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THE FUTURE SAVAGES!--By Father David       DFO1073       19/10/79

       1. BOY, THAT HORROR MOVIE DREAM LAST NIGHT WAS TERRIBLE! IT WAS REALLY HORRIBLE HOW PEOPLE HAD LITERALLY RETURNED TO SAVAGERY, killing each other for food & trying to dominate each other & organise big gangs with staves & stones & knives & things like that. (Maria: Like after the catastrophe happened?)

       2. YES, THERE WERE CERTAIN GUYS WHO WERE RAISING THEIR OWN ARMIES & THINGS LIKE THAT. (Maria: Did you say there were no more bullets & guns?) Apparently the bullets & guns had run out or been destroyed or something.

       3. ONE GUY HAD A PISTOL & HE WAS ONE OF THE GUYS WHO WAS TRYING TO RULE BECAUSE HE HAD THIS PISTOL. But most people didn't have any guns & they were treating them like slaves. This was a long story, it would take long to tell you the whole thing, it would be like a whole horror movie. (Maria: Can you remember it now?) Yes, I can remember it.

       4. THERE WERE MOBS OF PEOPLE & THERE WERE TOUGH GUYS WHO WERE TRYING TO RULE DIFFERENT MOBS & TREAT THEM LIKE SLAVES. A lot of it took place along this railroad, & then along a river canyon. It was all so realistic, it's amazing! I wonder sometimes if I'm seeing some movie somewhere or if I'm just seeing glimpses of the future.

       5. THE GUY WITH THE BIGGEST GANG COULD SORT OF RULE & COULD DOMINATE THE FOOD SUPPLY & things like that. A lot of it happened along the railroad track I think, because they were raiding the trains for food.

       6. THERE WAS ANOTHER BIG GANG THAT CAME TO FIGHT THIS GANG THAT SORT OF HAD US IN SLAVERY. They all had shields for the rocks & sticks & stones, & they came down the track with their shields like a Roman quadrangle--with some of the longer shields. We ran up the track & some of us took advantage of the opportunity to run away.

       7. JUST BEFORE THAT THEY WERE SHOWING THE REASONS WHY WE SHOULD BE KEPT IN SLAVERY--THEY WERE SHOWING TWO SAMPLES OF LIT that we were passing out. One of them was a "Four Things" tract & another one was a MO Letter, & they were using that to show why we were undesirable citizens who should be serfs.

       8. WHEN THIS OTHER GANG ATTACKED, WE RAN UP THE TRACKS. I was running up the track along with this little fellow, a little sort guy, real stubby young boy, & we were looking for a place to get off the tracks because they were coming up behind us looking for us & chasing us. He was no friend of mine, I didn't know him or anything, but we just happened to be running together.

       9. HIS HOUSE MUST HAVE BEEN ALONG THE TRACK BECAUSE HE KNEW THIS PLACE. His house was right on the corner of the street by the track, & he pulled out a thing that was like a plug in the wall about two feet square, & he dove in there & pulled the plug in behind him so it just looked like it was nothing but a wall. I thought, "Oh boy! I'd like to do that too!--Get out of sight real quick!"

       10. I LOOKED AROUND FOR SOME PLACE TO RUN & THIS LITTLE GIRL GRABBED ME BY THE HAND, a cute little girl, I don't think it was anybody I knew. (Maria: Where did she come from?) I don't know, she just suddenly appeared right there. She looked a little bit like Dolores, but like Dolores maybe when she would have been about 10 or 12 years old. She grabbed me by the hand & she said, "Come with me!" almost like a little angel! (Maria: Which Dolores?) My old sweetheart. (Or Techi?)

       11. AND SHE RAN! FIRST WE RAN UP THIS SIDE STREET, I guess to sort of distract them, & then we came around back in some way till we reached this big river gorge. There were a lot of people running up the narrow path that was on the steep cliff, like on the side of the mountain that dropped down to the river.

       12. THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE ON THE PATH, IT WAS CROWDED. She took me by the hand & just led me quickly down the bank right to the river's edge where it was real muddy & I didn't like to run through that mud. We were running through the mud puddles & through the mud, & then she disappeared, like she helped me escape. So these other two guys & I kept running on up the river & it was a really bad place where we had to try to cross over if we could. We were trying to get to the other side of the river away from the mobs.

       13. THEN WE ALL THREE FELL IN A MUD HOLE. IT WAS LIKE A QUICKSAND OR SUCTION HOLE, a maelstrom of mud that was slowly going around & one guy was really almost sucked under. We were all in it & fighting it. There was a bank right up overhead.

       14. I REACHED UP & GRABBED THESE BIG VINES THAT WERE HANGING DOWN. I grabbed one & quick gave it to him & he grabbed it, & then I gave one to the other guy & then I grabbed one myself, & we all tried to pull ourselves out. We were getting out by pulling ourselves up this bank by means of these vines. There were other things in the dream, I can't remember it all now. It was just like watching a long movie.

       15. AFTER THIS MUD HOLE & THE VINE & GETTING OUT, IT SEEMED LIKE THE GOOD PEOPLE WERE BEGINNING TO GET THE VICTORY OVER THE BAD ONES. The bad gang that we had been prisoners of started coming up the tracks on a train that they had commandeered, it was like an old switch-engine, the leader & a few of his men. We'd been running but now we saw we outnumbered them, so we turned around & attacked them & killed the leader in an awful way.

       16. WE DIDN'T HAVE WEAPONS OR HARDLY ANYTHING EXCEPT STICKS & things like that. They just took him & shoved his head in between a passing iron gird in the railroad so that it just flipped his head off. What kind of a dream do you call that? Everything was really so clear. After this my little band of escapees & I had gotten away from this one big gang & we were running on up the tracks.

       17. THEN WE GOT ATTACKED BY THIS LITTLE GANG, I THINK THERE WERE ONLY ABOUT FOUR OF THEM. All we had were staves, staffs & sticks. That's all they had too, except this one leader who looked like Black John or an old pirate. He had a hat on something like one of those old pirates, & he had a knife, a big long kitchen knife which was quite a rare weapon right then for some reason. He pulled out this knife & acted like, "You can't beat us because I've got a knife!"

       18. BUT I TOOK MY STAFF & I STARTED FIGHTING WITH HIM. My staff was longer than his knife & I could keep him away. It's like I knew I was going to win. We were going to win in spite of his knife which was dangerous. My staff was longer & I was going to knock it out of his hand.

       19. WE WERE DEFENDING OURSELVES FROM THESE PEOPLE JUST WHEN I WOKE UP. I think that was the last scene, I can't remember any more. (Maria: Were you really really scared then, or were you just taking it like...) No, we were at first, it was really tough because it looked like there was no hope.

       20. BUT BY THIS TIME WE WERE WINNING, WE WERE ESCAPING & I SEEMED TO HAVE REAL STRENGTH just like I knew the Lord was going to help us to get out of it & get delivered, like the Lord was giving us the victory over the forces of evil. We were escaping! (Maria: Like you had supernatural strength?) Yes, the help of the Lord.

       21. I FELT DEFINITELY I WAS HAVING THE HELP OF THE LORD, THE LORD WAS HELPING US THROUGH ALL OF THIS. I wondered why He let a few things happen like getting shut out of that house when I could have maybe dove in behind the guy, but he pulled the plug in after him. Then how the railroad gang kept catching up with us & then how we got sunk in the mud hole, then pulled out by the vines, & finally Black John & his little gang that caught up with us.

       22. IT SEEMED LIKE EVERYBODY WAS JUST FIGHTING EACH OTHER, & FIGHTING FOR FOOD. IT WAS JUST A RETURN TO ABSOLUTE SAVAGERY because of some calamity that had put everything out of action. The train wasn't really running anymore, & everything was a mess. The people were just attacking each other & robbing each other. (Maria: You mentioned that they were raiding the trains for food or something?) Yes, I think they were just stalled trains on the track.

       23. THE ONLY THING THAT EVER GOT IN MOTION WAS THIS SWITCHING ENGINE that somebody must have found on the siding. It seemed that somebody had found one that still had some oil in it & they were chasing along the track with this thing. They weren't going very fast, just sort of creeping along trying to catch us. Isn't that something?--Such funny dreams & I remember them so well.

       24. BUT LAST NIGHT WAS A HORROR MOVIE & I WOKE UP JUST ABOUT THE TIME I KNEW WE WERE GETTING A VICTORY OVER BLACK JOHN. He wasn't a black, he was a white man, but he had this shaggy black hair & big black beard like the old pirate. He had a big funny floppy black hat like an old pirate. He was the one that had the knife & I had the staff & I was really licking him. (Maria: TYL!)

       25. NOW WHY WOULD THE LORD GIVE ME MOVIES LIKE THAT? Some of them seem to have significance, but some are almost like actual happenings, more like I'm getting a glimpse of the future.

       26. THE GOOD PEOPLE WERE REALLY HAVING TO RUN FROM THE BAD PEOPLE because the bad people were organising these big gangs of though guys to rob & dominate the situation & confiscate the food & everything. It was a horror movie compared to the dream about the children.--What was that one about the children of the New York area?--That was a pretty happy movie. (Maria: They were singing.) Yes, even though it was after some catastrophe. It was like some places are going to be different from other places.

       27. BUT IT WAS JUST HORRIBLE, LIKE REVERTING TO THE SLAVES OF THE ROMAN TIMES OR SOMETHING. There was only one gun I saw in the whole works & that was this pistol. This guy was running things just because he had a pistol, & most of the people just had sticks & rocks. A few had knives. It was really horrible!--Like some of those old movies about the Roman slaves.

       28. BUT IT HAD A HAPPY ENDING, AT LEAST WE WERE GETTING AWAY & ESCAPING. I don't know where to but by running & following this river bed we were getting away, excepting for this last guy that attacked us, but we were licking him too. It seemed like there were about three or four of us or may half-a-dozen, I don't remember. It seemed like there were plenty of us to at least handle them & to fight them.

       29. TYL, IT COULD BE SOME PARABLE OR SOMETHING, LORD, SO HELP THEM TO DO SOME GOOD SOMEHOW. It seemed like I spent all night watching them. TYL, so nice for You to present them. (Maria ; Either for your sake or a revelation of the future, or a parable?) Yes, something significant, the message. It seems strange that I should have dreams like that.

       30. I WOKE UP HAVING A FIGHT WITH THIS BLACK JOHN. He looked so much like that pirate, I think it was in "Treasure Island." It wasn't him but I thought at the time he resembled him, & he was mean like him. It was like he had the idea, "You can't beat us, we've got a knife!", like he was trying to persuade us to surrender.

       31. INSTEAD, WE JUST FOUGHT ALL THE HARDER LIKE, "WE'RE GOING TO BEAT YOU IN SPITE OF YOUR KNIFE!"--And we were winning! But that was the last I remember. I don't know what woke me up, it might have been the fight, but I didn't wake up terrified like I did from that real nightmare with the truck sinking in the water with the people.

       32. USUALLY WHEN THAT HAPPENS I'M AWAKENED WITH A START, & I REMEMBER EVERY DETAIL CRYSTAL CLEAR. That is usually a significant dream with a message when that happens. The others just sort of run along like entertainment. Except that was a pretty bad one about the gangs.

       33. I THINK I'D CALL THAT ONE, "THE FUTURE SAVAGES!" I remember now in that one that we got in story style, fictional style, it was a prediction about some Congressional Committee that asked some authority on the matter to write something of what would the events be like?--The report was describing how in some areas it was just like they would return to savagery, fighting each other for food & everything, killing each other & that's what it was like! (Get out NOW!)

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