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"LATIN LOVER!"--Dream!       DFO 1080       29/10/81

       1. WE WERE ON A PUBLIC BUS on that little road leading into the little country town of Mingus, Texas--you know, where the Post Office was near TSC--that road that goes along the railroad coming in from the direction of Ft. Worth, remember?--Not the main highway but the old road.

       2. I WAS CARRYING THIS BEAUTIFUL COMPLETELY STARK-NAKED GIRL IN MY ARMS, a lovely dark-haired, dark-skinned Latin American beauty! She was absolutely gorgeous!--One of those ravishing Latin American beauties, you know? She had deep dark flashing Spanish eyes, long black silky wavy hair & a perfect form, with generous round firm bosoms & voluptuous tummy! She was just beautiful!--Curvacious, lucious & delicious!

       3. I DON'T KNOW JUST WHY I WAS CARRYING HER IN MY ARMS but it was as though she loved & needed me, & her nudity seemed like some kind of a test of my faith that I had to be willing to take her just like she was, naked in my arms & get off there with her at Mingus in front of all those cowboys!

       4. THE ROAD WAS REAL MUDDY & it was really difficult to carry her as I got off the bus to wade through this mud in the road. It was really bad like the roads were there sometimes when it rained, & I was really struggling carrying her in my arms through this ankle-deep mud! I had the feeling like Mingus along with Thurber & all those old-fashioned Texans was really symbolic of the System, the way they looked at us like we were real freaks, really peculiar people!

       5. THERE I WAS CARRYING THIS BEAUTIFUL DARK-HAIRED, DARK-SKINNED STARK-NAKED BEAUTY off the bus in my arms & through the mud right in front of'm all! They all were looking down their noses at us as though they though we were crazy! They don't like Mexicans anyhow, you know, some Texans are quite racially prejudiced against the poor Mexicans & here I was carrying this beautiful naked Mexican girl or Latin American girl in my arms!

       6. WE GOT THROUGH THE MUD & ACROSS THE ROAD & ON TO THIS HILLSIDE--Jesus help me to remember just the way it happened!--& I set her down there as though she was on good ground now & she could walk for herself, & we waked down this hill arm-in-arm. I had my left arm around her, she was on my left side, you know like where Maria usually walks on my heart side next to my heart, & I was gazing at her full frontal from my side angle as we walked down the hill.

       7. HOW GORGEOUS, HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE WAS! I mean, she was just irresistibly beautiful! So I put my hand on one of her bosoms & I began to stroke & squeeze her bosoms & pet her tummy. I remember running my hands around over her stomach in a circular motion like I do you when I'm making love to you, you know? (Maria: Uh-huh!)

       8. AND I WAS SQUEEZING HER BOSOMS & YOU COULD TELL SHE LIKED IT because as soon as we got down to the bottom of the hill there was this big old sort of hippy house, a big old wooden-frame two-story building, kind of shacky, & she's pulling me inside like, "Let's go inside quick where we can finish this!" So we went in on the ground floor of this big kind of barney building & it was really sort of in a mess!

       9. IT REMINDED ME OF SOME OF THOSE PLACES WE USED TO LIVE IN when our kids were still hippies, without much furniture but only their mattresses & pads lying around on the floor. They used to sleep on the floor on whatever they could find, & there was this big double mattress lying on the floor in this one big room.

       10. IT DIDN'T SEEM TO MATTER THAT THERE WERE ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE WATCHING US as we went down the hill, nobody bothered us, nobody stopped us, but they all looked kind of suspicious at us, especially those old systemite Texans! You can imagine how they looked seeing me walking down the hill with a beautiful naked Mexican girl, & that's what she looked like, a real dark-skinned Mexican girl with this gorgeous beautiful long wavey silky black hair!

       11. SHE WAS JUT AN ABSOLUTELY RAVISHING BEAUTY, LIKE THE GODDESS OF LATIN AMERICA! (Maria: Yes!) And I was making love to her all the way down the hill!--It was down hill all the way, which must mean it's gonna be easier than uphill!

       12. THE VEHICLE HAD BROUGHT ME THERE--MAYBE IT REPRESENTED THE SYSTEM, AS IT WAS A PUBLIC BUS--and I had to get her out of the System bus & the mud of the pit, the public road, & wade through some difficulties & scorn of the System to be loving to this Mexican girl, which was strictly not according to custom in Texas! It's all right behind the scenes if you want to love & fuck the Mexican girls out of sight, but you don't do it openly & publicly!

       13. YOU CERTAINLY DON'T GO PARADING DOWN THE STREET WITH A NAKED MEXICAN WOMAN IN TEXAS in front of all those old fogies! It's okay to do it behind the scenes & out of sight--in fact that's expected. A lot of the old cowboys go around fuckin' the Mexican girls in secret, but they never bring them out in public & parade them around like they're openly enamoured of them or in love with them or give them any public recognition or honour or respect.

       14. BUT I WAS JUST WALKING RIGHT DOWN THE HILL IN PLAIN SIGHT OF EVERYBODY with her walking naked beside me, head lifted high & unshamed, as I was stroking & squeezing her bosoms & running my hand around her tummy & running it down lower too! In fact, I'd just gotten down to where I'd gotten my finger in where I was really massaging her & she was really feeling good when she pulled me into this house & this room & pulled me onto this mattress on the floor like she really wanted it quick!

       15. SHE GOT ME DOWN ON THE MATTRESS & GOT ON TOP OF ME & was just sticking it in & starting to go whammy when it got me so excited I woke up! I'm always waking up at the most exciting points, the most thrilling exciting moments just when I'm really enjoying it so much it wakes me up or I'm so scared it wakes me up or whatever! So while I tell it to you it seems to have meaning:

       16. IT'S CERTAINLY SYMBOLIC, as I've never done that & I probably never will! I can't imagine an occasion on which I would, especially in Mingus, which is the heart & soul of cowboy conservatism & long-nosed, blue-nosed, narrow-minded puritanical prudish ultra-conservatism! All those ol' Texans as we walked down the hill were looking at us with real suspicion & disapproval, distinct disapproval, representing the System!

       17. YET HERE I WAS OPENLY LOVING & MAKING LOVE TO THIS LATIN GIRL, & NAKED AT THAT! She was stark-naked! I didn't seem to be naked, but she was stark naked, beautiful, a ravishing beauty, & I just couldn't keep my hands off of her, so I was just stroking her bosoms & her tummy & had my finger down below & she was really really hanging on to me & really wanting it & practically dragging me into this house & pulled me down on to this mattress & got on top of me & stuck it in & was just getting ready to bang away when, oh me, of all things, I woke up!

       18. IN THE OLD DAYS WHEN I WAS YOUNG I PROBABLY WOULD'VE WET THE BED! I used to wake up many times from dreams like that, called wet dreams, in which I had already shot my wad & gone off with some dream girl & already exploded & had my orgasm & ejaculated in the dream into the girl, only to wake up all alone in the bed & I'd gotten it all over the bed! I'd wake up alone in a pool of semen instead of with a beautiful girl! But anyway, I'm almost too old for that now. I guess either that or I get so much sex I don't need it, & I don't have enough left to have wet dreams any more!--Ha!

       19. IT WAS SURE ONE JUICY DREAM, however & though I didn't wake up in a wet bed, I sure was having a good time with this gorgeous glamorous Latin beauty! She reminded me so much of some of those other Latin lovelies I've made love with, because they're really fiery & sexy, like Rebecca Rumba! They really want to rumba rubya all the time! Those gals down there really are aggressive & take the initiative & will drag you into their house or their room or their hotel or their pad, whatever it is, & really try to get you down--or up! So I was just enjoying it immensely & I was already for it & so was she!

       20. WE HAD A REAL AFFAIR GOIN', A REAL ROMANCE IN SPITE OF THE DISAPPROVAL OF THE SYSTEM! It really wasn't exactly open active interference or anything, but they were just looking at us narrowly, you know, with real disapproval, "Well, humph! Isn't that disgusting?"--you know? And the only thing I can think of that that means is that

       21. THIS DREAM REPRESENTS OUR PUSH INTO LATIN AMERICA, RIGHT NOW PARTICULARLY. If she represented Latin America I was sure trying to push into her, that's for sure!--And it's not exactly being looked upon with approval by the System or by our parents & some home folks! But they're not exactly stopping us you know?

       22. THE AMAZING THING TO ME WAS THAT NOBODY STOPPED US! I was afraid somebody was going to come out & stop us, or arrest us, but I was amazed how we just kept right on walking making love as we walked & nobody did a thing, nobody stopped us! Then we got into this old rickety house & she pulled me down on this mattress on the floor & wow! Woof! She was ready to go & me too & she was just sticking it in & ready to bang away when I got so excited I woke up! So I can see how that is of course, certainly not a literal dream but it's certainly significant!

       23. I'M SURE OUR PUSH INTO THE GODDESS OF LATIN AMERICA RIGHT NOW is certainly not necessarily with the approval of the System, especially some home folks or parents or mates & whatnot, you know? But they were allowing it, they were tolerating it in a way by not interfering, I suppose you'd say they were even helping!

       24. THERE WAS THIS OLD BUILDING--I don't know, maybe they provided it or let us use it at least, just like a lot of those old buildings we used to crack, remember? (Maria: Uh-huh!) They used to call it cracked-houses, some old derelict building we'd move into & use that was not being used, & get it rent--free! Sometimes we didn't have much furniture & were just sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

       25. BOY, I WASN'T MISSING ANY FURNITURE RIGHT THEN, I'LL TELL YOU! I was so entranced & thrilled & enthralled with her beauty & her exciting sexuality that I wasn't a bit worried about what kind of house we were in or what kind of furniture there was nor wasn't! All I wanted was her, & it seemed like all she wanted was me! So that sure makes a good picture of our push into Latin America, huh? (Maria: Yes!)

       26. SHE'S THE GODDESS OF LATIN AMERICA & WE'RE GETTIN' INTO HER WHETHER THE SYSTEM LIKES IT OR NOT! We're enthralled & entranced with her beauty & excited with her love & thrilled with her sexuality & just absolutely ecstatic with her loving! She was just so beautiful I couldn't keep my hands off of her walking down the hill right in public in front of everybody! I was squeezing her breasts & caressing her tummy & put my finger into her & she was getting' excited & I was excited & we got into that building as quick as we could & on to that mattress & away we went!

       27. IT'S SORT OF LIKE THE WAY OUR FAMILIES ARE DOING RIGHT NOW, REALLY IN A HURRY TO GET INTO HER & away from the System & the Systemites & the dangerous North, and really press into beautiful Latin America! (Maria: Uh-huh!) Like we'll just be absolutely fascinated & entranced with her beauty & her love & her exciting thrilling romance & sexuality!

       28. I MEAN, IT WAS JUST LIKE I WAS GOING CRAZY OVER THIS GIRL! I mean, I was really turned on & really excited! I remember I though as we were lying on the mattress & she got on top of me & I was hard & she was sticking it in, I thought "Boy oh boy! I haven't been this potent for quite awhile, the way I blooped up that quick!"--at my age & as tired as I am!

       29. THAT POOR LITTLE GIRL THE OTHER NIGHT, SHE WORKED & WORKED ON ME & couldn't get me up because I was so tired & had had a few too many drinks. But boy oh boy, with this Latin Lover-gal on top of me I had no problem! I was up quick & stiff & hard & being inserted into the slot almost whether I wanted to or not! She was determined to have me! So that could represent the Latins' response to our love & our love-making in our witness & our entrancement with their beauty!

       30. THEY'RE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL PEOPLE & THEY'RE SO HOT--BLOODED & SEXY & DYNAMIC! I mean, I was determined to love this gal no matter what the Systemites thought, those old narrow-minded churchy Texans who represent the System like the United States, you know? (Maria: Yes!) So praise the Lord, I was sure thrilled & excited, & so thrilled & excited it woke me up!

       31.--AND I WAS JUST AMAZED AT THE POTENCY & THE POWER THAT I HAD! It seemed that she had so aroused me that I was unusually stiff & strong & big & hard & really ready to go!--Sort of like the way the Latins arouse in you the inspiration & the power of the Spirit for witnessing!

       32. IT'S ALL REALLY SYMBOLIC! YOU'RE GOING TO BE SO POWERFUL IN YOUR WITNESSING & in your implantation of the seed & in your wild love-making of them so that you really really fall in love with them & you really want to woo'm & win'm & fuck'm with the Word! You really really want to have'm & really join to them & really love'm & really woo & win them & plant the seed & make love to them for all you're worth! So PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah!

       33. I'M SURE THAT MUST HAVE BEEN THE MEANING OF THAT DREAM! We're going to love the Latins no matter what & no matter who or no matter the System or whatever in order to save'm!--And she was so turned on she was bold & brash & stark naked! it may seem a little contradictory, because a lot of those Latins are awfully stiff & prudish & ultra-conservative & narrow-minded, you know, in public. But boy, you get'm in bed & that's another story!

       34. WELL, SHE DIDN'T MIND EVEN IN PUBLIC, THIS GODDESS OF LATIN AMERICA! She just paraded right down the hill in full view stark naked as though she didn't care what people thought, & she was almost sort of like she was proud of her beauty & her voluptuousness & her gorgeous shape & my love, so that she was almost flaunting it in their faces, flagrantly showing that she loved me & liked my love no matter what they thought! And that's almost the way some have to do:

       35. THEY'VE GOT TO DEFY CONVENTION & DEFY DISAPPROVAL of their conservative loved ones & their conservative System & all, & they have to be bold in their love of us & really boldly not care what their System thinks, you know? It's like they love & enjoy our love so much that they can enjoy it no matter what the System thinks, so they're almost flaunting it in their faces & can't wait to get us to bed! Boy, I was so excited by the time we hit that hay I was already up & away! So praise the Lord, I sure have the sexy dreams!

       36. I'M SURE THAT MUST REPRESENT MISS LATIN AMERICA, THE GODDESS OF LATIN AMERICA. She looked like one! She was a dark-haired, dark-eyed & dark-skinned beauty!--And of course the System would've looked on that kind of interracial intermarriage or sex with dark disapproval, as they always do.

       37. WELL, I DIDN'T CARE WHAT THEY THOUGHT EITHER! I was enjoying it, loving every moment of it & couldn't have been happier when she flopped me down on that mattress on the floor & stuck it in, um! I was just absolutely so excited & so thrilled!--And we started pumping away so madly that it woke me up, ha! That was really early in the morning & I didn't want to wake Maria up, but as so often happens I was actually big & stiff & hard & pushing away right there in our own bed! Wow! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah!

       38. I DON'T KNOW IF WE SHOULD CALL THIS DREAM "THE GODDESS OF LATIN AMERICA" OR "THE LATIN AMERICAN BEAUTY!"--It was no contest! It was all settled, she was the winner! PTL! It doesn't seem like I even had to win her, she won me. I think a lot of you folks are going to find out you're going to fall in love with Latin America & the Latins & you're really going to be won yourselves! You're going to be won to the Latins & fall in love with them & really just can't help put win'm to the Lord! It's a real love affair! "The Latin Love Affair!" Ah, that's a good name for it, huh! (Maria: Uh-huh!) "The Latin Love Affair!"

       39. WE'RE GETTING INTO A LATIN LOVE AFFAIR IN LATIN AMERICA RIGHT NOW FOR SURE! AMEN? (Maria: Amen!) Now that I've told you, I'm gettin' sleepy, I think maybe I can even go back to sleep. PTL? (It's 3: 30 AM!) That was "The Latin Love Affair!" Hallelujah! That's a good dream! That's really symbolic! It shows we're going to make it in spite of the System.--Amen? In spite of what our people think or their people think! We're going to land on her mattress & make it! Praise God!--And bear fruit, TYJ!--Without any problems about the power of our penies! I mean it was right there & I was so surprised it was so quick!

       40. I THINK FOLKS ARE GONNA FIND THAT THE LORD GIVES THEM A LOT MORE POWER FOR HER HOUR in their witnessing & litnessing where the people are hungry & responsive & ready & want it! They're going to be really shocked at how powerful their witness will be & what inspiration & anointing the Lord will give them, how stiff & straight & big & bold & hard & strong they're going to be already & how quick! She could hardly wait to get me on that mattress to stick it in!

       41. HOW RESPONSIVE & RECEPTIVE LATINS ARE! They usually receive us with open arms! Not all of them of course, I mean their System relatives & whatnot may not always, or even their governments. But the true Bride, the true Bride or Christ, those who are real sheep & really need & want our love, are going to receive it with open arms, unashamed & unabashed, & be willing to walk us virtually naked down the hill to land us on a mattress even in an old shacky house, ready to floor us in order to get our love & so hungry for our seed, the Word, just starved for our witness! It seemed like she could hardly wait to get it in! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       42. SHE'S SO MUCH LIKE SOME OF OUR LATIN LOVERS! Everyone of ours is a part of her, part of the Bride of Christ! The Latin-American Bride of Christ is gonna be on fire that way! She received us with bold beauty & open arms & open heart & we're going to be extremely strong & unusually powerful in our attack & love-making in witnessing to her!

       43. WE'RE GONNA BE SURPRISED HOW THE LORD ANOINTS US & EMPOWERS US & INSPIRES US IN OUR SEED-SOWING THERE! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!--And how responsive & receptive she's gonna be, like she just practically took over & took control & grabbed me & threw me on the mattress & grabbed ahold of it & got on top of me & stuck it in! She was on the attack! She was really on the attack!

       44. BUT FIRST IT WAS LIKE I WAS CARRYING HER ALONG LIKE A BABY AT FIRST, sort of like that was the wooing & winning, & I was very gentle that way as I was carrying her & taking her through the mud & past the System. I think that sort of showed that I had to sort of woo & win her heart & her confidence, that it was real love, that I really cared for her & I really was concerned about her, I really was trying to take care of her, you know? (Maria: Yes!)

       45. AT FIRST IT DIDN'T SEEM TO BE SEXUAL AT ALL although she was stark-naked, whatever that represents. Maybe it means their sincerity or openness & honesty, truthfulness, & at the same time it was like her helplessness, like she really needed my help & my care & I was just carrying her along like a baby, you know? And I was wooing & winning her heart & her confidence & I was apparently convincing her of my really loving concern & that I really loved her.

       46. SO THAT WHEN I GOT HER OUT OF THE SYSTEM BUS & MUD & set her down on the hillside she was willing to walk by my side boldly stark naked & enjoy my loving caresses right in front of everybody! Like, "This is the man I love! I don't care what you think about him, I am enjoying his love & I love him & he really loves me!" (Maria: Hallelujah!) You know? (Maria: Yes!) That was her attitude like that, like she had really fallen in love with me & she didn't care what anybody thought, she was absolutely in love & knew that I loved her & could hardly wait to get me down to that mattresses even on the floor in a rickety old building! I don't know what that means except that

       47. THERE'S AN AWFUL LOT OF POVERTY DOWN THERE & WE MAY HAVE TO LIVE IN SOME OLD RAMSHACKLE HOUSES & WITHOUT ALL THE FANCY FURNITURE OF THE SYSTEM, maybe even sleep on a mattress on the floor! But we've done that before, that's nothing new! But I'll tell you, a mattress on the floor with a love like that, who cares about the furniture of the poverty or the house? I was absolutely so thrilled & excited with her love it didn't seem like anything else mattered except to make love to her!--And she didn't seem to care what anybody thought, all she wanted to do was get me in bed & bang away & suck that seed out of me, she was so hungry for it!

       48. SO THAT'S REALLY ENCOURAGING if that's a picture of the reception & the response we're going to get in Latin America from the Latin American Goddess in our Latin American love affair! That ought to encourage & inspire us to know how it's really gonna be, that she's really gonna love us & love us openly & receive us with open arms, open heart, & even take the initiative herself! She grabbed my penie, got on top & stuck it in herself & really was on the attack!

       49. I MEAN, SHE WAS REALLY PUSHIN'! You know what I mean? (Maria: Yes!) I mean, like she's gonna just almost force us to love her! You know?--Really love us so much that she really pushes us into it, takes the initiative & gets us to do what we ought to do, sort of leads the way in our love-making! So thank God for the Latin American love affair! "The Latin Love Affair"! That'd be a pretty good name, huh? (Maria: Yes.) (Prays:)

       50. AMEN! PTL! GOD BLESS OUR FAMILY FOR GOING THERE IN JESUS' NAME! Give them that wild bold fearless love for that beautiful Latin beauty, & make her bold, Lord, to receive it, bold & unashamed & so thankful & grateful she doesn't care what the System thinks! All she can think about is gettin' in bed with us & making love to us & sucking our seed, really pumpin' away, so hungry for the Word, the truth & true love!

       51. IN JESUS' NAME, HELP US NOT TO FAIL HER, LORD! Help us to be willing, help us to really love her! I was really pettin' & caressing & really making love to her! Help us not to disappoint her, Lord. Give us power in our witness & real anointing in our words so that we shall really excite her & thrill her & woo & win her so she'll really want to make love to us & even take the initiative in our love affair, really pump it out of us & into her bear lots of fruit, Lord, lots of real love babies, Thy Children, disciples throughout that great Latin American House!

       52. MAYBE THAT OLD BUILDING REPRESENTED THE LAND OF LATIN AMERICA. Some of it is sort of old & a bit poor & run down. But we didn't care, Lord, we just were so enthralled & entranced & excited & thrilled with her beauty & her love that we didn't care about anything but her! So we just made love!--And all she seemed to care about was us & getting our penie with the seed of the Word into her heart!

       53. YOU GAVE US SUCH STRENGTH & ANOINTING! So help us, Lord, in Jesus' name out to fail her but love her with all our hearts & with all our strength & all our might, Lord! In Jesus' name! TYL! Amen! That's enough!... She's killing me with such love! Hallelujah!--Sock it to me!

       54. --YOU WANNA REAL RED HOT LATIN LOVER?--GO SOUTH, young folks, go South & get it on with the Goddess of Latin America! Hallelujah!--Amen?--Are you ready! Let's go! BROOOOOOOOM!--Aaaaaaaah! Whatta Lover! GBH! ILH!--Do you? TYJ! Go in Jesus' name now! Tomorrow will be too late!--Amen! GBAKYAMYAB!

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