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WAR WHEN?--World Series Chapter 10       DO 1095       1/82

       1. IN CONSIDERING MOVING SOUTH, THE FIRST CONSIDERATION IS PERSONAL SAFETY, the second is the work--its efficiency & effectiveness--& the third is economy, including particularly the length of time we get to stay in a country & not having to move too often. Our own personal safety, of course, is paramount. It's better to save the mother than the baby because the mother can have more babies. Whereas it would be foolish to stay here if we thought we were endangering ourselves while we were trying to save the baby, the work.

       2. THE LAST CONSIDERATION IS ECONOMY & of course we do have to try to think of that & not move too often, which is pretty costly. The economy being mostly not just the cost of fares, etc.--each move costs the same whether it be early or late--but that it shouldn't be too often. If we move too often, that's too many moves & that costs a lot of money, especially a group our size & the distance we've been moving lately. Thank God, once we get over there we won't have to move so far at a time, we hope, & maybe not so often either since those countries are more lenient on Americans, etc.

       3. ON THE FIRST CONSIDERATION, SAFETY, OF COURSE MY FIRST IMPULSE IS TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE BEFORE ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE--which is coming faster by the moment! Because all it will take is for Russia to feel she's ready & be fed up with the U.S. & its shenanigans & figure that if she's going to have to do it sooner or later, that she might as well do it sooner. As I pointed out already, the longer she waits, the more prepared the U.S. is--not to defend itself--but to destroy more of Russia. So why should they wait?

       4. NOW PUT YOURSELVES IN THE RUSSIANS' SHOES--this is an important point too because I really haven't dealt with this in the World Series--the likelihood of an earlier nuclear war than might have been expected. What is the likelihood & what factors influence it? My father used to say, being a European, that the Americans do not understand the Europeans at all, period, they just don't understand Europeans. They look with contempt upon Europe, always have, & their whole history shows it. They teach it in their history books: "Europe is a bad place full of bad people that we had to get out of & come to our glorious heavenly America where everybody & everything is good, & everybody & everything over there is bad & has always caused us trouble & has always gotten us into wars. We have saved them time & again but they don't give a damn about us!"--That's the American attitude.

       5. THE EUROPEANS, ON THE OTHER HAND, LOOKING AT MODERN AMERICA TODAY, figure they're much more sane & civilised & less savage, less aggressive, less oppressors & suppressors & not trying to rule the World like the U.S. is. It's not Europe any longer that's oppressing the World, it's the Superpowers, & the U.S. is one of them, good or bad. As far as Europe's concerned, they're both a menace & both endanger her safety because they both plan to shoot as much at her as they can without getting shot at, if possible, which of course isn't likely. They'll undoubtedly start shooting at Europe & either simultaneously shoot at each other, or the one who gives what they call the pre-emptive strike will strike first & try to knock the other out first.

       6. TO PRE-EMPT SOMETHING MEANS YOU LITERALLY SHOVE IT OUT OF THE WAY or you get in front of it in the line, in the queue I first heard the word when I was working with television & radio & a more important program would pre-empt all other programming. If the President wanted to come on the air at a certain hour, he could pre-empt everything on every radio & television station in the U.S. at that hour & he had a right to kick off every other program. No program could stay on the air when the President wanted to speak. So of course he always wanted to speak during prime time in the evening when everybody's watching television--which is the most costly time of all & with the most advertisers & the most favourite shows & the most people watching who get the maddest at having their favourite show pre-empted by the President or anybody else--but he could do it. So it means, "I get on & you don't!"--That's what pre-empting meant in programming.

       7. AND IN WAR IT MEANS, "I SHOOT FIRST FROM THE HIP & FAST ENOUGH IN OUR LITTLE GUN DUEL SO THAT YOU DON'T GET TO SHOOT AT ALL, or as little as possible!" As the two cowboys are fighting out a duel & you, dying, sink to the ground, you might happen to get off another shot or two that'll waiver & maybe injure me, but unlikely to kill me. Whereas I've gotten off my first bullets to knock you out before you can shoot back!--That's a pre-emptive strike.

       8. AND THE U.S. ATTITUDE SEEMS TO BE, "WELL, WE'VE GOT TO HURRY UP & GET READY so we can have more missiles & more planes & more guns & more subs & more everything--or at least as much as Russia or more--so that we can do Russia as much damage as possible!" And there's no doubt this little evil thought in the back of their mind: "So that we can make the pre-emptive first strike & knock out as much of Russia as possible before she's able to strike back very much." This little evil thought I'm sure is there, that they would make the pre-emptive strike now if they thought they could get away with it & it would win the war without too much damage.

       9. BUT RIGHT NOW RUSSIA HAS STILL GOT TOO MANY MISSILES, too many planes, too many warheads, too many MIRVs, satellites overhead that can shoot missiles & all the rest, probably the only reason the U.S. doesn't make a pre-emptive strike now that she's got such an aggressive & bellicose, belligerent president!--Who of course thinks he's a saint & an angel & a patriot & a good Christian & going to save the World for Christianity, & of course, therefore, is very justified in obliterating millions of heathen & atheists to save the Christian West, a very noble, patriotic, even religious idea.

       10. BUT AFTER ALL, YOU DON'T WANT TO SHOOT FIRST IF YOU'RE NOT SURE THAT YOU'VE GOT THE AMMO or the caliber in your gun duel that's going to knock your enemy out enough that he's not going to be able to shoot back much. In other words, the U.S. is thinking that it doesn't want to shoot right now, because even if they did, they haven't got enough to hit Russia hard enough that they may not still get the worst end of the deal in retaliation. So the U.S. under this belligerent president is working like mad, voting billions more to arms & everything to try to get on a par with Russia or to the point where at least she can make a fairly successful pre-emptive strike. I'm sure that's what they have in mind.

       11. ONLY A FOOL WOULD LET THE WAR JUST BEGIN PITTER-PATTER IN EUROPE & THEN GRADUALLY ESCALATE, because they know that once the war begins, it is going to escalate & it will go to intercontinental Superpower nuclear exchange trying to wipe each other out. So of course the only sane sensible thing to do--these warmongering idiots figure--is to hurry up & get it over with! "Let's shoot first, wipe the other guy out so he can do as little damage as possible. After all, that's the human thing to do, that's the humanitarian thing to do! If we kill him dead so he can't even shoot back, he's less likely to do us any damage or our people any damage or fire any wild shots that might hit some passers-by or innocent civilians & whatnot & we have saved the World!"--The one figures for democracy, the other figures for Communism.

       12. NOW THAT'S JUST THE FLAT-OUT HONEST TRUTH!--I'm being blunt!--The way those hardened, military, cold, calculating minds are thinking. Now we know the mind of man, we know the heart of man, we know his evil diabolical fiendish sinful wicked heart!--And it's that kind of minds & that kind of hearts that start wars & try to win'm, selfishly. All this big talk about noble ideals for which they're fighting & all this stuff, I've been through that before. And all the excuses for which they start wars & all the noble ideals for which they're supposed to be fighting is so much tommyrot!

       13. EVERY SINGLE WAR THAT WAS EVER FOUGHT WAS FOUGHT FOR MONEY & POWER & GAIN & BOOTY & WEALTH! "From whence come wars? Come they not of your own lusts!" (Jam.4:l.) War is the product of fleshly lust for power & riches, power & wealth.--Mainly for power to protect your wealth or gain more wealth. What you want most of all is the wealth--you either want to keep what you've got or you want to get more--but in order to do so you've got to have power. And the more power you have, the more apt you're to grab the other guy's wealth & get more for yourself & keep your own as well.

       14. LORD HELP US IN JESUS' NAME & GIVE ME THE WISDOM, Lord, & the grace & the inspiration, the strength to give the right answers, Lord, as I see them, as I pray & get them from You in Jesus' name, & as I try to share them with these here, Lord, & who knows where, to warn them of what's about to happen.

       15. SO SINCE THE STAKES ARE THAT SIMPLE & THE GAME IS THAT SIMPLE--you could take the picture of the two cowboys again, the cops & the robbers, cowboys & Indians or whatever, I'd say two cowboys--& it all depends on your point of view whether you like the guy in the white hat or the guy in black hat. In fact, it mostly depends on whether you're in the white hat or the black hat who you like & don't like. And of course to your way of thinking, whether you're in the black hat or the white hat or the red hat or the red, white & blue hat, you think you're right & justified in protecting your System, & if the other guy threatens your System, to blot him out!--And the sooner the better, quicker, & the less damage will be done both to your System & even to his, in a way, or at least to the rest of the World. It's just that simple.

       16. AS CHRISTIANS & KNOWING GOD'S WORD & PEOPLE, WE CANNOT DEPEND ON ANY HUMANITARIAN TENDENCIES or traits or the surface veneer of civilisation to deter either a nuclear war or a first strike. The Americans are already talking about it, & of course the Russians, they don't advertise as much as we do, not quite as stupid as that, but of course they're discussing it too & thinking about it. They're both thinking, "Well now let's see, who's got the most guns? Who's got the least? Who's apt to do the most damage? Sooner or later we're going to have to knock'm out. Sooner or later we're gonna have to fight'm. Sooner or later we've got to do it." The only deciding factor as to how soon or how later is how ready you are, that's all there is to it.

       17. I AM CONVINCED, & IF YOU KNOW GOD'S WORD & THE LORD & PEOPLE & the principles of sin & wickedness & the Devil & all the rest, they are each determined to fight the other sooner or later, & win by knocking the other one out, & the only way they can do it now that they both have nuclear weapons is through a nuclear exchange. And the guy who's capable of a first strike with the least injury to himself, the least retaliation, stands the best chance of winning & the least chance of hurting too much.

       18. RIGHT NOW, AS I POINTED OUT ON THE GLOBE BEFORE, THE U.S. IS A VERY SMALL AREA, whereas Russia & its satellites is a very gigantic area. The U.S. has too many places to shoot at to hit the other cowboy, he's got to hit him in the head, feet, toes, fingers, hands, everywhere to even begin to knock this giant out. It's another case of Goliath & little David, only I don't think God's with the U.S. little David anymore, so it's not going to just take one shot to kill the giant. He's going to have to have a whole bag full of stones & shoot'm awful fast! Whereas the giant with his huge artillery only has to shoot at a very small target, just little David, & it will only take about one shot this time for Goliath to kill David instead of David Goliath. This we brought out in one of the World Series & showed you on the globe.

       19. NOW LET'S JUST BE HONEST & LET'S FACE OUR FEARS & FACE THE FACTS THAT GOD KNOWS ARE TRUE but which most of the World are at this very moment shutting their eyes to--sitting in front of their TV set watching television to try to keep their mind off of it--the distinct & early possibility of a distinct & early nuclear exchange. They're shutting their eyes to this fact & just maybe hope somehow by some miracle it'll go away. But virtually the whole World has come to accept the fact that there is going to be a nuclear war & there is no way of avoiding it. They're all admitting it now.

       20. THEY USED TO SAY, "THE NUCLEAR DETERRENT IS TOO GREAT! The enemy would suffer too much, he doesn't dare strike, even a first strike, pre-emptive strike to try to knock us out, because we've still got enough retaliation potential to do him too much damage to make it worth it, & we know he's thinking the same way if we're thinking the same way. So we don't dare shoot each other, because if we do, we might kill the other guy & in the meantime we are sure to get hurt." This was the way they were both thinking for some years after World War 2 & the development of the atom bomb & when the Russians finally got it.

       21. WHEN AMERICA WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAD IT, OF COURSE, SHE COULD HAVE HAD HER WAY, she had Russia literally at the point of a gun & Russia was virtually weaponless. America figured, "Well, that's that, we've got the World & we're going to run it & tell the Russians where to get off!" But the Russians worked very fast & bought off the Rosenbergs & got the secrets & developed their own atom bomb & Russia was back in the game again. It had lost its ball temporarily, or its racket or whatever you want to call it, its gun--it hadn't got as big a gun as the U.S.--but they found one in a hurry & now they're pretty well paired off, sparring off, both with big guns.

       22. THE ONLY THING IS THAT RUSSIA AT THE MOMENT ACCORDING TO ALL ACCOUNTS & EVEN AMERICAN ADMISSIONS--although the Americans have more of certain types of missiles & this, that & the other--the Russians as a whole seem to have the advantage. They seem to have the advantage both in the air & missile-wise & on the ground, definitely on the ground they've got far greater superiority. They could just roll right over Western Europe in nothing flat & the only thing that could stop them would be nuclear weapons, & the Americans & the West are admitting that Russia's got the ground advantage.

       23. A FAMOUS GENERAL WROTE A BOOK, THIS {\ul \i THIRD WORLD WAR}" THAT COMES OUT & FLATLY ADMITS IT, that the Russians of course at first will be winning. But his misnomer, his supposition, was that they'd start off fighting a conventional war, & although the Russians would start winning, eventually the West would pull out their tactical nukes on the battlefield--battlefield nukes--& they'd start winning. Then of course Russia would pull out hers & they might start winning again. And then the West'd have to pull out her big guns, intercontinentals, in order to win. And of course, the West has never lost, it's got to win again, the Third World War, & of course he had it all beautifully figured out how the West was going to finally win.

       24. WELL, I'M SORRY, IT JUST DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY & IT AIN'T GONNA WORK THAT WAY, I don't believe it! I believe the Bible. It says in one day, in one hour so great riches are destroyed, Capitalist Babylon! (Re.18:17.) And I believe with all my heart that the World System today is Babylon, not only the ostensibly religious organisations, but most of all the religion of Babylon. And what was Babylon's religion?--Money, things, power. The great Whore, the great harlot of Revelation, is a picture of luxury, opulence & a picture of the rich countries of today--Babylon. Regardless of their many so-called religions, their principle religion is the religion of Moloch & the religion of Mammon, the worship of wealth & things & power & the lust of the flesh, etc.

       25. SO THAT GREAT BABYLON, ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED IN ONE DAY--& mostly within one hour of that one day! And where does most of that wealth lie?--In the West, not in the East nor the South. Who has most of the money & most of the wealth & luxury & riches & everything? It's the U.S. Americans & Western Europe, compared to whom the Russians look poor, compared to whom the Russians are a poor people. So I don't really think I would even count Russia as qualifying to be a member of the Whore Club of Babylon! (See "America the Whore!" No.216.)

       26. I'M INCLINED TO AGREE WITH AVAK WHO CONSIDERED & THOUGHT THAT THE LORD HAD SHOWED HIM THAT AMERICA WAS THE GREAT WHORE BABYLON & she was the one that had to be destroyed to save the World, & that she was the luxurious one living at ease, & if you'll just read the picture, it's a picture of the U.S. today. I would not say at all it's a picture of Russia. It doesn't sound or look like Russia. (Rev.17 & 18.)

       27. IN FACT, THE STRANGE THING ABOUT RUSSIA, RUSSIA IS MASCULINE ENOUGH & their terminology & their language is masculine enough that although some speak of it as Mother Russia, like the Germans, many think of it as the Fatherland. But the U.S., you speak of her as "her" & as though it were a woman, feminine. Maybe you wouldn't consider that any indication or hint or clue as to who Babylon is, but I would add that to it that it is a picture of America all the way around--female, rich, corrupt & guilty of almost unnumbered deaths of martyrs--& run by women!

       28. OF COURSE, THE SYSTEM, HOWEVER, IS ONLY BEING FULFILLED IN AMERICA TODAY. It has always been in existence, the Whore has always ridden the back of the Beast & the various heads & controlled it & run the World power, the World System, the World empire, whatever it is. Only this is it, this is the end, this is the last one, she is it as far as I'm concerned. I'm convinced that America is the great Whore Babylon of the Book of Revelation--according to God's Own Word spoken by angels or whoever in the 17th & 18th chapters of Revelation--who is going to be destroyed mostly in one hour of just one day!

       29. NOW DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A GRADUALLY GROWING WAR & a gradually growing nuclear exchange & just a final exchange?--Which of course would destroy her but also destroy a lot of the rest of the World. And since I don't class Russia along in the same club with the U.S.A. as far as riches & power & all that's concerned--let's say the West, not just the U.S., but particularly the U.S. which is the head of the West--I just don't see Russia as actually being a part of Babylon the Whore, but that the West is & the U.S. is the head of it.

       30. I'M JUST GIVING YOU A FEW LITTLE HINTS WHY I BELIEVE IT'S GOING TO BE THE U.S. WHO GETS IT FIRST & MOSTLY, & as I pointed out in the World Series, if you were in God's place, what would you do? God can manipulate things so that one side's missiles all hit their targets & the other side's don't, or very few. I mean, He can determine who's going to win the war. He can also determine who's going to strike first. And if you were God, what would be the quickest, simplest & easiest way to both start & stop the war with the least lost of life? I think I pointed that out in the World Series too, didn't I?

       31. WITH THE U.S. WITH SO MUCH TERRITORY TO HIT it's going to be scattershot to try to hit enough to put a stop to massive Russian retaliation. But it wouldn't take Russia very much to concentrate all of her arrows, eggs or whatever--these lethal, death-dealing eggs--to toss'm all in one little basket to destroy it & prevent the little U.S. from firing back too many so as to do Russia too much damage.

       32. IF YOU WERE GOD, YOUR CONSIDERATIONS WOULD BE, FIRST OF ALL, WHICH NATION OR POWER IS THE MOST RIGHTEOUS IN YOUR EYES? Well, of course the United States would answer right away, "Of course, we are! We are Christian & we're not Communists. So the very fact that we're not atheistic Communists is proof right there that we're the most righteous!" But that's not always the way God looks at things. He doesn't just look at your religious doctrine or just your religion, so-called, He looks at your practice, & His greatest law of today is Love.

       33. AND HE IS GOING TO JUDGE THE NATIONS BY TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS--OR TRUE GUILT, LET'S PUT IT THAT WAY IN THIS CASE--BECAUSE HE'S GOING TO JUDGE THE MOST GUILTY NATION. You can look at both of them & neither one of them are very righteous. In fact, they're both quite unrighteous in a way: Russia, because officially she denies God & teaches atheism & tries to make all her people unbelievers & defies God. She's Communist & atheistic & anti-Christ & all the rest, so of course the Americans feel very superior religious-wise & righteous-wise. But God looks at those two cowboys & I think He figures one hat's a little bit blacker than the other one. They're both black hats, but one of them's maybe just a little bit grey, & the other's really black. Which one do you think is the blackest & why?

       34. WELL, LET'S KIND OF REVIEW THE HISTORY OF BOTH: Russia was a completely totally pagan heathen nation to begin with--& not very many years ago. It was only evangelised, I think it was about the 12th century. Do you remember what century it was when those Bulgarian Gypsies went? It's in the Letters somewhere, I've forgotten exactly. But it was evangelised, & not very well evangelised at that. You couldn't call the Russian Orthodox church very Christian as far as real salvation is concerned & baptism of the Holy Spirit or anything like that. It was a kind of a Christendom & a Christianisation rather than salvation.

       35. WHEREAS THE U.S., AS TRUE GENUINE SAVED CHRISTIANS REALLY KNOWING THE LORD, went & established a new country who really had the Gospel & knew salvation & had it, but in only 200 years of history have gone so downhill righteous-wise or religion-wise, that today officially--if you want to judge it by its school system & its laws & its Constitution--it is just as atheistic, anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Bible as Russia!--Officially, legally! Although she puts on a pretence of being Christian & a hypocritical veneer of being Christian & pretends to be better than Russia, in the eyes of God I frankly believe that the U.S. is more guilty in God's eyes than Russia because she's had more light, more Gospel, more genuine Christianity in the past, therefore she is more responsible.

       36. JESUS HIMSELF SAID, "THAT SERVANT WHICH KNEW NOT HIS MASTER'S WILL YET DID THINGS WORTHY OF STRIPES"--there's a picture of Russia who have not really known the Lord or known the Gospel very much, certainly not real salvation as much as has the U.S.--"shall be beaten with few stripes. But that servant which knew his master's will & did things worthy of stripes shall be beaten with many stripes." (Lk.12:47,48.)--Many missiles, many bombs. Because the U.S. knew better, the U.S. knew it all, it had such light. And yet it has sinned worse against that light to where actually the average American is more wicked, more corrupt today, more licentious, more foul-mouthed, more indecent, more unfair, more crooked & more cheating than the average Russian!

       37. IN THE FACE OF ALL THAT LIGHT THAT THEY'VE HAD, AMERICA HAS BECOME MORE WICKED. I'm talking about the average American in the street & the average Russian. (Maria: And also like you brought out, that the Russians persecute the underground church, but the Americans would too if they had the chance.) Exactly. If the Americans thought they could get away with it, they would have done to us what the Russians have done. And as soon as they have an excuse for it, they'll do it!

       38. THEY'RE TRYING TO COOK UP EXCUSES AS FAST AS THEY CAN, just like France is, to persecute us & other small Christian groups or cults or isms, whatever you want to call'm. They'll do it, & they're trying too, hard, but they've got to have some kind of legal grounds. Jonestown gave'm a great boost, our enemies & persecutors. The Devil really had a masterstroke in there to bring down more persecution on the heads of the true Christians as presenting a great danger. And as you were pointing out, they would have done it to us if they could have gotten away with it & if they hadn't already had laws against such persecution, etc.

       39. SO THEY'RE COOKING UP LAWS & THEY'RE DOING JUST WHAT I TOLD YOU THAT THEY WERE GOING TO DO clear back at the Dalrich Motel. I said, "The day is coming when you & your religious doctrine are going to be considered more dangerous than drugs!"--And that's exactly what the parents & officialdom & psychologists, etc., have been claiming, that we in our brainwashing & our mental conditioning & all the rest, are more dangerous than drugs, more incurable.

       40. ANOTHER FACT IS, THE AVERAGE RUSSIAN IS TOO POOR TO BE SO WICKED AS THE AMERICANS. He can't afford so much luxury & so much sin & so much evil as the average American can. Besides, the average Russian has not already killed as many poor innocent people--like in Vietnam & a few other places. Maybe some people would say so, like in Afghanistan, etc., but nothing compared to what already the U.S. has done in both Europe & Korea & Vietnam & Japan, etc. The stats on how many bombs that the U.S. poured out on the pitiful poor of Southeast Asia is horrifying to even dream of!--More, I understand, in one week or month in Cambodia alone--or something like that--than in all World War 2!

       41. I MEAN, IT'S JUST ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE, THE HORROR & THE DESTRUCTION that the U.S. perpetrated on those poor, innocent, ignorant, mostly peasants out in the fields! They weren't satisfied with just bombing the cities, they had to go out & destroy the countryside. They said, "Well, that's where the enemy is. Since the enemy's hiding out in the bushes, we're going to go out in the bush & defoliate the bushes & destroy it!" So that they just ruined huge areas of those poor little countries. As far as I know, Russia's never done that.

       42. THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD THAT'S EVER DROPPED ACTUAL ATOM BOMBS ON GREAT CITIES FULL OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS--old men, women, children, civilians, everybody--& killed hundreds of thousands of people that way & injured hundreds of thousands more was not Russia.--It was the U.S.A.! "They that live by the sword shall die by the sword!" The U.S. was the one to make the first atomic strike, so in God's way of looking at justice, who do you think ought to get the first atomic strike in the neck in the next war? Because she was the first to use it on innocent civilians, I think God's going to let the atom bombs be dropped on America & her not-so-innocent civilians!

       43. I THINK EVEN THE RUSSIANS WERE HORRIFIED, THE WHOLE WORLD WAS HORRIFIED! Even most Americans were horrified, but they didn't dare confess it because it was their country that did it! In fact, for years the whole thing was covered up & the effects of it were covered up & photos were never shown & it was not on television. The whole story has only recently gotten out with the actual stats & the horrors of what the U.S. did with those two bombs on those two cities. So if America is to reap what she sowed, she sowed atom bombs, so she is going to reap atom bombs!

       44. ANOTHER THING, AS I SAY, THE RUSSIANS ARE TOO POOR TO BE SO WICKED! America is very selfish, it has lived in its luxury on the backs of the poor of the World. The reason America's so rich--although she claims not to--she has oppressed the poor of the World. Not just of one nation, not just of a few nations, but she has oppressed the poor of the whole World with her high prices & her restrictive import policies, making sure that everything works to the advantage of the rich & as little as possible to the advantage of the poor.

       45. SHE HAS EXPLOITED THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD MORE THAN ANY OTHER SINGLE COLONIAL POWER IN HISTORY!--Although she claims to have no colonies & never had but what she gave them their freedom quickly, blah blah! The whole World has been her colony! The whole World has been her customers & her poor slaving producers of raw materials for which she gave as little as possible, paid as low wages & as low prices as possible, taking oil, for example, for one thing, getting it at a dollar-a-barrel when those little countries were very poor, practically starving to death. The Arabs were not always rich. She cheated'm, she gouged'm, she exploited'm, she oppressed them & she gained her riches.

       46. THE RICHES OF VIRTUALLY EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN WHO IS LIVING AT HOME IN THE U.S.A. IN LUXURY TODAY came at the cost of the blood & the sweat & the tears of the poor of the World whom she exploited & cheated & gypped & paid as little for their labour & their products & raw materials as she possibly could, but turned around & made manufactured items & luxury items out of those things & sold them to her people & let them roll & live in those luxuries!

       47. WHEREAS THEY WERE SOLD AT PRICES THAT HER PEOPLE COULD AFFORD, but the poor of the World who made those things possible & those prices possible--actually cheaper than those Americans should have paid for them--she did that at the price of gouging the poor of the Earth. And she turned around & tried to sell the same things right back to them at horrible horrific prices which they couldn't even afford, of course, therefore they couldn't even buy'm, most of them.

       48. WELL, AS THE WORLD RECOVERED & AS THEY RECOVERED FROM THE LAST WAR & BEGAN TO BE A LITTLE BIT MORE PROSPEROUS, gradually, gradually, gradually Europe began to afford American prices & American products & became almost as rich & as guilty as the U.S.A. The U.S. helped Europe to recover--not for any unselfish magnanimous loving reasons--but she wanted Europe to recover so they'd have enough money to buy her products! And right now all these Western nations are talking about is that in order to increase their production & their markets & prices & everything, they have got to somehow help the Third World get on its feet & become prosperous enough so they can buy their products.

       49. THAT'S THE ONLY UNPLUMBED DEPTH, THE ONLY UNWORKED FIELD THAT THEY HAVE LEFT. They've exploited each other to the full & traded back & forth between the rich & sold all they can to each other so that there's nobody left to increase the market but to try to sell to the poor, & the only way you can sell to the poor is try to share a little bit of what you've got so they can share a whole lot of what they've got with you! Whatever the rich West plans to invest in the Third World, don't you make any mistake about it, she plans to get back a whole lot more! So who's going to gain the most in the end?--The rich or the poor?--The rich, of course, always have.

       50. SO THIS HAS BEEN AMERICA'S & THE WESTERN POLICY FOR YEARS & it's paid off in luxury & more power & more riches continually. Until, believe it or not, the first little rebel, the first little upstart that dared to buck the U.S. & start a revolution amongst the poor to demand what their products were worth, to demand what their resources were worth, their raw materials were worth, the first one actually to challenge the U.S.A. & the West & dare to charge what their raw material was worth, charge the West for it, so that today he's considered the greatest enemy of the West, they'll never forgive him for it. He made the West a little bit poorer & the Arabs a whole lot richer.

       51. AND THAT MAN WAS COLONEL MOAMMAR GODAHFI WHO WAS THE PIONEER & LEADER OF OPEC! It was his brainchild, he worked on it, he organised them, he got them together, it was a miracle! Hardly anybody had ever been able to get the Arabs together on anything ever before! That's one reason they never could lick the Jews, they couldn't even get together on hardly anything, & they still can't. But that's one thing they got together on, & I believe it was a miracle of God, using God's man Godahfi, believe it or not, to get'm together, knock their heads together & say, "Listen, if you guys don't get it together to save yourselves, you're all going to be lost! You had better start charging what that oil is worth or you're all going to go down the drain with it at such cheap prices!" So the price of oil has jumped from one dollar a barrel to $35 a barrel, & when it gets scarce it's gone up to as much as $50 a barrel in oil famine times. Right now there's a glut so it's only $35.

       52. DEAR LITTLE GODAHFI ORGANISED OPEC, LED IT, GOT'M TOGETHER, thumbed his nose at the West & said, "OK, now pay us what it's worth!"--And he still does. And even though his prices are higher for his better oil than the other Arabs, to the U.S. or anybody else who wants to buy their oil someplace else, he says, "Go ahead, buy it. My oil's worth it; you pay it, or I don't sell." So his sales have dropped off considerably & his production as well. He says, "There'll come a day when you'll be willing to pay for it, so I'll just keep it in the ground. Why should I sell it cheap now when the longer I keep it the more it's going to be worth?" He's smart! I think it's God-given wisdom.

       53. GOD HAS USED HIM--WHETHER HE'S SAVED OR NOT OR CHRISTIAN OR NOT--although he came awful close--God has used him as a righteous man who considereth the poor & his beasts & has tried to help the poor. (Pr.12:10.) And though he be not a Christian, he being without the law does those things which are according to the law, therefore he shall be judged without the law & not held responsible for it, even as a Christian. (Rom.2:12.) I am sure, & I know from what God has shown me, He considers Godahfi a righteous man, a good man & a man who's trying to do the right thing. So God has used him as His instrument to challenge the Superpowers of the World.

       54. THIS ONE LITTLE DESERT ARAB SAND DUNE BOY HAS COME TO THE FORE IN THE PAST FEW YEARS to where he is challenging the Superpowers to the point that the great Superpower U.S. of America has called him her greatest enemy, Public Enemy Number One! Why? They'll never forgive him for raising the price of oil, which meant they had to pay more for it & they made less money on everything they were making out of oil & everything that needed oil & used oil, & therefore that made the West & the U.S. just a little bit fraction poorer, because she finally had to pay what the oil was worth. But you touch a rich man's pocketbook nerve & you've touched his most sensitive nerve! You can't find anybody tighter than the rich who pinch the pennies, & like my Grandfather used to say about the dollar, till they could make the eagle scream! Well now if they pinch the dollar they'd only make Susan B. Anthony scream, & that's not very much! Ha!

       55. SO WE'RE MAKING A SCORE SHEET HERE, BALANCING THE BOOKS BETWEEN THE U.S. & RUSSIA: Who's the most guilty? Who has done the worst? Who's committed the most crimes? Who has the worst sins? America has had so much light & so much Gospel & has had a glorious 200-year flash-in-the-pan shooting-star history from the heights--but now down to the depths--are notorious as the foulest people in the World, the most abusive & perverted sexually! Our girls can testify who have to escort them or FF them, they're the worst customers they have!

       56. THEY DREAD THE AMERICANS WORSE THAN ANYBODY because they're the most abusive, the most foul-mouthed, the most perverted. There you are again, they are the most wicked, the most foul, the most perverted, the most anti-God, anti-Christ, really, of almost any nation on the face of the Earth, any people! And yet they put on a hypocritical front that they are righteous, they're religious, they're Christian, & most of all they're anti-Communist so of course they're the right ones! Huh!

       57. WELL, THAT'S MY CASE BETWEEN RUSSIA & AMERICA--how many points we made I don't know--but which country's had the most Gospel?--U.S.A., therefore it's the most responsible. Which country has sinned against it the most?--The U.S.A., because they had the most & they have become the most wicked. I would by far say that the average Russian is not nearly as wicked & as licentious & as corrupt & foul-mouthed & all the rest as the average American. And besides that, the average Russian doesn't make any pretence of being a Christian or being religious, in fact, he's openly, honestly atheistic anti-God. Whereas the U.S. is just as anti-God & atheistic but puts on a false hypocritical cloak of supposedly being Christian, etc. Which do you think God hates the most? He says, "I would you were hot or cold, because you're lukewarm I'll spew you out of My mouth!" (Re.3:15,16.)

       58. I THINK THE U.S. WITH ITS LUKEWARM CHRISTIANITY & its rampant wickedness is the most sickening example of a nation in the whole Earth today! Because she's had so much & sinned against so much & sinned so much & destroyed so much, millions of lives! She caused, actually, both previous World Wars, & this time I think she's going to get it, she's going to reap what she sowed before. There wouldn't have really been any World War in any case if the U.S. hadn't entered in! The Europeans could have settled it amongst themselves.

       59. SO WHO'S THE MOST RIGHTEOUS? Who deserves to get it in the neck more this time than anybody? Who's the most guilty? Who's the most hypocritical & who deserves it the most? Well, I think God has told us that so many times it doesn't need repeating. He told me to give America the Message of Jeremiah, which was the message that Jeremiah the Prophet gave to Israel!--Not the other nations, her enemies, but to God's nation, God's so-called people, God's children so-called, God's country.

       60. "THIS IS GOD'S COUNTRY!"--AMERICANS SAY OF THEMSELVES. Well, they only think they're God's country, they're no longer God's country because they've turned themselves over to the Devil, evolution & all the rest, teaching their kids all kinds of this rot! If they don't directly teach them atheism, which they really do in the public educational system, they undermine their faith & teach them atheistic doctrines like evolution & all the rest. So that they are just as much educating their children for atheism as are the Russians.

       61. BUT SINCE AMERICA HAD MORE LIGHT & IS MORE RESPONSIBLE, like the Jews of Jeremiah's day, who got it first? Babylon? Medo-Persia? Rome & those? Who got it first? Of Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, all those great World Empires, who really got it first? Under every one of them, the Jews, Israel! Because God was punishing His Own people for their iniquity & their wickedness & their sins & their responsibility for the light that they had. Whereas God Himself said in His Word that Israel had become more wicked than the heathen around her, & was more licentious & more guilty than the so-called Devil's people.

       62. AND THAT IS, AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, A PICTURE OF AMERICA TODAY! I have lived there, I have known them, I have been in their army with them & I know how foul they are!--And how brutal & violent they are! We were astonished when we came to Europe to find so much less violence, brutality, so much sweeter people, more courtesy, more kindness, more consideration, more formal politeness if you want to call it, & less of this emphasis on "who's the biggest toughest guy on the block & who can beat up everybody else in school, & look here, I'm the biggest bruiser around here & you little punks better kowtow to me!"--That's a typical American attitude.

       63. THE AVERAGE AMERICAN WORSHIPS VIOLENCE & AGGRESSIVENESS & BRUTALITY!--I know, I went through their schools & I suffered it as a Christian. I suffered persecution, all kinds of direct & indirect persecution, & sometimes even getting beat up directly--because I was a Christian & because I wouldn't do the foul things or say the foul things they said & did. Of course there's persecution in Russia, but it's almost official, they're pretty honest about it. They confess to the World they're trying to stamp out religion & Christianity, etc., even though a little bit hypocritically they put its freedom in the Constitution.

       64. WELL, EVERY WAY YOU LOOK AT IT, & THE WAY I LOOK AT IT, & THE WAY GOD HAS SHOWN IT TO US IN EVERY REVELATION HE'S GIVEN US, AMERICA IS IN GOD'S EYES MORE GUILTY THAN RUSSIA! Russia is guilty & Russia's going to get it--at least some of it--& finally in the grand finale she's going to get it all, or a lot of it. The great World government that she spawns is going to really get it in the final outpouring of God's wrath. But right now God's more interested in socking it to His own people--or those who were His people or claimed to be His people & who were Christians & a nation that claimed to be Christian & was Christian--But she has now sinned worse than the Russians! So God always punishes His Own people first.

       65. JUDGEMENT BEGINS AT THE HOUSE OF GOD! (1Pe.4:17.) God has got to straighten His Own people out first & judge them first, or the heathen around will say, "God, You're not righteous! You're not really a good God because look at Your bad people! Your people are worse than we are! Why don't You punish them?" So God in His righteousness, in His fairness, in His justice, He knows they're right! The whole World knows America's wrong, the whole World votes against America almost constantly in the U.N.

       66. THE WHOLE WORLD HATES AMERICA! THE WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST AMERICA.--Not because she's Christian, if she were Christian & doing what she ought to be doing they'd love her! But because she pretends to be good & pretends to be righteous & pretends to be Christian & religious when she is one of the wickedest, foulest, most perverted, corrupt, oppressive, cheating, lying, stealing nations on the face of the Earth!

       67. WELL, WHAT NEED I SAY MORE TO TRY TO CONVINCE YOU that one reason I believe that America's going to get the pre-emptive strike & not make it is because I think she deserves it & I think God thinks she deserves it, & I believe she merits reaping it because she's done it before & she's not going to do it again. She's done it in two World Wars & several smaller wars. She has given other poor people--including the Europeans--the worst end of the deal. Why was Europe in such a mess? Well, mostly because America entered the War & prolonged it & created even more destruction.

       68. SO I AM CONVINCED THAT AMERICA DESERVES IT & THEREFORE IS GOING TO GET IT before God even goes further to judge the heathen who give it to her. All right. Convinced? Granted that according to just plain logic & fairness & common sense & looking at the whole situation, both Superpowers, which one is the most guilty & which one deserves to get it in the neck the most? And which one has God said is going to get it, in both the Bible & His revelations to us, the most? Are you convinced that America is the one? Well, if God is in control--which I believe He is--& He wants America to get the worst end of the war, how can that be & how can it happen? There's only one way it can happen, & that's for America to get it first. And there's only one way that can happen, & that's for the Russians to strike first, a pre-emptive strike!

       69. SO AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, THAT'S ALL SETTLED: AMERICA'S THE ONE THAT'S GOING TO GET IT FIRST & MOST OF IT, & RUSSIA'S THE ONE THAT'S GOING TO GIVE IT TO HER & GET THE LEAST OF IT. Because it's going to so knock America out of the game that there's not much she's going to be able to do in the way of retaliation against such a huge tremendous target as Russia. I believe many many more millions of Russians are going to survive than Americans, & U.S. America is going to be destroyed as a nation & as a power & knocked out of the race, out of the running, out of the war & unable to retaliate sufficiently to regain anything.

       70. SHE WILL RETALIATE PERHAPS SOME, I DON'T KNOW IF SHE'LL RETALIATE ANY. Who knows? God may let the Russians all hit on target & all the American missiles miss for all we know! Or it may so knock the U.S. out that she won't be able to retaliate. If those damn subs have any sense at all, why commit suicide & fire your missiles just in revenge in a shooting that's going to just kill you in the long run? Well, they may, & there may be some retaliation & there may be some destruction in the USSR, that's certainly a distinct possibility & it's a planned probability as far as the Americans are concerned.

       71. OK, WE'VE COME TO A FEW CONCLUSIONS, I HOPE, IN THIS LITTLE TALK which I intended to be only a few moments, as usual, & as always, longer than I think it's going to be. The U.S. is the one that's going to get the greatest blow, & it's going to be, of course has to be, a first strike in this case. This mosquito in here, I'd like to strike him! Because if I don't get him first, he's going to get me! So if I'm smart I'm going to go after him & kill him before he can sneak up in a sneak attack on me in the dark!

       72. --AND I'M SURE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE WISE MEN OF RUSSIA ARE THINKING, perhaps more reluctantly than the Americans. Because in spite of the accusations of America, I think they might be even a little bit more humanitarian than the Americans in some respects, at least more so perhaps to their own people; they don't want to see them wiped out, they'd rather see the Americans wiped out. Of course the same is true vice versa with the Americans, but the Americans are the ones who are going to get wiped out.

       73. SO AMERICA'S GOING TO GET IT, AMERICA'S GOING TO BE WIPED OUT, AMERICA'S GOING TO BE DESTROYED! And the only way it possibly could be to be effective & fully, so as to do the World the least damage, if you were in God's shoes, so to speak, & you not only wanted to punish the most guilty but you wanted to save the most people & the most of the World from as much destruction as possible, then you'd want to get it over quick, in perhaps one hour of one day to destroy the American Babylon! And of course then Russia's the only one capable of doing it, therefore God certainly must have the Russians planning it, & the only final point to decide is when. (Maria: Good question.) No, I don't think it's even very much of a question, it's pretty obvious!

       74. AS I MENTIONED BEFORE, YOU'RE CERTAINLY NOT GOING TO WAIT FOR AMERICA TO GET MORE PREPARED to do you more damage. I look at those guys & I hear them talk & I wonder if they've got all their marbles! They're almost as good as telling the World & telling the Russians, "Please wait for us! We're coming! We know you're ahead of us & you're winning, but please stop awhile, let's have a little disarmament talk, a little strategic nuclear talk, let's have a little talk. Wait, wait! I want to talk to you so I can catch up with you, & then the minute I get there I'm going to take off & beat you!" Now isn't that stupid? The Russians must really look at the Americans & think, "You must be pretty crazy to think we're going to wait for you! We're not going to wait for you, because the longer we wait, the worse you're going to be & the better armed you're going to be & the more damage you're going to do us!"

       75. SO WHAT'S THE NATURAL LOGIC & CONCLUSION TO THAT LOGIC, that consequential reasoning? Just plain common sense, horse sense, is if you want to win, you're not going to stand there with your loaded gun aimed at your enemy, the U.S.A., while he's still loading & not prepared to shoot yet! But he says, "Wait a minute now, I'm not all loaded yet! It's not fair for you to start shooting first when I haven't even got my gun all loaded yet!" I think the Russian cowboy in the black hat or the red hat or white hat--but certainly not red, white & blue hat--is going to figure,

       76. "LISTEN BUDDY, IF YOU FIGURE I'M JUST GOING TO STAND HERE & WAIT FOR YOU TO LOAD YOUR GUN so you can shoot me, you certainly must be awful dumb! Mine's already loaded, I'm ready now! I'm maybe not as ready as I could be or would be if I had more time, but I'm a whole lot more ready than you are! And I'm certainly not going to wait until you're more ready to do me more damage. I think I'm the right one to win, I think I'm the righteous one to win, I think it would save the World from more damage if I kill you now before you begin scattering shot around where no telling who all you'll kill & how many innocent bystanders & passers by & civilians you're apt to damage! I say,

       77. "YOU'RE THE CRIMINAL! I'M THE OFFICER OF GOD'S LAW! I'M THE ORDAINED POWER THAT'S GOING TO BE. You were, but you changed from a cop to a robber. So God's sent me along to catch you & execute you & get you out of the way before you do any more damage. So certainly, I've got my guns loaded & I'm not going to stand here until you get yours as well-loaded as mine. I am going to shoot now or as quick as I can!"

       78. NOW, WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE A PRE-EMPTIVE FIRST STRIKE? Well, it sure takes a lot of organisation & a lot of preparation to make sure everything's functioning, you know your nukes are there & your missiles are ready & everything's going to work, pronto! When you say go, everybody's ready to leap & start the race. You can't take a chance on anybody failing or missing or that means somebody's apt to hit you instead. So it takes quite a bit of organisation. I believe

       79. RUSSIA HAS COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT THEY HAVE TO BE THE ONE TO STRIKE FIRST, & I think they're coming to that conclusion as they see that the U.S. is planning a nuclear war. Therefore they are becoming convinced that it's going to be a nuclear war & that they've got to win it, Russia. And the only way to win it, number three, is to hit first. And the way to hit first is how? What factors are involved besides the conviction that you've got to hit first & you ought to hit first & you're right to hit first?--And I believe she is because I think God's more with Russia now than He is with the U.S.!

       80. I THINK KHRUSHCHEV WAS A PROPHET OF GOD when he came to the U.S. & said, "God is with us & not you!" Think of that! And God has said so in all the revelations He's given us & the Scriptures He's given us in Jeremiah & everything. God's forsaken America because she's forsaken God. So what determines the first strike?

       81. I THINK JUST WITHIN THE PAST FEW MONTHS RUSSIA HAS BECOME CONVINCED THAT AMERICA IS DETERMINED ON ALL-OUT NUCLEAR WAR, knowing that's the only way she can possibly win. She can't win on the battlefield, she can't win with tactical nukes, she can't win with any other method than a first strike. Even that would be difficult to win because of her large target & her own concentrated area. She'd have to shoot more missiles & go greater distances & everything, as I pointed out in the World Series on the globe. So she knows her only chance to win is to shoot first. But she's not quite ready enough to shoot first because the Russians are so much more ready. So she's stalling around hoping to be able to get ready under the new administration which is pledged to get ready.

       82. THIS NEW ADMINISTRATION IS PLEDGED TO BECOME POWERFUL ENOUGH TO WIN THE WAR WITH RUSSIA, & a nuclear war, of course. Well, now if you were a Russian, you certainly wouldn't want to wait around for that, would you? But if you were even a halfway decent Russian, honest, knowing you've got a family & children of your own, thinking about other people--not those murderous villains the parents, but all the little children too as well that you're going to have to destroy, & many of your own people & children are going to be destroyed--you don't really want that war, do you? And if there's any way out of it you wouldn't get into it, right?

       83. BUT WHEN YOU SEE THAT AMERICA IS BOUND & DETERMINED & HELL-BENT FOR HELL ON EARTH & is obviously convinced from all their statements that it's going to wind up in a nuclear war & that's the only way the U.S. can win, & the only way she can even win a nuclear war is a first strike, you're certainly not going to sit around until the U.S.A is ready for a first strike!

       84. THERE ARE ONLY TWO THINGS YOU HAVE TO BE CONVINCED OF THAT IT'S TIME FOR THE STRIKE, now what are they? You're already convinced you're right, you're already convinced that the U.S. is wrong & needs to get it, & you're already convinced you're gonna help save the World by giving it to her. You're already convinced that you ought to. You're already convinced that that's the best way that the war should go, of course, that you should be the winner & that will preclude the most destruction & limit the destruction to the least destruction, if you, the superior Superpower at the moment, strike first & knock the U.S. out. Then the quicker you do it, the more you'll save of even your own nation, your own people & the World, than if you just wait around for America to start it. But that's a terrible cost!

       85. THE RUSSIANS, I'M SURE, ARE SITTING DOWN & COUNTING THE COST OF THIS WAR as to whether they're able to win it, & how much win it with the least possible suffering to themselves. And of course, as I pointed out, the quickest way & the most effective way is to limit the retaliation as much as possible, especially if you're going to be the one retaliated against.

       86. SO I'M SURE RUSSIA'S COME TO THE CONCLUSION THERE'S GOING TO BE A NUCLEAR WAR, the Americans are reassuring her of that fact, & that they plan to strike first if they can as soon as they get caught up to the Russians. So you come reluctantly to the conclusion that you are going to have to be the one who strikes first & knocks the U.S.A. out of it. Now that is a momentous decision to make, right? That's a very heavy decision to make because you realise how many millions of lives you're going to destroy, not only of your enemy, but you're going to cause to be destroyed in your own country of your own people; that this battle is going to cost not only the lives of the enemy, but perhaps even millions of your own lives.

       87. SO YOU DON'T WANT IT & YOU HATE TO EVEN THINK OF IT & you don't want to start it, but you finally come to the conclusion that if you don't start it pretty soon, as you see the way that Reagan & his outfit are heading, they are going to become more capable to do more damage, so that the quicker you can hit'm, since it's inevitable, the better off you'll be. But once you've reached that conclusion that it's going to be a nuclear war & you've got to strike first, a sudden pre-emptive strike in order to win it & cause your own country as little damage as possible, what's the final decision that you have to make?

       88. AS I ALREADY SAID, YOU'VE GOT TO GET REALLY PREPARED FOR IT & really sure that your missiles are going to work, aimed the right directions & everything is really going to be ready to go at a given sudden signal, boom! Now as you know & as anybody knows in any war, that sort of thing requires a lot of preparation, a lot of organisation & a tremendous final decision.

       89. NOW WHAT HAS RUSSIA GOT TO THINK ABOUT IF SHE IS PLANNING TO BECOME THE WORLD POWER--which she is, of course, & has all along & is going to be--what has she got to think about besides being convinced that she's got to knock out the U.S. to save herself & the rest of the World? To make such a momentous decision to kill & slaughter millions & millions of people is a horrible thing!--Not only to yourself & your own people to think that you're going to have to do that, but how would that look in the eyes of the rest of the World?

       90. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE PRETTY SURE THE REST OF THE WORLD IS WITH YOU & is going to excuse you & exonerate you, at least tolerate you, that you really had to do it & you really did do what was best. Not only you, but the rest of your friends & the rest of the World--the Third World, the poor World you're trying to conquer & get to join you--have got to be convinced that you're their saviour & not their destroyer & not just a monster, but that it was humanitarian, you did it to try to save as much of the World as you could. And you've also got to convince them who the guilty party is & who deserves it the most, & that you are the one who deserves to survive & they deserve to die. You have got to have some consideration of World opinion, right?

       91. SO EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE ALL READY & YOU KNOW YOU'VE GOT TO DO IT, you're planned, prepared & you're just waiting for the signal, what would be the ideal time to push the button? If the last consideration is you're waiting on World opinion to become convinced that the U.S.A. is the villain & is about to destroy the Earth & you've got to destroy her first, how far along that schedule do you think we are?

       92. DO YOU THINK THE WORLD IN GENERAL, ESPECIALLY THE POOR WORLD, IS PRETTY WELL CONVINCED WHO THE VILLAIN IS? Do you think the World's pretty well convinced that the U.S. is the villain? Honey, I'm sorry, I forgot it was your suppertime. I asked you to come in here & I never planned to keep you this long, but maybe your sacrifice is their gain. You're saving others even though yourself you can't save right now. But I'm hungry too & I must be getting near the end because I'm not usually even conscious of it until I'm close to the end. The Lord's trying to let me know that probably it's time to quit. I'm on the last & final point.

       93. IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE EXECUTIONER, YOU CERTAINLY DON'T WANT TO BE THE HATED EXECUTIONER & an executioner who is thought by the crowd to have gotten the wrong man. The crowd must be assured that you are going to execute the right man, the one that's wrong. Do you think the crowd is pretty sure who the criminal is? I'm talking about the poor, the vast majority, the hundreds of millions of the World, the 900 million, nearly a billion Chinese, 7 or 8 hundred million Indians & the other hundreds of millions around the World. Which way is India & China with their hundreds of millions, nearly two billion, & the rest of the World, looking for a saviour? Are they looking to the U.S. to save'm? To whom are the Arabs & the PLO & the Palestinians looking for a saviour? Can they count on the U.S. to save them? Not at all! The U.S. is going to back its [EDITED: "Israelis"].

       94. WHO DO YOU THINK THE WORLD HAS BECOME PRETTY WELL CONVINCED BY PROPAGANDA, Communist propaganda or whatever you want to call it, ideology. Who has an ideology at all? Who has a plan? Who has an ideology at all, a goal, but Russia & the Communists! The U.S. has no ideology, it has no goal. It's arrived, it's got what it wants, it just wants to keep it! And if it has any ideology at all, in order to keep it, it plans a nuclear war to wipe out the rest of the World in order to save itself if necessary. If you want to call that an ideology, I don't think the rest of the World's going to go for it!

       95. I CERTAINLY DON'T THINK EUROPE'S GOING TO GO FOR IT when the U.S. has already as good as said that, "Well, we may have to wipe out Europe in order to save ourselves." How does that sound to European ears? Or are they going to be inclined to perhaps be even a little more sympathetic to their closer Russian neighbour who understands them better because they're also Europeans & in some ways has even given them more consideration, & they have seen how the Eastern European nations live & at least better Red than dead.

       96. I THINK EVEN EUROPE IS GETTING CONVINCED THAT AMERICA'S THE GREATEST DANGER & thinks: "Maybe if Russia did shoot first & knock it out, at least, thank God, it would be over & we wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. So we become Red? Well, we've been under all kinds of tyrants & dictators & everything else before & we survived, so what? But we're not going to survive any nuclear holocaust that is primarily aimed at us!"--That's what the Europeans are thinking.

       97. I THINK EVEN WESTERN EUROPE HAS BECOME CONVINCED THAT THE GREATEST DANGER IS AMERICA'S LIKELIHOOD OF STARTING A NUCLEAR WAR. So that if Russia did shoot first & knock the U.S. out & got it over with quick, they'd probably be relieved, at least they survived, or they hope they'll survive. At least they've got more chance of surviving that way than if the U.S. shoots first. Because right now as it is, if the U.S. gets it started, Europe is going to get it, & it's going to get it anyhow if it keeps harbouring all those U.S. missiles which I told them not to.

       98. SO DO YOU THINK WORLD PUBLIC OPINION HAS GOTTEN PRETTY WELL READY FOR IT & leans more toward Russia than the U.S.? The vast billions of the World are already more sympathetic with the major power who at least claims it wants to share the wealth with the World, & who claims to be the protector of the poor. You certainly couldn't by any stretch of your wildest imagination look on the U.S.A. today as a protector of the poor. It used to be they were supposed to be the protectors of the poor, the democracies & little fellows. But today they're one of the biggest oppressors of the little fellow, & exploiters, & gougers, cheaters, liars, robbers of the poor.

       99. IF YOU WERE A RUSSIAN IN A RUSSIAN'S SHOES--now that's the way I want you to think, I want you to think Russian a little bit. My father said the main thing the Americans don't understand about the Europeans is that although the Americans despise the Europeans, they have pride, if you want to call it, Europeans have pride. They have a certain pride in their own countries, in themselves, & in fact, they've got a right to be more proud of themselves in a lot of areas & spheres than the U.S. Because in many ways they've come through two World Wars a little more righteous in some ways than they were before, & understanding the horrors of war having suffered them. And therefore they're a lot more conscious of the horror of the war & have a greater desire for détente & peace, I believe, than the U.S. has. The U.S. has never suffered, really, a war on its home front.

       100. SO I THINK THE EUROPEANS ARE MUCH MORE DESIROUS OF PEACE & understand the situation better & are more patient with Russia. They understand Russia's pride, they understand Russia's desire to save face & to look righteous & good in the eyes of the World & as one of the good guys & not the bad guys. Has Russia been looking better all the time in the eyes of the World?--Yes. Has the U.S. by its conduct & attitude in everything been looking worse & more dangerous all the time in the eyes of the World?--Absolutely!

       101. SO IF THE GROUND IS PREPARED IN EVERY WAY, THE DECISION IS MADE: "STRIKE FIRST! Get ready, we're ready, we know we've got to do it, we hate to do it but we've got to to save our country & the World. And World opinion is ready for it, the vast majority of the opinions of the World are more sympathetic with us than they are with the U.S. & they would rather see the U.S. knocked out than us, they feel like they might get a better deal from us than the U.S."--So the Russians are thinking about the Third World--so, well, if it's got to be, it's got to be. Poor U.S., sad, but it's not so poor, it's rich & wicked, & if God's going to judge anybody it looks like He'd judge them. Of course it looks like He's got to judge the Russians too & He probably will. They'll get a lot of suffering & a lot of destruction, but then they will have to rebuild the World.

       102. I'M TRYING TO WORK UP TO THE LAST POINT: What other little thing could it be that would possibly tip the scale, if you were a Russian, & made you convinced not only that you had to do it & the World was convinced that you had to do it & that it was time to do it? Can you think of what it would be if you were a Russian & you'd come to that point in your thinking? What would make you decide now is the time?

       103. WELL, LET'S SAY I'M ONLY GUESSING, but putting myself in a Russian's shoes I would certainly say that now's better than later, & I certainly don't want to wait till the Americans get any better prepared & more missiles to do me more damage, so I'm convinced that the sooner the better! But what would tip the scale for not only soon, but now? What do you think, if you were a Russian?

       104. FOR AWHILE PERHAPS YOU'D HOPED THAT THE U.S. WOULD COME TO ITS SENSES & ABANDON THIS MADNESS!--After all, the U.S. started it, it invented the nuclear bomb, it was the first to use it & it was the first to say that nuclear war now is inevitable, deterrent hasn't worked & they're openly saying that it's got to be nuclear war, & of course the one who'll survive the best is the first to strike. I mean, they've practically laid all their cards on the table! Meanwhile they're telling the enemy to "please wait for us!" Well, if I was a Russian I certainly am not going to wait, the sooner the better, but how soon?

       105. WHEN YOU SEE HOW BAD THINGS ARE GETTING BETWEEN YOU & THE ENEMY & that the enemy is getting more belligerent, more sassy, more bellicose, more dangerous by the minute, that he's insulting you, even threatening to injure you & in some ways even embarrassing you before the World by hurling taunts & insults in your face & even little injuries as well, cutting off your trade & your products & your planes & your ships & slapping you around a bit, how long are you going to take that?

       106. IT WASN'T RUSSIA WHO STOPPED THE DEALS. It wasn't Russia who came out with the seven points of how they're going to punish the U.S. It wasn't Russia who stopped the planes & the ships & the products & the talks--who was it? Who is hurling the insults first, & the taunts & the accusations & the sanctions & all the rest?--Until you are getting madder by the minute & you can hardly contain your anger any longer, & even the rest of the World's looking at you & wondering, "Are you going to take that?

       107. "LISTEN, BIG BOY, ARE YOU GOING TO LET THIS LITTLE RUNT KEEP SLAPPING YOU AROUND LIKE THAT when you're supposed to be the big one & the great coming one & the saviour of the World? Are you going to let this little imp keep challenging you & taunting you, this little bad David when you're good Goliath? How long are you going to take it?--When David's no longer righteous & God's no longer with him & God's with you, how much are you going to take?"

       108. WELL, YOU JUST GET TO THE BOILING POINT & THE BREAKING POINT of where the World is virtually wondering why you don't do it now, wondering how long you're going to wait! To where the World is wondering how come you don't do it now! "It looks to us like you have enough provocation, Russia, to hit back! The U.S. has been doing all the challenging--like little David--& all the taunting & hurling all the insults & even a few injuries! Listen, buddy, big boy Russia, how much are you going to take off of this little guy, anyway? How long are you going to restrain yourself from knocking him for a loop--which you could easily do!"

       109. IS THIS WHAT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW? I mean, even some of America's friends have been offended by some of the things & are becoming concerned that the U.S. is going a little too far & that Russia's just not going to take many more of these insults & these taunts & minor injuries & little darts & stones thrown & insults hurled & even injuries. Even the Americans' friends in Europe, understanding Russia better & her pride in having to save face before the whole World & to stand up & show that she is the most powerful one, they're probably looking & realising that, "Well, Russia's not going to take much of this, not much more. She's getting to the limit of her patience, to the breaking point of her long-suffering, in a sense, & she's getting to the point where she's going to boil over & push the Red button of first strike!

       110. IT'S KIND OF FUNNY FOR AMERICA TO ACCUSE THE RUSSIANS OF INTERFERING IN SOLIDARITY IN POLAND when they have been extremely careful to try to show they're not--which of course they are just as much as the U.S.--but the U.S. has almost been open in its sympathy & its help & been donating millions of dollars & all kinds of help to Solidarity to keep it going, keep it afloat & finance it. American intervention in Poland has been virtually obvious to the whole World, to almost everybody except the Americans themselves! Russia really tried to stay out of it as long as she could.

       111. THAT'S THE QUESTION: THE QUESTION AT THE MOMENT IS NOT WHETHER THERE'S GOING TO BE A NUCLEAR WAR--THERE IS--NOT WHETHER RUSSIA IS GOING TO STRIKE FIRST--SHE WILL, not whether she should: It's obvious from everything we've heard, from the Lord & the Bible & just logically, fairly, justly looking at the whole World situation, that she's the one that deserves to make it. Those are not the questions, those are all settled. The question is not whether she should wait or not, the sooner the better as far as she's concerned--& as far as the World's concerned! And probably as far as God's concerned! Does that shock you? That the sooner Russia does it, the better, in a way?

       112. THERE ARE ACTUALLY ONLY TWO MORE FACTORS AS FAR AS GOD'S CONCERNED AS TO HOW SOON SHE DOES IT. And I am convinced that the primary factor is that we're still here & He's doing His best to patiently wait till we get out! I think that's the primary factor. It's only a secondary factor as to how much patience He will give Russia & restrain her before she pushes the button. And since He's in control of her patience, Russia's patience is under His control.

       113. SO AS I THINK I'VE SAID BEFORE, ALL GOD'S WAITING FOR IS US TO GET OUT! I think the time is ripe & I really believe the only thing God is waiting for is particularly us, World Services, our Units, the leadership, to get out, & as many of our people in our Family to get out as possible. We have warned & warned & warned them, they've had plenty of warning & if they really realised their lives are at stake, surely they'd move. Of course, some of them maybe can't, & some of them just won't, but we're hoping that they'll survive. We've just listed in Chapters 8 & 9 of the World Series where I counsel them where to stay if they have to stay in North America or Europe, where would be the safest places to stay if they can't go South.

       114. SO ARE YOU CONVINCED IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN? Are you convinced that all God's waiting on is probably us & He's doing His best to restrain the Russians & keep them from pushing the button? If I were God I think I'd think that way, if I loved My children. I certainly would like to get'm out of the house before [DELETED] it [EDITED: "blew"] up!--Where they're being housed by the wicked & housed by strangers & criminals in both Europe & North America, wicked nations, both of which have been pledged to do their best to persecute us & extinguish us if they can, get rid of us, & have done a lot along that line. But I would certainly like to get my own children out of the house before [EDITED: "judgement fell on"] the criminals, & I think that's about all God's waiting on.

       115. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU THOUGHT THE REST OF THIS TALK WAS WORTH ALL THAT TO COME TO THAT CONCLUSION OR NOT when you'd already come to that conclusion, but I'm trying to make it even more emphatic & trying to show the Family as well how close it is, how certain it is, how sure it is, how inevitable it is & exactly how it's going to go!--In Russia's favour, against the U.S., & from all that I can see from everything God's showed us in the Bible, Revelation 17 & 18 & all the rest, it's going to be a first pre-emptive strike, sudden, one hour, one day & it will all be over. And even the scientists predict that it will all be over within the first few hours. So that's the way it's going to be & I think the only thing God's waiting on is us, particularly the leadership, our WS Units, to get them out where they'll be safe. And we're working on that as fast as we can! We're moving 14 groups of nearly 200 out now!

       116. WE ONLY HAVE A FEW LEFT TO GO, TTL, & we've gotten out who we could so far, & we're getting them out as fast as we can & God knows we are & He's doing His best to restrain the Russians from pressing the button, I really believe it with all my heart, to give us time to get out, because I think it's time. It's time for it to happen. The sooner the better as far as God's concerned, as far as Russia's concerned, & even as far as the U.S. is concerned for her to get what she deserves. So it's past time for us to get out.

       117. AND AS WE STARTED TO DISCUSS, OUR FIRST CONSIDERATION IS OUR OWN SAFETY, save the mother; second, save the baby, other WS units; & in this case it's so serious that even economy can have virtually nothing to do with it. Why economise & lose your life, right? Lord Jesus help me in Jesus' name, give me wisdom. TYL! This is what I prayed for all my life, Lord, whatever wisdom I'm showing, Lord, is Yours, not mine, it's only what You've shown me, in Jesus' name. TYL!

       118. WE BECAME CONVINCED AFTER FERVENT PRAYER & WHEN WE HAD ALREADY MADE OUR ESCAPE & were out of it, that we were not being sufficiently concerned about the others we left behind, we needed to help them get out too. What is a parent like that runs off & leaves the house in flames & leaves the children inside & makes no effort to rescue them? We decided that the best way to do that was to speed up, & the best way we could speed up their departure & their escape was to help them grab what they could & get out. But we had to come back to help them do it. And if that's what we came back for, we'd be foolish to leave before the job was done & we were sure that we had safely gotten all the children out--at least our Units that we can help to get out & command to get out.

       119. SO, WHO ARE WE WAITING ON? We know we should get out, & we got out, but we came back to rescue the children & we're getting them moved as fast as we can. But the point is, we have got to get'm out, & fast, & just as fast as we can, because I don't know how much longer God is going to be able to restrain the Russians. You say, "Well, He's all powerful & everything else!" Yes, & yet He gives man a certain measure of free will & choice & decision, & He says "He who now letteth until he be taken out of the way." (2Th.2:7.) He's letting them or preventing them right now, but sooner or later He's got to be taken out of the way, His restraining power, to fulfil His prophecies.

       120. SO HERE WE ARE, SITTING DUCKS, BUT WE NEED TO HELP OTHERS & help save the others as well as ourselves. So are you convinced we need to do it as fast as we possibly can? Have I made myself clear? Have I made the picture clear enough? Have I helped you feel the urgency enough, the necessity of moving as fast as we can? I hope so! GBAKY NOW! Move TODAY! Tomorrow will be too late! God have mercy on us, in Jesus' name, amen!--Are YOU moving?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family