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GO EAST!--And Grow Up with the Golden Triangle!--World Series No.12.       DO 1088       1/82
(The Prayer "Future Is as Bright" was 11, "PDQ" 13)--By Father David

       1. INSTRUCT US HERE & QUICKEN MINDS & STRENGTHEN TIRED BODIES, LORD, & help them to understand & to grasp it & receive it, & lead us in how we present it, Lord. Amen. PTL! TYJ!

       2. WELL, THE SPIRIT INDEED IS WILLING, but sometimes the flesh is weak & I don't want to keep you too long. I didn't dream I was going to pray such a long prayer, but I guess I had a job that was difficult enough that I had so much more work to do that I have to pray more. PTL! (Holds up marked globe of World:)

       3. WHEN IT BOILS DOWN TO WHERE THE FAMILY IS GOING TO BE DRIVEN EVENTUALLY IN THE LONG RUN, you can see where this small triangle is in southern South America.--A triangle reaching from above Peru then down to Brazil & then down to Argentina & back, that's a very small area, & the surviving Family are probably going to be mostly in that area. So you can see what a simple job, in a way, that dear Mordy & the Family who are there are going to have in the shortness of distances overland & all, & the multitude of Family who are going to be there.

       4. IF THE WAR WERE TO HAPPEN TOMORROW & the U.S. & Europe were destroyed, we would lose half of the Family. If they don't get busy, that's what's going to happen. They'd better hurry.

       5. I DON'T THINK WE HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT. I think, in fact, God at this point is waiting for us, for them to get out & for us to get prepared, which we're not, yet. And about half the Family will end up in that small area in southern South America, because they're going to have to leave the Caribbean entirely, since that's going to be entirely overrun by Revolutionaries at the very moment of the first strike. It's already being overrun--they're already preparing for it. The other side is preparing. The other side is scattering their forces all over the world in every country on earth, getting ready to take over.

       6. AND SO WHEN THE STRIKE OCCURS of course, as I mentioned before, the Caribbean will be overrun by the Communists & the Revolutionaries or whatever you want to call them. As Grandmother saw in her vision, they were Red & they were Black. It's going to be Red Blacks pretty much that are going to take over the world, in that area in particular. And of course northern South America comes next, & the wave will probably move on southward & the Family will be pretty much driven into southern South America, the direction they should be moving steadily now. So in a way that will be the easiest job. There'll be the most Family there of any place on earth, in greatest concentration.

       7. WE WILL LOSE HALF THE FAMILY IN THE NORTH, or certainly be out of communication with them for a while there, to say the least, as they'll be under complete disaster conditions, savagery, horrible, everything, and if we are ever able to get in touch with them again it will certainly be a miracle, & it will take some time before that area is at all rehabilitated & reconstructed. And that will go on some years. And how much communication there will be left between South & the North, we don't now know. But we might as well count them out for the time being as far as us being able to reach them, if there are any left. Of the half of the Family left, 60% of it will be in South America, if there's not any major change or migration between now & then.

       8. WE HOPE THAT MORE & MORE WE'LL BE GOING SOUTHWARD & particularly now towards the East, the Southeast direction, toward India, Southeast Asia & the East Indies, Japan, etc., so that these truly missionary & really still pioneer areas which have been too long neglected by the Family because they're so difficult, difficult languages, difficult religions & difficult countries to get into & to stay in, & all kinds of difficulties, will now gain some needed help & attention.

       9. BUT WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO GET IN THERE NOW, we're going to have to push in--in order to get more people to get in there to minister to the hundreds of millions of people who are located in the East. That's this big triangle stretching from India on the Northwest down to Australia & New Zealand on the South, & back up to Japan on the Northeast.

       10. YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE ON THOSE TRIANGLES, tremendous areas to cover & actually mostly water & islands & the difficulties of transportation & communication, but also that makes it more difficult for the enemy to overrun it. It'll take more time & in some ways the people in that area are going to be safer longer than the people in this tiny triangle down here in South America which will very quickly come under world government control.

       11. ALTHOUGH NOT DESTROYED, it will be very easily conquered & overrun & commandeered. If it happened tomorrow half the Family will be in the South, not all exactly in the Southern Hemisphere, because India's above the Equator & Southeast Asia's above the Equator, & Japan & the Philippines are. So let's just call it the South. Of the Southern half which survives, half the Family will be in, we hope, South America.

       12. AND LET'S HOPE THERE'LL BE ANOTHER 50% who will have gone South by that time into this big triangle stretching from India to Australia back up to Japan. I think in some ways they might even be able to exist longer & safer & perhaps even minister longer because of the remote islands, jungles & little out-of-the-way places that the enemy doesn't care anything about & will leave till last & will take the easiest places, the nearest places first. So the clamp down may not be severe for much longer in that area.

       13. I'VE ALREADY MENTIONED MANY OF THESE THINGS TO YOU & much of this is already public knowledge on the World Series, but I'm just repeating to remind you & to refresh your memory & to show you vividly exactly what the situation is geographically. Already 30% of the Family are in South America or the Southwest, & 20% of the Family are in the Southeast. That's half the Family--50%.

       14. I'M HOPING THAT MORE THAN HALF THE FAMILY before the war comes will have gotten out of the dangerous North, & will have arrived preferably in the Southeast, where they're far more needed, where there are hundreds of millions of more people. Where between China & India alone there're one & a half billion people, & where in India alone there's only l Family member now to every 7 million people! Whereas in South America already, a country of only 300 million, there's l Family member to every mere l00,000!

       15. THERE'S 70 TIMES AS MUCH CONCENTRATION IN PROPORTION TO THE POPULATION OF FAMILY IN SOUTH AMERICA TODAY, as there is in India, for example, not even counting the nearly l billion souls in China, 900 million or more. They don't even know, they can't even--it takes years & years to take a census. By the time they finish a census, why, it's already out-dated. So neither the poor Chinese nor the Indians really know how many of them there are--they just make more or less rough estimates.

       16. NEVERTHELESS THERE ARE NEARLY APPROXIMATELY ONE & A HALF BILLION IN INDIA & CHINA alone, not counting all these other areas such as the East Indies, all these islands which are now mostly called Indonesia, & some of these places which are the most densely populated places on the face of the Earth, such as the island of Java. It is the most densely populated place on the face of the Earth, as far as a country is concerned. There are some cities I understand which are more densely populated, such as Macau which is one of the most densely populated ones, Hong Kong & some places like that. But of a large expanse, a large island like that, that is the most densely populated area in the World--more people per square kilometer than any place else on earth.

       17. SO THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, probably at least 2 billion of the world's population in this big Eastern triangle, & in South America only 300 million, only a third of a billion. And by that time the others in the North will be pretty well wiped out, except what's left in Asia, Africa, Russia, etc. So this is what I'm trying to get across to you--it's a very important field.

       18. IT'S A DIFFICULT, WIDE-SPREAD, FAR-FLUNG FIELD with lots of water & long distances, & dear Keda has been trying to keep up with it for a long time & has done a valiant, monumental task in flying from place to place, great distances, & trying to shepherdess her sheep in all these places, & she's terribly burdened of course & has tremendous faith & vision. She just keeps going in spite of neglect & lack of emphasis & lack of support & everything else, she just kept plugging away anyhow, & the Lord has been with her & the Lord has helped her & He's financed her & kept her going. And she's still got a tremendous flock there. I consider her frankly the head of this whole area, this whole triangle of the Far East, the Southeast as we could call it perhaps. When it happens I would consider Faithy to be the spiritual leader of South America. And Keda of the Golden Triangle of the East! GB'M!

       19. SO THERE ARE TWO BIG AREAS, PTL! We want Faithy to have all the help she can. Considering that the Family will be much more concentrated & closer to each other, there's the possibility, the probability of still being able to produce materials & distribute them, perhaps even the remaining books, still maybe have magazines, & if nothing else maybe a few Letters.

       20. THE DISTANCES ARE NOT TOO GREAT--YOU COULD EVEN WALK from some of those places to others like the early apostles of the church did. They walked all over Asia Minor, mind you, they walked from place to place all of the time overland. They took ships in other places on those greater distances. And I believe there'll still be ships, there'll still be some transportation, perhaps even still some communication by telephone or telegraph or the postal systems or whatever. In the Southern areas which have been untouched by war there's no reason for there to be any great disruption of communication or transportation, although there'll be much tighter control, no doubt, & much more limited means of transportation in the future.

       21. SO IT MAY BE A LITTLE MORE DIFFICULT, BUT I'M EXPECTING TO KEEP GOING as I said before, even if we had to go back to personal courier as they did in the days of Apostle Paul. They distributed his letters then by individuals travelling from place to place, personal couriers. I think it'll still be possible & I believe the Lord's going to make sure that it's possible, at least for some of our people or messengers or couriers to travel back & forth couriering individual Letters, if they have to stick them inside the sole of their shoe or something! Even if in order to get the message to the next area they have to copy it by hand & distribute it by hand, there'll be some form of communication. I believe the Lord's going to help some form of communication survive.

       22. THE CHURCH HAS NEVER BEEN WITHOUT SOME FORM OF COMMUNICATION DOWN THROUGH HISTORY,--just read history & see. Read the Old Testament & New Testament & see. They had letters then & they distributed them & the Church heard the news. It took longer--it took weeks, it took months, but they finally got the news & they even finally got helped, finally distributed offerings from the richer areas to the poorer areas. They were able to survive & help each other & inform each other & inspire each other. And there were places to flee from heavy persecution to other places where there was not so much persecution.

       23. SO I BELIEVE THAT GOD IS GOING TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO CONTINUE TO MINISTER. But we want to be in such a position when it happens that we will be prepared for it & it will be possible for us to continue to minister. And the first move was South. The next move is to get the Southern areas organised with sufficient leadership & perpetual financial help so that they will be able to continue even without our help if necessary.

       24. I SEE NO PROBLEM ALONG THAT LINE FOR FAITH & DAMARIS & MORDY & THEIR TEAMS IN SOUTH AMERICA. The Family will be highly concentrated, close together, within short distances & with easier transportation, communication & hopefully publication somehow in some way, so that the Word will be able to be distributed amongst the Family. They will be guided, fed, inspired, helped & led with that kind of high-powered leadership right there & in a fairly small area. So at least half the Family will survive. The other half, if they don't move soon, might be wiped out.

       25. SO I'M NOT AS WORRIED ABOUT THAT SMALL TRIANGLE IN SOUTHERN SOUTH AMERICA. It's going to be well supplied with experienced leadership, pioneers who pioneered that area originally l0 years ago. They have a tremendous, power-packed musical unit & musicians all over the place. They've got more musicians--they're nearly a dime a dozen in that area, in every country. Not all the musicians are even at MCV although it may look like it. They've got high-powered musical units everywhere & music is going to be one of the primary ministries of that day. It's going to still be permitted, because even the enemy likes entertainment. So I'm not worried about their music. I'm not worried even about their publications, communications or leadership. They may still need a little advice on organisation & how to make emergency preparations, exactly what to do when they are cut off from each other, cut off temporarily.

       26. OUR FELLOWSHIPS RIGHT NOW ARE PREPARING THE FOUNDATION, laying the groundwork, the basics to make this possible, so that every area will already be in touch with each other & communication with each other, from a very small scale of l or 2 homes to a city-wide Fellowship, a county-wide or state-wide Fellowship, province-wide Fellowship, nation-wide Fellowships, & even international Fellowships in this area in South America. I'm not worried about them--not that I'm not praying for them & concerned about them & want to prepare them for it.

       27. BUT THEY'VE GOT PLENTY & THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE PLENTY OF PEOPLE & THOSE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY COMPARED TO THE REST OF THE WORLD. Because the people who have got the money are coming from the monied areas & they ought to bring it with them. Of course there will be problems when their home support is cut off, when the home is gone--both Europe & the U.S.--but still South America is a very productive area with lots of food, self-sufficient in food & shelter & water & the vital essentials of life. So I'm sure God is going to feed 'em & water the flock somehow & shelter them, as well as keep them in touch with each other with communication & fellowship & inspiration, etc.

       28. THE U.S. HAS BEEN SATURATED & EVEN SOUTH AMERICA HAS BEEN SATURATED WITH FAMILY & FAMILY NEWS, FAMILY ARTICLES, FAMILY TV & RADIO SHOWS . It would I think almost be hard to find many people in South America that haven't heard about the Family, even if they may not have heard the gospel or known exactly how to get saved, or been in personal touch with the Family. At least they're in the Family-coverage area where our Gospel has been preached & "teached", & we have saturated that area with radio, television, newspapers, literature, music, everything for a long time.

       29. WITH HIGH-POWERED SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP like Faith, who's like me in many ways & really hears from the Lord; Damaris, another tremendous woman leader & spirit-filled administrator; & with a businessman like Mordy who knows his stuff, all the means of production & publication & distribution, dissemination of information, they'll make a tremendous team & I expect them to keep this whole part of the World going.

       30. YOU FOLKS ARE OLD ENOUGH IN THE LORD, STRONG ENOUGH, NUMEROUS ENOUGH, TALENTED ENOUGH, GIFTED ENOUGH, EXPERIENCED ENOUGH & KNOW THE FIELD WELL ENOUGH & THE LANGUAGES & EVERYTHING ELSE, & have enough music to be able to take care of yourselves in these times we're in now, even if the time comes when we're totally cut off from any communication with you. You should be able to carry on. Many of you are older brothers & sisters who've been around a long time with lots of experience in the Family & lots of knowledge & lots of talent. You've got everything you need in a richer area well able to support you.

       31. EVEN IF THE COUNTRIES WANT TO GET RID OF YOU THERE'S NOT GOING TO BE ANY PLACE TO SEND YOU BACK TO--it's going to be gone. They won't be able to, they're stuck with you, like some places are stuck with the Vietnamese refugees, the boat people. Why can't they get rid of them? There's no place to send 'em! They're stuck with 'em. They just either have to kill 'em off or dump 'em in the sea, & some of them just about have done that, because there's no place to go, they have no place to go. Their country is closed to them & they can't go back. And so how could they get rid of us? They can't kick us out, there won't be any transportation up North. There won't be any place to go, so they'll have to put up with us down there, as I said before, even if they have to pile us up in concentration camps. Well, at least we'll be well protected behind the barb wires if that happens, God knows.

       32. THIS SOUTHWEST PART OF THE WORLD, AS I'VE SAID, I consider will be self-sufficient. It has already got everything it needs to do the job, to carry on without the rest of the World if necessary. Now, the big Southeast area--this huge triangle, gigantic triangle comparatively speaking, on the other side of the World, completely half-way around the World--this is where we have the least Family, only 20% of the Family now--& if the war happens tomorrow it'll be less than half of what's left of the Family.

       33. AND HERE ARE THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, five times as many people in this area, in this triangle here in Asia! Whereas, even if you concentrate all the people in South America in this triangle there would only be 300 million there. There are l50 million here! Fifteen hundred million people here! Three hundred into fifteen hundred, 3 into l5 goes 5 times, right? There are 5 times as many souls to be saved in the East. And yet only a fifth as much Family! Think of it! Only a fifth of the Family there. And today, right now, for example there are 70 times as much Family in South America as in India alone, in proportion to the population.

       34. SO WHAT IS THE NEEDIEST AREA? Where do we need to go? What area do we need to help & encourage & lead & inspire & push & recruit for & insist that the Family come to that area? I'm going to start telling those Commonwealthers who are way down here off the beam in South America, that they ought to get off their butts & on the ball & get over here to India & these places where there are billions compared to the pitiful little 300 million in South America. But they must have good home support!

       35. NOW THE FACT THAT A LOT OF THEM STRAYED AWAY & went to South America from Europe instead of to the Southeast is not entirely their fault.--Not altogether their fault by any means. We just were pushing everybody south,--wherever you want to go, just go! Anywhere to get south! And of course a lot of Europeans went to South America because they spoke languages that are spoken there & it was easier to get there & closer & more Family & in many ways easier countries to get into & get out of & go from country to country for visa renewals & all the rest. This was the easy field, South America!

       36. THAT'S THE EASY FIELD FOR THE AMERICANS FROM THE US TO GO TO, so of course they went to the Caribbean first. But it's already been pretty well saturated with the Gospel by Christians & churches of America & they've got churches on almost every corner, Christian churches & even good Gospel churches throughout the Caribbean, & nearly every Black you ask in this area if he's a Christian, he'll say "Yes," & most of them are church members. Of course the Communists & the rascally Rastafarians have made some progress in the area since then but when I was young in my thirties & went down into the Caribbean, why you never met anybody that wasn't a Christian, white or black. They all professed to be Christians & nearly all church members.

       37. SO THEY'VE REALLY HAD THE GOSPEL & besides it's a lost cause when it comes to survival, because it's not going to survive very long after the first strike. But we have let them go just wherever they wanted to go & I will take the blame because I had not yet really caught the vision I should have of this huge triangle of 2 billion people over on the other side of the Earth. I've never been there, I'm not familiar with it. I've seen lots of movies of it, heard lots about it, read lots about it, & I feel like I know it almost from our own videos now, but I've never been there. I don't really know what it's like to live there & put up with whatever you have to put up with, mosquitoes & vermin & all kinds of varmints & heat & monsoons, what do they call them over here in the Philippines, something else, they've got some other name for them,--typhoons. Monsoons over here & typhoons over here, & over here they're hurricanes. Ha! Well, a skunk by another name smells just as bad, & they're just big storms.

       38. BUT WE HAVE NOT PUSHED THIS AREA AS MUCH AS WE SHOULD. I'm ashamed to say, & I'll confess it. May God forgive me for being so slow to see the picture as I should have. But until I got pressured & really pushed as you notice sometimes when it comes that I've got to make a decision, the Lord really puts the screws on me. Well, thank God at least I know what it ain't. Now I know where it am!

       39. AND THE LORD SHOWED ME VERY CLEARLY that now we've convinced the Family they need to go South & half of 'em have moved South, thank God, now they're going to if necessary have to fly halfway around the world from South America to Southeast Asia, in order to get enough Family to come this way. But thank God there're still a lot of Europeans who haven't moved yet & they didn't know it was possible maybe,--India sounds so far away.

       40. SOUTHEAST ASIA SOUNDS SO FAR AWAY because it's so far away in culture & in history & just in people's minds! What they don't realise is that it's just as close as South America! It's exactly the same distance from Western Europe to Peru as it is from Europe to India! Think of that!

       41. I DON'T THINK THE EUROPEANS REALLY REALISE. I never realised it myself! My God, forgive me for my dumbness!--That I didn't wake up sooner before so many of these sheep went astray the wrong direction. But maybe some of'm'll be needed somewhere there, I don't know.

       42. ANYWAY, FOR GOD'S SAKE WE DON'T WANT ANYBODY ELSE GOING TO SOUTH AMERICA--PERIOD! It's got enough Family already. Too many! We need to shift some of the South American Family clear over here halfway around the world to Southeast Asia in this area, where there are 5 times as many people to be reached with the gospel & 5 times as many souls to be won & where they are seeming to become more receptive & responsive all the time. Have you been thrilled with those Indian videos? And the videos from all over this whole area,--it's terrific!

       43. IT'S PITIFUL HOW LONG WE'VE NEGLECTED THESE FIELDS! And it's marvellous & a miracle of God how long some of that fruit has remained in spite of neglect. In spite of almost total, what shall I say, lack of recognition, lack of attention, & almost being ignored, compared with the emphasis we've put on Latin America & the Caribbean.

       44. WELL THANK GOD HE'S BEGINNING TO WAKE US UP. I've had several revelations lately about India. And now as I've studied the situation to find out why, it was a shock to me to see the stats & to see that we have been neglecting this huge monstrous area. The Family's been neglecting & I've been neglecting, I've failed to push & promote it like I should have. I failed to get enough of them to go there.

       45. WE'RE EVEN LATE IN TELLING 'EM NOW TO GO TO SOUTH AFRICA, we've been there, we've pioneered it & we think they ought to go. It's really a place to go & there's a lot of ministries that can happen there. It's a rich country, nearly all Christians,--they just need our message, need liberation, need to be taught to be happy & witnessing, soul-winning Christians.--Even FFing Christians.

       46. FFing IS A TERRIFIC FIELD THERE as our own dear Maria & Sue found out. I mean those hotels there full of those wandering businessmen & businessmen's conventions are fishing pools where the fish are jumping all over each other to get into the boat! And so it's a real field, Praise God! So we've been there, but considering the small population there, we're not even counting Africa into this present picture although we are certainly urging people to go to South Africa as well.

       47. BUT RIGHT NOW AT THE TOP OF THE LIST IS INDIA where we still have good fruit that has remained, has kept going for l0 years, 5 to l0 years some of them, continued to witness even though totally neglected & on their own,--almost leaderless, so little leadership. Samson & Ara deserted them, went into the system, compromised for gain, for their fathers' money, their two millionaire fathers' money & support, so they had to have nothing to do with the Family, & cut off from the Family. Even though they still communicate they don't want anybody to know & they don't want to go anywhere near the Family lest they be associated with them.

       48. SO THE PRIMARY PIONEERS OF INDIA whom we were hoping would take ahold & get the leadership & really do a good job are hiding in New Delhi. They pioneered the field & they did a good job for a while, but now they've gotten off the track & gone astray & bogged down in the system for support so that God is raising up new fresh leadership. Samson & Ara are kind of like the old Chain.

       49. GOD IS NOW HAVING TO RAISE UP NEW, FRESH LEADERSHIP COMPLETELY. And we're seeing the results,--we're seeing on these videos the time-tested, the proven leadership. And we don't all have to wonder now who's going to be a leader. They're already leaders. We've already seen it. Keda's already finding them. They're the people who have lasted through this famine, so to speak, of leadership & fellowship, that have stood firm & lasted & kept going & have proven themselves already to be leaders.

       50. WE NEED TO FIND'M & PUT'EM IN CHARGE & help 'em all we can, support 'em all we can, push 'em all we can, furnish 'em with all the guidance & leadership we can. What we need to do is push 'em. We need to encourage 'em. We need to support 'em. We need to recruit for them. All they're saying is, "We just need more help, we need more people. We'll do the job,--if you'll just give us the tools, we'll do the job!"

       51. OUR FAMILY SHOULD BE GOING TO THE SOUTHEAST, SOUTHEAST ASIA, OR THIS SOUTHEAST TRIANGLE that we've been speaking of, including India & its surrounding countries & Indonesia & its surrounding countries, Southeast Asia, Philippines,--most of this is very poor, especially India & some of the East Indies. The Philippines are a little bit better off. Of course Australia we're not even counting because I don't consider that a mission field. That should be a recruiting field, that should be considered a home field & people ought to get out of there & go North into the mission field,--and we've said plenty about that already.

       52. WE'VE TOLD THE AUSTRALIANS TO GO INTO THIS FIELD. We've even told the Commonwealth people to go into this field. It's time we start telling whoever can get in there,--Americans, Europeans, Australians, Russians, Chinese, whatever need to get into this field, this huge monstrous triangle of nearly 2 billion people here in the Southeast of Asia & its surrounding islands.

       53. BUT THESE FIELDS ARE SO POOR THEY NEED MORE SUPPORT THAN THE RICHER FIELDS. By comparison even South America looks rich and well able to support itself. Even after the USA & Europe are blown up & gone & there's no more home support from up in the North for the missionaries in the South of South America,--these people I expect to easily be able to survive & live off the land if they have to, without too many problems, compared to the people in the Southeast who are already starving to death or very poor & can't even support themselves, much less us!

       54. SO HERE IN THE SOUTHEAST--INDIA, SOUTHEAST ASIA & THE ISLANDS--IS WHERE THE FINANCIAL NEED IS GOING TO BE. We need people-power here, personnel, man-power. And we need money-power here,--we need funds to help finance them here. They're going to need help to get there & to stay there. And we've got to figure out some way to help them as long as we can. Now before the war obliterates Europe or knocks it out for a while anyhow, my first suggestion is this of course, & that is for everybody going there, whether they're going from North America, Europe, South America, or whatever, is to take as much money with you as you possibly can.

       55. GET HOME SUPPORT & GET IT ALL & GET ALL YOU CAN, all while you still can get it before they're gone, & take it with you & invest it there where it'll be well invested & reap billions of souls, God willing,--let's hope at least millions for the Kingdom of God. At least it's got that potential. At least reach them through the message. What they do with it, that's up to them. But we need the people who're going there to take as much money with them as they can, because it needs not only people, it needs not only man-power, it needs money.

       56. AND THEY SHOULD TAKE AS MUCH MATERIALS AS THEY CAN, equipment, because it's a destitute area concerning any type of equipment of any kind that could be useful, office equipment, video equipment, camera equipment, musical equipment, whatever,--this area's poor, has little or nothing & it's very difficult to find anything there. There are very few places. There are a few places where you can buy things & even buy 'em cheaper than almost any place in the world,--free ports where they get these Japanese imports, etc., from those amazingly productive Japanese, & all kinds of electronic goods & instruments & office equipment, videos, everything you can imagine & where you can even buy 'em cheaper there. But then, when you start importing into these other countries, there's a problem. They want to charge you 3 to 6 times as much for the equipment to try to take it into India as it's worth, as you bought it for.

       57. APPARENTLY THEY WANT TO CONTROL THE INFORMATION IN INDIA & THE TELEVISION SETS & ALL THE REST, they don't want you watching anything but Indian TV! And get their information, their propaganda & that's that. Besides they're a little leery of having you take pictures of some of these places where they're having trouble.

       58. THEY'RE AFRAID YOU MIGHT BE A JOURNALIST, cameraman for the networks or papers, & you may go back & spread all this garbage someplace else, like the BBC men do--go down to South Africa, & how they manage to wiggle & worm & squirm & weasel their way in I don't know! And take all these pictures & everything, & go back & use it as nothing but blasting blighting propaganda against South Africa on BBC. It is horrible!

       59. I THINK THE SOUTH AFRICANS ARE A LITTLE BIT TOO LENIENT & A LITTLE BIT DUMB. They even let us walk in there with everything we had without even a question, without cracking a suitcase I don't think. Nothing! They need to wake up! Not everybody that comes to South Africa's a friend! They're so anxious to have people come & be friendly & win friends for South Africa that they're willing, I tell you, to let almost anybody in & bring anything with you! Because they're losing people rather than gaining people. People are moving out because they're scared it's going to be overrun by the Blacks!

       60. IT WAS ONE PLACE WE LIVED WHERE THEY NEVER QUESTIONED, never opened our baggage, they never questioned our equipment, anything. They were almost eager to have us come & tried to be as friendly as they possibly could be. The only thing they haven't liked is some of our lit. As long as you don't pass it out, they won't know who you are & they won't mind. They'll love to have you come.

       61. THE ONLY SIGNIFICANT IMMIGRATION THEY'VE HAD LATELY IS FROM FORMER RHODESIA: Rhodesians who consider themselves still Rhodesians & not Zimbabweans & they're pouring in, I think about, I forget how many tens of thousands of them've already immigrated into South Africa,--fed up with the Communist government of Zimbabwe. It is supposedly a non-Communist government, but I told you they were Communists, & every Rhodesian you talk to who's left there tells you the same story. And probably all the ones that are still there know it too.

       62. BUT ANYHOW THE GOOD SOUTH AFRICANS WERE VERY HOSPITABLE TO US & received us with open arms & were good to us & friendly & they just bent over backwards trying to help us, do everything they could for us. So I have nothing but good to say about South Africa, except that because of the preponderance of poor Blacks there's an awful lot of stealing & robbery & thefts & even violence & it's growing.

       63. THE AMOUNT OF CRIME IN SOUTH AFRICA IS GROWING BY LEAPS & BOUNDS because of this & encouraged of course by their enemies who arm the robbers & arm the thieves & arm the terrorists, the Communists. I'm sure that probably most of these arms & pistols & everything else they get, it comes straight from Communist countries & provided by the Communists. Well, that's another story. We're talking about the East now & I've got to finish.

       64. FOR GOD'S SAKE, GO TO THE SOUTHEAST, ASIA & ITS ENVIRONS, BUT FOR YOUR OWN SAKE BRING PLENTY OF MONEY! Keep Southeast Asia green with greenbacks! OK? And be prepared to have to make long visa trips over water, expensive, & short stays, because not many of these countries allow you to stay 6 months like they do in South America, with visas easily renewed just by crossing the border & jumping back in like in Spain--but instead you only get maybe l or 2 months & then you gotta move or go out & come back & sometimes you can't even come back.

       65. IT'S A DIFFICULT FIELD, & there's all kinds of reasons why not too many of the Family have gone there already,--not even the Australians who live there. But you've gotta go there just the same. Just be sure you have home support.--OK? Tks! GBY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family