the kings of India, and the kings of Arabia and the kings of Siberia and the many kings of all nations of the East! Thou knowest. Maria: Jesus said you were one of the Kings of the East. MO: Yes because I came out of the East with my forefathers, and we shall rise up to perform his will, and to judge the enemy for his sins! AND WE SHALL RISE UP AGAINST HIM AND ALL MY CHILDREN WITH ME, and he shall not be able to stand against us, and we shall come in the power and spirit of God! In that time shall our people be delivered by the hand of God!


       39. MO: HE IS BOTH! He comes from the South and he goes to the North, and he comes from the North and he goes to the South to fight against even them at have raised him up.

       NO.226 "GADDAFI'S MAGIC LAMP" 4/73

       16. IN THE SPRING OF 1965, GRANDMOTHER RECEIVED THE NOW FAMOUS "WARNING PROPHECY" OF THE GREAT CONFUSION AND ITS AUTHOR WHICH WERE TO ARISE OUT OF EGYPT: "Turn your eyes toward Memphis for out of it shall come the Great Confusion! The Author of Confusion is even now marshalling his forces for this Great Confusion. He is gathering his forces from a great nation and Eastern nations, friends that will join with him. So sudden will be the Great Confusion that it will cause a mighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the sign of the times. But be ye not deceived. Be prepared! And be not deceived by the Great Society, for it will come to travail and then bring forth the Great Confusion. Be prepared! Even now the skies are red, red with warning and black, black with clouds gathering for the Great Confusion which is almost upon you!"

       17. IN 1965, COLONEL GADDAFI WAS 23 YEARS OF AGE AND ALREADY A REVOLUTIONARY MILITARY LEADER IN THE LIBYAN ARMY plotting with his fellow army officers to take over Libya, which they did in 1969. Since then, he has skyrocketed into the leadership of the Arab world through his inspired manipulation of Arab oil and bids fare to play the leading role which Egypt's Nasser once said was "wandering aimlessly about in search of an actor to play it"!--And his ambition is to succeed where Nasser failed. Godahfi himself has said that the Arabs have lost their directions and are engulfed in torpor, darkness and despair: "Egypt is a country without a leader, and I am a leader without a country!" So he obviously looks toward Egypt's leadership and that of the Arab world as his goal. Memphis was the ancient capital of Egypt and symbol of Hamite or Black Power! She is also being aided by Red Power: Hence the colours in the Prophecy! The clear reference to a Great Nation and Eastern nations that are to help him could be any one or more of a number who need his oil! His avowed hatred for the leading great societies of Western Gentile and Jewish capitalism would make him happy to bring them into Great Confusion, which he is already encouraging with arms for their enemies--and the time draws near!

       23. THE GREAT AMERICAN MYSTIC AND PROPHETESS, JEANE DIXON, FORESAW JUST SUCH A YOUNG MAN ARISING OUT OF EGYPT TO RULE THE WORLD in a vision she had February 5, 1962, and she thought that was his birth date, as it was a very significant date marked by many mystics and astrologers as having great importance for the world. However, our little Aladdin was already twenty years of age on that date and busily engaged in formenting revolution in Libya and the Arab world, so perhaps that was the date upon which he was divinely anointed and empowered to do so, as he has since succeeded! But she did see something important happening to him about now, which it certainly is; and she saw him plotting with his followers as early as the age of 19, which he did; and saw his impact felt by the world at the age of 29 or 30, which it was; when he began to lead the Arab oil war against the West! She also says that, though she supposes him to be of actual ancient Egyptian lineage of the Pharaohs, he is really living in another part of the United Arab Republic, which he is: Libya! She also sees in this young man who becomes leader of Egypt the figure of the Pharaoh, Amenhotep, with his queen, Nefertiti, the heretic who eventually turned the world from its former gods to worship himself, and she sees that ancient prototype pair presenting this modern son and descendant as a fit and final heir to their rebel throne as the final Antichrist world ruler so often predicted in the Bible.

       24. NOT ONLY THIS, SHE ALSO SEES HIM WITH SUCH INFINITE AND SATANIC WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND HYPNOTIC PERSONALITY THAT ALL THE WORLD WILL WONDER AFTER HIM, as predicted in Revelation 13, and particularly the youth of the world will idolise him and flock after him. At the end, she sees him leading them up a road to a point of decision and division where they can either follow him or the left to take the straight and narrow to the right. She even sees him wearing a flowing robe, as our present Bedouin Aladdin often does! She sees him leading them into darkness and destruction in the end. But then she notices some small groups of faithful young pilgrims leaving him and climbing over difficult obstacles along the narrow path that led to the right and their Heavenly home with Christ. (As we came to this last part on September 6, 1971, the Lord said to us: "These be the Bands of David!") You can read all of these things and a lot more in her first book, A Gift of Prophecy, printed by Bantam in '66, and better yet, in her second and more complete edition with revised interpretation printed by Bantam in 1970 and called {\b \i Jeane Dixon--My Life and Prophecies}.--A lot of them have come true: Why not the above about the Man of Egypt! God bless her! She's a good Catholic and truly a prophetess of God! I wot!

       28. WE HAD JUST BEEN SHOCKED BY THE NEWS OF NASSER'S SUDDEN DEATH AND WERE WONDERING WHY he had died at this particularly pregnant hour in world affairs, and we were pondering this while walking slowly down a darkened Paris street still asking God why, when suddenly and very unexpectedly the Spirit spoke: "That that Wicked One might be revealed!" (2Thess.2:1-12.)--"And so shall it be even as I have said: There shall yet arise one more king out of Egypt, and after him shall come he whose coming is after the working of Satan." What a terrific confirmation of what we have spent this whole Letter trying to tell you, and tried to include in "Pied Piper," but could not find until today, the first time we could have possibly understood it! Hallelujah! How wonderful His workings and His words! Do you realise what this means? Later the Lord again told us: "Behold, out of Egypt have I called him!" Then, as though speaking to him directly, the Lord said: "Even as unto Abraham whom I called out of his own land unto a strange land and amongst strangers that I promised I would give unto him, so have I called thee out to a land of strange peoples that I shall give thee as an inheritance." Sadat followed Nasser, and now it looks like Gaddafi will be called out of Libya to inherit Egypt! Though both are Arabs, the haughty Egyptians are still hated strangers to Libyans!

       NO.246 "GADDAFI [DELETED] !" 11/6/73.

       31. HE'S ONLY ABOUT 30 RIGHT NOW: HE'S THE YOUNGEST WORLD LEADER THERE IS! They all think he's some kind of a joke, the Lord said he was going to be a young man. Jeane Dixon's prophecies are all about him being a young man, and both hers and Grandmother's prophecies said that he was to come out of Egypt!--Libya was once part of Egypt, and they proposed to unite again. Also, in the early days of Egypt, Egypt in a sense was Africa, because Egypt was the major power of Africa, it controlled Africa. So he wants to make all of North Africa the Arab Republic, the whole thing, with Egypt as the head. He is the successor to Nasser, which they can see. But in the Arab world Goddafi's going to be more than that!

       51. GOD HAS SAID SOME PRETTY IMPORTANT THINGS ABOUT HIM, THAT HE WOULD EITHER BE THE NEXT "KING" IN EGYPT, OR HE'D BE SECOND, whatever that means. Whether that means in time chronologically, or in position, I don't really quite understand I don't know for sure, but the world thinks he's going to be Nasser's successor, and he will probably get in by being second to Sadat for a while. (He was!)

       52. BUT SADAT IS AN OLD SYSTEMITE, AND THIS GUY'S A REVOLUTIONARY. Sadat, he's old. That's one thing about the Systemites, thank God, they can't live forever! Most of them are so old it won't be long before you won't have to lick them: They're all going to die off! So Sadat's getting old and he's got to go sooner or later.--And Gaddafi has got, I think, what it takes to succeed him, to lead a Third World force.

       "GADDAFI'S MARCH"       July 20, 1973 NO.247

       7. THAT STORY OF ALADDIN'S LAMP, WAS REALLY A PROPHECY. Everything about it had a parallel! His mother went first to ask for the hand of the princess for her son, and they made fun of her. But she kept coming, and at last they finally listened to her. She had to take the Sultan, tokens of Aladdin's power and wealth first. Well, Gaddafi's been doing all this--giving money to Egypt and asking for the princess' hand for a long time, but the Sultan keeps stalling.

       8. IT'S LIKE EGYPT IS THE DAUGHTER AND SADAT IS THE SULTAN or father of the daughter, and he keeps promising his daughter, but when the showdown comes he always stalls. Until finally Aladdin had to march in with this huge force of his servants. It seems like a wild and foolish thing Gaddafi's doing, with 30 or 40 thousand demonstrators marching from one country into another. It's almost like an invasion, yet it was this that caused Aladdin to win the heart of the king's counsellors, when he finally gave this big display of all his power and wealth and following!

       9. EGYPT HAS HAD THE LEADERSHIP OF THE MOHAMMEDAN WORLD handed down for centuries. But now, although Egypt has had the most education, wealth and power for years, and has been considered the highest of the Arabs of North Africa, now Egypt is virtually poor because it has no oil and little gold.

       12. HE'S BEEN GIVING MANY MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO KEEP EGYPT GOING, BUT SADAT DOESN'T REALLY WANT TO GIVE HIM EGYPT. They were really putting on a show in "Aladdin's Lamp." And that's what Gaddafi's doing right now. He had to win the heart of the people. Politicians are swayed by popular opinion. If they find out that's what the people really want, they'll usually yield.

       14. UNDOUBTEDLY THERE ARE PLENTY OF JEALOUS RIVALS IN THE KING'S COURT who are looking forward to the leadership of Egypt, and they don't want to give it to a stranger. As Aladdin, he's got to make them an offer they can't refuse! Like in the "Godfather," in Gaddafi's case it's a little bit of both: Both wealth and the power of the people as a sort of gun to their head!

       15. --BECAUSE HE'S GOT THE WEALTH THEY NEED to buy the arms to have the power they want--And yet these jealous advisors of Sadat have been consistently refusing.--So he had to send all this big demonstration ahead of him.

       16. THOSE EGYPTIAN RULERS ARE NOT AS MUCH CONCERNED WITH THE POOR AS GADDAFI. Egypt still has an old hangover, Western-type Systemite government and are still not as concerned about the poor as Gaddafi. But the poor are going to get the point when Gaddafi throws the pieces of gold to them like Aladdin did. They're going to go for the man they can see is going to help them. Aladdin won the favour of the people this way. (& so has Godahfi!)

       "MORE ON GADDAFI!"--MO       June 7, 1973 NO.248

       6. (DOES THE LORD HAVE ANY MORE TO TELL GADDAFI?) Oh, much, much, for he is My instrument, much, much will come from his work. (Must he get all his orders from the Lord through [EDITED: "a prophet"]?) No, no he gets much directly.

       (July 20, 1973) For he is... (MO pauses silently)--(Maria: He is what?) AND HE IS THE EIGHTH WHICH SHALL BE WOUNDED UNTO DEATH, AND YET SHALL HE ARISE AGAIN and shall rule as I have promised. Even so shall I fulfill the words which I have spoken to thy Father. (O Jesus, help him to believe! Help him that he shall fulfill Thy will!) (Maria: Who is the eighth?) Search the scriptures for they shall reveal unto thee the words of thy Father's bosom. (Maria: Godahfi?) I speak of him.--If he shall fulfill the words of My heart and the thoughts of My bosom, he is faithful.

       NO.262 "THE GREEN DOOR"--29/8/73

       65. HALLELUJAH! HE CANNOT FAIL, FOR THE SPIRIT WORLD IS WITH HIM! (MARIA: WHO ARE YOU SPEAKING OF?--DAVID?) NO, GADDAFI!--Otherwise he wouldn't have a chance it is all in the spirit world. Everything is going on in the spirit world. Everything is going on in the spirit world. What's happening on the surface is nothing but a little physical manifestation of the real action. Where the real action it is in the spirit world and it is in full control. You don't have to worry. Everything's under control.

       74. THE REAL CENTRE OF THINGS IS IN EGYPT. Seems like those spirits headquarters are in Egypt! Those Cyprus spirits know all about that. They understand Egypt. They know what's going on. But you know what? They're not under the total control of the Devil!--None of them are! He's sort of the manager of his department, but they're all under the control of the Lord, and they know it, and there is nothing they can do without the Lord permitting them! The Devil is under His control and all of the spirits are in the control of the Lord, and they have to do whatever He says!

       75. THERE IS SOMETHING VERY BIG COMING UP THEY'RE ALL GETTING READY FOR. They're all excited. Their attitude was, "Don't you know what's about to happen?--This is the big thing! This is really it!--The grand finale!"--They're all excited! They know what's going on. Something big is going on and about to happen in Egypt. (Could it be the Egyptian-Libyan merger scheduled for Sept. 1st?) The spirit world is all excited about it!--But you jerked me by the hand and you ran out and I didn't even have a chance to find out what was happening! (The Your Kipper War began just a month later!)

       NO.268 "MADAME M"--25/4/73

       23. YOU'LL SEE THE PYRAMIDS! (I had a feeling that that strange feeling was that maybe I was going to have an interview with [EDITED: "a country's leader"])--interesting to the extreme!--But anybody else would think, "I want to get out of here!" It's like a musty smell, something out of the past.

       22. YOU HAVEN'T BEEN TO EGYPT?--YOU'RE GOING AND IT'S GOING TO BE QUITE WONDERFUL and, you'll have a very strange feeling! It won't be unpleasant, but something very moving!

       28. YOUR TRAVELS SHOULD TAKE YOU TO MANY STRANGE PLACES, EXTREMES LIKE RUSSIA AND EGYPT and South America, and obviously the Far East and Africa. I don't know whether you'll love South America like you'll love Egypt!

       33. YOU'LL SEE PLACES THAT WILL INSPIRE YOU much more than you've ever been inspired before! I think you will have a lot of inspiration in Egypt. (Hallelujah! Prophecy: "Such are the foreseeings of the things that will come to David!")

       59. BUT YOU WILL DO SO MUCH AND SEE PLACES LIKE EGYPT! I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE IT!--But there's somewhere else, too.--It wouldn't be Petra, would it?--It's somewhere you will go, but not South America way. There might be inspiration in Greek temples, but it is vague there.

       81. THEY DON'T NOW WHY SHE'S SO INTERESTED IN EGYPT!--They just don't understand what big things are going to come out of Egypt! She senses it, and people think she talks too much about Egypt!

       88. SHE DON'T MEET MANY PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO LOVE HER IN SPIRIT. Everybody want to take from her.--Nobody want to give but David She long for people who have spirit to feed her.--You know?--She said she longed for somebody with spirit to feed her. She like me!--She needs flesh but she needs spirit more. He minister to her flesh, but he don't minister to her spirit I could easily take her away, and she would go with me to Egypt. But I think maybe all those trips are in the spirit. Could be. She thinks maybe all those trips are literal--She doesn't know how many trips we take in the spirit!


       94. SHE'S SO THRILLED SHE FIND WHAT SHE LOOKING FOR! SHE KNOWS ABOUT EGYPT, and first time she found somebody so interested in Egypt! She never been loved like this! She find love of her life in David, so I honour her.

       NO.274 "THE ARAB WALL"--6/10/73

       24. AS FAR AS OUR DEAR LITTLE ALADDIN GADDAFI IS CONCERNED, if old Sultan Sadat doesn't show himself really an all-out-holy-war hero who'll really to through with the whole thing, I mean if Sadat stops short of total war on Israel and makes any kind of a compromise, Gaddafi's got it made! Then he'll have something to accuse Sadat of: "Well, you know, he's weak, and he compromised with the West and the Jews, and he lost the war, and he's not the strong man we need.--'Look at me! I would've pushed the [EDITED: "Israelis"] into the Sea!'"

       25. SO GADDAFI HAS GOT IT MADE WHETHER THEY WIN OR LOSE! If they win, well, he can say he egged them into it! But even if they lose, he can blame it on Sadat!--He can say Sadat didn't let him run it his way, or Sadat didn't do it the right way, or Sadat compromised. Gadaffi's already saying he'll support their war effort with oil and money, but doesn't agree with their "plan"!

       47. MAYBE NASSER IS DIRECTING IT--FROM THE GRAVE! He'd certainly do a better job of it from the spirit world! He's Gaddafi's hero too!--His guiding spirit! But Nasser was really getting to be an old bottle! They grow old and conservative, and they crack.

       48. GADDAFI'S YOUNG, VOLATILE AND EXUBERANT, ENTHUSIASTIC, FIERY!--HE'S ON HIS WAY UP while Nasser's down, and Sadat's going down! So Gaddafi's got the advantage on the old bottles, no matter which way you look at it, because he's got more life left in him than they have!

       49. HE'S BOUND TO WIN SOONER OR LATER, IF HE LIVES LONG ENOUGH, because death will catch up with the others! So praise the Lord! Hallelujah! God's truth goes marching on! Amen, Lord! Help the poor Arabs to have mercy with their justice and vindication!

       58. EVENTUALLY, OF COURSE, I BELIEVE THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TO HAVE SOME HELP FROM THE COMMUNISTS TO DO IT. If the Arabs look like they're the heroes of the day and they're going to make it, communism often acts like an actor's agent if they're a "hot property," it doesn't matter who it is or what it is. If it's so their advantage they're going to make some capital on it themselves!

       59. SO THEY MAY THINK THEY'VE GOT THEMSELVES A STAR IN OUR LITTLE ALADDIN! GADDAFI might just be the star that they're looking for to capitalise on, to help sweep the whole Third World right into their camp! This just might give them the opportunity they need to sympathise with the Arabs and their righteous cause and promote their righteous leader, Aladdin, for a winner! (They sure have!)


       56. "SO THEY SHOOT BIG BOMBS INTO ISRAEL, AND ISRAEL OR AMERICA FROM NAVY SHIPS SHOOT BIG BOMBS BACK INTO EGYPT! And Russia gets so mad because she told America she want to settle the war, but America just want to settle it her way.

       INTERPRETATION 282A 12/73

       48. IT WAS JUST AFTER NASSER DIED and the Lord said that after him there shall rise another king in Egypt. I mean Sadat had already taken over after Nasser, and the Lord said there shall yet be one more king and in "Pied Piper" Maria was wise enough to ask, that was once she sure asked the right question about Gadaffi, and the Lord said he would be second in Egypt, something like that. Well, that's already happened if you want to accept the interpretation that Sadat was the first king after Nasser and that Goddafi is second under him.--That's exactly what he is in United Egypt and Libya. They're having a hell of a time trying to get together because Sadat doesn't want to get together. But if this war goes on and ends in the wrong settlement, that'll be the end of Sadat. The people will lose confidence in him and they'll probably follow Gaddafi. Now, that is a good example of an interpretation. That was not prediction nor a prophecy and I have said things to that effect in the Letters. (His making peace with Israel was the end of Sadat!)

       "REVELATION 8-14"--7/76       NO.534

       140. ONLY ONE OTHER VERSE IN SCRIPTURE TALKS OF ONE OF THESE HEADS OR NATIONS BEING "WOUNDED BY A SWORD." "And I will put my sword into the king of Babylon's hands, but I will break Pharaoh's (Egypt's) arms and he shall groan before him with the groanings of a deadly wounded man." (Ezk.30:24)

       141. From what the Lord has shown us through my mother's WARNING PROPHECY predicting the "Great Confusion to come out of Memphis, Egypt," from out studies of Daniel 8, which pinpoint the AC's geographical location as Egypt, and from what the Lord showed us in "The Phoenix" (Letter No.276), it looks as if some modern King of Egypt will be broken by Babylon's or America's, sword, but he will be revived again to lead the world. THIS RESURRECTION OF THE AC WHO WAS "WOUNDED UNTO DEATH AND DID LIVE" COULD POSSIBLY BE A SUPPOSED MIRACLE OF SOVIET SCIENCE, because from many other prophecies it is evident that the AC comes to total power in Russia, and it is the Russians who today are rapidly advancing into the field of scientific witchcraft--such an investigating in ESP, phantoms, hallucinations, apparitions, etc. (See "Solaris" and "More on Solaris," Letters Nos. 271 and 271B.)

       "LATE NEWS!" August 8, 1977 NO.596

       7. GODAHFI'S ONLY GOT AN ARMY OF 20 TO 30,000 AND EGYPT HAS NEARLY A HALF-MILLION MEN in its army, and all that Russian and American equipment and everything. Egypt could just step out and squash him like a little bug if they wanted to! He's only got two million people in his country--Egypt's got 30 millions!

       8. BUT THE TROUBLE IS GODAHFI'S GOT ALL THE MONEY AND EGYPT'S POOR. Egypt's whole military is being financed and paid for by the Saudi Arabians. It used to be paid for by the Russians, now they're trying to get the U.S. to pay for it.

       9. THE U.S.'LL PROBABLY START ARMING EGYPT because the U.S. is run by [EDITED: "ACs"] who want to make sure that if they want to they can incapacitate the Egyptians, probably with faulty equipment or just refusing to supply them with ammunition: "So what, we give them all thee guns and planes and tanks and everything, but if there comes a war we won't give them any bullets or bombs! And they can't use anybody else's because they're all made for ours." (Already fulfilled!)

       Was It "THE SADDEST CHRISTIANS DAY?"--December 25, 1977 NO.654

       11. IT'S GOING TO ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY CONFIRM THAT GODAHFI AND THE REJECTIONIST FRONT WERE RIGHT. I wouldn't say that Sadat was wrong. They think he has wrong to even try. But I think he was right to try to make peace, to give the Israelis a chance, at least to give them a chance and offer them peace.

       33. THE BIBLE IS JUST TRUE, THAT'S ALL.--THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. And I believe God used Sadat to expose Israel's perfidy, her unwillingness to compromise in any way. At least He used Sadat to give Israel a chance and the world a chance, and expose Israel. After that he has absolutely no alternative but war!

       48. POOR SADAT, HE HAD TO BE THE GOAT! At least he was God's good goat and last chance for Israel, to show that they were too stubborn and totally recalcitrant, totally reprobate, totally stubborn, totally rebellious, totally disobedient! (They still refuse to give Palestinians autonomy!)

       "EXTERMINATION!" No.704 4/78

       51. FOR ONE REASON, THE U.S. HAS BOUGHT OFF EGYPT, really bought her off. To get her gravy from the U.S. she must have virtually promised not to start another war, and she is profiting by peace now with U.S. financial backing.

       52. SO SADAT, WHO IS REALLY SUPPOSED TO BE ONE OF THE BEST FRIENDS OF THE PLO, HAS DONE NOTHING BUT TALK. As Arye said, "As long as we all keep talking there'll be no war, so we try to keep them talking." That's exactly Israeli policy.

       "EURO UNITS!"--No.738 7/11/78

       21. THIS AGREEMENT BETWEEN ISRAEL AND EGYPT IS JUST PUTTING OFF THE DAY OF RECKONING! Like the President of Iraq flat out said, "We are not going to allow those Jews to stay there! That is our country, it belongs to the Palestinians, and we're going to run 'em out! Sooner or later we're going to run them out! Right now we haven't got the capability to do it, but just give us another ten years & we'll be ready!"--I don't think it's going to take that long really, but it might.

       39. AND PROBABLY, AS WE'VE ALWAYS SAID, THE CRUNCH WILL COME OVER OIL. Egypt has no oil, and that's one way the Arab States who are left have power to punish the U.S. and Israel, with oil.

       48. THEY SAY THAT EGYPT'S ALREADY BEGUN TO MOVE ITS FORCES FROM SINAI TO THE LIBYAN BORDER! Of course the U.S. would use Egypt, if not its own forces. They've probably already got a deal, "You grab Libya and we'll leave you Arabs alone. Just let us have the oil!"

       59. THEY'RE GOING TO BLAME IT ALL ON THE ARABS and on OPEC and so on, and be very greatly tempted, since all else has failed, to use some force! And the most likely thing, they would do is to use Egypt to grab off Libya! In cases like this they love a little provocation on the border to give them an excuse to march in! It would be almost the simplest thing in the world for Egypt!

       60. THERE'RE ONLY A FEW SMALL ARAB STATES THAT WOULD SIDE AGAINST EGYPT WITH LIBYA. But most of the rest are pro-U.S. or couldn't care less and may figure it's good riddance of a thorn in their consciences--Godahfi!

       61. ABOUT THE ONLY FRIENDS LIBYA'S REALLY GOT ARE IRAQ, SYRIA, KUWAIT AND S. YEMEN, the most radical, pro-Communist states, and they're not big enough to do anything about it--not when you consider that he has a little country of only two million people and Egypt has 40 million! He's only got about 40 thousand men under arms, whereas Egypt has nearly half-a-million men well-armed with big armaments, planes, guns, tanks, everything!

       62. TAKING LIBYA WOULD BE LIKE SQUASHING A LITTLE BUG, WITH WHAT EGYPT HAS GOT!--Unless Russia would step in and intervene! That's the question! Of course it's all going to lead to that eventually.

       "MIDEAST PEACE?" DFO--No.740 19/9/78

       33. SO HANG ON IN THERE, EGYPT!--YOUR TURN'S COMING!--In fact, according to the Bible and prophetess Jeane Dixon and my own prophetess Mother, it looks like the World Dictator himself will come from Egypt or some ancient part thereof--maybe Libya?

       35. EGYPT'S ALREADY MOVING FORCES TO ITS WESTERN FRONT WITH LIBYA, with U.S. encouragement and peace with Israel.--Is Libya next?--The U.S. would love to get rid of its Number 3 Enemy, Godahfi (so said U.S. Pentagon!), and grab all that nice greasy oil!--with Egypt's help as the U.S.' stooges!

       36. BUT WHAT ABOUT RUSSIA?--Will she let the U.S.-Israeli-Egyptian combo do this?--Not on you life!--Or Russia's life! She couldn't allow a boldface Western piracy grab like that! (U.S. now says Godahfi is her No.1 enemy!--Ha! 1st to go?)

       "U.S. STOOGES!"--No.741 3/8/78



       "Look Before You Leap" No.931 9/8/80

       12. Nowhere in Africa should be a target for atomic bombs unless Egypt & Israel start shooting them at each other, which they might. It's claimed that Israel has atomic bombs, & there have been rumours that Egypt was trying to get some.

       13. WE SAW IN "IVAN IVANOVITCH" (No.279.) A LOT OF MISSILES FLYING OVER EGYPT, ISRAEL & THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN from the Sixth Fleet there, but they were not necessarily atomic missiles. They were more like ground-to-ground & ground-to-air missiles, etc. What they want to do in Libya is grab the oil fields, they don't want to destroy them, so they won't use atomic bombs there, they'd use conventional weapons.

       14. THEY'RE NOT LIKELY TO BE USING ATOMIC BOMBS EVEN THROUGHOUT THE MIDEAST, because there's too much that's valuable there that they don't want to destroy, everything from oil fields to Jerusalem, which are precious to all those various countries & religious as well as the rest of the World.

       36. BUT OF COURSE HARDLY ANY PART OF AFRICA'S IS NOW SAFE FOR EITHER WHITES, NON-MUSLIMS OR AMERICANS, EXCEPT POSSIBLY EGYPT & SOUTH AFRICA. But of course Egypt is particularly vulnerable to conventional warfare & occupation as described in "Israel Invaded" & other Letters (Nos. 277, 305, 349, etc.), the occupation of which is specifically predicted in the Bible, including virtually all the Mideast countries by the Communists, including Israel, Egypt & so on.

       SATAN KING OF EMPIRES No.961 9/8/80

       68. SO THEN, OF COURSE, THE RISING RED WORLD POWER TODAY IS OPENLY ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-RELIGIOUS & ANTI-GOD! The rising Red Empire is officially against God, Christ & religion. (Maria: The [EDITED: "ACs"] & Communism.) Yes, the [EDITED: "ACs"] & Communism both, they rule both Capitalism & Communism! So it only takes finally their full control to bring about the rise of the Antichrist who is already in existence today according to some prophets, & is preparing to be revealed when the time comes. (Maria: John Todd says that too, that they found a man.) Yes!

       69. BUT THEY'RE WAITING TO REVEAL HIM & THE BIBLE EVEN SAYS "WHEN HE SHALL BE REVEALED." (2Thes.2.) It's going to be something rather sudden, when you suddenly reveal something. Either the World's going to suddenly wake up to who it is, or he's going to suddenly step on the World scene in some dramatic way to solve some great problem like the Mideast question of Jerusalem or the oil, etc.

       71. WELL, THIS IS ACCORDING TO THE WARNING PROPHECY, THAT THE GREAT CONFUSION IS GOING TO COME VERY SUDDENLY. There's a lot of confusion now, but not near as great as it's going to be then. He's going to cause the confusion & then take advantage of it & take over & solve it, just like he afflicts a lot of people & then through false religions he heals them by removing his affliction.

       72. SO HE CAUSES THE WORLD'S GREAT CONFUSION--HE'S THE AUTHOR OF IT THAT PROPHECY SAYS, HE CAUSES IT--but then he apparently solves it & rules the World. So once again it will be the Devil incarnate, the Devil in person, the Devil in the body of a man, this time ruling the entire World as the Antichrist. So that certainly sounds like a very logical sequence of events.

       NO.277 "THE REAL WAR GOES ON!"

       139. IN THE MEANTIME, THE BIBLE DOES PREDICT THAT THERE IS A WAR THAT THE JEWS ARE GOING TO LOSE TO A GREAT NORTHERN POWER CALLED MAGOG (RUSSIA), the land of its leader Gog (the Antichrist), the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal (Moscow and Tobolsk) with his people the rosh (or Russians), with the help of Persia Ethiopia and Libya, together with Togarmah (Turkey) plus Gomer, (Germany) and all his bands (Europe?)! (You can read it in Ezekiel 39 and 39 as well as Daniel 11 and Revelation 13.)

       140. AND, THE BIBLE SAYS, IT WILL HAPPEN AFTER THE REGATHERING OF THE JEWS INTO ISRAEL, and the reestablishment of Israel as a nation, and the rebuilding of her cities without walls, in a day when Israel thinks she dwells safely and the land is restored, with the desert places "blossoming like a rose"--Just as Israel is today!

       141. ONLY SHEBA AND DEDAN (ARABIA OR SOME OF THE ARABS) WILL QUESTION THIS RUSSIAN INVASION, and only they and Tarshish (Britain) "with all the young lions thereof" (the offspring of the British Lion, America and the Commonwealth Nations) will challenge Russia's right to do so, but will be unable to do anything about it!

       "ISRAEL INVADED"       November 25, 1973 NO.281--GP

       15. GOD HIMSELF DESCRIBES THIS INVASION OF ISRAEL AS HIS OWN VENGEANCE UPON HER for her sins and says it will come from the North led by Russia it with the help of Europe, Libya. Turkey, Persia and Ethiopia!


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family