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THE URGENT VOLUNTARY TRF!--By Father David DO1070 26/9/81

1. I CONSIDER THIS REPORT INFORMATION, PARTICULARLY THE VOLUNTARY INFORMATION SO URGENT! Did you get what it covers? Number one, we desperately need to know what the housing conditions are in these various countries. And instead of just getting it from a few people, we're going to get it from everybody--& out of that we should get some kind of a general consensus of opinion & average norm, as well as finding out whose got extra room already that can house people! Maybe there are plenty of people there already who've got room & would like to have the extra income & would like to do it.--And it's urgent, they need it now!

2. WE HAD 83 FAMILIES LEAVE THE NORTH & MOVE SOUTH THIS PAST MONTH! They're pouring out, & they're just landing almost green, hardly knowing what to do or where to go or anything, & it's pitiful! Really pitiful! I think this information is urgent desperate! It's going to keep the statisticians up night & day analysing & adding up all these stats & giving a general summary about the conditions in each country or city or whatever. We're going to need a real statistical report on that Voluntary report, on the housing situation in this country, that country, the other country, etc., even city by city in some countries to give them an approximate idea of what the cost of living is & where to go.

3. I DON'T DOUBT THAT SOME OF THOSE FAMILIES WOULD HAVE NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF GOING TO ARGENTINA if they'd known what the rent was going to be! This will help guide them a little bit. I mean, you've got to be guided by a little common sense, "Where can I afford to go?" And the one on ministries, "What's my ministry?" If you only know how to litness & street sing & publicly witness, there's no use going to a country where it's not even allowed! I think this information is going to be an invaluable help to them to know, "Well now, practically speaking, where should I go?"

4. BUT YOU'RE GOING TO BE GUIDED A GREAT DEAL BY THE COST OF LIVING & THE TYPE OF MINISTRY, & then on the other thing, we need to know about the fellowship, how you are growing & to what extent, to begin to keep our fingers on the pulse of the Fellowship & to see what's happening!--Where it needs help & where it's going fine & who is it & where are they, so we can start finding out who's already gone ahead by faith & made a lot of real progress, & maybe where they need a little help, a little push, & so on, & find out who it is. I don't know if we're getting any reports on who's who yet, who the AS's are, etc., are we? Please do!

5. AND OF COURSE IN TRYING TO INITIATE OUR NEW VIDEO MINISTRY, WE NEED THIS INFORMATION ON VIDEOS. It may completely influence the way we're producing videos. I wouldn't be surprised if we're going to get a flood of requests for videos from American Homes who have no PAL, saying, "Well, we don't have PAL, but we'd sure like to get the videos!" Betamax is the one that's cornered the market there, & we may have to go to making videos in Betamax if there's a big enough market for'm in the U.S., if there's a big enough demand for that.

6. WELL ANYHOW, ALL THIS INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT AS TO WHICH DIRECTION WE GO FROM HERE ON THE VIDEOS. I think it's very important & the quicker we get it the better, & I don't see how we can afford to lose even one month! I considered it important enough to stop all my work on everything for a solid week or more & work day & night, day in & day out on this thing because I think it's so urgent that we need to get this information. I think we ought to try to encourage Mordy to run off an insert, even if the other Magazine's all ready to go, & stick it in! He's got enough people there to load'm! (He did, GBH!--& you got it!)

7. POOR LITTLE AARON USED TO HAVE TO GET OUT SUNDAY MORNINGS & THAT JUST INFURIATED ME! If they hadn't chased me out for evolution, they'd have chased me out for organising the newsboys' union, but they really needed it, because they really really exploited those poor kids! They'd make those guys sit out there Sunday morning sticking in hundreds of inserts, some late thing that they printed late & they didn't have time to get it in. The boys had to sit out there five o'clock in the morning loadin' the newspapers with these inserts, one in every paper. Cruelty! Maybe Mordy will think it's cruelty too, but I think it's important enough that we get it out immediately! (Sorry, Mordy!--Thanks!)

8. I'VE PUSHED THIS THING & I'VE PUSHED MYSELF & I'VE PUSHED POOR SUE UNTIL I'VE MAYBE DRIVEN HER CRAZY & ME TOO, & it's one of the toughest jobs! It always was a tough job but now it's done, & I think if you can understand it, they can understand it! It's legible, can you read it? I don't see why it has to be in any different form. I think it's urgent! I think these families desperately need to know this information now in trying to choose destinations. We've told them to go South, but we haven't really given them much help otherwise--I wanna help'm all we can!

9. I THINK IT'S URGENT! MY HEART BREAKS & BLEEDS FOR THOSE POOR PEOPLE THAT ARE TRYING TO GO SOUTH but they don't even know what country to go to & they haven't the faintest idea, don't know anything about it, & they're just jumping by faith! Whereas they could have a little idea of what the situation is, & there's a lot of people I think down there who would like to help them & probably have room, but they don't know how, & maybe they think they can't afford it. But if they find out it's going to be a financial help to them & these people should be able to pay a little at least, I think they will offer!--Amen? Tks! GBY! ILY!

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