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WARNING TO ALL SODOMITES!--By Father David       DFO1110       22/10/81

Dear Family, GBY & GIJN!

       1. WE LOVE & PRAY FOR YOU & ARE SO THANKFUL FOR THE TREMENDOUS JOB YOU'VE BEEN DOING in helping to reach the World with the Gospel. You work has been an immeasurable help to the Family Worldwide & your pubs are sure winners with us all! You've been such a blessing to us all as you work long hours to meet deadlines & never fail to produce inspired material for publication--GBY!

       2. AS YOU ALL KNOW THERE'S BEEN QUITE A SERIOUS PROBLEM IN YOUR RANKS of late & we've recently received reports which indicate that this problem has now affected & stumbled other Family members. Dad has put a lot of emphasis on our World Service Units likening them to the priests & Levites of the Old Testament--those who work in the Temple--& therefore the Homes look up to them & when in contact expect to see a reflection of the way things are supposed to be done--God's way & Dad's way. When they see otherwise they are hurt & offended & are even stumbled, & for this reason we must insist that our Units uphold a very high standard & set a good example to the Homes.

       3. WHEN THIS IS NOT THE CASE & ONE OF OUR UNITS IS HAVING PROBLEMS which affect not only their own Home but even involve others, then Dad must step in & lay down the law for the sake of the sheep. It's a case of "Others may--you cannot!" Others might be able to get away with some of this out-of-the-way behaviour & problems but we simply cannot allow it in any of our Units, as it not only can affect the Homes locally but Worldwide as our Pubs go out to all the Homes.

       4. WHEN YOU JOIN THE ARMY YOU ARE EXPECTED TO STICK TO THE ARMY'S RULES, whether you like them or not--if you want to continue being in the Army! Because of this particular problem within your Home, which has now been noised abroad, Dad has had to lay down the law & therefore we want to pass on to you his comments:

       5. "YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK ABOUT HOMOS! NOW THAT'S IT! PERIOD! He's a very poor example to the rest of the Family & people coming to his Home as guests. To think for a moment that we tolerate that sort of thing gives them a very bad impression of us, & I mean nobody's indispensable! If he can't get the victory & lick it, we're going to have to use some harsher measures to deal with it a little more severely. There's no excuse for it, absolutely no excuse for it! My God, the least he could have done was to keep it to himself & not be so obvious that even with guests in his Home he flaunts it in their faces to where everybody knows it!

       6. "APPARENTLY SINCE HE WAS EXPOSED HE HAS THE IDEA NOW HE CAN PRACTICE IT OPENLY & we're going to let him get away with it.--But we're not! I don't go for it at all, because he'll be a bad influence on children, too. One of the first things they go for is little boys, & I just don't go for it, that's all there is to it! I mean, it may be only my pet peeve along that line, but it sure is, apparently it is one of the God's too! He's either got to straighten out & absolutely get the victory & quit it, or he's gonna have to find some other ministry! We don't tolerate it! People like that, because they're so valuable & useful & are doing such a tremendous work, they get the idea that they're indispensable. I mean, he's just got to learn he can't get away with it!

       7. "I HAVE BEEN VERY UPSET & DISPLEASED ABOUT IT EVER SINCE I HEARD ABOUT IT, but I thought that when it was brought out in the open & he confessed it that he would try to get rid of it & get the victory, but apparently, if anything, he's gotten worse & more open about it. I suggest that he's either going to have to get the victory & get it quick, or we may have to find somebody else for his job. And I mean it!

       8. "WHEN I SAW THAT VIDEO I TOLD YOU I SUSPECTED HIM OF THAT before he ever went to Path's. Evidently it's been going on quite a long time, it's been going on too long! He seems to think that because we tolerated it, that he can get away with it, but that last report is just too much! Obviously he's not even trying to get the victory, & he's just openly flaunting it now that we know. and you can just tell him I'm furious about it & I'm literally ready to fire him if he doesn't straighten out & I mean it! I think we could survive without him!--It would be a great loss, a loss to us & the Lord's work, but we can't stand the ever-present danger of his perversion of others & even little children, it's like having a rotten apple in the barrel & we just will not tolerate it, that's all!

       9. "WHEN IT COMES TO THINGS LIKE THAT I CAN GET PRETTY TOUGH & I HAVE! He sets a very bad example & very bad influence & it poses a real danger to the whole work as long as we let him get away with it. So he's either got to get the cure & get it quick, or we're just not going to put up with it any longer, & that's all! I mean none of us are perfect, but we don't have to flaunt that sort of thing that the whole World knows that we're against! You should tell him I think we've been pretty patient to put up with it this long waiting for him to get the victory, but it's come to the point where he's got to get it or else, that's all! It's like an infection & we can't take a chance on it infecting the whole body! It's better to cut off a finger or an appendage & save the body that to try to save the finger & take a chance on it affecting the whole works! It's amazing how that sort of thing or the news of it can spread & other can use it as an excuse.

       10. "I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY NOBODY TOLD US SOONER, I had to wait till I saw that video of them to spot it. (Maria: Well, for a long time we got reports. People would go there & visit & they'd say, `Boy, this just broke our bottles to visit them! It was really heavy & it...!' & you know, they never would say what, so we'd write them & say, `What was so different about it?' but they wouldn't really tell us, but finally, I don't know who or where we did first get it...) Failure to report a crime is a crime! I blame the people who knew & didn't tell us! The minute I saw him on video I told you I suspected him of that. I mean, there's just a way about them they can't conceal.

       11. "THAT'S A REAL REFLECTION ON US & THE WORK. It's too bad, because he's so talented & I believe he really loves the Lord & the work, but if he doesn't get rid of that, he doesn't love it enough! So he's just gotta know that either he's got to straighten out & not just make a public confession like he did to us, etc., & then go on in it even worse! But he's got to confess it, that he's in the wrong & that it's wrong & he's got to stop it, or he's going to have to move someplace else1 We're a very sexy outfit but we're not that sexy, we're not perverted! GHU! And we hope we never will be!

       12. "THERE'S NOTHING MORE DISGUSTING TO GOD OR US, I don't know why it is but it just is, & I know it sickens me! I'll never forget that's one thing that really finished Jeth with me & that was the beginning of the end when I walked in one him by surprise one day & caught him suckin' his little boy! Well, some people say, `What's the difference between that & a girl sucking you?' Well, for some reason or other, God makes a difference! For some reason or other that's a real abomination to the Lord!--"Men w/men" (Rom.1:27).

       13. "WE DON'T HAVE VERY MANY NO-NO'S.--My God, we should be able to keep the few we have, & that's about the only sexual one we have! I can understand people maybe getting tripped off once in awhile or having it happen on some extreme occasion under duress or something. But to make it a common practice & be practically open about it & flaunt it & seem to think that we're going to let him get away with it, that we approve of it, that is a no-no! And if he doesn't straighten out & stop that's gonna be the end of his ministry there as far as I'm concerned!

       14. "THERE'S ONLY ONE OF TWO THINGS THAT COULD SAVE THE SITUATION: He's got to obviously straighten out before everybody there & the whole Family & it becomes just as well known that he is cured as it has been that he isn't, or we have got to save our testimony & influence, & you could call it reputation or image if you want to, by firing him to show we don't approve!--One or the other! So you'd better just give him notice. I mean, he has been dealt with by individuals & he's been dealt with by a number of different witnesses, by our own staff members & whatnot, & even we certainly let it be known that we didn't approve, & he knows that by the Letters for that matter, but in his case individually as well.

       15. "SO I THINK HE'S HAD ENOUGH WARNING & enough rebuke & enough reproof & it's now gonna have to be brought before the whole Family & he's gonna either repent & be cured or we can't use him any more, certainly in as important a ministry as that with all those people involved. Those guys notoriously go for the little boys & they teach little boys & those little boys teach other little boys & it spreads like wildfire, which it is, the Devil's own fire, & we're just not going to have it, that's all! Period! Even if we lose him!

       16. "SO THIS TIME HE'S GONNA EITHER BE TRULY REPENTANT & STOP IT, OR WE'VE GOT NO MORE PLACE FOR HIM! Last time all he did was confess, & his confession was more like a life's story & almost a brag. Some people sort of like to tell all that dirt about themselves & even sort of enjoy open confession & getting it out in the open so they can sort of feel freer, but obviously he didn't repent, he didn't change, he didn't stop it, there's been no metanoia nor change of mind or practice, so that's it. Now it's either that or his job, & that's that! Either he makes it apparent to everybody that he was repented & changed & stopped & abhors it & will have no more of it & will reprove it & will rebuke it & completely turn the other way & totally against it, or he's out, & that's that!--Sad to say.

       17. "IT'S VERY SAD, BECAUSE HE'S VERY TALENTED & could be very useful to the Lord, but not when he's abuseful & misuses his privileges & abuses his position to lead others astray & to be a terrible, horrible, dandy bad example & bad influence & a reflection on us & the whole work! So we've had it, that's all, & he's had it! Either he gets rid of it or we'll have to get rid of him! Sorry. I know what effect it had on me: It just sickened me to read his stuff ever since I heard of that! 'Cause what he's doin' talks so loud I can't hear what he's saying. It's sad, very sad!

       18. "BUT OF COURSE, THERE'S STILL HOPES FOR HIM IF HE'LL TRULY GENUINELY REPENT & QUIT IT, & let the whole Family & everybody on his staff & everywhere in the World know that he has quit. We've got other people in the Family that were homos, notoriously homos, & who even confessed it & wrote their life's story & testimony like Carlos Translator, but who got the victory even in spite of a temporary backsliding. But they're back & doing well & useful to the Lord & the Family, so where there's life, there's hope, & let's hope so. Let's hope he can make it. Otherwise, we can't take it, & that's that, & he's going to have to change pretty quick & let the World know or we're going to have to change administrators there, because we just cannot have it, that's all there is to it! It's a very bad example, influence & reflection on the whole work.

       19. "I'D SAY HE EITHER STRAIGHTENS OUT WITHIN THE MONTH OR HE'S HAD HIS LAST CHEQUE with his November 1st cheque, if that, depending on how much they have in reserves. If they have plenty of reserves we'll just let him take his cheque out of that & find some place else to work. Because we can't have him working with us with that kind of loathsome disease that's very contagious & for which God destroyed whole cities & civilisations, whole nations! So God doesn't like it & the Bible doesn't like it & we don't like it & we're just not going to tolerate it, that's all!

       20. I'M JUST AMAZED THAT HE SHOULD BE MORE OPEN ABOUT IT THAN EVER BEFORE SINCE HE WAS DISCOVERED, but that's rather typical of those people! They're almost flamboyant about it if they don't get the victory, & only God can give it if they really want it.--But He can, if he'll try & wants to. So we'll see. I think if we give him one more months that's enough, huh? And either we hear that he's cured by the end of November or that's it! I don't think that's too hard, do you? We've given him a lot of time & we've been pretty tolerant & lenient & we've been waiting & we thought if anything he'd improve, but instead of that he's gotten worse, from all we hear.

       21. "DURING THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER WE MUST HAVE REPORTS FROM EVERYBODY IN HIS HOME, THAT HE WAS CEASED HIS SODOMY completely, ceased his practice of sodomy & his tolerance of it, or he's out, & if we ever hear of a recurrence of it again he will be out without further notice! He's had enough notice! Neither do we want to hear of any bitterness or vindictiveness toward any party or persons that he considers have been traitors to him in any way, & that's final!--Unless he totally repents & has a complete change & we hear about it from not only him but from others around him. We thought, of course, that once he was discovered he couldn't go on, but we were amazed to hear that he was more flagrant about it than ever instead of stopping it!

       22. "HE'S FINISHED AS FAR AS WE'RE CONCERNED, UNLESS HE HAS A VERY MIRACULOUS CHANGE. So that should take care of his Aries ego! It's sickening, really sickening, the whole affair sickens me & I'm just fed up with it, & we're fed up with it & we just will not tolerate it any longer! Either he straightens out quick in the month of November or he's through, he's had his last cheque & we'll turn the work over to somebody else. And he'll have to leave unless he has a very phenomenal change & everybody knows it & reports it & he stays that way & he stays changed, or he'll be out with the first report of the slightest recurrence!"

       23. SO THIS IS DAD'S ULTIMATUM TO YOU, & we hope & pray you can take it & make the necessary changes & continue production Family material. "For whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth, & scourgeth every son whom He receiveth." Thank God for a loving Father & Shepherd who is willing to spank us when we need it in order to set us once again on the straight & narrow. This chastisement proves you are a son & one which Dad loves enough to spend his time helping you to overcome your personal problems.

       24. "NOW TO CHASTENING FOR THE PRESENT SEEMETH TO BE JOYOUS BUT GRIEVOUS, nevertheless, afterwards it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them that are exercised thereby." You are extremely gifted & talented & we hope & pray you are able to let these words "create a clean heart" & "renew a right spirit" & bring forth the peaceable fruits of righteousness in your life to make you even more useful to the Lord & His service.

       25. WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOUR COMPLETE DELIVERY as we know that "with God nothing is impossible" & "all things are possible to him that believeth." Please stay close to the Lord & the Letters which will give you the strength to overcome all obstacles--for He & His Word never fail, PTL!

Love in Jesus & David

       For Dad & Maria

       --Amen! We hope you make it & get rid of it, Son. May God help you to & have mercy on you!--We've had about all the mercy we can, but we cannot suffer it any longer, so that you endanger God's work & His children & our whole Family!--Stop it NOW!--Or leave!--Mad Dad!

       (1982 P.S.--We are happy 2 report that this man has ceased his sodomy as far as we know, & has confessed locally to those who know of his sodomy & had the leaders & his Home pray 4 him 2 B delivered, so we hope he is no longer a Sodomite!--But if we ever hear of it agn, it'll be the last time!

       --Are you too afflicted w/ such a horrible spiritual disease? Pray & ask God 2 deliver U B 4 it's 2 late! GHU in Jesus' name!--Amen.--Love, M&M.

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