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LATEST NEWS FLASHES FOR MAG 49       DFO1101       2/82

1. DEAR WS SERVANTS OF THE LORD!--Greetings in Jesus' name! PTL!

       TO THOSE WHO'VE RECENTLY MOVED SOUTH OR EAST, WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME! To those who've not yet moved, may God help you to move soon!

       ENCLOSED IS YOUR LATEST GIFT FROM WS & THE FAMILY! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Some of you particularly in the Mideast & Far East, will find your gifts increased some, as we try to encourage your ministries in those pioneer areas. Others, especially new Eastern WS Units, will be receiving WS gifts for the first time! We're pushing Eastward & want to help you all we can! EASTWARD HO!

       DUE TO A 26% DROP IN WS INCOME OVER THE PAST 8 MONTHS as our Family moves South & East--& North for the Aussies & Kiwis!--some of you, particularly in the North & West, may find your gifts are slightly less than usual.--Sorry, but we must live within our income, so you'll just have to tighten your belts bit! Besides, we're trying to encourage more of you to move Eastward rather than so many to Latin America which is already getting overcrowded with Family! All Europeans who've not yet moved should go East to India, Indonesia etc. if possible, & even those already in the West. (U.S. & L.A.) should also go East, if you can! India has only one of as per 7 million of her, while Latin America already has one of us per every 100,000 of her!--70 times as many of us proportion to India! That's not fair! L.A. only has 300 million souls while the East has 2,000 million! GO EAST!

       ALL GIFTS TO WAS RECIPIENTS IN THE NORTH (U.S. & EUROPE) MAY SOON BE DISCONTINUED BECAUSE OF THE WAR! So you'd better leave now while you can still get out! GHU! But we have a plan for the continued support of WS folks in the South & East!--So hurry!--& bring as much with you as you can, as there'll be no home support after the War! But there'll still be plenty of us around the World with the Gospel for every creature!--Amen? HAL!--So keep on movin' along, keep on singin' a song! There's no use to cry while God's Son's in His sky, so keep on movin' along!--Amen? GBY! We're movin' with ya! PG! TYJ! IJN, Amen!--Love,--D.

       SINCE MOST OF YOU WILL BE RECEIVING THIS MAGAZINE SOMETIME IN THE MONTH OF MARCH, D.V., & my birthday will be past by then, we want to thank you for all the various remembrances & gifts which are already coming in & will probably all have come in by this time. So we want to thank you now for your thoughtfulness & your consideration & your prayers & all of your sweet greetings & photos & mementos etc., all of which we appreciate very deeply & treasure very highly as symbols & indications of your love for us & the Lord. Thank you so much & may God bless you for your kindness & continue to make you a blessing, in Jesus' name! Amen!

       3. COMBOS!
YOU'LL BE THRILLED WITH OUR NEW IDEA OF COMBO CENTERS COMING NEXT IN A NEW LETTER ABOUT THE SAME!--A hotel or Campground you can use for many purposes in or near each Capital City of your Southern country!

              THIS 7-PURPOSE MULTI-USE COMBO CENTER (FOR SHORT!) COULD BE THE ANSWER TO A LOTTA PROBLEMS & NEEDS for all these uses, & thereby worthy of constant use & maintenance & operational staff in or near your Capital City & International Airport of the safer Southern countries of the South!--Not some remote hole-in-the-mountains for final Refuge only!--But good for that too when needed!


       1) A National Headquarters for our VSs, NASs & staffs!
       2) Your national Video Library!
       3) Your national Reception Center for visitors & moving missionaries.
       4) Your NAF Conventions or Camp Meetings!
       5) Your national Childcare Center & School!
       6) Your national Rest, Recuperation, Recreation & Holiday Playground!
       7) --And finally a Refuge in Time of Trouble!--Amen?

       I BELIEVE SUCH CONSTANTLY-NEEDED & MULTI-USEFUL COMBOS WOULD BE WORTHY OF CONSTANT SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE & STAFF IN MOST MAJOR SOUTHERN COUNTRIES, DON'T YOU? By sharing the same facilities, funds & staff for all these uses, Combos could be very economical & worth the time, trouble & investment!--Not just in hopes of a somebody need for a Refuge only!--How about it?--Are you with me? Let's GO! COMBO!--TODAY!--Amen?


       GIJN! GBY for your faithful TRFing! GBY!
       AS WE ARE EVACUATING EUROPE to escape the coming nuke war & advise you to do the same, WS Units are already moving out & will soon all be gone from the nuke North!

       EURCRO HAS ALREADY MOVED OUT, as you were informed, & you were notified to send your TRFs this past month to a new address outside Europe.

       HOWEVER, AS EURCRO IS STILL MOVING, you will be asked to send your March TRF to yet another new address still further from the dangerous North to our new EURCRO address which we hope to be more permanent, God willing!

       WE'RE SORRY ABOUT SO MANY NEW CHANGES, but we assure you they are for the best & your good!--GBY & thanks a lot for your patience & faithful TRFing, & may you too soon be out of the War area & in the safer more fruitful South! GBAKYAMYAB! Please move!--Love,--D.

              P.S. BRASIL TRFERS!: A new BRACRO is being established in Brasil for all Family there to TRF to, & you have already been informed of its new address. Please send your Brasil TRF there so the funds can be used within Brasil due to currency restrictions.--Thanks! GBY! The Portuguese-Brasil LIM is also being moved there so you'll get your Lit quicker! PTL!--Amen? Dave & Carmen are its new Servants. WLY!

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