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THEIR LAST RESORT!--By Father David       DO1085       27/10/81
--After Maria's & Sue's latest FFing.

       1. WE FEED THEIR BODIES IN ORDER TO FEED THEIR SOULS. No doubt God is going to the final extreme to save souls by FFing. No doubt that's going to be their last chance when God goes to that extreme to show them His Love! We're sort of the "port of last resort," at the end of the line, the bottom of the totem pole. Our Family are considered extremists. We are the worst, at the extreme end, the bottom, according to the self-righteous churches.

       2. LIKE MY BROTHER USED TO SAY, "DAVID, YOU BELONG TO THE UNDERWORLD OF RELIGION"! I mean, we're the "living end" of things. I really believe by the time they come to us we're usually their last chance. When God goes to that extreme to show them His Love it's their last chance, the point of last return, their last hope!

       3. WE ARE GOD'S EXTREMISTS, REALLY! The Church people consider us the lowest & the vilest & worst of all. OK, so we are. It shows God has to stoop to those depths to try to reach them, win them back out of the gutter. In other words, when they come to us they are ready to take any port in the storm!

       4. I REALLY THINK IT'S USUALLY THEIR LAST CHANCE WHEN GOD HAS TO USE SUCH EXTREME MEASURES TO ACCOMPLISH SUCH EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS! They either make it then, or they'll probably never make it. And you know, that really places a very great burden of responsibility on us to do our best to reach them then & woo & win them because it's probably their last chance.

       5. LIKE TANI THOUGHT HE WAS ALREADY DOOMED TO HELL BECAUSE HE HAD CURSED GOD. But God doesn't say that was the unpardonable sin. Lots of people curse God some time in their life when they're angry with God. But H says that the unpardonable sin is that which offends the Holy Spirit, when they reject the wooing love of the Holy Spirit. In one place it's called "speaking a word against the Holy Spirit." (Lk.12:10.) It's a little hard to define.

       6. PREACHERS HAVE ARGUED OVER EXACTLY WHAT THAT MEANT FOR CENTURIES. But I'm convinced that the only unpardonable sin is the rejection of the Love of the Lord & His Salvation through the wooing Love of His Holy Spirit. In other words, the only sin that He won't forgive & can't forgive & can't forgive is when you reject His Love through His Spirit, & our complete total ultimate manifestation of Love through sex is to me the last resort other than life itself!

       7. WHEN YOU LAY DOWN YOUR BODY FOR THEM IT IS THE NEXT THING TO LAYING DOWN YOUR LIFE FOR THEM & you don't really know but what you are taking he chance, that you are laying down your life for them. "No greater love hath man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (Jn.15:13.) And as I have paraphrased that, "No greater love hath any man than this, that a man lay down his wife for his friends!" And to further paraphrase it, "No greater love hath any woman than this, that a woman lay down her life for a friend"--& that's certainly what you're doing when you give them sex!

       8. I THINK IT IS THE ULTIMATE, THE FINAL LAST RESORT, THE LAST CHANCE, THE POINT OF NO RETURN! After that, that's it. If they don't take that, that much love that the Lord has given them, if they don't accept His ultimate manifestation of love of a woman that is willing to lay down her life for them, then He'll probably wash His hands of them, they've hardened their necks!

       9. BEGIN OFTEN REPROVED THEY'VE HARDENED THEIR NECK & THEY'LL PROBABLY SUDDENLY BE DESTROYED (Pr.29:1.), like that man who was shot through the window of the bus right after having rejected the witness of that little child, of all things! I've heard of a number of instances where things like that have happened. People were suddenly involved in accidents right after they had rejected their last chance!--Or suddenly took sick & died!

       10. WELL, WHEN THE LORD GOES TO THE EXTREME OF SHOWING SOMEONE THAT MUCH LOVE through one of our girls that she'll willing to go all the way & lay down her life, her body for them to show them His love, to me that's the ultimate, that's the extreme. It's so extreme the church rejects it, Christians just simply will not accept it. They won't believe that you could possibly go to such an extreme & that it could be legitimate, in their way of thinking.

       11. WELL, THERE'S NO AMOUNT OF LOVE THAT COULD POSSIBLY BE ILLEGITIMATE TO TRY TO WIN A SOUL! There's no sin in love to begin with, & there's no "sin" so great that God would condemn you for it when it's done in love, so-called "sin", because when it's love it can't be sin.

       12. THE LORD LAID DOWN HIS VERY LIFE, His body hung virtually nude on the tree in disgrace & contempt & shame & agony & suffering as a common criminal condemned by the System & the World & the religious system, condemned by them all, spat upon, cursed as a condemned criminal despised in death. Think of it! Because they hated Him, condemned Him.

       13. BUT WHAT HE WAS REALLY DOING WAS SHOWING LOVE TO THE WHOLE WORLD by His condemnation & by His supposed sin as a criminal & having to pay the penalty of death. He wasn't dying for His sin; He was dying for the sins of the very ones who were spitting on Him & cursing Him & crucifying Him!

       14. THAT'S IN A WAY WHAT OUR GIRLS DO TOO; they're cursed & condemned by the church & spat upon by the self-righteous, by all their vitriolic horrible propaganda against us, & crucified by their words! But all the time what we're doing is showing the last extreme, last resort of love to try to woo & win a soul to Jesus!

       15. WE'RE CURSED FOR IT! THINK OF IT! WE'RE CONDEMNED FOR IT! The church thinks we ought to be put in jail for it, we ought to be punished for breaking the law, what they think is God's Law, when all the time it's God's Love! It's God's Law all right, it's the Law of Love! They think we're breaking it when we're FFing, but actually we're enacting the Law, really we're fulfilling His Law of Love to the extreme, the ultimate extreme this side of death itself, & it is a death to self, that's for sure!

       16. IT REALLY MAKES YOU THINK, MAKES YOU REALISE OUR VERY HEAVY BURDEN & RESPONSIBILITY SINCE WE MAY BE THEIR LAST CHANCE We probably are their last resort, & if they don't accept that extreme showing of God's Love to the ultimate degree, to almost death, death to self, then He'll probably be fed up with them & through with'm, `cause He says His Spirit will not always strive with man: "He that being often reproved & hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be destroyed & that without remedy!" (Ge.6:3; Pr.29:1.)

       17. SO I REALLY REALLY BELIEVE THAT WE ARE THEIR LAST CHANCE! We're their last resort, & if they don't make it through us, if they don't accept that much love, if they're not convinced by our loving sexual witness in going all the way & loving'm all the way, what will ever convince them? What will ever show them? If that much love doesn't convince them, what will? Jesus, help them, Lord!

       18. HELP THEM TO THINK ABOUT IT & REALISE THAT A WOMAN HAS GONE ALL THE WAY TO SHOW THE ULTIMATE KIND OF LOVE, has laid down her life for them to try to woo & win them to Thee. Help them, Lord, to accept it & receive it & receive You, Jesus, & repent & let You change their lives before it's too late. I really believe we're virtually their last chance when the Lord goes to that length to try to save'm, for one of our girls to lay down her life to woo & win them in the ultimate in love unto death to self. I really believe it's their last chance.

       19. THAT WAS REALLY THE KIND OF LOVE THAT FINALLY WON THE HARDHEARTED ROMANS, WHEN THEY SAW HOW MUCH LOVE THOSE CHRISTIANS HAD FOR THEIR GOD that they would gladly, willingly, walk out to the stake or to face the lions singing, smiling, happy, praising God, loving God, still witnessing to the crowd, still a testimony to the very ones who were killing them, still trying to win them, still trying to be their last witness.

       20. THAT WAS THEIR LAST WITNESS THEY COULD POSSIBLY GIVE: TO DIE FOR THEIR FAITH! It really won the Romans! It is said that it wasn't only the way the Christians lived that convinced the Romans their faith was real, but the way that they died. And for a woman to lay down her life, her body, for a total stranger, somebody maybe she doesn't even like in some cases, but is just doing it because she loves him & is trying to woo & win him, that's the next thing to death itself. It's death to self, death to pride, death in the eyes of the World to self-righteousness, death in he eyes of the church to religion, death in the eyes of the proud to reputation.

       21. HE MADE HIMSELF OF NO REPUTATION, THINK OF IT! (Ph.2:7.) To stoop & woo & win us He stooped as low as He could go in this filthy World, to walk its dirty surface & mingle with its filthy crowd & even love its women! They probably loved Him as a man first, then perhaps even sexually, before they were really convinced of His love, some of those women like Mary Magdalene.

       22. SHE WAS CONSIDERED THE OUTSTANDING COURTIER, COURTESAN, IN OTHER WORDS, THE MOST DESIRABLE WHORE OR PROSTITUTE IN ALL JERUSALEM! She had a reputation for being the paramour of kings & princes, so it was quite an event when she got saved, that He stooped to the chief prostitute of the city & won her with His Love! I mean, that was a testimony, huh? That was a real testimony & there were quite a few other ones like her too!

       23. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK SHE CONTINUED HER MINISTRY?) Well, she continued her ministry then by ministering to Him! She followed Him everywhere He went!--Ha! She took care of Him after that. That was her job which was a big job!--Along with several others like her, like the one who washed His feet with her tears & dried them with her hair.

       24. THE PHARISEES, SOME OF HIS SELF-RIGHTEOUS CRITICS & HYPOCRITES, WERE THINKING TO THEMSELVES, IF HE KNEW WHAT KIND OF WOMAN THIS IS HE WOULDN'T EVEN LET HER TOUCH HIM! Jesus knew their thoughts, & that has always been such a testimony to me! How did He put it? "To whom much hath been forgiven the same loveth much." (Lk.7:47.) He was saying that she really loved Him a lot to get down there on her hands & knees & wash His feet with her tears & dry them with her hair!

       25. BUT THIS RELIGIOUS SELF-RIGHTEOUS PHARISAICAL HYPOCRITE WHO HAD INVITED HIM TO DINNER OBVIOUSLY SHOWED HIS DISRESPECT FOR HIM BY NOT OFFERING TO WASH HIS FEET or have his servant wash His feet, which was the common customary courtesy of the day, that at the moment you entered the host's home they had their servant wash your feet, because they travelled around in dirty sandals on dusty roads, & if he wasn't rich enough to have a servant, he got down itself & washed your feet.

       26. BUT THIS RELIGIOUS LEADER, SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITE, APPARENTLY JUST HAD INVITED JESUS TO HIS HOME FOR THE NOTORIETY OF IT or curiosity or maybe even in contempt to ridicule Him. Jesus said, "You gave Me no water, you didn't wash My feet, but she was shown Me more love than you have, because to whom much hath been forgiven the same loveth much!"

       27. AND IN A WAY WHEN OUR GIRLS LOVE THESE MEN, OR OUR BOYS THE WOMEN FOR THAT MATTER, THEY REALISE, I THINK, THAT THAT'S THE EXTREME OF LOVE, that they're really being forgiven for a lot, you know? And therefore they really come back with a lot of love when they're won, right? I mean, they really really fall in love with our girls, they really fall in love with the Lord, & there are cases where they're really won over & really received the Lord & they're really good to them & help them a lot & have done a lot for the Family, they really fall in love with us!

       28. FIRST THEY HAVE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH THE GIRLS, & THEN JESUS, & FINALLY US, because we're the living end of all things religiously, & for them to soil their reputation or dirty their fingers by associating with us is the very end of the religious World for them, & in the eyes of the World or the Church, we're the livin' end! Maybe they think we're the dead end, but we're really the livin' end! TTL!--The churches are the dead end!

       29. GOD BLESS OUR GIRLS THAT MAKE THAT SACRIFICE & LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES & THEIR BODIES for them, to want to live for these men, & the boys too. Amen, Lord, bless'm everywhere they are in the World today right now. Some places it's daytime & some places it's nighttime, some places they're wooing & winning them right now, some places they're sleeping it off, some places they're getting ready to go out, Lord. Do bless & strengthen them & comfort them & protect them & heal them & inspire them, Lord, & bless them & keep them & make them a blessing in Jesus' name.

       30. HELP THEM TO REALISE HOW SERIOUS IT IS & HOW SHORT TIME IS LORD, that it maybe their last chance to woo & win some soul to day or tonight.--Maybe that soul's last hope, last resort, last opportunity to find Thee, Lord, & to know Thy Love & receive it, salvation. Lord, help them to put everything they've got into it, to really go all the way, like You did for us, to save a soul from death & destruction of the Enemy, give'm both sermon & sample!

       31. LORD, WE KNOW THAT THE DEVIL REALLY FIGHTS IT & THEY HAVE ALL KINDS OF BATTLES & PROBLEMS IN FFING, even sometimes with their own Family & even with the ones they're trying to win. The Enemy really fights because he knows that this is one of the most effective ways in the whole World in anybody's life to show them so much love, so much kindness, so much sacrifice, the extreme of love, going all the way to lay down their life or their life to show that we really love them.

       32. YOU ARE GOING ALL THE WAY, LORD, IN LETTING US PAY THIS EXTREME ULTIMATE SACRIFICE THIS SIDE OF DEATH TO WIN A SOUL. & it is a death, in a way, Lord, a death to self & our own reputation. Some places we even risk the law of man & persecution & the contempt of the World & the hatred of the Church! We really lay it all down, we sacrifice it all, we give it all up when we go to the extreme that we go, till the Church & even the World thinks it is breaking the law, or at least the Laws of God, Thy Laws. They think it's breaking the Law. But we're willing to go all the way rather than kowtow to even the laws of man or obey the laws of the Church, to fulfil Thy Law of Love for souls! We're keeping it!

       33. SO BLESS & KEEP THEM, LORD, STRENGTHEN THEM, INSPIRE THEM, COMFORT THEIR HEARTS, encourage them & give them that divine anointing, that supernatural sparkle, Lord, that we watch Maria get when she gets under the anointing for it. It's a divine drive, it's a spiritual fire, a miraculous anointing for the task! She just literally glows & sparkles & her eyes are aflame & she literally grows in beauty & so gorgeous when she's inspired, Lord, in FFing!

       34. THE BURDEN ON HER HEART FOR THESE MEN EVEN MAKES HER MORE BEAUTIFUL & MORE SPARKLY & SHE LITERALLY SHINES & BUBBLES OVER WITH LOVE & virtually bounces around, she's so energetic & so excited with Thy love for them, Lord, & her desire to woo & win them into Thy Kingdom! TYJ! PYL! She just preaches away, when normally she's so shy & so reticent & so retiring & to timid & afraid of people.

       35. ONCE SHE GETS OUT THERE IN FRONT OF ALL THOSE MEN SHE SOUNDS LIKE A WOMAN PREACHER & PREACHES AWAY! We passed by her in the lobby the other night, Lord, & there was preaching away! She'd been preaching to all those different men, witnessing to them all, so that they were no doubt astonished at her fire, at her love & her wisdom & her fearless testimony, just this little tiny girl, this little slip of a woman with so much power & strength & drive & Divine anointing! Hallelujah! TYJ! GBH!

       36. THANK YOU JESUS HOW YOU ANOINT OUR GIRLS FOR THE TASK! Give them power for the hour & strength for the battle! She doesn't necessarily get it beforehand, Lord, but she gets it when she's ready to hit the field, hit the battle front. In fact, she shrinks from it beforehand sometimes & is almost afraid, but she feels that diving drive her with Thy Love, Lord, into the fray & into the battle & she can't resist it! She must obey!

       37. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS GIVE HER A LITTLE ENCOURAGEMENT, a little help & a few words of comfort, a little leading & just sort of give her a little push in the right direction & she's on her way & away she goes! Thank You Lord how wonderfully You anoint her for the task! PTL! We just start her ball rolling & she rolls under divine power, irresistible power! TYL! TYJ!

       38. HALLELUJAH FOR OUR GIRLS & THEIR YIELDEDNESS TO THEE, LORD, willing to be yielded to Thee, to Thy love, yielding to Thy Love, Lord! It's Thy Love, Thy Spirit, Thy Power. They're prostrating themselves to Thee & for Thee, but the World considers it prostituting themselves for man, for what they have a hard time understanding, they can't believe it's Thee. But they are just absolutely totally surrendered, Lord, to Thy love as they are surrendered to these men in their witness & their testimony & their love through sex! Thank You for such love! Hallelujah! TYJ! God bless'm, Lord!

       39. "NO GREATER LOVE HATH ANY MAN THAN THIS, THAT A MAN LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS!" TYJ! PTL! Like the woman to whom much had been forgiven, the same loveth much. These men & women should certainly love Thee much, Lord, You've forgiven them so much, for even having to make Thy girls go to this extreme to love them so much! PTL! Help them, Lord! TYJ!

       40. AMEN, LORD, WE COULD PRAY ALL DAY FOR THEM, & WE DO! We do ask You to bless & keep them & continue to make them a blessing & give them the anointing, that fire, that spirit, that supernatural strength for the task! TYJ! As well as Thy protection, Lord, & Thy Divine Love to love the unlovely & the almost unlovable, the beasts, Thy beauty, Thy love! TYJ! In Jesus' name. Amen. PTL! TYL! TYJ!

       41. I GUESS THE LORD MUST REALLY WANT TO GIVE OUR FFers AN EXTRA PUSH RIGHT NOW!--Extra little encouragement & inspiration, because they're everywhere! They go into new countries & new places & strange peoples & different languages where it's difficult to witness in another languages. Well, that's one witness they certainly can understand, that's for sure!--Sex! Ha! They love it!

       42. I CAN REMEMBER MANY A MAN YOU FUCKED IN A HOTEL THAT YOU COULDN'T WITNESS TO VERY WELL IN THEIR LANGUAGE, BUT YOU GAVE THEM THE WITNESS THAT SPOKE THE LOUDEST through your acts of love, & they knew you loved & them & they knew that when you talked about Jesus as best you could that God certainly must love them to let one of His angels, His saints, His chosen ones love him!

       43. SO I GUESS OUR FFERS NEED A LITTLE EXTRA ENCOURAGEMENT RIGHT NOW. Maybe that's why you've gone through these experience this past weekend. Thy need a little extra inspiration & push, encouragement out there to sock it to'm!--Regardless of what country, what language or what kind of people! The heart of man is the same the World over & still needs love & still can be wooed & won with Love no matter who they are or what nationality or what race or what language or what country or whatever! Amen?

       44. MAN IS THE SAME THE WORLD OVER, HE JUST NEEDS LOVE, he needs to be shown love, proven love with the Love of God for his to believe it & receive it!--And thank God they do! TYJ! We can't win'm all, but if we win even one it's worth it all! PTL! We'll have that one to thank us for all Eternity & be so happy & thankful that we loved him! Amen! TYJ! PTL! God bless our FFers!

       45. WE'LL PROBABLY HAVE HIM FOLLOWING US AROUND ALL OVER HEAVEN waiting on you girls hand & foot like queens, the queens you are!--They'll probably be your servants! You served them, you were their servant for a few moments or hours, they'll be your thankful servants forever! PTL! TYJ!--Your love slaves! Right now you're their love slave, but they'll be your love slaves forever throughout all Eternity, forever grateful that you went to such extremes to love'm, to woo them & to win them to Jesus! TYL! TYJ! Bless them, Lord, in Jesus' name, amen.

       46. I'M SURE THAT OUR GIRLS OFTEN TEMPTED TO FEEL, "WELL, IT JUST WASN'T WORTH IT! He was a real old goat, a real beast, & it was just time & energy wasted!"--& that may sometimes discourage them from even trying it again! But I really think maybe that's why the Lord has given the FFers a little extra encouragement right now, just like He gave you a little extra encouragement!

       47. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU, HONEY! PTL! TYJ! Because they sure need it!--Often especially I think when they come back from what they feel was almost like a fruitless time when the men weren't very responsive spiritually. So PTL! TYJ! Amen! GBY all! ILY! Jesus saves!--And He can save the impossible!

       48. DON'T GIVE UP! KEEP TRYIN'! You can't win'm all, but those you do are worth it all!--Amen? PTL! GBY!--And He does!--Amen?--And always remember: It may be their last chance, their last resort! You lie between them & Hell!--Their last chance for Heaven!--Give'm Heaven!--Like the angel you are! GBY! How I love you!

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