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"THE FUTURE IS AS BRIGHT AS THE PROMISES OF GOD!"--World Series No.11.        DFO 1099        27/1/82
--Our Moses' Prayer for Our Modern Exodus!--By Father David

       1. WE'RE MAKING SOME MAJOR MOVES, LORD, & THERE'RE GOING TO BE SOME MAJOR CHANGES IN OUR HISTORY & OUR PATTERNS OF OPERATION CAUSED BY THE COMING WAR & even now by our move Southward to escape it & make some very great moves & great changes, possibly one of the greatest migrations or Exoduses of a religious movement in history, at least such a widespread group that is in so many countries around the world & having to leave so many countries & go to so many new ones. It is a very unusual & a very great migration & is bound to cause some disruptions & interruptions & a great deal of reorganising & re-establishment of centres, Lord, in order to continue our service to Thy children & the world as long as we can, even after the war, & to save as many lives as we can, Lord, for Thy service.

       2. SO WE ASK THEE IN JESUS' NAME TO LEAD US & GUIDE US, for we don't want to discourage anyone today but we must face the facts & prepare for what's coming if we want to survive & continue any form of service whatsoever afterwards. Lord, it's better for us to be prepared as though it's going to happen tomorrow, & yet to work as though it was never going to happen, continue working, Lord, just as we know & think about Thy coming, that it doesn't matter when it's going to come, we need to keep busy & working right to the last day. Amen, Thy Will be done. And to work every day as though it were our last day, Lord.

       3. WE THANK YOU, LORD, FOR HOW GOOD YOU'VE BEEN TO US TO LET US OPERATE THIS LONG & HAVE SUCH A TREMENDOUS MOMENTOUS YEAR THIS PAST YEAR!--Such a flood of publications & literature & things to put into the hands of the Family, Lord, for not only their feeding but their feeding of others--tools for the job of reaching the world with Thy love & Thy Gospel. We thank You, Lord, for giving us this good year, making it possible for us to arm the Family with so much ammunition & to prepare for the times that are coming, Lord, when it will not be possible. Thank you Lord for so much they already have.

       4. SO WE ASK THEE IN JESUS' NAME TO LEAD & GUIDE US IN OUR PREPARATIONS, LORD, FOR SURVIVING THE HOLOCAUST & THE AFTERMATH & to be able to continue working as long as we can.--And also Lord how to survive this move to escape & get out of the dangerous areas before it happens. And we already have to plan how to survive now, as well as then.

       5. SO GIVE US WISDOM, LORD. WE KNOW NOTHING & YOU KNOW EVERYTHING. You've given us our direction now, which way to go, & we don't have to know everything beyond that. You said when we get there it will be told us, as we go towards the rising sun it would be told us there what we should do. So we don't have to know everything right now, we don't have to know, really, what we have to expect, & how to make preparations, Lord, for tomorrow, we only have to know the first step,--a very long stride it is, Lord, from here to that land, but that's all we really need to know specifically at the moment.

       6. WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW, WE DO NEED TO BE FAMILIAR, LORD, WITH THE GENERAL AREA to which we're going & going to be moving through & operating in for a while, living in, working in, operating in, Lord, & how to negotiate it, how to plan for it & how to make these moves. We need to have a general idea, of the possibilities, potentialities, & the impossibilities. So we ask you, Lord, in Jesus' name, to help us right now to get a good clear vision. Without a vision the people perish. Give us a good clear vision of this whole picture & the probabilities, Lord, of what is going to happen so that we can prepare accordingly.

       7. I DON'T MEAN TO FRIGHTEN ANYONE, LORD, OR TO DISCOURAGE ANYONE OR MAKE ANYONE FEEL LIKE IT'S AN IMPOSSIBLE SITUATION. We want to prepare for it, Lord, so it will be possible & we will be able to survive & we will be able to continue as long as it is possible. And Lord, when we get to the point where it's impossible, that's up to You.--You'll probably take us home when our job is done & we're finished & there's nothing more we can do. When there's nothing better to do, we can go to be with you forever! PYL! Hallelujah!

       8. YET IF IT BE THY WILL, LORD, THAT WE CONTINUE HERE UNTIL THOU DOST COME, at least some of these, we know that if You keep them here You're going to give them something to do, they're still going to be needed & therefore there's going to be something they can do to help guide Thy children & feed Thy Family, & help them to minister to the world that's left. Otherwise there'd be no point in them staying in this wicked world any longer.

       9. SO, LORD, WE'RE NOT DISCOURAGED, WE'RE JUST FACING THE FACTS & JUST WANT TO BE AS USEFUL TO YOU AS POSSIBLE. We want to be as wise as we can be with Thy guidance, to know where to go & what to do in order to be able to continue to the best advantage in our work which is feeding the Family so they can feed others. That's the only excuse we have for living, Lord, is to be able to love others & minister to others & help keep the Family going, inspired, guided, fed & well-armed for the battle.

       10. SO LORD, WE ASK THEE TO GIVE US WISDOM & THE STRENGTH TO PRESENT THIS PICTURE to these here, Thy top leaders of the Family, important people who handle our very important administration, & through whom we guide & direct Thy children around the world, & who handle all our publications & our business & our finances & all of these important things, as well as our personal care & our moves & all, Lord.--Always a trial & always a bit difficult, Lord, but You've certainly made it as easy as you possibly could & we thank You for that, Lord.

       11. WE THANK YOU FOR THIS MARVELOUS YEAR WE'VE HAD, this...perhaps it may be our last great year, Lord, of so many publications. It doesn't need to be our last great year of witness, our last great year of soul winning & last great year of testimony--it may be even greater, Lord, due to the cataclysm that is going to occur in the North. People will be terrified & confused & scattered & seeing that the end of the world is nigh & they're not ready for it. I believe they're going to come to us hungry & desperate for the answers, knowing that the System has not provided the answers, the System has only provided destruction & the End, & not the answer.

       12. SO I BELIEVE, LORD, THAT IT'S GOING TO EVEN TENDER PEOPLE'S HEARTS & MAKE THEM MORE RECEPTIVE & MORE DESPERATE, MORE ANXIOUS FOR ANSWERS. Therefore, Lord, after this horrible war, we may even have a greater reaping than ever before, as people see there's no use in living except for eternity, & their world is being destroyed, their lives are being destroyed, their whole way of living is being destroyed by the very things that they worshipped, the gods that they worshipped, the men & countries that they worshipped--the science that they worshipped is about to destroy them, & there has to be some other way, some other answer which this world has not given them but is about to devour them instead.

       13. JESUS, WE DO ASK THEE TO HELP US TO SEE THE TREMENDOUS POTENTIALITIES OF THE HARVEST, THE GREAT REAPING THAT WE BELIEVE IS YET TO COME THROUGH THY CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD! You have Your agents posted everywhere, Lord, where the people & fields & millions are who have yet to receive You, Lord, & yet to receive the news of the good Gospel of Thy Love. So although our present methods may be restricted & our present means may be limited, You have got Your soldiers scattered throughout the earth, Lord, & armed & ready for this final great battle, & ready to have a great reaping, Lord, & win many battles & multitudes of souls who'll be coming streaming to us, Lord, for answers, & perhaps even screaming to us for answers & for help in their desperation as they flee the horrors to come & they seek salvation, the only salvation that can possibly save them, eternal salvation, Lord.--Escape from this world completely!

       14. THE WORLD'S ABOUT TO STOP & WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO GET OFF, & Lord, we have the bridge, we have the transporters in the Gospel of salvation, the good news that is able to save them out of this world & transport them into the next. So we have the only answer, Lord, the greatest answer, & the only means of escape, Lord. There's not going to be any more place to hide when the Devil takes over this globe, Lord, & the only means of escape is out of it, & we have that means & we have that answer, & we can give it to the people.

       15. SO WE BELIEVE THERE'S GOING TO BE A GREAT REAPING OF SOULS IN THIS ENDTIME, A TREMENDOUS HARVEST! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! You've even pictured it, Lord, in Chapter 14 of Revelation, where You thrust in Your sickle & reap the harvest! It's going to be a great harvest, Lord, we believe it.

       16. EVEN IF WE PERSONALLY ARE CUT OFF FROM THE REST OF THE FAMILY due to lack of communication or the post or whatever it may be, Lord, they will have had enough guidance & direction already. Already, Lord, they've been having enough of Thy guidance & direction in these last days in the Eden Series & the World Series to be well apprised about what's about to happen so that even if we're cut off from each other, they will know. They have Thee & Thy Word & the Letters, Lord, & they've got all of this to feed & inspire & encourage & guide them & to make them knowledgeable about what is happening, so that they will be guides for the blind & leaders to the leaderless, & mighty signs & wonders will be done!

       17. WE BELIEVE GREAT THINGS ARE GOING TO OCCUR, THE GREATEST TESTIMONY & THE GREATEST WITNESS THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN FROM THY CHILDREN THROUGHOUT THE WORLD! You've already got them posted, Lord. You're getting them posted faster & faster, & we're recruiting them as fast as we can, for the areas, Lord, that will not be destroyed & that will continue to exist along with them for some time to come during which they can reap many many souls for Thy Kingdom in the desperation of the situation, the people seeing that the world & the system have not got the answers & their Godlessness has been no answer at all, & that only Thee & Thy Word have the answer & the only solution, the only salvation. So, PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       18. WE'RE LOOKING FORWARD TO A GREAT DAY, LORD, AN EVEN GREATER DAY, OF WITNESSING & TESTIMONY & REAPING, SOUL-SAVING, SOUL-WINNING AROUND THE WORLD as people are more softened and desperate & more receptive, more responsive, when they see the very Earth crumbling beneath their feet & nowhere to go but up!

       19. WE ASK THEE TO HELP US TO BE ABLE TO GET THE JOB DONE & FINISH THE JOB wherever we are, even if some of us are cut off from others. We will have enough in our hands & available, the tools & the information, & the food & the feed, to feed the multitudes, Lord, that are going to come clamouring to us as we saw that picture of us on that mountain in Tenerife. Perhaps it was symbolic, Lord, to show how in the day of calamity & the day of catastrophe & the day of the dilemma they came streaming toward us, rushing toward us, at last ready to hear the answer, at last ready to find the solution, at last ready to hear Thy Word & receive Thy salvation, & to know that we were right, having now had Thy Word confirmed, Lord, through the events that transpired.

       20. THEY'LL KNOW THEN, LORD, THAT WE WERE RIGHT! They'll know then that we were a true prophet of Thee. They'll know then, Lord, that Thy children around the world were telling them the truth, Thy Gospel, & that nothing else has worked, nothing else has helped. Everything else has failed & the world is going to pieces, & the only thing that has stood firm, Lord, is Thy Word & Thyself & Thy love. Then Thy children, Lord, wherever they may be, separated though they may be, cut off though they may be even from us, Lord, nevertheless they will have You, Jesus, Thy angels, Lord, & the hosts of Heaven to help them, & all the materials that we've already put in their hands to guide them & to help them to reach others.

       21. JUST HELP US, LORD, IN THE FEW DAYS THAT ARE LEFT IN THE END TO ACCOMPLISH AS MUCH AS WE CAN & PRODUCE AS MUCH AS WE CAN, Lord, to put as much ammunition in their hands as we can until we're cut off from them, Lord, as we no doubt will be in some circumstances & some occasions. Help us to prepare now to organise them sufficiently that they'll be well-guided locally, Lord, & have means of distribution locally & communication locally, news locally, to encourage each other, & local leadership.

       22. THERE'S NEVER BEEN A DAY IN HISTORY, LORD, THAT THOU HAST ALLOWED THY CHURCH TO BECOME TOTALLY SEPARATED FROM EACH OTHER WITHOUT ANY COMMUNICATION & without any fellowship, without any news of what's happening, even if You have to give it to them straight from Heaven, like You did Thy Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos. And he was still writing letters to churches throughout Asia. There was still communication, there was still guidance, there was still feeding of the sheep & arming of the soldiers, Lord. Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!

       23. SO WE DON'T THINK THAT WE'RE EVER GOING TO BE TOTALLY FORSAKEN IN ANY WAY, LORD, let none think that they're going to be totally excommunicated or cut off where they're not going to be able to have any fellowship or hear from anybody or know what's going on, but that there's going to be some line of communication, some line of news, some bit of fellowship with someone, somewhere, somehow, in some way.

       24. AND HELP US TO PREPARE FOR IT NOW & TO PREPARE THEM FOR IT NOW, LORD, so that they will be ready to assume command & assume communication, assume distribution, & to keep the Family informed, Lord, about what's going on & what's happening & even as much as possible news from other parts of the world, that however they hear it, however they get it, whether by telephone or radio, or mail or personal courier, personal messenger or whatever, or straight from Heaven by Thy voice through Thy angels, that they will be able to communicate it to other members of their Family nearby, locally, in some way, in the widest area possible, in the most effective way possible, Lord.

       25. WE DO NOT BELIEVE THAT YOU'RE GOING TO LEAVE US TOTALLY WITHOUT COMMUNICATION OR FELLOWSHIP, as You never have down through the ages of Thy church, Thy people. There has always been some means of communication & fellowship & news about what's going on, & some direction. And we believe that that's going to happen, Lord, & even though some may be cut off from others, some areas from other areas, that within those more limited areas, Lord, there will still be means of production & communication, information & fellowship & encouragement, inspiration, & Word from on high, Hallelujah! So that Thy sheep will not be too scattered or too discouraged nor without the means to keep on working for You, Jesus, keep on doing their job of witnessing & winning the multitudes who are going to be reaped in this Time of Trouble.

       26. YOU PROMISED IT, LORD, THAT DURING THIS VERY TIME THAT WE'RE THINKING OF, THAT'S APPROACHING NOW SO FAST, THAT "THEY THAT DO KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL DO EXPLOITS" AND "THEY SHALL INSTRUCT MANY".* There are going to be many people streaming & screaming to us, Lord, for instruction, information, "What's happening? What's going to happen next? What shall we do?" as they cried unto the apostles of old. "What shall we do to be saved?" And thank You, Lord, we'll be able to tell them. Thy children around the world will be in strategic spots & positions to be able to give them the information they need. We won't even have to go to them, Lord. They'll be running to us for help & for the answers & the information & salvation that we alone can give them, that You alone can give them. TYJ! PYL! (*Dan.11:32-33)

       27. IT'LL BE A TRYING TIME, LORD. It'll be difficult & there's going to be persecution, & there's going to be some suffering & even some martyrdom, Lord, but the martyrs are the ones who in some ways are almost the lucky ones, the blessed ones, Lord. They get to go Home first, sooner, their job is done the earlier, & their big work is finished. The hard work is over & they get to go Home to rejoice with You, Lord. "Well done, thou good & faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of Thy Lord!" They're going to get to see that City before we do, Lord, before some of us. They're going to get to enjoy it, Lord, & even now, soon, if they suffer & are martyred for Thee! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

       28. BUT LORD WE BELIEVE THAT THE LIVING ARE GOING TO OUTNUMBER THE MARTYRS, BECAUSE YOU NEED TO FINISH THE JOB. And we believe the martyrs are going to be perhaps few & far between, & that they will only be allowed to die for their faith as a testimony, a final witness for Thee, which is what the word martyr means, a witness, dying as a witness, their final witness for Thee. It'll even inspire others, Lord, to take their place.--Inspire others to have their courage, their faith, their bravery to fight on in the battle & die for Thee if necessary.

       29. BUT WE BELIEVE THAT MOST OF US SHALL LIVE FOR THEE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, & that's what we're working on, to make it possible for us to live for our country rather than just die for our country, the Kingdom of God! We are willing to die, Lord, for our Kingdom, but we feel we would be more useful to Thee to live for it, & this is why we're evacuating the North, moving to the South where we can continue to be witnesses & work as long as possible. So encourage these here, that although we have in some respects some gloomy pictures to paint regarding the present ministry, the present freedom of this type of ministry & the means of production, etc., Lord, that the results & what we're going to get from the seed we sow, the harvest is going to be so great compared to now, that it's going to far outweigh the price that we're going to have to pay. We really believe it, Lord.

       30. WE BELIEVE THAT FROM HERE ON, PARTICULARLY AFTER THE WAR, FOR EVERY GRAIN OF TRUTH THAT'S SOWN, THERE'S GOING TO BE A TREMENDOUS FRUIT OF HARVEST far above anything proportionally ever before, because people are going to be so hungry, so desperate & so needy & so receptive they will come running for it, Lord, & the violent will take it by force, rip the message out of our hands to find their salvation!

       31. SO WE BELIEVE IT, LORD. WE BELIEVE THAT OUR GREATEST DAY OF WITNESSING & WINNING SOULS IS YET TO COME, even in the midst of the horrors, Lord, in the midst of affliction, in the midst of adversity, in the midst of the Great Tribulation our witness is going to be the loudest & the greatest & the most fantastic & the most phenomenal & miraculous & powerful & supernatural that's ever been! So we're not trying to be pessimistic, Lord, we're not trying to be discouraging. We're believing that things are going to look up even better than ever before. For what little seed, Lord--we may not be able to get out as much as we have before--but for what little we have & what little we can get out & what little we can scatter abroad, it's going to have a far greater fruitfulness & a far greater harvest in proportion than ever before!

       32. SO HELP US, LORD, TO BE LED OF THY SPIRIT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHERE TO GO & when & how & what to do, so that we will be where You want us to be when the time comes that there'll be the greatest need. We will be the most needed people in the whole world, the most sought-after because we have the answers, we have the truth, we have the only message of salvation. We have the only hope & we believe they're going to seek us. Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! TYL!

       33. EVEN AS THAT PICTURE IN THY WORD, we believe in some ways it's going to be fulfilled literally because men will be so scarce that 7 women shall grab one man & say, "We shall eat of our own bread & wear our own raiment, only let us be called by thy name!" You mean that, Lord, also as a picture of Thy church in that one man in a sense, the preacher of the Gospel, & the multitudes that are going to come grabbing us Lord & desiring to be joined to us & live with us & become one with us & even support themselves & us just to become one of us & be called by our name, to be known as one of Thy children that they may be saved! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Amen! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! TYL! Thank You Jesus!

       34. WE KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS & YOU HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS & we don't need to know them all now. We only need to know step by step & we thank You for how You have already directed us, Lord. You even changed our direction 3 times like the Apostle Paul who tried to go to a certain place, but You stopped us & then You gave us a specific call in the opposite direction, like You did the call of the man of Macedonia in his dream, Lord. That voice I heard was just as strong, & You said, "You're going the wrong direction! You're going the wrong direction!", & we knew we were to go the other way.

       35. COMFORT THE HEARTS OF THOSE, LORD, WHICH WE LEAVE TEMPORARILY BEHIND. We trust & hope it's only temporarily, Lord, then we'll be reunited with them again, according to Thy will, perhaps before long. It's a small world today, Lord, with rapid means of communication & transportation, so it's quite possible we should rejoin them 'ere long, but not as soon as we expected.

       36. LORD, YOU'RE ABLE TO HELP US & LEAD US & GUIDE US THROUGH THIS MINEFIELD OF THE EAST & show us the safe places to go & where to go to encourage the field & the workers & the leaders & help different ones get established, Lord, & organised & contingency plans prepared for leadership & dissemination of information, financing & everything, Lord, so that each area can even be independent & on its own for awhile if necessary. Perhaps until the End, we don't know, but so that each unit, each cell, each group, each area will be able to survive, alone if necessary, & even if cut off from the rest of the world!

       37. THEY'LL BE LED, FED, FURNISHED & BRIGHTLY BURNISHED, LORD, SHINING WITH THY LIGHT STILL, even though seeming to stand alone. They'll not be wholly alone, we know, because You'll never leave nor forsake us even until the end of the world, & we'll have each other, & we'll be able to work together as never before, Lord, in such unity they've never had before, such power & such purpose, Lord, that they will be the most brightly shining lights they have ever been, & they will witness to more millions than they ever have, Lord, & win more thousands to Thee! We believe it, Lord!

       38. SO IT'S NOT A TOTALLY DISCOURAGING, DISMAL OR BLACK, GLOOMY PICTURE, BUT IT HAS MANY MANY BRIGHT SPOTS, LORD, PARTICULARLY THY COMING! And Lord we want to be faithful servants, faithful stewards, to be able to do a good job, Lord, for you & to have faithfully fed Thy sheep as good stewards, serving & ministering to them until the very end. So give us the wisdom & the guidance & show us what to do, where to go, how to do it, & why, Lord, in Jesus' name, these Thy leaders here who help to direct the whole world. Give us the wisdom, Lord, protect us & keep us even as You have, Lord.

       39. THANK YOU FOR THY MIRACULOUS PROTECTION EVERYWHERE WE GO! You've blinded the eyes of officials to our identity & to the baggage & the passports, everything, Lord, how marvellously You've worked to protect & keep us & help us move with the miraculous minimum of trouble or difficulty, Lord!--No serious problems at all. Thank You Lord for how You've provided for us, Lord, too, with plenty of funds for all of us, enough to get everybody out of Europe, every WS Unit that needs to get out.

       40. AND WE KNOW THAT THE PEOPLE IN THE NORTH, LORD, THERE'S PLENTY OF MONEY THERE FOR THEM TO GET OUT IF THEY REALLY WANTED TO, & if they really were desperate about it & prayed hard enough, Lord, those who trust Thee & have the faith for it we know You'll get them out, unless for some reason You want them there to minister to those who survive. We believe no doubt there will be a tremendous need for witnesses then by some there who can't go or haven't felt led to go. Perhaps they'll have a ministry then even there, even dying, Lord, they'll have a ministry.

       41. SO THY HAND, LORD, IS UPON ALL OF US ACCORDING TO THY CALL OF EACH OF US that we should each abide in the calling wherein we are called. And we ask Thee right now, that we shall each one find our place, so when the great distress comes, that each one will be in his place, each soldier will be in his rank, each fighter will be in position for the battle that's to come, so that we may fight it well & win the victory for You! In Jesus' name we ask, for Thy glory. Have Thy way, Thy will be done.

       42. LEAD US IN THESE DELIBERATIONS & COUNSELS TODAY so that we will have a good picture, Lord, of what we're getting into & what's about to happen & how to prepare for it. TYL! It's better to have it & not need it than need it & not have it. So help us, Lord, to do our best to prepare, that it may be possible for us to continue working as long as we can. In Jesus' Name we ask, for Thy glory. Amen!--Are you ready?

       43. (IN THE PLANS THAT FOLLOWED, WE DIVIDED THE WORLD into major indigenous areas which can sustain themselves independently of each other, fellowship, publish & distribute lit & tapes & news of the Family within each area, even if cut off from others, & we're working now on organising their leadership. Pray for us! Tks! GBY! WLY!)

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