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HERE & NOW FOR THERE & THEN!        DFO 1092        1/11/81
--Your learning will never be lost!--It'll all be used someday!
--So learn all you can!--Your kids too! It's Forever!

       1. IT'S EVIDENT FROM THE BIBLE RECORDS ABOUT ANGELS, ETC., THAT THEY HAVE TO GO FROM PLACE TO PLACE, they're not omnipresent & they're not even omniscient! They don't know everything, & they have to learn, & from what I've learned from Abrahim, they even make a few mistakes!--Ha!

       2. SO WE'RE NOT ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY PERFECT IN THE NEXT WORLD, we'll still be in a sense partly human & partly divine, and we'll still be using--I really believe--a lot of the knowledge, experience & skill that we have learned in this World, God's going to put it to use in the Next World.

       3. --ESPECIALLY SINCE WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS, THE WICKED WHO REMAIN, & they've got to carry on pretty much the same way they always have & live pretty much the same way they have. They'll be living in a perfectly natural physical more or less normal realm that they've always been in, and they'll have to work with what they've got. And our knowledge of that & what they've got is going to come in very handy.

       4. --JUST LIKE JESUS' KNOWLEDGE OF HIS VISIT TO EARTH & HIS EXPERIENCE OF BEING A HUMAN & what humans have to go through, I think the Scripture makes that very clear, it made Him a better High Priest. "He was not untouched with the feeling of our infirmities" etc. because He'd been through it Himself & He understood it & He knew it. (He.4:15) This added to His knowledge & experience which He was able to carry over then into the next World in our favour & our behalf as our Mediator & High Priest. That's very clear from the Scripture.

       5. SO I THINK WE'RE GOING TO DO THE SAME FROM OUR KNOWLEDGE IN THIS MUNDANE WORLD that we now live in & our experience & our skills & our knowledge & the talents & things we have & learned, we are going to be able to apply those things practically in the next World, in the Kingdom of God on Earth in the Millennium! I really believe it!

       6. I'VE HAD SOME REVELATIONS ALONG THAT LINE THAT I THINK CONFIRM IT, & I think the Scripture confirms it. As I've said before, it's not going to be just floating on a cloud playing a harp! I don't even know how to play a harp so I doubt very much if I'll be playing one there! I'll probably be writing Letters or something!--Ha!--Or helpin' get things organised!

       7. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO SUDDENLY BE LIKE GOD & KNOW EVERYTHING ANY MORE THAN THE ANGELS! Neither are the angels omniscient like God; they know only what God wants'm to know & they have to know. Like some of those funny stories & movies you've probably seen about the little amateur angel that's making all the mistakes & everything! What was the name of that thing? It was so funny!

       8. IT WAS A COMIC STRIP THAT WAS ADAPTED FROM BARNABY, WASN'T IT? It was adapted from that same idea. He was a little angel who looked like a Systemite with a suit, coat & tie & a hat, but he was going around trying to help people & quite often making mistakes & doing a little too much, over-doing it or turning things upside-down! It was really funny! And "Casper the Ghost", that's another example!

       9. I ALWAYS LOVED THOSE STORIES & MOVIES ABOUT ANGELS BECAUSE IT'S REALLY AN INTERESTING SUBJECT. We've had a few experiences & my mother had, & the Bible talks a lot about them, & what I told you today about Gabriel & things like that. I mean, we've got a lot to learn. Buddy! And one of the things we're going to learn is that things aren't going to be entirely different, they're going to be a lot different, but they're not going to be totally different.

       10. JUST LIKE PAUL SAID, "WE SHALL ALL BE CHANGED IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE AT THE LAST TRUMP," etc. (1Cor.15:51,52), & he talked about death. Well, you're going to be different, & yet how different? All we know is "we shall be like Him" when we know things then much the same as now. (1Jn.3:2) He could sit down & eat & drink & talk to people & show'm scars & things like that after His resurrection.

       11. SO THE CHURCH REALLY MISLED THE PEOPLE INTO THINKING THINGS ARE GOING TO BE SO DIFFERENT. I mean, it's just out of this World, completely unrelated to their personal human Earthly experience so that they don't even hardly think about it. They don't even think that what they have learned here is even going to be useful or even ever used at all.

       12. AND THAT SORT OF GIVES YOU THE FEELING, "WELL, MAYBE THE WHOLE THING'S A WASTE OF TIME! Who cares about what I learn or don't learn here & my experience here & everything else? Who cares? I'm going to die & go to Heaven one of these days & forget the whole works!"--No you're not! You're going to die & go to Earth, & probably use the whole works!--In the Heaven-on-Earth Millennium!

       13. I GAVE OUR STATISTICIANS A LITTLE ENCOURAGING CHEERING UP TALK about their hard job & everything, I said, "Don't feel like it's all wasted & that you're not going to use all you're learning now, because you'll probably use it there!"

       14. I GOT MY EYES SORT OF OPENED ALONG THAT LINE BY AVAK because the Lord had really shown him a lot along the line of what the Millennium was going to be like; he was particularly interested in the Millennium. I guess he figured the New Heaven & the New Earth could take care of itself, or God would take care of it, but he knew we were going to have a very active part & a very partly human part, in a way, in the organising & the running of the Millennium, the Kingdom of God on Earth. And the Lord had even showed him the plan for the villages & the towns.

       15. LET'S FACE IT, MAN, WE'VE GOT A WHOLE WORLD FULL OF UNGODLY UNREGENERATE WICKED PEOPLE THAT AREN'T SAVED & MAYBE NEVER WILL BE--at least most of'm from the looks of the way things turn out in the end in the Battle of Gog & Magog & the destruction of the whole Earth & them--so we're really going to have to be on the ball & know an awful lot about organisation & government & salvaging what's left of the Earth etc., & the main thing being to show the World the way things should have been & could have been & would have been if they'd voluntarily co-operated with the Lord--& then they're going to have to whether they like it or not!

       16. SO I THINK WE'RE REALLY GOING TO NEED A LOT OF THIS KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE THAT WE'RE GETTING NOW. Why do you think the Lord's letting us get it all?--Just to throw it away? I don't believe it! I mean, all the stories I've heard about afterdeath experiences & everything convince me more & more that all of this is going to be put to use, not only here, but hereafter in the coming Kingdom of Christ on Earth, as well as who knows how far beyond that!

       17. EVEN IN THE NEW HEAVEN & THE NEW EARTH WE'VE STILL GOT PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE CITY WHO ARE STILL REALLY LEARNING & being fed & healed & changed & apparently taught. Who's going to do it?--Obviously us! Who else?--As they are gradually indoctrinated & conditioned for this New World in which they're going to be living, & trained to accept the things they didn't accept, & how to live & glorify God & be restored, reconstituted, regenerated...what's the word I'm searching for? What do they call that doctrine? The churches have a word for it because they don't believe it, they call it names! (Maria: Reconciliation.) Yes, reconciled, eventual reconciliation, Universal Reconciliation, that's what they call it.

       18. THEY MAKE FUN OF IT & SAY, "OH, YOU BELIEVE THAT EVENTUALLY EVERYBODY'S GOING TO BE SAVED!" No I don't! Not the same way we're saved. Today's saved are a special elite class, the only ones that are going to be allowed in the City. But we're going to go out & minister to them, & compared to what life was like previously on Earth they're going to feel like they're saved for sure from that mess! They're not going to be saved like us in the City, but things are going to be Heaven on Earth comparatively speaking.

       19. BUT I REALLY BELIEVE WE'RE GOING TO USE THE KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE WE HAVE ALREADY GAINED--talents, gifts, skills, everything!--Particularly in the Millennium when we still have carnal people to deal with & a carnal Earthly situation, much like it is now with the exception that the Curse is removed, enmity between man & animals is removed, the thorns & whatnot are removed.

       20. EXCEPT THERE WILL BE INDIVIDUAL CURSES ON INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE or nations who even under those circumstances refuse to obey. That's very clear in Zechariah that if any nation refuses to obey the Word of the Lord which comes from His Headquarters, He'll withhold their rain & curse them with drought etc. (Zech.14:16-19)

       21. SO HE WILL STILL BE OPERATING A GOOD DEAL THE SAME THEN AS HE IS NOW; He does that now, that's nothing new. So there's going to be a lot the same in the Coming World, especially the Kingdom of Christ on Earth in the Millennium. A lot's going to be different, but things are going to be a lot the same, enough the same in that we'll still be able to use our knowledge, skills, talents, gifts, experience etc. that we have gained in this life, & it's going to carry over & be useful in that. If that weren't so, it's all wasted, & I don't believe that! I don't believe God's wasted all these years of training & learning languages & all kinds of things.

       22. WE'LL HAVE ALL KINDS OF SUPERNATURAL HELP & POWER & KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM & DIRECTION & EVERYTHING ELSE, SOME OF WHICH WE'VE ALREADY GOT! Paul says that the Spirit & His gifts are a taste of things to come, they're "the earnest of our inheritance", they're a sample. (Ep.l:13,14)

       23. SO IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HEAVEN'S GOING TO BE LIKE, SAMPLE US!--Sample our Homes, sample our experiences in the Spirit, sample our gifts of the Spirit! Except that these are all going to be in complete full total operation in the next World without any hindrances or "seeing through a glass darkly" (1Co.13:12) or playing around with them like little kids!

       24. WE'RE GOING TO BE FULL-GROWN & MATURE & WE'LL HAVE ALL THESE GIFTS--ALL OF'M!--& THE WISDOM HOW TO USE'M! I believe it!--In full power!--Not just partially, not just seeing through a knothole like Paul suggests, or a piece of dark glass, "seeing through a glass darkly". What kind of glass is he talking about? He must have been talking about stained glass or smoked glass, or maybe he was talking about the lousy mirrors they used to have in those days!--Or the lousy windows, they were pretty crinkly & all that. But we're going to see everything clearly then.

       25. HE DIDN'T SAY THAT YOUR SIGHT'S GOING TO BE CHANGED, He didn't say that you're not going to see some of the same things, He just said you're going to see it clearer. You're going to see things as they really are, not kind of like I have dreams & visions now in which I don't get everything perfectly clear & I feel like I'm almost looking through a fog sometimes & not everything is exactly sharp in focus always. Sometimes they're extremely vivid & clear, but everything is going to be perfectly clear then & we'll see & know "even as also we are known," He says. See? (1Co.13:12)

       26. HOW WILL WE KNOW? WHO'S HE TALKING ABOUT?--KNOWN BY THEM, OF COURSE! They know the thoughts & intents of our heart--the spiritual beings, angels, God--they know what we're thinking, they can read our minds. Well, those will be great assets & great tools in running the World of Tomorrow!

       27. NOBODY'S GOING TO BE ABLE TO LIE TO US! You damn liars & cheaters & deceivers are not going to be able to kid us! We'll read your minds, even the thoughts & intents of your hearts! Not just what's going through your heads but what it really means, the whole works!

       28. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A LOT OF HELPS & A LOT OF GIFTS OF GOD'S SPIRIT & HELPERS to really make the job effective & easier, in a way. But it's not going to be all that different that it's going to be totally unfamiliar & as totally unrelated as the church has made it out to be, to where the Heavenly experience is so unrelated to the Earthly experience that church members today can't even comprehend it! I mean, it's so totally different the way they picture it, so completely unrelated that they can't even relate to it at all!

       29. IT'S TOTALLY FOREIGN TO THEM, SO THEY FIGURE, "WELL, WHY WORRY ABOUT IT? Just forget it! What I'm doing here & now has nothing to do with what I'm going to be there & then." I think then it gives them a kind of a feeling of futility about this present life & its experience, & the quicker they can get it over with, the better! "After all, it hasn't got anything to do with Heaven. I'm going to be a different person there, entirely different doing something entirely different that has nothing to do with this Earth or people or anything!"--& therefore they don't even relate to it.

       30. NO WONDER THEY SOMETIMES EVEN ACT LIKE THEY MIGHT AS WELL DO THINGS ANY WAY THEY WANT TO DOWN HERE, because it's got nothing to do with Heaven! In fact, most of the church people I ever knew were building for this Earth & this life like they expected to live here forever! Right? And then pretty soon they have to kiss it all good-bye. Well, they'll leave the things behind.

       31. IT SAYS WE BROUGHT NOTHING INTO THIS WORLD WITH US, & NEITHER WILL WE TAKE ANYTHING OUT OF IT! (1Ti.6:7) Thing, no things, no material things, no material possessions or wealth or anything like that. But it's quite obvious we're going to take our children & the souls we win & our knowledge & experience & all of that with us, we'll still have that there. And after death experiences have confirmed that, all those things. My experiences, revelations, Bible, I think it all shows that.

       32. SO I THINK PEOPLE NEED TO REMEMBER THAT EVERYTHING THEY'RE LEARNING NOW & doing now & decisions they're making now & experiences they're having now are a part of their schooling & training here & now to be used there & then! Otherwise it's a total waste of time except for what little we accomplish here--which isn't very much comparatively speaking.

       33. I WAS THINKING ABOUT THE APPLE! Who knows but what we're going to still be using Apples, or at least the World will still be using Apples! (The latest mini-computers for offices--the typewriters that think!--Ha!) It's not a destructive instrument. "Nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Mountain" (Is.11:9); well, we're not planning to destroy anybody with computers like the military men are; we may still be using those things in the Millennium!--Or the World may still be usin'm!

       34. THEY'RE STILL IN NATURAL BODIES, UNCHANGED, UNREGENERATE, STILL WITH ALL THE SAME PROBLEMS & everything else, except things are going to be a little easier for them. At least they won't have to run the government & it'll be a nice fair, equitable, just government & they won't have to contend with injustice--we'll be the government! And I think we're going to run it, not only from new knowledge & power & revelation etc., but very much from what experience we have already gained & languages we've already learned & people we've already known & places that we are already familiar with that we know about already.

       35. WE'RE NOT GOING TO SUDDENLY RECEIVE SOME GIFT OF ABSOLUTE TOTAL OMNISCIENCE so that we know everything like God, not even the angels have that. I believe we are going to carry our experience with us over into the next life--& I am convinced of it! I can not just say I believe it, I know it from the Bible & my experiences, after death experiences, Scripture, everything, & just common sense & logic!

       36. IT WOULD BE FOOLISH FOR GOD TO THROW AWAY ALL THIS INFORMATION & input that we've got up here in our little computers & erase the whole works & start with a blank! Isn't that ridiculous! Or give us some whole new disc to stick in there of totally unrelated unknown & unexperienced experiences or knowledge.

       37. WE'RE NOT GOING TO BE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSONALITY. I mean, if this was all lost we'd be a completely changed different personality altogether, we wouldn't even be the same people! We're even going to be recognisable physically! Well, why not mentally & culturally as well?

       38. IF WE WEREN'T VERY MUCH THE SAME IN ALL OF THESE OTHER ASPECTS, WE WOULDN'T REALLY BE THE SAME PERSONALITY, RIGHT? I believe it, I really do! I believe we're going to carry with us everything beneficial that we have learned from this life into the next--& not for nothing--but to be used there beneficially for the benefit of others to help us run the World!

       39. WHO BETTER COULD GOD PICK TO RUN SOME SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRY THAN THE DEAR LABOURING SLAVING MISSIONARIES who have been over there suffering & know the people & the language & the places & the culture & all about that country as much as anybody in our Family or in the Christian Family of the World could possibly know!

       40. I BELIEVE GOD IS GOING TO TAKE OUR FAMILY & THE CHRISTIANS WHO ARE ALREADY IN URUGUAY, UNDOUBTEDLY, TO RUN URUGUAY! Why not? Why should He take some poor folks from Hong Kong or somewhere to run Uruguay in a kind of an upset the fruit basket musical chairs deal? It would be silly!

       41. GOD'S MOST LIKELY GOING TO TAKE CHRISTIAN OFFICIALS & CHRISTIAN PEOPLE & CHRISTIAN LEADERS & CHRISTIAN FAMILIES WHO ARE ALREADY THERE & URUGUAYANS & CHRISTIANS, only now they're going to be the top dogs! Instead of having to work for the Devil's System & the ungodly, the ungodly are going to be working for them! They know the country, the language, the people, they even know the individuals they're going to have to be dealing with! If they have to get on their cases, they know'm already & their problems & everything.

       42. WHO BETTER COULD GOD PICK TO RUN VENEZUELA BUT THE CHRISTIANS WHO ARE ALREADY THERE & know the country & the people & even individuals & the System & the places & the whole works!--Including His top elite corps of the most dedicated, which I believe are our Family, with a few exceptions.

       43. I REALLY EXPECT THE ONES WHO KNOW THE MOST ABOUT GOD & HIS PROGRAM & HIS SYSTEM & HIS WORD & who already have advance knowledge & experience in all these things, God's going to use them the most, probably to oversee these others. If the Christians & the Church people were never able to get along with us before, they're going to have to then, they're going to be working for us! Because they are Christians & God's going to be using'm. They're going to be supernatural as well as we, with supernatural bodies & special powers etc.

       44. BUT LIKE MAMA EVE SAW ONE TIME, in the Spirit she saw that to God, a lot of those Christians still looked like little babies playing around with toys--immature, undeveloped, retarded--& they're not going to be much different after they get their supernatural bodies!

       45. IT'S GOING TO BE THE SAME FOR THEM IN REVERSE RATIO: What they haven't learned & what they don't know! They're going to wind up with the same handicaps as they had here, & they've got a lot to learn, & we've got to help them help us run the World to help the Lord. Savvy?

       46. I REALLY BELIEVE THAT! I KNOW IT! IT'S GOT TO BE! How else could it be? God would be foolish if He didn't use all the talent & experience & knowledge & officership & ability that He can possibly find--just like He's doing it today, only He's going to do it then even moreso. We're going to have tremendous responsibilities!

       47. PROBABLY THOSE WHO HAVE TRAVELLED AROUND A LOT & BEEN USED IN A LOT OF DIFFERENT COUNTRIES & ministered in a lot of different ways, He'll probably use them as supervisors over the people that are pretty well stuck in one country or something. And those who have had a little organisational experience & supervisory experience, shepherding experience, He's going to put that all to work! I believe it! I know it! It's gotta be! It's just plain common sense! It's not going to be that uncommon. PTL!

       48. SO PTL! DON'T FEEL ALL THAT TIME SITTING THERE IN FRONT OF THAT APPLE COMPUTER LEARNING THE SYSTEMS IS NECESSARILY GOING TO BE WASTED! You may be having to teach some of these stupid idiots of the World how to use something simple for a change, or even something complicated, to help run their World. Because we're going to have to use them too, you know, trying to get them organised when they're still wilful & unregenerate & disobedient & stubborn. The only difference is, we're going to be able to force'm if we want to. If they won't do it willingly & cooperatively, we can make'm do it!--Or else!

       49. A LOT OF THAT STUFF YOU SEE IN "STAR TREK" ETC. where they freeze when they point their finger at'm or they disappear or they wind up in a different place or something, that's actually going to happen, we'll have such powers! That's one reason I enjoy "Star Trek", I think that guy was almost inspired! I got something out of that crazy story about that maniac, the Emperor of Gathos or whatever it was. I was thinking & praying about that, "Now Lord, something kind of rings a bell there!"

       50. THEY HAD THESE TWO LIGHTS APPEAR LIKE ANGELS OR SPIRITUAL PERSONAGES & all of a sudden as I was thinking about it, "There's something about that that I have a feeling I ought to know or I ought to grasp!" And it just came to me when I was really sort of asking the Lord--I don't know that I was really asking the Lord, but I was wanting to know--it just came to me like that, well, that's a pretty good illustration of God & the Holy Spirit, or God & His Mate in Heaven, & that naughty little boy was like a little devil, a naughty little demon!

       51. THEY HAD ALLOWED HIM TO GO SO FAR, BUT NOW THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE TO PUNISH HIM FOR MISUSING & ABUSING HIS POWER & OTHERS, & now he was going to have to get his spanking, the time of retribution, the time of punishment. Like the demon said to the Lord, "the time of torment". Their hour of torment hadn't yet come, "Are You going to torment us before the time?" (Mt.8:29)

       52. THE TIME'S COMING WHEN THEY'RE GOING TO BE TORMENTED, punished, chastised for their wickedness & their trouble-making until maybe they'll learn. What's the use of punishing people if it's totally impossible to ever teach'm anything & they'll never change, never regenerate, never learn? It looks to me like Hell would be a totally useless waste of time if it's used for nothing in the World but just to give people eternal suffering--which I don't think hardly anybody deserves!

       53. AFTER ALL, IT WASN'T ALTOGETHER THEIR FAULT, IT WAS PARTLY GOD! I agree with the sinners on that! I don't blame everything on God, I give Him the credit for a lot! But that's one reason He was willing to come down & suffer & die for us, because He knew a lot of it we couldn't help & He had to help us out of it. So nobody's got any excuse now.

       54. NOBODY SHOULD BE BLAMING EVERYTHING ON GOD LIKE THE JEWS DO WHEN HE HAS MADE A WAY OF ESCAPE, a way to get out, a way to get the victory, a way to overcome our sins & faults & shortcomings & problems & weaknesses etc. He has given us the Way, the Truth & the Life, Jesus! So that they're without excuse! (Jn.14:6)

       55. BECAUSE THERE IS A WAY, THERE IS A TRUTH & THERE IS A LIFE they can live which could be more overcoming & happier & more loving & would solve all their problems. The only thing that's going to be held against them is that they didn't take it! Because God has made it, so you can't blame Him now!

       56. HE'S PAID THE PRICE, HE'S MADE THE WAY, HE'S GIVEN'M THE MESSAGE, the Truth, & He can help'm to live the kind of a life they ought to live, so they've got no excuse. And that's the way they're going to be still in the Millennium, with all these people left behind, only we'll be there face-to-face with them, Brother!--Like angels aware!--And they're going to be face-to-face with us & have to face the spiritual World, super-natural World, Spirit World, World of the spirits!

       57. WE'RE GOING TO BE EMBODIED & VISIBLE & TOUCHABLE & ONLY UNTOUCHABLE WHEN THEY WANT TO DO US ANY HARM! We can also fade out of the picture like in the transporters in "Star Trek"!--Ha!--Disappear here & appear there etc.! We're just going to have everything we've got now, all this & Heavenly talents too, Heavenly powers too, to help us do the job, & Heavenly authority over them.

       58. THERE'S NOTHING MORE THEY'LL BE ABLE TO DO TO US THEN, whatever they do will only hurt themselves or other wicked people, & we'll be able to stop'm if it has to be done!--Starve'm or stop'm or whatever needs to be done to force'm to straighten out & obey! If they don't choose willingly to obey then, they're going to be compelled to obey.

       59. AND I BELIEVE THAT'S GOING TO BE ANOTHER SIFTING TIME, REALLY. They won't be saved the same way. Some people think maybe they're going to be saved then, well, maybe there will be a way for them to be saved then if they'll then believe, having seen. The Lord commends those even now who, having not seen, yet they have believed. He chided Thomas, "Because you've seen Me, you've believed." But He said, "Even more blessed are they who having not seen, yet have believed." (Jn.20:29)

       60. SO GOD'S GOT ALL KINDS OF CLASSES EVEN AMONGST THE SAVED, & I believe there are going to be classes & degrees amongst the unsaved or the wicked who remain on this Earth, or the unbelieving, whatever they are. And I believe that some are going to be, you might say, good people, & some really bad people. Because He definitely indicates in the Scripture that He's going to bless the countries that obey.

       61. NOW WHY WOULD THEY OBEY UNLESS THEY BELIEVE & RECEIVE HIS AUTHORITY & DO WHAT HE TELLS THEM TO DO?--Or what we tell them to do, really. Huh? Well, if He blesses them that much, then He must be going to have further blessings for them, & a better place for them in the next World--not in the City, perhaps, but somewhere, maybe out ruling the World that's outside! Savvy?--He says they'll have kings & nations!--Rev.21:24.

       62. I DON'T THINK GOD'S GOING TO LOSE ANYTHING, I DON'T THINK ANYTHING'S GOING TO BE LOST. Science says that no sound is ever lost, no material is ever lost, it only goes from one form to another. Nothing that God ever made really is lost, & I don't think you & I are going to be either! Some people are lost already & already condemned, He says, but I don't believe they're going to be lost forever. I think He's going to reclaim'm & reconstitute'm & regenerate'm--if not now, in the next life!

       63. WE'RE THE ELITE, WE'RE ACCEPTING IT ALL VOLUNTARILY NOW, & Him & His will, being led of His Spirit & spirits now. So we're going to get a special reward, we who have received Jesus as our Saviour now will be the only ones to walk the streets of that marvellous City! Beautiful! I mean, it's just beyond expression!

       64. BUT WHAT ABOUT THEM? WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE IN THE MILLENNIUM WHO DO BELIEVE & DO REPENT & DO RECEIVE, are they going to be saved like us? Well, maybe so, maybe some, but there are sure going to be a hell of a lot of them to bring a lot of Hell back on Earth again when the Devil's released in the Battle of Gog & Magog!--Rev.20:7-9. But God's first going to give them a chance without the opposition of the Enemy, think of that!--And with the personal presence of their best Friend--Jesus--& us!

       65. GOD'S GOING TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE UNDER THE MOST IDEAL CONDITIONS TO BELIEVE & TO ACCEPT & RECEIVE & OBEY! I'm convinced that there was a chance for those spirits in prison, those folks in Hell, when Jesus went down there & preached to them, for them to be released or get out or have a chance to receive or reject what He had to say or do, or why else would He have gone there? (Mt.12:40; 1Pe.3:19) If they had a chance, you might say, as some churches call it, that's a second chance. Well, so what?

       66. ALL RIGHT, WE PREACH A SECOND CHANCE!--Not for the same kind of salvation nor the same kind of reward nor the same kind of place in Heaven, but a second chance to believe & receive & obey when they see it all by sight. We get special commendation for believing & receiving & obeying by faith. Then faith won't even be necessary, they can see it! Of course they're going to believe it! "No man shall say, `Know the Lord', for all shall know Him!" Right? (Jer.31:34)

       67. THEY SAY, "SHOW ME & I'LL BELIEVE IT!" THE WORLD'S MOTTO IS, "SEEING IS BELIEVING!" God's motto for us now is, "Believing is seeing!" Well, if they are going to believe when they see, well, then why shouldn't the Lord bless them somehow?--If not with our kind of salvation, some kind of salvation, reclamation, reconciliation, & reward them accordingly in the next life, which for them will be the New Earth & New Heaven.

       68. BUT HE'LL ALSO JUDGE & PUNISH ACCORDINGLY THOSE WHO, EVEN AFTER THEY SEE IT & SEE US & HIM, REBEL & defy & go into open rebellion again against the Kingdom of God, under Satan when he's released! Of how much sorer punishment should they be accounted worthy who having had this virtually seeing, feeling experience, still have rejected it--& rejected us & Him!--The minute they get a chance under the Devil's leadership to come out in the open in open rebellion again, they do it, so God has to wipe'm all out!

       69. I BELIEVE THERE'S GOING TO BE DIFFERENCES & God is going to start reclaiming His creation even during the Millennium. A lot of people are going to be reconciled & saved in some way from what otherwise they might have been or what might have happened to them, by having some kind of a choice then.

       70. IF JESUS WAS WILLING TO GO TO THE HEART OF THE EARTH, TO HELL, & RESCUE SOME PEOPLE--or try to rescue'm by preaching to them then--spirits in prison--how much more so if we are left here on this Earth with a bunch of unsaved people, some good & some bad, why shouldn't He have us preach to them yet in a way that they might repent & change & turn, & having seen, believe & receive & follow?

       71. SO I DON'T EVEN THINK ALL THE WITNESSING WE'RE DOING NOW IS WASTED, THAT SOMETIMES SEEMS USELESS & HOPELESS & falls on deaf ears & unbelieving hearts now; but who knows, maybe when they wake up in the next World--at least in the Millennium after the wars & everything, if they survive'm--maybe they'll remember all that & be instant believers!

       72. MAYBE WHEN THEY COME TO THE REALITY OF THE MILLENNIUM & actually see the reality of the supernatural & the miraculous--us & our power & everything--how much more they'll believe then!--If they are even a little bit inclined to believe now, or even listen, at least, maybe they'll make a final decision then to receive.

       73. I BELIEVE GOD'S GOING TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE, I REALLY BELIEVE IT! And I believe that Scripture, although it's not always out in the open & clear about it, I think it sure indicates that He's going to give them another chance--maybe not at the same reward or salvation, but in a sense, a second chance to at least better themselves & be better off than they would have been. I really believe it.

       74. THAT'S WHY I REALLY BELIEVE THAT GOD WILL CONTINUE TO USE ALL OF OUR KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE, ETC., THAT WE ARE GAINING NOW. Just imagine, come the Millennium--let's make it real simple, a childlike illustration--if it happened right now & you were there & here it is & this is it & we're sitting here talking about these things, & you decide to go down & talk to Hymie. He's ashamed because he didn't really appreciate you & understand, but now he understands why he was led to be so good to you.

       75. "THE JEWS REQUIRE A SIGN," God's Word says, "they seek a sign, they require a sign." With them, seeing is believing, they've got to see it. I think a lot of them are going to believe then, in fact, the Bible says so! It says when they see Him they're going to repent & there's going to be a great mourning, "as the mourning of Hadadrimmon, as the mourning after an only son." (Ze.12:10,11) ("Surely Thou hast revealed such mysteries unto their father!")

       76. A LOT OF PEOPLE, A LOT OF JEWS ARE GOING TO RECOGNISE JESUS THEN, WHOM THEY PIERCED & PERSECUTED; when they look on Him then they're going to repent & be sorry.--Too late, I think, to have the same salvation we have, but not too late for some kind of salvation, some kind of reconciliation, some kind of reward for repenting, believing, receiving & obeying then after they've seen Him return in power & glory!

       77. THEN WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO TO & TALK TO & SAY, "HI! REMEMBER?" Enrique? Let's go take a little quick flight down to Tenerife--we don't even have to have a reservation--& let's see all the old friends down there & all those rascals that we spent so much time FFing & witnessing to & who were, some of them, just scoffers & unworthy, & others who really did receive it the best they knew how but never seemed to quite make it all the way.

       78. HOW DO YOU THINK ENRIQUE'S GOING TO RECEIVE YOU when you go back to really love him up good the way you always wanted to but never had a chance to?--Ha! (Maria: I don't know if I want to!) Come on! Honey, you still love Enrique, don't you?--I do! (Maria: Yes, I do really.) And I think you'll want to go back & say, "What do you think about it now? Huh? How 'bout it now! We were right, weren't we!"--Ha! Isn't that going to be a thrill!

       79. I THINK HALF THE FUN OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH, THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM, IS GOING TO BE TO GO BACK TO SOME OF THESE GUYS & SAY, "HA, HA, I TOLD YOU SO!"--Ha! Right? "I told you so! You wouldn't believe me, but here it is!--Now do you believe?" And I think a lot of those people are really going to receive it.

       80. IT'S OBVIOUS FROM THIS DESCRIPTION OF THE MILLENNIUM THAT THERE ARE GOING TO BE MANY WHO RECEIVE IT & obey & are blessed by the Lord, & others who will still rebel. So He's going to weed'm out then, He's going to divide the sheep from the goats even then, & there'll be another sifting of the ones who even having SEEN yet will not believe, "though one should come back from the dead"! (Lk.16:3l)

       81. THEY'RE GOING TO SEE YOU, YOU HAVE COME BACK FROM THE DEAD, but they still won't believe & they'll still be rebellious & as wicked as the Devil himself! And they'll have to have a few more years in Purgatory or the Lake of Fire to kind of purge them & burn it all out of them until at least they can be trusted to come on to perhaps the outside Earth & be our serfs & slaves & the dogs that He pictures outside. Those who really didn't deserve much but punishment, I think He's even going to make them into some kind of useful--if not a citizen--at least a slave in the Kingdom of God. (Rev.22:14-15.)

       82. EVERYTHING IN THIS LIFE IS SOME KIND OF A PICTURE OF THE WORLD TO COME. Everything in this life is related, & the Lord Himself has made this reference or relationship or comparisons all through the Bible about fathers & sons & all kinds of things.

       83. AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, NEARLY EVERYTHING IN THIS LIFE IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF SOMETHING IN THE SPIRIT WORLD. Well all right then, there you are! That's another proof that what relationships are here now are going to be carried over & be also similarly related in the next World.

       84. SO THAT IF THE LORD IS GIVING PEOPLE A CHANCE HERE, HE'S CERTAINLY GOING TO GIVE THE DESERVING A CHANCE THERE. Maybe the ones who never had a chance to hear the Gospel & never really got the news--whom we failed & really their blood's on our hands--maybe God's going to give them their chance then.

       85. SO PTL! ISN'T THAT INTERESTING? I mean, that makes things of the future & the next World much more real, at least imaginable & not so totally completely irrelevant to this World. I think that's one thing that's hard for the sinners to understand, how the church makes Heaven seem so unrelated to this life. I think things are going to be so similar & so related, it's going to really amaze us how important all of our previous training & learning & experience was in preparing to help us in the next life.

       86. WELL, OBVIOUSLY ABRAHIM IS STILL USING A LOT OF THE KNOWLEDGE & THE WISDOM & THE TALENT & EVEN THE LANGUAGE & everything else that he used during his Earthly life. And why would the Lord have sent him to help us? Well, if you'd been there in those early days, it would have been obvious!

       87. WE WERE A BUNCH OF GYPSIES LIKE HE WAS, & I WAS LIKE A GYPSY CHIEF! And who could better help a modern Gypsy Chief run his Gypsy band & control his Gypsies & be able to be a good shepherd to them than a good old experienced hand at the job?--He had not only been through all that, but a lot of Heavenly experiences too, & a lot of experiences leading other Gypsy bands & personalities on this Earth.

       88. I MEAN, THE LORD IS USING THE TALENTS & THE CULTURE & THE EXPERIENCE & EVEN THE LANGUAGE THAT HE ALREADY HAD--plus what he's learned since then--to help us. That's reasonable logical common sense! And it's illogical, unreasonable & ridiculous to imagine the Lord is going to lose all this information He's inputted & fed into our little human computers & our experience in life! Right? I really believe it!

       89. I BELIEVE EVERYTHING WE'RE LEARNING NOW & EVERY EXPERIENCE WE'RE GOING THROUGH NOW & all of our talents & skills & everything that we are gaining now, He is going to use in the next World in some way. If I don't actually have to build a church or build buildings with my own hands, at least I know how & I can teach somebody else. If you don't have to actually run the computer yourself, you can tell this little gal who's still in her physical normal body, survived the wars, how to run hers & get the World organised.

       90. THE LORD HAD TO MAKE IT NATURAL ENOUGH, SIMILAR ENOUGH TO THIS PRESENT WORLD in order that people could relate & learn anything in the next thousand years. That thousand years has a purpose. It's not just for floating around on clouds playing harps, but it's another grade, another step in both ours & the World's experience, a learning & educational process to prepare them for the next step & the next World!

       91. BECAUSE WE ARE NOT EVEN READY FOR THE NEW HEAVEN & NEW EARTH! We need another thousand years of experience in organising & reconciling & teaching & helping others to learn. I think we're going to go right on being teachers, & they're going to go right on being learners until we have gotten far enough that God has accomplished His purpose through the Millennium & He's weeded out the sheep from the goats & He destroys the wicked, sends them to Hellfire & the Lake of Fire, whatever, & salvages whatever He can to help us get started in the next World, Heaven on Earth, the Heavenly City, the New Heaven & New Earth!

       92. I THINK AFTER A THOUSAND YEARS OF MILLENNIUM WE'LL BE BETTER PREPARED FOR IT. Because then it's quite definite & obvious & Scriptural that our ministry, our talents for service to God & to others will continue into that life, because we will be picking leaves from the Tree of Life to go out & heal the nations!--Rev.22:2.

       93. NOW IF THAT'S NOT A LITERAL TREE OR LITERAL LEAVES--I'm not going to insist on that--it certainly is a marvellous figurative picture of the fact that we will be taking life from the City--some healing power or healing methods of bringing back life or more life--to those outside who apparently still need some kind of healing. Maybe it's spiritual healing, maybe it's mental healing, maybe it's just simply to get them better prepared to know God & worship Him & love Him & serve Him in the outside World.

       94. WE'VE STILL GOT A WHOLE WORLD TO TAKE CARE OF! So sorry, church people, you think all your troubles are going to be over! Well, our troubles, in a sense, will be over, but it's going to be quite a job organising this World during the Millennium!--But also,

       95. IT'S GOING TO BE QUITE A JOB MINISTERING TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE OUT ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH OUTSIDE THE HOLY CITY!--Whole nations with kings, governments, peoples, lands, still outside. What are they there for? We know why they're not inside, they're not saved--like we are, at least--but they must feel pretty good even being out on a Heavenly planet like that!

       96. WELL, THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT, WE'RE LEARNING A LOT & IT'S NOT GOING TO BE LOST, & yet we still have a lot to learn & we're going to use every bit of it in teaching others & training others, showing others, preparing others to be able to adapt themselves to the Kingdom of God on Earth & even Heaven on Earth, & become integral parts of it, useful parts of it, useful citizens of it & all for the glory of God.

       97. AND WHAT MORE COULD GOD DO TO SHOW HIS ALMIGHTY POWER & THE FACT THAT HE NEVER FAILS than to reclaim & regenerate & reconcile & reconstitute His whole creation, including everybody He ever created? What greater thing could God do to prove that He never fails & Love never fails, than to finally--well, if they want to call it "save" everybody? It's not the same--but if He wants to, in a sense, He can save everybody & change everybody & restore everybody & make everybody good, when here He let everybody be bad if they wanted to be, & most of them chose to be bad.

       98. I THINK HE STILL WANTS TO TEACH & TRAIN THEM & SHOW THEM HIS LOVE & help them to receive it & get used to it & adapt themselves to it & His Kingdom & His way of doing things & restore His whole Kingdom & His whole creation so that it will be one great grand victory in the end!--So that nothing was lost, nothing was destroyed that was good, & He salvaged everything He could. I believe it!

       99. I BELIEVE THE MILLENNIUM IS PART OF THE PROCESS! It's going to take a thousand years to get used to it & get ready for Heaven--Heaven on Earth, the New Heaven & New Earth!--I think it's even going to go on into that then, if we obviously are occupied with healing the nations outside. Healing! What do they need healing for? Is there going to be sickness in Heaven? No, not in the Heavenly City.

       100. BUT THERE MUST BE SOME KIND OF SICKNESSES STILL OUTSIDE--whether it's spiritual or mental or physical or whatever--from which they will need to be healed, still need help, our help. And I think that's going to give us Eternity to sort of finish the job that we started here & now!

       101. AND EVERY ONE OF OUR TALENTS, SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCES, GIFTS, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE USED--NOT ONLY HERE & NOW BUT THERE & THEN!--Then & there, as they say, both in the Millennium & thereafter in the Heaven on Earth. Nothing's going to be wasted, nothing's going to be lost, everything's going to be used & everything's going to be saved that's worth saving.

       102. AS DEAR OLD JOE BORTMAN USED TO SAY, "EVEN THE DEVIL!" IN THE END! It may take a long time on that old boy, but it doesn't say he's going to be totally exterminated or annihilated. He's going to be cast in the Lake of Fire with the Beast & the False Prophet & all those rascals. And I'll tell you, it's going to be hot for them when the Lord turns up the heat, & they are going to repent!

       103. THE RICH MAN, DIVES, IN HELL, HE JUST WANTED A DROP OF WATER, but at that time there was a great gulf fixed & they couldn't pass over. How long do you think it took him to learn & to be sorry? He was already sorry, he was already repenting! "Well, if you can't save me, at least go back & tell my brothers!" But Abraham said, "They have Moses & the prophets, they know! If they won't believe them, neither will they believe though one should come back from the dead!" (Lk.16:19-31) Even if you'd come back from the dead to tell'm, they'll still not believe!

       104. SO SOME PRETTY HARD CHARACTERS ARE GOING TO HOLD OUT TO THE BITTER END, but I think God's even going to prove His almighty power by eventually conquering them & their stubborn rebellious wilful spirits, even the Devil & all his demons!

       105. NOW THAT MAY BE STRETCHING IT A BIT & A BIT HARD FOR YOU TO BELIEVE, but if God's going to salvage mankind in Universal Reconciliation, why not stretch it a bit further to the rebellious spirits? If He's going to give the rebellious mankind another chance, why not give the rebellious angels another chance?

       106. AND IF YOU STRETCH IT THAT FAR, YOU CAN STRETCH YOUR FAITH A LITTLE BIT FURTHER maybe & believe that He can even give the rebellious superangel, the Archangel Lucifer himself, a final chance to repent! And God knows what He'll have to do to him! I wouldn't be surprised they'll all turn out to be working for us as our slaves somewhere down around in the lower regions, whatever.

       107. BUT I REALLY BELIEVE THAT NOTHING'S GOING TO BE LOST & NOTHING WASTED, & everything finally saved, including everybody! But it won't be all the same, there'll be different classes. Just like some will be raised to everlasting shame & contempt, & others shall shine as the stars, as the brightness of the firmament forever, who have turned many to righteousness. (Da.12:2,3)

       108. IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE STARS NOW, YOU'RE GOING TO BE STARS THEN! You're going to be the stars of God's show when the Millennium rolls around, & just as much if not moreso in the New Heaven & Earth! PTL? But there are going to be a lot of people there, even those who were even saved like a lot of these church people who wouldn't believe us or follow God's full Word, the full counsel of God, who are going to be sorry then & ashamed.

       109. BUT I DON'T THINK THEY'RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO UNDO THEIR PAST LIFE & WHAT THEY DIDN'T DO HERE. This opportunity is going to be gone forever, & what they did here they're not going to be able to undo. They may be able to undo some of the damage by going around telling the people that they offended that they're sorry, & people will understand better then & maybe forgive'm, a lot of things.

       110. THE LORD DOESN'T SAY THERE'S NOT GOING TO BE ANY TEARS IN HEAVEN, in fact, I can prove to you that there's going to be tears in Heaven! You know how? Because He says, "God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes!" (Re.2l:4) A lot of people are going to have tears, but the Lord's going to comfort'm & wipe away the tears.

       111. AND A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE SORRY THEN, a lot of these church people who wouldn't believe us & even persecuted us are going to be plenty sorry then & ashamed & even in contempt in the Halls of Heaven!--Hang their heads in shame, they're hardly going to want to look at anybody!

       112. BUT THEY'RE GOING TO BE DAMN THANKFUL TO BE THERE AT ALL considering how unbelieving & rebellious & disobedient & contemptuous they were here on Earth in relation to us! They're going to be very thankful even to be our slaves or servants or down in the basement shining shoes, whatever!

       113. MAYBE THOSE GOLDEN SLIPPERS THAT THE OLD NEGROES SING ABOUT WON'T NEED SHINING!--HA! Oh me, it's funny how those Negroes always thought so much about their feet, I guess their feet were always sore & tired from hard work & everything & they were looking forward to, "Oh, them golden slippers! Gonna lay down my burden down by the riverside! And I ain't gonna study war no more" & so on. There's gonna be some changes made!

       114. BUT I THINK THERE ARE GOING TO BE CHANGES STILL GOING ON IN WHICH WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO HAVE A HAND, & a helping hand, right on through the Millennium & into the New Heaven & New Earth, & I think that's obvious from the Scriptures. So, nothing's lost, nothing's wasted & everything will be saved & used in all the Worlds to come! Praise God!

       115. SO ALL THAT TO SAY THIS: DON'T GET DISCOURAGED ABOUT YOUR PRESENT JOB & WHAT YOU'RE NOW DOING & NOW LEARNING & NOW EXPERIENCING. Don't think for a minute that it's a waste of time & you're just going to cast it all aside when you leave this life. You're going to take all that with you--all that learning, experience, knowledge, wisdom & everything you learned from this life!

       116. --JUST LIKE JESUS DID WHEN HE LEFT THIS LIFE & WENT BACK TO HEAVEN A BETTER HIGH PRIEST, a better Mediator, better able to understand us & plead with God for us & be sorry for us & comprehend our feelings & sufferings & have a greater sympathy for us, as He is our Advocate & Defense Lawyer with the Lord.--Read Hebrews 1 through 5!

       117. IT WAS GOD'S OWN IDEA, SO HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING! He designed it that way. And if Jesus could learn obedience to the Father through things which He suffered here on Earth in human form, how much more are we learning here? "Well, why did He have to learn? I thought He was God, I thought He knew everything!" He said, "I only know what the Heavenly Father shows Me." (Jn.5:19) (Heb.4:15 & 5:8)

       118. HE ONLY KNEW WHAT GOD SHOWED HIM, THAT'S ALL, & THE MAIN THING GOD WAS TRYING TO SHOW HIM WAS HOW TO LOVE MANKIND, how to love people, how to love'm enough to even be willing to die for them!--To see their suffering, to have compassion on them, to want to heal their sick & save their souls, that's what Jesus learned while He was here!--Enough to be willingly willing to choose to actually die for them, to save not only their bodies but their immortal spirits, souls. You see?

       119. WELL, GOODNESS, IF JESUS HAD TO COME HERE TO LEARN THINGS IN THIS LIFE THROUGH EXPERIENCES ETC., HOW MUCH MORE WE? And for what purpose? Just to be forgotten & left behind when He left this World? No! To take all that with Him, all that knowledge, all that experience & to thereby have a greater sympathy & love for us & be a greater help to us both now & hereafter--& I think the same is true of us! PTL!

       120. AMEN, LORD, THANK YOU FOR THESE WONDERFUL THINGS YOU GIVE US & SHOW US & REVEAL TO US IN THE SPIRIT so that we just know it's true. We don't even sometimes know how we know, but we just know it is, & we do see evidence of it in Thy Word, in Thy Scriptures & the Words You've given to us & the experiences of others.

       121. SO WE KNOW IT MUST BE TRUE! We've even seen it & experienced it there ourselves in another World, so we know it's true, Lord. We know how those there will be helping us, those who have gone before, because they know us & love us, that when we get there they'll be helping us. It was Crystal, his sister, who came to meet Lamont; it was Dr. Koger, my foster father in the Lord, who came to meet me!

       122. IN ALL OF THESE AFTER DEATH EXPERIENCES, LORD, IT'S USUALLY BEEN SOME KNOWN PERSON, some known loved one who is saved, gone on Beyond, & came back to receive them & guide them in as their guide & undoubtedly orient them to the new life & explain things to them & introduce them & show'm around as any guide does in a new City. TYL! Only a few were met by angels because they had no saved relatives who could meet them, but they were usually met by a saved friend or a saved loved one if they had any.

       123. LORD, WE'RE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH TO DO & THEY HAVE SO MUCH TO DO IN RECEIVING US & breaking us in & showing us around & explaining things to us when we get there! We're going to have so much to do, Lord, to explain things to others who will be coming after us. And a whole World to explain to in the Millennium & even after!

       124. SO NOTHING'S GOING TO BE LOST, NOTHING'S GOING TO BE WASTED--NO TIME OR TALENT OR EXPERIENCE OR KNOWLEDGE OR GIFT OR TRAINING, NOTHING! It's all going to be saved & used just like all this information we're putting into these computers, storing away for the days when we're going to need it: Some of it being used now, some of it being saved for later use when needed.

       125. IT'S ALL GOING TO BE USED & ALL GOING TO BE IMPORTANT, EVERYTHING YOU FED INTO OUR LITTLE COMPUTERS, LORD, into these minds & hearts of ours & our personal human experience. You're going to use it in the future--both now & the future--in this life & the World to come, Life Eternal! TYJ! In Jesus' name. PYL! TYJ! Hallelujah!

       126. LORD, LOOK HOW YOU'VE USED ABRAHIM TO HELP US BECAUSE OF HIS PAST EXPERIENCE, BOTH IN THIS LIFE & OUT OF IT!--And how You're using others to help us, other helpers, angels & departed loved ones & departed spirits, Lord, Thy living saints living in the Beyond who visit us here to help us. TYJ!

       127. THANK YOU FOR THY ANGELS, LORD! One of the last things You spoke to my Mother was that we should be thankful for Thy angels! We're to thank Thee for Thy angels who have charge over us to keep us in all our ways so we won't even stub our toes if we're mindful & prayerful. (Ps.91:11,12) TYJ! Praise You Lord for their help!

       128. THEY MUST FEEL BAD SOMETIMES, LORD, WHEN WE DON'T SHOW ANY GRATITUDE FOR THEIR AID & THEIR ASSISTANCE. We thank You, Lord, & we're supposed to, but we should thank others as well, just like we do the folks here on this Earth who are a help to us & a blessing. We thank them, we love them, we appreciate them & we try to say things of appreciation to them.

       129. SO WE SHOULD BE THANKFUL FOR OUR HELPERS IN THE OTHER SPHERE, those who help us in the Spirit World, Lord, both Thy angels & departed saints & loved ones! Thank You Jesus for them & convey our thanks to them, Lord, for their help! And help us to learn all we need to learn now that will be useful then & be a help to others forever, in Jesus' name! Amen. PTL!

       130. GBY! ARE YOU GETTING READY HERE & NOW FOR THERE & THEN?--It won't be lost but used Forever! PTL! GBAKYACTMYAB Forever!--In Jesus' name, amen! C'mon! Let's go! We gotta lot to do! Learn & do all you can & teach & train your kids & others all you can, so we can use it & enjoy it Forever!--Amen?--Including all this witnessing & all these souls you're winning for the Lord Forever! HAL! PTL! TYJ! GBY Forever! ILY!--& I'll love you Forever! TYJ! HAL! PTL!--Let's go!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family