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LNFs FOR MAG 45       4 DEC 81       No.1078

       1. WELL, HERE WE ARE AGAIN, PRAISE THE LORD & SO SOON! This MAG 45 makes the second one out this month so we're really pourin' on GBY! He's truly pouring out more than we are able to receive & more than these Mags can even contain. We're actually getting behind on the FNs, Family News from you, so we may still have to get out another one this or next month maybe, of nearly all FNs instead of so many MLs, GBY!

       2. ONE THING WE FOUND OUT WAS THAT THAT BIG TYPE IS BEAUTIFUL & EASY TO READ BUT IT TAKES UP A LOT OF SPACE & so the last MLs in 44 were pretty big & took 160 pages out of the biggest Magazine we've ever printed yet--260-page MAG 44! So we're going to have a cut down a bit in the following MAGS to save a little space by making the type a little smaller, but we're trying to strike a happy medium between too big & to small at a convenient size that you can easily read without eye strain. So please bear with us while we experiment in these various sized types.

       3. WE'RE ALSO TRYING TO PRINT YOUR COMMUNICATIONS & STORIES IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY THAT YOU SEND THEM, shooting them facsimile, the very pages that you send, & merely shooting them down to fit the MAG-size page. So if on those communications are any mistakes, you made'm cause we're printing just exactly what you sent! This also saves us an awful lot of trouble & time-wasting hard labour of our typists to try to re-type everything you send, so please if you possibly can, send you letters in the MAG-size page proportions, which means either one full sheet of typing paper or exactly one-half a sheet typed vertically, single-spaced of course but no less, or the type would be too large. You could use a quarter of a sheet of typing paper typed vertically, if you don't mind if we reduce it one column in the MAG, which wouldn't be too small.

       4. SO PLEASE REMEMBER IF POSSIBLE TO SEND IN YOUR LETTERS & STORIES & COMMUNICATIONS IN THESE PROPORTIONS, either one full sheet of typing paper or more, whatever is really needed if your story is really that important to take more than one MAG page, or one-half a sheet of typing paper turned MAG-page direction & typed vertically, or one-quarter sheet typing paper typed vertically. When I say vertically I mean of course the lines run across the page but your typing goes down the paper from top of bottom the long way.

       5. WHICHEVER WAY YOU DO IT REMEMBER THAT WE HAVE TO FIT IT INTO THE MAG-SIZE PAGES & in that proportion, & a MAG-size page is exactly one-half of a sheet of typing paper, letter-sized paper, & a full sheet of typing paper will reduce to half size in the Magazine & still be quite readable as you've seen. A half-size sheet of typing paper will not reduce at all & therefore will be in quite large print & really wastes space. But a quarter-sized sheet of typing paper will reduce very nicely to one column for the very many news items. So we would prefer that you either type it on a full sheet of letter-sized typing paper--8/12 by 11 inches, that is, which is about 21 by 29 1/2 centimetres--or in quarter-size sheet, even in columns so that we can fit this into our half-page columns.

       6. WILL YOU PLEASE TRY TO DO THIS IF YOU HAVE A TYPEWRITER? Or if you must write by hand, please try to print clearly, but of course a typewriter is best. That way you can keep a carbon or several carbon copies for yourself while you send us the original. Be sure it's good & clear & with good dark black type & not from some old worn out dry ribbon, in which case your first carbon maybe even better than your original for our printing. Try to proofread it prayerfully yourself & be sure your spelling at least is correct & punctuate as well as you can.

       7. ALSO, IF POSSIBLE, DIVIDE IT AS WE DO IN OUR LETTERS INTO PARAGRAPHS with nice little subject headlines if you can, as well as number them if you wish for future reference, & place at the top of the page a suggested title that you would like it printed under. We can't promise to use your titles, nor even all of your stories or news but we will certainly use them quicker & much more easily in our MAG if you will type them up in this form & format. Remember, either a full letter-sized typing page or quarter size typing page, or you could even type it in full-size typing page but in two columns down the page, each column occupying half of the vertical length of the page. This would make it very easy for us to lay out the many Family News pages particularly if your story is a little more or less than one full page.

       8. SO PLEASE TRY TO DO THIS FOR US & HELP US TO SAVE TIME, MONEY, WORK & GET YOUR NEWS INTO THE MAGAZINE MUCH MORE QUICKLY if we don't have to re-type it. That way you'll be able to put in the MAG exactly what you said & you'll know we didn't edit it to take away from it unless there is some security breach which we may have to cut out or sometimes we may have to condense your story a bit to save space but we'll do our bet to use it just like you sent it in & almost immediately if you will type it in this format: One full typewritten sheet or half page columns. Thank you. GBY!

       9. PLEASE HELP US TO SPEED UP THE MAG SO THE NEWS CAN BE FRESH & UP-TO-DATE & not get old & stale. Of course, if you haven't got a typewriter & you can't do that, then God bless you, do your best to print it by hand very readable or write if very clearly by hand in script if that's the only thing you know.--If you can't get someone else to type it for you. Thanks! We have nearly 10,000 Family members around the world & therefore, you make an awful lot of news so it keeps our World Service people hoppin' trying to publish it all, & the less they have to retype it the better & the quicker it'll get in the MAG & the newsier it'll be.

       10. SO PLEASE TYPE YOUR LETTERS & STORIES & NEWS IF YOU CAN. I carried around with me for many years, in fact, over 50 years, a tiny little Royal portable that my father had used before me & which I used to sit on between my mother & father up front in the car on the seat between them so I could see out when I was only three years of age! In fact, that's the very typewriter on which I typed what we're now calling "Dad's Own Story of the Jesus Revolution" in various prayer letters written during that time while it was actually happening, which is coming out soon: An over 150-page booklet of all the "Old Goldies" of those days from 1925 to 1970, hallelujah! TYJ! It's a particularly detailed account of the last two or three years of '68, '69 & '70, the birth of the Family, which I'm sure you'll enjoy greatly as an exciting story & a true history of the Family written by none other than Yours Truly who was there when it happened, & perhaps with a few more stories & angles than was in Sam Warner's account, so I think you'll enjoy it.

       11. IT'LL INSPIRE YOU TO SEE HOW GOD FULFILLED HIS PROMISE & prophecies & His Word to us & really brought it all to pass, TYJ! Because today you can see the fulfillment of what He promised us yesterday in those days. Also included are a lot of old Prophecies given to us in those days through us & many others regarding the Family & what was to become of it, which have never before been published, & you'll be thrilled to see how now they have really been fulfilled!--Marvelous! TYJ! Hallelujah!

       12. THIS BOOK OF "DAD'S OWN STORY OF THE REVOLUTION" IS NOW READY FOR PUBLICATION & you should be getting it soon, perhaps sometimes next month. But the point I wanted to bring out is that you can do it too! I typed all those letters & monthly accounts on my own little tiny typewriter, a little manual portable Royal over 50 years old, & as you can see they come out pretty good in print when published. And the main thing I'm trying to do & teach you through publishing this booklet of our own prayerletters is to learn how to write your own prayerletters & build up your own Missionary Mail Ministry for Home Support, as well as to keep your friends & family & us & the whole world apprised of your news & activities, successes, even failures, battles & glorious victories & answers to prayers & the consequent fruitfulness of your ministry to encourage your supporters & givers & donors to continue to invest in you & your ministry to Keep you on the field.

       13. WE LIVED THIS WY FOR MANY YEARS BY FAITH ON THE HOME FIELD, mainly from our income through the gifts & donations of our friends throughout our country & our contacts & people that we had ministered to who rewarded us with their support, God bless them! So the moral of that story is, we did it, why not you? You can do it too! GBY! Study these prayerletters prayerfully & see how we did it & then try your own hand at it, those of you who have not yet built up a good Home Support, & please don't leave your home country to go to some poor country of the South without it!

       14. REMEMBER, YOU SHOULD NOT ONLY HAVE YOUR FARE BUT AT LEAST ENOUGH TO LIVE ON FOR THREE MONTHS in your target country, plus enough mail support to catch up with you to keep you going there from then on. So keep it up! Be faithful in it! Don't let a month pass without getting out a good pictorial prayerletter about your ministry & your family & your activities & news in your field & your problems & needs & results so they can not only pray for your intelligently & knowing but also support you well from your having inspired them with your accounts of your ministry. It works, beloved! We did it for years & you can do it, too. So please try!

       15. BEST OF ALL START LIVING BY FAITH AT HOME & WRITING THOSE PRAYERLETTERS FIRST WHILE STILL AT HOME to all your various friends, relatives, & contacts & even those you won to the Lord, disciples & so on, & build up that monthly support with monthly cheques or pledges from then so that you make it work even before you leave home because if you can't make it work at home you'll never make it work on the field! We've often said, just crossing an ocean doesn't make you a missionary & just crossing the sea doesn't teach you how to learn to live by faith. You'd better have already learned it & become a missionary in the Home field living by faith there or you'll never make a missionary or live by faith on a foreign field, Praise God? Amen! TYJ!

       16. SO HOP TO IT! GET BUSY! WRITE THOSE PRAYERLETTERS & put in lots of pictures & get'm out at least once a month to all your mailing list, everybody you can think of. Keep sending them every month faithfully. Include a little self-addressed envelope so they'll remember your address & where to send back their gifts, & it's so easy. You'll wonder why you never tried it before. Of course, some of you have already done this & are experts at it & have built up good Home Support & are already on the field as a result, GBY, or preparing in the Home field to go.

       17. JUST REMEMBER, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TAKE A SHEET OF TYPING PAPER, STICK IT IN YOUR LITTLE TYPEWRITER & TYPE AWAY, leaving space for a few pictures. Take your photos, lay'm out on the paper in the same way you plan to use them mark those spaces & then stick the paper in your typewriter & type around'm describing the pictures etc. It's that easy! Then stick the photos on in those spaces & take it down to your printer & all he has to do is shoot it & print it. He just takes a picture of your sheet of typing paper with its picture or photos & he makes a plate from that which he uses on his little press to print off your letters. We used to do all that & then often provision the actual printing or at least at a reduced rate; particularly if we could buy paper cheaply & furnish the paper, they would often run off the letters at a very reduced rate or sometimes even as a gift when they saw what it was.

       18. OF COURSE, IF YOUR MAILING LIST IS VERY SMALL & maybe only a hundred or so, you could get these fun off very easily at one of the Instant-Print or Speedy-Print places where they actually use a high-speed xerox or a copier instead of the lithographic process, & this is fairly cheap, too, if you don't have too many, I'd say like around a hundred or less, maybe up to two hundred. But beyond that you'd better start having them printed, for in the long run if you have two or three thousand copies to print for your mailing list you'll find that printing is cheaper than trying to get them all xeroxed.

       19. FOR AWHILE WE EVEN HAD A LITTLE MIMEOGRAPH OF OUR OWN, & TYPED OUR OWN stencils & ran off our own letters, buy you couldn't put pictures on these, until we got what they call a silkscreen type of mimeo for which they made an electronic stencil in which you could include photos, & this fairly well. But the simplest is just to mark out where you're going to put your photos & type around'm, stick on the photos, take it down to the Speedoprint or the Instant Print place & run off your hundred or two for your small mailing list, or take it to the printer for your large mailing lists of several hundreds.

       20. WHEN WE WERE LAST TYPING THESE LETTERS OURSELVES with our own hands, our mailing list had increased to about two thousand, so we had to get them all printed & it was quite a big monthly job. It usually took about a whole week to type up the news, stick on the photos, get it printed, bring it back & fold & stuff & stamp & label envelopes to get'm all of. It's quite a big job that will keep all your whole family busy, even the kids can fold'm & stuff the envelopes & seal & stick on the stamps & so on, while you have to have perhaps your wife do the labeling, typing the labels or typing the addresses directly onto the envelopes.

       21. WE FOUND THAT In THE LONG RUN THAT LABELS WERE THE SIMPLEST & ADDRESSING OUR MAILING LISTS because you could type the names & addresses on a sheet of typing paper & at the same make six or seven carbon copies which you could use for subsequent mailings & it's very simple. We would then just cut these sheets of names & addresses into small labels & stick them on the letters. Then later the stationary stores came out with sheets of labels which you could easily put in your typewriter, & they were adhesive labels that came on sheets & you typed the names & addresses on each label & then when you were ready to label your prayerletter envelopes, you simply peeled these off one by one & slapped them on the front of your envelopes & it saved a lot of time. This way you had the copy for your files & also they were easily updated with changes of address & so on.

       22. SO GO TO WORK ON THOSE PRAYERLETTERS, BELOVED, & RAISE YOUR OWN HOME SUPPORT & live a hundred-per-cent by faith while you're still home to make sure you know how & that you're going to be able to continue the mail ministry on the field for your support or you may never make it! Not everybody that goes to the field can make it, mostly because people did not have sufficient preparation before they went, did not learn how to live by faith & a mail ministry before they left, & did not raise Home Support before leaving, sad to say. They get on the field, run out of money, nearly starve to death, & have to send home to mama or daddy or relatives to help them get back home again before they expire because they failed to raise sufficient Home Support before they left, & failed to keep up a good communication & Missionary Mail Ministry after reaching the field.

       23. WELL, NOT EVERY TRAINEE BECOMES A GOOD SOLDIER. There're quite a few who wash out, so we don't expect everybody who reaches the field in our present great migration Exodus southward to be able to make it. There will probably be plenty of you who don't, because you didn't properly prepare & learn to live by faith & raise Home Support before you left. Also some people find it very difficult to learn a new language & this makes it a great handicap on a foreign field to minister to anybody except to pass out lit, which of course you can do providing somebody's already been there before you & has printed it for your. But if you can't talk to folks & pray with them, it's pretty hard to win'm, & it's a little hard to convince them you love them if you're not even willing to learn their language.

       24. SO, IF SOME OF YOU FAIL, IT'S BECAUSE YOU JUST HAVEN'T GIVEN IT PROPER PREPARATION, you haven't obeyed, you haven't already dropped out & learned to live fulltime for the Lord by faith at home & with a good supporting mail ministry, or you didn't make any attempt to learn the language, so you just couldn't just couldn't make it on the field. So every denomination or missionary society has a few wash-outs who just can't seem to make it, which is why they're so particular to try to get them to make it before they leave. And I warn you again, if you can't make it at home, you'll never make it on the field. If you can't witness & win souls at home, you'll never do it on the field. If you can't raise your own support & live by faith at home, you'll never do it on the field.

       25. SO IF YOU DON'T DO IT AT HOME FIRST, DON'T EVEN GO TO THE FIELD! I advise you just to stay home, if you can't make it at home, don't try it on the field, or you're going to get out there & fail & get discouraged & nearly starve, be a burden on other poor missionaries & finally have to send home for help even to get back home! But for your sake, God help you, may I suggest that if you can't make it & you have to go home, please don't expect the poor Family Homes on the field to raise the money to send you home! Usually your homefolks, your relatives will be happy to send you the money to quit & give up & go home. They didn't think you could do it the first place or should do it, so they're usually very happy to help you go home, or backslide, or both!

       26. BUT JUST REMEMBER, IF YOU ARE A WASH-OUT & ALL ELSE FAILS, YOU CAN ALWAYS GO TO YOUR EMBASSY or the Consulate of your won government & tell them what a fix you're in, that you're stranded & destitute in a foreign country with no income & no money & no food, no place to stay & you've gotta go home, & usually they'll send you at government expense after they've tried your relatives & found out they cannot or will not send you the money. That's a common practice of governments, but of course, they usually then pick up your passport & you won't get another one because they don't want you going to some foreign country again where they've got to ship you back home again at their expense, & then you'll be back home to stay & never be able to get out, which maybe just as well if you couldn't make it on the field & you had to resort to the system to pay your way home. It's probably better that you don't try to return to the field if that's best you can do.

       27. BUT AS FOR THE REST OF YOU SUCCESSFUL, FAITHFUL-LIVING, SUPPORT-RAISING, WITNESSING, SOUL-WINNING, GENUINE MISSIONARIES, GOD BLESS YOU ALL! And may He keep you going forever! And He will while you're faithful, TYJ! And perhaps you who wash out & can't make it on a foreign field, maybe you can at least go home, get a good job, make money & help support those who did make it & are on the field. If you can't be a missionary, at least support one or more. Well, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make a sermon out of that, but there it is & it's very important & a desperate need, & if you don't do it & obey it, then you're going to wind up a wash-out & have to go home in shame & contempt because you disobeyed & you weren't faithful, & the Lord is going to have to say to you, "Poorly done thou poor & unfaithful servant, enter now into the unhappiness of your home system"! God help you!--Just as Daniel says that

       28. SOME WILL BE RAISED TO EVERLASTING SHAME & CONTEMPT in the Resurrection for having failed in their duties for the Lord, so will some have to go home in everlasting shame & contempt for their failures & unfaithfulness to the Lord & His Letters, the Word & its admonitions. If you don't obey, folks, you can't expect to trust because that's what it takes, trust & obey! For if you trust you can obey, & if you obey you can certainly trust God to take care of you. But if you don't obey you won't have the faith or the trust to expect Him to do it, & if you don't trust Him you're certainly not going to be able to obey Him! So it takes both! "Trust & obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust & obey". Hallelujah! TYJ! God bless you who do, & God have mercy on you who don't!

       29. I DON'T THINK THE FIELD STATS ARE GOING TO BE READY FOR THIS EDITION, but we're hoping that we'll begin to get those surveys of each field with its prospective ministries & supporters & so on into the next Magazine, D. V., so hang on! Maybe some of you better wait a bit 'til you get'm & make sure where you should go.--Before Ur leap, take a look! But praise God, many are moving southward. There are scores of Homes each month now, TTL, getting out of the dangerous Gospel-saturated North, the cold, frozen, hardened North both physically & spiritually, into the warm hospitable loving South. But of course, as a result of these many moves, many have had to spend a great deal of money to get down South & they've been on the move & haven't gotten settled yet to where they have a regular income again, or for some reason or other they have not tithed as they should, & perhaps it was you!

       30. PERHAPS YOU THOUGHT YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO FULLY TITHE NOW THAT YOUR EXPENSES ARE SO GREAT IN MOVING to a new field, or perhaps you just didn't have as much tithe because your income was much lower, as certainly it very likely could be on a poor field in he South if you have not raised good Home Support! But there is absolutely no excuse for poor Home Support & a drop in your income if you will really work at it & be faithful in your prayerletters & your correspondence & your Missionary Mail Ministry to raise good Home Support. In fact, your support on the field should even be better than it was in the Home Field, once your friends & family realise you've actually reached the mission field & you're a genuine missionary & really need their help. We have found out that it usually increased their giving & helped the missionaries even more & resulted in an increase in their income!

       31. SO DON'T USE THAT AS AN EXCUSE THAT YOU CAN'T TITHE AS MUCH as you used to because you're moving or you're a missionary in a poor country. Don't expect that poor country to support you! It can't! Get Home Support from your rich Home country where they've got plenty & need to spend it on you & need to help & support God's work! Convict them! Write them letters of real strong conviction that if they can't be a missionary themselves then support one, & you'll get it! God'll see to it, if you're faithful & obedient & really doing the job & really telling folks about it in your prayerletters appealing for help, the home folks will help. I know they do for those who are faithful on the job & doing a good job & faithful in corresponding, communicating with the folks at home, telling them what they're doing, & asking them for Home Support.

       32. SO YOU'VE REALLY NO EXCUSE FOR ANY DROP IN YOUR INCOME just because you're moving or are now on a poor field! your income ought to be even better if you work on it! So this past month's drop in worldwide Family income of 7% really was inexcusable, but your 15% drop in tithing & giving to World Services was even more inexcusable because it was double the drop in your income! The drop in your income was only 7% whereas your giving to us dropped 15%, & I understand that this succeeding month it's even worse!

       33. SO YOU'D BETTER SNAP OUT OF IT & GET BACK ON THE WALL & BE FAITHFUL TO THE LORD & HIS WORK & continue to obey & work hard & raise a good income in the Lord's Work & for the Lord's Work, or He's not going to bless you, & He's certainly not going to bless you with as many publications & tapes as we've been getting out in the past few months, because we just can't afford it if you don't give it! In fact, we're having to cut down a little this next month because of this drop in world Service income, this failure of your tithes & gifts from some of you.--Not all of you, some of you are being very faithful, more than faithful, GBY! If it weren't for you we couldn't have kept going. But some of you are failing to do your job, raise your support & send good tithes & gifts to World Services for all the benefits you're receiving, to make them possible.

       34. SO YOU'D BETTER HURRY UP & GET BACK ON THE WALL & RAISE THAT HOME SUPPORT so you can continue to give a good faithful fair tithe to World Services, your temple treasury, so we can continue to minister to you by furnishing you with the tools & the weapons & the ammo for the job! We even had to cut down the Baby Bonuses & the Non-resident Artist's & Musician's Gifts & the Resident Musician's & their families' Monthly Gifts because of your failure to send in sufficient tithe & gifts to make this possible, so you'd better hurry up & get with it or you may be out of it!

       35. WE'RE NO LONGER SENDING BABY BONUSES AS LARGE TO THE RICH COUNTRIES OF NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE as we used to, but we've doubled those to our dear missionary families on the foreign fields in the poor South & most of the Far East, but we've cut the Baby Bonuses in half in our families in North America, Europe & rich Japan. From now on, only the missionary families on the foreign poorer fields of the South & Far East will receive those doubled Baby Bonuses. We're also having to put a ceiling on the amount of awards sent to Non-resident artists & musicians, so the judges of your art & music will from here on have to be much more choosey in whom they award & how much, & they'll only be giving to the deserving & only as much as we can afford according to your giving. We will also have to apply the pocket money which we used to give to you Resident Musicians to your own expenses instead of giving you extra pocket money from it. This will now have to be cut in half & you will only be receiving half as much as you did before.

       36. SORRY! BUT SOME FOLKS JUST AREN'T GIVING LIKE THEY SHOULD, so we have to cut down our giving proportionately. We also had to delay the November cheques until the end of November because of this decrease in your giving & various other circumstances, so that from now on, beginning this month, you will only be receiving your World Service Units cheques once every two months to save lots of time & hard labour as well as money for our hardworking World Service Finance Units, & if some of you don't do better & increase your giving back to normal, we may have to cut down even more! And the more we cut down on our World Service Units & Publications it means the less you receive, the less music tapes etc., because we just can't spend what we haven't got if you don't give it!

       37. SO GOD HELP YOU TO BE MORE FAITHFUL IN YOUR GIVING THIS COMING MONTH, & in the coming months as more & more move South. Making these changes sometimes mail is lost, sometimes addresses are lost & there is often some confusion & a drop in your giving & our income because of your neglect, carelessness or unfaithfulness, so please get back to work & earn it so you can give it. Amen? God bless you! Thanks! I'm sure you'll receive a good thanks from all the rest of the Family as well for your help in making all of these publications & tapes possible.--Your weapons & ammo & tools for the field! Praise God! Amen? TYJ! GBYACTMYAB!

       38. YOU FOLKS MOVING SOUTH, PARTICULARLY TO THE CARIBBEAN & SOUTH AMERICA, remember that nearly all of the Western Hemisphere or most of it is on only 110 volt electrical current on which you cannot run your 220 volt European gadgets unless your gadget has an adjustable transverter or convertor switch so that you can switch over from 220 to 110. Otherwise, it'll be absolutely of no use whatsoever in the Western Hemisphere except in very few countries. Be sure you check what kind of current the country has to which you plan to go.

       39. HOWEVER, BEFORE YOU THROW AWAY YOUR GADGETS or trade them in or sell them or give them away, it just may happen that you're going to one of the few countries in South America which do have 220 volt current; & any of you planning to go from North America to the South or somewhere in the Eastern Hemisphere better remember this, too, because your 110 volt gadgets are not going to work on 220. In the Southeast or most of the Orient, in fact it'll burn'm up, so please watch out about that will ya'? We don't want your carelessness to destroy God's good gifts that He has supplied you with & your tools for the job.

       40. NOT ONLY WATCH YOUR WATTS BUT WATCH YOUR VOLTS! Of course, you can buy separate transverters for your 110 volt equipment to use on 220, or for your 220 volt equipment to use on 110. Buy they are quite big & heavy & not easily carried around, so it's far better you buy equipment which can be itself switched over from one current to the other, or buy equipment that is on the current that you will be using where you're going. GBY & help you save consider your materials & take good care of them as good stewards of the Lord's gifts, amen? PG!

       41. WE'VE GOT GOOD NEWS FOR YOU FRENCH SPEAKERS who have been looking for some place South to go & have not found too many French-speaking colonies in the South!: There is another we forgot to mention on the Northern Shore of South America called French Guyana which is still considered a French Department, an actual French territory, not even a French colony, it's just like a part of France! It's of course tropical jungle & mostly native blacks & Indians & fairly primitive except in the big cities of which there are not many, in fact only one big city, Cayenne the capital, & it's not very but, but at least it's another place you can go to get out of France & the dangerous North & to go South, besides the French Caribbean Islands of Martinique & Guadeloupe.

       42. THERE ARE, BY THE WAY, MANY OTHER FRENCH ISLANDS IN THE CARIBBEAN besides those two large ones, as well as of course a few former French colonies, some of which are almost like France itself, as well as other Southern Islands in the Indian & Pacific Oceans that speak French & are under French rule still, so that you have a fairly good choice of secure government, a moderate amount of civilisation & can still speak the French language & minister to these remote French territories or former colonies. Viva la France!--& the French! GBY all!

       43. THE FRENCH MWM HAS ALREADY STARTED MOVING SOUTH & reached Greece, & they are now called as you may have already heard, MM or Musique Magique, & are now working with the new European Language MWM in Greece, while MWM English Language Programming is planning to move elsewhere further South soon, leaving you Europeans to take care of yourselves in the beautiful South of Greece by the gorgeous blue Mediterranean under sunny skies about as far South as you can get & still be in Europe, but a bit too close to all those American bases for comfort to stay there too long! So everybody ought to have their flee money ready in case things begin to start poppin', so you can flee quickly even at the last moment, D.V.--if you don't get out sooner.

       44. AND PLEASE, FOLKS, ANY OF OUR MUSICAL UNITS, PARTICULARLY OUR MAJOR ONES AT MCV & MWM, CAN RECORD IN ANY MAJOR LANGUAGE & share them with the areas where these language recordings are needed. So send your recordings, you singers & musicians & composers, to your nearest musical unit, either MCV or MWM, for their consideration for either radio or Family or both. But remember, as we say, we've had to cut down on the non resident musicians' awards, so they're going to be a bit choosy from now on and not just be giving everybody as much as anybody. So now we're going to see how many people are doing it for the Lord & how many are just doing it for the money because you may be having to contribute your music & compositions to the Lord for free if they're not deemed worthy of an affordable reward. GBY anyhow, & He will if you always do it as unto the Lord & not as unto man, but for the sake of saving man. GBY, TYJ! Amen! That's what it's all about! Amen? PTL! We'll try to keep'm rollin' if you'll keep your music on a good standard level with our musical units' quality.

       45. ACTUALLY WE'RE PUTTING MORE EMPHASIS ON RECORDED DRAMAS NOW for our audio tapes, for the sake of not only the children but public audiences & radio, & MWM is already doing an excellent job along this line & are going to slow down on their radio & music a bit in order to do a big push on the dramas, so don't be surprised if you don't get as much music, but be exited because you're going to get more dramas! The kids love'm even the mamas & daddies love'm & you'll love'm, & even the general public seems to love'm & some Radio Stations are crazy about'm & want more, though the ones we've already produced were not even designed necessarily for radio. They already have some stations using them every Sunday on Children's Programmes on radio.

       46. SO YOU SCRIPT WRITERS ARE GOING TO GET A LITTLE MORE ATTENTION NOW WHO SEND IN GOOD SCRIPTS FOR RADIO DRAMAS--taken from the Letters, of course, if possible--& it is possible because there's plenty of drama in them, lots of vivid dreams & visions & stories & excellent material as a basis for your scripts for radio dramas.--Look what our Artists have done with'm in the Komix!--You could get some ideas from those! So hop to it! Get'm rollin'! Start writin' & send'm & you will receive an award in appreciation for them if they are deemed of useable quality.

       47. PLEASE WRITE SIMON PETER AT MWM FOR AN ASSIGNMENT FIRST TO AVOID DUPLICATION before you start to work on any dramas on your own, thanks. This is the way we do with the True Komix Artists, they write in & volunteer & we send them suggested Letters for them to do, so we avoid any further duplication of having too many Komix done on one Letter. When you write Simon for your assignment be sure to give him an idea of what kind you like to do & what type of dramas you propose & you might even send him a little sample of your work to give him an idea in case he accepts it. So don't just sympathise, dramatise! GBY!

       48. WE'VE GOT SOME GORGEOUS NEW VIDEO TAPES COMING OUT, particularly beautiful mission field reports, travelogs & dance videos from all over the world! Not only MWM has made some gorgeous ones but also MCV has made some beautiful ones, along with Hong Kong & Portugal & others. So keep'm rollin' & get those videos & organise those Fellowships so that you can see them together, & please notify the IVLs where you are, what you've got & what you can take so they can start sending them to you, GBY! Each of these will probably be used on a national language basis & circulated within each country until that country has seen them & then transported to the next & so on.

       49. SO LET US KNOW WHERE YOU ARE, WHO YOUR NAS IS & HIS ADDRESS so we can help him organise his Visit Via Video Circuit & his National Video Library for your benefit. Also, please remember that all such National Video Libraries must render monthly reports on the progress of your circuits along with the numbers & titles of the tapes which you have on hand & what tapes are in circulation in a monthly report, please, as well as the IVL, the International Video Libraries located in Puerto Rico: Rick Dupuy, Apdo. 3627, Old San Juan Puerto Rico 00904; World Services: Postfach 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland; & CROP of or the CRO of the Pacific in Hong Kong: GLP, Box 30854, CWB Post Office, Hong Kong. Please send your National requests to the IVL nearest your, & IVLs don't forget that your must also render us monthly reports of the number of NAS's you are supplying a summary of their number & kind of tapes on hand, (System, Family, Dance, Eden, etc.) the extent of their circuits, progress of their video viewing, etc., as well as any interesting comments & reports. Thank you.

       50. SOME OF YOU VIDEO PRODUCERS ARE DOING A BEAUTIFUL JOB on your videos & your titles & credits, which is very good on every video, to start off with a good title as well as musical them song, whatever, plus the list of performers & credits at the beginning as well as repeating'm the end for all those involved, from performers, musicians, singers, technicians, helpers etc. Be especially mindful to very clearly announce each performer or singer & give their name clearly as they come, as some of you have done so well on your dance videos.

       51. FLASH A CARD OR TITLE WITH THEIR NAME, which some of your have done very effectively in your dance videos, not only giving us the names & credits in the beginning & at the end but also flashing their name on a card or even written in lipstick or something on a clear piece of glass, as each girl is about to come on, during your fade out. This helps us to more definitely each one & remember who she is & what her name is so that we can compliment each accordingly if we have time, although we may not be able to make a running commentary on every single video & all its participants, but sometimes we can & do, or as many as possible, so please identify them clearly, each of them as each comes on.

       52. ON THOSE DANCE TAPES, YOUR FACIAL CLOSE UPS HAVE BEEN GORGEOUS on some of them, particularly the beautiful eyes, these enchanting eyes of your bewitching beauties! It's the eyes that have it, & they even turn us on more than nudity, although we like both, but together you can't beat'm!--You can only love'm, PTL! Hallelujah! You really turn us on & send us when you roll those gorgeous eyes as well as those gorgeous hips! GBY! Also, on your IDs, not only put the name if possible but some of you put also the nationality, which was very interesting & I think would be interesting to all of the Family & viewers, such as like German Rebecca or Italian so & so & that sort of thing.

       53. BUT SOME OF YOU NEW NOVICES AT PHOTOGRAPHY & ESPECIALLY VIDEOING HAVE NOT YET LEARNED HOW TO FADE between your shots, or perhaps you've got a cheap camera that has no fade. But with almost any of them you can fade manually with even your light control switch or your aperture opening manual control, you can cut down the light gradually until you virtually fade it out & go to black, then fade back in on the next shot the same way. Please try not to jump from one girl to the other like a cowboy! On one recent video as we were watching, suddenly the girl we were watching jerkily instantly turned into another girl, quite a metamorphosis but a little bit jarring! It's far better scenes & between shots to fade to black from the preceding shot, & then fade from black into your next scene, next girl or whatever.

       54. ALSO, SOME OF YOU STILL HAVEN'T LEARNED HOW TO FOCUS YOUR CAMERAS! Always zoom in as close as you can get, focus then on the close zoomed-in shot, then your camera will stay in focus as you zoom out regardless of how farout or in you go, it will remain in focus, or should if it's in good operational condition. Do not keep focusing on each little shot & each change of zoom, you don't have to do that if you're still on the same subject or scene at the same distance. Zoom in, the close-up shot sharp, then you can zoom in or out & it will stay in focus. Please, do not focus when zoomed out or it will not properly remain in focus when you're zooming out & in.

       55. AND SOME OF YOU FOLKS TAKING VIDEOS WHILE MOVING ALONG IN YOUR CARS, not only remember to try to use a tripod if you can, placed either between the driver & passenger seats or directly on the floor in front of the passenger operating the camera, so that the camera can be much steadier than shoulder or in your hands while travelling along in a moving automobile.

       56. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT USE YOUR CAR BATTERY WHILE MAKING SUCH MOVING TRAVELOGS, rather than wearing out your video battery. Most cameras & videos have adaptor cords which will plug directly into the cigarette lighter receptacle of the automobile so that you're not wasting your video battery, & so can see it even longer when out of your car. Just be sure that it's the exact same voltage as your camera & video! Most of the video & videos cameras seem geared for this auto use at 12 volts, particularly your portables.

       57. SO DON'T TRY TO USE A 12-VOLT CAMERA & VIDEO ON A 6-VOLT AUTO, or vice-versa, although there may be some which are also designed for 6 volts. Check your camera, check your video, check your powerpack & make sure you're using the right voltage, or you could blow the whole works! But if you have the right voltage & the right adapter cord, all you have to do is plug it into your equipment & plug the other end into the cigarette lighter of the automobile & you're in business, & not using up your valuable video battery or video powerpack itself, which you will need when out & away from your car on location scenes away from any other power source.

       58. AND DON'T FORGET THAT THOSE BATTERIES PACKS OF YOUR PORTABLE VIDEOS HAVE TO BE RECHARGED AT LEAST OVERNIGHT & preferably 24 hours before they are really up to snuff & able to do a one or two or three--hour video on location without other power! Don't be lazy, neglectful and forgetful & fail to plug in your charger with your batteries or battery pack at home long before you go, or you may get out there in the field & run out of juice & lose some really priceless shots! Charge that battery or battery pack well before you go, preferably overnight or 24 hours.

       59. AND PLEASE, ON BOTH YOUR FAMILY & SHOW TAPES, TRY TO WORK IN A FEW WORDS OF ENGLISH if it's a foreign language tape or a foreign language song, so that our worldwide Family of English-speakers & understanders can comprehend it at least a little! We notice that most system popular music usually works in a few phrases of words in English so that, regardless of what language it's recorded in, it can be understood in the international language of English as well all over the World!

       60. Also, you local language or foreign language music & tape producers, please try to work in enough in the way of English announcements that perhaps they can even be useable on the English Language Circuits or even Radio & & TV Programmes! For example, we are recommending to MCV, Musica Con Vida, which is produced primarily for the Spanish-speaking world, to also with their co-host & co-hostess, co-DJs, dear Gabriel & sister Rebecca, we have recommended to them that Gabriel the expert in Spanish make the announcements in Spanish, & Rebecca, who is very fluent in English as well as Spanish, echo his announcements in English for the benefit of all--at least we're going to try it & see how it works & I hope it does, because that way your tapes & videos will have a far wider audience & greater application & much broader usefulness throughout the whole world if they're not only in a local language but at least partly in the international English language as well.

       61. YOU NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS WHO PRODUCE LOCAL LANGUAGE TAPES OF ANY KIND, PLEASE TRY TO SEND ALONG AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION of your song or show along with your tape to us or to one of our musical units or IVLs so that we can understand what you're saying & what your song is about as we consider it for either radio, TV or the Family circuits, & if you announces on non-English programmes would please at least repeat the titles of the sons in English, that would be a great help to all of us who speak English, plus maybe just a few words of the theme. Thanks!

       62. SOME HAVE WRITTEN IN & WANTED TO KNOW IF A SHEPHERD COULD OCCUPY MORE THAN ONE POSITION, such as a Local Area Shepherd or the Shepherd of a Local Home, could he also be the Local Area Shepherd or could he also be the District Area Shepherd? Well, of course! It is only difficult when you get to the level of the National Shepherds that he may be too busy with a fulltime World Service Unit such as a Reception Centre, an IVL, or may be the VS too. Only then is he likely to be so busy that he cannot spare much, if any of his time, supervising a Local Home or Area, although he's bound to live in one & may also be the Shepherd of that Local Home if he can.

       63. HOWEVER, IT'S OUR OPINION THAT IF A LARGER AREA SHEPHERD SUCH AS THE NAS'S OR GAS'S ARE DOING A GOOD JOB & also the Local Home be well attended & supervised, that they shouldn't try to do too much & overload themselves & occupy too many positions of authority, so that they can do a better job of that which they alone can do, while someone else can be taking care of the Local Home. This also gives a larger supervisory spread to more folks in positions of authority, & so not concentrating too much power in the hands of so few, which occurred during the Chain, & we don't want to repeat that catastrophe!

       64. SO LET'S TRY TO KEEP THESE OFFICES SEPARATED, as much as possible, with no more than one office in the hands of any one person if we can. Of course, in some cases there may be a real genuine shortage & famine for leadership in which a higher Area Shepherd may have to supervise his own Home as well, but let's try to get away from it if we can, so that you can be free for your higher duties from the concerns of the local Home.

       65. ALSO, SOME POOR MOTHERS HAVE WRITTEN IN HOW THEIR CHILDREN GOT COVERED WITH SORES AS SOON AS THEY HIT THE TROPICS, & I want to remind you again, & it was in a former Letter somewhere, that when I was a little child & first went to Florida, the immediate temptation was to take off our shoes & socks & run around barefooted in the heat. But this is also an immediate danger, because the germs & the worms love that warm tropical climate as well, & if you touch your bare skin to some of that infested soil, you can get those germs & worms who will bore into the skin & into your flesh & give you all kinds of diseases!

       66. OUR FEET & LEGS WERE COVERED WITH FLORIDA SORES UP TO OUR KNEES WHEN WE CHILDREN FIRST GOT TO FLORIDA when we were little, & the Doctor saw them & he said, "Why they've simply got the common affliction down here of people who come down from the North called `Florida Sores'." He said the best thing for them was to take us in swimming everyday & give them a good soak in saltwater as long as possible, swimming around in that strong saltwater & it has a marvelous curative effect, seems to kill those germs & heal those sores in only a few days! Helps other skin & vaginal infections, too.

       67. SO FIRST OF ALL, DON'T LET YOUR CHILDREN GO BAREFOOTED IN THOSE TROPICAL COUNTRIES! Don't you go barefooted either, or you're going to find you get all kinds of tropical diseases as well, including sometimes one hell of a case of Athletes Foot or foot itch! I even got my whole crotch full of ringworms once just from sitting naked on the beach or even in a pair of bathing trunks! There was a real scourge of these on Miami Beach at one time, so watch that too. The germs love the beaches too, & oh how they love you & love to fellowship with you within you & feed on you & make you their hosts & themselves your unwelcome guests, so don't go barefooted or sit down bare in the tropics on the ground or the sand--it's even dangerous on the pavement--& certainly don't let your children do so!

       68. YOU CAN BUY THE CHEAP LITTLE FLIPFLOPS OR THONGS TO WEAR O YOUR FEET, which are quite cool, either the Japanese style with the one thong between the big toe & the next toe & two straps over the forward part of the foot, or the strap-&-heel type like sandals which have a strap across the front of the foot, a heel around the back & a strap over the ankle. Either one is very cool. Sandals are as old as man & were worn in Bible times in hot countries & are still very useful, & when I'm in a hot country in hot weather I always wear sandals or thongs & have for years.

       69. JUST WATCH OUT FOR THESE SOFT-SOLED THONGS OR SANDALS through which the sharp thorns or nails or glass or stones can cut & cause injuries! It's better to get the hard-soled ones with very tough rubber-tire-like tread to prevent any injuries to your feet. I remember at TSC we had a lot of goathead thorns or Devil-head thorns as some called them, & people who wore soft-soled sandals or thongs were frequently heard to howl as they stepped on a thorn, & they can really also get infected & cause a lot of trouble if you do! So wear the tougher-soled thongs & sandals if you can. They're slightly more expensive but well worth the price for the protection! GBY! Sorry I didn't tell you more about that when I first advised you to go the Tropics, but I'm sure you're learning.

       70. ALSO, DON'T FORGET IF YOU'RE WEARING SHOES TO SHAKE THEM OUT GOOD, bang the heel on the floor & shake them out good before you put them on in the morning, or you may find that you're not the only one in that shoe! I have found everything from spiders to lizards to scorpions in my shoes before I put them on in the Tropics, so we learned that good habit, & I still do that today, I got in such a habit of it from so many years in the Tropics. Maybe Maria has seen me banging the heel on the floor first to shake out of the toe anything that might happen to be in there, & then dump it out, as well as rocks & sand & a few other things, before putting them on.

       71. ALSO, DON'T STORE AWAY YOUR LEATHER SHOES IN THE BOTTOM OF A DARK DAMP CLOSET in those very humid hot climate, or you may bring out your beautifully brown or black leather dress shoes in a week or so & find they've turned completely green with mould & mildew which leaves a permanent stain & never comes off! Be sure your closets are well--aired, not shut tight at all. They must have either a lattice door or the door be left open entirely in order to prevent mould of both your shoes & clothes in those humid not climates. Even the saprophytes & parasites love those climates too, & they'll either choose you as their host or your clothes or your shoes to live in or on, so watch out! That's one of those troubles with the Tropics, I'm sorry, but the Tropics are well worth the trouble! Amen? GBY!

       72. ALSO DON'T FAIL TO SHAKE OUT YOUR CLOTHES BEFORE YOU PUT'M ON! I've often found bugs, scorpions, spiders, lizards & whatnot inside my pants or my shirt just before I was about to put it on, so I long ago learned to shake them out good. Of course, you old time Floridians & Texans & Southwestern U.S. folks & folks used to living in the Tropics in hot countries have already had this good habit, so I don't have to tell you, but you poor Northerners & strangers to the Tropics are going to have to learn a lot of new ways of doing things & living!

       73. ALSO SLOW IT DOWN IN THAT HEAT! You can't work so hard & so fast & go so strong in that hot tropical climate. Those tropical natives didn't get slow & seemingly lazy for no reason. You just can't go that hard & move that fast in that heat without suffering for it, as some of our folks have already discovered. So when going down to the Tropics in those delightful, beautiful climates & those warms tropical countries & islands & seas, slow it down! Squeeze, don't jerk, & you'll last a whole lot longer & enjoy it more! GBY!

       74. THANKS TO YOU & GOD BLESS YOU TO THOSE WHO SENT IN WORLD SERVICE APPLICATIONS for World Service positions of serving the whole Family with one of our World Service Units! We are sorry we can't use you all, but if you are good at hearing, transcribing, fast typing, good spelling & accurate work or layout, photography etc., then please write us, for we still need good single secretaries, transcriptionists, typists, layout & photography people, preferably without children. Sorry, but we just haven't got room in these Units for large families. Of course, if you feel called to forsake your family to join a World Service Unit, that's between you & your mate & children & the Lord & you'll have to settle that between you.

       75. BUT WE REGRET WE CANNOT HAVE LARGE FAMILIES IN OUR WORLD SERVICE UNITS. They are usually large enough already & they must stay strictly selah without any public witnessing or litnessing or much if any fellowship with other Homes, so there's not too much for the children to do on the outside, or perhaps your mate, & they might get a bit bored in such a selah unit. Also, all of the folks we have in our World Service Production Units must be very talented & skilled in these various trades & specialised occupations, & of course you must have a good very agreeable & adaptable personality & a deep spiritual dedication to be able to live in such a Unit completely Selah with little or no fellowship with either the outside world or even other Homes or members of the Family! It's a very confining & sacrificial life & it's not for everybody, so be sure that that's what & that's what you can stand before you try!

       76. THANKS ALSO TO THOSE WHO HAVE REPORTED INFORMATION ABOUT VARIOUS TYPES OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT: Micro computers, desk or tabletop computers, portable typewriters, typecorders, briefcase word processors etc., as well as various other electronic equipment such as the micro tape recorders which are of interest to us for possible use in our Units & Family. God bless you & thank you for your trouble in securing these brochures, pictures & information & sending them. Incidentally, anytime any of you run across some article in the newspaper or magazine or whatever regarding some new invention that might be of use to us, please clip it out & send it to us so we can hear about it & research it & find out if it could be of possible benefit to us & the Family. Thanks!

       77. WE ARE REVOLUTIONISTS, INNOVATIONISTS, & PIONEERS! So we are willing to try out anything new if it looks like it might be an improvement on what we already have. So keep sendin'm, thanks a lot! GBY! WLY! PTL! And don't forget to get in that TRF & tithe in full & on time so we can continue to serve you! GBAKYACTMYAB, IJN! Amen!--Love from all of us in World Services around the World!--We've gone into all the World & are preaching the gospel to as many as we can through our thousands of pubs!--Have YOU?--This may be our last chance, so let's get on with it as fast & as far as we can!--Amen? GBY! WLY!--See you in your next Visit Via Video!--Thanks!--Love,--M&M.

       78. P.S. SOME OF YOU HAVE COMPLAINED TO WILDWIND THAT YOU'RE NOT RECEIVING ALL YOUR TAPES & perhaps some of you have had difficult receiving your other tapes from other sources such as MWM or MCV. However, first of all I'd like to remind you that not everybody gets all the tapes. You English-Language-Only Homes & other Language Homes as well only receive usually one copy of a foreign language music or show tape which is not your language, as a sample to use with anyone whom you might contact who speaks that language & who would appreciate it & for whom you could play it or even give to them as a gift if necessary as a witness. But otherwise you only receive one simple of each foreign language tape which is not your own language.

       79. OTHERWISE, YOU RECEIVE ONLY THE TAPES WHICH ARE IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE. English Language Homes receive all the English Language tapes including MWM English Language Programmes & the English Language tapes of Beriah's Wildwind. And of course if you're a Bi-lingual Home you receive both. You'll receive tapes of the English language & tapes which are in your own local language as well. Now if English is your language you are either an English-Language-Only Home or you are a Bi-lingual Home which receives both English Language Publications as well as a local language publication. You will receive approximately 4 tapes a month from MWM & 6 tapes a month from Wildwind, most of them in English. Of course may get a sample. You've probably already had a sample Italian Tape from MWM & you may have already had a sample French tape as well, but you'll only get one sample of a foreign language which is not one of your own languages.

       80. FOR ONLY ENGLISH LANGUAGE HOMES & BI-LINGUAL HOMES THAT MEANS A TOTAL OF AT LEAST 10 TAPES IN ENGLISH PER MONTH, & you who are Bi--lingual Homes will not only get those 10 tapes in English each month--4 from MWM & 6 from Wildwind, but you will also receive soon tapes in Spanish perhaps Portuguese from MCV, Musica Con Vida in Puerto Rio, who, I believe, have already sent you at least one sample Spanish-language tape to the entire Family, to all languages. And all of you Spanish-speaking Homes have already also received two Christmas tapes in Spanish. So you English Language Homes should be receiving at least 10 tapes a month in English & you Bi-lingual Homes stand a chance of receiving even more, if you are a Spanish or Portuguese--speaking Home, including tapes from MCV as well, whom we hope will soon be sending out at least one Spanish &/or Portuguese music tape a month, & perhaps even more as soon as they really get rolling.

       81. SO ENGLISH LANGUAGE HOMES WILL RECEIVE ABOUT 10 TAPES A MONTH & BI-LINGUAL HOMES CAN POSSIBLY RECEIVE 11 OR 12 TAPES A MONTH. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER THAT LOCAL-LANGUAGE-ONLY HOMES WHO REPORT ONLY TO LIMS WILL ONLY RECEIVE THE TAPES WHICH ARE IN YOUR OWN LOCAL LANGUAGE, such as Italian Homes are already receiving Italian Musica Con Messaggio tapes from MWM each month. French Homes will only be receiving Musique Magique French tapes as soon as they are rolling sufficiently to send you music tapes in French each month, & Spanish & Portuguese Homes will only be receiving the musical tapes from MCV in your own language as soon as they get rolling.

       82. WE HAVE BEEN SENDING TO ALL FAMILY HOMES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD ALL OF THE MWM ENGLISH LANGUAGE TAPES & WILDWIND MUSIC TAPES in English, until we began producing tapes in your own local language. Many have been able to use these in their own countries personally & enjoyed their musica for their families & Homes & even booked them on some of the foreign language Radio Stations up 'til now. But of course, as soon as you start receiving these Radio Programme Music Tapes in your own language, we see no further point in continuing to send you more English Language Music tapes unless you are an English-Language-Only Home or a Bi-lingual Home who gets both English Language & Local Language Publications.

       83. SO IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING AS MANY TAPES AS YOU THINK YOU OBSERVE, THIS MAY BE THE REASON. Not everybody is getting all the English Tapes if we are already producing tapes in your language, unless you are a Bi-lingual Home then you'll get both, English Language & Local Language tapes. In which case you are reporting to a Local LIM & sending your tithe there to the LIM of your local language, if you are either a Local Language Only Home or a BI-lingual Home.

       84. SO NOW IF YOU ARE STILL MISSING TAPES YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE GETTING, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE TO THE PRODUCTION UNITS ABOUT YOUR TAPES SUCH AS WILDWIND, MWM OR MCV NOR TO WORLD SERVICES. WRITE YOUR LOCAL LIM OR CRO, whatever Office you send your reports & tithes to is the Office you should write with you complaint about not receiving tapes you think you should be receiving, because they are the only ones who have the records as to whether you are tithing & TRFing faithfully & on time. The Productions Units only receiving Mailing Lists from them of TRFers who are faithfully reporting & tithing on time & they do not receive the names & addresses of those who are not or don't. So if the Productions Units do not have your name & address on their Lists for receiving tapes, it is because they have not been sent those names & addresses by either your CRO or your Local LIM, & if your CRO & Local LIM has not sent them to the Production Units that means that you have not tithed & TRFed on time, & therefore your name was suspended from the mailing List until you do in which case you may miss mailings which cannot be replaced.

       85. SO PLEASE DO NOT COMPLAIN TO US, WORLD SERVICES OR ANY OF THE WORLD SERVICE PRODUCTION & MAILING UNITS such as Box 241 Switzerland, or MWM Greece, or MCV Puerto Rico, or Wildwind France. They have nothing to do with anything except receiving qualified Mailing Lists each month & producing & mailing those tapes. They do not judge as to whether you are qualified to receive such mailings for having sent in your proper TRF & tithe on time.

       86. THOSE ARE THE THREE MAJOR REQUIREMENTS TO RECEIVE ANY MAILING, THE THREE FAMOUS T'S!--TRF, TITHE & ON TIME!--The TTTs! Praise God! Do you qualify? Did you do your TTTs? Do you merit the mailings for having been faithful in the three T's?--A TRF, Tithe & on Time? If so, you should be getting your mailings. If not, & you won't, sorry! We don't send the Magazine or the Books nor Posters nor Tapes to anyone who does not TRF & Tithe on Time, sorry. This you've been warned of many times.

       87. NOW SOME OF YOU HAVE MISSED YOUR MAILINGS & THEY HAVE EVEN BEEN RETURNED TO US BECAUSE YOU DID NOT FAITHFULLY NOTIFY YOUR CRO OR LIME TWO MONTHS IN ADVANCE OF YOUR CHANGE OF ADDRESS, in which case the mailings were sent to you at your old address, which apparently you had already left without notice or with late notice, & therefore they remained unclaimed or lost, strayed or stolen unforwarded! You didn't give a name or address which would faithfully forward your mail, & therefore they were confiscated either by someone else or returned to us, of which there are quite a few every month, sad to say, because of your delinquency in notifying our Offices, CROs or LIMs, at least two months in advance of your change of address.

       88. NOW WE REALISE THAT EVERYBODY CAN'T ALWAYS KNOW TWO MONTHS IN ADVANCE WHEN THEY'RE GOING TO CHANGE THEIR ADDRESS, & some of you may have had to do it the last minute, in which case our Offices are still sending mailings to your old address if you're still TRFing & Tithing or you did that last month. But in which case you should have given an address where someone can pick up your mail locally & forward it to you faithfully until you give us your new address, & you can't always expect foreign Post Offices to do this very faithfully. Rather than bother to either forward it to you or return it to us, they may just decide to take it home & play it themselves which is fairly common, particularly in Latin American countries & the poorer countries of the world.

       89. YOU MAY HAVE ALSO REALLY LOST SOME OF YOUR TAPES THROUGH JUST SUCH POSTAL CLERK PRACTICES IN SOME POOR COUNTRIES that if it looks valuable they just stick it in their pocket & take it home, including Registered Mail which we have found out to be one of the unsafest & slowest ways of sending anything valuable. Don't Register your mail in a poor Third-World country or you're almost bound to get it stolen & there seems to be very little comeback anymore regarding it. In the U.S. you used to be able to Register & Insure the mail & the Post Office was liable to refund the loss if it was lost. But in the foreign Postal Offices this isn't very likely so we found that Registered Mail is more liable to theft &, if nothing else, slowing down it s delivery, so please don't use Registered Mail! Airmail is sufficient for most mail.

       90. SO IF YOU ARE GENUINELY LOSING MAIL THROUGH NO FAULT OF YOURS & having properly notified us two months in advance of your change of address, giving us your new address & the proper name for it, & if you have been faithfully TRFing, Tithing & on Time without a miss, then there's something else amiss for which you may fill in a Lost Mail Report blank which is published in nearly every issue of the Magazine, & we will try to research the problem, or at least you local CRO or LIM will, as we have little or nothing to do with the qualifications of the Mailing lists which are sent to us by them except to trust them that they are sending us only the names of those who deserve the mailings.

       91. SO IF YOU'RE LOSING MAIL THROUGH SOME OTHER REASON rather than not TRFing or Tithing or on Time or being late, or insufficient notification of change of address, if you are actually losing mail through no fault of your own, please make out one of these Lost Mail Reports & send it not to World Services or the Production Units but to your own CRO or LIM Office, to whatever Office that you normally send your TRF & Tithe on Time. And CROs & LIMs please try to research these lost mail problems & see if you can find out what the problem is for them if possible.

       92. HOWEVER, NEITHER WORLD SERVICES NOR YOUR LOCAL CRO OR LIM OR PRODUCTION UNITS CAN TAKE PERSONALITY FOR MAIL ACTUALLY LOST STRAYED OR STOLEN IN YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICES. That's something you'll have to really pray over & ask God to help & protect, because we are not running the postal system, they're pretty much running us as far as the mail is concerned. So if you're not getting the tapes that you think you're supposed to be getting here's a checklist for you to remember.

       93. 1) ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GET SUCH TAPES? Or are you a Local Language Home Only who will only get tapes in your own language if they are being produced?

       94. 2) HAVE YOU GOTTEN IN YOUR TRF & TITHE ON TIME every single month? If you even missed one moth, you're bound to lose some mailings because then your name & number will not come up on the next Mailing List sent to our Productions units & those mailings will be forever gone, sorry. WE cannot replace mailings due to your own delinquency in either not mailing a TRF or your full Tithe & on Time.

       95. 3) DID YOU GIVE US TWO MOTHS SUFFICIENT NOTICE OF YOUR CHANGE OF ADDRESS so that we would have plenty of time to send it through the mail & get it to our Production Units in time so that you would not miss any mailings? If not then that was your fault & not ours & we cannot take responsibility for it & the mailings that you have missed, we're sorry. We may not be able to replace them.

       96. 4) IF YOU KNOW IT WAS DEFINITELY NOT YOUR FAULT, that you deserve such tapes, that you got your TRF & full Tithe in on Time, & you have given your name & address or change of address in sufficient time for us to get them to you, but that somehow your mailings got lost in the shuffle somewhere, probably due tot he fault of the Post Office, then fill out a Lost Mail Report & we will see to it that the local CROs & LIMs research the problem, & if it was not your fault, but was theirs in some oversight or at the Productions Unit somehow, we will certainly replace your mailings!

       97. BUT IF IT WAS THE FAULT OF THE LOCAL POST OFFICES WE SUGGEST YOU GO DOWN TO YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE & TRY TO FIND OUT WHY. if it was not your fault not our fault but obviously their fault, ask them what's the matter. you're supposed to be getting such & such a package & it didn't come. Just be sure before you complain to the local Post Office, where they may not be very sympathetic, that it was their fault & not yours or ours.

       98. MEANWHILE, MAYBE YOU NEED TO PRAY MORE OVER YOUR MAIL! GBY! And just remember, that if it can proven that it was your fault you didn't get your mailings, they'll not be replaced. If it can be proved by you that it was our fault, they will be replaced. But if you can prove that it was the fault of the local Post Office, then maybe that was your fault for not praying enough, & they may or may not be replaced, according to the circumstances in your lost Mail Report.

       99. ALSO REMEMBER THAT SOME OF THE MAILS ARE VERY SLOW & VERY LATE & you may think you've missed it when you just haven't been patient enough or waited long enough. But if you've actually gone a whole month without getting any mail from us, then you'd better report it, but please don't report it before that. Wait until you have missed at least one whole month without receiving absolute any mail from us whatsoever before you report it to your local CRO or LIM. And please remember do not report it to World Services in Switzerland nor any of the Production Units such as MWM, MCV, Wildwind etc., but report it only to your local CRO or LIM, whichever you are sending your Report & Tithe to. Thank you! GBY & help you to get the mail you deserve & help you to pray for it!--In Jesus Name!--Amen.

       100. P.P.S. THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF WS APPOINTED VSs: Australia: Zatthu & Morningstar; Austria, France & Switzerland: Andre & Marie; Brasil: Tiago & Tabitha, Ebed & Esterlla; Chile: Zichri, Hepsibah & Ana; England: Phineas & Rebekah; India: Tim & Faith; Indonesia: Shem & Zeal; Japan: Isaiah & Zipporah; Mexico: Seek & Secundus; Peru: Art & Becky; Philippines & H.K.: Sam & Keziah; Scandinavia: Nahum & Joan. Note: Zac & Lamb & Micha & Deborah have been assigned to other WS duties & are therefore no longer VSing.

       101. WE TRUST THAT BY NOW YOU HAVE RECEIVED "BORDER BASES & RECEPTION HOMES" which so clearly explains Dad's vision for helping our missionaries get to the field. We want to implement these plans as soon as possible but in order to do so we must find the right personnel to staff the Reception Homes. There have been a number of suggestions made from around the World for possible RH Members, & therefore we would like to publish these candidates' names so that if you have any strong objections or reasons why you feel they should or should not be Reception Home Personnel or if you wish to suggest other candidates you can write & tell us.

       102. WE WANT TO HAVE THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN THE RIGHT PLACES FOR THE RIGHT JOB & WE NEED YOUR HELP TO CHOOSE THEM. Reception Home Personnel need to not only be spiritually minded & in close touch with the Lord, but most also have business sense office abilities. The following people have been recommended, so if after prayerful consideration & careful reading of "Reception Homes" you feel they do not have the abilities, or if you have any reason why you think they shouldn't work in a RH or if you know of any other good candidates please write & tell us. Thanks! WLY!

       103. THE FOLLOWING COUPLES ARE NOT NECESSARILY BEING CONSIDERED FOR THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE NOW IN BUT POSSIBLY OTHER LOCATIONS: Juan & Victoria, Shem & Shelah, Miguel & Magdalena, David & Maria, Caddis & Carshena, Belte & Heidi Bondo, Jesse James & Juniper, Malachi & Sharon, Shem & Rose, Joseph & Pearl, Dust & Mahela, Donato & Senaah, Serah, Olympus & Baara, Bernabe & Cielo, Sergio & Emma, Santiago & Libertad, Zadok & Palestina, Don & Christina, Andres & Gaia, Apelles & Sally Chesire, Peter & Lydia, Gibeah & Mercy, Jeho & Naomi, Eman & Mary, Stephen & Samaria, Ado & Kanah & Matthew & Davida Thankful.

       104. IF YOUR NAME HAS NOT BEEN LISTED & you have a burden from the Lord & the talents necessary for this job, please write us with the details of your talents & why you would like to help in some such capacity.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family