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LNFS for MAG 44!       Nov. '81       DFO No.1071

       (Telefaxed in minutes instead of days in mail! & Done in 1/3 usual time on our own little computers! PTL! Were rollin'! RU?)

       1. PRAISE THE LORD! GOD BLESS YOU! TYJ! HALLELUJAH! GREETINGS IN JESUS' NAME! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!--& indeed it should be a very Merry Christmas & an extremely Happy New Year for all of us with all the good Christmas & New Year goodies that you're getting from the Lord & World Services & even me & Maria! You've already received your great big TK Books 1, 2 & 3 & 4 is in the pipeline & going to press soon. The next ones will be cut in to half the size of the giant Volumes to make them handler, easier to share & quicker to get to you, so you won't get so tired holdin' them over your head while you're in bed reading yourself to sleep & you won't have 2 or 3 of you looking at the same book at the same time. There will be more to share & pass around.--But still with the same beautiful leatherette binding & strong sewn back of nearly 400 pages each!

       2. YOU'VE ALSO ALREADY RECEIVED THAT BEAUTIFUL 440-PAGE CHILDCARE BOOK ONE, & WE'VE GOT THE HUGE 1500-PAGE CHILDCARE BOOK TWO ON {\b \i SCHOOL DAYS} RIGHT HERE WITH US ALREADY FOR FINAL APPROVAL with everything you need to know for your child's education from Babyhood through the Basics thou a complete Elementary education! PTL!--And SIMPLE enough for you to teach your own child, & Bible-based enough to have ETERNAL values, the best possible education in this world that you could give any child! TYJ! You won't need any more worldly secular evolutionary correspondence courses for your dear children. This will be all the correspondence course you need. Praise God! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!--A dream come true!--Our own educational textbook for our own children!--A whole seven years of basic education all in one volume! Hallelujah!--The first ever produced in this whole World in all history! There's nothing else like it! TYJ!--The most complete & Christian education you could possibly give your children, all in only one textbook! PTL! TYJ! Amen! You're going to be SO happy with it! We're really excited about it! A beautiful production of Family Care & World Services! It's absolutely priceless! So be sure to get in your Tithe on time to help us pay for it.

       3. ALSO THE BEAUTIFUL GREEN SHINING BRAND NEW DFO TRUE KOMIX BOOK, "THE STORY OF LOVE" HAS JUST ARRIVED HERE & YOU'VE PROBABLY ALL GOT YOURS BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS & are already thrilled with it for use with your friends & kings & queens & fish & now disciples! I wouldn't exactly say it's all for PARENTS & RELATIVES unless they're pretty favourable, but it's really our new Basic Book, a basic course in Family history, doctrines & practices, beliefs & joy & happiness, all beautifully illustrated in over 500 pages of specially selected Komix for new disciples & outside friends.--Something you can loan to them to read to get their indoctrination & basic education in Family beliefs as well as order extra copies for Gifts. Use the enclosed Lit Order Blank for your Gift Orders for friends, fish & so on.


       5. ALSO, BEFORE THE END OF NOVEMBER, GOD WILLING, WE ARE SENDING YOU A GIANT DOUBLE-SIZED 52-PAGE SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EDITION OF THE KIDZ MAGAZINE which will thrill your children & you as well! Don't miss it! Get that tithe in on time! Also, you & your kids are going to get our first big beautiful gorgeous colour double-sized {\ul \i Flannelgraph Book} of over 108 pages!

       6. THEN COMES YOU BRAND NEW 1982 MODEL ALL-COLOUR 12 ART MASTERPIECES 12-MONTH CALENDAR FOR YOUR WALL & YOUR FRIENDS & VISITORS TO ENJOY, each with a gorgeous, beautiful colour poster for each month worthy of keeping for years to come! You can take'm apart & plaster'm all over your walls with a different poster in each room!--If you can just remember which room has which calendar for which month!: "Dearie, this month's calendar in your room, would you please tell me what the date is?!" And as each month ends, you can just cut off the calendar at the bottom & leave the poster on the wall with its beautiful Endtime theme that'll be good 'till Jesus comes!

       7. THEN COMES THE GIGANTIC NEW ALL-COLOUR THRILLING EXCITING SHOCKER FOR YOUR LIVING ROOMS! THE HUGE NEW COLOUR PROPHECY POSTER giving the events of the Endtime in graphic chronological order, vividly illustrated in gorgeous colour, a real sensation that even had our own System print shop all excited about it & asking questions & gathering around to study it to know just what it meant! Everybody's interested in the future, everybody's curious about the future. Everybody wants to know what the future holds & you've got the answer right there on your wall, right in front of'm so they can't possibly miss it & simple enough for even one of your little children to understand with all its striking pictures of Endtime events! It's breathtaking & a real witness for friends & visitors who drop in! You can even order extras for Gifts for outside friends & relatives & maybe you can post it on your local community bulletin board or perhaps your local grocer will let you put one in his window or on the school bulletin board or in the Post Office or the City hall with your phone number at the bottom for any further questions & enquiries. If they weren't so bloomin' expensive you could plaster'm on all the walls in town & the bus stops & the sign boards & everything--I wish we could. Maybe somebody who's got the burden can make a special donation for that purpose or order them for yourself to put up in your town all over. They'll really create a sensation because everybody wants to know about the future & you've got all the answers! Hallelujah! TYJ! Straight from the Book, God's own Word! Don't miss it! Set that Tithe in one time!

       [EDITED: "No paragraph numbered as "8.""]

       9. NEXT COMES THE INSPIRING NEW FAMILY SONGBOOK SONGS OF LOVE, BIG DOUBLE-SIZED WITH SPIRAL RING SPINE FOR EASY USE so it'll lie flat or fold clear around to set up on your table, desk or music stand for playing your instruments & singing from, with complete guitar chords for every MWM song, over 144 pages with 299 songs, the best we've ever had including lots of beautiful Christmas Carols for this joyous season.--A real Christmas present for everyone & useful for years to come.--The first big Songbook we've gotten out since the old Aaron Memorial & you're going to love it!

       10. THEN COME MORE EXCITING NEW BEAUTIFUL CASSETTE TAPES FROM WILDWIND WITH OUR OWN "GARDEN OF EDEN" BIBLE PROPHECY SERIES TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM THE VIDEOS which we hope you'll get to see before too long.--New & inspired talks on the Near Future & Endtime with thoughts & interpretation which you've never heard before! Wildwind is also sending you some beautiful new Christmas Tapes of our own FAMILY CHRISTMASES & you can hear how WE celebrate Christmas along with all the old Carols & Christmas Stories & Family fun! And finally a REAL RED-HOT EXCLUSIVE FROM DAVIDITO HIMSELF in his first public appearance on tape with the READING OF THE "FEED MY LAMBS" SERIES OF SCRIPTURES for you & your children to memorise--beautifully, clearly, expressively done by the little child Prophet himself, Prince of the Realm, the Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come! Praise God! Hallelujah! God bless him, he really did a god job on it! And you can thank Sara & others for helping him, & Mama for suggesting it. Also, there are lots of other goodies still coming from Wildwind! Get your NEW ADDRESS in NOW so you don't miss ANY of'm!

       11. AND YOU SHOULD HEAR THE GORGEOUS NEW TAPES FROM MWM, MM, MCM & ALL OF THEM!: BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS CAROLS OLD & NEW SONG BY OUR CHILDREN, THE CHILDREN OF MWM, accompanied by their musical parents!--The very best children's tape we have absolutely ever heard anywhere, bar none!--So clear & distinct you can get every word! You & your children will be singing them around the house before you know it & dancing from stem to stern of your little HMS Family Home! Excellent for your Christmas disco Parties! Plus other beautiful new MWM tapes, as well as the new tapes from Musica Con Vida. Musica Con Messagio, Musique Magique,--our Spanish, Italian, & French music tapes! You'll be singin' along with'm & dancing too & wanting to play them for your outside friends & helpers. They're absolutely beautiful, the best I've ever heard! TYJ! Praise the Lord! He's really blessed us & is making our musical units a tremendous blessing to all of us as well as to the rest of the world!

       12. WELL, THAT'S ABOUT A DOZEN BEAUTIFUL NEW CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR UNDER YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE & THE NEW YEAR TO KEEP YOU HAPPY ALL YEAR LONG & FOR YEARS TO COME!--& speaking of years, YOUR NEW 1982 {\ul \i ONE--HEART DIARY} WILL BE OUT AS SOON AS WE CAN, BUT IT MAY BE JUST A FEW DAYS LATE for the first few days of 1982, but well worth waiting for because it's got all kinds of interesting & exciting pages designed for information which will be a tremendous help to you in keeping your daily log, with an inspiring little inspirational Quote at the top of each daily page, & a 24-hour schedule in hours for a Family who lives it up 24 hours a day! Our beautiful little new leatherette-bound ONE-HEART DIARY is bigger & more beautiful & with much more information than your old 7-Stars which are now going to fade out forever as far as we're concerned. We tried to get that guy to make his Diary more inspirational by sending him Scripture Verses & MO Quotes but for some reason or other he didn't seem to care much about'm so we decided to make our own, & you'll be glad we did, TYJ! It's really terrific! There is space to keep your DAILY STATS for monthly accumulations so you won't have to go shuffling around at the last minute trying to find all the little bits of papers where you put down the various Stats required on your "Required TRF," you'll have them all right there lined up in order & ready to total at the end of the month in each category required on the TRF, a terrific help for all TRFers! Also, there's an abbreviated section for Monthly Summaries & something brand new that even no other Diary has!: --A few page for YEARLY SUMMARIES so you can fill in the highlights of EACH MONTH for EACH YEAR & see the past at a glance, refreshing your memory when you somehow forget what happened what month in what year.--Your own personal autobiography which'll be very helpful in case you ever decide to write your exciting life story! I've already been filling mine in for the past 8 years & it sure makes fascinating juicy reading, especially that section for your Sex Stats! WOW!--With spaces for your numbers of sex partners & the times you had sex really makes juicy reading! It made me so excited reading mine I had to have some!--Such as discovering that our dear little courageous faithful pioneer of FFing, Maria herself, started out in that famous FF Year of 1974 with sex 93 times with 18 different men, & me 95 with 20--GIRLS that is! Hallelujah! How's that for a record! Of course the next year, 1975, we got so excited hat we upped those Stats to 223 with 13 & 160 times with 5, & I'll let YOU guess who was who & which was which, ha! Wow! What a hot Diary this is going to make! Thank God it's big enough to enter all your Stats without needing a microscope or getting a writer's cramp, & also big enough to keep you from sticking it in your pocket & carrying it out on the streets where you could get it lost or confiscated! Keep it locked up at home & hidden in some very private, secure, secret place! Maybe even where your mate can't find it? Ha! Now, you'll probably be keeping them together & lock'm up close side-by-side together snuggling up to each other just like YOU do, praise the Lord! WE don't have any secrets from each other, DO we? There will also be lots of extra blank pages for you to make your own charts for Stats or whatever you wish to sue them for. So if you don't like what we've already got in there, you can design your own. Anyhow, it's gonna to be 544 pages chockfull of goodies which we know you'll really love & enjoy & use & will be a real help in keeping your Family records & Stats for your TRFs & so on. So, please be patient. We're working on them as fast as we can & we'll get'm to ya' as quick as we can, probably sometime in January, Do. In the meantime, you'd better get yourself a little notebook of some kind or use some of your old 7-Star pages to keep your current log & Stats until it arrives. Then you can transfer them to your beautiful new One-Heart Diary! PTL! TYJ! Isn't that wonderful? Hallelujah!--So many goodies God has given us & most of them in time for Christmas & New Year's! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen!--All in Jesus' Name & made possible by the Lord & you & your faithful tithing & giving to World Services to make possible feeding you with all these delicious, delectable, de-lovely delightful feasts for your soul & your ears & your eyes such as you have never seen or heard before! Praise God! They even SMELL good, FEEL good, & I KNOW they'll TASTE good! Probably even your BABIES will be trying them if you don't keep them out of reach! So do try to take care of them & keep them safe for years of use 'til Jesus comes. Praise the Lord? Amen. TYJ!

       13. GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFUL TITHING & GIVING THAT MAKES ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE! Be sure you get it in on time & be sure you fill out your new TRFs accurately so you can get all the good news of what's going on in our great & wonderful worldwide Family, & continue to get all these good goodies from God for your inspiration & enjoyment & tools for the Master's use in your witnessing as well, GET THAT TRF IN ON TIME! Make it out & mail it on the FIRST OF EVERY MONTH & don't forget to put in your FULL TITHE & any GIFTS you want to designate for anyone or any project or any ministry or any missionaries.

       14. YOU'RE ALSO GOING TO BE EXCITED WHEN YOU SEE THE BRAND NEW REVISED TRFs WHICH ARE GOING TO MAKE IT EVEN EASIER & SIMPLER THAN EVER! You're going to whiz right through them like a breeze if you are faithful to keep those accurate daily Stats in your new One-Heart Diary. All you'll have to do at the end of the month is sit down there at your desk or table or easy chair with it in your lap & total up the figures with your little head or calculator & transfer them to your TRF & you've got it made. No longer will your TRF be a monthly ordeal with a yoke that's hard & a burden almost too heavy to bear! From now on you're going to find His yoke is easy & His burden is light & ye that were weary & heavy laden before can come now & have a nice rest as you make out your monthly TRF & look at it with joy at what you've accomplished during the past month for the Lord & the Family & others.--A record to be proud of, a history to be thankful for & with Eternal dividends that you're going to meet in the Heavenlies one of those days soon, praise God!

       15. YOU'LL THANK THE LORD FOR ALL THE SOULS YOU'VE WON TO THE LORD WHOM YOU'LL LOVE & LIVE WITH FOREVER & WHO WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER BECAUSE OF IT! None will ever be lost, so thank God for everyone the Lord gives you! And remember, no witnessing is ever wasted. It always pays & accomplishes results whether saved or otherwise. You obeyed God & did His will & fulfilled your obligation & preached the Gospel in all the World to every creature & delivered your soul, so even the blood of those who wouldn't listen & who rejected you & your Message will not be upon your hands. So hurry up & give them that Message there in the North so you can get out before that Northern World collapses on top of you! Come quick to the Sunny South!--For which we'll soon have all those beautiful detailed Voluntary stats totalled & analysed for you to help you make your choice of what country to come to.

       16. BUT PLEASE DON'T FORGET YOUR TITHING & GIVING & TRY TO KEEP IT UP THE BEST YOU CAN EVEN THOUGH MOVING & LIVING IN A STRANGE NEW COUNTRY WITH A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE & DIFFERENT PEOPLE & PERHAPS EVEN A DIFFERENT WAY OF LIVING, for I'm sure the Lord will bless you if you're faithful, & He'll support you good if you'll faithfully exercise ALL "7 SUPPORTERS" to the full! He'll never fail! I & my little family of 6 served the Lord for YEARS on the road by faith & He never ONCE failed us! We never missed a meal & never lacked for some place to lay our heads, which is better than Jesus Himself had! He's better to us that He was to Himself, so I know the Lord is going to bless you as you obey & as you minister & He's going to supply ALL your needs according to His riches & glory. So please don't let HIM down, don't fail to keep up your faithful tithing & giving to those who are ministering to you. World Service Income has been down considerably, no doubt due to much moving & the expenses of fares & getting settled in new countries & so on & temporary cessation of ministries, but I'm sure you'll pick up again & get in the swing soon so that God can really bless you with life more abundantly than ever before & a living better than ever! TYJ! Praise you Lord! Hallelujah! But even if we all have to SACRIFICE a bit in order to GET there & STAY in His will & minister to the needy, It's worth it, PG! Amen? Because we really can't sacrifice, He's too good to us & He gives us back more than we can ever give to Him, & we'll never lose by giving! We can't count all His blessings in dollars & cents because most of it is His wonderful glorious faithful blessings of spiritual salvation & inspiration & His Love & the love of others & good health & a wealth of witnessing & souls for His Kingdom! Amen? Praise God! Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen?

       17. SO KEEP'M ROLLIN' & KEEP'M COMIN' & KEEP THOSE BEAUTIFUL TESTIMONIES & THRILLING EXPERIENCES OF GLORIOUS VICTORIES COMIN' IN FOR THE {\b \i FN} to cheer & encourage others & inspire them to follow your victorious example as well as any suggestions & ideas you have that could benefit the Family. God bless you & keep you & continue to make you a blessing forever! In Jesus' name! Amen. We love you! Bye for now! Hope to see you in the next Magazine or our next Video! Get those Voluntary TRFs in so we'll know where to send them. Isn't this life exciting & rewarding?! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! In Jesus' Name, amen. ILY! You're the greatest Family in the whole wide world & you've got all the rest beat by a thousand miles, maybe TWO or THREE thousand miles--to your new field!--HA! Amen? If you haven't gone yet, get going! Just remember, when the goin' gets tough, the tough get going!--And WE'LL be with you ALL the way!

       18. JESUS SAID HE WAS GOING TO GO WITH YOU TO THE END OF THE WORLD & NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE YOU! So you can carry Him with you wherever you go & He'll never let you down! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! Of course, if you want to wait for the "VOLSTATS," that's the "Voluntary Stats," on your new hoped-for field, they could be a great help to you in your preparations & planning & choice of your destination along with His help & His direction. So do what you think is best according to His leading & I'm sure He'll guide you aright to HIS place for you & yours, in Jesus' name. Amen. PTL! TYJ! GBY! ILY! Amen!--Amen?--Your own M&M!

       19. P. S. --MAYBE YOU FORGOT THE NAME & ADDRESS OF YOUR NEW REPORTING OFFICE! Is that why some of your reports & tithers are down?--Sorry we had to change some of you so swiftly & unceremoniously, without a personal word of warning from me & Maria, to a new CRO away from WIM, but we did it just in time before a System raid, so thank God we did! We'd just gotten WIM out of there & moving South just in time! TYJ! So now MOST of you should be reporting to your more local LIMS & CROS & NOT the old WIM addresses, except EUROPE. Europe TRFers should continue to report to the address to which you've already been sending your TRFs, no longer known as WIM but EURCRO--UR CRO!--Ha!--And ALL NORTH AMERICAN TRFers have already been given a new NACRO address & report to; as well as all LATIN AMERICAN TRFers a new LACRO & LALIM; ALL ASIA, AFRICA & INDIAN TRFers now report to MAAICRO; & ALL PACIFIC AREA TRFers report to PACRO. There is NO MORE WIM! WIM served its purpose in its day to get you back into the Family again, but now that you're back & we have WSCROs well-established in each of your areas under our direct supervision, WIM is no longer needed, only your local LIMs & CRO. So please forgive us for not having had time to explain that sudden switch last month. And please resume your faithful TRFg to your regional CRO. If you're still confused & don't know or lost the new address, please send your TRF to WS, Pf 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland & we'll let you know. Thanks! GBY! WLY! M&M.

       20. A FURTHER CONFIRMATION ON OUR LETTER "SONG OF INDIA" PUBLISHED IN {\b \i MAG 43} received from one of our leaders who has worked in India:
       1) Commonwealthers do not need a visa to go to India & after they stay the initial allotted time they can easily stay there indefinitely.
       2) However, even if, say, problems occurred in one city, by moving to another city you'd be totally unnoticed, Non-Commonwealthers can also get student visas by attending one to two hours of classes a week, even by taking something simple like music or a language, etc.
       3) No ongoing ticket or proof of funds required for any nationality!--So get going! India calls! GBY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family