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TWO HEADS ON A TABLE!--By Father David       DFO1072       17/11/80
--Another American Nightmare!

       1. THIS IS A CRAZY DREAM, I DON'T KNOW IF I SHOULD EVEN TELL IT, but it's so vivid & I remember it so well now I'm afraid not to, it could have some meaning. This is the morning of November 17th, 1980. It seemed like this dream went on & on during the restless hours of the early morning. I'd dream a little something & wake up, & then I'd fall asleep & dream some more. I can't think of anything that could have prompted it or caused it, 'cause I hadn't been thinking of anything along this line at all, right before or either during the night. It just seems like it just came out of the blue.

       2. IN THE DREAM I WAS TRYING TO SWIM ACROSS THIS BIG BROAD RIVER, I mean, it was really immense! How I got into the river, I don't know, but I can see it yet. And below me, down river, there were some falls that I was trying to avoid. I was trying my best to swim across to some rocks & an island that I could see in the distance. I mean, it was broad, like miles!

       3. WELL, IN MY YOUNGER DAYS I'D BEEN ACCUSTOMED TO SWIMMING LONG DISTANCES. I used to swim five miles up & down Miami Beach. And up in Michigan I remember swimming across the lake there. It was two miles across to the little town, two miles back, so it wasn't anything unusual for me to swim long distances. I was a pretty good swimmer & when I was gonna go long distances I would take it fairly easy & swam a great deal on my back, just resting & swimming slowly, or sometimes swimming on my stomach--particularly underwater.

       4. I'D SWIM SEVERAL STROKES UNDERWATER & COME UP FOR AIR, & THEN GO DOWN AGAIN, 'cause it seemed I could swim better underwater than I could on the surface if I wanted to swim fast. Then you get down where the fish are! So I was a very good swimmer when I was young & could swim long distances like that, but my, I haven't swum anything like that for years!

       5. BUT HERE I WAS IN THIS HUGE RIVER, MILES WIDE, SWIMMING FOR ALL I WAS WORTH--not swimming real fast or real hard--but I was swimming the best I could to try to make it across the river. One shore was behind me at some distance--it seemed liked a mile or so--& I could see the outline of another shore, well, it must have been at least two or three miles away ahead of me. Upstream was to my left, downstream & the falls was to my right, & the shore I'd left, for some reason--why, I don't know--was behind me.

       6. ANYHOW, I SWAM & I SWAM & SOMEHOW IT SEEMS AS THOUGH I WAS DESPERATE TO GET AWAY FROM SOMETHING or somebody or somebodies or as though I was being chased, although I don't remember what that was, it wasn't clear in the dream, except that I had to swim this river, somehow or another I just had to get across it.

       7. I FINALLY ARRIVED ON THIS ROCKY SHORE of what in the distance I had thought was the other side of the river, but it turned out to be a large island in midstream, a very large inhabited island. It reminds me a little bit of when I was young they used to swim across the Mississippi River, that's a very big broad river.

       8. AND AT WHEELING THERE'S WHAT THEY CALL WHEELING ISLAND out in the middle of the river, a very large island with lots of houses, very thickly populated, where some friends of ours used to have a Tabernacle & Mother used to preach & broadcast etc. Except that this island in my dream seemed to be much more remote, & the shores on both sides of the river didn't seem to be all that populated, no big cities that I can remember.

       9. I CLIMBED OUT OF THE WATER & WHAT LITTLE CLOTHES I HAD ON--IT SEEMED LIKE I HAD NOTHING ON HARDLY--WERE ALL WET! Thank God it was sunny! So I apparently took what little I had on, off to dry, because it was wet, & I was completely naked climbing up this rocky shore, sort of a rocky bluff up to this house that I saw on the top. I could see that there were other houses along the shore on top of the island, a few scattered houses.

       10. I THOUGHT, "WELL, I'VE GOT TO GET TO CIVILISATION! I've got to get to some house where they'll help me & take me in & rescue me." It's like I was sort of stranded or something. So anyhow, I climbed up to this house & I thought, "Oh my, I wonder what they're gonna think if I knock at the door & they see me standing here stark naked & all wet! What are they gonna do? What are they gonna think?"

       11. WELL, THE YOUNG WOMAN WHO OPENED THE DOOR WAS QUITE STARTLED, almost frightened at first when she saw me! I apologised & told her that somehow I had been swimming across the river, fleeing, & I was sorry to bother them but could they possibly take me in & I was cold & wet & so on, which was obvious, ha! And she summoned her father & he reminded me of James Mason. He's a kind of a big rough fellow, but sort of a professional type, sort of like a college professor but sort of big & gruff but friendly.

       12. HE RIGHT AWAY SAW MY SITUATION & WAS EXTREMELY SYMPATHETIC & had'm bring me right in & get towels & rub me down & dry me off to try to get me warmed up in front of the fire. The door led right into the livingroom, there was a fire-place on the left, coffee-table, chairs & so on, & they all pitched in right away. The man & his wife were middle-aged, & then it seemed they had these three daughters.

       13. THEY WERE ALL HELPING ME GET WARM & rubbed me down with towels & put a blanket around me trying to get me warmed up from the long tiresome swim & it being cold. I don't recall that the water while I was in it was extremely cold, but it was when I got out that I got cold, which is so often true when you're swimming.

       14. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER THIS DESCRIPTION IS IMPORTANT regarding the area or the climate. It seemed like a very mild pleasant sunny climate, or I don't think I could have stood to stay in the water that long, for that long a swim. Nearly all the places I used to swim were warm countries, tropical countries. I thin about the coldest swim I ever took was swimming across the Mississippi to Wheeling Island at Wheeling, West Virginia where the current was rather rapid & it's really sometimes dangerous & fairly cold.

       15. BUT IT SEEMED TO BE QUITE WARM LIKE A MEDITERRANEAN SUMMER, YET IT WASN'T THE MEDITERRANEAN. Well, it could have been near the Mediterranean, I don't know, but it was definitely a river. But these people where I landed spoke English, obviously, I conversed with them, & it seemed like they were British or at least English-speaking.

       16. ANYHOW, THEY WERE VERY FRIENDLY & VERY HOSPITABLE & very concerned about trying to get me warm. They served me a hot tea or something, hot soup, & sitting on the couch, they put this blanket wrapped around me in front of the fire. They were rather excitedly, you know, talking about my swim & how I got there where did I come from all that sort of thing. I still cannot remember--it may yet come to me--where it was, I mean, as far as what country it was in or whatever.

       17. HOWEVER, IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE UNITED STATES BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED LATER, because later, according to what happened, definitely Reagan was President. I don't see how I could have been in the United States, but I guess I was, or where this river is in the United States, because it was such a mild climate & so warm like the Mediterranean Summer, & a river so huge to have these islands in it. But it could have been, something like the St. Lawrence.

       18. NOW THEY COULD HAVE BEEN CANADIANS, it could have been something like the St. Lawrence or one of the rivers that's by the United States & Canada, because they were definitely that type with a strong sort of an accent like the Canadians have & the British. That could figure, & in which case, I could have been fleeing the United States & arrived on this island. I've had several experiences similar to that.

       19. IN MY CHILDHOOD I RECALL WHEN I WAS YOUNG WE USED TO GO & VISIT THESE PEOPLE ON WALPOLE ISLAND in the middle of what they called the St. Clair River which flows down from Lake Huron to Lake Erie, past Detroit, between Detroit & Windsor, Canada. About half-way up that river between the two Great Lakes there was this big island where some friends of our lived called the Moores, as I recall.

       20. I WAS ABOUT 12 YEARS OLD--IN FACT, I WAS 12 YEARS OLD, I REMEMBER VERY WELL--& this island was out in the middle of the St. Clair River, a big island with a lot of houses on it in the middle of this great river & a lot of people living on it. Our friends lived there, the Moores, & we'd often visited them before & I wanted to do something, go somewhere, have an adventure!

       21. YOU KNOW, A YOUNG BOY IN SUMMERTIME GETS AWFUL RESTLESS & has to keep busy going something exciting or hiking or exploring or hunting or fishing or swimming or something. There had been meetings in Detroit but we had a little time off before our next meeting, & I told my mother & Mr. Haas I wanted to go see the Moores on Walpole Island--Walpole was the name of this island, an Indian name. Used to be great Indian Country, remember? They made these little Indian sweet grass baskets that smelled so good & all kinds of souvenirs. There were a lot of Indians still living on the island at that time.

       22. SO WE DROVE FROM DETROIT UP-RIVER, up the St.Clair, along the shore to where there was a ferry that went across to the island. They had no bridge but just his ferry. It was a small car ferry that was just pulled by hand across on a cable, how so many little ferries were in those days. And I told my mother & Mr. Haas that they didn't have to bother to take the car clear across on the ferry, you know, it was slow & cumbersome & costly. I said, "I know where the people live, I'll just ride across on the ferry & I'll be all right"--so they could stay there with the car on the mainland.

       23. SO MOTHER SOMEWHAT RELUCTANTLY CONSENTED & LET ME GO. I was 12, I was quite smart in those days & well able to take care of myself, I'd been lots of places by myself, & so I went. I told them good-bye & got on the ferry with the ferryman at its regular time & went across. There were one or two other cars that were going across on the ferry at the same time & we crossed over to Walpole Island, got off there on the Canadian side.

       24. IN THOSE DAYS--ISN'T THAT AMAZING--THERE WAS NO NEED OF PASSPORTS OR VISAS or anything like that, you just went right across! I remember there were a couple of men over there, sort of like just Canadian officers or policemen & they just kind of looked at you & asked you if you were an American, & I said yes, & that's all you had to do. You didn't have to show any ID, nothing! It was that easy to go from the U.S. to Canada & back. I don't know how it was in Europe in those days, but I understand it was much easier there then too.

       25. THE DAYS OF PASSPORTS & VISAS & ALL THAT STRICT IMMIGRATION RULES & LAWS HAD NOT YET ARRIVED & it was much easier to go from country to country in those days without all that red tape & inspection & all that sort of thing. If you had some luggage they usually would go through it, but I was travelling light. My mother had given me a little lunch, that's all I had, & I had a little pocket money. It was Summertime & it was warm & you didn't need much clothing. I think I was carrying & sweater just in case I needed anything warm 'cause sometimes it gets cool at night.

       26. I WENT OVER & WALKED THROUGH THE LITTLE TOWN TO WHERE I KNEW THE MOORES LIVED & knocked at the door & there was no answer.--And knocked & at the front door, back door & no answer! Their car was gone & apparently they weren't home. So I sat around waiting for them to come home--I figured they were probably just gone out, you know, to the store or something--& they didn't come, they didn't come, they didn't come.

       27. THEN I GOT TO BE LATE AFTERNOON & THEY STILL HADN'T COME so finally I walked back to where the two officers were at the end of the ferry there on the island--they were like policemen, you know--& I asked them if they knew where the Moores were. They said, "Why yes, they've gone on their vacation!" It was a very small town where everybody knew everybody & everything that was going on. They said, "They've gone on their vacation for several weeks!"

       28. I SAID, "OH, WELL MY FOLKS LET ME OFF TO COME OVER TO VISIT THEM & WE DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE GONE!--Which was in some ways a rather foolish thing to do, but I don't think they had a telephone so they had no way of finding of for sure. (Maria: Was your Mother waiting there?) And I think my Mother was waiting, & if I didn't come back, that meant they were there, see?

       29. THEREFORE AFTER WAITING FOR AN HOUR OR TWO & I DIDN'T COME BACK, she figured, well, of course, they're there & everything's OK, see?--Ha! Well, I told her that if I didn't come back that she'd figure everything was alright. So I didn't go back until I came back & asked the officers & they said, "No, they're gone."

       30. AND SO I TOLD THEM THEN, "WELL, THEN I'M GONNA GO OVER TO CHATHAM--which was another Canadian city about 20 miles East of Walpole, 20-25 miles, something like that. See, I knew the area real well, we'd had meetings all around, we had meetings in Chatham & so on. Oh, what was the name? I've forgotten the name! I knew a family in Chatham real well. I said, "Well, I'm gonna go then & go see my friends in Chatham." (Dunderdale's!)

       31. WELL, THEY DIDN'T KNOW BUT WHAT I KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING, & after all, it wasn't their responsibility. Nowadays they'd probably be a lot more particular, they'd have probably picked me up & had me in the detention waiting to contact my parents or somebody & all that baloney! But things were real free in those days & you could still wander around, young boys could wander around & do things like that.

       32. SO I WALKED OUT ALONG THE HIGHWAY & STARTED HITCHHIKING & CAUGHT A RIDE RIGHT AWAY! I'd hitchhiked before, used to hitchhike a lot when I was a kid, & people almost always pick up a kid, you know, a young boy, 12 years of age. I was only a few miles & this car was going right to Chatham. They took me right into town where we'd held a meeting not too long before & had some very good friends. I'm trying to think of their name! I remember it always rhymed with thunder, like Blunderbuss or Blunderberry or Thunderberry, well, it will come back to me--maybe!

       33. ANYHOW, I REMEMBER THEY LIVED IN AN UPSTAIRS APARTMENT OVER THEIR GROCERY STORE--that's the same town where, remember, I got my leg cut with that sharp knife that my sister was carrying home from the store after getting sharpened? It was at their grocery store. They used to sharpen knives at grocery stores, & that's where I got my leg cut crossing the bridge there. So I knew the town real well, we'd spent weeks there. (Turns tape over.)

       34. WELL, THIS IS THE STRANGE DREAM ABOUT MY SWIM ACROSS THE RIVER, Side 2, & I was telling about some of my other experiences crossing rivers, swimming the Mississippi to Wheeling Island & crossing the St.Clair to Walpole Island, some kind of similar experience, in a way. I don't know why I should have got on this long story about this, but anyhow, I'll call them Blunderberries, I can't remember exactly...Dunderdale! Dunderdale! Ha! I got it!

       35. DUNDERDALE WAS THEIR NAME & THEY RAN THE GROCERY STORE THERE!--And that's where my sister had gotten the knives sharpened that day, she was only five years older than me, and I was only about seven or eight. We'd been in that country a lot of times, nearly every Summer we were up there holding meetings.

       36. I WAS ONLY ABOUT SEVEN OR EIGHT--MIGHT HAVE BEEN NINE--COMING BACK FROM THE GROCERY STORE, & the knives were all wrapped up carefully so we couldn't cut ourselves on them. But I was teasing my sister like little brothers do--she was carrying the wrapped-up knives in her hands--& finally, really in an almost involuntary gesture she slapped at me like she was gonna slap me with the flat of the knives or the package.

       37. AND SHE DID IT WITH SUCH SORT OF A CENTRIFUGAL FORCE that one of the knives hurled out of the package--sharp as they were--point first, & plunged right into the back of my knee!--Just missed the tendon! I still have a big two-inch scar there to this day! And I sat down on the bridge & here was the blood spurting out & this knife sticking in my leg & crowd gathering around! My sister was horrified, screaming, & people grabbed me quick & got a doctor, took me to his office right nearby, bandaged it up & called my folks & they took me home.

       38. I REMEMBER THE MAIN THING THAT I DIDN'T LIKE ABOUT IT was they had a bicycle there I had been riding, & I couldn't ride the bicycle anymore because of my leg! The doctor said I had to keep it still & quiet so it would heal up. It was about a two-inch wound & quite deep. The knife had plunged in point-first right behind my knee, but just in front in the soft part of the knee there, just in front of that tendon that you can feel behind on the backside of your knee. We had swum a lot on this river that we were crossing where the bridge was & we knew the place real well & had a lot of friends, but that's another story!

       39. ANYHOW, THE DUNDERDALES TOOK ME UPSTAIRS & GAVE ME FIVE O'CLOCK TEA, & I remember I was sure hungry & I sure enjoyed that tea, kind of a little in between snack between lunch & dinner. 'Cause the Canadians, like the British & Europeans, they ate late dinner about eight o'clock, so they would always have a tea about four or five, between lunch & dinner, to carry you over. Then they had little tea-biscuits they called them, which were cookies, & sometimes little sandwiches, & of course tea. And I had been on quite a walk & hike & I was hungry.

       40. I SPENT THE NIGHT WITH THEM & told them, "Well, I was just sort of on a little hike!"--Can you imagine?--12 years of age, a little boy wandering around by himself like that through Canada?--At 12! They were kind of surprised to see me & wanted to know how...& I told them what happened, that I stopped at Walpole Island, the Moores weren't home, so I thought I'd come see'm!

       41. THEY WERE QUITE PLEASED THAT I'D COME TO VISIT THEM, you know, but they were a little awed that I was wandering around all by myself! But I told them my Mother knew all about it. I said, "It's OK." Next morning at breakfast I told them I was gonna go on to Windsor where I could visit some other very good friends who lived there, the Corbets! Oh, the name came back to me! He had a bicycle repair shop in Windsor.

       42. WINDSOR WAS JUST A SMALL TOWN THEN, you could find your way around easy, & I'd been there a lot. We'd held meetings there & I knew the town real well & I knew where this bicycle shop was. So I hitchhiked me down to Windsor which was about 50 miles South, right opposite Detroit. Can you imagine? Clear down to Windsor!

       43. I GOT RIDES EASY & GOT TO WINDSOR, & I CAN SEE THAT BICYCLE SHOP YET! It was his home, he had it in back in his garage with a sign out in the front yard: "Corbet's Bicycle Repairs". I walked in the yard & up on the front porch & knocked at the door & there was Mrs. Corbet, great big stout lady. I remember she had a pretty little girl that I was quite fond of, & I think was fond of me too, only the girl was a little bit older than me--she was about 14 or 15--I can't remember her name now, it might come back. But she had several children & this oldest girl was the one I was interested in.

       44. MR. CORBET GREETED ME VERY JOLLY! He always reminded me of the comedian W.C. Fields, looked like him. He was always very jolly & friendly. This girl was actually just an adopted daughter from some family, she was not their own. I remember I came in & I was by this time real hungry for dinner. I got there in the afternoon, but I was so hungry anyhow for some reason, maybe it was for lunch. So she invited me back to the kitchen--I think I got there about teatime again--for something to eat & I went back toward the kitchen & stood in the kitchen door while she was preparing it.

       45. I REMEMBER THE GIRL CAME UP BEHIND ME & PUT HER ARM AROUND MY WAIST, & she was doing sort of like this with her fingers, & ooof!--For a puberty boy, virtually a teenager, to have a pretty girl put her arm around your waist--I suppose she thought she was doing it in a rather sisterly manner--it got me quite excited! I was kind of sorry, I thought about that years & years afterwards, that I never was able to follow that through! I really got hard!

       46. I'LL NEVER FORGET, ANYHOW, THAT I STAYED THERE WITH THEM FOR THE NIGHT, & then she was kind of a gruff old lady & said, "Well, don't you think I'd better call your Mother & tell her where you are?" And I said, "Oh well, there's no need. She knows I'm OK, I told her I knew lots of people around here & I'd find somebody home." I made up some tale like that, anyhow, because I was hoping she wouldn't call my Mother & tell her where I was, but she did anyhow.

       47. MY MOTHER, OF COURSE, WAS QUITE EXCITED ABOUT MY BEING CLEAR DOWN IN WINDSOR when she left me off about 50 miles North at Walpole Island expecting me to be safely with the Moores! It was a little risky, foolish thing to do, but she trusted the Lord & she knew me pretty well, I was pretty well able to take care of myself. So I spent the night with the Corbets & the next day was Sunday, & I believe, as I recall, I went to Church with them Sunday morning, & she'd called my Mother & I told her I'd be home.

       48. I TALKED TO MOTHER ON THE PHONE--she was a little bit upset--but she had services the next day, two or three times that day & they couldn't possibly come get me or anything, so she said that I should wait there, the Corbets would bring me home the next day, after Sunday. I somewhat agreed or something, I've forgotten how it happened, but anyhow, came next day, Sunday, after church & after a nice Sunday dinner, as pretty as the girl was,

       49. I HAD THE WANDERLUST & I DECIDED I WANTED TO TAKE OFF! So right away I assured Mrs. Corbet that I would be OK, that I was just gonna hitchhike across the bridge--I was in Windsor now, mind you, which is a big city! It was a small town them, big city now, right across the river, the big river--St. Clair River, I think it's called there too--from Detroit.

       50. I KNEW DETROIT REAL WELL TOO WHERE THE SCHULTZES LIVED WHERE MY MOTHER WAS STAYING. I told her that I'd just walk on over & I'd be OK & not to worry, & I knew where the Schultzes lived & so on. So I did my best to try to keep them from taking me home. I was so insistent they finally agreed to let me go & I took off on Sunday afternoon to walk across the bridge, across the river to come back to the United States & Detroit, supposedly to go on out to the Schultzes.

       51. BUT I'LL NEVER FORGET, I TOOK A LITTLE DETOUR ON THE WAY. I got over to downtown Detroit & there were some movies on! I had a little pocket change with me, & I'll never forget, I went to see the four Marx Brothers in some crazy movie on my way home! And then I even knew which bus to catch in those days out to the Schultzes because they lived out near Six Mile Road, & I had been in & out of town on the bus from their house before quite a few times, so I knew my way pretty well.

       52. SO I GOT BACK THERE & I'D HITCHHIKED AROUND NEARLY A HUNDRED MILES & VISITED FRIENDS & HAD A GOOD TIME, & got home safe & sound! Been gone nearly a week--or at least about four or five days before I got back--all on my own! Well, I don't know why I should have told that story, but it might interest some of the kids.--That at 12 years old I was hitchhiking through Canada. (Maria: They might decide they'd like to do the same!)--Ha!

       53. BUT ANYHOW, BACK TO THE STORY OF THE RIVER ISLAND, THE ISLAND IN THE RIVER! These people were kind to me & took me in & clothed me & fed me & got me warm & everything seemed to be going fine. There was sort of an air of excitement in the air, as though something big was going on. I don't know just what, there was like a lot of, well, I just don't know how to describe it, just like there was something happening politically. And this is really going to sound crazy:

       54. THE NEXT MORNING WE WOKE UP & ONE OF THE GIRLS WENT IN THE LIVINGROOM & SCREAMED, because there on the coffee table in front of the fireplace lay two human heads! (Maria: Ugh!) Decapitated heads of two local radical political leaders, like hippies, you know they had pretty long hair & beards & so on. And the father said, "My God, don't tell me they're gonna get that rough!"

       55. HE SAID, "WE KNEW THAT REAGAN WAS A HARD RIGHTEST, ultra conservative, but we never dreamed his people would start really playing it that rough!" They were expecting persecution & they were expecting some trouble because of Reagan's winning the election, but they were discussing excitedly about, "Well, surely we wouldn't have dreamed they would ever start getting that violent with the radicals to start actually massacring them & martyring them!"

       56. BUT IT APPEARED THAT THIS FATHER & HIS FAMILY OF YOUNG TEENAGERS WERE APPARENTLY THEMSELVES LEFTISTS & THEREFORE IN DANGER, & that these heads had been left there as a warning to them: They'd better watch out or they'd be next! That seemed to be the general idea. So there was a lot of excitement & we were almost terrified about what was gonna happen & what we should do about it!

       57. I JUST REMEMBER THAT I DECIDED, "WELL, THERE WAS REALLY NOTHING WE COULD DO, WE JUST HAD TO KEEP ON LIVING & DOING THE BEST WE COULD!" They had taken me in, a stranger, but apparently we were on the same side, we were all sort of Liberals, leaning a bit to the Left, like Socialists, & concerned about this victory of the Conservatives under Reagan.

       58. IT WAS DEFINITELY REAGAN, I KNOW THAT, because definitely the idea was that he'd won the election, but they never dreamed that the Conservatives, the Reactionary Right, were gonna get that rough that they were gonna start killing Leftist leaders. But that apparently these two heads had been left there to warn us we'd better watch our step or we could be next! But I remember that we decided, well, the only thing we can do is just keep on living & go about our lives like we had normally.

       59. AT FIRST WE WERE ALMOST AFRAID TO GO OUT OF THE HOUSE or in the car of even drive to the grocery store, but I said, "Well, we'll jut have to keep on going no matter what happens! We've got to live, & we'll just have to keep living & somehow just trust that we'll survive, or if not, well, we die!" If we live, we live, if we die, we die, & that we couldn't just stay cooped up in the house afraid to go outdoors all the time. We just decided that we had to keep on going.

       60. SO I REMEMBER SOME OF THEM GOT IN THE CAR & WENT TO THE GROCERY STORE & came back safely & everything was all excitement all over town about what was going on, all the rough stuff the reactionary hard Right was doing in hounding down the Leftist leaders & so on.

       61. WELL, I THINK THAT'S ONE OF THE MOST SHOCKING SIGHTS I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE to see those two heads lying there on that coffee table, each one in a little pool of blood! It was really terrifying! And I just could hardly believe it that they would go to such lengths, but that apparently they were gonna really rejoice in their victory & they were really gonna see that some heads rolled & that there was a new regime in power that wasn't gonna let the country go Left again.

       62. IN OTHER WORDS, THERE WERE SOME EXTREMISTS AMONGST THEM, obviously, that were gonna really take advantage of the situation & were really gonna persecute & hound those who were considered radicals & Leftist or Reds or whatever, & that they were really out to get'm! And that's all I could remember, I mean, that's where the dream ended & I woke up.

       63. THEY WENT TO THE GROCERY STORE & DECIDED, "WELL, WE'LL JUST HAVE TO KEEP ON LIVING & we can't just be completely hiding away!" They know where we live anyhow, we'll just have to keep on keepin' on regardless of what happens & just trust God that He's gonna take care of us."--And that was our last thought. We talked & agreed that we'd just have to keep on keepin' on & trust the Lord whether we lived or died, & that was the end of the dream! I'm trying to think if there was anything else. Oh yes, there was! Uh-huh, I forgot that part!

       64. I REMEMBER HOW THERE WAS A LITTLE KIND OF A STUDY OFF THE LIVINGROOM, like a library or office where they had a couch, & there was this lady who was, oh, I think 35, 40, who was living with them like a housekeeper that seemed to like me a great deal. Surely it wasn't the mother! I don't think it could have been the mother, although it's possible, ha! and we got alone in this office & I started making love to her! We lay down on the couch & I fucked her on the couch! I don't know what that had to do with it, but I remember it!

       65. IN OTHER WORDS, I WAS BECOMING QUITE INTIMATE WITH THIS FAMILY & QUITE CLOSE! It must have been the mother, because there was no other older lady there that I recall. But then they had these three pretty teenage girls too which were very sweet. But it looked like we had cast our lot in together & we were gonna try to survive the best we could under the very trying circumstances of this new very cruel regime under Reagan. (Maria: So they were U.S. citizens, not Canadians?) Well, I don't know. It just seemed to me like they were more like Canadians, but maybe it was a U.S. island or something.

       66. I MEAN, IT COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE A LITERAL DREAM, IT MUST HAVE SOME SIGNIFICANCE. Because Reagan, I don't think, is that extreme by any means. But it just shows you show bad things might get if the U.S. got desperate enough & if there was a war or any serious trouble. The Rightists can go on a rampage & really get rough like a lot of other dreams I've had about the vigilante police & all those different ones that I had, remember? (Maria: Yes!)

       67. PEOPLE CAN DO SOME CRAZY THINGS IN WARTIME OR IN TIME OF GREAT EMERGENCY where there's mob-rule or vigilante-rule where they linch people & do all kinds of crazy things if they're excited enough & if they're scared enough & driven enough. It's just like they get demon-possessed! So it just seemed like it was a real rough time, anyhow. Why?--I don't know--except that apparently there was some big emergency & some big things going on & they were really rounding up the Reds & the Radicals & the Leftists & really roughed'm up! But that's pretty rough--decapitation! Ha! That was really one shocker to see those two heads lying there on that table!

       68. ALL I CAN THINK OF IS IT MUST BE SOME KIND OF WARNING TO US OR THE FAMILY that despite Reagan's good looks & his seemingly moderate policies in the recent campaign, under his administration if things get bad or rough & there's any emergency or war or something, things could get really rough with the hard Right in control. So, all I can think of is it must be a warning to us to watch out.

       69. IT'S JUST ANOTHER WARNING: WATCH OUT, THINGS COULD REALLY GET ROUGH & we'd better be prepared for it & sort of try to keep out of sight if you can when the time comes! It was as though we were trying to stay in the house as much as we could without going out on the streets. It seemed like there were mobs out there or something. So, that was the dream, that's all I know & it was very vivid, especially that shocker with those two heads on the table. Maybe that would make a good shocking title for it, "Two Heads on a Table!"

       70. IT KIND OF LOOKED LIKE THAT HEAD OF JOHN THE BAPTIST ON THE PLATTER, only there were two of'm! I'll tell you, it was sure, whew, I can see'm yet! That was a real shocker! It really kinda shook me up! So I guess it's just a warning, that's all I can think of, that things could get pretty rough, persecution could get pretty severe & the hard Right could get pretty reactionary & make it pretty rough for anybody they don't like, like the Hippies & Gurus & the Leftists, Radicals, Liberals, whatever they want all'm.
       71. THAT'S ALL I CAN REMEMBER, I JUST REMEMBER THAT WE WERE LEERY OF GOING OUTDOORS, afraid to even go to the grocery store, afraid of the people on the streets & the mobs & so on & wondered what was gonna happen to us. I wouldn't be surprised the time would come when things could get that bad in the U.S. if there's a war & there's extreme emergency.

       72. WE'VE CERTAINLY HAD PLENTY OF WARNING OF IT--riots & mobs in the streets & all kinds of things. They're always gonna turn on somebody & blame somebody for it, the hard Right administration, of course, & the Reactionary Rightists would be the first to turn on any Left-leaning Liberals or Socialists or people they thought were Radicals. Are you ready!--Or better still, get out!--GO SOUTH or EAST!

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